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Freshman Spring Break

Four college freshman couples go to Florida for their first spring break.
(episode 6)

Over the Christmas Holidays after that hike in the mountains I hooked up with Jennifer two more times and we decided that we would see each other exclusively. Once back in Athens, I found myself spending most nights at Jennifer’s apartment that she shared with her best friend, Brittany. I found myself experiencing sex on a regular basis over the next several weeks and it was absolutely fantastic.

That winter semester I pledged the fraternity that mt friends Nick and Bob were in and found that I really liked it. My new girlfriend, Jennifer, seemed to be a perfect fit in my clique that included Nick, Bob, Arlene, Tiffany, Kelly and Katie. We all soon became regulars at the UGA basketball home games, though the Dawgs were abysmal in basketball. Sometimes Jennifer’s roommate Brittany would tag along with us to the games and came to a few of the fraternity parties.

Spring break was coming up soon and several of us freshman thought we’d be left out of any spring break travel plans. Nick and Bob, who were upperclassmen, were going to Panama City with a bunch of other guys from the fraternity. Arlene and Tiffany, also upper classmen, and some other girls were going to the Bahamas. Most of the freshman girls' parents were opposed to them doing a traditional spring break in the usual locations. Myself, well, I thought I could not afford spring break financially.

Jennifer was the one that saved the day for us. Her parents owned a beach front condo they often rented out in Longboat Key, Florida (not a usual location for spring breakers) and she had talked them into letting us have it for four nights. The only time it was available was Monday through Thursday nights of spring break week. The girls parents all agreed being under the impression that the girls and guys would stay in different bedrooms. Needless to say that did not happen.

The condo had four bedrooms, four guys and four girls went and we of course all coupled up. Kelly ended up with Vic (who was fast becoming a very close friend to me and was a fellow pledge brother whose parents were from India), Katie was with Ronnie (a guy she had been hooking up with regularly for weeks, though she still had a serious boyfriend at another college), Brittany was with Chip (another good friend and freshman pledge brother of mine that had a huge crush on Brittany) and of course Jennifer and me. It was an all freshman spring break for us.

Nick who was older helped us purchase a several cases of beer and other alcoholic beverages in Athens and we packed that along with all of our clothes and stuff into my Nissan Pathfinder and Chip’s ancient but huge Chevy Suburban and we headed out to Florida well before sun up Monday morning and were settled into the condo at Longboat Key by mid-afternoon and spent the rest of the day on the beach.

We all went out to eat seafood together and had a fun later that night cutting up and drinking margaritas on the beach in the dark. Then everyone slowly drifted off to their bedrooms. Jennifer and I were in bed starting to make out when we heard some noises from Kelly and Vic’s room next door. The sounds started out feint but got progressively louder. Jennifer got up and put her ear to the wall to hear better. Soon we were listening to their bed banging against the wall and could easily hear Kelli’s loud moaning and crying out. After several minutes it stopped.

Jennifer had evidently become quite horny from hearing them having sex and she jumped me on the bed pulled my boxers off and eagerly gave me a really wild wet sloppy blow job. I just lay there and moaned in ecstasy. Soon Jennifer crawled up on me and mounted my face. Her pussy was already soaking wet. I licked her wet swollen labia and fingered her clit as she slowly ground on my face. We both were really horny and soon we were fucking missionary, Jennifer’s legs spread out wide beneath me. That led to us switching to the doggy position where Jennifer always preferred me to hold her hair tight and tug on it. And I found myself so excited hearing the squish, squish, squish as my cock pushed in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

Next we ended up with Jennifer on top of me cowgirl which she excelled at, usually starting out by sliding her pussy up and down my cock just barely inside her labia before she’d engulf my penis inside her. We were so enthralled we even fucked on our sides so we could see ourselves in the dresser mirror. I loved watching as my cock so shiny and wet from Jennifer’s pussy, disappeared in and out of her. With both Jennifer and I moaning so loudly and our constant screams of “fuck me,” I had no doubt that we made enough noise for Kelly and Vic to easily hear. After fucking we cuddled up and slept with the window open so we could hear the ocean.

The next morning the girls had made coffee, scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes for breakfast and we all ate like pigs before we headed outside to the beach. We spent that day swimming, skimboarding, windsurfing and even rented a watercraft. There were not too many college kids around, mostly older people 30s and up, so we tried to avoid them as much as possible. That night we all went to the greyhound races in Sarasota and I won twelve hundred dollars!!!

Before we all hit the sack Jennifer asked if we all wanted to do something crazy and then she proposed we go to a nude each the next day. After a lot of discussion and laughter we all unanimously agreed.

The next morning we headed out. Jennifer knew the location and it was a long drive to get to the island it was located on. Upon arrival, we hiked down the beach carrying our coolers and stuff until we came upon some naked people and we laid out our towels and then just stared at each other laughing to see who was brave enough to get naked first.

Then in a sudden motion Kelly reached over and grabbed Vic’s trunks and jerked them all the way down. He started to chase her down the beach laughing and she tossed off her bikini top and threw it at him. At that everyone cracked up laughing and we took off our swim suits, all but Chip. Then we started a chant of “Chip! Chip! Chip!” until he dropped his trunks to our cheers.

Looking at all the girls naked was really great! I was really concentrating hard to keep from getting an erection! The girls looked so damn hot standing there naked. I already knew that Jennifer had a neatly trimmed landing strip and now I saw that Kelly had a thin black landing strip above her pussy, Katie was completely shaved and Brittany had a little triangle trim job. Brittany had the biggest boobs but they were implants.

Vic started to get an erection and Jennifer pointed it out saying, “Vic is really glad to see us!” and laughed. Then Vic ran as hard as he could for the water yelling “Cold Water! Cold Water!”. The rest of us guys all followed. Nothing like a little cold water to stem the little problem we were all developing! Once we had it under control we came out of the water. The girls were laughing at us so we grabbed them and tossed them in the water. We were laughing and having a great time!

We set up a volley ball net and played beach volleyball for a huge portion of the afternoon, watched several other naked people of all ages walking around and sunbathing nearby. Later we were joined by four college students that native Floridian, two guys and two girls. They played volleyball with us for quite awhile. As we played volleyball we were all just mesmerized at the the different naked people we saw.

Before long this really funny looking wrinkled guy walks down the beach naked, he’s about 60 or older and walked really prissy like a girl. maybe he was gay, I don’t know, but he had a long sharp nose, a poochy belly that almost made him look pregnant, a bad hairy chest with boobs almost like a woman, a really super long dick and no butt (I mean a really flat butt!) and a tattoo of Tweety Bird (from the Looney Tunes cartoon characters on his upper arm. For some reason he pranced back and forth down the beach several times and each time the girls would get tickled and try their best not to laugh out loud burying their faces into their towels or something.

When we got back to the condo that night everyone headed straight for the bedrooms for sex. Jennifer and I were fucking like crazy and we could easily hear Kelly and Vic through the wall. The only reason we couldn’t hear the others was that their bedrooms were on the opposite side of the condo!.

Once we all had finished having sex and met back up in the living room a big group everyone started laughing because we all knew that we had worked ourselves into a horny frenzy at the nude beach that had to be relieved. That evening the girls made a big salad for us all and we boiled a huge amount of shrimp at the condo and drank a lot of beer and laughed about the day and some of the strange bodies we had seen at the beach, especially that particular guy with the long dick, no ass and Tweety Bird tattoo.

We had made several pictures of all of us naked at the beach and we kept passing camera phones around laughing at each other’s pictures. We made a pact to never show the pictures to anyone outside the eight of us.

The next day we dove all the way over to Busch Gardens and spent the day riding rides at the park.

Before we left to drive back to Athens we cleaned up the condo making sure no beer cans, alcohol bottles, condoms or any trace of anything that would get us in trouble with Jennifer’s parents was there.

By the time we headed home I think we had all pushed ourselves nearly to exhaustion. All in all it was a great spring break even though we didn’t spend it with the huge throngs of college spring breakers.
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