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Trap House

Trap House

To the nights we won't remember and the people we can't forget.

"Sure, I'll try anything twice."

It used to be a cheeky motto she would quote in high school and college when asked to experiment with new, sometimes illicit, often sexually explicit ventures. But she quickly realized how thrilling it was to actually abide by this ideology, to live fully and experience every sensation imaginable while she was still a young and impressionable adult.

Having always been a fan of horror and thriller films and realizing that this genre had a surprisingly dampening effect between her legs, she knew early on that the quickest way to pique her arousal was via her intellect and getting her adrenaline pumping. Her curiosity toward the unknown, her deepest desires to understand those untapped parts of the human psyche, led her to seek out answers to these unasked questions as a young adult.

She studied Psychology as an undergraduate at the state university. After meeting, and often sleeping with, one of her closest classmates, she was immediately accepted by his friends and quickly became the only female housemate in their group of debaucherous young co-eds.

One housemate in particular always scared her, ever so slightly. She was embarassed to admit this to her boyfriend or their other housemates, but she couldn't quite explain why the hairs on the back of her neck stood up when he looked at her. It was as if he was seeing not only her, but through her, into her, almost as if he was reading her thoughts. 

He shared the basement room that she and her boyfriend had occuppied for the past semester. He minded his business, she minded hers, but she was always a bit on edge in his presence.

Admittedly, it may have had to do with the way he would uninhibetedly steal glances at her across the room as she rode his roommate to explosive orgasms, or as she would saunter across the room, dripping wet, barely covered by her towel after stepping out of the shower. She enjoyed the attention, but she could never quite explain why his cold stare elicited a fear response in her core.

It may have also had something to do with the syringes scattered around his side of the shared room. Or the unmarked packages that would mysteriously show up from Silk Road. The burnt spoons, the residual white powder.

He was in deep, and she knew it. They all knew it.

He always expressed an interest in her studies, engaging her in long, thoughtful conversations about the Psychology textbooks he would catch her studying. He asked her questions and was actually interested in her answers and opinions. But their relationship was very superficial. She knew nothing about him or his past, and she certainly was never comfortable bringing up her concerns for his health and his obvious struggles with substance abuse.

When the group moved into their new shared townhome a year later, she was more at ease now that he safely occupied his own room upstairs and she shared a room with her boyfriend on the main level. She no longer worried about feigning humility or masking her lustful cries while in the throes of passion with her lover.

And truthfully? Sometimes she missed it. She really missed it.

A knock at her and her boyfriend's bedroom door interrupted a study session one lazy Saturday afternoon. Her boyfriend had headphones on while completing his computer programming assignment, so she hurriedly set aside her Abnormal Psychology textbook and laptop, clicking 'save' on the rough draft of a term paper examining similarities between psychosis, substance abuse, and reports of demonic possession.

She cinched the tie around the waist of her satin bathrobe and opened the bedroom door. It was him.

She stepped into the hallway so they didn't further disturb her boyfriend, who was still agonizingly pounding away at his keyboard to finish his assignment.

"Do you two have any plans tonight?" he asked, nodding toward the closed bedroom door.

"No, we're just studying. Nothing tonight though, why?" she asked him.

"I have something I want you to do with me," he paused. "Both of you, of course."

He pulled a tiny two-inch by three-inch zip locked bag full of a whitish powder out of his pocket and held it up. She was speechless.

"Oh, no, that's okay. We're not really into that..." she stammered. "I mean, it's okay that you are, but uh..."

He laughed, the smile that spread across his face in stark jutaposition against his cold, glassy stare and otherwise cool demeanor. She couldn't help but feel that he was laughing at her expense, at her naivety. She hugged her robe tighter to her bare skin.

"No, it's not H. I'm talking about Molly." When she didn't respond, he continued, "MDMA? It's sort of like Ecstasy. I got a big shipment in and it's way more fun to use in a group instead of testing it out by myself."

"Wait... A big shipment? What are you talking about?" she was confused. "Since when is this some sort of trap house?"

His eyes narrowed as he laughed that chilling laugh of his. "Didn't you ever wonder how we can afford to live here when none of the guys have jobs? Or why you've never once seen a utility bill? I take care of it. Don't tell me now that you're questioning how I take care of it. What's that saying, don't look a gift drug dealer in the mouth... Something like that."

A lot of things suddenly became clearer, as though a lens had shifted and her perspective was finally focused. She always thought her boyfriend took care of their share of expenses since his family came from a lot of money and hers had next to nothing. It was a bit humiliating that she never realized what was really going on. Of course, they all sat around smoking pot to relax and they shared a housemate's prescription for Adderall to help them focus in class, but then a lot of college kids did those things.

But selling? That was a little different. A lot different. That scared her. But it's funny the effect that fear had on her body...

She loosened her grip on the dark blue satin robe and it slipped down her shoulder, exposing her collar bone, then a tattooed shoulder blade, then the curve of her breast peaking out the top. His gaze didn't miss a thing, and he raised an eyebrow as he brazenly stared at her body.

"Yeah. Sure," she slowly replied. "We're in. What the hell, I'll try anything twice."


"Whatever you do, don't exhale when you lean over or you'll blow it off the table. Line your nose up to the line of powder, pinch off the other nostril, and breathe it all in."

He held her hair back as she leaned forward. His touch was lighter, more gentle than she had expected. She shivered.

As she breathed the substance in, she didn't expect the immediate burning sensation. Her eyes teared up and she held her breath until the worst of it subsided. She swept her long, curled hair over her shoulder, straightened out the neon crop top she had dressed in, and joined her boyfriend, the other housemates, and their friends around the coffee table.

A few bong hits later, and the mellow, calming euphoria from the weed melted into something more intense. Her whole body was electrified with a pulsating current unlike any other. She looked around and could tell her friends were starting to feel the subtle change as well. Her pupils dilated and she felt a warm glow radiating through her extremities. She realized she was involuntarily smiling from ear to ear.

She stood up and walked, no, glided over to the window. The cool glass felt like frosted steel beneath her hand. Every move she made felt like she was floating on water, weightless, malleable.

It was incredible. Indescribable.

Her eyes began to play tricks on her. The vertical blinds covering the sliding glass balcony door looked like they were pulsing to the rhythm of the electronic music thumping through the stereo system. Her skin looked (and felt) like it was glowing. She had never been more fascinated by anything than the sight of her own hand in front of her face in that moment. She looked at each of her friends' faces closely and felt an all-consuming warmth, a joy that she had never experienced before. Everyone was smiling. Laughing. Dancing. Moving.

She had never felt more alive.

She grabbed her boyfriend's hand and wordlessly led him to their room. He didn't argue. The only lights that were on in their little den were some blacklights and a lava lamp. Everything looked like it had been painted with the Lo-Fi Instagram filter -- brighter colors, more definition, almost to the point where nothing looked real.

Without saying a word, she wiggled out of the form-fitting black skater skirt that hugged her delicious curves and flared at all the right places. She pulled the neon crop top up and over her full, pert beasts. Every nerve ending in her body was hypersensitive, and her nipples stood at attention begging to be devoured.

Her boyfriend, speechless, started for the door to close it behind them.

"NO," she cautioned. "Leave it open."

She pushed him backward onto the bed, straddled his lap, and pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it aside. She ran her long nails down his bare chest, and he shivered at her touch, elliciting a tinkling, bell-like giggle from her soft, smiling lips. The simplest caress was intensified by a thousand. She was already insatiable on a typical day, so he could barely imagine what she had in store for him tonight.

He laid back on the bed and felt that he was swimming in a satiny pool of warm blankets and downy pillows. His body was weightless and it felt like he was rolling on an endless black sea that was swallowing him up.

She took this opportunity to unbuckle his jeans and slide them past his narrow hips. He closed his eyes, letting the intensity of the moment wash over him. Although she was barely touching him, the slight pressure on his hips and thighs felt like she was performing some type of deep tissue massage. He immediately felt the blood surge to his now fully erect cock, and her skilled hands freed him from the restrictive boxer briefs.

She knelt on the floor beside the bed where he remained sprawled, blissfully lost in the music and the moment, eyes closed with a dreamy smile painted across his face. Swaying to the music, she bent forward and licked his flat stomach. Her tongue traced a path down each sinewy line chiseled on his toned abdomen. She continued this path down to his obliques, which culminated in a delicious V shape, a tasty landing strip leading straight to his virility.

She took his throbbing member into her mouth and relaxed her throat until she had him in to the hilt. Her tongue caressed the underside of his glans as she slowly, adoringly slid him back out of her eager mouth. He was dripping from the delectible mixture of her saliva and his pre cum. With her tongue, she caught a fresh droplet from the tip of his penis, not wanting to let any go to waste.

Still reclined on the cloud of pillows and blankets, his dark brown eyes watched her closely as she climbed back onto the bed, now slding off the tiny g-string, which had been the only article of clothing left on her petite, curvy body.

She surprised him by turning around and straddling him in reverse, giving him the most mouthwateringly inviting view of her round ass as she lowered her dripping pussy onto his cock. He held onto her hips so tight, it was as if he were afraid she might disappear if he didn't hold on for dear life.

She lowered herself onto his awaiting cock so slowly that he was sure time had slowed to a screeching halt.

She tossed her head back and laughed as he anxiously raised his hips up to meet hers. She was in no hurry for this pleasure to come to and end. She effortlessly bounced up and down, gyrating her hips to the rhythm of the music, enjoying the hyperstimulated euphoria that was igniting her every nerve ending.

She heard a new song come on the stereo from the main room down the hallway. She had forgotten that she had insisted on leaving the door open, and chills coursed through her body as she looked up directly into their housemate's eyes.

It was him.

Eyes closed, her boyfriend was still in a blissfully overstimulated trance beneath her and was none the wiser to their new audience of one. She froze for a fraction of a second as she weighed her options.

But this was why she left the door open, wasn't it? Yes. Emphatically, yes.

She looked deeply into his light blue eyes and smiled at him. He needed little more invitation. His hand went to his jeans and he slowly unzipped them. Her breath caught in her throat as she suddenly feared he would come in the room and expect to join them.

And yet, she also feared that he wouldn't.

But instead, he remained where he was just outside the door, and he pulled his cock free of his restrictive clothing. He left his jeans on his hips as his cock sprang forward, rock hard. His hand slowly worked up and down his long shaft. They kept their eyes locked on one another as she continued to ride her unsuspecting boyfriend. She brought her left hand to her breast and rolled her perky nipple between her manicured nails. The other hand went to her mouth and she sucked one, then two fingers in and out of her lips, sweeping her tongue over and between them.

Once drenched in saliva, she brought her hand to her already dripping pussy. Slowly at first, she circled her clit with one, then both fingers as she continued to roll her hips, gyrating on her boyfriend's dick. She continued her assault on her electrified nub, knowing she couldn't hold off her orgasm much longer. She reveled at the thought of her impending release, but wished that she could continue this lubricious build-up forever.

She rocked her hips and felt her boyfriend's cock bottom out, rubbing her sensitive G spot and reaching her cervix with his every upward thrust. She swept her finger across her clit once more, giving it a slight pinch, and she felt herself spiraling.

Never breaking eye contact with her housemate, she cried out in pleasure as the waves of euphoria heightened and finally came to a climax. Her boyfriend felt her pussy clench around him, so still holding her hips in his vice-like grip, he started thrusting upward over and over, harder and harder, fucking her through her orgasmic waves. She continued moaning and crying out.

"Yes. YES. Don't stop!"

He had no intention of doing so.

She locked eyes with their housemate again and saw that he was still there, bracing himself with one hand pressed to the door frame, while his other hand continued to expertly work his engorged cock. His movements became a blur to her as he milked himself to a similarly mind-numbing finish. Thick spurts of milky white cum hit the door and arced across the room, nearly landing at her feet on the bedroom carpet. He held her gaze a bit longer, his expression softening to what almost appeared to be a genuine smile.

He winked at her, caught his breath, and tucked his still impossibly hard member back into his boxers and jeans. Without a word, he disappeared back down the hallway.

Unable to hold herself up on her now shaking legs, she slumped over her boyfriend, who was still awaiting his own sweet release. He lifted her spent body onto the bed and spread her legs. He lined himself up with her dripping entrance, and pistoned in and out. His full, aching balls slapped her pussy with every thrust.

She continued her unabashed moans and screams of ecstasy as she felt herself welling to another intense climax.

"Cum with me," her boyfriend growled. He strummed her still hypersensitized clitoris as he slammed his cock in and out of her tight, pulsing pussy.

With one more thrust, a guttural, animalistic sound emerged from deep inside her boyfriend as he filled her cunt with load after load of hot cum. Her pussy throbbed and spasmed beneath him, and she had to clench her legs around him to stop him from continuing his assault on her overstimulated clit. She came so hard around his cock that she couldn't help but laugh. Legs numb, vision blurred, and nerves on fire throughout her entire body, she laughed and laughed.

"I hope the laughter is a good thing," her boyfriend joked.

In her blissful state, she felt that she had completely lost control over her body. She nodded at him in response.

"Yes, it's a good thing. That was the best thing... Ever."

She relaxed her tense, shaking legs as her boyfriend nestled himself between them. With his head resting on her inner thigh and her other knee propped up just enough to grant him access, he brought his mouth to her glistening pussy. He licked up the stream of his own cum as it slowly dripped from within her. He lazily pumped his cock in his hand, as it was still uncomfortably erect even after his explosive release. Each time his tongue grazed her clit, she felt like she was being electrocuted. Her legs twitched, her abdomen spasmed, and her eyes watered.

With a dreamy, lusting smile, she closed her eyes as she floated atop this blissful feeling, rolling on a bed of satiny waves, electrified by the current that coursed through her body from the drugs and from her spasming pussy.

He continued to lick and sotfly suck her pussy lips into his mouth. He drank her wetness as if his thirst would never be quinched. He pulled her clit between his lips, teasing it ever so lightly, sucking and then backing off when he felt her start to tense up.

She felt a warmth grow in her belly and she splayed her legs apart, presenting herself to him further. She ground her clit against his tongue as he flicked it, teasing her by returning his lips to her inner thighs and then licking softly at her opening.

"Make me cum," she whispered. She kept her eyes closed as her boyfriend's tongue found her clit again. He continued working his shaft in his hand, alternating pressure just below his glans and then gently massaging his balls to stave off his climax.

Without want for further instruction, his tongue traced a figure eight pattern, circling her clit, entering her pussy, and then pulling her clit back between his teeth. He pressed harder, nibbling her further into his mouth. While sucking her clit between his lips, his tongue circled one more time and she cried out in pleasue as she came apart beneath him. As her orgasm crashed around her, her roommate's light, silvery blue eyes flashed in her mind and she smiled at the thought.

As her boyfriend continued to lick her through her last waves of ecstasy, she opened her eyes and watched as he milked himself to his second orgasm of the night. There was little left in his spent, aching balls, but she scrambled down the bed to catch the spurts on her tongue. He fed her his cock as he finished, and she cleaned up every last drop.

They agreed that while the drugs coursed through their systems, they didn't know how much more stimulation they could handle. Each of their multiple orgasms had barely put a dent in their mounting lust. They had never experienced a euphoria like they had that night, but they feared that if they didn't pace themselves, they would be too sore to move in the morning. Her boyfriend put on a pair of basketball shorts and went to go get a bottle of water from the kitchen.

She rolled off the bed and found her clothing scattered across the floor. She smirked to herself as she narrowly missed stepping in a puddle of their housemate's cum on the carpet. As she picked up her clothes and started to dresd, her boyfriend returned to their room and handed her a drink.

He laughed, so she glanced up.

"Why even bother with clothes? It's not like we haven't all already seen you."

Confused, and a bit horrified, she asked what he meant.

"I saw him watching us earlier, and trust me, I felt how much you liked that. Why not give the rest of the house a show?" her boyfriend replied with a smile.






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