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A Nanny Femtastic! - Chapter 11


Chapter 11

We walked to the harbour and found the boat. There were too bulky security guards checking people as they entered. The boat was in fact a massive cruiser!

We joined the queue, it was obviously not a little gathering.

The other women were dressed in classy whites and float summer dresses, we looked like too cheap hookers!

“Trinity this was a mistake, lets go,” I said.

“No come on honey who gives a fuck.” She linked her arm in mine and stood provocatively with her breasts pushed out. As we waited there were a number of photographers firing off lots of shots from behind a security barrier. We noticed a few familiar celebrity faces on the boat as we got closer.

“Hey that’s Bosh and Pecks over there!” Felicity whispered excitedly.

We attracted a lot of condescending glances from the girls as we strode on board. Felicity strode ahead towards the bar nodding at people as she went. I followed more demurely smiling politely.

I spotted Ryan approaching us smiling with Mike behind him. “You both look stunning girls.” He said as he kissed us both on the cheek and left his arm draped around Felicity’s waist. She put her hand on his shoulder smiling.

Mike kissed us both too and stood next to me gazing at me. “Yes you are beautiful Louise.” He said under his breath, his eyes piercing mine. I turned my gaze away.

I could still see the flashes of the camera, paparazzi from the shore as we walked together with the guys along the deck.

“Bloody Paparazzi!” Mike said.” Since getting selected for the England squad they never stop!”

“Really! that’s great.” I said. I hadn’t realised they were that famous I thought.

“Yes its not just Bosh and Pecks who make the front page of the tabloids these days aye Ryan,” He said smirking at his friend.

We all sat on a secluded part of the deck on some loungers. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Felicity in a long embrace and snog with Ryan. Mike seemed ok to talk. I did feel attracted to him though and longed him to kiss me.

Eventually he moved his head towards mine and gently held my chin in his palm as he directed my lips to his . We kissed gently. It was at that point that there was a commotion on the deck and a blinding flash of lights. The paparazzi had got on board and had taken photographs of our little secluded group!

“Oh shit!” Ryan blurted out. “That will be in the papers tomorrow Ill wager.” He chuckled. Me and felicity looked at each other stony faced.

We mingled with the guys and the rest of the party, dancing with them and having the odd snog. We got drunk! It was past midnight when we got back to the villa.

Bradley was waiting and seemed surprised we were so late, but he was cool about it.

“Night cap ladies?” He enquired.

We joined him in the sprawling lounge. It was strange to see Felicity and Bradley opt for chairs on opposite sides of the sitting area. I sat in the middle.

“Those dresses look very much like club wear, did you8 go clubbing?” He asked

“Yes, we went to that club on the harbour and danced and drank too much honey.” felicity chipped in.

“I bet the guys were like bees around a honey pot?” Bradley said chuckling. “I am so lucky to be surrounded by such rare beauties.”

Felicity stood up yawning, “well I’m off to bed.” She went over to Bradley and kissed his cheek, then came and did the same to me.

Me and Bradley stayed and chatted a while. I stood up to go and like Felicity bent to kiss his cheek goodnight. As I did so he held me closer to him and moved his lips towards mine. “Louise I just……,” he whispered. 

I pulled away sharply. “No Bradley that’s wrong!” I whispered back I placed a finger on his lips and blew him a kiss as I went upstairs.

I undressed in my room and put on a light nightdress. I was just falling asleep when I heard the door click. I turned around quickly to see a naked male form walking towards me. It was Bradley, a large rigid penis in front of him.

I shook my head and whispered, “no Bradley, think about Felicity……” As I was trying to finish my sentence he pressed his lips against mine and lowered himself into my bed pulling the light sheets over us.

“I’m sorry Louise, I just needed you so badly, I cant resist you any longer.” He whispered his face touching mine. I felt very aroused and so wanted him.

He slid his hand down and edged the nightdress over my head. His hand reached down and cupped my scrotum and penis whilst his head dropped to my breasts and he started licking my nipples. I moaned slightly.

“Oh Bradley!” I sighed as I wrapped my arms around him and slid my hands up his back and into his hair “Ummm darling Bradley.”

His head moved further down and he placed my now rigid penis in his mouth and started sucking it gently. I lay back massaging my own breasts and moaning. He was amazing and it felt so different than the blow jobs I had had from Felicity and Alex.

This was in fact the first man I had slept with and it felt so right.

He continued sucking and stroking my penis and scrotum. He sat up his legs astride my body and both of his hands massaged my breasts. I wondered how my breasts with implants compared to Felicity’s natural grown one. He seemed to like them.

“Wow, you are my perfect woman Louise,” he said quietly.

I turned him on his back and let my long hair fall against his taught torso. I lowered my mouth around his huge erect penis. He was well above average size, and I thought how he must have penetrated Felicity’s man made vagina. I swallowed and sucked for a long time, he seemed ready to burst!

He gently turned me over and pushed his penis into my anal passages. I had some KY jelly in my draw and reached to apply it to help lubricate his massive penis in and out of my passage. Initial pain turned to deeply lubricated pleasure as his movements intensified. As I felt him peaking I twisted around removing his penis and place both hands around it and held the rigid end in my mouth as it jetted out its load, I swallowed at least three full mouth loads. Bradley let out a fairly loud moan.

He moved back down to my penis and worked it hard in his mouth, intensifying his action as I reached the point of ejaculation, and I came in his mouth as he swallowed hard.

We both lay back on the bed, shoulder to shoulder as our rigid penis’s subsided. He moved his hand to caress my penis gently, stroking it.

“God I love your penis Louise. I so miss Felicity having a penis. Our sex life seemed to die a bit after she had the operation.” He whispered. “You are perfection for me, promise me you’ll never change?”

I lay there deep in thought. I had been getting closer and closer to thinking I should have a full sex change, and so liked the idea of having a vagina and putting on little skimpy knickers and g strings against a totally flat groin. But I also liked this condition too of having a functioning penis and a beautiful feminine body with large breasts

“That was lovely Bradley, it really was amazing. You should go, I feel awful about Felicity now.” I whispered.

“I know you have slept with Felicity Louise.“ He responded.

My heart stopped, oh shit I thought.

“Its ok I don’t mind at all. In fact I had fantasized about joining you both!” He chuckled. “I was at the door that day and heard it all.” He said.

I felt ashamed and embarrassed.

He left me kissing me on the cheek and disappeared through the door.

How amazing was that I thought, he was an amazing lover of someone like me and supposed he had the experience with Felicity from being a teenager when they started going out. In fact he must have been having sex with a pre-op transsexual from being 19 or so.

I thought about how gorgeous Felicity would have been as transsexual teenager. I had seen early pictures with her sister as a young awkward girl and she didn’t look happy. Then she seemed to change in the albums into a sexy buxom teenage girl in little vests and cardigans all smiles and poses.

I was first up the next morning and felt invigorated. I put on a floaty yellow summer dress with buttons up the front and jewelled flip flops, and tied my hair back in a high ponytail with a yellow ribbon..

A pile of that days newspapers were piled on the kitchen table as usual. I made some toast and casually flicked through them. I choked!

On the front pages of all of them was the headline, “ENGLANDS NEW STRIKERS WITH MYSTERY BLONDES”. A very clear picture of  The guys sitting with us kissing us sat underneath. And indeed in every paper there were various shots. Some close ups of me and Felicity in the queue. Another headline suggested we were two local prostitutes! It went on to say that we were known in the village and had been spotted earlier in a bar arguing with a disgruntled client!

My god! What would this lead to!









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