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Workout Buddies, Chapter 4: A Celebratory Dinner

Larry hosts dinner for Dave and Helen and looks to see how far Helen is willing to go.

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read this story.  Please let me know what you think. This is the fourth chapter in my Workout Buddies story. This story contains scenes of M/M, M/F, MMF, oral, anal, dominant/submissive sex, cock sucking, butt plug, and cum eating. If that offends you, please don’t read. But, if that offends you, why are you looking at things in this category?

Dave and Larry "worked" all day at Larry's place. Larry made Dave strip and service his cock. Larry worked on Dave’s ass, putting in a bigger butt plug and making Dave keep it in while making him sit down in front of Larry and lick his balls.


Larry had Dave get them both beers, and the fun continued. Larry placed a cock ring on Dave and saw the effect the day had been having on his friend - his cock was hard, and precum was leaking out all over the place. Larry made Dave lick up all his mess from the floor and then get back to licking Larry’s balls.


Larry decided he needed to blow his load and finally pumped his cock until he spurted cum all over Dave’s face. He made Dave keep his face like that until lunch and then told him to lick it clean. While Dave worked on that, Larry thought about what else he could do with Dave.


Early afternoon, Larry told Dave to call Helen and invite her over for dinner as a thank you from Larry for keeping Dave tied up all weekend.


Helen thought Larry’s invitation was nice and thoughtful. As Dave requested, she put on a sexy summer dress along with her sexy bra and thong and grabbed a bottle of wine on the way out the door. When showering to get ready, she trimmed up her pussy so that it was nice and neat, with just a landing strip at the top. A trimmed pussy always drove Dave crazy, she thought as she worked on it in the shower.


"Hi, Helen! I'm so glad you could come over. I wanted to thank you both for allowing Dave to help me out this weekend." Larry greeted Helen as he let her in his house promptly at 6 pm.


"No problem. I'm glad Dave could settle your friendly wager by helping you out. Now, what have you done with my husband?" Helen asked as she walked further into Larry's home.


"He's back in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on dinner. I thought it might be nice to eat out on the patio tonight. Dinner should be ready in a bit. Can I get you some wine before dinner?" Larry asked as he guided her back through his home to the kitchen where Dave was busy checking on the broccoli and baked potatoes.


"That would be nice," replied Helen as she walked up behind her husband and kissed him on the cheek.


Dave looked up from what he was doing and smiled.


"Hey, baby, good to see you. What have you been doing all day?" Helen asked.


“We painted Larry’s living room. We did a few other things and finished up late morning. Then we decided to hang out and relax. We watched a ball game and got dinner started. Here’s a drink for you,” Dave said turning around to face Helen and handing her a glass of wine while planting a loving kiss on her lips.


“Let’s go back to the patio,” Larry said while gathering up the steaks and grilling supplies. “Dave can you bring the potatoes, broccoli and the salad. Helen, could you bring our drinks?”


“Sure thing Larry,” Dave responded as he picked up the steaks.


“I’ve got the drinks,” Helen said, picking up Dave’s and Larry’s drinks.


“Okay, the patio is this way,” Larry said, leading them to the patio door that led to his backyard.


Larry walked over to the grill that he had started a while ago, noting that it was up to temp and ready to grill. He took the steaks and placed them on the grill.


Dave and Helen sat down at the patio table, facing Larry and began a conversation with Larry, asking about the house and what he’d done to it.


All the while, they continued drinking the wine, all knowing it was spiked with Larry's mood enhancers.


The steaks were finished, and Larry set one on each plate and placed the plates down in front of each of their place settings at the patio table.


They continued to drink the spiked wine, and the topics of discussion turned a bit risqué.


“When did you first have sex? Where did you have sex for the first time? How often do you have sex now? What is the most fun you have had naked?” and similar questions kept the conversation lively during dinner.


Finally, once dinner had been consumed, Larry suggested they jump into the hot tub at the side of the patio to relax. Helen protested that she didn't have a swimsuit to wear. After some convincing, Larry and Dave convinced Helen to get in first and to wear her bra and panties while they took the plates and dishes into the kitchen and got more refreshments.


In the kitchen, Larry said, “Dave, follow my lead. I think Helen is interested in things. We all might have a lot of fun tonight.”


Panicking, Dave replied, “Wait, Larry. This is too quick. There is no way Helen is up to doing anything like what you’re suggesting. Let’s just enjoy the evening.”


“Listen, cock slut. You are too close to this. I am telling you that Helen is ripe for the picking. I will not push things too hard or fast. But, if she responds, then we will know soon, and we will have some fun. If I had to guess, I think she has secretly wanted to watch you suck a cock. But I could be worn on that,” Larry replied turning to look at Dave.


“Larry, just be cool. Helen has never mentioned anything like that to me. So just let things as they are.” Dave pleaded.


“Well, does she know that you like to suck cock?” Larry asked.


“What does that have to do with anything?” Dave replied, grabbing the tray with the supplies to take back out to the patio.


“My point is, she knows nothing about your desires. So isn’t it possible that you don’t know about all of her desires?” Larry asked.


“Yeah, I guess it is possible. But unlikely in my view,” Dave replied.


“Okay, so we’ll see how things go,” Larry responded turning to walk back out to the patio.


Larry and Dave brought out a tray with some wine and crackers, and they continued the evening. Both Larry and Dave stripped down to their underwear. Helen noted that she couldn’t recall seeing Dave wear that particular pair before (and that was for good reason, as Larry had loaned Dave that pair of trunks so he could keep the butt plug hidden for as long as possible).


After a long discussion of sex, sex partners, the best sex they've each had and the most outrageous sexual thing they've done, they started playing truth or dare.


Helen told Larry, “Kiss Dave,” as she thought that he wouldn't.


Larry stood up in the hot tub and walked over to Dave, bent down and planted a deep kiss on Dave’s lips. Helen got a good view of Larry’s thick, nine-inch cock visible through his wet trunks, which she eyed lustily.


When it was his turn, Larry asked Helen, “Show us your tits.”


Helen put up a slight protest, but Larry easily convinced her to go for it. She did, and both men let out appreciative sounds and nods.


Dave had his turn next and told Helen, “Lick Larry's cock through his trunks.”


After much protest, she “reluctantly” did so, teasing Larry with the way she did long licks of his cock over his trunks.


Before it was Helen’s turn again, Larry asked her, “Are you a betting woman?”


Looking at Larry, Helen responded, “Sure, what do you have in mind?


“Well, if you can ask Dave to do something sexual that he refuses to do, then you can have me do whatever you like tonight,” Larry said with a sly grin.


“And what happens if you win?” Helen asked.


“Well, then turnabout is fair play, right?” Larry asked.


Glancing at Dave, Helen replied, “Sure, okay.” So, after a bit of thought, Helen said, “Dave suck Larry's cock.”


Dave just sat in the hot tub too startled that Helen would have asked that. Larry then stood up and pulled down his trunks and stepped out of them, tossing them onto the patio. He walked up to Helen with his growing nine-inch cock springing out from his body and asked, “You want Dave to suck this cock?”


“Yes, that’s my dare for him.”


Larry then slowly moved over to Dave and presented his cock. Larry slowly moved his cock closer to Dave’s face. Then, to Helen’s total shock, Dave opened his mouth and began to lick and suck Larry's cock.


Larry just looked at Helen and said, “A deal is a deal. So, for the rest of the night, you have to do what I say. First, I want you to finish taking off all your clothing. So, take off your panties.”


Helen stood up, and both men finally saw that she was wearing a thong.


'Oh my god, she looks so hot,' thought Dave as he continued to suck Larry’s cock.


“Very nice,” Larry simply stated watching Helen remove the thong and fling it up on the patio.


“Now, I want you to come over here and give Dave a hand sucking my cock,” Larry commanded.


Helen got up in a daze and walked over to them across the hot tub. Getting down next to her husband, she reached out with her tongue and started battling him to suck and lick Larry's cock.


On her next turn, Larry again made her a proposition, “I will give you one more chance. If you can come up with something that Dave won’t do, then I will be yours and Dave’s for the rest of the night.”


Helen thought about it and said, “No, the stakes are a bit higher than that. Let’s say for two weeks. I also assume that if I win you agree to be Dave’s and my plaything for the same period?”


“Yes, okay,” Larry agreed.


Helen thought about the dare to give Larry and Dave. Then she thought of something her husband would never do. “Okay, Dave and Larry, I dare Larry to fuck Dave’s ass.”


Dave stared at Helen for a moment like a deer caught in headlights, unmoving, and Larry just smiled serenely at her.


“Okay, cocksucker, get up. Now strip!” Larry stated as he walked towards Dave.


Helen was jarred by Larry’s words and watched as her husband took off his trunks and revealed a belt around his waist. Larry bent down and unsnapped it and then threw it up on the patio.


“Now turn around and bend over the tub edge,” Larry commanded. Dave quickly complied.


“Helen, do you see this?” Larry asked, pointing to the black nub sticking out of her husband’s ass.


“Yes, what is it and why was Dave wearing a belt under his trunks?” Helen asked.


“Because I told him to of course. You see, I fucked your husband earlier today and wanted him to keep my cum in his ass pussy for as long as possible. So, I shoved a butt plug up his ass and put the belt on to make sure it stayed in.”


“Wow. Really? Dave, you already let Larry fuck you?” Helen asked staring at her husband.


Dave stared down and wouldn’t meet Helen’s gaze as he softly replied, “Yes, I let Larry fuck me this afternoon.”


Helen was stunned. 'No, Dave wouldn’t do that, they’re just playing with me,' she thought. Then she saw Larry wink at Dave! Dave then proceeded to bend over bracing himself against the side of the tub with his ass sticking out toward Larry. Larry proceeded to lick and suck Dave’s ass to get him good and wet. Helen was floored. Larry was licking Dave’s ass!


“Okay, guys, you got me and had your fun. Now let’s start partying. Dave, what do you think we should do with Larry?” Helen asked while watching Larry as he continued to lick Dave’s ass.


Larry, looked over at Helen, smiled and said, “Oh, we’re not playing, and we’re not done yet. I was just lubing up your husband’s ass before I fucked it. Just common courtesy.”


Seeing Helen’s reaction to his and Dave’s actions, Larry looked at Dave and said, “Slut, tell Helen about our bet.”


Dave looked frantically at Larry like a deer caught in headlights and then back to Helen.


Helen just smiled and asked, “Dave, what was this bet that Larry mentioned?”


“Well. You see...” Dave stammered trying to collect his thoughts.


“What your slut of a husband is trying to say is that we had a bet as to which one of us could pack on more muscle at the gym after a month. I won the first bet, but he thought he was figuring things out and could take me, so I agreed to extend the bet if he agreed to do whatever I said such as helping me out around the house. Well, while Dave did a good job, I ended up beating him. When he came over yesterday, I decided to test the waters a bit. It turns out I caught your hubby staring at my cock several times in the showers at the gym. But it seemed to me more like lust in his eyes. So, yesterday, I spiked a drink I gave him, then tied him up. He was very horny and needed relief badly, so I started asking him about things, and he admitted that he wanted my cock."


Larry continued, “So, I gave it to him if he agreed to be my cock slut. He eventually agreed, but only after making me swear that I would do nothing to cause a problem with his relationship with you or the rest of his family. I agreed but gave him a couple of tasks last night to test the waters with you. You reacted better than I hoped, so I had Dave invite you over to dinner. Once I heard your reaction to the videos last night and how you ordered him to clean up your pussy, I knew it was only a matter of time before you both would be my little cock sluts. It was obvious to me that you got off on the idea of making Dave serve you sexually and for him to suck cum out of your pussy just like in the videos. I also figured that one of your darkest sexual desires is to watch Dave suck cock and, maybe, watch him get fucked. Perhaps I’m wrong. But judging by your reaction to Dave sucking my cock just moments ago, I think not. So, I think you will love watching me fuck Dave right in front of you. But I am a man of my word and will only keep you both for the next two weeks.


Larry added, “So now you know what your husband and I have done, and you have taken part in things too a bit. I need to make sure you are okay with this and won’t do something silly like get mad at Dave and divorce him. He loves you immensely.” Larry finished, looking into Helen’s eyes.


Helen thought a bit and then replied, “Thank you for telling me, Larry. Now, Dave, why didn’t you tell me about your bet and what you did with Larry? Are you embarrassed by it? Do you think I would leave you? Why weren’t you open and honest with me?”


“Honey, I love and adore you. I could not imagine not sharing our lives. As I said, I lost the bet and Larry brought something out of me that I had hidden away since college. I never wanted to bring that side of me back out since I met you until Larry put me in that position yesterday. I was afraid you would reject me and think less of me because I like to suck cock and get fucked. I should have had the strength to be completely honest with you and tell you that I am bisexual, but I feared losing you too much to do that. I understand if you want to divorce me. I want you to be happy. But I want you to know that I do love you and I do not want a divorce,” Dave replied.


“While I am disappointed that you did not trust me enough to be completely open and honest with me, I do love you and understand why you did what you did. But you can never fail to be open and honest with me again. If you aren’t then I will divorce your ass. Understood?” Helen asked.


“Yes, honey, I understand,” Dave replied, smiling at Helen over his shoulder and giving her a warm smile, “I love you so much. I am glad you understand why I did what I did.”


“Thanks, but you don’t get off that easily, mister. I will have to give some thought to a suitable punishment for you. When we are alone, you are going to have to fill me in on what you meant by 'back in college.' But, let’s enjoy the evening. Don’t be nervous or afraid of letting me see what you want to do with Larry or a guy. I will not divorce you. Nor could I ever think less of you. You are my man. I love you no matter what. I’ve imagined you sucking cocks and getting fucked on and off for years. But I always thought it would only ever be a fantasy."


Helen continued, "You never gave me any hint that you might like cock. Hell, we never even watched male-male-female porn together until last night! But, to see you suck Larry’s cock and now about to get fucked, is the fulfillment of some of my deepest fantasies for us. You have made me very happy tonight doing that. So, let’s keep enjoying the evening, okay?” Helen stated looking into Dave’s eyes.


“Okay, let’s,” Dave replied,


Finally, Larry broke in and told Helen, “Now watch!”


With that, Larry brought his engorged cock up to rub along Dave’s ass. Helen watched mesmerized as her fantasy played out in front of her eyes. Dave was about to be fucked by a big, handsome guy with a large cock. Larry slowly pushed his cock into Dave’s ass. Dave grunted a bit in discomfort as he adjusted. Larry let his cock just sit there for a while, so Dave’s ass got used to the invasion of his cock. Then Larry started to slowly push his cock in and out of Dave’s ass.


Helen stood mesmerized. As Larry started to pick up steam, Dave appeared to start pushing his ass back into Larry! Involuntarily, Helen’s hand made its way down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit watching the scene in front of her.


Then Dave said, “That’s it, Sir, fuck my ass. My wife wanted to see it, so show her how you can fuck my ass! I bet she will cum from just seeing this. Look at her; she’s playing with herself already!”


After saying the last, Dave looked back at Helen with a smile on his face. He noted that Helen’s hand was now furiously friggin her pussy. Then Helen shuddered and felt her body spasm in orgasm.


“That’s right, slut, get good and worked up while I fuck hubby here,” Larry said turning to watch Helen’s performance as he continued to fuck Dave. “I want my sluts hot to trot, and I think you like the idea of your hubby being used by me, isn’t that right?” Larry asked.


Helen just kept playing with her pussy. She kept staring at Larry’s cock as it continued its assault on Dave’s ass. She was hypnotized by what was occurring just a few feet from her.


“Slut, answer me!” Larry commanded Helen as he continued to work his cock into Dave’s ass.


“Yessssss,” moaned Helen, “that is my deepest fantasy, to watch a big, handsome man with a great cock dominate my husband while I get to watch.”


“Oh?” Larry responded turning back to Dave. “Dave, did you know that Helen wanted to watch you get dominated by a guy?”


“Hmmm. No. She never mentioned that Sir. Fuck my ass harder! Let’s give her a show!” Dave yelled as he started to push his entire body back into Larry.


Larry continued his assault on Dave’s ass, and Helen watched mesmerized as Larry’s ass flexed with each thrust into Dave’s ass. He buried his entire nine-inch cock into Dave’s ass. She didn’t know if she could even handle that. But Dave did and was thrusting back against Larry. Hard. Without any other thoughts, she reached down and started rubbing her clit even harder in time to the thrusts of Larry’s buttocks and with her other hand started pinching her nipples. She was soon loudly moaning in pleasure.


Larry’s ass tensed, and Dave said, “That’s it, Sir, breed my ass. Fill your slut’s ass up with cum for my wife to see. She wants to see it, so just let go and flood my ass now.”


With that, Larry felt his orgasm overtake him, and he grabbed Dave’s waist tightly, pulling Dave into him and pushed his cock deep into Dave’s ass.


“Oh God, your ass feels so good!” Larry moaned as he unloaded his balls deep into his friend’s ass.


Feeling Larry’s cum splatter his insides sent Dave into his orgasm, and his cock started erupting cum all over the side of the hot tub without him even touching it.


Helen moved in and started sucking Dave’s cock clean, all the while looking in wonder at Dave and Larry.


Larry looked down at her and said, “Okay, you lost. I’ll be fair. But here are the rules for the next two weeks. You are mine, and so is Dave. You can have orgasms only when I say. When you are around me, you are always to be naked unless I say otherwise. When you are at home, and the boys aren’t there, you both are to let me know and remain naked until you expect them back. You will both keep your groins clean shaven. You can help each other with that, but you always must ask permission if you want to orgasm. I may give it and I may not. But if I find out that you have orgasmed, and I did not allow you to do so, you will be punished."


Larry stated, "When you are at my house, you are mine to do with as I please. You cannot get angry at the other person for whatever I have them do. You will both suck and fuck other people and me and be fucked by me and other people during the next two weeks. Everyone will have a clean bill of health, or they don’t get to play. We will discuss things at the end of the two weeks to see what everyone thinks and wants to do going forward."


He continued, “You both appear to be somewhat submissive. In case you hadn’t figured it out, I am usually dominant. So, I will play with you two subs the way you crave to be treated. I may tie you up, bind you, put collars on you, keep you on edge for long periods and otherwise treat you the way you truly desire to be treated by a dominant partner. I will ensure that all of us have a very good time. I will not permanently mark you or cause you long-term injuries or embarrass you in front of friends or family unless those folks are already of a mindset that would enjoy such activities.


Larry concluded, “And, before you get any bright ideas about not doing what you agreed to do, I will point out that my house is wired with surveillance cameras, even two out here on the patio with one pointed at the hot tub. Everything that has happened has been taped. If you decide to try and walk away before the two weeks are up, I will release all the tapes and make sure everyone you know, friends, relatives, and your professional colleagues all get copies. Yes, it is blackmail, but I consider it insurance that you will live up to your end of the bargain we made. If you do, I will gladly hand over all of the footage, and you can watch and verify that I have deleted all the originals off my systems.”


“Let’s make things a bit more interesting. Helen, come here,” Larry said offering her his hand. Larry took Helen’s hand and walked her over to the patio table. He pushed her back until she’s partially sitting on the table. Larry moved closer and pushed his cock into Helen’s very wet pussy.


Larry began to fuck Helen on the patio table.


“Dave, come over here and suck my balls while I fuck your wife,” Larry said while smiling at Helen. “You know what to do, based on what happened last night.”


Helen looked down at Dave and told him, “Bend over the table like a good cock sucker.”


Dave did, and Helen slowly inserted a butt plug into his ass. She then made him get down on his knees while she sat on one of the chairs.


“Now you know what to do cocksucker, clean my pussy out of Larry’s cum! I want you to get every drop!” Helen ordered Dave.


“That’s right, cock slut, get in there and clean my cum out of your wife’s dirty slut pussy. Get it clean,” Larry said walking up beside Helen and pushing his cock into her face. She eagerly opened her mouth and started sucking him.


Dave looked up and beheld the wonderful sight of his lovely wife sucking his best friend’s cock. Just seeing that nearly made Dave cum. But he knew better than to let himself erupt and caught his orgasm just in time, narrowly keeping himself in check.


After a bit, Larry looked down and noted that Helen’s pussy was looking quite clean. “Ok, cock slut, stand up and bend over and brace yourself on the table,” Larry ordered.


Dave complied. Larry then said to Helen, “Slut, you are going to guide my cock into your husband’s ass. So, get a hold of it and start!”


Larry moved around behind Dave and slowly pulled the butt plug out. Dave felt a bit empty. But he needn’t have worried. Larry had Helen lube up his ass and Larry’s cock.


“Okay, slut, make sure you lube my cock well for hubby. Now, I want you to guide it into his ass. You may finger yourself with your other hand as I believe this is turning you on,” Larry commanded.


In answer, Helen grabbed Larry’s cock and guided it towards her husband’s ass. She placed the tip up against Dave’s brown rosebud and slowly began pushing it in. As Larry’s cock slid into Dave’s ass, Helen couldn’t help but gasp. She had imagined this hundreds of times but never thought she’d have the chance to see it, let alone get to help make it happen. Her pussy throbbed a bit, and she felt a warm tingling sensation as she watched Larry’s cock sliding into Dave’s ass.


Dave gasped a bit as Larry’s cock fully sunk into his ass and he felt Larry’s balls hit his ass. Seeing that set off an orgasm in Helen. She was a bit weak in the knees, and Larry sensed she might have trouble continuing to stand.


“Slut, I want you to sit down in front of your husband on the table. Your cock slut of a husband will lick your snatch while I fuck his ass. Would you like that?” Larry asked, pointing to the table.


“Yesssss,” Helen moaned as she moved up to the table and sat down. “Fuck the cock slut’s ass hard, Larry. I want to feel it as he licks my pussy.”


“I will, slut. But, from now on call me Sir or Master. You are both my little cock sluts, and you will show me proper respect. If you both behave yourselves, I think we can have a lot of fun together,” Larry replied, continuing to fuck Dave slowly.


Helen felt Dave’s tongue tense up when Larry bottomed out in his ass. She reached around and held her husband’s ass cheeks wide to give Larry better access. By this point, Helen’s pussy was gushing, and a puddle was beginning to form under her on the table.


Larry noticed the puddle and said, “Dave, you need to start licking your wife’s pussy faster. I don’t want her juices all over my table!”


Helen kept holding Dave’s ass cheeks apart while Larry fucked him. Every time Larry pushed hard into Dave’s ass, Dave’s tongue got hard and twitched in Helen’s pussy. Reaching down, Helen felt Dave’s cock and found it was the hardest she had ever felt it. He really must enjoy this, Helen thought to herself. With one of her hands, she reached further back and grabbed Larry’s ass, pulling him hard into Dave. This seemed to get Larry revved up, and he started pumping into Dave’s ass harder. Suddenly he stopped, and before she knew what was happening, Dave’s cock was spewing cum onto her legs and the floor.


Larry must have blasted into Dave’s ass setting him off, Helen thought as she continued to knead both Dave’s and Larry’s asses while milking Dave’s cock. Dave’s cock didn’t relax and go down. Dave remained hard in her hand. Larry saw that Dave was still hard and hated to see a hard cock go to waste.


“Slut, lay down next to your wife on the floor,” Larry commanded.


Dave quickly obeyed. Then he heard Larry say, “Now, Helen, I want you to get off the table and fuck yourself on your husband’s cock.”


While she did that, Larry started fucking Helen’s face.


'These two are total submissive cock sluts, and man am I enjoying himself!' Larry thought. He began thinking of all the things he had in store for them over the next two weeks. He wanted to break them into the roles of his cock sluts so that when the time was up, they wouldn’t want to stop. Thinking about it, now that he’d had them both, going back to the way things used to be would be extremely hard, so he hoped he could make them desire to continue things after the two weeks.


After a bit, Dave cried out, “Sir, I am going to cum!”


“Then cum, you cock slut. Fill your slutty wife’s pussy with more cum. I’ll fill her mouth. Cum now!” Larry commanded.


Without a second’s hesitation, Dave came in Helen’s pussy. After that, Larry came in Helen’s mouth. Helen herself had a couple of orgasms feeling the two guys cum in her.


“Helen, sit up on the table,” Larry commanded. “Cock slut, get up here and help me clean up your slutty wife’s pussy.”


After Dave stood up, Larry looked at Helen and said, “Give this cock slut a deep French kiss. Share my cum with him.” Dave eagerly sucked down the cum Helen shared with him.


Larry and Dave took turns cleaning up Helen’s pussy.


“Okay, let’s sit around the table and take a break for a bit. I know I could use a drink after all that,” Larry said taking a seat. Helen and Dave soon followed suit. They each finished their drinks and then Larry stood up.


“Now, let’s have some more fun. Come over to the sawhorse, slut,” Larry commanded Helen. Her pussy got a bit wet when Larry commanded her like that, so she complied, and Larry handcuffed her over the sawhorse spread eagle with her ass hanging on one side and her head over the other.


“Okay, Dave. I want you to go up to your wife and present your cock. Helen, when he does that, I want you to suck his cock for all you’re worth and don’t stop for anything, all right?” Larry said as he stood back.


“Sure, Master, I have no problem sucking Dave’s cock,” Helen replied.


“Okay, then let’s begin,” Larry said walking behind Helen.


Helen stretched her neck and managed to suck the tip of Dave’s cock. He slowly edged forward until his entire cock was lodged in Helen’s mouth.


Just then, Helen felt a sharp pain on her ass. SMACK!


Larry just slapped her ass. Then he did it again. She paused to say something, but Larry saw her starting to push Dave’s cock out of her mouth and said, “What did I tell you to do? Suck Dave’s cock no matter what! If you can’t do that, I will punish Dave. Now, keep sucking.”


Larry then started using a flogger on Helen’s ass, delighting in the rosy red glow her ass was soon sporting. Every time the flogger hit her ass, she involuntarily pushed forward, taking more of Dave’s cock down her throat. For his part, Dave tried to remain as still as possible so as not to cause Helen too much discomfort.


Larry paused and reached out with his hand, feeling Helen’s pussy. As he suspected, she was sopping wet. Larry smacked her ass two more good times and watched her jerk in response.


Then he put the flogger down and walked up behind Helen. He lined up his cock with her pussy and slowly pushed it in. She immediately started to orgasm and twitched. He just stayed still with his cock buried in her pussy up to his balls. Once she stopped twitching, he slowly began to fuck her. Dave felt every thrust Larry made as Helen’s head would move forward and his cock would go deeper down her throat.


Larry sped up, and Dave was delighted by the feeling of Helen deep throating his cock. After a bit, he warned Larry and Helen that he was about to cum.


“Then cum down this slut’s throat now!” Larry commanded, and Dave lost it, emptying his balls down Helen’s throat. Meanwhile, Larry emptied his balls up Helen’s pussy.


Looking at Dave, Larry said, “Switch places with me. You need to fuck Helen’s pussy, but you now will get sloppy seconds, and her pussy should be well lubed.”


Larry then pushed his cock down Helen’s throat and watched her struggle to take his entire length. She finally managed to swallow his entire cock, and he just kept it still, so she’d get used to it and relax. Once she was, he slowly started fucking her throat.


“Oh, my lovely slut. Your mouth feels exquisite. I bet you don’t give your husband such terrific blow jobs. Do you like giving me a blowjob while your husband fucks you? Can you even feel his cock sloshing around in your pussy after I fucked you?”


Hearing those words got to Dave, and he knew he was about to cum again. “Sir, I am about to cum. Can I?”


Larry looked at him and said, “Then cum in this slut’s pussy, Dave. Do it now. And I’ll leave another load in her mouth.”


Larry pulled out, so just the tip of his cock was in Helen’s mouth and waited until his cum erupted again. He whispered in her ear not to swallow it all, and she did as he said.


After Dave pulled out of his wife’s well-fucked pussy, Larry told him, “Come give your lovely bride a kiss.”


When Dave kissed Helen, she again surprised him by sharing Larry’s cum with him. Dave’s tongue eagerly sought out all the remnants of cum in Helen’s mouth.


Larry uncuffed Helen and then led her and Dave back to the king-sized bed in his master bedroom. He had Dave kneel next to the bed and had Helen sit right on edge.


“Now Helen, I want you to feed all that cum in your pussy to your hubby. I think you know how much he likes that, and I want to keep you both happy. I am just going to stand here and watch you two perform.”


Helen proceeded to push the cum out and into Dave’s waiting mouth. Dave quickly swallowed it and stuck his tongue out for more. When Helen couldn’t push any more out, Larry called an end to that bit of fun.


Larry had Dave get up on the bed on all fours. He then made Helen sit next to him. Larry got behind Dave and told Helen, “Guide my cock into your husband’s ass. I want to breed him again.”


Helen did and felt another warm orgasm rush through her body as she helped push Larry’s cock into Dave’s ass. Dave seemed to enjoy it, pushing his ass back at Larry and calling out, “That’s it, fuck your slut’s pussy, Sir. Fuck me good. I want to feel you cum in me again!”


“Helen, get up in front of Dave. Good. Now lay under him with your mouth facing down towards his cock. Good. Now, while I continue to fuck your husband’s ass, I want you to suck his cock. Make him cum before I do!” Helen nodded her head in agreement as she started sucking Dave’s cock, watching Larry’s cock continue to push in and out of Dave’s ass from her unique vantage point.


“Dave, do you like this? Do you like getting your ass fucked while your wife sucks your cock?”


“Mmmmm… yes, Sir. I love it. It feels so good. But I’m getting close to cumming again,” Dave replied


“Good, but before you cum, bend down and start sucking your wife’s slutty pussy. Get it good and wet.”


Dave dove into Helen’s pussy, which was sopping wet again. Dave licked it up, down and sideways, making sure to nibble on her clit. Meanwhile, Helen started sucking his cock and playing with his balls. It was too much for Dave.


“I’m going to cum!” Dave cried out.


“Then cum in our slut’s mouth. Now!” Larry bellowed as he gave one final thrust into Dave’s ass and started pumping his own cum deep into Dave. The sensation of Larry’s cock letting loose coupled with Helen’s warm, wet mouth wrapped around his own cock was too much for Dave, and he started erupting into Helen’s mouth. Meanwhile, he felt Helen’s body shudder as she orgasmed again. He felt her cum flood his mouth as he continued to lick and suck her pussy. Her sweet nectar was a welcome reward.


“Now Helen, I want you to come back by me,” Larry said while he sat forward with his cock still buried in Dave’s ass. Helen slowly moved out from under Dave and made her way back toward Larry.


“Now, when I take my cock away, you are going to clean up your husband’s ass. Now, be sure to stick your ass up in the air.”


Helen got behind Dave and pushed him to lay down on the bed with his ass pointing up. She moved his legs out to give her better access to his ass and then dove in, sucking and rimming him while Larry watched.


“No, get your tongue in there and clean him up!” Larry said, pushing Helen’s head down into Dave’s ass. Helen complied and began fucking Dave’s ass with her tongue while scooping out Larry’s cum.


Just then, Larry pushed his cock right up along Helen's face and said, “Use some of that and your tongue to get my cock wet.”


Helen switched over to sucking and licking Larry’s cock.


“Ok, well-done slut,” Larry said as he pulled his cock away. “Now get back to cleaning up Dave’s ass. Helen did and felt Larry shifting on the bed moving behind her.


Helen next felt Larry’s fingers touching her ass and moving up and down it. His fingers traced her ass and followed it down to her pussy. He pushed his fingers in and felt how wet she was. He gathered up some of Helen’s cum and started rubbing it into her rosebud with his fingers. He pushed one then two fingers into Helen’s ass. As he did that, Helen started moaning into Dave’s ass. It just felt so damn good.


Helen noted that Dave’s cock was fully erect again. She used her fingers to play with it a bit as she continued her assault on his ass. Larry pulled his fingers out, and Helen missed feeling full.


Sensing Helen’s disappointment, Larry said, “Don’t worry slut, I was just getting you ready. Now I am going to fuck that ass and breed you. Are you ready?”


Taking her mouth away from her husband’s ass for a second, Helen replied, “Oh god, yes, Master, fuck my ass. Fuck it hard. Make me cum again.”


Larry slowly pushed his cock into Helen’s ass, pausing every so often to let her get accustomed to it. After he finally got his full cock wedged into her ass and she started moaning feeling how full it made her, Larry said, “Slut, I want you to tongue fuck Dave while I fuck your ass. Davey, I am going to fuck your wife’s ass while she’s tongue fucking your ass. Are you both ready?”


“Yes,” the moans of ecstasy came back from both of his sluts. So, Larry slowly began fucking Helen’s ass, picking up steam slowly and steadily. After a bit, he was slamming his cock into her and felt her pushing hard into Dave’s ass.


“Dave how does that feel. Can you tell when I am thrusting into her?” Larry asked


“Oh, god, yesssss,” Dave responded, euphoric with pleasure as his wife’s tongue kept fucking his ass.


“You both are such sluts. So easy. You both wanted this. You both want to serve me, don’t you?” Larry asked while continuing to fuck Helen’s ass.


“Yessssss!” They both cried out at the same time.


“Good. Then for the next two weeks, we will have a lot of fun. Now, get ready, I’m about to cum again. Now, Helen, I want you to make sure Dave cums too.”


Helen reached out to her husband’s cock and vigorously started giving him a hand job while continuing to tongue fuck his ass.


“Ok, get ready. I’m cumming!” Larry bellowed as his cum started spurting deep into Helen’s ass. Feeling Larry’s cum made Helen shudder with another orgasm and she redoubled her efforts on Dave’s ass and cock. Dave didn’t stand a chance, and he too started to cum. Not waiting to be told, Helen bent her head and was able to take the head of Dave’s cock into her mouth and kept sucking as Dave’s orgasm continued. When he was finished, she let his cock slip from her mouth.


“Davey, come back here and clean up your wife’s ass. I want you to get it good and clean. Then we’ll figure out some other fun things to do tonight. I would very much enjoy having both of you spend tonight with me.” Larry said while walking to his master bath.


Larry proceeded to cuff Helen to the headboard and positioned Dave so that he was sucking her ass. Larry then started to vigorously fuck Dave’s ass while he ate Helen’s ass out. They all had another set of orgasms after which they got up and went into the bathroom to shower and get cleaned up.


After this bit of fun, they were all exhausted. Sensing this, Larry said, “We all sleep naked. You can use the blankets to cover up and stay warm, but I want easy access to my two sluts. Now, before we go to sleep, I want to make sure you both think about me. Dave, get the butt plug from the patio. Helen put your ass in the air for me.”


Helen quickly moved to obey and soon felt Larry pushing some lube into her ass.


“Now, this is a smaller butt plug but should be good for you. It will act as a reminder that you are now my slut for the next two weeks. Do not take it out. I will do that.


“Dave, great, you got it, now bend over the side of the bed.”


Dave did, and he too soon felt Larry rubbing lube into his ass. Then he felt the familiar but plug invading his ass. His ass felt full. But he wasn’t going to complain. His cock started to stir after Larry pushed the butt plug in.


“Now, I want one of you on either side of me,” Larry said directing each of them to a side. Larry turned on his side and snuggled up to Helen, wrapping his arms around her and letting them rest on her breasts. He slowly traced her nipples and felt how erect they were.


“Dave, you can spoon up behind me,” Larry said to Dave. Dave quickly complied, and Larry got verification that this turned Dave on when he felt Dave’s cock poke him in the ass. “Okay, sluts, let’s get some sleep. Lots to do tomorrow.”


They were all exhausted from their activities and soon were fast asleep in one another’s arms.


Larry stirred around 3 am and still had his arms wrapped around Helen, who was starting to wake up. He felt Dave’s arms wrapped around his chest. Without missing a beat, he reached down and lined up his cock with Helen’s pussy and slowly pushed it into her. He slowly began to fuck her in the spoon position. The gentle motion must have awoken Dave because Larry soon felt Dave reach to the bedside table for the lube. Next, he felt Dave’s fingers pushing lube into his ass. Finally, Dave slowly pushed his cock into Larry as he continued to fuck Helen.


“That’s it Dave, fuck my ass,” Larry whispered as he continued slowly sawing in and out of Helen’s pussy.


“Mmmmmmmm... that feels good,” a sleepy Helen moaned. With that, Larry started fucking her more quickly, which caused Dave to fuck Larry quicker too. Larry knew that he would soon cum and finally felt his cock start to spurt. Then he felt Dave’s cock erupt in his ass, as Dave cried out, “Sorry, Sir, I have to cum!”


“Helen, I want you to clean up my ass now. Dave, I want you to get your head down and clean up Helen’s pussy, but position yourself, so your cock is up by my face, I want to suck you.” Larry commanded. Helen and Dave moved to obey, wondering at how quickly and effortlessly they had slipped into their subservient roles to Larry.


The three of them were in a human triangle with Helen licking and sucking Larry’s ass, Larry sucking Dave’s cock and balls and Dave with his head buried in Helen’s pussy lapping up Larry’s cum. They all finished cleaning up each other and then got comfortable again in the bed.


Sunday morning, they all woke up a bit confused, bathed in the aromas of their early morning activities. They got up and grabbed a quick shower together. Larry quickly trimmed up both Helen’s and Dave’s groins and told them to keep them shaved for the next two weeks.


They dried off and then headed to the kitchen for a light breakfast – toast, and coffee. Larry then ordered them all back to his bedroom.


“Dave, lie down spread eagle on the bed,” Larry said as he approached and put a blindfold over Dave’s eyes and then secured him to the bed. Larry whispered in Dave’s ear so Helen couldn’t hear, “A buddy and I will now go fuck Helen, and if you are very quiet, you just might hear some of it.”


Larry took Helen to the living room just as there was a knock on the back door. Larry wrapped a blindfold around Helen’s eyes and said, “Stay seated. I will be back shortly.”


Helen was a bit apprehensive as she was sitting naked on the couch wearing a blindfold. She listened as Larry walked to the back door and opened it. She heard some whispering between Larry and the new person and then the door closed.


Larry had let in Tony, a guy he knew from the gym that was also bisexual. Larry was thankful that his friend was available on such short notice. Larry texted him last night to see if he might be up for some fun this morning.


“Tony, I want you to be quiet. I don’t want either one of these sluts to know who you are,” Larry softly said, leading the way back to the living room.


Tony gave Larry two thumbs up when he took in the beautiful sight of naked Helen sitting on the couch.


Larry said to Helen, “Listen up, slut. My friend and I are going to fuck you now. You can make as much noise as you want. Dave is tied up in the bedroom and cannot save you. But, we want to give Davey boy a great show, so you need to make some noise. Have you ever been double penetrated?”


“No, Master. I have never been double penetrated before. Until last night I’d never been in any type of threesome,” Helen responded, straining to hear anything from the mystery man in the room with her. The thought of someone seeing her naked and her not seeing him made her pussy throb a bit.


“Okay, man, let’s strip down and show this slut what a DP is all about. You take her pussy, and I’ll take her ass. Helen, I want you to stand up beside the couch. My friend is going to lay down on it, and then you can mount him. Once you have, I will then fuck your ass. I think you will enjoy this,” Larry said as he motioned for Tony to finish stripping and get on the couch. Once Tony was laying on the couch, Larry guided Helen to lay on top of him.


“Wow!” Helen exclaimed as she felt Tony’s large, fat cock pushing up at her. “This guy’s packing.”


“Yes, he is more than adequate,” laughed Larry as he started to position himself behind Helen, lining up his cock with her ass. He applied some lube to his cock and Helen’s ass and slowly started pushing in. Helen felt a bit of discomfort, but it passed quickly, and she felt full.


Slowly, the three of them worked out a rhythm. Helen was ecstatic, the feeling of getting DP’d was unlike anything she had ever felt before, it was amazing. As Larry began to pound her ass harder, the mystery man began to thrust hard into her pussy.


“Yes! Oh God, Yes! That feels so good. Fuck my slutty pussy hard. That’s it, Master, fuck my ass hard. I can feel both your cocks going at it right now in me. Do you both feel each other?” Helen exclaimed as the ride of her life continued.


“Fuck man! She’s got a nice pussy. And her tits are something else. When we are done, you have to let me titty fuck her!” Tony exclaimed.


“Sure thing. We’ll make her husband clean them up when you’re done.” Larry replied.


Before they both came, Larry fucked Helen’s ass hard, making her yell out. With a grunt, Larry came in her ass and then pulled out.


“Okay, Helen, get off him and lay down on the couch,” Larry commanded.


Helen got up and then Tony stood up. Helen laid back down on the couch and then Tony started to fuck her pussy again.


Larry whispered in Tony’s ear, “Fuck that pussy and cum in it to give hubby something to clean up.”


Tony nodded in agreement and fucked Helen’s pussy hard, finally starting to cum.  Larry told Helen to keep her legs tight together. He then scooped Helen up in his arms and carried her back to his bedroom.


“Well, Davey boy, did you hear that? Did you hear how two men just satisfied your wife? I fucked her ass while my friend fucked her pussy. I think she liked it,” Larry said walking into the bedroom carrying Helen.


'Did that happen or is Larry playing with me?' wondered Dave as he struggled to keep his emotions and erection in check.


Looking down at Dave’s body, Larry continued, “Oh, it looks like you did hear the good fucking we gave her, judging by how erect your cock is right now. You know what to do.” Larry said as he placed Helen down on top of Dave. “Dave, you better clean up her pussy and ass, they both got very messy with our cum.”


Dave pushed his head up and searched for Helen’s pussy and ass and found cum dripping from both. “He was telling the truth,” thought Dave as he began cleaning Helen up.


As he worked, he felt a body move onto the bed as it shifted. The next thing he felt, someone was picking up his legs and skootching up toward his cock. He felt some lube being applied to his ass and then a cock was pushed in. This one felt bigger than Larry’s, so it must be Larry’s friend, thought Dave. He began pushing his ass back against the fucking he was receiving while continuing to clean his wife’s ass and pussy.


Larry moved around and presented his cock to Helen and said, “Ok slut, you know what to do, suck my cock while your husband cleans you up and gets fucked. Oh, that’s nice. You can suck cock. Keep going, play with my balls. I’ll tell you when I’m close. I want to cum on your tits.” Larry told her to stop and sprayed her tits with his cum.


Tony gasped and finally came in Dave’s ass, causing Dave to erupt again with no one touching his cock.


“Okay, now I want to titty fuck this slut,” Tony said as he got up and pushed Dave away from Helen. He pushed Helen down on the bed and then straddled her chest. Using Larry’s cum as lubricant, he was soon fucking her tits hard and then felt his ass being licked and sucked. Looking down he saw that Dave had moved back and started in on him while Larry was behind Dave cleaning up his ass.


Tony finally came with a low growl and let loose several thick ropes of cum that coated Helen’s tits. Standing back to admire his handiwork, he said to Larry, “We should get a couple of pictures of this.”


Larry agreed and grabbed his phone and snapped a couple of pictures of Helen’s cum-coated tits. Larry then took Dave’s arm and sat him up on the bed, then moved him up to Helen and said, “Okay, Davey boy, time to clean your wife’s tits off. Both my friend and I coated them.”


Dave jumped to it and sucked Helen’s tits clean. Both he and Helen still had on their blindfolds.


“You two sluts stay here while I take my friend to the living room for a bit,” Larry said as he signaled for Tony to follow him.


When they got to the living room, Larry explained to Tony, “I want to keep these two in suspense a bit longer about who the mystery man is, so you should leave now. Don’t worry; you’ll get another chance at those two. They are hot as hell, aren’t they? We will all get back together before the two weeks with the sluts is up. Do not let on to Dave about this when you see him around the gym. The suspense will be a powerful motivator and keep Dave even hornier. Eventually, after we let Dave know, then you can use him like the bisexual sub he is.”


“Okay, just so long as you promise me I will get another crack at both of them together and get to use both of them properly. I would love to humiliate Dave in front of Helen. And, once you tell Dave who the mystery man is, I get to use him when I want,” Tony agreed walking to the door.


“Thanks for understanding, man. Playing with these two will be a lot of fun!” Larry replied closing the door. Larry made his way back to his bedroom.


“Okay, sluts, I think we have all had a lot of fun so far. I am going to let you leave, but you both must suck my cock again. When I cum, you have to keep some of it in your mouth until you get home and take a picture of it in your mouth at home and text it back to me,” Larry told Dave and Helen.


“Okay, Sir, give us your cock,” Dave and Helen both said.


Larry moved between them and said, “Sluts, have at it. See if you can pull another orgasm out of me.”


The two figured this would not be easy given how often Larry had cum during their visit. So, they alternated sucking his cock and playing with his balls. Finally, Dave figured perhaps massaging Larry’s prostate would help, so he inserted a finger deep into Larry’s ass until he found his prostate and started kneading it as he and Helen sucked Larry’s cock and balls. That seemed to do the trick, and Larry let out a roar as he came once again. Helen and Dave kept his cum in their mouth as Larry started talking to them,


“Okay, you two go home and talk about everything. Take a picture of your mouth with my cum in it once you get home and text it to me. You can then swallow it. Your clothes are in these bags. No, wait, you don’t get to put them on. I want you to drive home as you are. You can wear a towel out to your cars, but that is it. Once you get home, you cannot use the towel and must leave your cars naked. Hopefully, you can both park in your garage or one of you will be streaking. So, get going!”


Helen and Dave looked at each other, taking the towels that Larry offered and wrapping them around themselves. They quickly made their way out to their cars, got in and carefully drove back home - no sense in getting pulled over by the police.


Dave let Helen pull her car into the garage, and he parked on the driveway and steeled himself for a mad dash to the back door. Psyching himself up, he grabbed his bag of clothes and left the car walking as quickly as possible to the back of his house, knowing that Helen would open the door soon. She did, and they made their way to their kitchen. Dave grabbed his phone and motioned for Helen to smile and open wide, she did, showing off Larry’s cum in her mouth, and Dave snapped a pic. He gave his phone to Helen, and he then did the same. Taking his phone back he texted both photos to Larry after swallowing.


“Okay, honey, we need to talk. Let’s go up to our bedroom. Remember our son isn’t supposed to be back until later tonight, so we must remain naked. But just in case he comes home sooner we should be in our bedroom,” Helen said walking towards the staircase.


Dave followed, wondering what Helen thought of all that had happened so far. Dave knew he wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Seeing and being with Helen like that was the sexiest, most erotic thing he had ever experienced.

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