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The Dorm Room Diaries: Tempting Terrell

A college slut meets a man that can help with her problem.
I’m what people call a slut, a whore, or a cock addict; I've heard it all. I’m a queen bee with the looks and attitude to match. I have long rich espresso hair that reaches past mid-back and dark blue twilight eyes to match. I’m on the short side, but nothing a sexy pair of heels won’t fix, and I have the sought after hourglass figure which I must maintain with regular trips to the gym.

Girls want to be me and guys want to fuck me, but honestly I don’t care what people think; I just love cock filling my cunt and I know how to get it. I’m young and fresh out of high school with a mission to have some crazy college experiences I've only dreamed about.

It’s just the start of September and I moved into my dorm room only a few days ago. Classes don’t start till next week so people have been moving in slowly. My roommate, Davina, who I've chatted to over the phone is moving in tomorrow. She seems like my total opposite; a sweet, nice, church going lady. I’m not sure how well we’ll get along with my sinful ways.

I've spent the day unpacking and getting settled into my small two room dormitory. The entire dorm room itself isn’t very big and my bedroom is on the small side but it doesn't matter; I’m just glad I’m not living with my parents anymore.

Even though the walls of my bedroom are a blank stark white, I've made my room into a comfortable space. My big fluffy dark purple duvet with matching overstuffed pillows is the center focus of the room and the large dark wooden desk in the back corner is now decorated with school supplies.

The décor of the small common area that consists of a love seat, an old T.V, counter space, a tiny sink, and mini-fridge is as bland as the white walls that encase the place. I’ll have to spruce it up later. The two piece bathroom has light taupe walls with cream tiles on the floor and a large rectangular mirror over the sink; it’s by far the most stylist room in the suite. The slightly more luxurious communal showers are located at the end on each hallway.

Davina has already expressed her concern and anxiety over the common shower area, but communal showers aren't something I mind. In fact, I’m looking forward to seeing soapy nude female bodies and watching the hot water pour down off their curves.

Although I've never been with another girl before, I've always had this strange attraction to the female body. I mean, what’s not to love? Women are beautifully soft and delicate in all the right places and the round curves of their bodies beckon my hands to grasp them.

As the sun is going down and the dark sky is illuminated with stars, the urge to have a hot hard cock sheathed in my pussy is starting to grow to an undeniable level. My skin is beginning to itch with arousal and my poor unfilled pussy is moistening with desire.

I stare at the desk longingly imagining myself getting fucked on its dark wooden surface by a naughty professor. Letting out a sigh of longing, I snap myself out of my daydream before I completely get lost in thought. I continue the task of decorating my bedroom.

Today is the third day of the move-in week and I’d say almost half the dorms are now filled with rowdy teens and young adults. Since I've moved in there’s been many loud parties every night and as each day goes by they get bigger and naughtier.

Being my social butterfly and horny self, I couldn't say no to the invites as I passed the party in the hallway. It was clear that the guys wanted my cunt wrapped around their semi-hard cocks, but with my reputation, I do have discerning tastes.

After attending three crazy parties, I've hooked up with a couple guys, but only one really rocked my world; that’s really nothing to satiate my ravenous needs. I’m hoping tonight will be different and I can score a big cock. I've been craving a good stretching and the orgasmic sensations that accompany it.

I first fell in love with large thick cocks when I was seventeen. My dad’s best friend Mark had been secretly and guiltily lusting after me so I decided to put him out of his misery and let him get into my tight panties. Although he wasn't my first, when he put his glorious 5 inch thick and 7 inch long member into my recently deflowered pussy it felt like I was losing my virginity all over again.

The burning painful pleasure that his cock created is still the best sensation I have ever felt and I've been chasing after large cocks ever since. Mark and I screwed whenever we got the chance but my father caught us in the act so I haven’t been able to see him since. If my father hadn't caught us, I’d still be fucking Mark’s brains out and getting my sweet pussy split open by his endowment.

Looking at the bedside alarm clock, it’s still a little early to start getting ready to party tonight so I decide to take out the garbage and recycling that has piled up from all the unpacking I've done. Most girls would have changed out of there sleazy sleepwear that offers minimal coverage but I’m not most girls.

I don’t even blink an eye at going out into the hall in my thin aqua cotton tank that’s too big on my small 5’3 frame. It hangs precariously off my 36B breasts that jiggle when I walk due the absence of a bra. I know the light brown outlines of my nipples are also visible in my braless state; just another perk in my eyes. My black sleep shorts are also loose fitting and stop well before my mid-thigh. I of course am not wearing any panties, loving the free and erotic feeling.

The garbage shoot and recycling room is just down and around the hall from my dorm so I have it sorted and disposed of in minutes. On my way back I see this rather attractive black man in the hallway. I’d say he falls under the cliché tall, dark, and handsome. His juicy lips and cut physique is what catches my lustful eyes. I’m not one for stereotypes but maybe… I think to myself as I size him up.

I can see him looking me over and a smile appears on his face. He greets me first with a cat call whistle.

“Damn, girl. What’s a fine babe like you doing tonight?” he asks me.

I bite my bottom lip teasingly and give his is body a long steamy gaze.

“I’m looking to have some fun tonight…but I might have a problem,” I respond in a seductive teasing voice.

“Well maybe I can help you with the problem?” he replies in a low voice.

“Hmm,” I say, faking contemplation while my wet slippery tongue runs across my lips. “Maybe you can.”

I step back so my back is flush with the wall of the hallway and tug him closer to me using his belt loops. He easily presses up against me and I wrap my arms around his neck. His body is warm and hard against mine making my erect nipples poke into his chest.

He places his hands on my petite waist and I can already feel his semi-hard cock pressing into my lower stomach. The desire to grind and rub my throbbing clit on his hardening tool flashes over me and my mind nearly get lost in lust. I go up on my tip toes to reach his thick lips with mine.

When our lips meet in a crushing kiss, pure hot arousal takes over my mind and body. He returns the kiss with heated passion and in no time I feel his moving rough tongue pressed on my lips asking for admittance. I open my mouth compliantly and allow his tongue to sweep in. As our wet lips and tongues entangle with each other, his hands effortlessly slide under my flimsy cotton tank and run the length of my spine over and over.

His wandering hands take a detour to the undersides of my breasts making me moan into his mouth. He glides two of his fingers along the contours of my bust and settles his palms on my rib cage while his thumbs gently rub the sides of my breasts. The teasing is making my tits prickle with yearning. I return the same curious licking of his tongue before I lick and nip his bottom lip.

“My problem is that I can’t wait till tonight to have some fun; I need it now,” I huskily whisper into his ear and bite his neck. The feeling of my hard pulsing nipples digging onto his chest only spurs my need higher.

He lets out a low moan. “Sugar, you’re so sexy. Let’s go to my room right now and I’ll give you all the fun you want.”

He steps back from me slightly and laces his fingers into mine leading me in the opposite direction of my room. Near the end of the long and turning hallway is his room. Before he glides his key card into the slot to open the locked door he says “My name’s Terrell by the way.”

I just snicker and enter his dorm room.

He walks into the suite behind me and peeps into the slightly cracked door on the right hand side.

“Looks like my roommate isn't here,” he says with a mischievous grin.

Terrell pushes me roughly against the small area of wall between the bedroom doorways. He plasters his hot hard body against my soft small one and begins passionately kissing me once again.

“That means…we can be…as loud…as we want,” he tells me between sloppy tongue filled kisses.

Still locked in his working mouth, he places his hands on my shoulders and pushes down my tank straps by sliding his hands across my shoulders. My breasts are now exposed to his heady gaze and my top is bunched around my waist.

He grips my ass and lifts me up to his waist pinning me even harder against the wall behind me; I instinctively wrap my legs around him. With the tilt of his head, Terrell is now trailing kisses and teasing licks down the center of my chest leaving cool wet spots on my skin. A stranger’s face is currently between my soft twin globes feasting on my skin and the thought makes me moan out in delight.

He finally gives my straining nipple what it needs; a good lick and a hard suck. My head bumps against the walls and my eyes close in ecstasy. He works his rough tongue up and down my stiff sensitive peak as he sucks it into his hot wet mouth.

He cups my bust to lift my tit deeper into his mouth and my lips part in a silent scream. I savagely dig my hands into his hair and begin grinding my soaked pussy against his jean clad cock.

When Terrell moves to perform sweet torture on my other neglected nipple, I open my eyes to watch his lips latch onto my fluttering peak. In the corner of my eye I see the main door crack open. Mmh this could be interesting.

The look on Terrell’s roommate’s face is rather priceless; a sort of mix between shock and awe. As Terrell continues to use his mouth on my heavy breast, I seductively moan and bite my lower lip as the roommate and I lock eyes for long heated seconds. The noise of the closing door catches Terrell’s attention so he lifts his head and sees his roommate is back.

“Sorry Ryder, I didn't hear you come in man. We’ll continue this into my room,” he explains in a comical tone.

Ryder tongue seems to be finally untied and he mutters his apologies for walking in on us.

“It’s nothing to be sorry for Ryder,” I purr out as Terrell carries me into his room.

I loudly giggle as he has playfully throws me onto his bed. As he goes to shut his bedroom door, I can see Ryder still avidly staring my at me so I decide to tease the poor guy even more. I look right into his deep blue eyes while I suck my finger into my mouth and moan softly.

The door is now shut and Terrell is taking off his red T-shirt and dark jeans. Clad in only in his black boxers, I break out into a lust-filled frenzy at the sight. I wickedly beckon him to the bed with a come hither finger. His bed is the perfect height for me to lie down on my stomach and be mouth level with his hard cock.

With his thighs touching the soft mattress, I rub and nuzzle my face against his nicely hard black dick. I moan in excitement and work his boxers down his legs. When his cock bobs free from its fabric prison, I can’t help but be a little disappointed. A good size but not the monster I'm looking for. No matter, I’m not going to pass up a good fucking.

I stroke his erect length in my hand a few times before my warm wet tongue grazes the tip of his bulbous head. He groans at the light caress so I begin lapping at the bulbous cut head everywhere I could reach. I continue by popping the tip into my mouth and give it a few hard sucks before I pull back.

My naughty tongue moves along the underside of his lengthy dick to his heavy balls. I suck one nut into my mouth making him curse out and moan. Reveling in the reaction I created, I repeat the treatment to his other ball getting the same expression as the first.

Wanting his cock in my mouth, I leave his sac and focus my attention on doing just that. Sucking the fat head into my mouth I slowly work down his shaft lashing my tongue on his length as I go. Once Terrell’s dick is lodged in the back of my throat I pull back to his tip and repeat the process all over again but this time I use the additional stimulation of my hand.

I wrap my fingers around his slick velvety pole and move them up and down in tandem with my mouth. His hands grasp at my hair and he holds it out of the way for a perfect view. Now I’m bobbing my head up and down his shaft faster and faster getting lost in the erotic feeling of giving head. His cock in my mouth feels like steely hardness encased in satiny soft sooth skin; a texture I never get tired of.

After several minutes of enthusiastic sucking and licking, my lips are beautifully puffy.

“Oh God, stop stop. If you continue anymore I’m going to cum in that magical mouth of yours.” He tells me as he steps back from my lips.

“There’s no way I’m missing out fucking your juicy pussy. Bend over, all fours, gorgeous ass facing me.”

I do as he indicated and feel the bed dip as he climbs on it. I sassily wag my ass in the air to entice him even further. My loose lounging shorts are sliding off my hips and are dragged off my legs. Terrell gives my butt cheek a hard slap; I squeal out as the instant fiery pleasure blooms on my soft backside. He spreads my globes and I can feel the room’s air contact my heated core.

“Ohh, yeah,” he groans out looking at my needy vaginal opening and dark puckered rosebud.

He dips a couple digits into my folds and circles my entrance. “Fuck, you’re so wet and ready baby.”

“Please,” I beg. “I need your cock pounding into me.”

“I’m happy to oblige a lady who asks so sweetly,” Terrell says while running his cock through my pussy lips slicking it in my juices.

The feel of his solid rod bumping my clit and pushing through my folds elicits wild moans from my throat.

“I’m no fucking lady,” I grit out. “I’m a slut and I love it. Now fuck me like one!”

Slowly the black tip breaches and spreads my opening. He pushes and pushes his dick into me and the feeling is indescribably wonderful. It’s like coming home after you've been away for weeks; a sense of peace and contentment that can only be achieved by something that feels so wholly right.

I can hear little moans and groans of enjoyment passing his lips as he gently works his way into my pussy with small short thrusts; each one going deeper and deeper until his balls are resting against me. In this position he can reach deep inside my cunt. Fully buried in my pussy, his cock is filling me and is pressed tight against my hot slick walls.

I clench my walls down on his cock as he begins to move his dick inside me. The feeling shoots sharp pleasure to my pulsing clit that’s quick plumping up and peeking out from its protective hood. The move also elicits a loud profanity from Terrell and his hands now grip my hips. He pulls out almost completely and slams his hips against my ass cheeks.

“Ohh, fuck. Yess!” I scream out into a pillow.

Groaning and grunting, he repeats the same movement many times.

“Mmh,” I moan. “Faster, I want it faster. I need to get fucked like a whore not a princess.”

He slaps my ass in response causing my pussy to clench down on his dick. We both cry out in bliss.

He begins fucking me how I like it; fast and hard. He uses his grip on my hips to slam even harder into me. Over and over again he keeps fucking me while I’m moaning my ecstasy into the mattress. It doesn't take long before I start to feel my orgasm approach; my legs stiffening and the pressure in my cunt is exquisitely unbearable. I move my hand down to my little ball of nerves and rub hard in a side to side motion.

“Ohh god, ohh god. I’m gonna cum,” I repeat and repeat until my orgasm slams into me.

Screaming my rapture, I can feel my pussy contacting and spasm around his black member that’s still sliding in and out of my cunt. My ears ring, my eyes blank out, and I have no idea how my legs are still upright. The sensation is all consuming and so fantastic.

Once the orgasm dissipates, I can already feel another building up inside me. I want to take Terrell with me this time so with one hand rubbing my fat clit, I take my other hand and grasp at his heavy sac between my legs. I softly play with his balls begging them to unload all over me. He yelps out in response and fucks me faster.

My second orgasm washes over me just as intensely as the first and my hot wet walls convulse onto his dick spurring on his climax. He sharply pulls out of me and flips me onto my back. Working his cock in his hand, he moans as white creamy ropes of cum erupt from his cock and land onto my pussy lips and stomach. Just the feel of his hot gooey jiz on my sensitive lower lips makes me feel happy and slutty.

He stops pumping his rod with his hand and lets out a quick breath. “Fuck, that was incredible.”

He crashes down onto the bed as if exhausted. I giggle and spread his cum all over my skin and pussy before I rectify my top and slip back into my shorts.

As I head for his bedroom door I sweetly say, “Thanks for helping me with my little problem.”

“The pleasure is all mine sugar,” he replies with a satisfied smile. I open his room door and step one foot through the archway.

“Hey, wait!” I heard him call. I raise my eyebrow in question.

“I didn't catch your name,” he says almost in question. I flash him a small cheeky grin.

“Who said I told you,” I answer and I close his bedroom door.

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