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Temptation Calling

An intense night-time phone sex fantasy affair while their spouses sleep.

Thank you sweet_as_candy for the title inspiration.

I half expect the cavernous silence over the phone line to end in a click and the dial tone. As the moments tick by, the fact it doesn't begins to worry me just as much. It means she's considering my offer. Too late to take it back.

Willing my heart to stop thumping in case it wakes my wife one floor above the living room in which I sit, I wait. The softness of the sofa contrasts with the receiver nestled between my shoulder and ear. I'd needed my hands free; one to grip the stiff shaft that protruded from the open fly of my jeans, the other to cup my balls resting atop the material of my navy boxers.

Her voice comes over the line. A soft whisper to avoid waking her husband. "Are you serious?"

Realising my mouth is devoid of moisture, I reach for the water bottle and chug. Then manage to croak, "Yes," as I replace the cap.


"One time offer."

There's another pause. I can hear her breathing, faster than before. "I thought you were risk averse. What changed?"

Jacking my cock once and watching a clear bead of fluid ooze from the head and dribble its length, I offer, "You? Me? Dunno. Something." A sigh escapes, louder than I expect. "I just know I need this. Need you."

There's an edge to her voice: "Are you still touching yourself?"

"Yes. Are you?"

"Always with you."

"How close?"

Total silence. Enough that I think we may have been cut off. Then a breathy exhalation. "Close."

I imagine her sitting there alone, probably in her pyjamas, hand under the thin material that rhythmically deforms as she brings herself pleasure. I know he sleeps in the spare room.

Her breathing is taut. It filters into my brain and excites me as I imagine what she's doing, my mind a fertile hotbed of tumbling erotic imagery. She breathes in sharply. Two tiny inhalations back-to-back. "What are you thinking about?"

"Our chat earlier. You in your work outfit. Sat in the office winding the phone cord around a fingertip. Crisp blouse and tight pencil skirt stretching to hug your shapely figure." My dick surges with blood and I stroke it. "Can't stop thinking about it. My God, if I was there. In your office."

The playfulness returns in her voice. "Yeah? What would you do?"

"Walk up behind your chair. Kiss your neck while you work."

"That's too distracting. Neck kisses would only lead to an intense session of naughtiness."

"So how about I just stand behind you while you work? Massage your shoulders. Take away the stress. Maybe slip my hand under your collar. Bend to kiss the exposed flesh. Nothing naughty about that is there?"

"God damn. You're pressing just about every button at once today. But no, nothing at all wrong with that. You'd brush my hair aside, I expect."

"Yes. To trail kisses up your neck to your ear, where I'd whisper that I want you to remove your blouse. Button. By. Fucking. Button." I squeeze my cockhead and rasp, "To tease me like only you know how."

"God, I can almost feel your breath on me. Fingers shaking as I pop the top button revealing a hint of cleavage. Pausing before releasing the next. Showing a little more. You can see the creamy flesh of my boobs peeking into view down my top."

Making a claw shape with my fingertips, like a fairground machine that grabs the cuddly toy from the glass enclosure, I rake the pads up and down the full length of my hardness, tip to base. Sticky pre-come smears into my palm, and the noise schlicks in the semi-darkness of the lounge, just one wall light casting a soft glow over my rakish frame. "Yesss. I love when you tease me."

"Do you like it when I stop unbuttoning to cup my breasts? Give them a firm squeeze through the flimsy material." I let out a groan of approval. "Shhhhh," she warns. "Don't wake her."

I reduce the volume. "I'd place my hands on yours. Feel the flesh deforming under our massage. Feather kisses to your neck as you tip your head to one side and moan."

"Ohhhh, you make me instantly throb. Just like that." I hear a click of her fingers. "I'd lean back, eyes closed with my hands under yours. So fucking sexy. Maybe I'd slip my hands away so you could feel the full weight of my big tits."

"I'd love that. Whisper how turned on you make me as my palms roll your beautiful boobs. Nibble your ear as you unsnap one more button and I tell you we need to talk about how inappropriate your work attire is for our productivity levels."

My dick surges and I pump it, more clear fluid leaking from the flared, circumcised tip. I let out a low growl. "The only problem with teasing me is you know I'm likely to just snap. Push me too far and you've no idea what I'll do."

She sighs. "My pulse is racing so much. Can you hear it?" Pausing, she lets me hear how her breaths catch as she touches herself a hundred miles away. "I can feel you behind me. God I fucking want you. You make me melt."

"So if I pinch your nipples through your bra, would I feel you shiver as they harden? Maybe you'd let out a little gasp when I tweak the caps."

"You know I would. Fuck. Are you hard?"

"Always for you. Twitching as I trail my fingertips over it. Imagining it's your touch."

"Want to hear how excited that makes me?"

My heart hammers. "Of course."

The phone rustles, then settles, and I'm treated to the repetitive clicking of her wet pussy under the insistent circling. The proximity of the receiver transports me right there. Watching. Imagining the heady smell of her arousal enveloping my senses. Listening to her elevating sighs in the background as juices seep from her hairless opening, fingers glistening.

On a whim, she'd sent me a photo of her delicious soaked snatch after one of our sex-fuelled phone calls a few weeks ago and I'd opened it full screen, instantly aroused at the way her proud clitoris nestled openly at the apex, leading to the splayed butterfly wings in the centre, pink and inviting. The way the tantalising pearly droplets of grool clung to their surface like hot glue. And the way the light played over the glimmering wetness that never seemed to end, plunging into the crack of her voluptuous arse.

Easing the pressure in my trousers, I'd begun jacking my rock hard member over the vista. I took my time, teasing, bringing myself to the brink and edging off, over and over, each step closer to fulfilment almost torture until the pressure built to a crescendo that I couldn't contain. Until excitement consumed me, and fat ropes of come splashed to form irregular milky pools on the screen of the iPad.

Spent and exhilarated, I'd photographed her peppered pussy with my phone and sent the tribute back. She emailed in return an hour later and said she'd masturbated hard in the bathroom to the picture when she should have been working. Said she was worried the neighbours in the garden might have heard her through the open window, but she couldn't help it, spilling over.

Attached to the email were an audio file and a photo of her knickers in a crude figure eight on the bathroom floor. The navy and white polka dot pattern was punctuated with dark wet patches and splotches of creamy come criss-crossing the gusset. I had immediate visions of picking them up, still warm, and eating her silky juices from them. And as I listened to her wet ministrations and desperate moans on loop, it set me off again to spend another hour edging myself to eventual climax.

We're bad for one another, there's no denying it. But it's beyond thrilling, our marital sex lives simply pedestrian in comparison.

The telephone scuffles again and her voice returns, full in my ear. "How was that?"

"Wow. Don't think I've ever been as hard."

Her voice is breathless. "Show me."

Grabbing my mobile, I frame a shot looking back up from near my thighs, the stalk rising majestically from smooth balls to shiny, enraged tip. Allowing a glistening trail of pre-come from a solitary bead to spill down the outside, I snap the shot and send it off.


I know the moment it arrives. "Fuck. You have a gorgeous cock. You drive me absolutely wild as I sit in the office. My nipples are so erect, brushing against my lace bra. My pussy is throbbing, dripping into my gusset. I can feel your hot breath in my ear, telling me what to do. Jesus. I'm so fucking horny."

Taking her lead, I drive the fantasy forward. "My stubble scratches your neck when I whisper for you to stand up. As you do, I step back to watch. Take in your beauty from behind. Every sexy curve. I want you so much, but I'm going to have fun with your body first."

With a slightly sharper tone while still trying to keep my voice low, I continue. "Lean forward. Hands on the desk."

I hear your inhalation and smile. I know how much it turns you on to be commanded. Dominated. I tell you so. "You obey like a good girl, wiggling your sexy arse in that incredible skirt, knowing the effect it'll have on me. My hands slide over your form, running fingers from your shoulders, down your back, over your hips."

"Fuck." Her voice is dirty honey. "That's so arousing. So hot and sexy. I can almost feel your hands trailing my body. Every movement. You make every inch of my body react."

"Good. My hands find your bum and I trace its sweet curve, swatting it lightly with one open palm. I lean in, so close you can feel the heat of my breath tickle your ear, as I tell you that you're so naughty getting me all flustered and hard. Especially when we're both supposed to be working."

She responds, a rawness to her tone. "I push my arse out and slowly grind against your crotch. I love getting hot and horny with you. Your eyes fixated on my rump beneath the tight material of my skirt. I've just looked in the mirror and my nipples are so noticeable. They're aching. It's a good job my hair's straight today so I can cover them."

"You're so beautiful. And all mine. I inch up your skirt with my fingers, every millimetre making me crave you more, until your panties slither into view. I trace fingers over the lacy black material that hugs your sexy butt. Squeeze and knead the flesh beneath. You're so naughty letting me do this." I swallow. "And naughty girls need discipline."

Her breath catches at my words. "Yes. Tell me what you want to do to your naughty girl. I want to feel what I do to you."

"At first I rub my hand over your panties, feeling you melt into me. Then I reach past you, pick up a ruler from the desk and trace its surface languorously over your bum."

"Are you fucking kidding me? God damn, I fucking want you so badly. I'm squeezing my thighs together. My clit is so erect."

"I growl in your ear that you make me so hard. It's very naughty. Unprofessional. You feel the ruler leave your butt and I see you tense, knowing what's coming, yet powerless to stop it. Not wanting to stop it because the very thought makes you immeasurably hot."

I pause for effect, not hearing her steady breathing as the anticipation builds in her head, hanging on my words. So I deliver. "There's a swish. A CRACK as it lands on your sexy, panty-clad arse. You bite your lip and moan."

"I'm actually biting my lip right now. My God. I need that so badly. I'm saturated. Spank my pussy. Make it sting."

"You've no idea what I have in store. But to your credit, you stay put as the heat fizzes through you, wiggling your rump as if taunting me for more. You don't appear to have learned your lesson."

Once more I pause, heightening the expectancy. I adore that she gets off at my words. So much power. "CRACK I swipe again, harder, and you jolt as it hits. The sting turns to intense heat in your pussy, your clit on fire. You groan, desperate to touch yourself. But I won't allow it. Yet."

She's quiet on the other end of the line, just a tiny whimper escaping as I continue. "I wonder if perhaps your other bum cheek is more receptive? So I pull the ruler away, hold back a little longer than before, watching your legs wriggle as your toes curl in anticipation. Then I let it go, spanking harder than before, the report echoing around the office a moment before your cry joins it."

"Fuck. Yes, I need that. I need to wince as the sting radiates through my body."

"Your hand flies to your soaked crotch, cupping it. I simply can't allow that. You've broken the rules. I sink to my knees and rub my hands over the stings through the material. Soothing. Then I grab your hips and spin you to face me. Pull your hand away so I can feast my eyes on your sodden panties."

"You're going to make me come."

"No." My tone is urgent. "Not yet."

She groans. "You're killing me. I need to masturbate. Fuck. My clit is aching. I need my fingers in my pussy. Fucking myself like crazy for you."

"Soon. But first I bend forward to place my nose against your knickers. Look up at you watching me. You love the way my hazel eyes shine at being this close to your sex. Love when I inhale deeply. Fuck, you smell so good. I want nothing more than to dive in and taste you. Eat you through your underwear until they turn see-through, just spit and cunt juice holding them on."

She moans into the mouthpiece. "Jesus."

"He won't save you. Not from what I have planned."

Her voice cracks. "What do you want to do to me?"

"I drag myself away from your mouth-watering crotch and line up the ruler with your pussy. Gaze up to see the fear and sparkle in your eyes, the realisation hitting moments before I drive the plastic against you and hear you scream."

"Oh fuck, yesssss. I'm so wet."

"Do you have knickers on now?"

"Yes. Just those and a vest top."

"Good. Make sure they stay on. So I can imagine a fresh circle of nectar spreading on the surface of the material after I spank your naughty little bare cunt beneath. Swipe after swipe with the ruler, I want to see and smell how horny I make you, then bend forward to wrap my lips around the wetness. Suck it from the fabric, kissing your spanked pussy. Soothing the pain away. You taste so fucking hot."

She moans and I urge her to keep quiet. Last thing I want is to be mashed to a pulp by her incensed husband. When she reduces the volume to mere sexy murmurs in my ear, I add, "I'm wanking for you right now, knowing how wet you are. I want to fuck you so badly. Want to fucking own you." My voice hardens as I grit my teeth and slide my encased fist up and down the veined steel, stroking my tightened balls with the other. "Want to grab your hair, make you suck this hard cock. Make you take it deep in your throat like a good little slut."

Her whimpers and weak voice make my heart flutter. "I'm so hot and juicy. All for you."

"Slip your fingers past your drenched knickers for me. Push them inside. Make them wet, then let me hear you suck your juices from your fingers."

All I hear are snatched exhalations as she complies. My cock swells and I expect it'll burst as she masturbates and noisily tastes herself. She mutters, "I'm going to make myself come in my knickers for you. You want that? Make the gusset of my panties all dirty with sticky come? So I can wear them and ride your face. Force you to eat me."

It's my turn to gasp. "Fuck yes." I increase the pace of my wanking, my balls beginning to tingle. Yanking both hands away, I watch the whole thing twitch and bob as it desperately craves the touches to take me over the edge. Touches I deny. She's beyond anything I've ever experienced.

When I calm slightly, I continue into the mouthpiece in a throaty voice. "I want to lap at your fingers too. Your taste makes the blood fizz through my veins. I watch your hand in your snatch, under the panties, probing, touching, circling your throbbing clit as your cries echo off the walls."

"I'm going to come. Fuck, I want you."

"I want you too."

"So close." She breathes hard.


"What?! I'm right on the edge. The ache is too much… fuck." She spits the last word, teeth clearly gritted.

"You're not going to come until I say. Because I'm going to stand in front of you and tell you to unbuckle my jeans. Watch your fingers tremble as you free my cock and eye it, poised and hard and desperate to slip inside you. You reach out and stroke it, feel how powerful it is when I step right up to your hot body."

"Fuck, I could devour every inch of you."

"I push you back a little so you're perched on the edge of the desk and spread your legs. I tell you to put my cock inside you, and we both watch as you guide the head inside. Fuck, you feel amazing. Tight and wet. Our eyes meet and I slide my hands up your body, those endless curves, squeezing your tits and hearing you moan."

She moans on cue. "Can I touch myself yet?"

"No. I glide a hand up to your shoulder, then continue trailing upwards to cradle your face. Slipping the thumb inside your mouth, you suck the tip of the digit as my cock surges inside your fiery snatch, splitting you apart with every inch."

Her sighs drive me on. "As my cock eases inside you, I slide my grip down to encircle your neck. Squeeze. Just a little. Just to let you know you’re fucking owned. Your eyes widen as I apply pressure and our mouths connect in a steamy kiss; tongues colliding, then desperate breaths and bites as it becomes more torrid and animated. My cock reaches the fullest extent inside you and our hips grind."

"Jesus fuck, I want you to do that to me."

My voice is a harsh whisper. "Oh I will. Maybe one day I'll use my belt on you. Collar you with it. Pull it tight and make you beg for my cock, driving it into you, picking up speed until I'm slamming into your dripping bare cunt."

She lets out another moan that I barely register, overcome with hunger to carry on the story. "But right now all I have is my hand. You're so fucking sexy. Saliva loops between us from the intensity of the kiss as our eyes lock and I grip your throat, fucking you hard against the desk. Your tits bounce inside the bra with each thrust."

On the sofa, I barely need to touch myself. Just the odd squeeze or a single stroke sets off sparks inside my abdomen. My cock's raging of its own accord, lines of pre-come oozing periodically from the distended head as it twitches and I paint the scene for her.

"Can you feel how hard I am? How much I fucking want you?"

Her voice is taut. "Yes. Yes I can. God I love it."

"Come for me now. Flood your knickers with your hot juices. You're a filthy tease and I want you totally out of control. Come now while I make you my slut."

A flurry of activity ensues, the phone scratching against her scant clothing as she dives for her clit in the confines of her underwear. Her soft moans fill my entire being and I'm desperate to come. Want nothing more than to erupt, sending stripes of white heat shooting up over my bare chest. Maybe video it, because she loves watching me lose control as much as I adore hearing her do likewise.

But I hold back. Somehow. Even when her groans draw deeper and more laboured, and urgent whispers invade my ears: "Oh God, coming. Fucking hell I'm coming."

I swear I hear her squirt in the silence between her last word and a series of stifled groans, but can't be sure. I squeeze my eyes shut, mind filling in the blanks as I sense my cock flinching with desperate need.

"Good girl. Fuck, I love it when you come for me. Soak your knickers."

Her gasping grows and then a single exhalation blasts over the wire into my ear as her world collapses. I know it's insane and risky and dangerous and stupid but I want to be there so badly. To witness her climax. The fluttering. The heat and wetness and flickers of raw excitement that twitch at the corners of her mouth, forming cute dimples of joy as her body convulses, fingers buried deep inside her quivering tunnel.

The sheer thrill of hearing her lose control fills me with happiness. Has done on more nights than I can count for the past few months. Like a deep connection I've never experienced with anyone else, not even my wife. I know she feels it too. Powerful and hot and impulsive, wrong and right.

Gradually I hear her calm, panting fractionally slower moment by moment as I open my eyes and marvel at how I've managed not to lose control of my own release.

She lets out a soft giggle as her orgasm abates. "That was unbelievably sexy. You're sensational. I'm glowing."

"All part of the service."

She laughs again. "What a mess I've made. I wish you could be here to clean me up."

I take a deep breath. "Yeah. About that one time offer."

She's quiet a few beats, nothing but her breathing returning to normal. "Jesus, you're actually serious?"

I swallow. "Absolutely. But it has to be now. Right fucking now. I haven't come and I need it taken care of." I carefully tuck my still rock hard erection back into my boxers. "I know a sexy vixen who fits the bill. She's a first class cock tease, quite the slut and has drenched knickers I'm dying to devour. One night only. Take it or leave it."

"Oh. My. God. Are you sure? There's no going back."

"I know. But fuck it. Just once I have to feel you. Hold you. Lick you like there's no tomorrow. Like there are no consequences. It's madness, I know, but…"

"Shhhhh. Just try and stop me."

Something washes over me I can’t place. Relief. Anguish. Fear. I don't know. I'm almost out of my own body with wanton need and find myself saying. "Holiday Inn, Scotch Corner. One hour."

I cut the connection, excitement and apprehension roaring through my veins. I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing. It's insanity stepping out, the risks immense. But all I know is that lust is firmly in the driving seat as I grab my keys, sneak out of the house into the dead of night, breath fogging as I climb in the car and gun the engine.



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