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Anniversary Surprise, Chapter 4

The good times continue up in their suite and things heat up before they head home.


Evening Delights


Dan and Pam nervously rode up the elevator to their suite. Outside their suite, Pam tore the note off the door and read it out loud, “Hello My Sluts. I am happy you were resourceful enough to secure help in gaining release from your bindings. Now, I should be back to visit after my dinner meeting is done. Until then, I found something to occupy you. Now put on your hoods and knock on the door and follow the instructions you are given.”

Dan and Pam put on their hoods and Dan knocked on the door. A voice called out through the door, “Do you have your hoods on?”

Both Dan and Pam stood back from the door and Pam answered, “You can see for yourself. We are standing a bit back from the door.”

Apparently the person on the other side of the door confirmed they both had their hoods on because the door slowly swung open and a voice said, “Please follow us.”

A hand reached out to Pam and guided her into their suite while another hand reached to Dan and guided him in.

“You followed directions very well,” the voice continued. “Earlier today we entertained you, but Mistress says that you are now to entertain us until she arrives. So, strip!”

Pam and Dan both shrugged and began removing their robes and swimsuits. Pam’s nipples began to harden as did Dan’s cock standing there naked in darkness with two strangers eyeing them.

“Very good. As Mistress said earlier, you can follow commands. Now, Pam, I want you to come with me.” Someone approached and took Pam’s hand, leading her back to the bedroom.

“Very good, Dan.” A male voice whispered. “Would you like to play more? I know I would, I always enjoy breaking in a newbie.”

“Yes, I would,” Dan responded, ignoring every thought in his head that was whispering to rip off his hood and seize control of the situation.

“Good. Then I will take you to where I would like you to remain for a bit,” the male voice said as he took Dan’s hand and led him back to the bedroom. When they got there, the man maneuvered Dan over to a corner where he had set up a kitchen chair. Slowly he brought Dan around and told him to bend over and grab the chair.

Dan complied, and the man started to push lube into Dan’s asshole, smearing it up and down his crack.

“Turn around!” the voice commanded. “I bet you know what comes next. So start slowly sitting down.” The voice continued. Dan complied and started slowly sitting. Suddenly he felt a hard object press against his ass. Hands reached out and stroked Dan’s ass, guiding it so that the hard object was guided between his ass cheeks and towards his waiting hole. Ever so slowly, Dan sunk down onto the hard object, but paused.

“Keep going. I know this is larger than the last butt plug, but trust me, you will thank me later for preparing your ass with this,” the male voice continued while hands reached out and started slowly pushing Dan back onto the chair.

The intruder slowly and surely pushed further into the depths of Dan’s asshole and Dan let out a grunt or two as he came to rest on the chair seat.

“Excellent! I knew you could take this one. It is the Black Mamba. But, it should open you up nicely for later. Now, you just sit there and listen as we have our way with Pam,” The voice said as it faded off as the man walked towards the bed where the female slave had strapped down Pam.

Dan heard an, “Mmph!” and some groans, but couldn’t figure out what was happening. He hoped Pam was enjoying it. Dan thought only being able to hear and not see the activities was torture. His mind imagined many things Mistress May’s two slaves were doing to Pam. But even his wildest thoughts would hold a pale candle to reality.

The female slave really knew how to immobilize a subject and Pam was no exception. When the slave was done, Pam was trussed up and could not move at all. Then, the female slave slid her pussy down over Pam’s mouth and told her to lick. Once Pam started getting into it and was doing a good job, the female slave bent down over Pam into a sixty-nine position and began licking Pam’s pussy. The male slave just stood to the side and waited. The female slave got Pam to orgasm before Pam got the female slave to orgasm.

“Ahh. You did not get me to cum before you did. So you lost. Now, for your punishment. Turn on your side,” The female slave commanded.

Pam struggled, twisted and finally could lie on her side.

“Good. Now, you can continue licking my pussy. And you had better get me off before the male slave gets off fucking your ass. Because if you don’t, then Dan gets punished!” the female said loud enough for Dan to hear over in the corner.

“Just look at him. Hooded, sitting on a chair on a big butt plug while we ravish his wife. And look how hard his cock is! What type of man lets that happen?” the female slave asked, again loud enough for Dan to hear.

Her words caused a bit of doubt and humiliation to enter Dan’s thoughts. His cock deflated a bit which is exactly what the female slave was after. Dan also figured that there was no way that Pam could achieve her goal and the whole point was to punish him next, so he sat there waiting for his turn.

Meanwhile, the male slave slid onto the bed beside Pam and began lubing up her asshole with lube. He applied a bit to his cock and then slowly slid it into Pam’s ass while she continued to lick the female slave’s pussy. Once he worked his cock all the way in, the male slave paused and waited. Then he began furiously fucking Pam’s ass. He needed to cum before she got the female slave off.

After only a couple of minutes, the male slave felt the cum rising in his balls and began fucking her ass even harder. Finally, he grunted and released his cum deep into her pussy. Unfortunately, Pam had not gotten the female slave off yet.

“Well, I haven’t cum and the male slave did. You know what that means, Dan gets punished,” The female slave said.

“Dan! Stand up and come over to the bed,” the female slave called out to Dan. Dan slowly pulled his ass up off the chair and the butt plug every so slowly inched out of his ass. With a ‘pop’ it was free and Dan felt empty. Dan made his way over to the bed and the female slave guided him to the backside of Pam.

“Now, Dan. Because Pam did not get me off, you get to clean all the cum out of her ass. While you do that, I will fuck you with my nice big strap-on!”

Dan resigned himself to this fate and bent down and began probing for his wife’s ass. He’d licked her ass and even tongued it before. He stuck his tongue out tentatively and slowly licked around Pam’s swollen asshole.

“Nice start, but dig in deep. The male slave left a nice deposit there and you need to collect it,” The female slave said pushing Dan’s face hard into Pam’s ass. Once Dan was licking and sucking at Pam’s hole, the female slave stepped back to put on her strap-on. Meanwhile, the male slave had moved to Pam’s other side and had wiped down his cock with a warm washcloth he had left out for just such an occasion.

Slowly he pushed his cock into Pam’s face and commanded, “Clean my cock and get me hard to fuck again. How well you do will help me determine whether I fuck you or your husband.”

Pam began sucking the male slave’s cock, lathering it with her spit. Her tongued bathed the entire length of his cock and then she licked and suckled his balls. Pam felt his cock slowly stir back to life and harden. Once he was hard again, the male slave pulled away saying, “That’s enough of that!”

He stepped away from Pam who was now wriggling because of the tonguing that Dan was giving her ass.

The female slave then whispered in Dan’s ear, “Okay baby, I want you to fuck your wife’s ass. I will continue to fuck your ass with my strap-on and the male slave will fuck my ass.”

Dan nodded and pulled his head away, pushing Pam down to lay face down on the bed. Slowly he pulled her hips up a bit until she was on all fours and he mounted her, pushing his cock into her ass, feeling the remnants of the male slave’s cum coat his cock. So taboo and sexy and the same time.

“Hold still!” the female slave whispered as she mounted Dan, pushing her strap-on cock deep into Dan’s ass in one push. The male slave by then had lubed up the female slave’s ass and his cock and slowly pushed into her ass.

The male slave counted down in the female slave’s ear, “One… Two… Three!” and then slowly began to fuck her ass. She began to fuck Dan’s ass, and Dan began to fuck Pam’s ass.

They kept up a steady pace. The male slave having just cum, would last a bit. The female slave could go indefinitely which just left Dan as the weak link. The female slave then whispered in his ear again, “Hold it. Don’t you dare cum until I tell you to do so. Do you understand me?”

Dan nodded his hand in the affirmative.

They continued pounding one another’s asses. Finally, Dan was getting close and started to moan to let them know he was close. Suddenly, the female slave reached down and grabbed Dan’s balls hard.

“I told you, do not cum until I tell you to do so!” the female slave commanded continuing to apply pressure to Dan’s balls.

With the pain in his balls, Dan could hold off and stopped moaning. The female slave gently caressed Dan’s ass cheeks as she continued to fuck his ass. The male slave began slowly moaning. Finally, he said, “I’m going to cum!”

He released a smaller amount of cum into the female slave’s ass and she stopped fucking Dan’s ass and left her strap-on buried deep in Dan’s ass, slowly rolling her hips so that the strap-on rubbed up against Dan’s prostate.

“Cum!” Missy hissed into Dan’s ear.

Dan moaned and then let go and his cum flooded into Pam’s ass.

“Okay sluts, it is time for you to rest a bit before Mistress returns. I know she has something special in mind for you two. So we will clean you up and sit you down on the chairs in the corner of this room. You will remain silent until we or Mistress tells you to talk. Understand?”

Pam and Dan both nodded their heads affirmatively.

The male and female slaves each took one of them and led them over to the chairs. Each had been equipped with a butt plug. The slaves wiped down Pam and Dan and then gently guided their well-lubed asses down onto the butt plugs.

One slave stayed in the bedroom while the other went out to the main room to wait for their Mistress to arrive.

Pam and Dan were both exhausted. Part of each of them wished to just curl up in each other's arms on the bed and go to sleep. But that would not happen.

The butt plugs became more bearable as time passed. At home, while they used butt plugs, they tended not to leave them in for extended periods of time. But it was manageable.

Finally, there was a faint knock at the door. The male slave checked the peephole, saw his Mistress and opened the door to show her into the suite.

“Very nice,” Mistress said as she walked in. “You have done well. Is the couple in the bedroom getting ready as we discussed?”

“Yes, Mistress, we prepared them as you instructed.”

“Excellent! Well, I think it is time for those two lovebirds to see the lovely anniversary present I brought them, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress, right this way,” the male slave said as he escorted his Mistress and her guest back to the bedroom.

The female slave stood beside Pam and the male slave walked over to stand beside Dan.

“Hello, my sluts. I trust you have enjoyed your evening with my two assistants. Now, after I learned this was an anniversary fantasy for the two of you, I decided to throw something in that you would always remember. My assistants will remove your hoods in a minute so you can see what it is, but I warn you, remain silent and only speak when I tell you you may. You both remember the safe word?”

Both Pam and Dan’s heads nodded up and down.

“All right then, look at the anniversary present I brought you!”

And with that, the slaves pulled off Pam’s and Dan’s hoods and they could see. They spotted Mistress May, but standing next to her was a mountain of a man. He was a mocha-skinned god, with muscles everywhere and clad in leather. They both stared at him and then back to Mistress.

“Yes, this is outside what Pam and I discussed, but I wanted to give you something special. This is Master Luthor. He is a dominant, bi-man that loves to work with couples that want to experience something unique. He and I often work together and he agreed to help me with you both tonight. If you do not want that, then just say the safe word and we will leave you to your evening.”

Dan turned his head to look at Pam. She smiled at him and her expression seemed to say it was up to him.

“Mistress, may I speak?” Dan asked

“Very well, but please keep it short.”

“Well, so long as our original understanding stands—no extreme pain, tattoos, markings, piercings, or the like occurs—I think we would like to both accept your gift. Thank you for coming to help us celebrate our anniversary, Master Luthor,” Dan concluded bowing his head.

“Hmmm. Well, Luthor, they are yours then, but as we discussed, I’ll stay to watch.”

“Very good. Now, you two. Are you sure you want to be submissive to me? Will you do what I tell you to do? Will you worship my body?” Master Luthor asked Pam and Dan, looking each of them in their eyes.

Both nodded their heads.

“Good, then first things first. I will have you get me ready, then I will fuck you both and then you can worship my body,” Master Luthor said walking over to Dan.

“Dan, I want you to take my cock out and then get me ready to fuck your wife.”

Dan nodded and reached out, slowly pulling down Master Luthor’s leather pants to reveal he was going commando. Master Luthor’s large cock sprang out and hit Dan’s cheek.

“See, he likes you!” Master Luthor laughed.

Dan bent forward and sucked the head of Master Luthor’s cock into his mouth. He swirled his tongue up and down and around Master Luthor’s cock head. Master Luthor’s cock hardened quickly and then Master Luthor grabbed the back of Dan’s head and began powerfully fucking Dan’s mouth. Finally, he orgasmed, filling Dan’s mouth with cum and then a bit started to leak out the side of Dan’s mouth.

“Okay, boy, swallow and then wipe off your mouth and lick your fingers clean.

Master Luthor then moved over to Pam and repeated his actions, having Pam give him a blowjob that ended up with him power fucking her face. She could keep up with his orgasm and swallowed all his cum.

“Very good, slut. Now, I will breed you and hubby there can watch.”

With that, Master Luthor pulled Pam up and walked her over to the bed. He lay her down on her back and then mounted her, pushing his thick nine-inch cock into her pussy. Master Luthor played Pam like a maestro, slowing down and speeding up to get the biggest response out of her but also not allowing her to orgasm. Finally, he began to fuck her long and hard and allowed her to cum on his cock.

Turning to Dan, Master Luthor said, “Well, boy, I think your wife is a mess again. Come over here and clean up her pussy.”

Dan slowly got up and off the butt plug and bent down above his wife’s well-fucked pussy and began to lick and suck trying to get all of Master Luthor’s cum out. While he did that, he suddenly felt lube being applied to his ass again. Then he felt the soft, warm and hard cock of Master Luthor as it pushed its way into his asshole.

Thanks to the Big Mamba butt plug the male slave had made Dan sit on earlier, his ass was loosened up enough so that Master Luthor cock slid into Dan’s ass with some coaching. Master Luthor slowly but deliberately continuing to push his cock into Dan’s ass until his balls were slapping against Dan’s ass cheeks.

“Now, slut, keep eating your wife’s pussy. I will breed your ass good. When I cum, you will know you love having men fuck you and you will want to please them, especially if they please your wife.”

With that, Master Luthor began to fuck Dan’s ass, filling it to overflowing with his cock. Dan felt so full he had no words to describe how Master Luthor’s cock felt. But after a bit, he felt a warm tingling sensation begin and suddenly his cock was spewing cum on its own, even though no one had even touched it.

Master Luthor felt Dan cum and said, “See boy, you like this so much you came with no one touching your cock. You’re mine. I hope you are ready, I am about to breed your ass. From now on, whenever you get fucked, and I know you will, you will always compare them to this fucking I am giving you right now. You feel my hard, warm cock pushing in and out of your ass. Do you feel how excited you make me? Do you know how much I love making newbies understand their true sexual nature? Well, feel my cum and understand,” Master Luthor gasped as his cock began to spew repeatedly deep into Dan’s asshole.

Dan continued to lick and suck Pam’s pussy, but he delighted in the warm feeling filling his ass from Master Luthor.

“Mmmmm. That feels so good!” Dan moaned out, squeezing his ass tightly around Master Luthor’s cock, milking it as it began to shrink. Master Luthor’s cock finally shrank enough that it slowly began to slide out of Dan’s ass.

“I should punish you for speaking, but I will give you a pass. Now, I think we should put on a show for your wife. Up on your knees!” Master Luthor commanded.

“Slut, you may go sit back on your chair.” Master Luthor commanded, and Pam slowly got up off the bed and made her way over to the chair.

Master Luthor motioned for the male slave to come over to the bed. He approached and Master Luthor positioned him into a sixty-nine position with Dan, so that the slave lay down on his back on the bed underneath Dan.

“Okay you two, start sucking each other's cocks. But do not cum!” Master Luthor said.

Master Luthor then walked over to Pam and whispered, “Is this what you wanted to see? Is this turning you on? Do you think you and your husband can ever go back to plain vanilla sex? I think not. You have let the genie out of the bottle. And I think Dan is a true bisexual. Yes, he was monogamous with you since you got married, but now? He will remember this weekend and having sex with men. He will never be the same. Look at how he attacks that cock! I have seen very few newbies that took to this lifestyle as quickly or as enthusiastically as Dan has. I think that means he likely “experimented” in the past. You should ask him when you get home about that. Now, would you like to watch me fuck your husband and ensure that he will always desire a big thick cock?”

“Yes, please fuck my husband. I want to see him go wild. He is always so reserved. But the way he has taken to this, he must have always been this way but fought against it. So, go make him realize that he can and should experience both men and women. I want to experience both with him and will love him even more,” Pam responded, mesmerized by the sight of her husband sixty-nine-ing the male slave. Pam could feel her pussy moisten as she watched.

Master Luthor nodded and then moved towards the bed. He came up behind Dan and grabbed his hips. He held Dan’s hips as he slowly worked his hard cock again back into Dan’s ass. ‘Good thing I took that little blue pill before I got here,’ Master Luthor thought as he began his conquest of Dan. He played Dan’s ass like a fine instrument, taking turns slowly rubbing his prostate and deep fucking him.

After a bit, Master Luthor heard Dan moaning around the male slave’s cock. Knowing Dan was truly hooked, Master Luthor began to fuck his ass hard, paying particular attention to his prostate. Finally, Dan started to groan and grunt and the male slave clamped his mouth down hard around Dan’s cock, getting ready to catch all of Dan’s cum. Master Luthor stroked in and out of Dan’s ass a few more times and Dan gave in to his orgasm, flooding the male slave’s mouth with his cum.

Pam stared as this all unfolded with a look of pleasure on her face.

Master Luthor then pulled Dan’s head up and gave him a deep kiss. He heard a raspy “Oh my!” and looked over to see Pam intently watching the passion with which her husband kissed Master Luthor back. Her hand involuntary reached down to play with her pussy, she was so turned on and desperate.

“Okay sluts, now you both will worship my body! I want you to remove my remaining clothes and then place the pillows up by the headboard. Then I will lie on the bed and give you both more instructions.”

“Yes, Master Luthor,” Pam and Dan quickly replied. They worked together and got Master Luthor’s shirt off so he was entirely naked. They plumped up the pillows at the head of the bed and the Master Luthor lay down and stretched out his gorgeous body, with sculpted muscles showing.

“Okay sluts, I want you to massage me. Use the oil on the nightstand and start at my toes. Each of you take a different leg and then slowly work your way up my body.”

Pam and Dan nodded and Pam grabbed the oil, squirting some in her hand and passing the bottle over to Dan. Dan repeated the process and then both of them were moving towards Master Luthor’s feet. They slowly worked their way up Master Luthor’s legs and began to approach his crotch.

Master Luthor smiled at them both and said, “Skip that area for now and jump up to my abdomen and continue up.”

Pam and Dan did as instructed, but noted that Master Luthor’s cock hung down heavily. Both of them drooled looking at it.

“Okay, get my arms, chest and pecs.” Master Luthor calmly stated.

The two did as requested and spent a good amount of time massaging Master Luthor’s massive chest and firm pecs. Neither could help themselves and they started licking and sucking his nipples which slowly responded and became erect.

Master Luthor reached down and pulled Pam’s head up. He kissed her tenderly and spent a good while Frenching her. She seemed to enjoy it and even reached down and began to stroke his cock during their kiss. Master Luthor broke the kiss and then pulled Dan’s face up. He grabbed both sides of Dan’s face and pulled him in for a deep, scorching kiss. Master Luthor only started to slip his tongue into Dan’s mouth after Dan pressed his tongue up against Master Luthor’s lips.

Dan let himself go into the act of kissing. While he never imagined he would kiss a guy, he sort of liked the feeling. He figured it didn’t hurt that Master Luthor was so big muscled and so dominant. Dan just felt safe in his arms and enjoyed the attention.

“Very nice sluts!” Master Luthor said smiling down at them. “I think your touches have made my body respond. Now, I want you both to take turns and make love to my cock. But, when I cum, I want Dan to take it all into his mouth and show me. Understand?”

Pam and Dan nodded and slowly turned down towards Master Luthor’s cock. Pam began licking up and down the shaft while Dan began sucking on the tip and also using his hands to massage Master Luthor’s big egg-sized balls. Doing this drove both of them crazy, Master Luthor’s cock was just so good looking that they both wanted to have it and enjoy it and make Master Luthor feel good.

Pam figured Master Luthor could probably use some additional stimulation, so she oiled up her hand and slowly inserted a couple of fingers into his ass and massaged his ass while continuing to lick the shaft of his cock.

Finally, Master Luthor’s breathing got heavy, and he grabbed the back of Dan’s head and held him down on his cock as it began to spurt. Dan sucked it all up, being careful not to spill any or to swallow. After a bit, Master Luthor’s orgasm subsided and Dan slowly pulled his mouth off his cock.

“Very good, slut. Now show me!” Master Luthor commanded.

Dan opened his mouth to show Master Luthor all the cum he had collected.

“Excellent! You are a great slut. So, now, you two share a kiss!” Master Luthor commanded.

Pam and Dan bent over Master Luthor’s body and shared a deep kiss, swapping tongues and sharing Master Luthor’s cum. Master Luthor sat up and grabbed the back of both of their heads and pulled them towards his face. He opened his mouth and kissed both of them at the same time. They shared a three-way kiss, their tongues dancing and darting between one another, and the last vestiges of Master Luthor’s cum-coated all their mouths.

Finally, the kiss subsided and Master Luthor got up off their bed.

“I hope you enjoyed the evening. I know I enjoyed being with you both. If you are ever back in Vegas and want to do this again or try more things, just let me know. I will leave you my card,” Master Luthor said as he searched for his clothes and began to get dressed.

Mistress May’s slaves had dressed while Pam and Dan had entertained Master Luthor. So now, Master Luthor, Mistress May and the slaves got ready to depart.

Mistress May looked at the couple still lying in bed and said, “Thank you again for calling on my services. I agree with Master Luthor, it has been a true pleasure working with you both. If you ever come back to Vegas and would like to do anything more, please let me know, Pam has my number.”

Mistress May simply added, “Don’t worry, we will show ourselves out. You two stay in bed and enjoy being with one another on your anniversary!”

Both Mistress May and Master Luthor walked over to the bed and kissed both Pam and Dan good night. Master Luthor swapped tongues with Dan for a bit until it was almost awkward, and then they showed themselves out.

Pam and Dan turned to each other and wrapped each other in their arms. Their mouths met, and they exchanged a deep sensual kiss.

“Honey, so far this has been the best anniversary we’ve had so far!” Dan exclaimed.

“You are sure you aren’t still mad at me?” Pam quietly asked.

Dan put a hand under Pam’s chin and pulled her head up so he could look into her blue eyes.

“Honey, I admit I wasn’t thrilled with the first day. But everything else has been fantastic. We have done things we only talked about in our fantasies I thought we would never do. You allowed me to be with a couple of guys, something I’ve thought about but never thought I would actually do. So, no, I love you and think the weekend has been great. But, I admit I have a small concern,” Dan said looking into Pam’s eyes earnestly.

Pam looked at Dan and saw the faint lines of worry in his face and reflected in his eyes.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Pam asked.

“Well, I mean. I don’t know how to say this right, so I am just going to blurt this out. After you saw me with guys, do you still love me? Do you still think of me as your guy? Or do you think I am less of a man?” Dan pushed out as he watched Pam’s face for her reaction.

What he saw pass across Pam’s face was relief.

“Dan, darling, I love you! I do not care that you might like to suck a cock or be fucked by a big strong man. You are my big strong guy. You are my guy. Period. I love the fact that you felt comfortable enough in our love to be open about yourself and try something new while I watched. I know that could not have been easy. But, honey, you also have to know, that I think seeing two guys go at it is HOT! So getting to watch you, the male slave and Master Luthor tonight was extremely erotic. I was so turned on by seeing you in that mix, you do not understand. I came just watching you!”

“You did? Huh. Okay. I just wanted to be sure. I know I couldn’t live with it if you thought differently about me because of what I did. I admit I really enjoyed it, and, if we agree, I wouldn’t be opposed to repeating that now and then. But I will only do it if you are okay with it. If not, I won’t go there again because I don’t want to lose you and a short-term pleasure of the flesh isn’t an even exchange for you and your love,” Dan finished, pulling Pam into a deep kiss.

“Oh honey, I love you so much!” Pam whispered after they broke their kiss. “I hope this is a new beginning for both of us. We can try things and see what we like and don’t like. But, we will do them together or not at all. If we decide to stop, we stop.”

She continued, “Also, there were a couple of reasons I avoided you that first full day here. I wanted to make sure you were extremely horny, as I thought that would enable you to get in touch with your true self and be the most open to trying new things. But, another reason was more practical. As I’ve said, I never want to hurt you. So that day I took a series of colonics at the spa to help ensure I was cleaned out. That was so that when you had to lick my ass, it would be as clean as I could make it for you.”

Dan looked into his wife’s eyes and smiled. Then he softly said, “I understand now. But while I was going through that day with no sight of you, it was close to hell. I thought you had abandoned me and that just made me miserable.”

“Oh, honey! No. I would never deliberately hurt you. I only did that so we could both enjoy something unique together. I promise I will never do that to you again unless you ask me,” Pam said with a wink, “Now, why don’t we go get some sleep, we have a half-day here tomorrow before heading home,” Pam finished pulling Dan back to the bedroom.

Lying in bed entwined in each other’s arms, Pam whispered, “Happy Anniversary Baby!”

They were both thoroughly fucked out and quickly fell asleep.



Monday Morning in Vegas


In the morning, Pam and Dan awoke refreshed from the prior day’s activities. Pam and Dan showered together. While in the shower, Dan slowly pushed his cock up and down the crack of Pam’s ass.

“Enough teasing me!” Pam exclaimed, bending down over the shower bench, “Now fuck me!”

Dan quickly moved to comply, sliding up behind Pam and sliding his cock into her sopping pussy.

“Mmm. That’s it, baby. Fuck your wife. Show me how much you love me!” Pam urged Dan on as he began to pound her pussy while water cascaded down around them.

“Ugh. Unhhh,” Dan moaned as his cock started spewing cum deep into Pam’s pussy.

“That’s right baby, you love me. And I love you!” Pam urged as she turned around and pulled Dan into another toe-curling kiss. Dan reached back and turned off the water.

Pam slowly pulled award from Dan and sat down on the bench, looking deep into Dan’s eyes.

“Come on baby, clean up your mess!” Pam urged Dan. Dan dropped to his knees in front of Pam and slowly moved his head forward until he was right at her pussy. He breathed in her rich womanly scent and then eagerly began licking and sucking Pam’s pussy.

Pam raised one leg up onto the bench and straddled his face, pushing her pussy into Dan’s face the whole time he was cleaning his mess up. Once he was done, Pam stood up and turned the shower on again. They quickly rinsed off and then stepped out of the shower.

After drying off, Pam said, “I have another surprise for you. But, you have to wear your hood one last time this weekend. Are you okay doing that for me?”

“Again? Don’t you think we are past using a hood? Didn’t we have a terrific time yesterday? You know I don’t care what we do and I just want to make you happy.” Dan said eyeing the hood laying on the bathroom counter.

“Yes, I know. And you wearing your hood will make me very happy,” Pam responded, walking over and picking up the hood. She walked back to Dan and placed it in his hands.

“Okay, for you. But this is the last time I’ll wear this honey,” Dan said, slipping the hood over his head.

Pam snapped the hood closed and checked to make sure Dan couldn’t see anything.

“Okay, follow me,” Pam said, grabbing Dan’s stiffening cock and leading him out into their bedroom.

When they entered the room, Dan could hear what sounded like a few folks in the room. He couldn’t tell how many, but thought it was at least two or three.

“Okay Dan, lay down on the bed,” Pam commanded.

Dan did so and suddenly felt handcuffs being snapped onto his hands and fastened to the headboard.

“Now, I want you to do exactly as I say, when I say it. Can you do that?” Pam asked.

“Yes, you know that I can and will,” Dan responded, wondering at how comfortable he felt naked in a room with strangers he couldn’t see, watching his every move.

“Okay then. First, I want you to use your mouth to lick and suck whatever gets presented to you,” Pam said.

Dan nodded his head, recalling the other night when Pam said that he ended up sucking a cock for the first time and felt the bed shift. ‘Probably one or two people just got on the bed,’ Dan thought.

With no further commands, Dan just lay there waiting. Soon, he felt a warm body caress his body, fingers gliding up and down his chest, then pinching his nipples. His cock stiffened at the attention his body received.

Dan then felt someone straddle his body and was soon presented with a pussy being pushed into his face. He began licking and sucking it and was soon rewarded by moans of pleasure by whoever it was.

“Very good, Dan. Make that slut cum!” Pam exclaimed, getting hot and bothered watching Dan perform cunnilingus on another woman.

Meanwhile, Dan felt a hand kneading his balls and then something soft rubbing up and down his cock. The thing pushed past his cock and he felt the balls attached to the soft flesh and figured out that someone was rubbing their cock against his.

Pam just moaned and commanded, “Keep frotting him, slut! And Dan, you better rub back against that cock too!”

The frotting continued for a bit—both Dan and the mystery man’s hard cocks rubbing hard against one another, but luckily the man had applied some lube to his cock and the two cocks just slide back and forth against one another. While this happened, Dan continued licking and sucking the pussy in his face. After a bit, another cock joined the first, and both were rubbing up and down Dan’s cock. Dan’s balls churned, and he was getting very excited by all this attention.

“Suck that pussy, bitch!” Pam called out to Dan. “I want to see her cum now!”

Dan stabbed his tongue deep into the woman’s pussy and started nibbling her clit.

Suddenly, the room was filled with high-pitched moaning and a voice crying out, “That’s it slut, suck my pussy. Nibble my clit. Make me cum!”

“Dan, listen to me, when she cums, I want you to swallow all of her cum,” Pam instructed.

The woman on top of Dan started to cum in buckets. Her sticky sweet nectar was running out of her pussy and down into Dan’s mouth and down his chin. Dan licked and swallowed as fast as he could, but could not keep up. Suddenly Dan felt a tongue begin to lap up the cum on his face. Then another tongue joined in. When the woman had finished and his face was clean, the tongues moved away and the woman got off of him.

“Now, Dan, I want you to focus on what gets presented to you and take care of it with your mouth and tongue,” Pam commanded.

Dan just nodded.

The next thing Dan knew a cock was pushing up against his lips. He parted his lips and allowed it to push into his mouth. He widened his mouth and covered his teeth with his lips and the cock started fucking his mouth. Dan used his tongue on the cock, swirling around the tip of the cock and pushing into the slit at the top. This appeared to drive the owner of the cock crazy as he quickened his assault on Dan’s mouth and grabbed the back of Dan’s head forcefully in his hands.

Dan continued to service the cock in his mouth when he felt a hand smear lube into his ass. Dan knew what that meant. He lifted his ass up off the bed to allow better access. Dan also started to relax his ass as the fingers probed and left their deposits of lube. He relaxed just as the fingers moved away and a cock started to push into his ass. The cock pushed slowly into Dan’s ass. While it wasn’t as big as Master Luthor’s it felt like a decent-sized cock.

Once the cock was fully inserted and bottomed out in Dan’s ass, Dan groaned around the cock in his mouth. The guy fucking his ass just stopped and let Dan get used to his thick cock. After a bit, Dan was moaning in pleasure around the cock in his mouth and the cock in his ass started slowly fucking him. The guy fucking his ass threw Dan’s legs over his shoulders and pushed his cock deeper into Dan’s ass. Dan responded by pushing his ass back at the guy and squeezed the cock fucking his ass tightly.

Dan’s cock was stiff and red. His balls were churning once again. He could feel an orgasm building and he knew it would be a big one. The guy fucking his mouth must have sensed it because he picked up the pace again and was slamming his cock into Dan’s mouth, grunting with the effort. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of Dan’s mouth and started to spray cum all over Dan’s face.

Hubby could feel the warm cum on his face. Dan swallowed what cum was in his mouth and started licking his lips to get any stuck there. Dan bent forward and sucked the cock back into his mouth and licked it clean.

The guy fucking Dan’s ass was now pounding hard into it. Dan felt balls slapping his ass as the guy kept pushing deeper. Finally, the guy groaned, gave a grunt and then stopped moving with his cock buried deep in Dan’s ass. Dan felt the hot cock stop and then spasm as it shot hot splatters of cum deep into his ass.

At that point, Dan couldn’t stop his own orgasm and his cock erupted, spewing hot cum all over his chest, cock and balls. The guy in his ass slowly withdrew his cock, leaving Dan feeling empty.

Still handcuffed to the bed, Dan tried to recover. Before he could fully come to his senses, he felt two tongues licking and sucking his cum off his chest, cock and balls. Once his cum was cleaned up, the tongues slowly licked their way up his chest and began licking all the cum off his face. The bed shifted and then stopped moving.

They left Dan laying there with the taste of cum in his mouth and cum leaking from his ass. He slowly came to his senses, as he did he heard the sounds of people dressing and then of the door opening and closing. Finally, there was silence in the room again, except for the soft footsteps of Pam as she walked back into the bedroom.

“Baby, that was so damn hot!” Pam said. “I love you so much. You do not know what watching you do those things did for me. I came several times and my pussy is all messed up. I want you to clean me up.” Pam said as she walked toward the bed and then straddled Dan’s face. Pam lowered her pussy down onto Dan’s face and he eagerly dove in, licking and sucking until Pam had another orgasm.

Tasting her pussy, he thought he detected the slight bitter saltiness of cum, but wasn’t sure. ‘Maybe she had one of the extra cocks fuck her too,’ Dan thought as he worked on cleaning up her pussy.

Once Dan finished, Pam undid his handcuffs, releasing him from the bed and then took off his hood.

“Who was that?” Dan asked. “Were those the same cocks that played with me the other day?”

“Yes, but I will not say anything else right now. Let’s go get another shower and clean up. We can then pack to go home.” Pam said, pulling Dan back to the bathroom for another shower. They tenderly washed one another and shared a deep passionate kiss under the shower spray. They were both spent and did not have the energy to do much more. They toweled each other off when done with their shower and then dressed in casual clothes for the trip home.




Leaving Vegas


Pam and Dan both packed up their suitcases. Dan looked around the bathroom to make sure they had gotten everything and spotted a hood on the countertop. He picked it up and put it into his suitcase. He turned smiling to Pam, when Pam said, “Honey, I have one last thing. This is a present for you, here!” Pam exclaimed as she gave him a little jewelry gift box.

“What’s this?”

“Open it!”

Dan did and found a folded piece of paper with an internet address, a username and a password.

“What is this?”

“This is our private media server, honey!” Pam said.

“Since when do we have a private media server?” asked Dan

“Since I made this an anniversary we would always remember! I had everything we did this weekend recorded and uploaded to our media server. With that username and password, you can log on and watch what we experienced and relive it vicariously. I know how much of a voyeur you are and thought this would make the weekend perfect. This way when we are old and grey we can always look back on what we once did together and the fun and exciting times we had. That was the reason you had to wear the hood so much. It was the only way I could come with to allow you to watch but also protect your identity in case the videos ever got out.”

“But if I watch this, then I will know who those guys were, whose pussy that just was and what happened with the Dominatrix and you and me yesterday. Since you had me wear a hood all those times.”

“Yes, I know. It was always my plan to let you see what we did. I only wanted to tease you for a little while about who those guys were. When we watch those videos when we get home tonight, I think everything will make more sense. We can then discuss what this means for us going forward. I know we both enjoyed this weekend. I love you so much my heart aches. I only want you to be happy and for us to have many more decades of love and happiness together. I do not think any less of you because you sucked some cocks, baby. You will always be my big, strong, handsome guy. But getting to watch you suck cock was incredible. It was a longtime fantasy of mine, so thank you for just going along with things. If you want to keep everything as it was before and chalk this up to a wild anniversary weekend in Vegas, I am fine with that. But, YOU make that decision. I will be happy so long as we are together, no matter what your decision is,” Pam said smiling at Dan and pulling him in for a kiss before they headed out.

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