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My Buddy, His Girl And I

My Buddy, His Girl And I

Jack and Eileen decide Marty needs some cheering up after his girlfriend dumps him.

Jack and I have been friends since the fifth grade. I met Eileen freshman year in high school, several months after they started dating. My girlfriend, Sally and I double dated with them quite often and over time the four of us hung out together whenever possible.

During our sophomore year in college my best friend Jack and his girlfriend, Eileen invited me over. They wanted to throw a barbecue for me on Saturday. I have not been myself for quite awhile due to Sally breaking up with me. She told me she was engaged and was getting married next Fall. To say that I was devastated is an understatement. I saw no indication she was even seeing anyone other than me.

Jacks parents were out of town for the week. The house is out in the country with the nearest neighbor a mile away in all directions. There is a large patio with a grill, table and chairs. The inground pool has several tables and lounge chairs around it.

I arrive at noon, with two cases of our favorite beer, Hacker-Pschoor Hefe Weiss. I have my suit case as I was invited to stay the week. Before I could ring the bell, the door opens. Standing before me is Eileen, wearing an orange circle print, classic slider style, string triangle top. Her matching thong back bikini bottom has ribbon side ties.

"Come in Marty, follow me to the kitchen." Eileen turns, wiggles her ass as she looks over her shoulder. "Like what you see, Marty?"

"Roll your suit case over here, Marty." Eileen points to the hallway entrance.

I just smile, as I'm dumb struck. Eileen has never flirted with me before. Entering the kitchen I place the two cases on the counter.

"Marty, you never answered my question. Do you like what you see?"

"Stop it Eileen, your my best friends girl."

"You don't need to answer, I see your answer." Eileen is looking at my crotch and the large bulge in my shorts.

I feel my face redden as Eileen moves closer, backing me against the counter.

"Eileen, this isn't right. What about Jack?"

"Shhhh, Jack is in the pool. Relax Marty and enjoy." Eileen unsnaps my shorts, hooks her fingers in the waistband. She kneels in front of me and pulls my shorts down.

"Besides, Jack and I have decided to help you out of your funk."

"Oh my Marty, your bigger and thicker than Jack. I love that you chose to go commando."

Eileen slides the material covering her breasts to the sides. Her natural 38DD-cups have no tan lines. She takes the circumcised head of my cock into her mouth. Her hand wraps around my shaft as her tongue swirls over my knob. She turns her hand on my shaft while stroking up to her mouth, then back down. With her other hand, she fondles my balls.

Her mouth slowly slides down my shaft, as her tongue swirls around. Eileen reaches the base, she has all seven inches down her throat!


I throw my head back, eyes closed. Eileen slides her mouth up and down my shaft faster. Her sucking and licking is having an affect on me. Just as I was about to cum....

"What do we have going on here?"

"Eileen, it's Jack!" Eileen looks at him as she sucks me. I feel my cock going soft as Eileen keeps sucking my cock and fondling my balls.

She gives Jack a wink and without saying a word, he kneels in front of me. Eileen has my cock regaining it's stiffness. Her hand on my balls is replaced by Jacks mouth. The two of them switch after a few minutes, Jack takes my cock in his mouth as Eileen sucks my balls. Jacks sucking is amazing and soon they have me ready to cum.

"Oh damn you two, I'm cuming!"

Eileen lets the ball slip from her mouth as the first two loads of my cream erupt in Jacks mouth. He swallows my cream and slips my cock from his mouth. Aiming my cock head at Eileen's breasts, he strokes my cock. My cream lands on her breasts in long, thick threads. Jack takes my cock and spreads the thick cream over Eileen's breasts.

"Oh God, that was amazing."

They both stand and before I can speak, Jack kisses me. We share my cream in a very passionate kiss. Then Eileen kisses me as Jack licks my cream from her breasts. Breaking our passionate kiss, I join Jack. We share the cream with Eileen and each other.

When we are finished, Eileen suggests we all have some beer and go out on the patio. She removes her top and then I notice Jack is butt naked as am I.

"Well boys, seeing you are in your birthday suits." Eileen teasingly unties her thong bottom.

She turns her back to us, bends forward and spreads her legs. She move one handful of string in front of her, the other behind her. Eileen slides the bikini bottom back and forth against her pussy. That gets our cocks hard as we watch the material slip between her bald, puffy lips.

"Well boys, want that beer now or would you rather want me?"

"WE WANT YOU!" Jack and I say in unison.

"Outside you two, I'll be there in a minute." Eileen tosses her bottom to me.

I bring it to my face, inhale her sweet scent and lick her sweet nectar. Handing it to Jack, he too inhales her scent and licks her sweet nectar.

"Okay, out now!"

Jack and I take six beers and three glasses with us. There is a chest filled with ice on the table. We put the beer and glasses in the chest. Two minutes later, out comes Eileen with two bowls of soapy water and two wash clothes. She places them on a table next to a lounge chair.

"Okay Marty, lay on your back."

I do as I'm told. Eileen straddles my hips, holding my cock. Her pussy easily slide down to the base.

"Mmmm Jack, I feel so full. I love that you both are shaved. It feels so good."

Eileen starts to ride my cock as we look over at Jack stroking his cock.

"Honey, come over and fuck my ass."

Jack moves behind Eileen and she lets my cock slip from her pussy. Jack thrusts his six inch thin cock in her pussy, making sloshing noises as he keeps thrusting his cock. Several thrusts later, he slips from her and Eileen mounts my cock. She lays on me, offering her ass to Jack. He slowly pushes his nectar covered cock into her tight ass.

Jack and I find a rhythm, we can feel each other's cocks as we fuck Eileen.

"Fuck me my studs, fuck me!"

Hearing that, we thrust our cocks harder and faster. Eileen is cuming on my cock, her nectar flowing from her pussy onto my scrotum. Jack and I feel her pussy and ass squeeze our cocks as she cums.


Her body shudders as her orgasm reaches it's crescendo. Jack and I cum together filling her with our thick, warm cream. She collapses on me as Jack and I keep our throbbing cocks in her.

"WOW! Guys, that was the hot!"

Jack slowly slips his cock from her ass, "Marty, you need to feel how tight Eileen's ass is."

"Oh yes Marty, I want to feel that thick cock of yours now!" Eileen lets my cock slip from her pussy.

Jack goes over and takes a washcloth, soaps up his cock and cleans himself. Sitting up, Eileen and I watch as she strokes my cock. I am teasing her clit with my finger. Marty looks over at us as he rinses off his cock. We get up and Jack comes over.

"Go ahead you two, I'm going to watch for a minute."

Eileen turns to me, putting her hands on the back of my neck.

She pulls me to her breasts, "BITE ME HARD!"

I take a nipple between my teeth and bite down. She pulls me tighter against her breast. My hand finds her other nipple and I pinch it as hard as I'm biting.


Eileen pulls me from her nipple and pushes her other nipple on my lips. I clamp down hard and bite. She tilts her head back as I'm about to pinch her other nipple. Instead, Jack has his mouth on the stiff nub and bites down hard.


As we bite even harder, Jack slides a finger in her pussy as I rub her clit with mine. Our fingers and mouths soon give Eileen another intense orgasm.


Eileen's body stiffens as she comes. Jack quickly lies on his back as I hold Eileen in my arms. Wth her orgasm still flowing through her, I help her up on the lounge chair, straddling Jacks cock. Eileen lays on his chest, her ass in the air. I move behind Eileen and push my cock in her wet, cream filled pussy. Jack and Eileen's love cream coat my cock as I pump her pussy.

"Oh God, don't stop!"

Jack smiles and says, "babe, he's going to fuck your tight ass now."

I slip from her pussy, Eileen impales herself on Jacks cock.

"Hurry Marty, fill my ass with your cock!"

Pushing slowly into her ass, Eileen screams out as Jack pinches her nipples. The two of us move in unison, fucking Eileen Eileen slowly.

"Come on boys, I need to come now!"

Jack twists Eileen's nipples as we pound her ass and pussy faster.

"Harder, fuck me harder!

As we both fuck her harder, I take a handful of her hair and pull her back.


Jack fills Eileen's pussy with his cream as I fill her ass. Eileen collapses onto Jacks chest, kissing him passionately. I let my cock slip from her tight ass and walk over to the second bowl of soapy water. Taking the clean washcloth, I clean my cock as they sit up and watch me.

I'm just about done when the come over. Eileen turns her back to me and presses her ass crack against my cock. Jack presses his cock against her pussy.

"Who's going to clean me?"

Without saying a word, Jack goes to his knees. I follow his lead and go to mine. I hear Jack sucking Eileen's cum filled pussy, getting as much of our combined cream as he can. I lick her puckered brown hole, licking up the cream oozing from her beautiful opening.

Jack and I lick and suck as much cream from Eileen as we can. Both of us stand, Jack kisses Eileen, sharing our cream with her. Eileen looks at me and I kiss Jack, sharing our cream with him. We then share a three way kiss, sharing our love cream with one another.

Eileen takes a cock in each hand and leads us to the lounge chair.

"Wait here studs." Eileen winks at us and walks over to the chest.

She pops open three bottle of beer and saunters back over to us. Jack and I stand in awe of her beauty, breasts gently bouncing with every step. Her inner thighs glisten with her nectar.

"Now that's what I call paying attention, boys." Looking down at us, Eileen licks her lips.

Jack and I look down to see our hard cocks bobbing in approval at the sight before us. Eileen hands us each a beer. Without saying a word we quench our thirsts, quickly.

Ok studs, show time!" Eileen takes our empty bottles and sits on a chair.

Jack and I embrace, sharing a passionate kiss. Our tongues swirl around in one another's mouths. My hands fondle his balls and pump his cock. Jack does the same to me as we kiss, tongues becoming entwined, cocks leaking precum. We bring our hands to our mouths and lick the precum from them as we watch each other.

Jack puts his hands on my shoulders, gently pushing down until I am sitting on the lounge chair. We briefly look toward Eileen who is sucking her nipple as her finger slides between her swollen pussy lips. She is watching us as Jack pushes me on my back and straddles my head.

Jack kisses his way down my body, I kiss the cock head and swirl my tongue around then down the shaft. Jack matches my movement. He pushes his cock further into my mouth as he takes me deeper in his. The slurping sounds we are making, fill the air. We are both moaning as we lick and suck each other.

"That is so hot, boys."

Hearing that, we increase our sucking and squeeze one another's balls. We both are pumping the shaft in front of us as our mouths slide down to our hand. Then slide our mouths back to the head, sucking it before sliding back down.

Our moans become louder as we feel the cock in our mouths throbbing. Suddenly the first burst of cream fills our mouths and we swallow. Load after load fills our mouths, we swallow all the sweet cream.

"THAT WAS SO FUCKING HOT!" Eileen yells as she cums on her fingers.

"On your knees Marty, I'm going to fuck your virgin ass."

Jack goes to Eileen and she dips her fingers in her pussy. She lubes his cock with her nectar until it glistens. Jack moves behind me, putting his hands on my ass cheeks. His string hands pull my cheeks apart and the tip of his cock touches my anal opening.

Eileen is in front of me and slides on her back, under me. She moves to my cock and licks my balls as she wraps her hand around my shaft. I lick her slit,then feel Jack slip his cock head in my ass. I shudder at the slight pain as Eileen licks my cock head.

Jack puts his hands on my hips, slowly pulling me on to his cock. He stops briefly so I can get use to the feeling. I hear Eileen spit but feel nothing, then Jack pulls me further on his cock. Eileen has my cock between her breasts as she fucks my cock. It is then, I feel her spittle which she used as a lube. My cock slides easily between them.

Jack now has his cock balls deep in my ass. I fuck Eileen's pussy with my tongue as she fucks my cock with her breasts. The cock in my ass moves slowly at first, then a little faster. As Jack fucks me, Eileen takes my cock in her mouth, sucking hard. I lick her sweet pussy and swirl my tongue over her G-spot as Jack is pounding my ass.


I feel his cream fill my ass as I cum in Eileen's mouth.


Eileen moans out as she cums while holding my cock in her mouth to get every drop of cream.


We all keep still as we recover from our orgasms. I feel Jacks go soft and slip from my ass. My cock softens and slips from Eileen's mouth. I slowly slip my tongue from Eileen's pussy.

Jack helps me to my feet, then Eileen to hers. Jack pulls me to him, kisses my lips gently, then Eileen does the same. She takes our hand and walks us over to the outdoor shower. We wash each other thoroughly, dry off and jack pus this swim trunks on, I my shorts and Eileen her bikini bottom.

We go to the table, I open three bottles of beer and pour them in the three chilled glasses. I hand Eileen her glass, then give Jack his. I sit and they see that I have a quizzical look on my face.

"Marty, your my best friend and I hated seeing you so down for the last three months. I talked with Eileen last month about cheering you up. She tossed out the idea of a threesome, I told her I was fine with it. And yes Marty, I am bisexual and Eileen has known since we started dating. I have not been with another man for years and this is our first threesome." Jack then takes a gulp of his beer.

"You are a handsome man Jack, it tore me up the way Sally treated you. I watched how much you were changing and did not like it. So when Jack asked what we could do...well you see the result of our conversation. You are a wonderful lover, and a kind, caring man. Any woman would be lucky to have you as a boyfriend." Eileen takes a gulp of her beer.

"Jack, Eileen you both mean very much to me. You have been by my side and I have been lousy company. I am left speechless, except to say thank you for a most amazing experience." I take a gulp of my beer.

Eileen nudges Jack, "go on tell him."

"Tell me what, Jack?"

"Marty, this does not have to be a one time experience. But that's up to you." Jack takes another gulp of beer.

"Well you two, I would like to have more experience with you both." I take another gulp of beer.

"We were hoping you would say that, Marty." Eileen slide her chair closer to me and kisses my cheek.

"Well Marty, I'll get the grill going while you and Eileen go inside and prepare the food." Jack gets up and goes to the grill.

Eileen and I go inside and prepare the food. A few minutes later, Jack joins us and helps. When everything is ready, we go back out. Jack and I tend to the burgers and veggies on the grill as Eileen sets the table. We nearly burn the food as we are watching Eileen, her breasts swaying with every move and her bikini bottom slipping between her still puffy labia.

When the food is cooked, we all sit down and feast on the food and drink before us. Eileen tells me that they are taking me out to the club and there may be a surprise there for me.

"What is the surprise, Eileen?"

"You will have to wait and see, Marty." Eileen replied, giving me a wink.

Jack smiled and raised his glass, "Welcome back Marty."

Eileen and I raised our glasses to Jacks toast."

We were all looking forward to the evening out.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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