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A Holiday Party Turns Naked

The exchanging of XXX gag gifts turns a holiday college party into a big naked romp!
episode 28 (This follows “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”)

Fall semester of my senior year at UGA had come to a close. It had been a wild and memorable semester that began with Jennifer and Mary Beth competing for my affection and the goal of a monogamous relationship. Most guys would think it would be awesome to have two girls seriously competing for them, but it was really an awful, stressful mess. The sex itself was great, but the emotional turmoil was not.

Jennifer, upon hearing Mary Beth and I fucking through my bedroom door, had stormed out of my house and ended the competition, screaming for me to ‘go to hell!’ That left Mary Beth as the winner of the competition. Though I would not really admit it to myself, deep inside I wished it had been Jennifer.

Just before my friends and I went home for the Christmas holidays, one of my fraternity brothers, Derrick, announced that he wanted to have a two night party at his parents' lake house a few days before Christmas. He had hosted two parties before but always during the summer. The house was at Lake Rabun, located in the southern edge of the Appalachian Mountains in the northeast corner of the state.

Lake Rabun for many decades has been a weekend and summer playground for many wealthy Atlantans. It is a very beautiful, scenic lake in the mountains, not far from Tallulah Gorge.

Several guys, especially those from south Georgia and from other states, wouldn’t be able to make it that far from their homes. There were a lot of us though, like myself, who lived in north Georgia and the Atlanta metro area that could. As it turned out, about thirty people would be able to go.

Someone in the group had come up with an idea that we should all exchange Christmas gag gifts. Not just funny gag gifts, but “anything goes adult XXX” gag gifts. The plan was to exchange gifts by drawing numbers when the party got started. Everyone seemed to really like the idea so we all decided to do it.

Once I got home I immediately began coming up with a gift. I used my dad’s workshop in the back of his spare garage to make a large wooden penis lamp. At a junk store I found a lamp shade decorated with those ‘nude girlie silhouettes’ you so often see as mud flaps on the back of a redneck’s truck.

I used my dad’s wood lathe and some carving tools to make a big wooden penis with balls at the base, then painted it pink along the shaft and balls base and dark pink at the head. I drilled a hole through it for the electrical mechanisms and cord. I bought a children’s lamp with a rotating lamp shade just to get the mechanisms I needed to use on my lamp. The light bulb was attached right at the tip of the penis. When I finished, the nudie girl silhouette decorated lamp shade rotated and made nudie silhouette shadows go around the walls. I was quite pleased with the results.

While standing in the work room with the lamp turned on, admiring my handy work, my Dad walked in. I was speechless. I had been caught red-handed. My Dad just stood there looking amused.

“Dad, I made this as a gag gift for that party I’m going to,” I nervously explained.

“Oh, I guessed that right away,” Dad answered in his best deep, authoritative voice.

Then Dad really surprised me. He blackmailed me!

“Look,” he said smiling mischievously, “If you don’t want your mother to know about this, you’re gonna have to buy my silence.”

“Wha-what?” I asked, “You mean I need to offer you something?”

“Yes indeed.”

“Okay Dad,” I asked, “What do you want?”

“Well, this garage and work area has been a mess for awhile,” he stated and looked around the room. “Why don’t you clean it all up and re-organize it real neat, college boy?”

I looked around the mess and realized that it would take hours to do what he wanted and thought to myself, ‘Aw shit.’

“Okay,” I answered begrudgingly, “I’ll get right on it.”

“Thanks.” Dad with a silly grin turned and as he walked out the door, “That’s a pretty funny gag gift.”

I stood there looking at my next gargantuan project and contemplating how Dad had manipulated me, again. I ended up paying my little brother $20 to help me and turned a two day job into one.

Since most of the stores and restaurants at Lake Rabun are closed during the winter, we were going to have to bring all the food, beer, alcohol, and supplies ourselves. I went to my Dad and asked if he would give me a wholesale price on some groceries from one of his stores. Dad laughed and said that he would help me out.

Dad had me drive him in his truck out to his closest store. We grabbed a shopping buggy and went to the back storage area, and he asked how many of us would be at the party. I told him that there would be about thirty of us. Dad then loaded the buggy with thirty-five sirloin steaks, baking potatoes, potato chips, a few bottles of cheap wine and a few other snacks.

He must have noticed how anxious I looked, as I thought I would have to pay for all of those steaks.

“No charge,” he said, “My garage and workroom look great by the way.”

“How’s that lamp working?” Dad asked.

“Works great.”

He just chuckled and grinned.

Later I texted Derrick and told him about the steaks. He was elated to hear about that. Derrick then said he was bringing two kegs of beer. So our party was looking like it would work out well.

Mary Beth drove up from Atlanta to meet me very early on the morning we were heading up to Lake Rabun. Nick, my longtime hometown friend, and former president of my fraternity, met me at my house to help hook up my Dad’s ski boat to my Nissan Pathfinder. He had brought along a new girlfriend that he was bringing to the party.

So the four of us piled into my Pathfinder, pulling my Dad’s ski boat, and headed for Lake Rabun, about an hour away. It is always too cold to ski in December, but we could still take the boat on some fast rides around the lake. Most of the houses were vacant for the winter and the lake empty of boaters, so we could get crazy and go real fast, kicking up some really wild waves and causing a big wake.

We were expecting several of my best friends. Kelli, who didn’t live far from Lake Rabun, drove over to the lake house with Katie. They were met by a couple of my fraternity brothers that they had been messing around with. My buddy Vic, brought his sometime girlfriend, Barbi, and my crazy friend, Psycho, showed up with Arlene.

I was really happy to see that my buddy Chip had made it all the way from south Georgia and stopped by to get his fiancée Nikki on the way. I was very surprised when Jennifer’s best friend, Brittany came with another of my fraternity brothers, and assumed she’d report everything I did to Jennifer later.

The biggest surprise was Benji making it to Lake Rabun. I was really glad to see him and further surprised to see he had brought his emo-gothic art major girlfriend. With her tattoos, jet black dyed hair and nose ring, she just didn’t seem a match for Benji, the super academic. However, she was giving Benji some awesome sex. No doubt it was Benji’s first time to get sex on a regular basis and he was going to have her along at any opportunity. She really didn’t seem to fit in with our preppy athletic crowd, but still we were all very nice to her.

That first day I let everyone have a turn with me driving them around the lake going really fast and really doing some wild maneuvers in my Dad’s boat. It was funny because Benji screamed the loudest of anyone. That night we all let Chip oversee grilling the steaks, since he is actually great at that and he usually insists. Of course, he grilled them to perfection. We ate and drank and then got very mellow, partly because we had eaten a large batch of marijuana brownies for dessert.

Later that evening, we played charades and just hung out. When we sacked out that night there had to be about three or more couples to a room. We were all in sleeping bags, on air mattresses, and just a few lucky ones had the few beds. The next day led to more wild boat rides. I have to say truthfully that I thoroughly enjoyed scaring the shit out of everyone when I sped them around the lake.

That night we ate barbecue chicken. Then we all ended up in the main room to exchange the wrapped up gag gifts. They were piled up next to a big, really ugly, scraggly, misshapen Christmas tree decorated with the tackiest ornaments imaginable.

We had all put a tag with our name on the gift we brought, so everyone would know who brought it. We then put numbers on the gift packages and corresponding numbers in a hat. We had been drinking a lot of beer, wine and alcohol by this time and many of us were also very stoned. We would just start randomly chanting someone’s name who caught our eye, until they went up and drew a number out of the hat. Then they had to get that gift box and read who gave it before they opened it, while we all watched. We did this one person at a time and were laughing our asses off at what they got.

When Katie got her gift, she opened it and we saw that it was a huge ‘Texas Condom’ and a huge adult diaper. We laughed so hard, but then Katie left the room and came back a few minutes later. She had cut holes out of the huge Texas Condom for her eyes, nose, and mouth, and had it pulled over her head. It was so big that it fit loosely over her head, and she had put the adult diaper on over her jeans. That seemed to ramp up the energy level of the party,

Mary Beth received a blow up sex doll and we found a bicycle pump and inflated it. Vic’s girlfriend Barbi got an interracial midget porn DVD. When it was my turn I got a “Pocket Pussy!” Its a long thing that fits over a penis and is shaped like labia at the opening.

Somehow my penis lamp was the last gift to be given out, and the party was at a crescendo level. I looked around and saw that crazy Psycho was the last person. Everyone was laughing so hard because they knew his response to anything would be so unpredictable.

Psycho read my name on the tag and looked at me with one of his crazy psychotic stares and said, “Buz this better be good or I’m going to kill you in your sleep!”

Psycho always said stuff like that. Actually, after Chip and Vic, Psycho was my next best buddy. And he was crazy! He once grew a Hitler mustache with Elvis sideburns and shaved his head into a big Mohawk haircut in order to win a bet. We had to later talk him into shaving the Hitler mustache off and get rid of the Mohawk, as he was scaring people around UGA and Athens to death and attracting the attention of the police.

I had packed the lamp really tight with white styrofoam packing peanuts, and they went everywhere as Psycho pulled the lamp out of the large box and just stared at it, as everyone was dying laughing. Psycho looked at the lamp intently and noticed the electrical cord, so he ran over to the wall and plugged it in. Of course, immediately the lamp shade started rotating.

Psycho set it down and ran over to me and hugged me and yelled, “I love it! I really love it!”

Psycho’s girlfriend Arlene exclaimed, “Oh my God, you’ve created a monster!”

Psycho would end up using that lamp on the table next to his bed in the frat house until he finally graduated two years later.

I guess it was the craziness of the gag gift exchange and the fact that nearly every gift was sexual, along with the fact that we were all drunk and stoned that led to the following events. I am not sure who had their blouse off first or who was the first person naked.

After the gift exchange ended, everyone was playing around with those mostly sexual and provocative items. It wasn’t long at all when I noticed some of the girls had taken their tops off. I said something to Mary Beth about it and she pulled her sweater and bra off, stood up cheering and started a grind dance. Soon all the girls were doing this and the guys were pulling off their shirts.

Mary Beth jumped in my lap and thrust her titties in my face. Kelli saw that and shouted, “Suck Mary Beth’s tits, Buz!”

I grabbed Mary Beth’s tits and buried my face in them. By the time I came up for air, girls all over the room were poking their tits in their boyfriend’s faces or being fondled. Immediately, the party from the previous spring, where everyone got naked, came to mind. Would everyone end up naked again?

I soon saw a pair of jeans go flying through the air and one of the girls shouted, “Get nekkid!”

Clothes came flying off everywhere. Mary Beth pulled her jeans off and was standing in front of me in just her little sheer thong and tugging on my shirt. She soon had pulled it over my head. Things were getting crazy. Next she pulled her thong off and stretched it over my head yelling, “Whoooieee!”

‘Whoooieee.' How typical and appropriate, as our brains, filled with alcohol, marijuana and possibly some ‘x’ were mush by this time.

I just sat there taking in the scene as everyone was chaotically getting completely naked in front of me. Mary Beth yelled that I wasn’t naked yet. Katie and Kelli came over and helped Mary Beth start tugging at my cargo pants until they had pulled them off. Next they tugged my boxers off, a pair of black ones with a yellow smiley face on the front.

I was now as naked as the rest of them, but still sitting and just taking in the crazy event as it unfolded before me. Mary Beth was dancing naked and swinging my boxers over her head. Still sitting in the chair butt naked except for my socks, I decided to take those off too. I tossed them at Katie who just laughed at me while she danced naked.

After several minutes of naked dancing and lots of laughing, Psycho scooped naked Arlene in his arms and she laughingly screamed as he carried her out of the room to the bedroom they were staying in. Over the next several minutes everyone else began to follow suit, pairing up and heading off to their bed, sleeping bag or whatever.

I carried Mary Beth over my shoulder and plopped her naked ass down on our sleeping bags that were zipped together on top of a large air mattress. We were not alone in our room. Kelli and Mack had the bed while Katie and Robby were piled up on sleeping bags on another air mattress. An orgy of sorts got underway.

I remember Mary Beth had started sucking my cock and as I looked up, Kelli’s ass and big fat labia were pointed right at me as she was hovering over Mack licking his balls. In the corner Robby’s face was buried between Katie’s spread out legs as she was sitting up on her elbows watching him. Katie looked at me and smiled really big and laughed as she playfully stuck her tongue out at me and made a cross-eyed funny face.

The door to the bedroom was wide open and I could see across the hall into another bedroom. I could see Benji’s emo-gothic girlfriend with her face buried up underneath his balls licking his scrotum and I could hear Benji from way over there, moaning loudly.

As Benji’s girlfriend maneuvered around I saw that her pussy lips had several piercings. I just thought that was really wild and entertaining, so I prodded Mary Beth to look also. She said, “Benji’s got him a wild one!”

Mary Beth then went right back to sucking my cock. She made long soft strokes with her tongue up and down my length while she cupped my nuts in her hands. Her soft lips engulfed the head of my penis as she sucked it hard and made a popping noise from the suction being removed when she let go. She giggled slightly as she licked down the length and nibbled on my scrotum and then teased my asshole with her fingers.

She then decided she wanted to ride my face and scooted up on me, resting on her knees with her crotch buried in my face. I must admit that seeing all those girls naked had greatly enhanced my lustful passion. Her tasty mustiness aroused my desires that much more.

Mary Beth got super wet as I licked and sucked her labia and teased her little hard clit. I used my fingers to probe her juicy cunt and soon was stimulating her g-spot. She pushed her crotch into my face harder as she arched her back backwards and her long blonde hair fell onto my cock, giving it a little tickle.

Her moans were getting really loud, and her eyes closed while she concentrated on receiving cunnilingus. I think she forgot that others were around. Not that it should matter as they were all lost and enthralled in their own sexual bliss. Mary Beth soon screamed out quite loud, “Oh fuck I’m cumming!”

I think she startled herself as she started to orgasm and she opened her eyes, noticing the others around us and she had a funny little ‘oops!’ expression on her face. The situation seemed even more entertaining to me as Katie responded to Mary Beth’s “Oh fuck I’m cumming!” with a “You go girl!”

By that time my cock was needing some more action. I smacked Mary Beth’s ass and told her get on all fours. She cracked a bit of a mischievous smile, got on her hands and knees with her ass pointed toward me and turned to look back at me.

With an ‘Oh yea,’ I pulled up behind her and pushed my hard cock between her wet swollen pussy lips. One good push and I was deep inside her. She let out a long shaky moan. I gripped her waist and began smacking myself hard into her. I know I must’ve let out a few good grunts and moans myself.

Things soon got a bit more surreal as Katie, who was being doggied, was facing Mary Beth with just a couple of feet between them. It seemed like one would moan and the other would answer with a moan, in a rather musical rhythm. They actually started having a conversation about getting fucked.

One was yelling, “This is wild as shit!” and the other answering, “Hell yea!” It went on for several minutes. That craziness combined with all the moans and sex noises echoing down the hall made for quite an unusual but most inspiring arousing situation. Mary Beth herself was getting unusually wet and drenched, her juices soaked my balls and scrotum.

Keeping up my rhythmic thrusts I looked around the room. On the bed next to us I had an awesome view of Kelli’s asshole and her pussy lips wrapped around Mack’s cock as she was on top fucking him cowgirl. I was really turned on by the way her pussy lips seemed to engulf him. His pecker was covered in her shiny juices as it disappeared and reappeared between her fat wet pussy lips every time she moved up and down. What an amazing view! If only I’d had a camera.

Everyone’s sex positions changed a few times before we had all finished up. Mary Beth and I had ended up in the missionary position with her legs wrapped around me for our finale. I had not cum in days, so when I orgasmed it came as a great relief. It tore through me like a raging torrent and exploded into her soppy cunt. Mary Beth must’ve felt it because she whispered in my ear, “That’s right! Cum for me, cum hard.”

I thrust a few more times until I felt myself going flaccid and then just collapsed on the sleeping bag. Mary Beth rolled over between my arm and chest, snuggling up tight. Most everyone had wound down by then. I did remember hearing someone down the hall still going at it hard.

As far as I know, no one in the house swapped up, but everyone had fucked in front of someone else. It was quite surreal, but really cool at the same time. We were actually all surprised at what we had done and several people exclaimed, “I can’t believe we did this.”

Finally someone got a bong going in the main room and still naked people meandered in and out taking hits on it. It was so strange as no one put any clothes back on right away. In a few minutes a few people wrapped a towel or blanket around themselves or put their underwear back on. We just sat around naked or half-naked drinking more beers for awhile until everybody slowly drifted off to their place to sleep.

The next morning the girls got up and cooked up the remainder of the eggs and bacon and made biscuits and gravy. I wanted to help cook because I enjoy doing that, but the girls ran me out of the kitchen. We all ate then showered in shifts. The latter shifts created several squeals as the hot water had run out. Folks were showering as quickly as possible and shivering as they toweled off.

Everybody packed up and cleaned and straightened up the house for Derrick. As each one started to leave and we told them bye, we’d run up to the window of their car and yell that they “looked good nekkid!” They’d laugh and yell back “you too!”

As Benji started to leave, with Mary Beth hugged up at my side, I told his girlfriend that her “pussy piercings looked hot!”

She proudly said, ”I’ve got 6 down there!”

Actually Mary Beth had dared me to say that.

That party was one wild way to lead into Christmas. After that we had another exciting event coming up. Chip and Nikki, Vic and Barbi, Psycho and Arlene, Mary Beth and myself all had been fortunate enough to acquire tickets to the upcoming Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. What a great way to kick off the New Year.

It was to be one of the highlights of our college experience. Our football team, the University of Georgia Bulldogs were 11-2, having whipped three very good football teams, our three biggest rivals, Florida, Auburn and Georgia Tech, over the final weeks of the season. The Dawgs were ranked as high as #2 in the nation and playing the undefeated, WAC Champions, University of Hawaii Warriors in the Sugar Bowl. We had our tickets and hotel room reservations in downtown New Orleans. That is another story, the next in this series.

By the time we got back to school in January, every frat brother, their girlfriend and frat little sister that were not at that holiday party had heard about it, and “were you there?” was the first thing everyone was asking each other.

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