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Anniversary Surprise, Chapter 2—Their Vegas Weekend Getaway Continues

Their Vegas weekend getaway continues...

Thanks for all the comments on Part 1 and sorry for the delay in getting Part 2 out. Hopefully the next couple of parts will get published shortly. As always, comments, ideas and friends who enjoy my stories are welcome.


Waking Up

Dan slowly came awake the next morning lying in bed to a warm sensation around his groin. Looking down, he saw his wife Pam slowly sucking his morning wood.

“Good morning gorgeous!” he greeted her.

Pam grunted in reply and continued with her task, getting Dan off before their first cup of coffee.

Dan loved it when Pam surprised him by waking him in this fashion. It didn’t happen that often, but when it did, it often was a precursor to a day full of sexy surprises for them both. Noticing Dan was now awake, Pam redoubled her efforts, swallowing Dan’s cock whole and using her fingers to massage his balls.  Once Dan started to moan, Pam just smiled while she continued to suck his cock.

Slowly her fingers started working their way lower, pushing past Dan’s taint and then slowly traced around his brown starfish. This started Dan moaning even louder, and Pam continued to tease Dan’s hole while sucking his cock. After a bit, she quickly took her mouth off his cock and stuck her fingers in her mouth to get them good and wet. She quickly engulfed Dan’s cock again, liking how the spongy head hit the back of her throat. Her wet fingers made their way down to Dan’s hole and slowly pushed in, causing Dan to moan even louder. Pam’s fingers sought Dan’s prostate and slowly started massaging that while continuing to suck his cock, swirling her tongue around the head of his cock.

Finally, Pam started moaning, and the combination was too much for Dan and Pam felt his orgasm begin. She clamped her mouth down on his cock and began sucking hard, causing Dan to spurt even harder when he came. Pam sucked it all down, then slowly released Dan’s cock from her mouth and wiped the saliva off her face and moved up to give her hubby a deep French kiss.  Dan enjoyed his wife’s kiss and didn’t want it to end, grabbing and pulling Pam into his body.

After a bit, Pam pushed back and pulled away, and clambered out of bed. She ruffled Dan’s hair and said, “Okay, sleepyhead. It is time for us to get going. We have a full day ahead of us! Now let’s go grab a shower!” She then took off for the bathroom, turning on the shower.

“What if I don’t want to get up yet?” Dan called out.

“Well, then I guess I must call down to room service and ask them to send up a loofa boy!” Pam yelled back.

Knowing when he was beat, Dan reluctantly climbed out of bed and joined Pam in the shower. As he entered, Pam handed him her loofa and said, “Okay, you better get me squeaky clean!” and then turned her back to him.

Dan lathered up the loofa and then started slowly circling it around her shoulders and back, working his way down to her pert ass. He gave both of her ass cheeks a thorough scrubbing and then continued down along one leg and then the other. On his way back up, Dan paused and cleaned the crack of her ass. Pam just moaned at the attention. Dan soaped up one hand from the loofa and slowly started caressing her ass, watching the suds slowly wash away.

Dan just loved the feels of her ass in his hands. Probably explained why he often drifted off to sleep with a hand on Pam’s ass. He got more suds on his fingers and went back again, this time moving into the crack of her ass until he felt her little rosebud.  He swirled his finger around the entrance and was rewarded by a deeper moan from Pam.

“Mmm. Baby, you know how to clean me right!” Pam moaned as she spread her legs a bit to give Dan better access.

Dan kept caressing her backside with the loofa and swirling his finger around her rosebud, teasing her as he slowly sunk down to his knees. Then he slowly pushed his face into the crack of her ass and started to tongue her little rosebud, sending spasms of pleasure through Pam and causing her legs to shake. Pam put her hands out and grabbed the wall, steadying herself so she wouldn’t fall.

Meanwhile, Dan continued to lick and nibble at her asshole, swirling his tongue around and sending small spasms of delight up Pam’s spine.

“Lover, you better keep going or I’ll be a mess!” Pam declared as she tried to pull his face into her with her ass cheeks. Dan didn’t fight her but started pushing his tongue into her asshole.  Slowly at first, pushing hard against her ring until his tongue opened her up a bit. Then he made his tongue rigid and began fucking her ass with his tongue.  The sensation was amazing to Pam, and she started a low keening moan as she started to pant, “Yes, baby, yes. Keep going, I’m almost there!”

Dan stabbed his tongue hard into her hole and then reached around her front and started to flick and rub Pam’s clit. The double stimulation sent Pam over the edge and suddenly a powerful orgasm washed over her body. She couldn’t recall the last time it felt this good with Dan. Perhaps the closest was on their honeymoon? Oh well, this was an anniversary getaway, so it made sense. She stopped thinking and just reveled in the sensations Dan was giving her.

Suddenly, Dan stood up and pushed down on Pam’s back. She knew what he wanted and bent over in the shower, letting the water cascade down around her head as she stood bent over. Dan quickly pushed forward and his rock-hard cock sought her sopping wet pussy, pushing in with one quick stroke. Pam gasped. Dan paused, then began pistoning in and out of Pam’s pussy. To ensure she was enjoying things, he reached around with one hand and played with her clit as he continued his assault. 

After a few minutes, he could feel the cum rising in his balls.  He slowed down, so he didn’t pop off right away and started slowly sawing in and out of Pam’s pussy. Pam just kept moaning and then demanded, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard, damn it!”

Ever the one to give a lady what she wanted, Dan picked up the tempo and was soon pistoning in and out once again. He pushed in hard until his balls were slapping her backside.

“Harder!” Pam grunted as she strove to keep Dan going.

Dan pushed harder with each thrust, pummeling Pam like he had not done in quite some time. Pam just kept moaning in pleasure and urged him on by working her pussy to grab his cock tightly on the downstroke.

With one final push, Dan let go and his cum started spurting into Pam’s pussy, and quickly began spilling out. Dan stood and watched as his cum flowed out of her pussy around his cock. He couldn’t think of a more beautiful sight.

‘Okay, so this morning makes the trip better. Maybe things will start going in the direction I had hoped when she told me she’d book our anniversary trip to Vegas,’ Dan thought as he watched his cock slowly deflate in Pam’s pussy. Finally, it had shrunk to where it plopped out and Pam stood back up, turned around and kissed him deeply.

“Baby, you can do that to me whenever you want!” Pam declared. “Now, let’s finish up and then go downstairs for breakfast.”

“Okay, sounds like a plan, baby,” Dan responded as he stood under the shower stream and lathered up. He then washed his wait and then rinsed off. After Pam rinsed off, they both got out and dried off with the warm fluffy hotel towels, picking them off the heating rods hanging just outside the shower. They changed into comfortable clothes and made their way downstairs to find breakfast.




They held hands in the elevator down to the lobby. Before the doors opened, Pam leaned in and planted a deep kiss on Dan’s lips and whispered, “You know I love you more than anything else and I am happy to have you in my life. I would do anything to make you happy and will explore all of your fantasies because I know we will remain together. I do not feel threatened if you have sex with someone else, so long as we always communicate. That goes double if you decide when we get home that you need to find a male lover to continue to explore this side of you. I want you to be happy and want us to remain together.”

Dan paused and then kissed her back. They broke their kiss as the doors opened and they walked out into the lobby and walked down the hall to the breakfast buffet restaurant. After having the hostess greet them and escort them to a nice table, the couple told the waitress that stopped by that they both would like coffee.

The waitress nodded and said that they could go up to the buffet and help themselves breakfast and told them about some items including a chef that would cook up an omelet to order and another that would create a masterpiece of a Belgian waffle topped as they’d like. Dan headed to the omelet station while Pam went in search of the Belgian waffles—one of her all-time favorite breakfast foods.

Placing their orders, the two then went to the buffet to pick up two sides for their breakfasts. Pam watched Dan closely as he grabbed some sausage and bacon. She was still watching as Dan slowly started looking around the restaurant. Pam had a good idea why Dan was looking around and just smiled. He was trying to figure out who might have been with them last night in their room. She smiled knowing that he would not spot any familiar faces here that would give him even a hint.

Getting their ordered entrees, they made their way back to their table. Pam looked at Dan who continued to scan the patrons of the restaurant and said, “Yep, it could be any of these guys who were with you last night. But then again, they might even have been people you know. You won’t know who they were, but they know who you are and they likely might smile more the next time they see you. But will you ever know? I’m not telling.” And then she dug into her waffle.

Pam’s teasing statement about the mystery lovers who had their way with him last night drove Dan crazy all during breakfast. Once they were both finished and had consumed a couple of cups of coffee, Dan looked over to Pam and asked, “Okay, so what is on our agenda for today?”

Pam just smiled and said, “You’ll see. Why don’t you go pay the bill and then meet me out in the lobby?”

Dan did as instructed and met Pam out in the lobby.

“Okay honey, what’s next?” Dan asked as he approached her.

Pam just smiled at him and said, “Follow me!” as she started walking down the concourse towards the shopping mall. Dan dutifully followed, catching up with her and grabbing her hand, which he held as Pam pulled him along.

Dan figured she had a destination in mind, so happily followed along. Pam then pulled him into a shop that looked like it sold resort wear.

She slowly walked to the side where they had swimsuits.

“Do you need a new swimsuit?” Dan asked.

“No, I don’t. I have a new one I bought before our trip when I went out with Kathy and Stacey. But, I think you need a new one.”

“Huh? My swimsuit is fine,” Dan replied.

“Those old board shorts?! I think you can do better, don’t you?” Pam asked, batting her eyes at Dan and slowly stroking his arm.

 “Su… sure. I guess. What did you have in mind?” Dan replied cautiously.

Pam reached out and pulled a swimsuit off the rack and then two others. She grabbed Dan’s hand and pulled him towards the dressing rooms.

“I want you to try these all on and let me see how they look.”

“But honey, these are all banana hammocks!” Dan responded, looking at the swimsuits in his hand with a bit of alarm.

“Yes, they are. Now, I want to see how you look in them. Please go into this room and try the first one on.”

“But I can’t wear this in public!” Dan responded, looking to avoid having to try the swimsuits on.

“You most certainly can. This is Vegas. What folks do here, stays here.  Besides, you can wear a robe down to the pool and I have gotten us a cabana, so that will minimize the number of folks that will see you. Please, do this for me,” Pam asked as she leaned in and whispered the request to Dan while slowly kissing his neck.

A shudder ran through Dan as he thought about wearing one of these swimsuits down to the pool.

“Now, go on. I need some quality sun lounging time today out by the pool!” Pam spoke, breaking Dan’s daydream imagining what it would be like to wear one of these swimsuits down to the pool.

When he got into the dressing room, Dan looked at the three swimsuits. They were almost speedos but looked more like thongs as two of them would not cover his ass cheeks. The colors were metallic silver, purple and orange. Dan grabbed the silver one first as it covered the most. He stripped off his clothes and quickly changed into the first suit.

“Okay, I have the first one on,” Dan called out to Pam.

“Great, now come out here and show me so you can look at it in the mirror.”

Sucking up his courage, Dan slowly opened the door and walked out in just the silver swimsuit.

“Hmmm. Not bad,” Pam commented when she spotted it. “Now, come over here to the mirrors and look. Okay, now do a turn for me.”

Dan proceeded slowly turning around in front of the mirrors, very aware that the young sales associate was also watching.

“Yes, this one looks nice, but I want to see how the purple and orange ones look too. Next!” Pam called out and Dan quickly walked back to the dressing room.

He pulled off the silver swimsuit and grabbed the orange one next. He wiggled into it and felt his ass hanging out in the breeze.

“Okay, honey. I have the next one on.”

“Great, then come out again and model it for me,” Pam replied.

Dan again walked out and over to the mirrors. Pam looked at it as he walked and loved the sight of his muscular ass cheeks hanging out.

“Okay, now turn for me!” Pam requested.

Dan slowly turned again allowing Pam to ogle him. The sales associate seemed to still be watching too.

“Those are good, but let’s see those purple ones.”

Dan made his way back to the dressing room and slowly changed into the purple swimsuit. While he was changing, he overheard the sales associate come over to Pam and speak quietly to her. Dan couldn’t make out what they said, so he gulped and said, “Ready!”

“Okay, then please come model the next one for me?” Pam asked

Dan walked out of the changing room and again walked over to the mirrors, feeling the breeze again on his ass cheeks.

‘Yep, I really enjoy seeing his ass cheeks hanging out!’ Pam thought watching Dan walk over to the mirrors.

“Okay, do another turn for me!” Pam asked

When Dan turned around, Pam could see his hardening cock through the skimpy purple material. She nodded in appreciation of her husband’s body and said, “Very nice! I like this one the best!”

“Well, if you like that one, he should definitely try this one on then,” called out the sales associate as she made her back way over to Pam holding a silver and purple swimsuit.

“Hmmm. It looks nice. Anything special with it?” Pam asked.

“There is,” The sales associate said as she came closer to Pam and pulled the swimsuit up so Pam could see it. She reached in and pulled out the front and showed her the swimsuit. “This is a built-in cock ring! It helps keep a guy’s cock at attention while wearing this swimsuit.”

“Oh, I like that!” Pam replied, looking at Dan, she grabbed the swimsuit from the sales associate and said, “I want you to go try this one on now too!”

Dan had some second thoughts about this, it was going a bit too far. Pam sensed Dan’s hesitation and said, “If you do, I bet I can get you some relief for your problem!”

“What?” Dan replied a bit confused as he focused on the new swimsuit. Pam pointed down and then grabbed his hard cock through the thin swimsuit and held on.

“This problem,” Pam said as she smiled at Dan.

“Oh, okay,” Dan replied. The sales associate handed him the swimsuit she had brought over.

“Now, get your cock into the cock ring first and the swimsuit is easy to get on!”

“ Ummm… well… that might be a problem,” Dan replied looking down at his hard cock.

The sales associate looked over at Pam and said, “Well, if your wife agrees, I would be happy to help you try this on!”

Pam smiled wickedly and said, “Yes, that is an excellent idea! Why don’t you go help Dan try this one on? I'll wait out here.”

"You sure?" Dan asked Pam. Pam just shooed him towards the dressing room.

Once he got inside, he turned around and the sales associate had already closed the door and was down on her knees. She pulled Dan towards her and quickly tore off the purple swimsuit, allowing his hard cock to bounce free.

“Ooh. That is nice! By the way, my name is Mindy,” the sales associate exclaimed as she quickly moved forward and expertly deep throated Dan’s cock.

The feeling was exquisite, and Mindy grabbed Dan’s ass cheeks and kneaded them while she continued to suck and lick his cock. Dan couldn’t help himself and soon found he was fucking her face, and she was encouraging him, slapping his ass whenever he slowed down. 

After a bit, Dan grunted to let her know that he was ready to blow and she just latched onto his cock harder and sucked for all she was worth. Dan felt his toes curl as he had a mighty orgasm and emptied his balls into Mindy’s mouth. Once he subsided, she licked his cock clean and then stood, giving him a deep French kiss, sharing some of his cum.

“Oh, you are delightful. I hope we can do more while you are in town!” Mindy shared as she handed him the new swimsuit and then left.

With his now deflated cock, Dan could pull his cock through the cock ring on the new swimsuit and pull it up. Walking out of the dressing room, he noticed Mindy handing Pam a business card with some writing on the back.

“Okay, let’s see how this one looks!” Pam said as Dan slowly walked over to the mirrors. He looked at how the suit hugged his torso and ass and how it made his cock seem even bigger. He smiled.

“I think we have a winner!” Pam told the sales associate. “Thank you for all of your help. When you get off later, please find us, we are up in suite 1245, we’d both love to entertain you tonight.”

“Ooh. I’d like that!” Mindy gushed in response, “Do you want me to just charge it to your room?”

“Sure, I’ll sign while he changes,” Pam replied, while pointing Dan towards the dressing room.

‘Well, looks like I am getting a thong bathing suit with a built-in cock ring,' Dan thought to himself as he made his way back to the dressing room. Dan slipped off the swimsuit and took a minute to enjoy how it felt against his skin. It felt almost like silk and that was sure to keep his cock hard while wearing these, and the cock ring would make sure that happened.

Dan changed back into his casual clothes, wondering at what had transpired so far this weekend in Vegas. He never thought he’d get a blow job from a sales associate while shopping for swimsuits with his wife.

‘Yes, we will always remember this weekend,’ Dan thought as he finished zipping up his jeans and buttoning his shirt.

Making his way out of the dressing room and over to the cash register, he watched as Pam’s hand lingered on Mindy’s fingers when she took the receipt.

‘Does Pam want to be with a woman?’ Dan wondered, ‘I need to ask her about that while we are sitting out by the pool.’

“Okay, honey. We are all good, just leave those other swimsuits here and Mindy will see that they get hung back up. Mindy, it was lovely to meet you and we hope to see you later tonight. Now, we are off to change and go sun ourselves out by the pool,” Pam declared as she grabbed Dan’s hand and walked out of the store and back towards the elevators.

Once back in their room, Pam had Dan strip and put on his new swimsuit while she changed into hers, which was a thong bikini. Dan’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he watched Pam walk out of the bathroom in her new skimpy, sheer white thong bikini.

“Honey, are you sure you want to wear that down to the pool?” Dan quietly asked.

“Yes, dear. I bought this for our trip to Vegas, for you to enjoy me wearing and I will wear it down to the pool.” Pam slowly replied.

“Bu… but… other guys can see everything!” Dan exclaimed.

“Yes, they can. But think how much more they will see if I get this swimsuit wet. Besides, all the ladies will see almost everything you have too. I kinda enjoy knowing other women are getting hot and bothered looking at you. How about you?”

“Well, so long as you are okay wearing it, and want to tease me. I think seeing the other guys ogling you and knowing that they can’t have you will be a tremendous turn on,” Dan replied.

“Good answer! Then it is settled. Now we both just need to grab our robes and some towels and maybe a book and we and head down to the pool. The cabana I reserved awaits.”

“Do you want to talk about what has gone on so far this weekend? I don’t want it to come between us, baby,” Dan stated as he pulled Pam in for a good hug.

“No, I’m good with everything we’ve done this weekend so far. How are you?”

“I have enjoyed everything so far, but I want to make sure you are good with it. I mean, this is the first time since we got married that either of us has been with someone else, right?” Dan asked.

“Yes, you are right. Okay. Yes, it takes a bit to wrap my head around this. But, I know we both enjoyed it. These past ten years have taught me that we are great together and I don’t see either of us willingly walking away from the other one. So, in my mind, that makes it best if we listen to one another to find out what each of us is thinking, what fantasies we have and then act on them to see if it is something we like or not. We talked about having kids, and, frankly, I think we should get started soon, but I don’t want either of us to have any regrets. So we need to be honest with ourselves and each other and try new things. I firmly believe we stand together and love each other unconditionally, so to me, sex is just sex. Sex without love is just a recreational activity. Now, I’m not suggesting we go out and start having wild sex with anyone or cheat on each other. What I’m suggesting is that if from time to time we indulge in our fantasies with each other being present,  so what? What do you think?” Pam whispered.

“Hmmm. That makes sense, baby. I won’t be leaving you anytime  soon unless you tell me you are better off without me. I know am not better off without you and want to be with you for the rest of my life. If listening to one another’s fantasies and acting on them brings a bit of spice to our sexual relationship, I’m all for it. But, I never want you to get jealous or think I might leave you or not love you anymore,” Dan softly replied.

“Oh, honey! I’d never think  that ! The only reason I have done these things is because I believe so strongly that we love each other and want one another to be happy and enjoy life. Now, didn’t you enjoy the blowjob Mindy gave you while you tried on swimsuits?”

“Yes, I did. But it startled me and I didn’t know if that would cause us any issues.”

“Honey, are you going to leave me to run away with Mindy? Did you enjoy the physical act?”

“Yes. Yes, I enjoyed it. And no, I don’t plan on leaving you. But, it makes me sad that you got nothing out of it,” Dan said.

“You’re kidding, right? I got to see the man I love be so happy after Mindy gave you a blowjob. You were more relaxed and willing to try on that swimsuit. You opened your horizons. Plus, I snuck into the dressing room and snap a pic or two so I can remember the look on your face.”

“True. Those swimsuits were revealing, and I felt a little awkward trying them on. Heck, the one you selected is very revealing and makes my cock always hard so folks can see it under the skimpy fabric. It makes me self-conscious.”

“You shouldn’t be! You are gorgeous! That was one reason I let Mindy help you out, so you could understand just how desirable you are to women,” Pam replied, stroking his arm.

“Well, Mindy made me feel fantastic. But I noticed you too.”

“What do you mean?” Pam asked.

“I saw the way your hand lingered over Mindy’s fingers as you took the receipt. Did you want to sleep with her too?”

Pam blushed, realizing she had never told Dan about her fantasies of being with another woman, nor that she had never acted upon those fantasies.

“Honey, you are right. Being with a beautiful woman like Mindy is one of my fantasies. I have never acted on that and I was feeling in the moment I guess and just let my hand linger.”

“Okay, then hopefully she comes by tonight so maybe you could see what that is like?” Dan replied, slowly stroking the small of Pam’s back.

“Baby, that would be awesome! But, I want you to be there. I think every guy dreams of two women going at it, no?”

“Yes, most guys do, and I am among them! So, I hope you get your chance tonight. But, I also wanted to check to see if you are okay with me being with a guy or two like last night. I don’t think I could handle it if you thought less of me because of seeing that,” Dan softly spoke as he continued to stroke Pam’s back.

Pam reached out and grabbed the sides of Dan’s head, and pulling it up to look directly in her eyes, and then spoke softly, “Listen to me. You are mine. I love you. No matter what you do with me, other women or even guys. The facts you were willing to go along with that and experience new things the other night told me you trusted me just like I trust you. I would never think less of you for anything you do. If you enjoyed being with a guy, then we will see how to keep that up. So long as I am involved, I am fine with it. Do you understand me?” Pam asked as she squeezed his head and pulled him in for a deep kiss.

“Yes, I think I do,” Dan stammered as tears slowly ran down his cheeks.

“Oh, honey, what’s wrong?” Pam asked.

“Nothing is wrong. You again proved just how well we fit together. Yes, I admit I have had thoughts about being with guys before. The other night partially satisfied that desire, but honestly, being blindfolded and unable to see also was a bit of a turnoff. I wanted to see what I was doing or was being done to me and I didn’t get to do that! Additionally, so far while guys have sucked my cock, and I have sucked a cock, and I have been fucked by a guy, I have not fucked a guy and that was one thing I sometimes fantasize about,” Dan said while exhaling.

“I understand. And you will too once we get home. But, in the meantime, I promise you that if we get another opportunity for you to be with a guy, I won’t make you be blindfolded through the entire encounter, okay?” Pam asked.

“Yeah, that should work. Damn. I love you so much ” Dan said as he hugged Pam tightly.

“Okay, let’s get to the pool!” Pam replied, donning her robe and picking up her towel and supplies. Dan followed suit, and they were soon descending to the pool level in the elevator.

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