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Workout Buddies, Part 5: Things Continue To Develop

Helen and Dave begin to experience what Larry had in store for them

Thanks for checking my story out. Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. I enjoy receiving feedback. If you would like to be critical of the story, then please also consider providing suggestions on how it could be improved. There is a bit more exposition in this chapter as it provides a bit of an explanation of how Dave came to be the way he is and what caused him to not tell Helen about his bisexual desires. If you like my stories, consider following or friending me here. I promise I don't bite unless I'm asked!

Walking back into their master bedroom from the bathroom, he looked over to see Helen lying on the bed with her back up against the headboard.

“You really shocked me last night when you sucked Larry’s cock!” Helen started.

“I imagine so. But, are we good?”

Turning her head to the side, Helen watched Dave for a bit before responding. “I think we will be.”

Dave’s face took on a very relieved expression as he opened his mouth to speak when Helen put a finger to his lips.

“But, wait until I’ve said my piece. Obviously, we have some trust and communication issues. Neither one of us felt comfortable enough to confide in the other about things. You about your desires and me about mine. So, I think we can be good if we both want to remain married. I do. I love you. What about you?” she asked, pulling her finger down his lips, and down under his chin.

Dave looked deeply into Helen’s beautiful brown eyes and said, “Helen, I do and always have loved you and want nothing more than for us to remain married and grow old together.”

“Good answer. Now, we need to address our communication and trust issues. First, let me say that there is nothing you say or do that would make me want to not remain married to you, unless you told me you would not be happy being with me. Then, I’d be forced to let you go, because your happiness means more to me than my own.”

Dave’s face suddenly paled as he responded, “Honey, no! Not at all. I would not be happier without you. I am happiest with you. Only you!”

“Baby, I believe you. But, if that ever changes, we each have to agree that we will tell the other.”

“Of course!” Dave replied, holding her hands in his own and kissing her deeply.

“Okay, now that is settled. We must discuss all of our desires, especially those we never told the other. I’ll start. I don’t know why, but for some time now I have had a fantasy of watching you suck a guy’s cock. To be more specific, a guy with a larger cock, who manhandles you and orders you around. He makes you suck his cock and cums in your mouth, ordering you to swallow his seed. Further, in my fantasies, this guy would push himself on you and I’d watch him fuck your ass while you were helpless to do anything about it and you enjoyed it. I can’t tell you how many powerful orgasms I've had thinking about seeing that.”

“Wow! That is incredible,” Dave replied. “So, how did you feel getting to watch your fantasy play out last night?”

“It was everything I imagined and more. It was more than I imagined because it was real. I never thought my big, strong husband would suck a cock or so meekly accept being fucked. Hell, we have never played any games in bed that made me even suspect that those might be things you would enjoy. Why didn’t you ever even hint that you might be interested in doing something like that?”

Dave stared at Helen for a few moments before responding, “Well, I did my absolute best to put my college years behind me and focus on being with you and only you. I never wanted to do anything that might remind me of those times and I never wanted to discuss the things I did in college with you. So, I steered far clear of anything that was even remotely close to those things.”

“Baby, I get that you avoided the topic and didn’t want to discuss your past. But why?”

“I… I was ashamed. I thought if you knew what I did before we met and that I am bisexual, you’d never look at me the same way again and would always wonder if I’d run off with a guy and leave you. I know what society thinks about bisexual guys. It isn’t pretty. A lot of folks, both straight and gay, think bisexual guys are kidding themselves and are gay. I never wanted to face that with you.”

“What? Wait a minute, buster. Let me get this straight. You left out telling me about a whole part of yourself just because of what society thinks? That makes little sense if we were truly going to be life partners,” Helen stated, looking questioningly at Dave.

“I know that now. But then? I was confused, scared, and madly in love with you. I only saw our relationship in terms of the traditional man and wife relationship. I didn’t want to lose you. And I thought we could build a life together and I would never be with a guy again.”

“But you could have told me. You just heard that my fantasy plays right into yours. I wanted to watch you suck a cock and get fucked!” Helen exclaimed; a tad exasperated.

“Yes, I know that now. But you never even hinted at that fantasy when we first met, nor over the years we spent together talking about the things we thought were sexy. I tried to hint about watching bisexual male porn, but you always shot it down. I couldn’t take the risk of telling you straight out. Besides, you completed me, and it never would have come up except I lost that stupid bet with Larry.”

“Well, I shot down watching bisexual male porn because I didn’t want you to know how worked up it made me. I guess I can understand your fear, and honestly, I don’t know how I would have reacted back then if you had told me that you were bisexual. We didn’t really know one another that well. But I think you are wrong on one thing. You said it would never have come up except for the bet with Larry. Larry said he caught you checking out his cock in the showers. If that is true, it seems you still are attracted to men even though you married me.”

Casting his eyes down and his cheeks flaming red in shame, Dave replied, “Hmmm. Yep, that is true. I guess I still check out hot guys.”

“Hmmm. I bet you also still watch porn that shows men going at it too!”

Dave’s face blushed an even brighter shade of red.

“I knew it!” Helen roared. “You’ve been watching bisexual or gay porn while we have been married! Admit it!”

“Yes, I did and do watch bisexual and gay porn. It really turns me on. I probably jack-off watching that type of porn once or twice a week,” Dave replied, casting his eyes down at the floor.

“Oh no mister, look me in the eyes as we discuss this!” Helen said pulling his chin up. “That’s better. There is nothing for you to be embarrassed about, except, perhaps, your delay in telling me these things about you. Again, you failed to consider that I might want to watch bisexual and gay porn with you. Watching two guys go at it is so hot. Who knows, you might have turned me on, and we could have discussed things and figured out how to work another guy into our sexy times from time to time. If I knew you loved me and would not leave me for anyone else, we could have probably been able to figure something out. But what do you mean you jack-off once or twice a week watching porn? Why? Aren’t I enough?”

“Yes. Yes, you are more than enough. More than any man could hope to have. But, as you surmised, I am still attracted to men. So, I watch porn and jack-off and that has satisfied my urges in that regard. I never told you because I was very embarrassed by the whole thing and didn’t want you to think less of me,” Dave said and then stared deeply into Helen’s eyes before continuing.

“Honey, I apologize for not trusting you enough to be honest. I am sorry that I didn’t see things like I do now and tell you earlier. If you decide you can’t stand the sight of me and want a divorce, I won’t fight it and we can split everything down the middle and you can stay in the house until Sam finishes high school and goes off to college.”

“Divorce! Oh, no way, mister! We said until death do us part and I will hold you to that. There will be no divorce. Absolutely not! But we have to be more open and honest with each other from now on. We don’t have to tell the kids, but we need to be fully honest with one another. Do you understand me?”

“Y-e-s… Yes, I do,” Dave replied, pulling Helen in for a deep kiss. Helen’s body sunk into his and her tongue darted past Dave’s lips and sought his out. They enjoyed a deep French kiss.

“Now, I want you to tell me everything you like about guys, what you don’t like and what you are thinking,” Helen commanded as she pulled Dave upstairs to their bed. Walking through the house, Helen began to remove Dave’s clothing as they went. Once in the bedroom, Dave was down to his pants and shoes and quickly chucked off his shoes and undid his pants and dropped them on the floor. Helen was busy too, removing her clothing until she was standing there in a bra and a thong.

Dave reached out and undid the clasp on Helen’s bra and watched in delight as her breasts swung free. He couldn’t help himself and gave each nipple a quick lick and was rewarded by moans from Helen. Dave then quickly peeled off Helen’s thong until she was standing there naked. Helen reached out and pulled down Dave’s boxers, allowing his hard cock to spring free. She slowly stroked his cock a couple of times and used it to pull Dave into bed on top of her.

“Well, I like big, masculine guys. They don’t have to be all muscle-bound, but well put together and solid is fine with me.  I don’t particularly go for effeminate acting or looking guys. I guess I like manly men. I like cocks that are thick and six inches or bigger, and especially enjoy seeing big, low hanging balls on a guy.  Imagining getting to play with a hefty set of balls while I suck a nice cock really gets me going.”

“Oh, it does, does it?” Helen asked as she continued stroking his cock. “I like your description of the guys you find attractive. I find those types attractive too. But I also find you attractive, and don’t forget that!” Helen said, poking a finger into Dave’s chest to emphasize her point.

“I won’t!” Dave promised as he gazed at Helen as she continued stroking his cock with her fingernails.

“And… and I like to imagine a guy dominating me. I do not understand why, but the thought of it can turn me on like nothing else, except you.” Dave finished, watching Helen’s face intently to gauge her reaction to this last bit.

“Well, we are both Larry’s cocksluts for the next two weeks. It would appear you and I will get to live out our fantasies. Are you sure you can handle that? Can you handle seeing me suck Larry’s cock and do anything he tells me to do?” Helen asked, tracing her finger slowly across Dave’s chest.

“Yes. I can definitely handle that.” Dave replied, slowly kissing the nape of Helen’s neck.

“Why is that? Have you had naughty thoughts about me?” Helen asked with a knowing smirk.

“Yes. Yes, I have. I’ve imagined you giving guys blow jobs in front of me, forcing me to suck their cocks with you, making me watch you get fucked and then forcing me to clean up your pussy afterwards,” a slightly embarrassed Dave whispered in Helen’s ear.

“Oh, you naughty boy! I love it! See, being honest with each other will be good for us. Now, I suppose it would upset some women to hear that, but I’m not. I already told you about my fantasy. So, the fantasies you just shared make me more convinced that we belong together. We complement one another. So, for the next two weeks, we will live out both of our fantasies. But I want to be sure you will be okay with that no matter what each of us does. You won’t want to divorce me after I have sex with Larry and anyone else he tells me to have sex with, will you?”

“Oh god, no, Helen!” Dave responded, moving up to look deeply into Helen’s eyes. “I think it would be beyond sexy to get to watch you do those things. I just hope you don’t think less of me because I get so turned on thinking about that happening.”

Helen slowly traced her hand down to Dave’s hard cock and stroked it a few times. “Yes, I can tell what an effect this might have on you. Would you enjoy watching me and taking part in fucking Larry?” Helen asked as she stroked Dave’s cock more firmly and used her other hand to cup his balls.

Dave just groaned in response and Helen quickly backed off.

“Hey, why did you stop?” Dave asked.

“Well, I don’t want you shooting off just yet. I want to edge you while you tell me the story of your college days, okay?”

“Well, okay, I promised to tell you everything. I guess you’re right, we need to ask Larry too before we can have an orgasm.”

“Okay, then I’m just going to stroke your cock slowly and fondle your balls while you tell your story. If it gets me hot enough, I will let you get your phone and text Larry for his permission to allow both of us to orgasm. Deal?”

“Deal!” Dave responded as he shifted to lay back with upper body supported by the headboard and his cock sticking rigidly up out of his lap while Helen lay beside him and gently stroked it.

Looking away from Helen, Dave began, “It all started one night after my freshman roommate, Steve, and I went out drinking and looking for girls. Now, Steve was a big guy, six-feet-two and a solid two-hundred-and-twenty pounds, with well-defined muscles. At that point, I was five-ten and weighed about one-hundred-and-eighty-five pounds and was in decent shape. We didn’t hook up with anyone while we were out at the parties. When we got back to our room, Steve suggested we watch some porn. Little did I know that Steve had been looking for an opportunity to test things on me. I think Steve picked up on my submissive side and was looking to see how far he could get me to go."

"Anyway, we started watching straight porn, then moved to male-male-female threesomes, and finally to dominant-submissive male-male-female and male-male scenes that Steve selected. Now remember, by this point we were both drunk and worked up. I looked over and saw that Steve had pulled his cock out of his pants and was jacking off. His cock was big, at least eight inches and thick. I couldn’t help but stare. He caught me, smiled and told me to pull my cock out too since I probably needed some relief too. Before I knew it, I had my cock out and was jacking off right along with Steve as we watched the porn scenes."

"Steve came gobs all over his cock and balls. When I saw that, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Steve noticed right away and started suggesting I come take a closer look. I hesitated, but after a little more coaxing, I made my way over to him. Steve then suggested I touch his cock. I hesitantly reached a hand out and lightly touched his cock. He laughed and said, touch it like it is your own. I grasped it more firmly and felt how wet and slick his cum felt coating it. He moaned a bit and then encouraged me to touch his balls. As if in a trance, I reached out with my other hand and slowly caressed his balls. They were nice and big, like eggs, and felt good in my hand. Steve moaned a bit more and pushed my head down. With minimal hesitation, I felt my head going along down towards his cock. Steve then whispered, 'Taste my cum.'”

"His cum-covered cock and balls transfixed me. I couldn’t help myself and my tongue darted out and licked from the base of his balls up to the tip of his cock. Doing so, I licked a bit of his cum into my mouth and found I liked it. So, I licked more up off his shaft. Before long I was sucking Steve’s big balls, delighted at how soft and warm they felt in my mouth, and Steve was moaning in pleasure. He encouraged me to lick his cock and balls clean and I did, listening to his continued moans of pleasure. He egged me on, calling me his cocksucker and telling me to suck that cock, the entire time. I felt funny, but good. I had enjoyed it but was a bit ashamed of myself for that."

"Then Steve asked if I wanted more to clean up, and I told him I did. He told me to suck his cock and get it straight from the spigot. At first, I tentatively sucked on his cock, sliding the tip into my mouth. But feeling his warm, pulsing cock in my mouth got me so worked up that I ended up making love to his cock with my mouth and tongue. Steve grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock deep into my mouth and came again. I swallowed it all. Looking up I finally noticed that he was smiling down at me and then pointed over to his shelves where the light on his video camera was glowing red."

"Steve looked down at me and said," "Okay cocksucker from now on you will do what I want when I want. If we are in this room together, you will be naked and suck my cock when I tell you. If you don’t then everyone on campus will see that tape and know that you are a cock sucker. That will probably hurt your chances of finding any women and may make your college years very difficult. Yes, you could change schools, but I’ll figure out where you go and make sure the tape shows up there. So, you really have no choice. From now on you are my cocksucker, got it?'”

"Steve was a lot bigger and stronger than me, I knew I had no chance of grabbing the tape out of his video camera and escaping our room. He could easily beat me up. So, looking up at Steve, I said, 'Yes.'”

"‘Yes, what?’ Steve asked me"

"Puzzled a bit, I thought and then replied, ‘Yes, sir?’"

"‘That’s right. From now on, when we are alone together, you will refer to me as Sir or Master.’ Steve confirmed."

“That night Steve made me suck him off twice. He then made me jack off and clean up my cum while he continued to tape me.”

“The next night started the same, except when I got into our room, Steve made me strip naked and sit on the floor under his desk and suck his cock. Steve told me to get up and lean against the bed on my hands. I did, knowing where this was likely to lead, and the next thing I felt was cool liquid hitting my ass crack. Steve slowly worked it down the crack of my ass and pushed it into my ass.  He had lubed up his cock and then slowly pushed it into my ass. He wasn’t gentle. When I cried out, he grabbed my underwear and pushed it into my mouth to keep me quiet. He fucked me twice that night. ‘Breaking me in’ as he put it. He bred my ass like there was no tomorrow.  The next day I felt I was walking funny because my ass was so sore from the pounding he gave me. The rest of that week was fairly normal, and we did normal roommate things. But that weekend, he again became Sir and had me strip and then fucked my mouth and ass several times. All the while he taped what we did.  After that weekend, he became bolder and had me meet him in bathroom stalls around campus for quickie blow jobs throughout the day."

“Things continued along those lines with Steve for the rest of our college career. We each dated girls too and he let nothing slip in front of anyone else. Once or twice we were almost caught, but luckily got away with no one at college figuring things out. So, after college, he moved out West for a job and I stayed in the Midwest for a job at the company I work at now. A couple of years later, I met you and the rest you already know."

“To answer your unspoken question, no. Other than Steve, and now Larry, I have not been with any other guys, and no one else since we were married.  Once I got out of college, I turned my back on that side of myself and only dated women. As you know, we met a few years later. After a bit I knew you were the one with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life.” Dave finished, brushing Helen’s hair away from her face looking deeply into her eyes.

Sitting up, Helen said, “Now, why don't you lick my pussy while I tell you what I think?” Helen spread her legs and propped herself up against the headboard. Dave eagerly dove in and started licking.

‘Well, he obviously still likes pussy,’ Helen thought to herself as she contemplated their new arrangement.

“Okay, I think we will be fine. We agree that we will stay together because we love one another and want to be with each other. We trust one another, except for this part about these certain sexual fantasies. We will play along with Larry's game. It is only for two weeks and so far, it has been fun. I really enjoyed watching you suck cock, that really is just so hot. You liked that, didn't you?” Helen asked.

“Mmm-huh,” Dave moaned affirmatively, still licking Helen’s pussy.

“So, what else has your nasty little mind been thinking Dave?” Helen asked.

Dave had no choice but to stop licking her pussy so he could respond, “Well, I get hard just thinking about you with three guys—me being one of them. Watching you tonight with Larry was the most erotic thing I ever saw.  I want to suck cock with you and suck your pussy clean after Larry cums in it. Also, I want you to admit you are submissive too. You always liked it when I was assertive in the bedroom and spanked you. I could tell tonight that being cuffed turned you on.”

“Yeah, you're right, I am a submissive little slut. No, I am your submissive little slut. So, we will play this out and see where it goes.  In the meantime, I am serious, I love you and I want to experience all of this with you. If that means Larry gets to take a dominant position to both of us, so be it. So far he appears to be a good guy and it should be fun.  Besides, if things get too crazy, we can always just stop right?”

“Yeah, sure, we can always stop,” Dave agreed.

Dave reached over to their nightstand and grabbed his phone.

“What are you doing, honey?” Helen asked.

“Well, I don't know about you, but I really want to cum, so I was texting Larry to ask permission.”

"Okay, ask for me too then. I really could use a good orgasm or two."

Dave quickly typed out his request to Larry, ‘Helen and I are laying naked in bed together. We both need to cum. Do we have your permission to cum tonight?’ Dave hit send. 

The electronic beep let him know his text was sent, and he watched as the bubble appeared showing Larry was composing a response.

‘Yes, you can both cum tonight as many times as you want, but you have to take a picture of each of you cumming. Also, you need to send me those pictures before work tomorrow morning,’ Larry’s response said.

Dave read the text to Helen.

“Tell him we will,” Helen said.

“Okay, you sure?” Dave asked.

“Yes, I really need to cum.”

Dave quickly typed, “Yes, Sir” and hit send. 

“Okay, come here, I think I can make you cum now since you are so desperate,” Dave said, pulling Helen up.

Dave dove into Helen’s pussy, lapping at her clit and sending shivers down her spine.  With all the thoughts of their recent activities spinning in her head, it didn't take Helen long at all before she started to moan, and with more effort from Dave and his wonderful tongue flicking her clit, she was screaming out in ecstasy. At that moment, Dave stopped and grabbed his phone and snapped a couple of pics of Helen.

“Okay, now your turn, lay down and I'll suck your cock,” Helen told him.

Dave did and Helen quickly engulfed his cock into her mouth, sucking and licking for all she was worth. Dave didn't last long and soon was signaling to Helen that he was about to cum.  She backed off, grabbed his phone and snapped pics as his cock erupted. She then bent over and licked his cock clean and moved up his body and gave him a kiss, sharing some of his own cum with him.

“Now, I need you in me. Fuck me Dave, fuck me now!” Helen commanded as she flipped over presenting her backside to him so he could fuck her doggy style, one of her favorite positions.

Dave was so crazed with lust he soon reached the point of no return and pumped Helen’s pussy full of another load of cum.

“Oops! We forgot to get a picture of that one!” Helen sighed, coming down off her orgasm.

Dave grabbed his phone and said, “Helen, lay back and spread her legs and hold your pussy lips open.”

She did and he could see his cum oozing out of her her pussy.  He snapped a couple of pics and then dove in to clean her up. He sucked and licked her pussy clean and she had another orgasm. He grabbed the phone and snapped a pic of her pussy and one of the look of pleasure on her face.

It surprised Dave when Helen said, “Now I need to fuck you.” 

Helen got up and went into the bathroom. When she returned, she was wearing a strap-on, purple dildo, about 7-inches long and of a medium girth.  She lubed it up and told Dave to get into the doggy position on their bed.  Dave quickly complied and Helen slowly worked her cock into Dave's ass.  She waited a bit and once Dave’s ass adjusted to it, she began slowly fucking his ass with her strap-on.  She went slowly at first, but quickly got carried away and started slamming into Dave's ass.  Dave loved every minute as she kept hitting his prostate. 

Dave was so into it, he kept urging Helen on, “That’s it baby, fuck your guy! Fuck me! Come on baby, fuck your man slut! Ram my ass hard! Make me cum! Baby, I’m almost there, keep going…..FUCK! I’m going to cum!”

Helen grabbed the phone and told Dave to look at her. He did and smiled and she snapped a pic showing her fucking his ass and his face-arm’s length, side selfie. She switched the phone over to video recording mode and just kept taping as she pounded away on Dave’s ass and captured the look of ecstasy on his face as he began to cum.  Helen switched the phone back to photo mode and moved it to capture a side shot showing his erect cock, his ass getting stuffed and the cum exploding out of his cock.

“Okay, cocksucker you know what to do.” Helen stated when his orgasm ended, “Clean up your mess.” 

Dave moved his head down the bed and licked up the cum he had shot all over the sheets, then turned around and again cleaned up Helen’s pussy.  After, they were both spent and lay down cuddling each other and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, they went through the normal morning routine. After eating a quick bite for breakfast, Helen kissed Dave and said, “I have to hurry into work because I have a call at 8am. Now remember, you have to send those pics to Larry this morning. Do it before you go into work." Helen then turned and walked out the door.

Dave pulled out his phone and started going through the pics they had taken last night. He selected the best ones of their orgasms and quickly texted them over to Larry along with a brief note. 'Here you go, Sir! As commanded, photos of our orgasms from last night.'

When Larry got Dave's text he was just finishing cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast. He stopped for a second to look through all the photos Dave had sent and a smile slowly crossed his face.

‘This will be a lot of fun!’ Larry thought as he saved a couple of the pics to his phone's memory for easy access. Larry gave a quick thought to how he might use these pics to further enhance the fun times with Dave and Helen. He finally had an idea and figured he might get the chance to try it that week depending on how things went.


Larry Visits Dave At Work

Monday afternoon Larry swung by Dave’s office. Dave came out to get him.

“Hey Larry, you didn’t tell me you would be stopping by. I’d have waited for a late lunch with you if I had known.”

“No problem buddy, but I am on my lunch break, so let’s go back to your office so we can discuss things.”

“Sure thing Larry, just this way.” Dave said, walking back towards his office with Larry.

Dave continued walking to his desk and sat down, and Larry closed and locked the door. Turning back to Dave, he said, “Strip now, slut!”

“Larry, this is where I work, we can’t do this here.” Dave replied, remaining seated.

“Dave, don’t make this hard on yourself.”

“Larry, we can’t do anything here, I work here and don’t want to lose my job.” Dave stated.

“Look cocksucker, you agreed to be my cockslut whenever and however I said. Your office door is closed and locked. The longer you take to strip and take care of me, the longer folks will wonder what we are doing in here. Also, the more I must punish you. Now, strip, and get on your knees right here. You need to suck my cock now!” Larry demanded, standing by the side of Dave’s desk.

“Okay. Okay.” Dave replied as he started peeling off his clothes. He dropped them on his chair and moved around to the side of the desk. Once he was in front of Larry, he dropped to his knees and reached for Larry’s fly.

“Wait, a second cockslut. You need to ask my permission before you touch my cock.” Larry stated.

“Sir, may I please suck your cock?” Dave asked.

“Are you sure you want to, Davey? I wouldn’t want to impose.” Larry replied, smiling down at Dave on his knees.

“Please Sir, let me suck your cock!” Dave said louder.

“Okay, but when I tell you to stop, you stop.” Larry said motioning for Dave to get to it.

Dave reached out, unzipped Larry’s fly and fished out his growing cock. Dave then sucked the head into his mouth and began making love to it.  Before too long, Larry tapped him on the head and said, “Now stand up and lean against your desk.”

Figuring that he was in enough trouble already, Dave didn’t protest, knowing that Larry intended to fuck him in his own office.

Dave turned around and leant on his desk, holding himself up on his elbows. He felt Larry apply some lube to his asshole. But, without even prepping his ass to ensure it could accommodate his cock, Larry quickly thrust his cock deep into Dave’s not-quite-ready asshole.

“Ow!” Dave exclaimed as Larry fucked Dave’s ass hard and deep. “Man, that hurts, slow down a bit” Dave requested.

“No, this is part of your punishment. I can be kind when we fuck, but if you don’t follow the rules, I won’t be. Just be glad that I still used lube.” Larry replied, continuing to push his cock in and out of Dave’s ass.

Both Dave and Larry really got into it and Larry knew that Dave was just about ready to cum. He leaned close to Dave’s ear and whispered, “Dave, I want you to cum all over your nice clean desk. Now!”

That did it for Dave and he came in buckets all over his desk. Larry couldn’t help himself and came deep in Dave’s ass.

“Okay slut, I want you to lick up your mess there.” Larry said pointing to Dave’s desk.

Dave quickly moved to comply, bending down over his desk and sucking up all his cum.

“Good boy, Davey! Now for the last bit of punishment, get dressed.” Larry said.

“But Larry, your cum is in my ass, and I am not wearing any underwear. If I get dressed, your cum will run out and ruin my pants and everyone will see something is wrong when I walk around the office.” Dave stated softly while looking at his clothing.

“Okay, never say I did nothing for you,” Larry said as he handed Dave a maxipad from his coat pocket. “Put this in your pants right under your ass. It will sop up any cum that leaks out of your ass. But you will need to keep it in place or you will have a wet spot on your pants. You should keep some of these in your work bag just in case you need them. And you will need them. This is to help remind you about our agreement. Understand? Now, get dressed.”

Dave did as Larry said and was soon dressed. The maxipad was awkward, but he soon figured out how to hold his ass to keep it firmly planted under his bum. He really didn’t want any leakage to occur.

“Okay, I’ll show myself out. Is it just you and Helen at home tonight for a bit?” Larry asked zipping up his fly.

“Um. Yes. Our son, Sam, has practice and his study group so he’s out until about 10 pm tonight.” Dave replied.

“Good. Very good. Then I will see both of my cocksluts tonight at 6 pm. Be sure to greet me properly. Okay?” with that Larry walked out Dave’s door and winked at Dave’s admin as he walked by.

Dave quickly grabbed his phone and texted Helen about Dave’s visit to his office and his plan to see them tonight at 6 pm.

Helen’s response came back fairly quickly, “You little slut! You sucked him and let him fuck you in your office! You have never fucked me in your office! I will have to think of a suitable punishment for you. Love, Helen.”


Larry’s Monday Night Visit to Helen’s and Dave’s House

Right at 6 pm, Larry knocked on Helen and Dave’s front door. They opened the door for him stark naked on their knees, as instructed.

Larry made both of them undress him and then suck his cock for a bit, still on their knees. Larry enjoyed the attention but didn’t let them finish. Looking down at the couple, Larry commanded, “Take me to your bedroom so we can get this party started.”

Larry motioned for them both to stand, he gave his overnight bag to Dave and they lead him upstairs and down the hallway towards their master-bedroom at the end of the hall. Walking in, Larry notices the king-sized bed and the easy chair sitting off to the side.

“Dave, go sit on the easy chair.” Larry instructed Dave. Before sitting down, Dave set Larry’s bag down next to the chair.

Larry walked over to the chair and reached down to his bag and brought out some zip ties. “Dave, hold your hands out in front of you.”

Dave did as Larry commanded and Larry quickly bound Dave’s hands together with one of the zip ties. Larry reached back into the bag and came out with two clothespins. He bent over in front of Dave and showed them to him, smiling.

“Buddy, you will love the feeling of these!” Larry said showing the clothespins off to Dave.

“Sir, where are you going to put those?” Dave asked as his eyes widened in apprehension.

“Don’t worry buddy, I’ll put them right here so you can see them, but don’t touch them!” Larry said as he clamped one on each of Dave’s nipples.

A sharp moan of pain and pleasure escaped Dave’s mouth as the clothespins dug into his sensitive nipples. Larry reached back into his bag and pulled out a rubber ring.

Looking at it, Dave asked, “Sir, what is that?”

“Well, Davey, this is a cock ring. I will put it on you to delay your orgasm tonight. Having on a cock ring makes it much more difficult to cum. This way, you should last longer than this past weekend. Have you ever worn one?”

“Uh, no, Sir, I have never worn one.” Dave replied staring at the round piece of rubber and trying to figure out how it would go on his cock.

Larry reached down and pushed Dave’s cock through the cock ring. He pushed it down until it came to Dave’s balls.  Then Larry slowly pulled on the rubber ring and squeezed Dave’s balls so that the ring end up behind his balls and over top of his cock. Dave thought it felt snug on his cock.

“How does that feel slut? It should be snug. Not tight or it might cut off your circulation.”

“It feels snug. The rubber gives so it isn’t too tight.  It almost feels like a compression shirt on my cock,” Dave replied.

“Good. That should help keep your attention then!” Larry said as he slapped Dave’s balls and while bending down and rummaging around in the bag again. This time he pulled out a length of rope. He made his way over to the bed and instructed Helen to stretch out with her arms and legs in the form of an ‘X’ and her head near the footboard.  When she did, Larry used the rope to secure her arms and legs to the bed frame.

Larry slowly dragged his fingertips up and down Helen’s naked body, teasing her a bit. He lightly grazed her pussy and then bent down to blow across her clit. He could tell his attention was having an effect as dew drops of moisture appeared along Helen’s pussy.

“It looks like you are getting worked up. Here, I’ll give you something else to focus on.” Larry soothingly murmured to Helen. He stepped back and reached into his bag again, taking out two more clothes pins. He approached Helen and slowly placed one on each of her nipples.  Helen let out a small yelp when those bit into her nipples.

“Oh, where are my manners?” Larry laughed as he slowly teased the outside of Helen’s pussy, causing her to moan.

“Now Davey, watch what I do to Helen and what she does to me. You just might have a test on this later!” Larry said and laughed again.

With that he pulled his bag up onto the bed, pulling out a large butt plug and a bottle of lube. Dave watched fascinated as Larry lubed up the butt plug and then moved around by Helen’s legs.  Larry squirted some lube on his hand and then slowly moved it into Helen’s ass, pushing some into her hole, eliciting more moans when he allowed his fingers to follow. Larry pushed a finger in and slid it around, and then another. Helen was moaning loudly now and Larry kept massaging her hole with his fingers. Finally, he pushed another finger in along with his thumb and pushed them outward against her ring so she would loosen up. Shortly Helen’s ass was loosened sufficiently. Larry took the butt plug and slid it into Helen’s ass.  When Larry pushed the last bit of the butt plug past her ring, Helen let out a deep moan.

Larry then got up and walked over to Dave and said, “You know what to do cocksucker,” as he thrust his cock into his friend’s face. Dave dove onto Larry’s cock and got it wet and slippery. When Larry thought it was lubricated enough, he pulled away and walked back to Helen.

“See Helen, your Hubby was nice enough to get my cock all wet so I can enter you with no problem.” Larry said as he pushed his cock into Helen’s sopping wet pussy. Between Larry’s large cock in her pussy and the big butt plug in her ass, Helen felt very full. But she also felt wildly excited.  After only several thrusts from Larry’s cock, Helen had a large orgasm which shook her body and lubed Larry’s cock even more. 

Larry felt Helen’s orgasm and said, “Dave, your wife is such a slut. She just came after I pumped her a couple of times. I bet she can’t wait for me to fuck both of her holes tonight? Can you?,” he finished turning to Helen.

“Please fuck me, Sir. I need to cum. That feels so good.” Helen responded.

Larry began fucking her harder. Finally, he worked up to a pounding, thrusting motion that rocked Helen back and forth on the bed.

“Okay, slut, I am about to cum. Are you ready? I want you to tell Dave he cannot cum watching this. If he does, I will punish you.”

Helen turned to Dave and said, “You heard him honey, you can’t cum. Even though he is letting me cum. If you do, he will punish me. Remember, this is what you wanted. So be a good boy and obey our Master.”

“Now tell him what it feels like.” Larry quietly stated while he continued sawing his cock in and out of Helen’s pussy.

“Honey, I am so full. His cock is so big, and it is just filling my pussy up. The butt plug makes my ass feel so good. Oh god, I am going to cum, Sir.”

“Tell Davey how this compares to the last time he fucked you before all this started.” Larry replied.

“Oh god, Sir. I have to cum”

“Then tell Davey now. You know he wants to hear you say it. Did he make you feel like a total slut that is begging to be allowed to cum?”

“No, I’m so sorry Dave. I love you, but the last time we made love, you did not have me on the edge like Larry does right now. His cock is hitting all the right spots, and he nudges the butt plug now and then too so it keeps my ass tingling. God, it feels to fucking good. Please, Sir, let me cum!” Helen begged.

“Then cum!” Larry said, making a final thrust deep into Helen’s pussy. Larry relaxed. His cock softened, and he slowly pulled out of Helen’s pussy. Larry walked over to Dave and pushed his soft cock into Dave’s face.

“You know what to do, cocksucker. Clean my cock up. Be sure to get all of Helen’s pussy juice off my cock and balls. See how she tastes when she gets excited? I bet you are about to cum.” Larry said as Dave eagerly sucked his cock clean, relishing the taste of the combined juices from Larry and Helen.

Larry looked down and noticed that Dave’s cock was covered in cum after having watched Larry fuck his wife. ‘Well, someone will need to be punished,’ Larry thought.

“Now, cocksluts, I think we need to have more fun. Dave, come over to the bed and get on top of Helen. Now Helen, when he is in position, I want you to feed Dave my cum from your pussy. Push it all out into his mouth and watch him eat it.”

“Dave, I want your ass held high above Helen’s head, because while you are sucking my cum out of your wife’s pussy, I will be depositing more up your ass. Don’t worry, I took a little blue pill before I got here to make sure you both would have enough of my cock. So, Helen, you will get to work on getting his ass ready for me to fuck too.”

Helen got to work sucking, spitting, licking and rimming her husband’s ass to make sure it would be lubricated enough to take Larry’s big cock. After a bit, Larry pushed Helen’s head out of the way and pushed his cock right up against Dave’s brown rosebud.

“Now Dave, I want you to lap up my cum from your wife’s pussy and Helen, make sure you push all of it into his mouth now.” As Larry said that, he pushed his cock into Dave’s ass in one quick push. Looking in the mirror to the side of the bed, Larry watched Dave’s eyes grow large as he tried to keep focused on sucking up the cum flowing out of Helen’s pussy as his ass was quickly stretched with Larry’s cock.

“Helen, I want you to lick and suck my balls. It might take a bit to get me to nut again and your husband would probably appreciate it if I didn’t fuck him forever. But that would be okay with me. His ass is so tight. Have you ever fucked him?”

“Yes, Sir, I fucked Dave last night with my new strap-on for the first time.” Helen replied as she shifted on the bed to comply.

“Hmm. Well, that’s good. I think you will get a lot more chances to fuck him with that. You will do so again as punishment for cumming while I fucked you earlier.” Larry whispered in her ear as she raised her head closer.

“Okay Larry, I’ll fuck Dave again tomorrow night. Let me know if you have any special requests for that fuck,” Helen replied while moving around.

“I want you to restrain him and fuck him doggy style, then make him suck your strap-on clean. You can tell him to make sure he cleans his ass out extra well for tomorrow night,” Larry whispered back.

Helen began licking and sucking Larry’s balls as he continued to fuck her husband. It amazed Helen what they were doing and how sexually charged it made her feel. She got a heady sexual rush watching Dave get fucked. So, while licking and sucking Larry’s balls she kept watching his cock move in and out of Dave’s ass.  She also noted how hard Dave’s cock was through all this.  She couldn’t recall the last time she saw Dave’s cock this hard. He must really enjoy this, Helen thought. “That’s good, because I really enjoy it too. Who knows, maybe he’ll let me fuck him regularly too?”

With a long groan and gasp, Larry came in Dave’s ass. He positioned Dave up on all fours with his head pointing back towards the chair. After untying Helen’s arms and legs and then tying her arms behind her back, Larry told her, “Helen, get up and go over to the easy chair. I want you to brace yourself against the chair and push your ass back towards the bed.”

Helen complied with a bit of difficulty, with her arms bound. She found if she placed her head down on the chair cushion she could keep her butt thrust back towards the bed.

“Very good, slut,” Larry said approaching. “Now, remind me what I told Dave earlier when he was sitting out his chair?”

“Sir, you told him not to cum.”

“And did he cum watching me fuck you?”

“Yes, Sir, he did. I saw his cock spurt while you were fucking me.”

“I did too. And what did I tell Dave would happen if he came?”

“You said you would punish me, Sir.”

“That’s right, I did. Okay, slut. Hold on. Dave, I want you to count these out for me. She gets ten swats to her ass. Helen, you get to choose, should I use my belt or my hand?”

Helen replied, “Whichever you like, Sir. We are here to serve you.”

“Very good! You are a quick learner and I like that. So, I will only use my hand this time. Okay, Dave, get ready to count.”

Larry let his large hand slap down satisfyingly on Helen’s almost perfect ass.

“One,” called out Dave, having heard the smack on Helen’s ass.

Helen squirmed a bit. But Larry was already swinging again, this time harder. The smack was louder and Dave called, “Two!”

Helen shifted again. And Larry swung a third time, harder still. SMACK!

Helen moaned and Dave cried, “Three!”

Larry administered seven more swats with his hand, all stinging Helen’s ass, turning it a bright red. Dave called them all out properly.

Helen was crying a bit after the tanning her ass took. Larry had not gone easy on her. Her ass was reddish and Larry’s handprints were still visible, though quickly fading.

Larry turned to Dave and saw the look of concern on his face. “Okay, cockslut, let this be a lesson to you. Do what I say or I will punish Helen. Helen, you do as I say too, or I will punish Dave.”

“Now, since Dave couldn’t stop himself from cumming, I think he needs to learn some control. I have just the thing we can use.” Larry reached into his bag and pulled out an odd-looking piece of plastic.

Helen and Dave looked at it and finally Helen asked, “What is that?”

“This, my dear, is the finest male chastity device available today, the CBT 6000.”

He walked over to Dave and undid the cock ring he had put on Dave’s cock. He quickly worked Dave’s cock into the chastity device and then clicked the lock shut. He held up the key and turned to them both. “This is the only key to the device. If you want Dave to cum, I have to unlock him.”

“Now, Dave, I think we need to show you what happens to your cock in this device if you get worked up.”

He turned to his friend and then pushed his cock into Dave’s face. Dave sucked the cock, but then backed off and said, “Ow!”

“Hmm, something wrong?” Larry asked.

“This thing stabbed me!” Dave replied.

“Well, it has pin-like piece in there that will stab your cock if it even starts to get erect. Think of it as a mini-Iron Maiden. It can be quite painful. But the good news is that it rarely takes someone too long to work out how to not have it hurt them by controlling their cocks. So, if you can control your cock it won’t hurt you.”

“Okay, you will take this off when you leave, right? I have work tomorrow.” Dave asked.

“No, I will not take it off when I leave. You need to wear it until you learn to control your cock. As for work, it shouldn’t be visible if you aren’t wearing skin-tight pants. Besides, you forget, you are my cockslut now. You will do what I say when I say. Remember? If not, I’m sure I can figure out some ways to jog your memory,” Larry smoothly said walking over to Dave.

“Now, let’s see about continuing both of my sluts’ training. Helen, come lay down on the bed face up. Dave, lay next to her on the bed, face down. Heads up by the headboard,” Larry said, reaching into his bag once again.

This time he pulled out a large vibrator and another butt plug. Both had wires coming out of them to a control unit. Larry lubed them both up and inserted the vibrator into Helen’s pussy, attaching the clitoral stimulator too. He next turned to Dave and pushed the butt plug into Dave’s ass.

“Now, you two will see that I can control your pleasure and pain.”

With that he flicked a switch on the controls and both devices started humming. Helen and Dave reveled in the feeling of the vibrating device lodged in their bodies. Larry turned a dial, and the vibrations got stronger.

Larry watched them for a bit, seeing that they were both getting close to the edge again. He then flipped another switch on the control and both Dave and Helen felt an electro-shock in their nether regions where each one’s device was lodged. The shocks kept coming. Both of them tingled and hurt. Larry left the device run, shocking them both. He reached out and turned the switch, making the shocks more powerful. Dave moaned and cried.  Helen started breathing fast and sucked on her lips.

Larry stopped both devices and then switched them back to vibrating. He again took them right to the edge and flipped the devices over to shocking them. He continued to do this five or six times - they both lost count after three. Finally, Larry switched the vibrations higher and let the devices run until Helen and Dave both were crying and moaning from the shocks and vibrations. Helen in pleasure and Dave in pain as his cock met the hard nubs inside the chastity device which dug into his cock not letting it get hard.

“Okay sluts. You did well. Now remember, from now on, you can only cum if I let you. Ask permission. If you don’t, I will punish you. Maybe like this. But next time, I will do it until you are bawling. Do you both understand?”

“Yes, Sir” they both replied.

“Okay then, I think I have one more left in me before I should leave. Probably better I depart before your son gets home — wouldn’t want him to walk in on you both like this, would we?”

“No, Larry, we really wouldn’t,” Helen agreed.

“Okay, both of you sit up and come over here and get me off. Do whatever you like. But you have ten minutes to make me cum.”

“But, our hands are still tied,” Helen said.

“Yep, so get creative. You have a little less time now. If you don’t get me off, then I will punish you both again and wait until your son gets home to release you both.”

“No,” they both cried out. They scrambled to get close to Larry’s cock, Helen starting to deep throat him, while Dave starting suck and licking Larry’s balls. After a couple of minutes they could tell that Larry wasn’t close to cumming.

Helen looked Dave in the eyes and motioned with her eyes down to Larry’s ass. Dave quickly caught on and switched from licking Larry’s balls to licking his ass crack. Finally, he worked his way to Larry’s hole and started stabbing his tongue in as deep as it would go. Meanwhile, Helen continued to deep throat Larry’s cock and hummed to further stimulate him. The combination of the two finally got to Larry, and he came again at nine minutes thirty-three seconds.

“Okay, you two sluts did well, I’ll release you now and then see myself out.”

He let them out of the restraints, left the chastity device on Dave and gathered up his other toys, putting them back in his bag.

“Okay, you two, enjoy the rest of your evening. But remember, no cumming without permission. If you feel the urge tonight, you can text and ask me. Sorry, I guess only Helen will be able to do that. Dave, you can’t cum until we meet again. You both need to watch your phones. If I text you, I expect to be answered promptly. I understand that you may be in a meeting, so let’s say no longer than four hours to reply, okay?”

“Sure Larry,” they both agreed.

With that, Larry stood up and walked out of their room and out their front door. As we walked down their walkway to his car, he passed their son on his way back home and exchanged pleasant greetings with him.

Meanwhile, Dave and Helen discussed what had happened and what they would do.

“I know Dave. He was a little rough tonight. He likely will continue to be through the end of the two-week period. But, we did what we agreed to do, so he will not release the tapes.”

“Helen, how can I go to work with this on my dick?” Dave asked

“Just wear some baggy pants - no one will notice. Now, get up here on the bed with me. I want you just to hold me for a bit. Now, I have to tell you, that even though neither of us went looking for this adventure, I’m glad we are doing this. We have already lived out several of our biggest fantasies, and I think we will do many more sexy things that otherwise were outside our comfort zone.”

“Honey, I think you’re right,” Dave replied while getting on the bed next to her and wrapping his arms around her. “Are you sure you don’t feel any less of me now that you know and saw I enjoy sucking cock and being fucked? It was always my biggest concern about you learning my secret. So, while I had a regular fantasy of us being involved in male-male-female threesomes, I never mentioned it to you.”

“Honey, stop it! I love you. You are my guy regardless of anything else so long as you love me and promise to stay with me. Will you?”

“God, yes, Helen. I love you. I meant it when I told Larry that I would do nothing if it compromised my relationship with you and the kids. I love you and only you. Now that you know who I truly am, I’m happy. I want us to spend the rest of our lives together!”

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