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My Senior Year: The First Tailgate Party

The first tailgate party for the 2007 season inaugurates a sexual showdown!
(Episode 24)
This follows "Voyage d’Etude en Europe: The Sexy French Girl"

I had no idea that I would soon be sucked raw and fucked senseless, by two competing girls.

Upon returning from my trip to Europe, I sank into a deep and melancholy mood. I knew that I would probably never again see Yvette, the French girl, and that really had me down. I had also just received news that the ‘love of my life,’ my old girlfriend, Jennifer, was still seeing that asshole law student. No doubt I would have moped around my parent’s house for the next few weeks, if it weren’t for my dad putting me to work in one of his stores right away.

I was definitely very eager for classes at The University of Georgia to start back. I really missed my college gang and the crazy upbeat social spirit around the campus. I especially couldn’t wait for football games to start. My friends and I were all so very optimistic about the upcoming 2007 UGA football season because our Dawgs were loaded with great returning players.

I was practically giddy when it came time for me to pack my clothes and head down to Athens. In fact, I arrived at the house which Chip, Vic, and I had rented, several days before classes at UGA were due to start. To my surprise, my buddy, Chip was already there and Vic rolled in about an hour after I had unpacked. Starting during our fraternity pledge period three years before, we had developed a bond and became the closest of friends. I felt really upbeat that our dastardly trio was back together and just knew that we were going to have the most exciting senior year possible.

Soon the girls from our clique arrived in Athens. Chip’s girlfriend, Nikki, still had another year’s lease on the rental house next door to us, but she had three new brand-new roommates for the year. Our close friends Katie, Kelli and Mary Beth had moved in with her. In fact, those mischievous sneaks had conspired to keep me from hearing about it until they were all moved in. They had even recruited Chip and Vic into their prank and they kept me away so that I wouldn’t see the girls arriving.

Once they were in and settled, Chip and Vic talked me into going next door on an errand. The girls were all there and we had the loudest most crazy reunion; jumping around, hugging, yelling and laughing. I was totally elated when they told me they would all be all living there for the year.

Vic, Chip and I were really excited to have our chick buddies next door. They had spent most of the time the previous year over at our house anyhow. Now, instead of having to drive over to hang out, they could just walk 15 feet across the lawn. Those girls were really great friends. We loved them to death and we were very protective of them.

This was the beginning of the fourth year that our close-knit group had been together. But only the second year that Mary Beth had been with us. It would seem strange later, but when Mary Beth first entered our group, she and I just seemed to clash. Late in the previous spring, we had become used to each other and had begun to get along pretty well.

At UGA, the first football game always comes before the first class is held. For Georgia’s opening game that year, the Oklahoma State Cowboys were coming to Athens for the first time ever. We were all very excited, because Oklahoma State was a really good, up and coming football team and would provide an excellent test for the Dawgs in their opening game.

Athens was jam-packed for opening weekend, as usual. My gang was hosting our first “tailgate party” of the 2007 season in the backyard of our rental house. Chip had three grills cooking hamburgers and sausage brats and he’d been up most of the night smoking barbecue baby back ribs. The girls had also spent a lot of time on Friday making food for Saturday’s tailgate party. Of course we had all kinds of other stuff to snack on including our usual boiled peanuts and marijuana brownies. But no vodka Jello like the previous spring’s “Pool” party!

The game wasn’t until late afternoon and we got the party started by mid-morning. It didn't take long for things to reach a fever pitch. We had a large crowd, mostly made up of guys from our fraternity, their girlfriends, and several chicks, from Katie, Kelli and Mary Beth’s sorority. All of us were jammed into our back yard. We even had several guests from Oklahoma State University and wanted to show them real Georgia Bulldog hospitality. Four guys, from the OSU chapter of our fraternity, made the trip to Athens with their girlfriends. They had arrived on Friday evening and we’d had a big party at our fraternity house that night and on the Saturday we had everyone over at our “tailgate bash.”

We soon discovered that Okies aren’t very different from Georgia folks at all and that we really liked our new Oklahoma State Cowboy friends, but were hoping our Dawgs wouldn’t be too hospitable to them on the gridiron itself.

The tailgate party was getting really raucous and got even bigger, when someone from my fraternity had located a few more Oklahoma State fans, in Athens and brought them over too. We’d been shouting our cheer, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Dawgs Sic ‘em! Woof! Woof! Woof!” and, in our good mood, we even allowed our Okie guests to do a couple of Oklahoma State cheers. Then we all hoisted our beers and toasted to each other’s school. Everyone was having fun; eating, drinking, getting somewhat raucous and our Oklahoma State guests were having a great time partying with us!

UGA colors are red and black, so of course all of our UGA girls were wearing tiny slinky red short low-cut dresses and seeing them was very arousing, causing me to pitch a tent in my cargo shorts. Compound that with drunk and stoned Katie, Kelli and Mary Beth hanging all over me; rubbing their tits on me and, oh yes, I was enjoying it very much. I had already noticed that Mary Beth was wearing some ultra sheer red panties under her skimpy short red dress. I was about to discover that she had intended for me to see that.

Mary Beth was and still is, a very sexy girl; real pretty, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair that hung below her shoulders and with some of the sexiest shapely legs I had ever seen. She had a tight, firm ass, a tiny waist, smallish breasts and best of all, she had one hell of a great camel toe which she sometimes showed off in a tight pair of shorts, but usually she wore ultra short school girl ruffled skirts.

After awhile, Jennifer, with her best buddies, Brittany and Renee showed up. I was kind of pissed off because Jennifer also brought that asshole law student guy whom she was seeing. Even though we were no longer dating, I still had deep down feelings of jealousy and Jennifer had to know that from the way she purposely flaunted that asshole in front of me. It’s not just that he was with Jennifer that made him an asshole. He was just a genuine asshole in every way. He was ultra rich with a smug, snotty, arrogant attitude and really did think he was better than everyone else. I was extra glad that I had once totally demolished him while blocking during an intramural flag football game two years before.

I didn’t take the crap Jennifer was dishing out, with her show of affection with that guy, lying down. I started hugging up on Mary Beth, who was closest to me. She looked sexy as hell anyhow in that tiny red dress. Once Jennifer saw me paying more attention to Mary Beth and how Mary Beth was hanging all over me, Jennifer started upping her show with Mr. Rich Law Student Asshole. Despite my angry feelings, I did notice that Jennifer was also looking mighty fine in a tiny little ultra short red dress, fitting her so snugly, tight, low cut and wearing a pair of cowboy boots.

That day was the most I had ever responded to Mary Beth in that way and she obviously liked it. In fact, she followed me in the house when I went into the kitchen to get more beers. Mary Beth grabbed me standing next to the refrigerator and planted a hot, sensuous, deep, tongue kiss on me. Her hand quickly started rubbing my crotch and she used her other hand to move my hand onto her ass. My buddy, Vic, came walking through the kitchen and saw us.

He laughed and jokingly said, “No sex before the game!”

Mary Beth just laughed and said, “Why not?”

I was just half-kidding when I responded, “Hell, we’re only 20 feet from my bedroom.”

Mary Beth looked at me very seductively, with her big blue puppy dog eyes and said, “C’mon!” And started toward my bedroom.

I followed and as soon as we entered my bedroom, I closed and locked the door behind us.

Mary Beth stood up on her heels and kissed me very passionately, then she whispered, “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for the past year.”

Of course hearing her say that caused my cock to respond by rising immediately to a full erection, even though it was squeezed tightly within the confines of my shorts. My brain drained quickly of blood as it headed south to my nether region, making it difficult to process this other information that Mary Beth had divulged.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you for the past year.”

Those words were spinning around in my head. I had not even had a clue. For a long while I had actually thought that Mary Beth didn’t even like me much, so I was surprised to hear her say that. I was surprised but needless to say I was very pleased.

We sat on my bed and started making out passionately. Mary Beth’s tongue was swirling in my mouth and around my tongue. I could tell she meant business by the way she was kissing. No playing around, those were hot, deep, forceful ‘I wanna fuck’ kisses. Of course, in no time we were wildly pulling each other’s clothes off. Meanwhile the party raged outside.

I was buzzed and horny and now I had a raging hard on. I am seriously telling you that my cock was throbbing pulsating and practically talking. There was just something about Mary Beth, probably repressed sexual tension that was now erupting from me like a spewing volcano.

Once we were naked, Mary Beth’s head collapsed onto my lap and she started quickly sucking and slurping my cock. As I watched her, I could see that she seemed to have as much repressed sexual tension as I evidently had. Mary Beth seemed to be having so much fun, slurping on me. Her eyes kept staring at me and she even had a little smile sneaking out the corner of her lips, as she hungrily engulfed my cock. I soon had to stop her and ask her to slow down or she’d have me cumming and I didn’t want to orgasm that soon into the encounter. Plus, she was attacking my dick so hard that I was just a little afraid she’d get my penis all scratched up and raw.

Mary Beth eased her head off me and then lay back on my bed, spreading her legs wide apart. She looked so super hot lying there, spread out in front of me. Her pussy displayed a shaved, rounded, protruding mound that gave her one of the hottest camel toes I had ever seen. That mound surrounded a delicious looking set of dark, pink, full pussy lips; glistening, already soaking wet and with a nice big clit sticking out from its encasing hood. I had to I dive in and start sucking those wet slippery lips and soon I was licking all around her clit, teasing and flicking at it with my tongue.

I had barely buried a finger into her dripping snatch to search for her g-spot when Mary Beth screamed out, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m cumming!”

That had to be the fastest I’d ever licked a chick to an orgasm. I was really taken by surprise!

I wasn’t going to let any time waste. My cock was throbbing and pulsating and Mary Beth’s soaking wet pussy was so inviting. Seeing her cunt all opened up before me with her pussy lips spread out, was a delicious erotic sight. Without much hesitation, after she’d screamed that she was cumming, I had pulled myself up between her legs and pushed my cock into her.

Her eyes widened and her little mouth made that familiar “O” shape I always loved to see on a woman as she felt my cock push into her wet pussy.

Mary Beth screamed out very loud, “Oh My God! Fuck Me!”

Then she clawed and grabbed at my shoulders.

As I started pushing in and out of her. I was amazed at how tight her pussy felt. It really did feel amazingly great. In fact, I knew that it felt so awesome that I’d have to seriously concentrate to keep myself from cumming too soon.

As I was thrusting in and out of Mary Beth, I heard some loud clopping footsteps outside my bedroom door. They stopped suddenly right at my door. I kept thrusting into Mary Beth, her screaming out in ecstasy and my bed springs loudly squeaking in rhythm to my pelvic thrusts. Then I could make out the sounds of the footsteps stomping off down the hall until the sound disappeared.

My brain though drained of blood, swimming in alcohol and stoned from the marijuana brownies, was still able to surmise that those footsteps had been Jennifer in her cowboy boots. Indeed, I reveled in the thought of some revenge because in the past, she had put me this same type situation a few times herself. The shoe, or in this case, cowboy boot, was on the other foot.

Quickly, my mind was totally back on Mary Beth, with her damned sexy legs wrapped around me. She pulled my face down to hers, so she could bury her tongue deep in my mouth. She held on tight to the back of my head and then pulled her forehead to mine, her vivid blue eyes looking deep into mine, as I still was thrusting in and out of her squishy, wet, tight, absolutely amazing pussy!

Mary Beth said, “I really want you! I really want you bad!” Then screamed out, “Let me on top!”

I rolled over and Mary Beth crawled on me cowgirl and slid her sloppy wet pussy down on my cock and started up and down on me. Her labia clung to my cock. I watched her pussy lips stretched out tightly around my shaft, trailing down when she did her upwards motion, leaving a fresh trail of shiny wet on my cock and then burying herself down on me again. Mary Beth soon grabbed me and hunched down on me, her tongue kissing me as she rode me cowgirl. Her loud breathing, moans, grunts and shouts of “Oh fucking yes!” were right in my ear. I started to cum and told her so.

“Cum in me!” Mary Beth shouted, loudly.

I let go and had an absolutely fantastic, raging orgasm. It was one of those really good ones which you can feel generating deep in your balls and feel as it explodes through your scrotum and pulsates like a rocket through your shaft. I had barely finished cumming, when Mary Beth screamed that she was also cumming again and soon she collapsed, exhausted on my chest hugging and kissing on my neck.

Mary Beth took my face in her hand, looked deeply at me and declared, “I don’t want to be just a hook-up. I really want to be a lot more than that to you.”

I was a little surprised at what she said, but I liked it.

“Is that possible?” Mary Beth asked.

I looked at her and said, “I’m not ready to commit to anything but of course it’s possible.”

She rolled over on me and kissed me again saying, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

Then she kissed me one more time.

We both rolled out of bed and started getting out clothes back on.

Mary Beth and I rejoined the rather loud and raucous party in the backyard. Right away, I noticed Jennifer standing next to Mr. Rich Law Student Asshole and some of our friends. She was glaring at me, I mean she had a mean-ass angry look that could have burned a hole through steel!

I thought to myself that she had no right to look at me like that. After all, she'd put me through in the past and besides, she was the one who had broken up with me months before. We had hooked up for sex after. There was that time at the spring “pool” party and also just after our last final spring exams. Then I didn’t get a call, text or email from Jennifer until I received an email from her, while I was in Europe, telling me that she was in Europe too, with Brittany and her aunt. After that, I hadn’t seen or heard from Jennifer, until two days before the tailgate party, when she dropped by our little house with Brittany and Renee just to say hello and tell me that they planned to come to the tailgate party.

Jennifer came to my party alright — and brought that asshole guy she was seeing.

Before long, it was time to walk down to the stadium for the game. I sat with Mary Beth, Katie, Kelli, Chip and Nikki, Vic and his new date, along with a couple of other fraternity brothers. Mary Beth sat right next to me at the game and we interacted all during the game. My friends really noticed the interaction between Mary Beth and me.

Between the Hedges, in front of 93,000 screaming fans, the Dawgs weren’t as nice to the Oklahoma State Cowboys as we had been to their fans at the tailgates. The Dawgs won by 3 touchdowns! It was a great and raucous victory for the Dawgnation and within minutes of the final whistle, students had renewed the more than 100 year tradition of ringing The Chapel Bell until midnight. (To be fair to our Lush friend, Mike, known here as jhmik_88, his OSU Cowboys did get even with my Dawgs over in Stillwater, Oklahoma in ‘09.)

It was dark outside, by the time the game ended so we made our way back to the house and restarted the tailgate party. The Oklahoma State folks came by again and we all partied for a long time, until well after midnight. We really liked the Oklahoma State fans and students, they all seemed like damned fine Americans! We wished their team well on the rest of their season and in fact they did go on to have a very good season.

The next afternoon, Mary Beth walked over to my house, barefoot, in a long t-shirt. She came in the front door, and took me by the hand as I sat on the couch, watching football on TV and semi-studying from a text book. She then led me in to my bedroom, closed and locked the door behind us and removed the long t-shirt revealing that she didn’t have on a damn thing underneath.

I was thoroughly speechless. Mary Beth took charge and then seductively put her hands on my chest and pushed me backwards onto my bed. She crawled up on my face and buried her beautiful pussy on me.

I grabbed her by the hips as she slid her torso back and forth, grinding her deliciously pungent pussy into my face. My tongue worked furiously at her clit, while I gripped her sliding hips. Again, I found myself shocked at how quickly Mary Beth achieved an orgasm from oral sex. Her thighs clamped tightly around my head and she almost fell backwards, as she spasmed into an orgasm. I could taste her pussy cum on my tongue just as she started to try and lift herself off my face. I quit licking her and lifted her hips up so she could get off of me.

Mary Beth fell onto the bed next to me, catching her breath and then almost giggled. She then quickly leaned over and gave me a deep, tongue kiss. I know she was tasting her own juices on my lips and tongue.

After that, she made sure I was watching her, as she let her tongue trail down my chest and stomach, until she arrived at my swollen cock. With her eyes locked on mine of course, she then started to give me a long, sloppy, wet blow job. She had me moaning and squirming in no time at all, before she began to fuck my brains out!

Mary Beth started out riding me cowgirl, like the previous day, but in just a few minutes, I rolled her over and spread her legs apart, thrusting into her from the top in a traditional missionary position. Soon after that, I pushed her legs up in the air and over my shoulders, so that I could push my raging dick deep into her.

Having fucked her hard in that position for several minutes, I then slapped Mary Beth’s ass and told her to turn over. With one arm, I picked her up by the torso and placed her into the perfect doggy position and pushed my cock into her pussy from behind. She was a perfect size to easily grab her by the hair and tug her head backwards firm, but not enough to hurt her.

“Oh my God!” Mary Beth screamed out, slowly but loudly, with a gutteral sexual tone.

I gave her another quick smack on the ass and she let out a very quick, “Oh!” Then I saw a smile curl up in the corners of her cute, little mouth. I continued to pound her from behind, while she let out moan after moan, until I couldn’t hold my back my orgasm any longer.

We cuddled naked in the bed for several minutes, without really saying too much.

At some point laying there Mary Beth whispered in my ear, “We’re just getting started.”

Afterwards she had to leave, to go with Katie and Kelli over to their sorority house on sorority business.

Late that afternoon, Jennifer called me and asked if I’d meet her at the old Taco Stand, over at the corner of East Broad Street and Milledge Avenue. I was getting hungry, so I agreed and I was very interested in what she was going to say and do.

I drove over The Taco Stand and met Jennifer there. We ended up chowing down on some delicious, greasy, Mexican food, while she told me that she had known for a long time that Mary Beth had a thing for me. Of course I had been clueless until the day before. Jennifer then proceeded to say a few derogatory things about Mary Beth and I realized that she was quite jealous.

Jennifer asked if I wanted to come over to her place. I agreed, thinking that it would be entertaining, seeing her in that jealous state. Once we arrived at Jennifer’s apartment, she got her blender out and made margaritas for us. Actually, she soon had me drunk and stoned, all part of her scheme. I actually realized what she was doing but I was all too happy to let her carry through with it.

Soon Jennifer was kissing on me, while we sat on her sofa. She unbuttoned my shirt and kissed and licked down my chest. We weren’t worried about anyone walking in and disturbing us. The only person that might walk in was Jennifer’s roommate, Brittany and she’d seen us naked and having sex before. Well, actually a couple of years before we’d had swap out sex with Brittany when we were all pretty high and drunk.

Jennifer then proceeded to get all of my clothes off and had me naked, sitting on her sofa. She then stood in front of me and strip danced in front of me, to the music that was playing on her stereo, until she was completely naked. Jennifer then dropped to her knees in front of me and started kissing on me. Erotically and slowly, she licked and kissed every part of my body.

I wondered if she might taste Mary Beth still on me. If Jennifer did taste her, she never said anything. I think her goal in this was to do her best to out-perform Mary Beth, in a competition to get the upper hand in having control of me.

Jennifer soon had my erect and throbbing cock in her mouth, giving me a long, sloppy blow job. Of course she knew to do the seductive eye contact and sexy looks that she already knew I loved. She sucked my nuts and softly teased my inner thighs with her fingers, while her lips, mouth and tongue licked and sucked my cock. Jennifer then pushed my legs back, exposing my asshole. She then started to slowly finger it and then let her long tongue start to tease it, until she was erotically licking my asshole. One of her hands slowly stroked my raging pecker, while the other softly massaged my testicle sack.

My mind was numb from the ecstasy of it all. No doubt Jennifer was making progress towards her goal.

She crawled up onto the sofa and climbed onto me as I lay flat. We easily arranged ourselves into a 69 position, like we had done more times than could be remembered in the past. We knew just what each other liked. We both moaned, groaned and writhed, until we had actually scooted the sofa slightly out of place.

We both crawled down onto the floor, pushing the coffee table away, to give us more room to begin fucking on the floor, in front of the sofa. I started on top of her in a missionary position, but we soon ended up side by side on the floor, with me pushing into her super soaked cunt from behind. One of her legs was up, wrapped around my side and I had reached around her with one arm, so that I was furiously fingering her clit whilst thrusting back and forth into her, until she screamed that she was cumming.

Jennifer really didn’t take any recovery time before she had pushed me back down onto the floor, so that she could climb on top of me. She held my tingling cock firm, while she lowered herself onto me. I watched as my hard cock disappeared inside her. She started slowly but soon she was rocking and bouncing on me and yelling out about how hard she was going to fuck me.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out!” Jennifer yelled.

What could I say? What could I do but just enjoy it? I tried to grab and hold onto her tits as she rocked back and forth, up and down, but she was moving around too much for me to keep my fingers on her erect nipples. So I just lay back and played my role as saddle for her wild, cowgirl antics.

Jennifer took this opportunity to further impress me and also to remind me of her amazing ability to tighten and loosen her pussy lips around my throbbing, swollen penis. She also well demonstrated her ability to grab and clamp down on my cock at just the right moment, in order to choke off and delay my orgasm. Finally after she had thoroughly fucked my brains out, just as she had said she would, Jennifer allowed me to orgasm. We were both a sweaty mess by the time I finally unleashed and filled her soaked cunt with my cum.

Still Jennifer was not finished with me. As I lay on the floor catching my breath she got up and went to her bedroom and came back with a tube of lube.

“Lube?” I asked.

“I have another hole that needs some attention,” Jennifer said, as she sat down, with her legs crossed, next to me.

She squirted lube into her hand and started rubbing, caressing and pumping my dick back to an erection. Then she told me to get behind her and start fucking her ass from in the doggy position. That was just to get us started, because she soon had me back on the floor and slid her lubed ass down on my cock in a reverse cowgirl. Jennifer was pulling out all the tricks, in order to show me that she could not be outdone.

She already knew that I totally loved her in the cowgirl position, whether in her pussy or in her ass and she was taking this opportunity to remind me of that, along with her anal skills. Her tight ass did feel amazing. Not to mention the fact that the view of her shiny, wet skin on that hot super tight sexy body, with her tramp stamp tattoo I so loved, was doing to me. Better yet, she knew just how to tantalize me by peering back and looking at me seductively out of the corner of her eyes.

She finally drained me again, as I shot her ass full of hot cum. Then she lay on top of me. It felt wonderful having her hot, sweaty, naked body draped on top of mine. My cock was slowly going flaccid when she lay her chin on my chest, looking at me deeply with her big, deep, dark, brown eyes, which twinkled with some devious intent.

Jennifer then said, “I know who you really are, Buz.”

‘Buz?’ I thought. While several of friends often called me by my old nickname from high school, Jennifer never did. Silently I thought to myself ‘why the hell did she call me Buz — what the fuck is she up to?’

What I did not yet realize, is that a sex war had just begun. I was the objective. Was I the prize? Maybe victim would be a better term. The opponents were Jennifer and Mary Beth and I was in over my head.

To be continued in “Two Girl Fuck Competition” episode 25.

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