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Maggie and Rich Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Maggie and Rich Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Canoeing on the river gets hot in more ways than one.

I was driving over to pick up Maggie and already the temperature was in the 80's at 5am. I had packed a picnic lunch, a couple of blankets, towels and a cooler. We had a two hour drive to the canoe rental place.

When I arrived she was outside waiting, dressed in a very tight, short pink crop top and pink athletic shorts topped off with pink athletic shoes. I was wearing a powder blue t-shirt with dark blue athletic shorts and athletic shoes trimmed in blue.

As Maggie walked to the car, I could not help but notice how her full breasts gently moved with every step she took. As she got into the car and closed the door she let out a soft groan as the cold air from the vent blew against her. Before I had a chance to put the car in gear I noticed that her nipples were already pressing against the material of her top yearning to be set free.

As I started to drive she saw that I was watching out of the corner of my eye and gave me a very seductive smile. As she did, Maggie slowly brought out the tip of her tongue and slowly moved it across her lower lip while at the same time she began to rub/pinch her erect nipples and then slowly began moving her tongue across her upper lip letting out a soft moan.

"Oooooooh Rich, I need your hand on my pussy, NOW!"

Pulling onto the highway, there was a faint hit of sunlight. Reaching down, I put my hand down the front of her shorts and was pleasantly surprised that she was not wearing any panties. As my fingers touched her clean shaven pussy, I could feel her body tremble. Maggie then slightly reclined her seat, now with my thumb and forefinger rubbing her clit I looked over to her and she had pulled her top up exposing her breasts. (It was now daylight.)

Maggie was sucking on both of her index fingers, then rubbed her nipples getting them wet. She reached down with her other hand and placing it on top of mine, pushed both my fingers deep into her moist, warm pussy. I looked at Maggie as she pulled at her nipples. 

"Faster...Faster...I'm cummmmiiiiinnnngggg!"

I slowly moved my hand from her pussy and brought my fingers to my mouth. I began licking her sweet juice from them while at the same time breathing in her intoxicating smell. I then reinserted my fingers and let Maggie lick them clean.

She sat up with her breasts exposed and that is when we both noticed a car with two couples were next to us! They all had big grins. Maggie lowered her window and asked them if they liked what they saw and all four shouted out in unison, "Yes!"

With that the two guys whistled at Maggie as she played with her breasts and the two girls had removed their tops and began to play with each others breasts! Thank God there was no other traffic around. Shortly afterward they sped away. 

Maggie turned to me, with her breasts still exposed for anyone driving by, leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Telling me to keep my eyes on the road she moved to my ear, nibbling on the lobe and gently moving her tongue around the entire ear.

She then kissed and licked my neck ever so slowly, (traffic had picked up) and pressed her breasts into me. At the same time she was rubbing and pinching my nipples through the fabric of my shirt.

She looked down and said, "Oooooh...I see a very hard cock straining to be freed... Yummmm!"

She bent down, rubbing her breasts against me as she moved toward my cock. Maggie reached up the leg of my shorts and began lightly moving her fingers around the circumsized head while stroking, squeezing my cum filled balls with the other. I let out a loud moan as she worked her hands on me.

"Oooooohhhh, that feels good."

Not long after, she pulled my cock out through the pant leg and gasped as the precum oozed onto the head. Her eyes grew wide as more oozed out. Maggie scooped it all up, then sat up. She put some on her nipples and her full lips.

She very slowly and seductively swirled her tongue around the length of each finger as though they were cocks. Maggie then leaned over and told me to lick her nipples clean, which I happily did. She kissed me and we shared our juices with each other. Suddenly we heard honking we looked over...and saw the two young couples again!

Our exit was coming up and to our dismay they did not follow. Maggie suddenly engulfed my cock to its base swirling her tongue all around and squeezing my balls with her hand. 

"I'm cummmmiiinnngggg...Maggie!"

With that, she pulled back so the head of my cock rested on her lower lip. I looked down as the first spurt went in her mouth, then she squeezed my cock and pointed my cock head at her face. The next two spurts hit each cheek and she squeezed again aiming the final spurts at her breasts. When I was finally drained she took all the cum from her face and rubbed some into her neck and cheeks the rest into her breasts.

"Oh God Maggie, that was amazing."

When she was done, she pulled her top down and brought her seat to the upright position. Maggie asked me how much further and I told her about ten miles. She quickly reached down into her shorts pushing her fingers into her pussy.

I told her there wasn't enough time for that and she told me not to worry, to be patient and not say a word. I looked at her quizzically, she smiled and brought her fingers up to my face and rubbed her sweet cum into my cheek. Maggie did this several times over my entire face and neck.

Then she pulled up my shirt to cover the final area with her cum. When she finished she pulled down my shirt just in time as we had arrived at the canoe rental place. Before we got out of the car I asked her why she did that to us.

"I want us to be aware of each other's essence thought the day."

With that we got out of the car, unpacked the cooler, blankets, towels and picnic basket. We were greeted by the owners (husband/wife) who helped us and the others who were there load our things into the mini van.

Everybody took quick glances at Maggie, whose erect nipples were visible for everyone to see. This got my cock stirring which got the women taking peeks at both of us.

In no time we reached our destination and unloaded the canoes along with our belongings. I told Maggie that we should take our time so that we were last to launch our canoe and she agreed.

We finally launched and began the twelve miles down the river and was it hot! We made sure that we took our time to look at the beautiful scenery of forest, meadows, and cornfields along with rock outcroppings. About a mile into the trip we noticed a small island of trees just off the shore.

As we paddled toward it Maggie turned around, took off her top and began licking her lips seductively while pushing her breasts together, lifting them and began to suck on her own nipples. She looked up as she sucked one into her mouth getting it soaking wet, then releasing it so it made a popping sound. Then she came closer to me and wanted to know if she should stop.

I told her to keep going and she offered me a nipple to suck on while she sucked the other. We soon found ourselves by the island and followed the river as it went between the island and shoreline. We could not be seen from the main part of the river so we pulled up onto the shore.

Maggie got out first with her breasts bouncing gently as I was getting out of the canoe she began to suck her nipples again letting out a moan of pleasure. She smiled staring at my hard cock swaying under my shorts.

I laid out the blankets as Maggie kept sucking her breasts and now with one hand in her shorts she was masturbating. As I walked over I pulled up a leg on my shorts and pulled my cock out. Our eyes were locked on each other as I stroked myself, pausing at the head and rubbing it several times before stroking my shaft. At the same time Maggie was starting to shake as she was beginning to climax, I knelt down yanking her shorts down to expose her bare pussy. 

I removed her fingers, "Nooooooo...Rich, I need to cum!"

I replied by putting my open mouth over her pussy and taking a swollen lip into my mouth sucking it and gently licking. I then move to her other lip, sucking and gently licking. Maggie placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled me into her as my tongue reached deeply into her warm wet pussy. Her body shuddered as she came.

"I'm cuuummiinnggg...don't stop!"

As she said that my tongue found her clit and I moved it rapidly across until her whole body tensed up and her sweet cum flooded my mouth. I held onto her hips the entire time for support and now I guided her down on the blanket.

With Maggie lying down, I straddled her chest offering her my cock. She took the head in her mouth and I could feel her warm breath. She took in as much of my cock as she could, all the while I had reached back and started to finger her pussy. When I felt her juices flowing, I slipped my cock from her mouth. I moved down her body with my cock gliding over her skin. My cock slipped slowly into her pussy.

We were soon moving together, faster and faster. Maggie wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in deeper as we both came together. We could feel my cock spewing forth my cum as her pussy squeezed my cock.

As we rested we took turns putting fingers into her pussy and licking each others fingers. Maggie then covered our faces, neck and chests with our cum.

"I want us to be aware of each other's essence thought the day."

We got dressed, opened the cooler to get some bottled water to drink and soak our tops to help cool off in the heat. Then loaded the canoe and continued our trip down the river. When we arrived back at the rental place, ours was the only car in the lot. The owners asked if we enjoyed the trip.

"Yes we did." Maggie said, as she kissed my cheek.

With that, we said goodbye and headed home.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Copyright ©2014 All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author, Banes1.

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