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Confessions - The Camping With Friends Story

A devoted wife is seduced in front of her husband, then has her first, albeit unorthodox, 3-some…

~ ~ ~

Confessions is a series based on people who have secretly cheated on their partner or spouse. All stories are true but names and events may be altered for reasons of privacy and creative license. If you would like to share your experience, please contact me to discuss writing your story. Thank you.

~ ~ ~

It was a fabulous idea!

After graduation, some found work in town, some moved away to begin careers or graduate studies, and others did so overseas. During that time, some had reunited at weddings and a few parent funerals, but we had not as an entire group, until now.

Long story short, someone pined for the unencumbered days of old and suggested we reunite. As it turned out, a camping getaway in the Canadian Rockies during the August long weekend worked best. Even though that timing coincided with my wedding anniversary, Greg and I embraced the idea, since our wedding was the last time the entire group was together.

Couples began arriving early Thursday. We had reserved a cozy cul-de-sac of camp sites carved out of a heavily treed, thickly brushed section of mountain forest. There was plenty of distance and privacy between individual sites, and even more separation from the adjacent cul-de-sacs.

A babbling brook outlined the perimeter of property and we only needed to open our eyes to see granite mountain faces and snow capped peaks that framed our crisp, alpine air surroundings.

It was private. It was pristine. It was perfect.

We had our own camp picnic shelter and shower facilities, as did each cul-de-sac. We agreed to meet as a group for breakfast, at least those that were awake or could stomach food, given that alcohol and maybe some other buzz-worthy products could play a part in their decision. We would again meet as a group for dinner. Teams were prearranged to prepare the meals and other teams to clean. During the day, since most would be golfing at the nearby course, biking, or hiking, lunch was our own responsibility.

Oh, and no kids.

Greg and I joked that being away from our children would be a long weekend heaven on earth, at least, for those few days. Of course, I jest. We would miss our kids, but we knew for a few partying days it was good for everyone to be minus their parental responsibilities.

The rainless forecast suggested exceptionally warm, blue sky days with unusually warm, clear evenings, with the possibility of a romantic visit from the Aurora Borealis. Thankfully, bears were an unlikely visitor.

An early spring and forest fire-free summer had been very kind to the berry production in the higher elevations. The park rangers said that this was one of the best berry years on record, so the furry beasts were staying longer in the higher elevation meadows.

I had mixed feelings about that. It was always mesmerizing to observe bears and other wildlife in their natural habitat, but given a choice, I would rather not have an unexpected guest while sleeping in my nylon tent.

For the most part, once our friends found mates, they stayed together, except for Nate and Sarah. Most of us had not seen Nate once he had moved away for med school. We now joke that he passes gas for a living. He is an anesthesiologist at one of the leading hospitals in the country. He works long hours and is constantly on call. Back then, he was somewhat timid, but absolutely the brightest mind of us all.

After a few drinks around the first night fire, he told us what happened. One day, unexpectedly, Sarah said she wanted out. She was not happy. Nate worked too much and they had gradually grown apart. She wanted, as she put it, something different, and that now included a family. They agreed that that was something that they had grown to disagree about. Nate was still uncertain if he wanted children, at least he eventually realized, not with Sarah.

Nate was understandably upset and bore a great deal of guilt. They had kept this matter private so no one knew. His cryptic reply to the invitation stated that he was unsure if he could join us, but would advise us as soon as possible. He said they had some unfinished business that they needed to address. We were thrilled when we received his confirmation. We assumed Sarah was coming, but soon learned otherwise.

It got late fast and I needed sleep. We all did. We said our good nights and as I walked toward my campsite, I stopped by Nate’s, gave him a big hug, and told him I was sorry things did not work for him and Sarah. If he wanted to talk about it, I would certainly listen. Nate returned the embrace and whispered in my ear, “I should have never let you get away.”

In a flash, I remembered his smell, his touch, his warm eyes, and the feel of his lean body. I never told anyone, but Nate and I went out once before I met Greg.

~ ~ ~

As a single girl at university, I joined a few official and unofficial campus groups including our pseudo-study group. We were much too lazy, slackers really, and never gave ourselves a name. We went to class. We tried to study. But generally, we just hung out together. Sometimes, we would even hook-up or get together. Well, that is what we heard happened, but with our group, it never did. I never thought we were that nerdy, but maybe we were. Regardless, it no longer matters because nothing happened. Well, almost nothing.

A couple friends said that Nate was interested, but was too afraid to ask me out. Nate was as shy as I was outgoing. I had been with others, but at that time, I was single and enjoyed the freedom. However, I always found Nate cute in his own, awkward way.

I never thought about him in a romantic or sexual sense, nor did I of any of our other group members. With this new crush information, I began looking at Nate differently. On occasion, I imagined us together, and it was not as disturbing as I thought it would be, given that I had viewed him as a brother. I also thought that if we dated, we would be known as Nate & Allie, like the old television show. It was cute.

I began flirting with Nate, even to the point of teasing him. I could tell he liked it, especially when he began flirting back. It was good clean fun and we laughed a lot. Then one day, after another date gone bust, I decided I wanted to see if there was anything to this Nate and Allie thing. He never asked me, so I asked him.

We had a marvelous time, bordering on romantic. I drove since I asked. He liked that I, as he joked, took control of our situation. I thought that was a sign. We went for a student budget dinner and effortlessly talked through our meal. It was refreshing to have a first date like that. We learned more about one another than I expected we could, given that we had known each other for almost three years.

It was a beautiful evening so we decided to forgo the traditional movie and went for a walk in a park near campus. We just talked and walked, and talked some more. I do not recall what he said or did, but that night I decided I wanted to sleep with Nate. However, silence slowly grew, but so did my anticipation.

I thought about kissing him. I felt his hands exploring my body and my hands exploring his. I felt him cup my breasts and play with my nipples. I imagined his mouth on me and felt him harden against my skin. I imagined him on top, between my legs, pushing while trying to enter. I felt his heat after it stretched open and entered mine. I really wanted to have sex.

However, on the drive to his place, he became nervous. I did not want to force myself on him, but, I did. I thought that maybe he did not want the same thing from me, yet I sensed he did. I began dropping hints about an evening together to see how he would react, but he said nothing.

When we arrived, I turned off my car, and moved closer to see if he would kiss me. He did not. I was extremely disappointed, but I valued his friendship. As romantic as this evening was, I did not force the issue and sadly, did not pursue him. I decided that night, for whatever reason, was not the right night for us. I assumed there would be more opportunities, given how well our date went, but that did not happen either.

As midterms approached and labs and assignments piled up, we just never found the time to go out again. Later that term, I met my future husband, Greg. I always felt Nate and I needed closure, but we left it behind and unsaid. We never spoke of our date again. After graduation, Nate moved to the coast, got married, became a doctor, and we had not seen each other since my wedding.

~ ~ ~

“Allie. Allie?”

Nate’s voice startled me and I realized I had been bear hugging him while I was lost in thought. I pulled back slightly from our embrace and looked up grinning. Remembering what he had just said about should have never let me get away, I half-jokingly countered, “We have some unfinished business, don’t we?”

Nate’s smile grew as I threw him a flirtatious wink. I squeezed him one last time, and again offered my condolences, “Nate, I’m really sorry things didn’t work out for you and Sarah. Let’s make time this weekend to talk, okay?”

“Of course, Allie,” he agreed.

Ever so exhausted, I fell asleep quickly. However, I did have time for some inappropriate thoughts about Nate while Greg snored next to me. In the morning, Nate and I bumped into one another by the showers and agreed to a morning walk after breakfast. Unlike most of the others, we were not golfers, so we found our time.

~ ~ ~

“I was scared, Allie. I was a virgin.”

I became angry with myself. I felt sorry for Nate, and the pain and embarrassment I must have caused him. I also felt like an idiot. That idea never even crossed my mind. Someone as cute and charming, albeit awkward but well-meaning as Nate, was still a virgin at twenty. It was unthinkable.

“I’m so sorry, Nate. I feel so foolish. I never meant to hurt you. I didn’t even think of that being the reason we didn’t, well... you know.”

For the rest of the day, I thought about Nate, then and now, and what we discussed on our walk. In retrospect, maybe I was also too cautious. Maybe I was scared. I don’t know. However, I am fairly certain I did the right thing. If the roles were reversed, I think I would have wanted him to not force the issue as well.

~ ~ ~

After dinner, Greg reminisced with his golfing buddies and the rest of us gathered around the fire. Even though it was our anniversary, I did not mind. We would have our anniversary fun later in the tent.

Nate and I sat silently listening across the fire from one another, glancing at one another, but both chimed in when the conversation came our way.

I remember him being cute, but with age, Nate became handsome. Or maybe, it was the cooler talking. I am such a cheap date.

I thought his good looks must be the result of good living. He clearly looked after himself, eating well, drinking little, and he regularly ran and cycled. I reminded myself that he was a freakin’ doctor. An anesthesiologist! They make seven figures. A rich, successful, good looking, single doctor!

Sarah, what the hell were you thinking?

Our glances became more frequent and I became somewhat uneasy that the others might notice. I also did not want Greg to suspect that I was flirting or having sexy thoughts about another man. Thankfully, no one noticed. So I continued to let my mind flirt with those sexy thoughts.

Nate and I were eventually the last two seated around the campfire, and conversation stopped. Over the flames and through the shadows, our glances held longer and a few times our eyes locked. I knew this look and my body knew what it meant too. I felt the chills of excitement, but I also knew my marriage would prevent anything from happening. We cannot re-live the past.

But could we revisit it?

“Shut up, Allie!” my inner voice berated.

In the distance, I heard Greg and our friends laughing over one another, intoxication clearly affecting their volume control. The commotion made me happy. It had been too long. They were having fun. So, I decided to have some fun too.

While Nate nursed his drink, I decided, like old times, to tease him so I held his next look with a naughty grin. Once attained, while sitting up in my chair, I slowly uncrossed my legs and pulled my knees about a foot or so apart. I then wrapped my ankles around the outside of front legs of my chair. This enabled me to spread my legs apart even more, when desired. To the others, it appeared like I was just sitting there, but to Nate, this was an invitation.

After again scanning the crowd, I returned to my target to ensure he was paying attention. He definitely was.

Continuing, I slid my hand up my thigh and then between my legs. Nate's eyes grew big, just like my inappropriate thoughts had hoped his cock was. I made an obvious downward glance at his shorts, which now proved to be holding his growing member. I looked up, then back down at his crotch, and tauntingly smiled. He knew, I knew, what was happening. Just like old times.

My little taunt and tease show was working, just like I suspected it would. However, tonight was grown-up stuff. He was no longer a virgin. This leading behavior could have serious consequences, so said my inflamed libido, but I ignored her.

As I pulled him in with the luring slide of my hand, I noticed how clearly displayed the hardness of my large nipples were, surprising myself how aroused I was. Nate grinned at my humorous misfortune. Feeling a little more than embarrassed, I rose with the intention of walking towards the picnic shelter. I thought it best that I change the subject, ignore what had just happened, and grab some potato chips, because potato chips make everything better.

I decided to walk past Nate first and share a smart ass comment as I passed by. Nate intently watched, unsure what I was doing. When close, I again glanced at his bulging shorts, slid my hand along his shoulder and whispered in his ear, “Pitching another tent?” and then quickly walked away.

The raucous crowd has gathered around the food and drink table, so I had to lean and squeeze in between them to reach the chip bowl. While I leaned in, I saw across from me was my flushed faced husband, clearly inebriated, and then I felt a hand on my hip.

“Excuse me,” I heard Nate’s assuming voice.

Nate had squeezed between me and the empty table behind us, and paused long enough that I felt his growing cock against my shorts. His other hand then grabbed my other hip. He leaned into me, pressing his hardness between my cheeks. He then brought his mouth near my ear, and teased, “You still know how to get a rise out of me.” I froze but knew, no one would have thought twice about this, including my drunk husband. Nate knew that too.

Nate then began to move away. As he did, he slid a hand under my butt cheeks, jolting me as his fingertips ran between my legs. At that point, I knew that I had to end this game. It was my fault. He should not have done what he had just done, but I was playing with someone who had just gone through a divorce. Messy or not, it had to be an emotionally compromising time.

Plus, who knows how long it has been since he had sex?

My game had gone too far. I had gone too far, and Nate had crossed a line. I had to tell him, and apologize, but I was wet, and so very, very horny. I felt those oh so familiar tingles when he touched me, and I really liked it.

As quickly as it started, it ended with Nate grabbing some chips and walking away. I did not react or move, not wanting to draw any attention to what we had just done.


No, I meant, he… what HE had done, to me.

Right, Allie?

While I reached for more chips, I watched Nate disappear into the trees, along the path that we had hiked that morning. While the group boistered on, I followed Nate. I was now unknowingly drawn to his bold confidence, something he lacked at university. Damn it! I should not have started something I knew I could not finish. I needed to apologize. I did not want Nate to think I would, or could, be a rebound fling.

As I approached the path, I looked back one last time to ensure no one was watching or following, especially Greg. When I entered, Nate pulled me into the darkness, wrapped his arms around me, and we kissed. I immediately attempted to push him away, but I could not resist his charms. I wanted this too. We kissed, softly at first, then more passionately. His lips were gentle and his tongue, warm. I felt the hard outline against my lower abdomen and it excited me. Our tongues danced while we continued to kiss, reminding me again what a great first kiss was like.

Nate was skilled and he moved quickly. Through my shirt, he unsnapped my bra and I felt the tension loosen. Before I could react, his hand had cupped my breast under my shirt. I then reacted as I should have earlier.

“No. Nate. We can’t,” I pleaded while pushing him back.

He stopped kissing me and I tried to tuck my boob back in. Frustrated, I took off my bra and bunched it in my hand. Nate grabbed me again and we embraced under the stars. He felt so good, so familiar, but I knew this was wrong.

“Allie, come back to my tent,” Nate begged. I knew what he meant and I really wanted to, but I could not, especially not tonight.

“Nate, I…I can’t. I want to, I really, really do, but I can’t. Please understand.”

I had second thoughts about what I had just said. My body was screaming yes. Even my heart and mind were saying yes, but that logical part of me held back. Being married had something to do with it. Today being my wedding anniversary also contributed to my hesitation. I tried my best to not hurt his feelings.

“Nate, if things were different. Maybe, under different circumstances, I would. We could. I’d like that very much. But not here, not now. I’m sorry.” I felt some relief, but I also felt I was missing an opportunity to right a distant wrong.

It could be just one time, couldn’t it?

We both need closure too, don’t we?

“Allie,” Nate’s calming voice countered, “What would need to be different for us to be together, tonight, just this one time?”

What would need to be different, indeed!

“I’m serious,” he smiled as he caressed the back of my head, running his fingers through my hair.

“Well, for starters,” I argued, ”I’m not going to risk having anyone see me sneak into your tent or catch us having sex in the bushes.”

“Then I’ll come to you,” he offered. I sensed a trap.

“In my tent?” I blurted. “Your friend, my husband, is in there, or at least, will be shortly.”

Then Nate smugly, but correctly stated, “He’s drunk. He’ll be passed out. He won’t regain consciousness until noon, if he’s lucky.”

Nate was right. He grinned, feeling like he had convinced me, and I saw that victorious twinkle in his eye. After all my forethought, and now the flirting, I was definitely in the mood. I had intended on having sex this evening, but not with Nate. I had to leave before I made a poor decision.

I hugged Nate and told him I was glad to see him. My hug was cold and my words, now seemingly cold as well. I said good night and walked away. I felt guilty as hell and sadly, felt I had missed my opportunity to again be with Nate.

As I exited the path, I saw my loveable piss tank stumble out of the bathroom and stagger about. He clearly needed assistance, but was smiling. Greg was a happy drunk.

As I entangled his arm in mine, holding him up as I did my nervous groom on our wedding day, I wondered if Nate was watching. I also wondered what he would be like tomorrow. Would he be distant and standoffish, or would he act as if nothing had happened.

Once in our tent, it was clear that my bridegroom was in no condition to fool around. Through his slurred words, Greg apologized. I told him I understood, then heard myself say, There is always next year. I undressed my man and then rolled him onto his side, where he could quickly pass out.

Several years ago, we invested in a queen size air mattress which proved to be much better than our individual mats and sleeping bags. It was like sleeping on a bed under the stars. Although the mattress was more comfortable, it was bouncy, like a miniature trampoline. If one moved too much, or jumped, the other person could be launched into the air. We found that out the fun way.

I kissed my little drunk goodnight and he fell asleep on his side, facing me. Almost immediately, his deep sleep breathing began, and fortunately, his snoring had not. As soon as his head hit his pillow, he was out, just as Nate suggested.

Shit! What was I going to do about Nate?

As I looked at Greg, my thoughts returned to Nate, our flirting, our kiss, and our embrace. I was now sexually frustrated and needed to do something about it.

As expected, it was a warm evening, so I removed everything except my panties. I debated whether or not I should remove those too. We had blankets and if needed, I could always add layers of clothing throughout the night, but my panties remained on. I rolled onto my back, parted my legs, and let my fingers find their way under the damp cotton. My finger tips then began doing their thing.

I moved my other hand to my breast, recreating how Nate had held me on the path. I then rolled my nipple while thinking about our kiss. I thought about Nate’s body against me, and how his lips felt on mine. I imagined him behind me at that picnic table, with his hand between my legs, touching me as he kicked my feet apart. I thought about him entering me, and then fucking me from behind, across from a watching Greg, in front of everyone, while no one else noticed. However, I could not hear his whispers because I was eating potato chips.

Oh, how I wanted to be with Nate that moment, just like I did on our date. As my fingers plunged inside, it felt like I was now cheating on my husband. I felt so naughty and the thought of having sex with Nate excited me more than I thought it would.


I looked at Greg to ensure he was still asleep. I could not see his eyes, so with my hand still working between my legs, I rolled onto my side to face him. Sometimes Greg watched me do this. He enjoyed watching me play with myself while we talked dirty, and then loved watching me cum. I was now doing what he liked, lying on my side, facing him, with my fingers rubbing my pussy, but the dirty words spoken were in my mind, and I was sharing them with another man.

My love’s eyes remained closed and he was still breathing deeply, so I knew he was out. I still had to be near motionless and quiet. As I masturbated, enjoying the warm, mountain air on my exposed skin, I began to feel that pesky twinge of guilt again. I tried my best to shoo it away when…


That sounded like our tent’s zipper. I panicked. I stopped moving and listened, wondering if I really heard what I thought I had.

My back faced the tent opening, so I could not see if anyone was there. I heard the sounds of the forest, but not a whisper of anything else. The air remained still and so did I. I then heard someone or something carefully stepping into our tent.


It was someone. Bears don’t use zippers, do they?

They were in. I first thought that some drunken friend of ours had entered the wrong tent, but I knew it had to be Nate. I wanted to say something but remembered, except for my panties, I was nude. I also had one hand moving and another playing.

Even with a moonlit sky, few beams entered our tent because it was partially shaded by large trees limbs above. From a distance, I could only see shapes. So hopefully, only could they.

Could Nate see me, I wondered?

I stared at Greg’s face, hoping the zipping sounds woke him, but they had not. I felt the mattress slowly compress behind me and then felt a warm body against mine. He must have removed his shirt because his chest hair scratched my back. I also felt his legs against the backs of mine. I was now frightened. This was happening.

Was it Nate?

Fuck! It had to be.

I considered waking Greg, but that would not help. He was too drunk to be effective. I could scream and I was certain someone would come to my rescue, but what if it was one of our lost, party friends? I did not want to embarrass them. I could not do that either.

Fuck that!

This guy was in our tent.

Then, the whisper, “Can we finish our date now?”

It WAS Nate. Fucking. Idiot. Nate.

I kept my body facing Greg, but turned my head to speak. His head was directly above mine. Our noses touched and he kissed me again.

“Stop that!” I angrily whispered. “What the fuck are you doing in my tent?”

“I think we both want some closure, don’t you?” He continued, “And after today, and again tonight, it’s clear what we need to do.”


“Nate, I was just messing around. I’m sorry. We were having fun, like old times. I’m not going to sleep with you. I’m so sorry I led you on tonight. Now, get the hell out of my tent.”


Parts of me did not mean that, and those parts were currently very aroused. I added, “Besides, I can’t do this, I’m married.”

He then confidently replied, “You can’t, Allie, or you won’t?”


“I think you can, and I know you want to, so… you will.”

Damn it. He was right.

Greg’s face was the last thing I saw when I again felt Nate’s lips on the side and back of my neck, and I continued to let him kiss me, providing tacit approval for his advances. I was still uncomfortable with the fact that he had snuck into our tent, but my concerns quickly faded as he lowered his shorts and I felt his hot, flaccid cock press against the back of my thigh. The mattress bounced a little more while he removed his boots and then placed his bare feet against mine.

While I poorly debated this predicament, I felt his hand move down my back, between my shoulder blades, sending shivers along my spine. I felt the goose bumps rise and my resistance lower. He continued covering me with more of those wonderful, soft kisses, eventually causing my head to fall forward onto my pillow.

I did not think I could let this happen.

Nate’s fingertips followed my body and he soon realized that I was almost naked. He had earlier touched my bare breast, and now he wanted more. He moved his finger under the waist band and tugged at my panties. I was about to tell Nate to stop, but instead, instinctively lifted my hips so Nate could pull my panties down.

Apparently, I was going to let this happen.

After a few subtle tugs, my panties released from the sticky wetness between my legs. Nate pulled my panties off of my hips and down my thighs, leaving them just above my knees. The air mattress bounced a little more as Nate shifted positions. He too was careful, trying his best not to rock my husband awake. I was surprised that I was not stopping him. That was the last time I had that thought.

I felt his fingers spread my cheeks and realized my hand was still between my legs, so I moved it, giving him better access. He ran his fingers between my cheeks, along my ass, over my pussy, and stopped directly on my clit. I jumped, causing the mattress to move like a waterbed, which felt like we were riding a wave. It surprised me that Nate went there so quickly, but then again, he knew how aroused I already was. We had been together most of the day.

Fearful but excited, I knew that motion would not have woken Greg. My eyes remained closed while I enjoyed Nate’s venture. As Nate explored, I played with my nipples and my other hand returned to meet his in the wetness. I felt I would cum quickly tonight, much quicker than usual. Maybe, I would even cum more than once. I now felt extremely naughty.

After a few moments, Nate removed his hand and I watched Greg’s body bounce up and down as Nate again repositioned himself behind me.

“Careful,” I cautioned. His quiet sorry whispered from behind.

As Nate pulled our bodies together, maneuvering himself tightly against me, I felt his hardened cock positioning itself between my butt cheeks. I then ached my back so we could be in the picture perfect spooning position.

“I want you inside me,” I begged. Nate did not need it, but got my not-so-subtle message.

Nate grabbed his cock to guide it. I was so wet that all he had to do was point and push, but he first needed to lube. My body startled again as his finger tips found extra wetness along my folds, and proceeded to rub it over himself. Now ready, I arched more as Nate slowly slid his length between my cheeks, past my ass, and along my labia. He had missed the entrance.

“Fucking virgin,” I jokingly whispered. He giggled back, “Shut the hell up.”

When the head of Nate’s cock passed over my clitoris, it peeked out the other side. I then knew Nate was offering me something extra special. His penis was pointing straight out, through my legs, past my body, and directly at my husband, as if it was taunting Greg.

I’m going to fuck Allie tonight. Too bad you’re so drunk or you could have joined us, dumbass.

I initially resisted the urge to grab it, but then I did. I had to. I gave that little baseball bat of his a good squeeze. Not expecting my hand, a surprised sounding yelp escaped from Nate. I may have squeezed a bit too hard.

“Sorry,” I giggled under my breath.

Instead of pulling back and trying to insert it, Nate moved back and forth, easily sliding himself along my labia and across my clit.

Opening my eyes again, I watched my sleeping tent mate while enjoying Nate’s cock sliding between my legs, poking its head out like a wack-a-mole. I continued to hold it but did resist smacking it. I was pleasantly surprised. Nate was packing more than I had imagined. I was also now a little pissed at myself, realizing that I had missed out on this while at university.

So Nate’s dick was a little bigger than what I was use to. So what? It’s not like I’m dissatisfied with what I have with Greg. Besides, a little bigger is better when spooning anyway. This will be fine.

As I imagined his cock moving inside me, my eyes rolled back into my head and I saw stars.

Damn rights this will be fine.

For a moment, I thought that we could continue with outercourse. I could tighten my inner thighs around Nate. I would definitely stay well lubricated, and he would glide nicely, maintaining contact with my clit the entire time. The more I thought about this, the more I liked the idea. I rationalized that it was not really cheating because it lacked penetration.

I continued to arch my back and released my grip so his cock, as discussed, would maintain continuous clitoral contact. I also began rocking my hips. Nate got the idea and matched my movements. We would pull away and then we would glide together, finding a good rhythm. However, I soon realized something messy. If we continued in this fashion, Nate would cum all over his friend, my husband, and our bed sheets. That was not a good idea. This would not do. Plus, my body ached to feel Nate inside.

I cancelled plan B and went back to Plan A. Fucking.

I arched back so Nate could better align himself for proper entry. I was ready. He stopped moving, so he could push up and against me. With his arm now draped over my hip, I felt his finger tips find and then part my lips, but also used them as a potential backstop. I then felt the tip of the fat, smooth head waiting to enter.

He then gently pushed against me as I pushed back against him. I remained as quiet as possible, but my body elicited some low volume appreciation that I tried to mask as breathing.

When Nate’s head popped in, I sighed with relief. The burn and stretch felt great, and my body begged for more, so Nate carefully pushed the tip deeper inside. I felt him stretch my insides and my body took the shape of his welcomed, long overdue presence.

When Nate could move forward no more, he stopped pushing. I felt his warm balls resting against the back of my ass, and inside, I felt the radiation from his throbbing cock. I also felt its weight. It was far heavier than I had expected.

Usually, my eyes would be closed during sex, but with Greg across from me, I nervously watched his face while Nate patiently rested inside me, allowing my body to get accustomed to his.

After a few minutes of sensual shoulder and neck kisses, I turned my head so our tongues could meet. Nate then wrapped his arms around me, with one arm under my neck and the other over my side. Each hand then cupped a breast and his arms braced me. He was ready. I was ready. It was time for us to finally fuck.

Nate’s fingers played with my breasts, tugging and rolling my hard nipples, as he slowly rocked his hips. Little moans escaped, but each time, I quickly caught myself and remained quiet. I had positioned my ankles between his calves, and Nate squeezed his legs together, locking my feet in place. Nate could now do anything to me he wanted. I could not escape. I was at his glorious mercy.

Nate moved slowly and rhythmically, only using his pelvis. He tried his best to not rock the bed, but there obviously was some movement and some minor mattress noise.

In this position, everything felt good. I loved the fullness and his length pressing deep inside me. It felt like his cock was reaching where no cock had touched me before. I sensed he knew that and that was the reason he was so gentle. However, given our situation’s limitations for energetic thrusting, and given our need for silence, we had to work together.

I matched his glides by gyrating my pelvis back and forth, bringing our bodies together in slow motion. In doing so, I was able to bring more of him out of me, allowing for longer, deeper travel along my slippery walls. Once I also found the right angle, I felt more of Nate’s pressure inside me, against my g-spot, and surprisingly, the push against my back wall. I felt Nate in the pit of my stomach. Never had I been fucked like that before.

We also rocked our pelvises in a circular fashion, allowing for even better rhythm. This took very little effort and made almost no noise, but more importantly, prevented the mattress from bouncing like it would from straight thrusting. The last thing we wanted was to launch a sleeping Greg into the side of the tent.

I now completely focused on this wondrous, albeit nasty sensation of cheating in front of my husband. That thought alone brought my orgasm close. After a few moments, it had built and was almost there. I was almost ready to climax. I pushed back with more force, my body pressing into his, and then pulled further away. Nate matched my movements and he also could tell that I was close.

Holding me tighter, Nate started thrusting with more force into me. The mattress bounced more and I saw Greg’s body rolling back and forth, but I foolishly no longer cared. To Greg, our fucking motion must have felt like someone was shaking him awake. Nate and I should have slowed down, but we did not.

We also no longer monitored the volume of our breathing, and my moaning grew much louder. Our collisions became hard and fast. Nate’s breathing changed. He must be close too, I thought. A few more times…


We are almost there. Harder Nate!

Oh, yes! Right there!

And then, it happened... It happened so fast that we could not stop or do anything about it. In two fateful strokes, Nate slipped out, partially entered my ass, exited it, and then fully re-entered my pussy, balls-to-the-walls deep, forcing out from me a loud gasp!

I stopped fucking and froze, mortified with what just happened.

It took Nate a few cycles to stop after he heard my gasp. He then, fearing the worst, pulled back his top arm and hid it between our bodies. With my head on his other arm, he could not move it. We both shook because the whole fucking forest would have heard me.

It happened so fast. We got too aggressive. We screwed up. I had been so focused on what we were doing, that I had forgotten to monitor my husband. When I yelped, my eyes immediately widened, and they saw Greg glaring right at me.

Oh shit.

Since nothing was said, Nate continued to slowly, but cautiously moving inside me. He was on the edge and needed to cum. I was too. Nate felt so good in me.

Damn it! We were so close!

I laid as still as possible so not to arouse Greg’s suspicion. But it was too late. He was awake and he was looking at me.

“Did you hear that?”

Nate stopped when he heard Greg’s voice. He lowered his head and tried to use my body as a visual shield. Nate also tried again to pull his arm back, but my body weight had trapped it under me, and his hand remained on my breast. Even though Nate stopped moving, his thrusted-hot cock still throbbed deep inside me.

“Allie, did you hear that?” Greg asked again.

Think Allie, think. What do I say?


His question implies he did not catch us. His eyes probably have not adjusted to the darkness so he would not have seen Nate.

“Sorry, Babe. I think it was me. I was dreaming and must have made one of my stupid groaning uhhh noises. It startled me awake too. I’m sorry.”

I attempted a silly, embarrassed chuckle, but to me, it sounded fake.

Although groggy and dazed, Greg’s suspicious eyes seemed to look directly into mine. He was not buying my story, or maybe, he was trying to figure out where he was. He was drunk, after all.

“I don’t know, Allie. It sounded more like an animal grunting or gasping. Are you sure you didn’t hear that?”

“Do you hear anything now?” I asked, acting like I was listening for noises outside our tent, but also trying to redirect his attention.

“No,” he yawned and then relaxed. “Maybe you’re right.” But Greg, in his stupor, still glared at me. And then, in true husband fashion, he unselfishly offered, “You know what would help both of us to fall back to sleep?”

Oh no.

It is our anniversary and we were planning to, but that was then. Think girl.

Nate’s cock still felt great, like a low pulsing vibrator. Like a thick, hot, fleshy vibrator. I gave my toy a little squeeze to acknowledge his presence. I then decided to offer Greg a blow job. He would not turn that down and he would cum quickly.

“I’m sorry, honey. It’s late, we had a bit too much to drink, and I’m not really in the mood anymore.”

I found Greg’s semi-hard penis through his shorts, surprising him, which almost launched Nate out of me and our tent.

“Can I offer something else?”

Without compromising Nate’s cover, I began stroking Greg’s cock from my awkward position. Fortunately, I was lying on my left side, so I could use my right hand. I helped Greg pull down his shorts, and while he was focused on that, I propped up my pillow behind me, leaning it against Nate’s chest and face. If some moonlight did enter the tent, Greg would see my pillow, and not Nate. Now feeling more confident, I leaned forward and put my hand on Greg’s chest to ensure he was lying on his back. I then took my awaiting husband in my mouth, while Nate remained deep in my pussy.

This was a first for me. Actually, it was a couple of firsts. Never before had I been with two men at the same time. And certainly, never under these bizarre circumstances, where one man did not know the other was there.

As I sucked in his entire penis, awaking it in my mouth, Nate moved inside me again. I wanted him to stop, but had no way of telling him. I could have squeezed him, I suppose, but did not. I felt his free hand hold my hip, as he gripped my breast with the other, which gave him better thrusting control. I wanted him to wait, but at that moment, my husband put his hand on my head and grabbed a handful of hair. Not in a dominant way, but to just hold me in place.

Almost at the exact same time, Nate put his hand on the back of my head, pushing it into my husband’s groin.

What the fuck was he thinking?

How were their hands not touching?

Now, I was more frightened, fearful being caught now a certainty, but this covert operation was such a rush. I was having a threesome, something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would do. Yet, Nate and I carelessly fucked like we were safe.

Did I even care anymore?

Soon, I thought, Greg should be done. I would swallow, and Nate would just have to deal with that if he wanted to kiss me. Greg would fall asleep and finally, Nate and I could continue where we left off. However, we had a problem. My jaw was getting tired and Greg was not cumming, so I had to ask. When I lifted my head, Nate immediately removed his hand.

“Doesn’t this feel good, Babe?”

I reached over and began stroking him again. My husband was now staring over my shoulder – at my pillow! I asked him again, but this time, with a slight worried tone, “Greggie, are you not enjoying this?”

“Of course, I am, but... ” He then he asked me something I did not anticipate. “Allie, what were you dreaming about?”


“You said you were dreaming when you woke us. What was your dream about?”

I then got a monster idea. Something I knew Greg would like.

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing. Are you sure you want to know?”

“Go ahead. Don’t be embarrassed, Allie. We’re all friends here.”

That was an odd thing for him to say.

Greg’s word choice concerned me; however I could see that he was sincere. He was just awkwardly encouraging me to share.

“I was dreaming about having sex with Nate.”

Instantly, I felt Greg’s cock twitch in my hand and Nate’s cock twitch in my cunt. I felt super fucking nasty now.

“Really? Nate?”

“Yes, really.”

“Was it good?”

“So far, it’s pretty good, but we’re not done yet.”

Shit! Maybe he won’t pick up on…

“What do you mean we’re not done yet?”

Shit. Shit. Right!

“I woke up, remember?”

“Oh, right.”

His next request did not surprise me.

“Tell me more.”

At that point, I knew exactly what to do, so I told him the story.

“Well, while everybody was having a great time today, Nate and I went for a walk. He’s smart. He’s funny. He’s good looking. We had a great time too.” I stroked his cock and added, “And he’s a rich, single doctor.”

That made Greg laugh.

“After supper, when we were sitting around the fire, he started flirting with me, looking at me, and one time he even rubbed my ass. Well, after a few drinks, I got a little turned on by his advances.”

Then Greg chimed in, “Don’t you mean one drink?”

“Shut up. Do you want to hear the story or not?” I jokingly threatened with my grip, eliciting a buck and a groan.

Nate pushed into me to remind me he was still there, like I could forget.

“Later, on my way back to our tent, Nate grabbed me and kissed me. He’s a great kisser and he made me super wet. He even undid my bra and grabbed my breast!”

Greg’s hips moved the mattress while I stroked him, so Nate took advantage of that.

“Anyway, after we got into our tent to have our anniversary sex, you passed out. Too much booze. Sound familiar? I didn’t realize you were sleeping until I was naked. That’s when Nate crawled into our tent.”

“You dreamed you were fucking Nate in our tent while I slept beside you?”

“Yes. Just like this, in fact.” Greg’s hips moved more and he shook his head. I knew he would like this.

“At first, I was a bit scared. It hurt a little but Nate was gentle. I didn’t think I could take it all, but I eventually did.” I then excitedly whispered, “He packs a fucking monster cock.”

Greg tightened his eyes so I stroked him a little faster.

“I can feel him in me right now. Oh Babe, his big cock feels so good. He’s bigger than anyone would expect from Nate, you know what I mean?” Nate pinched my ass for my backhanded compliment.

Greg needed to cum soon because my arm started to burn. So, I used language I rarely use, only when we talk dirty. Plus, I knew it would push Greg over the edge.

“Do you like knowing that Nate’s huge cock is fucking your slutty, whore wife’s cunt right now? Do you like that, Babe? Do you?”

Greg groaned at my badgering and began to twitch. I then whined, Nate, fuck me, hard. Make my hot cunt quiver and quake. Fill me with your seed in front of my husband! Do it, Nate!”

On queue, Nate pushed hard into me, forcing out a loud, exhaled moan of passion that must have surprised my husband. The mattress was bouncing and my body was rocking back and forth, but Greg must have thought it was from my efforts because my arm was moving so fast. I then had another strange thought.

Damn it! Not again!

The way Greg ejaculates, he would shoot over my portion of the sheets, and hit me and Nate, and possibly even cum on the side of the tent.


I had to stop soon. My hand was cramping but I also did not want cum everywhere.

“Don’t stop!” I heard him protest as my pace must have inadvertently slowed when I changed hands.

I again put my mouth on him but now jacked him with my left. While down there, I got another idea, and this one was brilliant! I reached around with my right hand and found what I was looking for.

“Babe, tell me when you’re going to cum,” I directed. “Nate and I will try to cum too.”

Greg said nothing.

I returned my mouth to Greg’s cock. With all the motion on the mattress, and hearing what I just said, Nate slammed harder into me than before, and he reached over and rubbed my clit. With his pinned arm, he now squeezed my nipple.

Oh God!

This now felt like a race. Who was going to cum first? My breaths deepened and moans got louder, knowing that my drunkard husband was also noisy. I then felt a hand on my other breast.

Holy Fuck!

Nate would have no idea that Greg’s hand was so close to his. Greg started rolling and squeezing my right nipple while Nate was doing the same to my left. Amazing! It was a sensational experience.

Nate worked hard and each thrust pushed my head into my husband. Worried, I wanted Nate to move his hand, but I did not want any of this to stop either. Then unannounced, Nate's cock twitched, and I felt him shake, while receiving his silent blast inside. I too started cumming, then told Greg what Nate was doing, while I continued to tremble.

“Oh Nate, fill my cunt. I can feel it. Oh god, Greg! He’s making me cum too! Cum with us, Babe!”

Did anyone hear what I just said?

My body convulsed as my orgasm rushed though my body. Nate still rubbed my clit as held me tight, pulsing deep inside me. I tried my very best not to bite Greg’s cock while I came. Before I could even recover, it was Greg’s turn.

“I’m going to cum, Babe!” he mumbled as I felt his cock stiffen and his body flinch. When Greg grunted, I moved my mouth off and the sock I earlier found, on, preventing the mess I did not want to sleep in tonight.

Perfect timing! I gave myself an imaginary high-five.

And with that, my darling husband turned over, faced the opposite direction, and fell asleep again. Not even a bloody thank you.

I could not believe our good fortune and what just happened. Reaching around, I then grabbed Nate’s ass, pulling him close. I also squeezed his sensitive cock with all my numbed pussy’s might. As Greg began snoring, I turned to Nate and we kissed again. He did not resist, but appreciated that I had not swallowed Greg's cum.

We laid there for a several moments, hearts pounding, body’s sweating, and both physically and mentally exhausted. Today was a day full of activity and foreplay, and a night full of carnal espionage. It was one of the oddest, yet most gratifying sexual experiences I had ever had.

Knowing Greg most certainly was out for the count, I savored the feel of Nate, allowing him to stay inside me a little longer. Nate’s hand caressed my hip and thigh as we looked up, imagining the stars through the tent. The air remained still. It was warm but also silent. We now had closure; with the precariously perfect, romantic evening that I wished we had had years ago.

I closed my eyes and imagined what the three of us looked like from above, with Nate fucking me from behind and me blowing my husband in front. What an amazing experience…

~ ~ ~

The next morning I awoke to the screams of a number of seemingly angry birds. They probably did not want to be awake either. The sun had risen, but it was dead quiet, so it must have been early. The forecast was bang on – warm. Nothing like what we expect a mountain morning to feel like.

I wanted more sleep but my bladder advised otherwise. The pressure reminded me of what I had done the night before, and it shocked me.

I did not want to wake Greg by bouncing on the mattress, but my bladder told me I had better leave soon. As I became more alert, I realized I felt more than just fullness from my bladder. I felt pressure everywhere down there.

Oh no. It was Nate.

He was still in our tent!

Panicked, I shook. I then realized Nate’s hairy forearm hung over my chest. It’s light out. We must have fallen asleep and Nate remained inside me. The extra pressure I was feeling was from his morning wood. He had refilled my vagina.

I opened my eyes and it appeared that Greg had not moved from where he passed out.

I had to quickly formulate another plan. My husband was facing away, but still sleeping. Nate was behind me, in me, fully erect, and from what I could tell, was still asleep too.

Shit. I can’t believe we slept the whole night with his cock inside me!

I was not sore but oddly, my jaw and right arm were, and I knew why. The thought of getting caught was a huge rush, and the thought of my husband near as Nate fucked me was an even bigger thrill.

What happened to me?

Three things I knew for certain. One, I had to pee. Two, Nate had to leave. And three, Greg could not wake until after Nate left.

Think Allie, think.

How long would Nate stay hard? Men literally get a dozen erections throughout the night, and then go flaccid without ejaculating. I could wait. What if Greg wakes before Nate goes flaccid? Could I make Nate soften, faster? Could a man cum while still sleeping?

Yes! Of course.

Wet dreams.

I could massage him, tantric style. I could squeeze the aroused life right out of that morning wood until he came. However, this could take some time and I would eventually pee all over tent. I rolled my eyes thinking how upset I would have been had Greg cum everywhere. What about urine?

That was plan A. I quite liked most of plan A, but plan B was better. I then heard Nate’s gasp.

“Oh shit.”

Waking him was plan B. He obviously just realized he was still in our tent. I squeezed his prick so that he knew he was still in me. He peered over my shoulder and saw Greg was turned away and asleep. I then saw his look of terror, so I reached up and gave him a quick kiss.

“Nate, before take your cock out,” I whispered, “Pull up my panties so I can reach them.”

He did and I quickly grabbed them. Chances are, any fluids had already been absorbed or leaked out, but I could be wrong. After he pulled out and I pulled up my underwear, the cotton began to moisten.

If only things were different.

Trying our best not to bounce, Nate stuffed his slippery semi-erection back into his shorts, and then looked for a place to wipe his cummy hand. I strongly dissuaded him and shook my head. He chose wisely and wiped it on his shorts. He then grabbed both hiking boots and put one on. He was looking for something when I whispered, “Please go.”

“My sock?” he whispered back. I did not have the heart to tell him. He put his boot over his bare foot and began to rise.

“Thank you for last night,” he whispered again. I placed my hand on his cheek and answered him with a kiss. “Nate, please go.”

He slowly unzipped the tent and crawled through the opening. I motioned for him to leave and then watched Nate scamper away. The slippery feel reminded me of how naughty I was. As I got dressed, I heard that unmistakable waking-husband-noise.

Yup. He let one rip.

Not that I needed it, but it certainly was a mood changer. It was so loud, that Greg woke himself up. It reminded me of videos I have seen where babies do the same to themselves. However, I did not expect Greg to cry.

“Wha… What the hell was that?” he asked himself.


You do this every, single morning.

I then took the opportunity to make it look like I was opening the tent, even though it was still unzipped from when Nate left a mere thirty seconds earlier. I could tell his head hurt like hell.

“I’m going to the bathroom, go back to sleep.”

As every waking guy in the history of guys does, Greg began scratching himself, as if to ensure that he still had his stuff. I will never forget the look on his face.

“Why is this sock on my dick?”

Found your sock, Nate.

Greg tried to remove it, but then shrieked, “Who the hell glued this sock to my fuckin’ dick? Those PRICKS!”

He does not remember last night - not the blowjob, or handjob, or story. Nothing!

Greg more closely examined his situation and mumbled, “Who’s goddamned sock is this?” As he slowly peeled the sock off, the smell provided him with an answer. It was time for some fun.

“Babe, that’s not glue. I think it’s cum.”

I watched and waited for his delayed response. He was stupefied.

“Seriously, how much did you drink last night?”

All I got was a look of massive confusion. His numb brain was trying to process this and it hurt.


“Are you sure you want to know whose sock this is?"

I waited to ensure he understood the gravity of this question.

“Do you really want anyone to know that you took some guy’s sock, fucked it, and then filled it with cum?”

Oh Babe, you silly, sick, hung-over bastard.

I could hardly contain my laughter so I crawled out of the tent. Greg’s expression, albeit still confused, indicated that he agreed with my concern. I did not want him to ask any more questions or, god forbid, get any morning sex ideas. While closing the tent, I watched the inner turmoil transfer to my husband’s face.

“What the fuck?” I heard him say as I escaped giggling.

As far as camping trips or reunions go, this was pretty good. As for anniversaries, this was one of the best. At Christmas, Greg received an unmarked parcel and yes, Nate anonymously gifted him the other sock. Greg's reaction was priceless.

I am certain that someday, this will be a intriguing story to tell Greg. However, he is not yet ready to hear it.


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