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In the library

A student plays with a woman online without realising she is closer than she thinks

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: What are your limits?

Susie paused before hitting send. The conversation had moved along very quickly. This was good. She wasn't in the mood for flirty banter. She was angry when she logged on. The news that her lover had dumped her had thrown her for six. Her ex was blaming the fact that Susie had been too busy at work to keep her in check. The fact that her new tart was half her age was purely coincidental.

Susie had gone online initially to stalk her and find out what she could about this new slut she had shacked up with but thirty seconds after logging into the chatroom, the suggestive whisper had appeared.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Hi, I like your profile… have you time to play?

A quick check of her profile confirmed she was another wannabe slut, 19 years old and looking to explore her boundaries with an older woman. She was about to ignore her when she looked again at location: United Kingdom. Well at least she was in the same time zone. Why not, Susie thought and replied.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: As a matter of fact, I do have some time now.  Had you anything particular in mind?”

Susie had several possibilities running through her head. She always felt a particular thrill when playing with someone younger. She had a thing for fucking a student. Working at Edinburgh University, she was careful to keep her dalliances with students to the virtual world. It wouldn’t do to develop a reputation as one of the creepy older lecturers known for sleeping with the students.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Well I’m in the library now and it’s very quiet and I’m feeling very naughty. I wondered if there was anything you’d like to tell me to do?”

Susie groaned. She glanced around at the door even though she knew her it was closed. A glance at the clock in the corner of the screen. 17:47 - Home time for the vast majority of students and staff. She licked her lips as she typed, wondering just what she should do with this new temptation.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: What are you wearing now? Are you normally this forward?

The reply came almost instantaneously

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Black top, maroon corduroy skirt, black stockings and shoes, black bra and panties… and yes, I can be with the right woman ;)

The smiley face irritated Susie for some reason. She knew this was irrational, but the fact she was the same age as her ex’s new bit made her angry, jealous and horny, a lethal combination.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Whereabouts in the UK are you?

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: I’m in Edinburgh in Scotland.

A local. Susie smiled a wicked smile. This could be fun.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Wow, I’ve heard Edinburgh is a lovely city. Do you work there or study or what?

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: I’m a student. I’m from Surrey in England but am in 2nd year at univeristy now.

Susie groaned. She could visualise her, the posh English accent, another of Susie’s weaknesses.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: What made you whisper me? What do you see in my profile?

Susie grinned when the reply came back.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: We share a mutual friend.. She told me what you like to do to her.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: And did that excite you, when she told you what I did to her.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: God yesssss.

Susie’s mind raced as she quickly scanned through Cathy_slut98’s friend list. Susie wished she wasn’t on her phone, she found it so hard to navigate round Lush when she wasn’t on her laptop. Finally, she saw it. It had to be her, another posh slut.  I knew it, Susie muttered to herself as she composed a reply. Time to find out what made her tick.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Mmmm good. I love the fact you are a student. You are so naughty coming into sex chatrooms in the university library. Tell me, does being in here when you should be studying excite you?

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Yes it does.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Slip your hand under your skirt and tell me how much. How damp are your panties?

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: They are dripping.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Are you so wet because you are in the library?

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Yes, I feel so slutty rubbing myself for you in public.

Susie smiled. She resisted the urge to slide her hand between her own legs but allowed her thighs to wriggle as she composed her reply.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: What are your limits? Mine are incest, underage, animals and permanent marks / blood.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: None.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Really? After all, I know you’ve got your hand up your skirt already. How far are you willing to go?

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Why don't you try and find out just how much of a naughty little student slut I am.

Susie glanced at the door again. Would it hurt to just wander down the two flights of stairs and across the quad and have a stroll through the library?

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Mmmmmmm, what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Susie made an internal decision with herself and pushed herself backwards on the chair and stood up.

“Fuck it I could do with the exercise if nothing else” she thought as she walked down the stairs, holding her phone tightly in her hand.

She took a detour into the ladies. She put the phone by the sink and straightened her outfit. She unbuttoned the top two buttons on her cream silk blouse, allowing a hint of cleavage to show. Even though she was well on the wrong side of 40, her tits were still firm and upright. A nice handful she’d been told on more than one occasion. As she smoothed down her black skirt over her tight arse cheeks, she thanked god she still went to the gym three nights a week. The irony that her husband thought that was where she would be this evening was not lost on her as she stalked out of the loos. Her high heels clipping on the stone flags.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Well, naughtiest thing today was letting my girlfriend finger me during a lecture.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: My you are the naughty little slut… where’s the gf now? And can I ask you what you look like? So I can visualise you better.

As Susie pushed open the door of the library, she shook her head, thinking how much of a sad old woman she was, on the search for what was bound to turn out to be some spotty teenage boy wanking off pretending to be a girl. She nodded hello to the librarian sitting behind the desk as she walked through the sparsley populated library.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: She’s gone to work, she works in a pub most evenings.

Susie paused, thinking how ridiculous she must look, trawling the University library searching for a cyberslut.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: I’ve long blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, fit, toned, 5’4, big boobs and a cute ass. Or so I’m told.

Susie was now scanning the library as she typed her reply.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: You sound delicious.

She walked slowly, not wanting to startle her if she was here, but letting her appear to be a member of staff. She picked up a couple of books from the trolley and headed towards the back of the library where she knew there were a few study tables.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Thank you.

She saw a blonde girl sitting in one of the corner booths, positioned in such a way she could see anyone coming. Susie stepped back behind a shelf and typed again while watching the blonde through a gap in the books.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: What size are your boobs? Are your nipples hard? Scoop them out of your bra and tease them for me.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: They are 34D and okay, doing it now.

Susie watched through the gap in the books as the girl looked around. She could feel her fingers tighten their grip of the books as she saw the girl lean forward and slide a hand up inside her top. The girl massaged her breast for a few moments then pulled her hand back out as she quickly glanced around the room. She was cute, fresh faced, pretty, blue eyes and long straight blonde hair.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Done it. Yes they are rock hard. Anything else?

Susie watched her in fascination. She’d never been one for voyeurism. She always wanted to be involved rather than just watching but this was different. The thrill of making this girl perform for her was something else.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Slide your knickers down to just above your knees and spread your legs as wide as they can. Now run a finger along your slit and tell me how you taste.

Again the girl looks around. Susie watched, peering through the gap as the girl wriggled in her seat then brought a finger up to her mouth. She paused, then sucked it before resuming her typing on her laptop.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Sweet but a little tangy.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: You really are a dirty little slut aren’t you?

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Yessss.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Shove that hand back between your legs. Push two fingers deep inside. Fuck that cunt you little slag.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Oh god, yes miss. I am.

Susie watched as the girl leant forward in her chair, trying to hide what she was doing. Her face smiling as she began to finger herself. Susie continued to type encouragement as the girl fingered herself.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: That’s it you posh slut.. Fuck your cunt like the dirty whore you are, you posh piece of slutty cuntmeat.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Shove those fingers in hard and deep.. Are your juices running down your fingers you posh slut?

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Are you fucking yourself like a little whore my posh slut?

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: God yessssss.. Oh fuck.. You calling me those names makes me feel so embarrassed but turns me on so much. Fuck yes I’m your little slutty whore.

As Susie slowly, quietly, moved closer to the girl she typed again.

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: Are you going to cum for me in the library? Are you going to fuck your cunt til you cum in public? Are you close my little whore?

The girl was flushed now, biting her lower lip as she typed one-handed.

Cathy_slut98 whispers to Deviantsusie: Yes... fuck i’m so close... please let me cum.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Susie asked in a stern tone as she finally got within a few feet of the girl.

The girl yelped, spinning round on the chair, pulling her hand out from between her legs. Susie could see the fingers glistening as the girl sat, frozen.

She slowly ran her eyes over the girl, noting the black panties stretched between her knees, the skirt ridden up slightly, stocking tops visible. She looked at the girl’s face. Beetroot would be the only word to describe the colour of her face. The girl tried to open her mouth to speak but nothing seemed to come out. Susie glanced from the girl to the laptop and back again. The girl followed her gaze and reddened even more, if that was possible as she realised Susie was reading what was on the screen.

“I... I... I can explain,” the girl started to mutter but Susie held up her hand to be quiet.

“Give me your student card,” Susie demanded with her hand out. The girl appeared to be in a state of shock but slowly, as if in a daze, opened her purse and silently handed over her card.

Susie looked at the card.

“Well, Miss Catherine Summerville. I think we should perhaps go somewhere a bit quieter so we can continue this conversation. Follow me.”

And with that, Susie closed the girl’s laptop and picked it up, turned and walked, ass swaying, out of the library.


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