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Make Up Sexathon!

Making up can mean fucking in a department store's changing room or even a dad's garage!
(episode 20) follows Pas de Deux Anal Rendez-vous

Rekindled love over the 2006 Christmas holidays sets a sexual marathon into action and there is no place too risky for a good hot fuck!

It was late fall at the University of Georgia and final exam week was upon us. My friend Brittany handed me an envelope just after one of our tests one morning. I did not know what to expect. I never knew what to expect from Brittany though. For quite awhile she had been withholding information on my old girlfriend Jennifer. And that was very unusual because Brittany loved to give me information about Jennifer’s love life in great detail, much to my chagrin most of the time.

The envelope was lavender, perfumed, embossed with Jennifer’s initials and it was heavy, containing what turned out to be a several page handwritten letter from Jennifer. Of course I found that to be very odd as I usually received things like this as emails or a phone text. Jennifer had obviously put a lot of effort into this because the pages I received had no edits or cross-outs and her hand writing was impeccable. I was quite taken aback by this.

In the letter Jennifer apologized profusely for everything that had happened since the previous spring, from believing the false story of Jackie the psycho bitch that caused our break up, the “revenge sex gangbang,” the black football player boyfriend, the Halloween sex show, and everything. She said she still loved me and that her actions were a gross over reaction to me for not offering take her back. In the letter she asked me to please forgive her and consider taking her back.

I knew deep down I wanted her back, even though she had done all those outrageous things, but I also knew that only she could really hurt me deeply as no one else could. I spent that evening engrossed in thought over the matter and was strongly leaning to a conclusion that it would be best for me to never be involved with Jennifer romantically again. But I could not make that decision definitive.

I got a hold of Brittany and sent a letter of my own back to Jennifer. I figured that since Jennifer sent a hand written letter that an email or a text response would not be appropriate. In my response I told Jennifer that she would have to give me some time to think about it and I would tell her something within a couple of weeks.

Once final exams were over and I was back home with my parents for the Christmas holidays, I started working in one of my dad’s stores right away. I wanted to replenish my bank account with as much money as possible. My dad readily obliged by putting me to work 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. over my first two days home. The second day when I got home after work I pulled into my parents’ driveway and saw Jennifer’s car parked there. My mom met me at the door and told me I had a visitor in the den.

I felt very apprehensive as I walked in. I found Jennifer sitting in the den being grilled with questions by my very excited wide-eyed and hyper middle school age little sister, who had always thought Jennifer was so very glamorous and gorgeous. And sitting there close by ogling Jennifer was my sixteen year old brother, and I knew what was going through his brain.

I thumped him hard on the head and he of course yelled back, “Hey what was that far?" and he punched back at me.

I just said hello to Jennifer and asked if she wanted to go for a drive with me over to the mall. That was so we could be alone to talk. With Jennifer sitting next to me in the car wearing a really short ruffled school girl skirt, looking like she just spent all day doing her hair and make-up, looking “gorgeous and glamorous” was a sight that tore into me hard. Soon she was tearing up, stating her case for me to forgive her, by the time we pull into the mall and got out, we were back on again! There is no doubt that Jennifer was my Achilles Heel.

So we went inside and began walking around the rather small hometown mall and Jennifer was looking so hot to me. We were holding hands and she was rubbing my back and hugging me. It was in no time that we ended up in a department store women's dressing room stall kissing and making out. I know I was nervous about being caught and she seemed nervous too. But an exciting thrill had overcome both of us.

Of course my hand was soon inside Jennifer’s always sexy sheer little panties and soon they were off. Jennifer was already very wet by the time I had a finger in her. Then she bent over and started me head while I was sitting on the bench. I was sitting there with her head in my lap, my cock in her mouth, her hair falling all over me, watching her ass up in the air in that little skirt twisting a little as her head bobbed up and down on me. The nervous excitement, sheer ecstasy and thrill was really great!

Then Jennifer got my pants down enough to sit in my lap taking my cock into her very wet pussy, both of us facing toward the latched door of the changing room stall. I could feel her slippery pussy tighten on my cock as she slid down on to me.

I had my hands around her squeezing her breasts together through her top. Jennifer ground her ass around on my lap, her warm wet pussy seeming to squirm on my cock. I could feel as she tightened her pussy muscles in and out. I lifted her skirt up enough just to see her ass going up and down and around on me. Those big juicy dark pussy lips of Jennifer’s, the best I have ever seen. They were wrapped snugly around my cock while she bounced up and down, leaving a thick trail of wet cunt juice on my dick.

We were trying not to make too much noise and whispering so we didn’t attract security. But still our breathing and maneuvering made some noise. Her panties had fallen to the floor at our feet but at that point we did not care. Eventually Jennifer ended up standing bent over with her hands against the full length mirror while I stood up fucking her from behind. We were watching ourselves in the mirror and when our eyes met we would break into mischievous smiles. Jennifer dropped her head to view between her legs as my cock went in and out of her pussy which was so very wet and sloppy and making wet squishy noises. She looked so erotic with her long dark hair hanging straight down as she did that. I had her skirt turned up on her back viewing her hot tight ass with that tattoo on her lower back that I had chosen for her. The view was absolute mind numbing sexy hot to me.

Then Jennifer slung her hair around really hard as she peeked back at me and asked if I were getting close to cumming. I said, “Yes,” so she pulled away and spun around dropping to her knees and took my cock, all wet and sloppy from her pussy, into her mouth, cupped my nuts in her hands and soon I was cumming.

Jennifer swallowed it all and slowly licked my cock clean as it began to go flaccid. We smiled really big at each other, almost on the verge of laughing as we pulled our clothes up and zipped up. As Jennifer pulled her panties up she whispered in my ear, “I’ve been wanting you so bad for a long time!”

Upon exiting the dressing room stall, two cute girls, about 18 or 19 years old, came out of the stall next to us, all wide-eyed and snickering. Evidently they had come in and heard us and got in the stall next to us to enjoy listening to Jennifer and I fucking. As we walked out in front of them, I looked back and the two girls looked right at me smiling and one of them stuck her tongue out at me making a sensual sexual licking motion at me with it.

As soon as Jennifer and I left the store and were out in the mall we died laughing. I said to her, “Did you see those two girls?”

Jennifer replied, “Oh yea, I hope they learned something.” And we both laughed so hard.

About a week half after that encounter we were at the huge extravagant Christmas Party that Jennifer’s parents host every December. Jennifer was wearing a sexy short, low in the front and back, black dress, really high up on the thigh stockings and heels. She looked so very sexy that I constantly had to disguise the fact that I was pitching a tent in my suit pants.

Jennifer kept noticing and getting very tickled at me. I did not know whether or not her friends Brittany and Rachel had noticed my frontal protrusion or whether Jennifer had told them about it first, but all three of them were laughing to almost tears.

Finally Jennifer whispered in my ear, “I think we should do something about that erection of yours that keeps popping up.” And of course she really laughed after saying that.

I responded, “I'm up for anything.”

She took me by the hand we slipped out. I thought we might be going downstairs to her bedroom but Jennifer had other ideas and she led me into the garage that is part of the main house. We were taking a wild chance since the noise echoed around loudly from the acoustics of that huge garage which housed 6 cars.

We started making out while she leaned back against the wall but soon we found ourselves fucking with Jennifer bent over the hood of her dad’s Bentley. My pants had fallen to the floor around my ankles but I didn’t worry about them getting dirty in that spotless garage. I had Jennifer’s hair on one hand and my other hand held the grillwork of the car for balance. Her dress pulled around her waist and her panties were off and had been tossed up next to the windshield. We made a lot of noise but that did not even phase us since we were so horny and into it.

Jennifer hands were spread out over the hood as I fucked her hard from behind. It felt so awesome to finally be fucking her after looking at her for the previous three hours during the party. We never even changed positions just stayed standing with her bent over the hood and me fucking her pussy from behind. And when I finally came it was such a relief and I exploded hard inside her. I kept humping until I felt myself going soft and then slowed to stop.

Then as we pulled our selves together we really cracked up laughing seeing that Jennifer had left hand prints all over the hood of her dad’s always freshly waxed Bentley. We had to find some towels and polish in the garage wall cabinets and shine the hood up again before we left.

As we came around the corner of this little hallway leading from the garage, we encountered Brittany and Rachel. They had both been standing there listening and peeking at us. They were laughing so hard and told us what a hot show we put on.

It was not the first time something like this had happened. Brittany and Rachel both had always been up to a little game of peekaboo if they knew someone was having sex.

They both said that they were pretty sure what we we up to when they saw Jennifer leading me off by the hand and they followed. Brittany and Rachel had dates at the party but they were downstairs playing pool at the time leaving those two mischievous girls free to spy.

Jennifer and I did not do any crazy kinky swapping stuff like the previous Christmas holiday. For one thing we stayed relatively sober and while we did smoke a little weed we stayed away from doing anything harder. Besides we were just too enamored in being back together. Of course we did have to find places to fuck. We fucked in my Nissan Pathfinder a few times including the parking deck at Lenox Place Mall. We fucked in Jennifer’s little BMW Roadster (always a challenge) during the middle of the day in the parking lot of a boat ramp on Lake Lanier. Also, in her bedroom twice when her parents and little brother were gone and once we got a room at a Days Inn. And we found other places too.

We had been able to get tickets to see the Georgia Bulldogs play in the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome on New Year's Eve. The Dawgs were not favored to win against the Virginia Tech Hokies, but we really wanted to be there to pull for the Dawgs anyhow. Jennifer and I, Brittany and her date, a guy named Rob, went to the game. At halftime we were all pretty depressed as the Dawgs were down by almost 3 touchdowns. But in the second half the Dawgs came out fired up and absolutely dominated the rest of the game winning it going away!

The Dawgs victory put me in a very good mood and after we all had a late night dinner and attended a New Year's Eve Party with Brittany and her date. Jennifer and I then left to drive to her parents’ house where I was to stay in a guest bedroom. Well I definitely wanted to score some sex as I was in such a good mood and knew that once we got to Jennifer’s house I would not be able to do that with her parents there.

So we ended up having car sex in her little BMW Roadster in an alley. Just as I said before it was always a challenge to maneuver in that small two seat soft top convertible but like always we managed. Following Jennifer giving me a long wet sloppy blow job and me managing to lick her to an orgasm and almost wrench my neck in the process, we did have a very hot physical fuck. I think Jennifer’s feet almost went through the roof once or twice but did manage to stay mostly on her dash board.

Afterward we were almost dressed but buttoning up when some homeless wino guy tapped on the window and scared the hell out of us. Jennifer screamed very loud! The wino did a thumbs up and yelled, “That’s the way to do it!” and walked off.

Jennifer and I got out of there fast but we cracked up laughing once we were on the road. She said, “Maybe we need to be a little more careful where we fuck!”

I nodded and said. “Yes.”

That is why after attending one last great party in Atlanta before going back to school, we ended up checking into a Days Inn for a hot round of sex before I drove her home to her parent’s house. They weren’t expecting us until the early morning hours anyhow. As usual, I spent the night in a guest room at their house, arranged by her parents on another floor from Jennifer’s bedroom, close to theirs. I did not tempt fate, so I did not sneak down to Jennifer’s room. And if I did and got caught, well, Jennifer’s mother and mine are best friends and my mom would know about it right away, so you can just imagine the fussing and nagging I would have received had I ever been caught in her bedroom. I needed the sleep anyhow as I was really tired.

For the next few months Jennifer and I were back on....

(For further background reference on previous events and the characters in this story refer to Revenge Sex Gangbang, College Sexscapades, A Trip To The Mall, Afternoon Sex Outside On A Mountain Trail and Getting Kinky During Xmas Break!)

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