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Wedding Interrupted 5 : The Handyman's Tool

A fling with a contractor at work leads Julia into the world of his open marriage

I lay naked in the dark. Between my splayed legs, a mouth explored my aroused pussy. My hidden lover ate me almost frantically, driving me closer and closer to climax. The only sounds were the wet noise of cunnilingus and my breathing.

Then the oral stopped. A shadowy figure rose up over me. Without a word or other sign to me, my lover drove a thick cock into my pussy; so thick it was almost, but not quite, uncomfortable as it stretched me open. So, my lover was a man. But only able to see a shadow, I had no idea of who.

As my lover’s cock pistoned inside me, I reached up and touched him. He was toned and hairy; his muscles felt hard under my fingers. Finding his nipples, I rubbed the little nubs of flesh roughly, enjoying their hardness under my fingers.

My climax drew closer and closer. I began moving my own body, meeting his thrusts with my own. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, perhaps lightning or some other transient moment of brightness. The face of my lover appeared briefly above me.

“Oh my God! Pete!” I gasped aloud in recognition, suddenly awake in my own bed in my own room.

So it had been a dream, a dream that left me horny and on the brink of climax. Dripping with sweat and highly aroused, I reached for the dildo that I knew was on my nightstand. Finding the long, thick toy, I inserted it into my dripping pussy and began fucking myself with it. At the same time, I used the middle finger of my other hand to vigorously massage my engorged clit. After that hot dream, it didn’t take much to send me over the edge.

“Fuck, yes, Pete!” I cried, “Oh yes!”

My body writhed on the sheets, all control lost as the powerful orgasm gripped me. It remained like that for minutes before I went limp. A warm, dozy feeling came over me as post-orgasmic bliss set in.

Slipping the dildo free, I licked it. I had never been with a woman but every time I tasted myself, I found myself wondering what it would be like to taste another woman. I had seen my friend Marcy having sex with a man in a couple group situations and been turned on by the sight of her naked, aroused body. However, much as I wanted it, there had been no physical contact between us.

Finally, I turned my thoughts back to the dream itself. The details were fading from memory, but one was clear: Pete O’Connor had been fucking me. Pete was a handyman and general contractor I had known for a couple years. He was currently doing a job for me at the warehouse I managed. A man in his fifties, Pete was tall with a handsome, craggy face and toned body.

I did have a bit of crush on the older man but had never dreamt or fantasized about him before. After all, Pete was old enough to be my father. Then again, an older man might be a good experience for me. Prior to this summer, I had only slept with my ex-fiancé Curt Moffatt, who was only a couple years older than me. Even since breaking up with Curt, I had only enjoyed men my age or younger.

“Fuck,” I cursed aloud when my gaze suddenly fell on the clock.

It was past eight, meaning I would miss my regular bus. Even the next one, which took longer and required a transfer, would be a stretch if I didn’t get moving. Putting aside thoughts of the handsome handyman, I dashed to the bathroom for a quick shower. Once cleaned up, I threw on cotton bikini briefs and a colourful, sleeveless dress. The dress was pretty modest so I didn’t bother looking for a bra. Blessed with small, perky tits, I often went without.

I raced out the door of my apartment with a Danish in one hand after gulping down a glass of juice. To my horror, I saw the bus pulling away when I got down to the street. The fucker had been three minutes early.

“Jesus Christ, now what?” I spat out.

With a sigh, I walked to the bus stop and leaned on the hydro pole next to it. There would be another in fifteen minutes but that one would not get me to work before nine. I ate my meager breakfast in a sombre mood.

“Need a lift, young lady?” called out a familiar voice.

Startled, I looked up to see Pete’s truck across the street. The contractor was leaning out the driver’s side window. His lovely Irish accent had never been so welcome.

“I do. You offering?” I called back, chuckling a little.

“I am, indeed. If you’re not there, who’ll approve paying me?”

Giggling, I dashed across the street. Once I was safely in the passenger seat, Pete pulled out into traffic. Memories of the dream welled up as I looked over at him. My gaze slipped down to his lap, wondering if his cock was really that thick.

“So, how are you doing today?” Pete said as he navigated the dense morning traffic on the main street.

“Slept in. I haven’t even had coffee yet,” I replied.

“We can hit a Timmy’s on the way.”

“Nah, I need to get to work. I’ll get some from the office machine when I arrive.”

“Was surprised to see you there this morning. Someone told me you were moving out of that complex when you got married.”

“I called off the wedding. Realized I wasn’t ready,” I explained.

“Seriously?” Pete responded with a raised eyebrow, “That must have been a shock for the guy.”

“For me, too, really,” I agreed, “Curt’s a really good guy and would be a really good husband. I just … I had a fling with another man and realized that maybe I was missing something by marrying the first guy I slept with.”

“Good thing to find out before you get married,” the contractor said with a wink at me.

“I suppose. Still miss Curt at times, though. Wonder if I did the right thing.”

“I found out well after I was married that maybe there was more,” the contractor sighed, “Trust me, it’s better to find out before.”

“What happened?”

“Had a wild little fling or three. Ended my first marriage.”

“But you’ve mentioned a wife. So you married again?” I asked, a little puzzled.

“Yep. Maggie is number two,” Pete confirmed, “But we have a very different sort of relationship.”

“How so?”

“We have an open marriage. We see other people individually and share lovers at times.”

“Sharing would require at least one of you to be bisexual, wouldn’t it?”

“Maggie is. I’ve experimented with men a bit, too, but it’s mostly her.”

“I’ve thought about what it would be like to be with a woman, but have never done it,” I said, remembering again my attraction to Marcy.

We were stopped at a light and Pete looked over at me. It was pretty clear he was checking me out. I found myself wishing my dress was a bit more revealing, wanting to him to see and desire my body. My pussy got a bit wetter at that thought.

“You’re Maggie’s type,” the contractor said as he returned his eyes to the road, “Maybe I should introduce you two. See what happens.”

That gave my arousal another little nudge. I was worried that my panties would be getting wet.

“Maybe,” I responded in a hushed voice.

We reached my workplace at that point. Pete got out his tools and headed back to the warehouse where he was installing new shelving. After getting some coffee, I retreated to my office to try to distract myself with work. It wasn’t easy in my aroused state. I contemplated masturbating a couple times, even touching myself through my panties at one point. Work kept intervening, though.

All through the morning, I could hear Pete working in the warehouse. I tried to ignore the sounds and focus on my work, but it was not easy. Hearing him reminded me of the dream and the conversation in the truck. It wasn’t just my lust for the contractor that was distracting me. He had planted, perhaps deliberately, the idea of being with both him and his wife. I was finding that fantasy irresistible.

About eleven, things quieted down. I rose to go see how Pete was doing. Before going to the warehouse, I slipped into the washroom near my office. Locking the door, I stood in front of the mirror. After a moment’s thought, I undid some buttons on the top of my dress, enough to show some décolletage. If I bent over, it might even flash him.

A bit more tentatively, I raised my skirt and slipped my briefs off. They were still a bit damp anyhow. The skirt of the dress buttoned up at the left side, so I undid a few buttons from the bottom up to the thigh. That created a nice slit that would show off my left leg and maybe more given the right movements and position.

In the warehouse, Pete was testing the shelving units he had been installing. The contractor was wearing a sleeveless muscle shirt that showed off his rippling biceps as he applied pressure to test the brackets.

“Going well?” I asked.

Pete looked at me and grinned. I could see his eyes flicking up and down, looking me over. They seemed to linger longest on my unbuttoned top.

“These babies aren’t going anywhere,” he grunted, “Just got the east bay left to do. Could be done today if I had an extra hour or two.”

“I don’t have any commitments for tonight. Stay late to finish if you like and I’ll hang around to close up,” I suggested, inwardly gleeful at the thought of being alone in the building with Pete.

Walking up to one of the units, I looked it over.

“These are so much better than what the previous owner had installed,” I said after testing it for myself.

“Yeah, you’ve go to do it right or you’ll pay later. Just make sure your staff do their job right and put the heavy stuff on the bottom,” Pete replied.

“With the state of the old shelves, I think that’s become instinct for them. One nearly came down on Carrie last week.”

“Ouch. No wonder you were in a rush to get this done.”

My eyes spotted something on the floor. The light wasn’t great but I was pretty sure it was a drill bit. Gave me an excuse to bend over. Making sure I was facing the contractor, I leaned over to retrieve it.

“This is yours, I think,” I said as I straightened up.

The look and slight blush on Pete’s face said it all. He’d clearly seen what I wanted him to see: two small firm tits capped by large dark nipples.

“It, um, is,” the contractor stammered, taking the bit from me.

The thought of being drilled by him slipped through my aroused brain.

“Come by my office and let me know when you’re done. I’ll be waiting,” I said as I left, trying to sound sexy and flirty.

“I will.”

Pete’s eyes were still fixed on my body.

Back in the office, I slumped in my chair. My heart was pounding and my pussy was wet again. The thrill of flirting with, and exposing myself to, Pete was arousing. Putting a hand inside my dress, I touched a nipple. It was hard and sensitive. Rubbing it sent little electric signals to my pussy, increasing the arousal there. Hearing a noise in the hall, I quickly pulled my hand out and got busy as a couple of my staff appeared at the door.

Pete came to my office about six, looking rather worn out.

“All done,” he said, “You’ll get my bill on Monday.”

“Thank you so much for taking this on so quickly,” I responded, standing up.

After five, anticipating his arrival, I had undone another button. It would take little for me to flash him a view of my tits now.

“No problem,” the contractor said, “You guys always pay on time and I didn’t have any other big jobs queued up until next week.”

Moving closer, I looked up at Pete. His eyes flicked down from my face to my partly exposed chest. From his expression, I guessed that undoing more of my top was having the desired effect. Never much of a seductress, I was nonetheless enjoying this game.

“This morning in the van, you said I was your wife’s type. Am I also yours?” I asked.

Pete smiled. There was a lascivious gleam in his deep blue eyes.

“Maggie’s tastes and mine are similar, yes,” he responded, “The question is, am I your type?”

“Do you believe dreams have meaning?”

“Depends on the dream. How does that answer my question?”

“I had a dream last night about being fucked in the dark by a guy with a thick cock.”

“Nice dream,” Pete answered with a chuckle, “How’d it end?”

“I woke up before I came, but I took care of things,” I said, “And I did see his face before I awoke.”

“Who was it?”

The tone of the contractor’s voice suggested he knew the answer.

I replied, “Like you have to ask. It was you. Does that turn you on?”

“You turn me on,” he said, a hungry gleam in his eyes, “That dream must be why you’ve been coming on like a hot little hussy all day.”

“Are you going to treat me like a hot little hussy?” I asked, now very excited.

“If that’s what you’re wanting, I’m game.”

“Your wife?”

“As I said, it’s an open marriage. I’ll have to tell Maggie what happens but that will likely just get her eager to meet you.”

Grinning, I undid the remaining buttons of my dress, then slid the garment down to the floor. That left me naked save for my sandals. Pete stared for a moment, then quickly shed his top. His lean, muscular torso was covered with a pelt of curly dark hair lightly salted with grey. Putting a hand on Pete’s belly, I slid it up to his chest through the coarse fur.

The contractor responded by taking my left breast in his hand. Gently, he kneaded the firm little mound of flesh. Then he took the nipple in his fingers and lightly pinched it before rolling it between them. Hot little sparks went through my body, arousing me further.

“May I?” I asked, reaching for his belt.

“Please do,” he answered, even as I began undoing it.

Would his cock live up to what I had dreamt? There was only way to know. When his belt was undone, I quickly unfastened his jeans. I pushed them and his underwear down to reveal a dense curly bush over a partly-erect cock. Pete’s dick wasn’t long but it was very thick, exactly what I had dreamt, exactly what I wanted.

“This is beautiful,” I said quietly, massaging his cock with my fingers.

“It gets better.”

“I’m sure.”

I pulled my chair over and sat in front of him. After I lightly kissed his cock, I put it between my lips and began sucking. The thickness didn’t make fellatio easy, but I still managed to get enough in my mouth to give him a good blow. Pete moaned and whispered encouragement all the while.

“I want to fuck you,” he suddenly blurted out after he was at full erection.

Releasing his cock, I stroked it lovingly with my fingers and gazed up at Pete’s handsome face.

“You’re in luck. I want to be fucked,” I whispered, then mouthed, “By you.”

I stood up after giving his dick a final kiss. Climbing on to my desk, I positioned myself on all fours. Hands caressed my ass. One slid down to explore my wet pussy. A finger probed inside. The anticipation of being taken had me on edge and I shuddered a little at even this minimal penetration.

“You are very ready, little lady,” Pete mumbled.

I felt him spread my wet lips, then the head of his cock pressed against my opening. With two hard thrusts, Pete drove it all the way in. The contractor was almost too thick, stretching me close to the line between pleasure and pain.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” the man muttered.

“And you’re thick. It feels perfect,” I gasped, a little out of breath.

Pete said no more, just began fucking me as fast and hard as the tight fit allowed. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the sensation of being filled with that thick tool. Something touched my swollen clit and I realized that the contractor was playing with it as his cock slid back and forth within me.

“Oh yes, Pete, that feels so good,” I moaned, “Give it to me, baby, give it to me hard!”

Pete didn’t disappoint. He took my dirty talk to heart, driving his cock in vigorously while roughly massaging my sensitive bud.

“Oh my God, that is so fucking good!” I managed to howl out as I climaxed.

The sensation of my vagina tightening around his cock must have set Pete off.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” he cursed loudly as his cock pulsed inside me.

With our orgasms nearly simultaneous, Pete kept at me until we were both sated. Then he pulled out and stumbled back to lean against the wall. I turned and sat up on the edge of the desk, spreading my legs to expose my dripping, inflamed pussy.

“God, that was good,” he said, his eyes clearly staring at the space between my legs.

Before I could say anything, Pete was on his knees in front of me. His tongue explored my slit, eagerly lapping up the flood of male and female juices that was running out of me. After thoroughly exploring my cunt, the contractor’s tongue teased my clit. Still primed from the hard fuck and Pete’s fingering, I exploded a second time.

I finally pushed Pete back, too sensitive for more of his licking and sucking. He looked up at me for a moment, then got up to stand over me. Our mouths met in a long, hot kiss. I could taste cum, both his and mine, on his tongue as I explored it with my own. My hand was on his soft, wet cock, massaging it in hopes of reawakening it. We kept at that for a while, but Pete finally stopped.

“I could go again if we keep this up, but I have to get home,” he said, “Where can I reach you if Maggie wants to meet you?”

“Just use the cell number on my business card.”

“Okay. You free this weekend?”

“At the moment. My schedule could fill up at a moment’s notice, though.”

“Maybe I can be the one to fill it.”

“I really hope so. I like having things filled by you,” I said, winking at him, “I’m eager to meet your wife. And maybe enjoy you some more?”

“You’ll get that chance, I’m sure.”

Pete was dressed and ready to go. I kissed him goodbye, then went to the washroom to clean up. The building was empty save for me but I still felt weird walking naked through the halls. Back in my office, I dressed. Thoughts of Pete and what might happen next were dancing in my imagination.

I ate a quick dinner at the café across the street, then went home. As I undressed to shower and get ready for bed, my phone chimed to alert me to a text message.

“Tomorrow afternoon?” it read. The number was Pete’s cell.

“Sounds good. When?” I responded.

“Come about four and we’ll have something to eat. Besides you, of course,” he replied, adding a winking smiley.

I was dream-free that night, though anticipation made it hard to get to sleep at first. In the morning, though, my feelings had shifted. I felt desire, to be sure, at the thought that I might get both my first time with a woman and another fuck from Pete’s thick tool. As I went through my wardrobe figuring out what to wear, though, I felt strange and a bit wary. This wasn’t just an ordinary date or hookup. A man finding a woman to share with his wife was something outside my experience.

Still, sex was sex and until my office hookup with Pete, I hadn’t really had much of it recently. Shoving my qualms aside, I settled on going casual. I put on tight denim shorts over a pink lace thong with a tube top and no bra on top. While I could have dolled up for the occasion, I felt sexier in this casual outfit. Whatever I wore likely wouldn’t stay on for long anyway.

As I stood in front of the mirror, a stray memory brought me up short. It was of me in much the same outfit making out with Curt on a park bench as the sun set. That evening had been fairly early in our relationship, just after he had taken my virginity. To my surprise and chagrin, tears welled up at the memory.

We’d had dinner at Leroy’s Bar and Grill, then gone out to a park called Eversham Bluffs where we knew we could have a good view of the sunset. Feeling both romantic and a bit horny, we had gone as far as we dared in that public spot. Curt had played with my tits and masturbated me to climax. As he did so, I pulled his cock out to stroke him off, finishing him in my mouth.

I turned away from the mirror and quickly shed the outfit, changing into a navy miniskirt and pale blue t-shirt. Those clothes carried no memories. Still, the remembrance of a hot moment with the man I had nearly married didn’t help my hesitation any. For a while, I contemplated texting Pete to cancel. I could just say I wasn’t feeling well.

About three-thirty, though, I gave in and summoned a ride. Excitement began to override my anxiety as we drove out to the subdivision where the O’Connors lived. I even began to feel a bit horny when I saw us turning on to their street.

Their house was impressive, an older two-storey with red brick and a beautifully landscaped yard. I was a bit tense as I walked to the front door and pressed the bell. The door opened after a couple minutes. A woman in a colourful beach wrap smiled out at me, her beauty almost immediately captivating me.

The woman, who I assumed must be Maggie O’Connor, was about my height, but much curvier. Her tits were very large and round as they strained against her wrap, the neckline exposing deep cleavage. She had a pretty face with girlish features and a lively twinkle in her brown eyes. Chestnut hair spilled down to just past her shoulders.

“Hello, Julia,” she sang out cheerfully, her accent almost identical to Pete’s, “So nice to meet you. I’m Maggie. Pete’s out but he’ll join us as soon as he’s back.”

Maggie gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I thrilled to the feel of her voluptuousness against me and happily returned the hug. Then she led me out back to a big wooden deck.

“Want something to drink? We have wine, beer, whiskey, pop, you name it.”

“Wine sounds nice.”

“Chardonnay? It’s a nice one from California.”


I settled on a lounge while Maggie went inside to get the wine. Returning with a tray holding a bottle and glasses, my hostess set it down on a table next to my lounge and filled the glasses. Then she untied her wrap and slipped it off. Her pink bikini was about the skimpiest that could possibly support her ample figure. Pulling over another lounge, Maggie lay down on it and took a sip of her wine.

“You can strip down, too, if you like,” she said, “It’s very private around here with all these trees.”

“I don’t have a swimsuit on like you do,” I responded, feeling a bit shy, “Not even a bra, just a thong.”

“Whatever suits you. I won’t complain about seeing a lovely girl like you in just a thong, though.”

I blushed and giggled a little.

“If it makes you more comfortable,” Maggie added, “I’ll take my top off so we’ll both be equally naked.”

“You really do want to see more of me, don’t you?” I said, excitement overriding shyness.

“I do.”

Getting up, I stood over Maggie with a grin on my face. Slowly, I pulled up my t-shirt, baring my tits to the breeze and her eyes. Tossing it aside, I unzipped and removed the skirt, leaving me in just the thong. I sat back down, flashed a wink at my hostess, and took a long sip of my wine.

“How’s that?” I asked.

“Lovely,” Maggie gushed, obviously relishing my impromptu striptease.

She sat up and undid her top, slowly sliding it off. Her tits sagged without support, though less than I expected. They were surprisingly perky for their size. Her aureoles and nipples astounded me. They were bigger than any I had seen before. The aureoles formed large brown circles covering the entire front of her boobs with the nipples as large bullseyes in the center.

“Like what you see?” Maggie asked, raising her breasts up in her hands.

Realizing that I was staring at her chest, I pulled my gaze up.

“Yeah,” I said, stammering a little, “I’ve never seen a pair like yours before. Even my friend Marcy, who has fairly big tits.”

“You’ve seen your friend’s bare breasts?” my hostess asked, sounding intrigued.

“I have. We’ve had sex in the same room a couple times. With guys we picked up, not each other.”

“Do you like seeing your friend naked?”

I nodded, blushing a little, and took another large sip of wine. The alcohol was starting to relax me a little.

“It was part of the turn-on of being in the same room,” I explained.

“You like to watch?”

“I guess so,” I responded, giggling a little, “I don’t watch a lot of porn or anything but I got really turned on by seeing her with a guy.”

“What about other women? Besides your friend.”

I thought back before replying, “I’ve seen friends naked in change rooms and stuff, but I can’t say I got turned on by them. I had a crush on a teacher in high school and fantasized about her quite a bit. Nothing happened, though. I don’t think she ever knew.”

“My first time was with a female teacher,” Maggie said, sounding a bit wistful, “I had just turned seventeen and hadn’t even been with a boy, yet.”

“Was it good?”

“Very. The affair lasted most of the school year. Then we got caught.”

“Oh shit,” I gasped, “That must have been bad.”

“Very,” Maggie affirmed, “Ended her career, I think. My parents had to move me to another school just to get me away from the reputation I picked up. I got involved with my first boyfriend there and tried to avoid any interest in my own sex for a while.”

“That’s understandable. But you eventually tried it again.”

“In university, I fell for a lesbian who lived in my dorm,” she replied, “We had a two-year relationship. I eventually realized I missed getting cock and started cheating on her with men. And that was kind of my life for a while; see-sawing between men and women. Then I had my first marriage to a guy and tried to be monogamous.”

“How did that go?”

Maggie snorted and laughed.

“It went about as you’d expect,” she recounted, “After five years, I started an affair with a bisexual lady next door. That ended both our marriages. I lived with her for a while, but we drifted apart. Then I met Pete and we found we both wanted an open relationship.”

I sighed, wondering how my life might have been different had I been as open to my sexual needs and desires as Maggie seemed to be.

“My life is so different from yours, Maggie. I didn’t even lose my virginity until I was twenty-four. Religious upbringing holding me back, I guess,” I said quietly, “Kissed a couple guys in university but never let it go further. And the guy I finally did it with was the one I almost married.”

“Almost?” she said. “Oh, right. Pete said something about a wedding that didn’t happen.”

“I had a fling with another guy the night before the wedding,” I recounted, realizing how tiring it was becoming to explain over and over, “It was the same time I saw my friend having sex. That changed my mind. I emailed my fiancé the next morning to call it off.”

“Was it a good decision?”

“I’m wrestling with it. Hearing your story, I kind of think so. You’ve had fidelity issues all your life. I might have been the same, especially if I ever let myself explore my desires for women.”

“And you still haven’t explored them? Even since leaving your fiancé?”

I shook my head.

“To be honest, I haven’t had much sex since that day,” I sighed, “A couple times with the same guys that prompted it and that’s it.”

“Why not?”

That question caught me off-guard. I hadn’t really thought about it.

“I don’t know. I have the desire but I guess I’m not the type to just go out and hook up. I’m not that comfortable seducing strangers. After all, I didn’t have much of a love life before Curt.”

“So, what was different about my husband?”

“I knew Pete from work and … and maybe he told you this, but I had an erotic dream about him.”

“I heard. Pete said you came on pretty strong. It surprised him. He never saw you as a very sexual person even though he was interested in you.”

“He was?” I asked, a bit surprised.

“Oh yeah. I’d heard your name before yesterday, let’s put it that way.”

I finished my wine and poured myself another. My eyes roamed over Maggie’s body again, drinking in the sight of her full, soft curves. I wondered how it would feel to run my hands over her soft flesh. She was watching me, clearly reveling in my appreciation of her body.

“Feel like a soak in the hot tub?” she finally asked.

“Sure. Okay if I’m naked?”

Maggie shrugged. “We soak nude all the time. I’ll get naked, too.”

I got up and removed my thong, noticing how hungrily Maggie looked at my freshly shaved mound. Fortunately, I had given it a pass with the razor while showering in the morning.

She got up and removed her bikini bottom. Her pubic hair was trimmed but still fairly bushy. I wore mine that way sometimes, too, and found it an attractive look. It was her lips that attracted my attention, though. They were large and soft, very visible.

“Over there,” Maggie said, pointing to a corner of the deck.

The tub was large, easily capable of handling four or five people, and sunk into the deck. Setting my wine on the side, I slipped into the warm water and found a nice seat. After immersing myself briefly to get my body used to the temperature, I stretched out and yawned. Maggie sat opposite me, her body alongside mine. Our legs touched lightly under the water and neither of us was inclined to separate them.

“Did you enjoy having sex with Pete?” Maggie asked, her hand brushing my leg as she resumed our conversation.

“Very much. I love thick cocks and his may be the thickest I’ve had,” I answered.

“Me, too. I’m kind of loose to start with so it takes a thick one to fill me properly.”

“I’m the opposite. Still pretty tight.”

“Does a guy like Pete hurt you?”

“Not quite. Just takes me to the limit, which is where I like to be.”

Her hand had been caressing my leg as we talked, working slowly higher.

“What else do you like in a guy besides a thick cock?” she asked.

I returned her caress, enjoying the smoothness of her skin under my fingers.

“I like men in good shape. Lots of muscles. I love body hair that I can run my fingers through. And someone who is good with his mouth.”

Her hand crept higher.

“What about women?” Maggie quietly inquired.

“Hard to say when I haven’t been with any. Large breasts excite me,” I responded, once again eyeing her big tits, “I have such a slight figure, I guess I naturally gravitate to women who have some curves.”

“I like your figure. Small firm tits that look nice without any support are so beautiful. And I love that you shave.”

“That’s fairly new. Curt liked me to have some hair so I used to just trim it. Since the breakup, I’ve been shaving it clean. I actually like being smooth. I’m even considering waxing.”

“You should. Lasts longer than shaving.”

Maggie’s hand crept up to touch my naked pubis, caressing the soft skin. We stared into each other’s eyes. She moved her face in close to mine. Before I was really conscious of what was happening, we kissed. Her tongue slid in to meet mine. I was surprised by how natural it felt to kiss a woman. As we kissed, Maggie began touching more of my body, especially my tits.

“How was that?” she asked after a couple long French kisses.

“Feels good,” I replied in a hushed voice, “May I touch you?”

“Please do.”

Taking one large, soft breast in my hand, I caressed it. As I did, I kissed Maggie again. There was something extremely exciting about this moment. It was like having my first time all over again.

“Well, well, look at this. Leave you two alone and all hell breaks loose.”

Maggie and I both jumped a little at the sound of her husband’s voice. Pete was standing over us in a tight little swimsuit. His cock made a nice bulge in it.

“About time you got home, Peter O’Connor,” his wife chided, “Get the big blanket spread out and we can really have some fun.”

While Maggie and I made out in the tub some more, Pete took out a big picnic blanket that he spread out on the lawn. As he finished, Maggie got up and offered me a hand. I rose and followed her out to the yard. Pete met us, giving first his wife and then me a long, deep kiss.

“Lie down, Julia,” said Maggie, “I want to enjoy you a bit.”

I lay across the middle of the blanket and the woman lay on top of me. We kissed again, Maggie’s soft, heavy body pressing down on me as my hands stroked her hair and back. Pete sat on the edge, watching us with wide-eyed delight on his face. His hand kept straying to massage the bulge in his trunks.

After a couple long kisses, Maggie moved her mouth to my neck. I moved my head to expose more to her. After a couple kisses, she gently bit me. Not enough to draw blood, but definitely enough to leave a mark. A couple more kisses came, then a second bite.

“Oh, I like that,” I whispered, my body quivering with excitement, “I like that so much.”

Maggie didn’t respond, but kept kissing and biting my neck, and then my shoulder. At the same time, her hand was on my breast, squeezing and stroking it.

Finally, she ran her tongue down my shoulder and collarbone to my left breast, where she circled my erect nipple a few times. Then she sucked that nipple between her lips and gently pressed it between her teeth. It wasn’t quite a bite but was still firm enough to send a very strong signal out from the sensitive tip of my breast.

By this point, I was getting into an intense state of arousal. Closing my eyes, I just let myself enjoy the feeling of Maggie’s mouth and hand on my body.

When a second mouth closed on my other breast, I opened my eyes in surprise to see Pete latched on. As husband and wife each sucked and nibbled on a nipple, their hands caressed my thighs, working up to my wet pussy. They seemed perfectly coordinated when they reached the top. Pete entered me with his middle finger, working my wet interior. His wife began stroking the hood over my clit, stimulating that sensitive little bud as it swelled with arousal.

I lost myself in the incredible sensation of two mouths and two hands working me in concert. When my orgasm hit, I arched my back and let my breath out in a howl. The couple didn’t back off, but kept playing with my body. The climax seemed to go on forever, but finally faded. Both stopped and sat up on either side of me. After a moment, I sat up, too.

“That was amazing,” I said when I caught my breath, “So intense.”

“It was, wasn’t it?” Maggie responded, caressing my back with her fingers.

My eyes fell on Pete. He had removed his trunks and his cock was standing at attention, aroused by the play so far.

“Pete needs some attention, I think. Do you mind, Maggie?” I asked, suddenly hungry for that cock.

“Go ahead,” she answered.

I crawled up to Pete on all fours. Wrapping my lips around the head, I sucked vigorously while stroking the tip with my tongue. Gradually, I worked him in further, letting his thickness fill my mouth until I was close to gagging and had to stop. Behind me, I felt Maggie’s tongue on my pussy, lapping at the dripping opening and teasing my still-sensitive clit.

“I think she’s ready for you, honey,” Maggie said after a few minutes.

I released Pete’s cock from my mouth and turned so my ass was facing him. As her husband drove his cock into me, Maggie took his place in front of me, legs spread to show her wet, engorged puss. Those big, soft lips looked very enticing. Tentatively, I licked them, then gently sucked them into my mouth.

“Go ahead, Julia, that feels good,” Maggie encouraged.

Sliding my tongue in, I tasted the woman’s core. It was intoxicating and I kept at it as her husband continued to drill me from behind.

“Oh God, you are good at this,” Maggie moaned.

Sliding my tongue up her slit, I teased her clitoris with the tip. Maggie’s clit was bigger than mine, almost like a tiny penis. That inspired me. Pursing my lips around it, I sucked. She gasped but urged me on, so I kept that up, alternating sucking and licking her clit. Between the taste of pussy and the feel of Pete’s thick tool stretching my own pussy, I was quickly losing myself again.

“Oh my God, girl,” Maggie yelped, “Oh fuck yes!”

A stream of her juices ran out of her slit as she climaxed. Her cries continued as I worked her clit to a finish. Then I lapped up the sweet nectar that my attention had produced. I scarcely heard Pete’s roar, though I felt the distinct sensation of his cock pulsing inside me.

Sated, Pete pulled his cock out. At Maggie’s direction, I got on my back and opened my legs. She dove in and began eating me, her tongue sliding in to lap up the messy stream of her husband’s cream and my juices.

As she attended to me, her husband mounted my face, inviting me to suck our mingled juices off of his cock. I did so eagerly, taking his soft cock in and working it with lips and tongue. My mouth filled with the mingled flavours of both our cum.

Maggie seemed to have had her fill of cum and was now working my clitoris with her tongue. A finger intruded into my pussy and began massaging my G spot. Her nimble, experienced tongue and finger pushed me inexorably to another orgasm. When it hit, my body shuddered and I released Pete’s cock.

“Oh yes,” I gasped, body quivering with the beautiful waves of pleasure rippling through it.

After that, we all sat around on the blanket recovering and chatting. My eyes flicked from one spouse to the other. I felt mild astonishment at how much I had enjoyed both of them. Could this be the kind of relationship I really needed?

Maggie got up and stretched. “I’m getting hungry. How about we clean up and eat?” she suggested.

“Good plan,” her husband agreed, getting up himself, “Julia, there’s an outdoor shower over by the tub. We’ll get you a robe to wear.”

I rose and walked to the shower while Maggie went inside. By the time I was cleaned up, she was back with towels and bathrobes. I dried myself and put on a robe. Pouring myself a fresh glass of wine, I settled into a chair to watch as they showered. Wet bodies were a very sexy sight for me and I found myself getting a bit aroused, especially watching Pete wash his cock.

Dinner was simple, a nice gourmet chicken salad with fresh bread and a lemon mousse for dessert, all accompanied by a bottle of Italian wine. We ate outside around the table on their deck, chatting amiably about our lives and interests. It was a moment for getting to know each other in ways other than sexual. I found myself becoming more relaxed and comfortable with the couple.

After dinner, we lay down on lounge chairs around the deck. Pete’s robe flopped open, exposing his cock and balls. The sight had me thinking about sex again. Smiling and winking at the contractor, I flipped my robe open to show off my shaved mound and pussy. Pete winked back and gave his cock a rub. I responded by spreading my pussy lips with my fingers.

Maggie laughed and shook her head. “You two are clearly in need of each other’s attention, I think,” she said.

I took that as a cue. Getting up from the lounge, I slipped my robe off. Then I climbed on to the end of Pete’s lounge, kneeling between his legs. I caressed his cock with my fingers while looking into his eyes. He leaned forward to kiss me as he groped one of my tits with his right hand.

“Let’s go inside and show her the special bed,” Maggie said after letting us enjoy each other for a bit.

“Special bed?” I said, my eyebrows shooting up.

“Yeah, Pete built us a great little playroom. Come and see.”

“Wow! This is fantastic,” I gasped when I saw the room in question.

Pete had taken one of the extra bedrooms and put a huge, round bed in the middle. The ceiling over the bed had a mirror mounted on it as did two walls. Corner shelving units filled three corners and held erotic art, sex toys, and some books.

Pete shed his robe and climbed on the bed. I quickly lay alongside him. Slowly, I began massaging his cock with my fingers while we engaged in a string of fierce kisses. Maggie got naked and settled into a big, cozy chair that had a good view of us. Spreading her legs, she played with her pussy and tits as she watched me with her husband.

Slithering down Pete’s body, I began licking his cock from balls to head as it rested on his lower belly. He tasted slightly salty, just a hint of sweat. Finally, I put my lips around that thick, erect rod. After sucking on him a bit, I moved my mouth down to suck on one of his balls as I worked his cock with my fingers again.

I don’t know what overcame me next, but I did something I had never contemplated before. Pulling his ass cheeks apart to expose his back hole, I pushed my tongue in and teased it. I had been rimmed once myself so I knew what it felt like but had never done it to another person.

“Oh wow, that’s good, Julia,” the man moaned, as I worked his little rosebud with my tongue and stroked his cock.

He was rock hard now and I was getting pretty aroused myself. Getting up, I straddled his hips and began slowly rubbing my pussy lips along his shaft. As I did, I put on a bit of a show for Pete, licking my lips and using my fingers to stroke, pinch, and pull my erect nipples.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Maggie was getting aroused by the whole scene. With one hand, she was working a dildo in her pussy. The other hand was on her right breast, playing with the nipple much as I was doing with mine. I debated whether to keep going on Pete or go over to join her. However, the temptation of riding the man’s thick cock was too much to resist. I took Pete’s cock, wet with my juices and saliva, in my hand and guided it into position at my opening.

“Here we go,” I said with a smile and raise of my eyebrows.

Before he could respond, I impaled myself on that thick pole. Gasping as it opened me up, I keep going down until it was buried in me. I wiggled around a little, enjoying the sensation of fullness it gave me. Slowly, I began moving up and down on Pete’s cock, savouring each movement of it within my aroused pussy.

As I rode Pete, I felt Maggie coming up behind me. Her hands circled around to play with my tits as she rubbed her big boobs again my back.

“Enjoying yourself?” whispered Maggie’s voice next to my ear.

“Very much,” I answered.

Her fingers pinched down hard on my nips and pulled them rather roughly. The pain felt surprisingly good as each pull sent waves of pleasure rippling through my body. I threw my head back to expose my neck to Maggie’s mouth. Her teeth bit down gently the right side of the base of my neck. Instinctively, I tilted my head left to give her better access. Maggie took full advantage. I had never been taken this close to the line between pain and pleasure before and it was making me hotter than ever.

“Oh yes, Maggie,” I moaned as she bit down again.

Pete’s cock erupted inside my pussy, flooding me with his seed. Between Pete’s tool blowing inside me and Maggie’s fingers and mouth working my upper body, my climax became inevitable. I closed my eyes and bore down hard on Pete.

“Oh my God!” I yelped as the orgasm shook me, “Oh my fucking god, yes!”

I collapsed on top of Pete, feeling a bit faint. He put his arms around me and rocked me gently. I felt another body against mine and realized that Maggie had joined in the embrace as well. The sound of sobbing that assailed my ears turned out to be me.

Crickets chirped outside the window of the O’Connors’ guest room as I lay in bed later that night. The couple had invited me to stay and, exhausted by the day’s activities, I had accepted. My thoughts and feelings were in turmoil, though, keeping me from sleep. I found myself wishing I was home in my own bed.

As my body came down from the intense erotic high of the afternoon and evening, discontent was settling in to replace it. I had enjoyed the sex immensely when it happened, especially my first sexual contact with a woman. But there was a lingering dissatisfaction, a sense that not all my needs had been met. It was a feeling that I had haunted me after all of my encounters that summer. I had never felt that way with Curt.

Rising from the bed, I found my clothes and dressed. I eased the door of the room open and peered out. The O’Connors’ bedroom door was closed with no sounds or light coming from behind it. Relieved that I could slip away unnoticed, I crept out to their kitchen. There was a notepad on the fridge door and I quickly scribbled out a note.

“Sorry I snuck out. Realized that I have plans and need to be home. Thanks for a wonderful day. Julia,” was all I wrote.

It was a bit of a white lie. The plans were to attend a friend’s bridal shower late in the afternoon. I could have easily slept over and stayed until lunch without any problem getting to the party. But it gave me a reasonable excuse for leaving, for avoiding the morning sex I was almost certain they would want.

I waited until I was outside and away from the house before I summoned a cab. Then I sat down on the curb to wait. Turbulent thoughts of all that had happened since the night before my wedding swirled around in my tired brain. The calm in the eye of that storm was the face of my one-time fiancé. By the time the driver arrived, I was in tears again.

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