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Anniversaries Are Special for Husbands Too

Our wedding night continues with my husband becoming much more involved and hands-on.
Our wedding night was certainly a special night for me, and the memories have given Sean and I many incredible nights since. I mean just thinking back on that night, exposing myself on the balcony, being watched, and then inviting a total stranger to join us, without even knowing what he looked like, has given us both countless orgasms since. And every year, knowing that another man was with me on our wedding night, that I gave myself to someone else, and that my husband gave me to someone else on our most sacred of nights, provides a whole other reason to celebrate.

I’m sorry. You probably think our wedding night ended with me collapsing on Sean’s chest. Far from it! In fact, that was really just the beginning. I guess I just needed a little break before I continued. It’s hard to believe, with as many times as I’ve thought about that night, that it still excites me so much after all these years. Well, if the night ended there, it may not have. But I know the rest of it, and sharing that night of lustful perversion with you is almost as erotic as living it was.

I had to take a break that night as well. When I collapsed onto Sean’s chest, I was on fire. My heart and mind wanted more, but my body was screaming, “No mas!” It wasn’t that this wonderful stranger had fucked me for so long. There have been nights when Sean had fucked me for hours, using my vibrator when he couldn’t continue. Nor was it that his cock was just so massive. Although I could tell he was larger than Sean, I have vibrators that are much bigger, and I’ve fucked myself much harder with them than any man could. No, I had just cum so hard, so intensely, that I could not possibly cum again, not anytime soon. But that didn’t mean I was ready to stop.

I guess the best comparison to how I felt at that moment is the feeling a runner must have after winning the Boston Marathon with a world record time. Your heart is pounding. You’re out of breath. Every muscle in your body is on fire. Yet you feel on top of the world, oddly exhausted and full of energy all at the same time. I don’t know if a marathoner wants to continue running, but I definitely didn’t want it to be over.

My new lover seemed to understand my predicament completely. I could still feel his balls against my slit. He hadn’t cum, but he wasn’t moving. I kissed my way up Sean’s sexy body to his sweet and tender lips. Our mouths came together in a loving embrace. It immediately took me back to when he last kissed me with such passion, just a few hours before, at the altar. There, we shared each other with our families, feeling the love of becoming the centerpiece that permanently brought our families together as one. Now, we shared each other with this perfect stranger, bringing my husband and me closer together than I would have ever thought possible, forever united with him.

It may seem ironic to be drawn closer, to feel more love for your partner when making love to someone else, but for me it’s perfectly clear. We love each other so much that nothing can come between us. Looking into my husband’s eyes revealed nothing but love. There was no jealousy. His only desire was my happiness, in every facet of life, and my only desire was his. I’ve heard people talk about separating sex and love. We weren’t trying to separate the two at all. On the contrary, making love to this stranger was making love to my husband. With every touch, with every kiss, with every ounce of lust that grew inside me, the love Sean and I had for each other intensified.

I rocked forward and felt him slip out of me. Once again I kissed Sean’s lips before rolling out of bed. Slowly, my eyes drifted upward, gazing upon my new lover for the first time. The image my mind created did not do him justice. My best guess is that he was 25, but then I thought Sean was as well. He had that beautiful build of a diver, his stomach rippled even as he sat on the edge of the bed. His smooth chest was chiseled, his shoulders broad and powerful. His hair was as black as night, spiked up much like Ross’s was on “Friends.” But what caught my attention the most were his amazing blue eyes, the kind of eyes that make you fall in love at first glance. I took his hand in mine and helped him to his feet.

I led him over to the desk, leaving Sean laying in the center of the bed, cock in hand. I smiled as I gazed into those gorgeous eyes of his and pulled him to me, kissing his lips. I could feel his tongue caressing mine, his tender lips melding with my own. Slowly, I worked my way down his neck. I kissed his chest, licking each of his nipples and taking them between my lips, sucking them. Continuing down, I looked up into his eyes still as I kissed his stomach, so hard against my lips that it felt as if I was kissing a sculpture.

I felt the wetness of his cock against my cheek, my tongue reaching out to lick his balls before continuing up his shaft as I tasted myself on him. As I reached the tip, I opened up and engulfed him, feeling the head secured safely in the warm confines of my wanton mouth. My eyes relayed my passion as I took him in fully, feeling an overwhelming combination of lust and pride when I felt his scrotum against my bottom lip. Pulling back, I closed my eyes to concentrate on my task at hand. My hands slithered up the back of his thighs to his firm, hairless ass. My fingers dug into his flesh as I gripped his cheeks, pulling him into my throat.

God how I love to suck cock! There simply is nothing like it. Really, I love everything about it. When I hear my lover sucking in his breath in both amazement and pleasure, it is almost orgasmic. I love tasting him, tasting the pleasure that I am giving him. I love the smell, that musky smell of passion. I love the feel of it, the hardness and softness, the stiff flexibility of it as it pushes past my tonsils and follows a path that seems to defy the laws of physics. And I love the way it looks. Not just his cock, and there is nothing more lovely to me than a man’s cock, but the way his face contorts as I pleasure him. It’s a totally different look than when he’s inside me, or when I touch him. When he’s in my mouth, it’s like he loses all control—control of his breathing, his eyes, his entire body. That’s what I love. And giving that to our guest was every bit as wonderful as giving it to my husband. I wanted to make damn sure I showed him my appreciation for the pleasure he was giving me. I wanted him to remember me forever. Years later, on his death bed, I wanted him, and I still want him, to look back on the outstanding accomplishments in his life and remember that one night in New Orleans when he received the best blowjob man has ever known.

I pulled back, catching my breath before taking him in fully again, feeling the smooth ridges of his shaft against my lips. God he tasted so delicious. Each time I felt his curly hairs tickling my nose, I pulled him in deeper, my fingers gripping his ass trying to get every magnificent millimeter of his cock down my throat. Then I pulled out, bathing his mushroom-shaped head with my swirling tongue. With each trek down his curved shaft, my hunger mounted. Faster and faster I pulled him into me, thrusting into my mouth. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to feel him explode in my mouth, to swallow every last drop of his cum. I wanted to feel it on my face. I wanted to feel it drip down my chin, to feel it on my breast. I wanted to feel it all over me, to bathe in it.

You can imagine my disappointment when he pulled out and pulled me to my feet. I could tell he was getting close. His cock had been pouring precum. I was sure he didn’t want it to end just yet. Neither did I, which is the only reason I let him interrupt. Any frustration I felt from being pulled away from my glorious task was quickly squelched. My blue-eyed lover pulled up, cradled me in his arms, and kissed me with the passion of a sailor on shore leave. His tongue nestled mine before pulling back and licking my lips, then my chin.

I knew what he was doing; I had felt Sean do that very same thing many times. He was tasting himself. He was tasting his own secretions, stealing them from my tongue, from my taste buds. He was licking his delicious precum off of my face as if it were melted ice cream dripping from a cone. I know some women find this repulsive. Personally, I find it incredibly erotic. I love the way I taste; what’s wrong with a man loving the way he tastes? To me, a man’s cum is tangible proof of his desire, of his love, of his lust for me. How can that be disgusting? I find it heavenly, and his licks had my whole body tingling like a litter of kittens licking my toes.

As he continued licking down my neck, down between my heaving breasts, I felt my knees give out. I felt his strong arms around me, his hands on my ass as he lifted me up and sat me down on the desk. I lay back, feeling the cold, glossy wood on my heated back as he sucked each nipple into his mouth. My fingers played in his beautiful black hair, relishing in its softness as his tongue teased my sensitive nipples. I normally love any attention my breasts receive, but I found this to be a most delightful torture as I wanted his tongue, needed it, much lower.

My hands clenched. My fingernails scratched at his scalp. I wasn’t trying to hurt him, but I could tell by the way his body stiffened that I definitely had his attention. I released my grip slightly as I pushed him downward, coaxing him to where I needed his talented tongue. Inch by agonizing inch, he leisurely kissed and licked down my tummy. I was so sensitive at this point that my stomach instinctively withdrew from every touch.

He stopped before he even reached my navel. Unlike the little kitten-like licks before, he was now swabbing my entire abdomen with his tongue. I sat up slightly, looking down my body at him to investigate what he was doing. Those beautiful blue eyes met mine, full of mischief. He was smiling up at me wickedly as his tongue curled up. As he raised his head, a sticky trail extended from my abdomen upward to the tip of his tongue. He licked his lips smiling, then went back to work, lapping up the delicious cum from my stomach. Not only had he tasted his own juices, he was sampling my husband’s as well.

I had almost forgotten about Sean until I felt his lips on mine. It was so tender, so passionate. I felt utterly consumed by this complex mix of emotions, my outright lust for our gorgeous blue-eyed stranger blending exquisitely with the unconditional love and devotion Sean and I felt for one another. I know. Feeling devotion for your husband when you are giving yourself to another man? Absolutely. I never loved Sean more than at that moment.

Normally, having my pussy eaten is the highlight of the evening. The feeling of a delicate pair of lips pursed around my clitoris, a gentle suction causing it to engorge, and the sweet friction of a tongue flicking across the tip is such an exquisite combination of pleasures. My new lover was certainly no slouch at cunnilingus, but at this time, his efforts were more or less just background noise. Sean’s moist lips were on mine. His gentle fingers were lightly stroking my breast. His loving eyes were gazing down into mine silently conveying our love for one another. Even as my hips bucked up against my new lover’s mouth, as my fingers gripped his hair, and as I begged for him to suck my pussy, my true pleasure derived from the love flowing between my husband and me as he held me in his arms.

Sean and I continued to kiss as I came down from yet another orgasm. They then helped me to my feet, my ass slipping and sliding through the huge puddle I had left on the desk. I already knew what they wanted; it was like we were following a script. Without saying a word, Sean laid down in the center of the bed. I climbed up after him, straddling his head before leaning down and licking the underside of his cock. He loves when I do that, when I lick that sensitive part just below the head, when I suck the foreskin of his circumcised cock into my mouth and flick my tongue across it.

As I took the head of his cock into my mouth, the bed shifted. My lips smiled around Sean’s shaft as I felt my lover sliding the head of his dick up and down my slit. I could feel Sean’s excitement too. His chest rose under me as his breathing deepened. Goosebumps popped up across his flesh, his little hairs standing up on end. His cock twitched in my mouth, the head seemingly doubling in size. His strong hands gripped my ass more forcefully, spreading me open for our lover. It’s those little subtleties that may go completely unnoticed by some, but when you are so tuned in to someone, because you are one with them, those subtleties become glaring. Sean was every bit as excited as I was.

Our excitement amplified as my lover’s hard cock slipped into me. Not only could I hear Sean moaning as he watched, I could feel those moans vibrating my clit, and I’m sure my moans were doing the same to him. I reached back between us, touching myself, feeling Sean’s tongue as he tasted me. Reaching further back, not much, just a few millimeters, I felt my labia splayed open, engulfing that impressive cock. My fingertips danced on his undershaft, relishing in our union.

As he slowly slipped in and out of me, my hand explored further back along his shaft. First I felt Sean’s nostrils. I knew he could smell us, which was almost as exciting as feeling my lover’s cock sliding along the tip of Sean’s nose. Reaching further back, I felt his balls, his heavy testicles hanging on Sean’s forehead. I don’t know exactly why this aroused me so much. Perhaps it was just knowing how intimately involved Sean was. Perhaps it was just that it was so kinky. Regardless, I found it fucking hot as hell and eased forward, taking Sean’s cock to the base to let him know exactly how excited it made me.

My lover continued to leisurely drive in and out of me. I spread my labia open then pulled back my clitoral hood to provide Sean better access to where I wanted his tongue. Still, it was strangely absent. Oh, I’d feel his tongue licking me for a few seconds, but then it would fade away. Often he gets so distracted by the pleasures I bestow upon him that he finds it difficult to return the favor. Really I don’t mind at all. I find it both cute and the ultimate compliment. But as I began to pleasure myself, I realized he hadn’t been distracted at all. He just wasn’t focused solely on me; he was focused on my lover as well. I reached back to caress our union, where all three of us joined as one: my pussy, our lover’s cock, and Sean’s tongue.

Now it was I who was distracted. No longer could I focus on my husband’s cock. He had turned the tables on me, exciting me so much I had to focus on what he was doing to me, to us. I looked back between my legs watching as his tongue teased this beautiful cock. I was oblivious to him, and I knew it. Sucking his cock was merely background noise to him, just as licking my pussy had been earlier to me. He hadn’t even notice that I stopped.

I watched as Sean’s tongue snaked back along the shaft, all the way to the base, then lapped at our lover’s testicles. The moan that escaped his lips in approval was undeniable. This gorgeous blue-eyed stranger was no longer my lover; he was our lover, and I so wanted to share him with my husband. I felt utterly wicked as I lunged forward and off his cock, feeling it slip out and into my hand.

“Suck it. Suck his fucking cock,” I demanded.

Sean didn’t hesitate. I hadn’t even gotten the words out before that beautiful cock was slipping into his throat with an eagerness that rivaled my own. Before, our lover had been leisurely sliding in and out of my pussy. He was no longer so methodical. His pace accelerated and soon he was pummeling into Sean’s throat.

“Oh yes! Fuck his throat, baby. Suck that beautiful cock. Taste my cum on him. Taste that delicious fucking precum. Oh baby you are sucking him so good. God I love watching you suck cock.”

Once again, my pussy was abandoned. Once again I was cumming. And once again, so was Sean. I couldn’t see it. I was too busy watching him suck that gorgeous dick, but I could feel it. I could feel the wetness pour out against my cheek as it rested on his stomach. This just sent me into the next level. My eyes rolled back to the back of my head and I did something I had seen in movies, but had never done before, didn’t even know I could. I squirted. My pussy convulsed and sprayed all over Sean’s sexy face. Oh how I love feeling like a total slut, but it pales in comparison to watching my husband being one.

Looking back at Sean’s sexy face did nothing to quell my lust. He was literally soaked in my juices. It was like someone had taken one of those huge super soaker water guns, filled with my cum, and emptied it on his face. I could even feel the cold wetness of the sheets under my knees. His bottom lip looked so delicious. It was pouty, all puffed and engorged around the beautiful cock he was pleasuring. But what I really reveled in was the foam forming at the corners of his mouth, the foamy cum that decorated that gorgeous shaft. I could not believe the stamina our lover had. Sean and I had cum repeatedly, sometimes without even being touched, yet he hadn’t cum once. I was bound and determined to make sure he did, and soon.

“Put him back in me. Put him inside me, inside your wife’s cunt,” I moaned.

Reluctantly, Sean obliged. I gripped him tightly as he pushed into me. My breathing increased to match my rocking hips as they fucked back to meet his powerful thrust. Again, I reached back, touching his balls, feeling Sean’s magnificent tongue teasing us both. His scrotum was now up, pulled tight to his body, the skin now that wonderful spongy consistency, like one of those stress balls you squeeze. Maybe that’s why I was squeezing them so, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. With my middle finger, I reached back, pushing the tip into his ass.

That seemed to be the final straw. First I felt him tense, followed immediately by this glorious, thunderous roar. His fingernails dug into me, eliciting these delightfully blissful shocks that seemed to course from each fingernail, all converging on my clit. Then I felt him. I felt his cock pulsate. I felt each powerful jet gushing into me, against my cervix, painting my vaginal walls of my newly married pussy as it hovered over my husband’s face.

But this night wasn’t about me. It was about us; it was about sharing. And share I did. I rocked forward, even as this beautiful cock continued to fill me, and pushed it down into Sean’s eager mouth. It was amazing the volume he unloaded. He had already filled me with more cum than any man ever had, and now he continued to satiate Sean’s hunger. I watched his Adam’s apple slide up and down as he swallowed, as if stroking the cock it held inside. Still, remnants leaked out the corners of my husband’s lips and trickled down his cheek. He was so unbelievably sexy, and I loved watching him take so much pride and gratification in pleasuring someone else, someone who we had just met, whose name was still a mystery.

At this point I was torn. One part of me wanted to grind my sloppy cunt into Sean’s face, demanding he clean me of our lover’s cum. Another part of me wanted to turn around and kiss his lips, sharing him. I chose the latter. Like I said, the night was about sharing, right? As I swung around, he pulled out of Sean’s throat, still amazingly hard. I avoided the temptation to suck that delicious shaft into my mouth, cleaning it of our combined juices. Instead, I started by licking my way up Sean’s stubbly cheek, following the thick trail back up to Sean’s tender lips.

Sean and I had kissed many times sharing his own cum; this was the first time we shared someone else’s. The taste was nearly identical. It had the same texture, the same odor. But oh how different it was! It may have felt the same on my tongue, but the way it felt inside, the warmth in my heart, the passion in my loins, that was completely anew. Our tongues danced, circling each other’s as we shared the love that had been shared with us both. Although we had been married less than a day, a simple look into each other’s eyes conveyed our every thought, our every desire. He knew what I wanted; I knew what he wanted. And we both knew we wanted each other to have it.

I rolled out of bed, looking at the open patio door where it all started. The wall of windows across from our balcony seemed to look down on us like hundreds of lust-filled eyes. I eased my ass up onto the desk, feeling the cold lacquer finish on my skin as I slid back against the wall and spread my legs. I could feel the trickle of hot cum oozing out of me, dribbling down the crack of my ass onto the desk. As I watched Sean roll over, taking his lover’s cock into his mouth, my fingers toyed with the gooey mess between my legs, smearing it over my clit.

Sean certainly wasn’t my first lover. So many times I’ve watched men simply roll over and go to sleep right after they climax. It’s like semen is the very source of their desire, like ejaculating removes all their passion until their balls can rejuvenate another supply. My two lovers definitely were defying that rule. They hadn’t even slowed down. Their cocks had barely even softened. I knew it was their passion that kept them in that state, and if there was any hint of jealousy within me, it was only in wishing that I could instill such fervor in my lovers.

Our blue-eyed lover crawled over Sean, laying him on his back beneath him. His tongue snaked out, licking my husband’s thick load off of his hairy stomach. His hand gripped the base of my husband’s cock as he lowered his mouth over the mushroom-shaped head. I could no longer see Sean from my angle--our lover’s leg obstructed my view. Still, his arousal was apparent. For one, his hips were rhythmically bucking in and out of his lover’s mouth. Then there were his hands, squeezing his lover’s bare ass, pulling him down into his wanton mouth. But most obvious of all were his moans, which filled the room, drowning out the sounds of Tchaikovsky from our CD player.

That CD player was a wedding present from his brother, complete with a 5-disc CD changer. I had asked Sean to set it up in our hotel room so we could listen to classical music all night. That was my idea of romance. It’s amazing how quickly things can change. Hours later, I was rubbing my cum-filled pussy, listening to my husband moan as a total stranger fucked his mouth, and that had become my new epitome of romance.

They had become totally engrossed in each other. The gorgeous blue eyes I longed to gaze into were closed, as though sight somehow restrained his other senses. His delicate lips glided along Sean’s shaft with the grace of a ballerina. As my tongue slithered across my upper lip, those gorgeous blue eyes opened, gazing straight through me. He smiled around my husband’s cock, winking at me as he did so. He was so amazingly sexy that I had to bite my bottom lip to ensure myself that he was real. He loved what he was doing to my husband; he loved what he was doing to me.

With his eyes still locked to mine, he stood up and helped Sean to his feet. A half-arrogant smile came across his lips as he nudged my husband forward. As Sean inched closer, my eyes diverted to him, watching as he leaned down between my legs. There was no romance here, not the traditional kind anyway. No, this was pure lust, unadulterated passion. Although my legs were spread wide, invitingly, he set his sights on a completely different target, the puddle of cum between them. My hands slid down to the back of his head, squeezing and pulling his hair as I pushed his face down into that delicious pool of sex.

“Lick it up. Eat his fucking cum. Taste it. Taste what he shot into me, what he filled me up with. It felt so good shooting into me baby, almost as good as his cock felt in me.”

Until that night, I had never talked dirty to Sean. I rarely even talked or moaned during sex. I had done it with other lovers, usually one night stands, but I always felt scared to let go with Sean, thinking that he would think I was a slut and not want me. I mean, I was kinky, don’t get me wrong, but somehow saying something is different than doing it. Now I had opened up. Hell, I had opened the floodgates. I was proud to be his slut, to be his foul-mouthed whore. Watching him eat our lover’s cum off the desk proved he was proud to be mine as well.

Our new lover certainly enjoyed losing his inhibitions as well. As Sean was licking up the cum from between my legs, he was kneeling, eating my husband’s ass. I lifted Sean’s face up, looking down into his eyes, smiling. “Do you want him to?” I asked him. I didn’t have to specify what, we both knew, and somehow not saying it seemed sexier. He gave me a mischievous grin and nodded the answer I already knew. Sean lowered his head, taking my clit into his mouth.

Those piercing blue eyes stared into mine as our lover stood. He was almost smirking, as if to say, “Watch this!” I watched as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down my husband’s ass. I could feel Sean tighten in anticipation. Then I felt him push forward, his weight pushing Sean’s face into me, his lips and nose pressed firmly against my cunt. I felt my husband’s hot breath as he gasped. I watched in lust as Sean pushed back against him, engulfing his shaft until his entire length was buried within him.

Sean was no longer licking me. I was reduced to nothing more than a prop, a convenient piece of furniture to support him, to absorb the force of his lover’s thrusts. And those thrusts were amazingly powerful. They threw Sean into me like a rag doll. Still, he not only took them, he rocked back to meet his lover’s cock with equal intensity and enthusiasm. Each of their guttural moans was followed by the delicious slapping of their bodies colliding.

“Fuck him, Baby. Take that big dick in your ass. Feel him fucking you, taking you, taking your sweet ass. Oh, you love being his slut as much as I do. God you’re so fucking sexy.”

I barely even noticed that I had begun rubbing my pussy again. Well, Sean was definitely too preoccupied to pleasure me. Actually, rubbing myself isn’t really an adequate description; I was fucking myself. I had three fingers pistoning in and out of my cunt in sync with our lover’s thrusts, pulling up to massage my G-spot. I remember wondering if it was anything close to what Sean was feeling, if rubbing my spot felt anything like his lover’s cock massaging his prostate.

“Oh, yes, fuck me. Fuck me harder. Cum in my ass. Fill me up.”

The words were like music to my ears. Sean was normally so reserved during sex. I rarely even heard him moan when he came. Perhaps that’s what always kept me from opening up, from letting go and talking dirty to him. Either way, hearing him now told me this was different, that he had always held back before, and that now he felt as uninhibited as I did. He was finally free to lose the inhibitions that restrained him. It may have taken another lover to do it, but I understood this change was permanent, that he would never be reluctant to let go again--neither would I.

Those beautiful blue eyes rolled back. Like window shades, his lids lowered over them. With a final huff, he pushed hard into my husband. His bellowing cry reverberated in my ears, sending shockwaves through me. I felt my body shuddering, convulsing as the little shocks flowed through my fingers, through my vaginal walls, and exiting through my clit to engulf me like a warm blanket of ecstasy. We came in unison, like he was fucking me through Sean, like we were sharing my husband. I guess we were.

It’s hard to say how long we stayed like that. We were all exhausted, and it took seemingly forever until we gathered the energy to return to the bed. We laid there cuddling, caressing each other with me between the two as we feel asleep. I remember hearing Pachelbel’s “Canon” as I drifted off. I had walked down the aisle just a few short hours before to that song. I’ve always been more of a classic rock type of gal, but I love that song. And at that particular moment, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

I woke up to the morning light shining into my eyes. Our blue-eyed lover was gone, just like our wedding night. It donned on me that Sean and I still had not consummated our marriage. As my hand explored his sexy body, finding his rigid cock, I knew that would soon be corrected.

We had both made love, but in the strict legal sense, it had not been with each other. We had both been fucked by someone else, a complete stranger, on our wedding night. I relished the thought. Never before had I thought law was sexy. Every year, our anniversary serves as a reminder of that fact. That’s why anniversaries are special….to both of us.
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