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Me Too

She'll do what it takes to make it

"Yes, Mr. District Attorney, I will tell you what transpired to the best of my recollection.

When I got to the University I was a very naïve girl from a small town. In high school, I had been a member of the band. It was one of the high points of my senior year to be the lead and solo trumpet player.

I noticed on my dorm bulletin board a flier asking for experienced musicians to try out for the college band.

I registered my interest and was called for an audition. I showed up at the appointed time, and Dean Mayer, the Dean of the Music Faculty, took me into his office and asked me what instrument I would be playing. When I showed him my trumpet, he asked me to play Otto Kettings’ Intrada.

While I played he was looking at me in a way that made me uncomfortable. I felt like he was undressing me with his eyes. As I lifted the trumpet to my lips, my chest strained against my top. His eyes immediately focused on my breasts.”

“Miss Gallow, you say he was looking at you in a way that made you feel uncomfortable. Why then, did you not ask to reschedule your tryout? Why didn't you ask to come back accompanied by a friend?”

“Sir, this was the one person who could make or break my band career. I wanted this very much. I didn't know very many people at the time and was looking for a place to fit in.”

"Miss Gallow, I need to reassure you that what you tell me in this room will only be divulged with your permission. We are investigating Dean Mayer because a young woman much like yourself committed suicide after being tutored by Dean Mayer. She left a very detailed diary of her experiences with him. We are seeking to see if there is a pattern to his behavior."

"Oh my God! That is terrible. Was she there while I was?"

"No this happened before you started at the University. I am determined if what I suspect is confirmed by you and several other young women we are interviewing, to have the bastard sent to jail for a long stay. During your time in Dean Mayer's office, can you tell me what else happened?”

“Yes, sir. I played the part he asked of me. I held the trumpet in my hands playing nervously.  Dean Mayer got up from his seat and began to walk around the office. He came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. He started caressing my hair and the back of my neck.

This piece was a difficult one as there are many different parts. I was concentrating on what I needed to do to play well. Dean Mayer's hand drifted to the top of my blouse. He popped the top button as he asked me if I could breathe better now. I kept playing; however, my insides were shaking. I continued because I knew I needed to ace this audition.

Everyone in the music business knew that David Mayer could hook you up with the best in music. Not many people are looking for a lead trumpet player in their band. I wanted to play like Miles Davis or Louis Armstrong. Being a woman trying to make it in the jazz world as a trumpet player, I knew was going to be hard. I just didn't know how far I would have to go.”

“Miss Gallow, how did your audition go?”

“It went well. I made the band and was soon given the lead trumpet position. Dean Mayer was making my dreams come true.”

“Will you share with me what happened at these private lessons? How often did you have them?”

“I met with Dean Mayer every day after class for about two hours. He helped me work on my technique as well as playing in stressful situations.”

“Miss Gallow, please go on, how did he help you play under stressful conditions?” 

“The first month of practices were not too far out of the ordinary. I played a lot. I played every piece he threw at me. He told me that I played very well, but I needed something more. I needed to be more confident and feel secure about myself. He suggested I should feel sexy.”

Closing my eyes, I remembered the first practice and how the atmosphere changed as I went on. 

“One day I came to practice right from class. I was wearing a skirt and a tank top. It was a warm day for November. The windows were open and as I laid my music sheets out a gust of wind blew them to the floor. As I bent to pick them up my skirt rode up to my waist. I felt Dean Mayer's hand grope my backside.

Although I knew this was wrong, it sent a shiver through me. Dean Mayer came up behind me as he whispered in my ear how sexy he could make me feel and the confidence that would bring out in me.”

“Did you ever tell anyone?”

“Sir, who was I going to tell? Who would believe me? This man had helped so many people before me achieve their greatest goals.

I wanted nothing more than to be able to perform and not be fearful of the people around me. I was bullied quite a bit in high school. This man wanted to help me over that hump.

I was still a virgin. Though I was naive, I wasn’t ignorant. Dean Mayer told me he had exercises that he would put me through. He told me his exercises would improve my confidence, my ability to resist stress and improve my breathing.

He told me to stand still after I had picked up my sheet music. His hands were caressing my behind. I felt him rub his bulge against me.

He leaned in and whispered to me, ‘How bad do you want to succeed?’

“’More than anything,’ I told him.

‘Then it's time I start to teach you advanced techniques. The first one will teach you to control your breathing. Kneel down at my feet,’ Dean Mayer ordered.

"I knew then what he wanted. I turned around and knelt before him. I opened his pants and released his cock. He was commando which made it easier for me. I took his cock in my hand and began to perform oral sex on him. This was a first for me. I had never had any sexual experience before this one.

He was quite well endowed. I started by licking his eight-inch shaft when he told me to open my mouth. As soon as I complied, he thrust himself deep into my mouth. He kept feeding me more and more of his penis until he was lodged firmly in my throat. I started to pull back to breathe. He held the back of my head preventing me from pulling away. He told me to breathe through my nose.

I was gagging and ready to pass out before he released me. As soon as I had gasped some air into my lungs, he pulled me back in.  He kept this up for about fifteen minutes before he released a huge stream of cum into my throat. He kept me there until I had swallowed every last drop of his seed."

"What happened next?"

"The following Friday he told me that I was ready for his advanced techniques class. He said that I would be spending the weekend at his house."

"What happened then?"

"After our regular practice session, he led me to another room in the back of the house. He told me that the advanced techniques would include discipline, breathe exercises and exercises in flexibility.

He stood me in the middle of the room and tied my hands over my head to a pulley set in the ceiling. He removed every item of clothing I was wearing. I was stretched out before him naked as he stepped back to check me over.

‘You are a beautiful woman. A vision as anyone can see, but for those that look closer, they will see what I see. You are a caterpillar within a cocoon waiting to break free as a lovely butterfly. Your eyes show a purity about you. I also can tell you are vulnerable and unsure, but behind that, I see strength; a strength that will help you in this business.’

He said all of those things as he walked around me. He seemed to be studying my body. Finally, he stopped and tied a blindfold over my eyes.

‘You need discipline to be able to continue, no matter what the circumstances. Blindfolded you don’t know what I’m going to do. You are going to feel the soft suede of my flogger as it caresses your bare nipples. Concentrate on your breathing, feel your heartbeat, and listen to my voice.’

Suddenly I felt that slash of the flogger across my ass… I mean rear end. I gasped at the contact as he continued to spank me.

Dean Mayer spoke calmly and told me to feel the sting, breathe through it, and let it go. ‘There will be times you feel you cannot take any more, and then you will be called upon to continue. You must reach inside for that extra courage.’

The next thing I felt was his mouth on my breasts. As wrong as all of this was, it felt so good. He sucked my nipples and squeezed my breasts together biting and nibbling before unhooking my hands from above my head.

He took me to a bed and had me lie flat on my belly with my feet on the floor. He put a spreader bar between my ankles and spread my legs as far as he could. My hands were tied above my head.

He whispered in my ear, ‘You look so beautiful like this. You are my own instrument to play. I can play it well. Let's see if you want it as bad as I think you do’

His words made me tingle everywhere. He reached between my legs and felt my juices flowing. I heard his pants and shoes hit the floor right before I felt his hard cock against my clit. He rubbed it around to lubricate himself before entering me slowly. He was large, and I was tight. I used his breathing techniques to get through the pain.

He stretched me open until he reached my hymen. He then stopped, telling me to take a deep breath as he pushed through. I let out my breath and felt him. It hurt, but as he kept moving inside of me, the pain changed to something else. It felt so good I began to moan.

‘Good girl, you are doing well. Don't fight it. Enjoy it, feel me, feel the pleasure, let it all go,’ he encouraged.

Before long I felt the most intense feeling I'd ever felt. My orgasm was building hard and fast. I moaned and yelled, and Dean Mayer knew I was coming. He slammed into me as I gripped him with my vagina right before I exploded.

I was out of it for a bit and didn't even notice that he came inside me, although I heard him yell right before I reached my state of euphoria. The next thing I knew, I was laying on the bed and David... Dean Mayer was holding me and cuddling me.

‘Baby girl, you did so well,’ he whispered in my ear. ‘I'm proud of you, and you will go far in this business. We have some more work to do, but for now, you must rest. Realize your body is now mine to do with as I wish. I might even share it with others in time.’

After that day we had sex at least twice a week. I knew what he wanted from me. He helped me get better and better. He would have me practice in the nude for him. He would shackle my legs with the spreader bar while I played. He would try to make me falter by breaking my concentration.

I played the trumpet better than I ever had. By my third year, I was playing at private parties and in clubs.”

“Did you and Dean Mayer continue this 'relationship’ all through your time at the University?”

“We had a special relationship all throughout my time there. Dean Mayer moved on to help others over the years. There was a young man that was quite shy but made magical music on the piano.

Dean Mayer told me about him one night and asked for my help. He told me the young man froze as soon as he had an audience. He ordered me to give the young man my body”

“Miss Gallow, can you tell me how you helped this young man?”

I smiled at the district attorney as I remembered Nick. “He truly was a genius on the piano, but as soon as someone other than Dean Mayer would watch him, he would start to fumble.

One day Dean Mayer had me come into the music room during Nick’s practice. Of course, as soon as Nick realized I was there, he froze. I sat with him at the piano and introduced myself. I asked him to play for me. He was very nervous. I could see him shaking.”

“Miss Gallow, what did you do next?”

“I placed my hand on his leg and began rubbing it. I'd move it up slowly towards his crotch. He was surprised as I later learned he had never been touched by a female. That day I just wanted him to trust me, so I didn't push too far.

I would show up at random practices in all sorts of attire. I wore short skirts and sexy tops. Sometimes without a bra. Nick was cute. He would blush if I caught him looking at me, although he would steal glances down my shirt.

One night I came into the studio shortly before practice was to end. Dean Mayer went into his office at a predetermined time that we had agreed upon. Nick was concentrating on the piece he was playing. I walked over to him and began to kiss his neck. I sat on the bench beside him while he played I kissed and nibbled his ear, and along his cheek to his lips. I kissed him hard and with passion.

I wanted him to continue playing, so I let him be for a moment. I stood in front of the piano and began to do a striptease to what he was playing. He faltered a few times. I would stop what I was doing until he continued. We played this game for about an hour. Once I was completely naked, I took Nick by the hand and taught him how good a woman could make him feel.”

“Miss Gallow, are you implying that you seduced this young man to 'help’ him play better?”

“Yes, Sir, I was following the instructions Dean Mayer had given me.

Sir, have you ever studied for an exam so hard that you thought you knew everything backward and forwards, but when you took the exam you were so nervous that you choked? “

“I'm not sure how this is relevant, Miss Gallow, but yes I have.”

“Think of how you would have done if you took time to relax and not stress over that exam. Do you think you would have done better?”

“Possibly, I don't know. What's your point, Miss Gallow?”

“After that night with Nick, he started to relax. His playing became more an extension of himself. I came to a few more of his practices and taught him how to find ways to relax. He is now at Julliard, sir.”

“Miss Gallow, how many people have you helped to relax, as you say, to play better?”

“Sir, I helped anyone Dean Mayer asked me to help. Over four years, probably about twenty or so people. I've helped guys and girls. Dean Mayer had used his influence on each of them to make them believe this is what they have to do to make it in the music world.

I felt twinges of guilt each time I did so. Dean Mayer had transformed the naïve girl into a slut. Today I am not proud of what I became as a woman. Yes, I did reach my goal and now am recognized among the best Jazz instrumentalists in the world. At the beginning I used my body shamelessly to advance in the music jungle. The emotional cost however has been enormous as my therapist could testify.”

“What are your thoughts about Dean Mayer after all these years Miss Gallow?”

“Confused, sir. At the time I thought I loved him. Lately I have come to despise the man. He robbed me of my virginity and the ability to be in a meaningful relationship with men. He turned me into a bisexual slut and killed my soul in the process.”

“Miss Gallow, would you volunteer to help us in our investigation?”

“What could I do?”

“Would you identify those young men and women who you helped at the orders of Dean Mayer?”

“I could, however, all you need to do is find those who graduated and who went on to become successful. The only wish I have is never to have to face that man again.”

“Miss Gallow, one final question. Do you believe you would allow him to use his influence over you today?”

“No, sir. Not if I had known then what I do now. If I had a safe person to go to that first time, I would not have done any of that. I went along willingly because of who he was. I want girls today to know they don't have to believe there is no other option. 

I did everything that Dean Mayer asked of me, no questions asked. These young men and women today have many more options. No one person should have that much power to make or break your career. Nobody should feel so powerless and have to do the things I chose to do.”

“Thank you, Miss Gallow, for your honesty. We will pursue our investigation. I will do what I can to keep your out of the spotlight.”





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