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How Do You Scratch A Seven Year Itch?

A match made in heaven... or... just an anal love story
"Do you want to wrestle?" a soft spoken voice whispered in my ear, while I sat absently swirling my drink with my straw.

I felt a shiver run up my spine, recognizing that voice instantly, I spun my chair around and right into Shawn's chest. I did everything I could to stop myself from practically beaming at him.

It had been seven years since I'd seen him last, and I could still remember the first and the last time we'd been together. He was the guy that I compared all men to in bed. So far, no one else had come close...

"That depends. Last time, I let you win. Maybe this time I'll get lucky and pin you." I said with a wink and a grin.

A low, throaty growl was his only reply as he swept me into his arms in a bear hug.

"About time you came home. I've missed you." For a guy that didn't want to settle down seven years ago, his reaction was surprising and kind of confusing.

Seven years melted away in one breath taking kiss. His mouth lowered to mine and crushed all thoughts of public decency from my mind. I would've let him do anything to me right then and there in the middle of our old hometown bar.

His tongue teased my lips open, plunging and tangling with my own. His teeth grazing my bottom lip, his hands slid up to cup my face. Holding each other close, we slowly became aware of others in the bar. The cheers and whistles should've been our first clue that we had an audience, but we were too busy getting reacquainted to notice.

"Wow. You really wanna win tonight, don't you?" I teased. I was a little out of breath, but I tossed a twenty on the bar and grabbed my jacket. "Let's go. I wanna see who wins this time." He followed me, willingly, out the door.

"Yours or mine?" I dangled the keys to my car and house.

He reached for my keys and grinned, "Yours. But I'm going to need detailed instructions..." licking his lips, he looked me up and down. I caught the innuendo and felt my panties getting damp at the double meaning implied.

It took alot of self-control to hold myself back as I let him drive to my house. Once through the front door it was a totally different story.

"Oh god Angel. I've missed you." He moaned into my ear, snaking his tongue out to lick the rim of my ear. His hands roamed freely over and under my shirt as I struggled to free him from his jeans. He kicked the front door closed with his heel before guiding me into the kitchen.

I forgot how much I craved his touch. I moaned when he pinched my nipple between his fingers. He could always make it hurt so good. The sense of urgency was overwhelming. I could have ignited with a single touch.

It was like old times, but I wasn't the little submissive I used to be. I had learned a few tricks of my own and I had every intention of springing a few of those tricks on him.

I took his hand and led him into the livingroom with my big white leather sofa, instead of my bedroom. I would leave that until later. But first, I had a surprise for him.

This was a man that could kiss like no other and I was not going to let him away without getting my fill. A great kisser will get my engine revving hotter and faster than any words or hot and steamy sex could. My ex was terrible for skipping over these little details, so I felt like a woman deprived of chocolate. I craved it. Badly.

With his jeans half undone, and my own still on, I settled him onto the sofa. Straddling him I could get my fill of his mouth and hands on my body while still taking it slow. His hands roamed over my ass and the jeans stretched tautly over my cheeks while I gyrated against the growing bulge in his jeans. Taking my time biting and licking his lips, my breath came in shallow gasps as our tongues wrestled for control. His hands snaked up the back of my shirt, deftly undoing the clasp of my bra. Pulling my shirt and bra off in one swift movement he had free rein at my sensitive nipples. I threw my head back when he sucked one into his mouth. I gasped at the pleasure/pain when he bit down, I could feel my panties flooding and I knew I should try to spring the surprise on him before I lost control.

"Lose the pants and shirt. There's some naughty things I want to do to you." I teased, sliding off his lap I unsnapped my jeans and dropped them, displaying my black satin and lace thong.

"I want those." Pointing at my panties, he growled.

"You want these? Or what's in them?" I smiled and teased him with a wink. Pulling at the satin bows on the side, I had them off in a split second.

"I want to see those titties bounce when your riding my cock. Get over here and get on this." he said with a twinkle in his eye. His thumb teased the head of his dick, smearing his precum in the process. The helmet all shiny and slick, just looking for lick. I wanted to taste him. I want to feel his cock bouncing off the back of my throat.

I dropped to my knees in front of him, licking his hard member from root to tip. Engulfing the head in my mouth, swirling, tickling, teasing my tongue over and under and around his helmet, lightly sucking til I felt his hands tangle through my hair.

Yanking my mouth off his delicious dick, he pulled me by my hair to his lips and quickly devoured me again in a deep and sensuous kiss. My stomach was flipping and I felt my toes start to curl as the passionate heat engulfed us.

I was quickly losing control. What was surprising... so was he.

"I... want... you... NOW!" he panted and growled through clenched teeth. The heat I saw in his eyes made my pussy damp. So damp in fact, I felt a cool rivulet running down my leg. His cock, leaking precum, jumped and twitched with desire.

I felt disconnected, my body not my own. Not until I felt him enter my tight, little pussy. I realized I had been going through the motions with any other guy. Nowhere felt as right, as right now. And hadn't since the last day we'd been together. Seven years ago.

His mouth knew what I was missing. His teeth nipped at my hardened nipple one second, licking, sucking and tugging in the next. His arm wrapped around my waist, his hand holding my hair, he slowly sank me down the length of his member til I was fully impaled. Raising me inch by inch til I felt devastatingly empty, only to plunge himself up, meeting my downward thrust filling me so completely and fully.

I was in a constant state of orgasm. All I could do was sob. My hands snaked over his shoulders, up into the soft curls at the base of his neck. Pulling myself closer and closer, riding him. Never wanting to let go. My pussy walls rippled and clenched on his outstroke. I heard the sharp intake of breath and felt the first splash of his cum hit my cervix. Each spasm of his cock sent an electric shock through me.

"Angel? My god, I've missed you." His tongue flicked towards my earlobe, sending shivers of anticipation down my spine. "I'm not done yet."

To emphasize his point, his cock twitched while still deep inside me. Eliciting another groan and a fresh wave of desire, I rolled my hips, grinding my pussy down on the base of his cock.

Shawn suddenly stood up. Holding my waist, he stayed buried until he tossed my ass unceremoniously onto the bed.

"Assume the position slut. I need to make you mine all over again."

Rolling to my stomach, I grabbed the lube from the bedside table and tossed it to him with a wink.

"No! You didn't!? I haven't been able to find this stuff anywhere. How did you get some?" He ask incredulously. It was our favorite lube. The icy, cool tingle it produced was addictive and made it difficult to find.

"I traded sexual favors with the porn shop clerk. I have lots." I teased him with a smile. If he only knew. I grinned even harder.

SMACK! I felt the delicious sting of his hand on my ass cheek.

"Insolent bitch. I'm not sure if I should reward you or spank you. Either way, your gonna get it. And enjoy it."

Another slap to my ass made me jump. His fingers dug into my hips, pulling me up on all fours. I felt his hard cock poking and prodding against my bottom. His fingers dug into the soft skin of my ass, making me wince. The driving need was barely satisfied and the undercurrent of desperate desire was still there.

I could feel him nudging insistently at my poor neglected asshole with his surprisingly still-hard member. I pushed back against him, silently encouraging him to do whatever he wanted.

I think I know what you want, I thought wickedly. I know what I want, and I've been waiting too long to go without.

"Mmmm Shawn... Please?" I whispered to him. I could tell he was teasing me and I was shaking with anticipation.

A low growl filled my ear when he bent over, sliding his cockhead slowly up the crease of my ass. "Please what? Be specific, you little whore. I think I've forgotten what you want."

His hands trailed fire across my ass; slapping, teasing, poking, prodding me towards depraved thoughts. I felt my control slipping away when he pushed a lube covered finger into my warm, tight rosebud.

"Is this what you want? Or what you need?" I could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Need... " I whispered back. I felt myself blushing at my brazenness. I never realized it was a need until I said it out loud.

"Do you want more?" Slipping another finger in my ass, stretching me slowly.


"Answer me Angel. I can stop anytime I want. Do you want more?" I felt him breathing heavily in my ear. Maybe he needs it as much as I do? The revelation was rather shocking to me. My inner tease reared up with a vengeance.

"Yes, but can you stop? Can you really? And do you want to?" I said flippantly. The change of my tone and demeanor stopped him in his tracks.

"I don't want to. I don't ever want to stop. I want you, your ass, everything. I'll stop if you want me to... but... I don't think you really want that." He slipped another finger into my wanton asshole, driving the point home when I gasped and shivered with the pleasure/pain.

"Do you want me to stop?" I heard him chuckle when he stopped and removed his fingers. The sound I made was similar to a mewling cat. He knew I didn't want him to stop.

"Bastard! Quit fucking teasing me and just fuck me. Do you have any idea how much I've craved you for seven years. Quit screwing around and fuck my ass! PLEASE!" I spat the words at him. He was making me hate him for wanting him.

The bastard had the nerve to laugh!

"There's my dirty Angel! Was that so hard to say?" His cock head nudge my rosebud, pushing and prodding til he broke my inner barrier with a pop. Mind numbingly slow, he pushed further and further.


His hand struck my ass, scaring me out of my reverie, making me jump and push against him. His cock sank as far as he could go. We moaned in unison and stayed completely still.


I clenched my muscles quickly, extracting a groan as I gripped his cock tightly in my inner sanctum.

"Oh god. This is heaven. And you're my anal Angel." I could feel Shawn grip my hips tightly.

Pulling and plunging quickly, he claimed my ass as his own again. I missed the feeling of driving him to distraction. Of wanting and needing him for my own release.

Shawn plunged his fingers into my wet and wanting pussy while I rubbed my hard clit to ecstasy. My orgasm took me by surprise. I could feel my pussy soaking Shawn's fingers making his cock twitch in my ass.

"Ohhhh fuck. Angel. I wanna cum in your ass." I felt his hips buck hard and fast against my ass cheeks. His balls slapped my pussy lips and fingers driving me into another upward spiral of sensations and lust. His filthy words and cock prodded me on.

"Please! Please cum in my ass baby. I need you to... ahhhh fuck!" I trailed off with a moan, feeling his cock unloading his cum. One last deep thrust, he held me close, painting the walls of my poor sodomized ass with his cum.

Still holding me, we collapsed in a heap together, panting heavily, reveling in the final and ultimate release.

"Holy shit! That was fucking fantastic! Why did we ever stop doing this?" He asked.

"I had to go where my jobs was. And we decided we weren't that serious. Thats if I recall it correctly." I teased him. Remembering that last day together and the bittersweet memories it involved. "You wouldn't come with me. And I couldn't stay here."

"Never again." He buried his nose in my hair and inhaled. "You're never getting away again."
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