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A Real Lady

A Real Lady

What's a real lady, anyway.
It doesn't matter to me in the least. I just love it. Sex, that is. I love it all. Well, I don't suck cock, and I don't take it up the ass, except from a beautiful woman, after I have screwed her ass hole, and every other hole she has. Turn about is fair play for the ladies. I don't play that game with the guys.

She was a pretty little thing in a red dress. I was sitting at the bar. We were both drinking bourbon, neat. That attracted me to her. So I slid down and gave her my smile. It works sometimes. Often enough that I get laid. And I mean I have never gone to bed alone when I didn't want too.

"Hey, sweet lips. I see you love your bourbon. That's a turn on, you know. What's a little sweetie like you doing all alone?"

I thought for a moment that I had lost her. She started to turn away, but suddenly she smiled.

"Is that a Rainbow flag pin in your lapel, cowboy? Why are you wearing that? Does it make you lucky with everyone?"

"Hell, I think it's great because they don't give a damn what you are, just so long as you do the right thing, you know? That's all I care about. Stay the fuck out of my life unless you're helping. Right? But I'm not a cowboy, little lady, at least, I don't ride horses."

The conversation continued. We were playing the testing game, but we were both winning I thought. Anyway, she had not got up and left, and I was getting damned horny just looking at her pretty face and that long, wavy hair. She didn't have much in the tit department, but I could work with it. I loved the way she kept putting her little hand on my thigh and giving it a soft squeeze.

Her legs were crossed and she was wearing ultra-high heels that accentuated her curvy calves. I do like a fine pair of legs, and her feet seemed dainty. Another turn-on.

Her smile was adorable. She was the kind of girl that loved scarlet lipstick. Which I preferred. Especially when it was rubbing off on my prick. We had used up the evening chatting. It had been a pleasure to me. I like clever conversation. Not as much as fucking, but it's pleasing.

Finally last call came. She took my hand, and we left together. I had my pickup parked in the back. I steered her that way. I was working on a hard on that wouldn't quit, and I was hoping for some sucking action. She didn't seem to be reluctant. I helped her up into the big cab of my truck and went around to the driver's side.

"Where are we going, daddy?"

"We're here baby. Daddy needs some loving. If you can take all I have I'll feed you the best cock you've had in years. God's truth little girl. If you don't love it I will promise to give up sex for a month." And I laughed.

She grinned. I think she had wanted some dick all the time. Her smile told me she was more than pleased to make love to my cock. I unbuckled my belt, pulled down my jeans, and my boner sprang free. She giggled. This was going to be good. She wrapped her small hands around my prick and jacked it for a bit. Then she couldn't wait anymore. She had to have that cock. Her scarlet lips wrapped around my meat and I put my hand on her head to make her take it all.

I didn't have to try. She had done this before. She was bobbing up and down as she jacked me at the same time. I reached over into her blouse looking for tits. They were basically flat. I could feel her nipples getting hard, but the tit part wasn't there. Fuck it. This was a great blow job. She was licking all around the base of my prick and taking each ball into her mouth and rolling them around. Talented little mouth.

This was what I had come to the bar for. Sex. Any kind I could get. I have always been a horny son of a bitch. And this little wench was proving that cock sucking was a science. Using her teeth and tongue she had me close to blowing my spunk wad. She started really jacking me when she thought I was getting close.

"Here it comes, little girl. Oh holy shit. I'm gonna shoot my spunk. Take it bitch, take it all. Suck it baby. Suck my come baby."

She did. That was a fine cock sucking. Very fine. I was coming for over a minute and she was letting it fill her mouth. Then, when I was finished, she looked up into my eyes and gulped it all down. Then smiled sweetly. I had to give her a kiss for that fine job. She kissed well. I was getting that scarlet lipstick on my own lips now, after it had spread all over my cock.

"Want to come back to my place for more, sweetie?"

"Yes please. Tell me daddy. Do you like surprises?"

"Sure, if they're good surprises. I can even handle the bad ones. Do you have a surprise?'

"Just a little one daddy. Well, maybe a little bigger than that. We'll see." She giggled.

So I peeled out and we got to my place in five minutes. Going in I patted her round ass. It was fine too. Just as fine as her lips and legs. This was going to be fun.

I sat in my largest chair and she came over and sat on my lap. She put her arms around me and cuddled into my chest. It was nice. I could feel my cock starting to grow again as she sat her fine ass on it and wriggled a little. We made out for awhile. That was nice. Fucking is not all there is to sex. You have to have some closeness to give it real meaning. But I needed a fuck right now.

"Let's get out of these clothes girly. I want to see you naked. And I know you want to see daddy's body. Right little girl? Get naked for daddy."

So we both started taking off our clothes. I helped her unzip her dress. It slipped off. She had her back to me. I got naked fast and my prick was ready for service. She slowly turned around.

"Is this okay daddy? Am I still pretty for you? Please, daddy, I want to please you."

I looked at the cock she had sticking out. She was actually a he! No tits, and a boner as big as mine. Hell, you have got to know me by now. I just loved sex. But there would be no cocks in my ass. That was a no-no. I laughed.

"Come here sweetie. I'm still your daddy. You've been good to me. I'll be good to you. Just know this, little one. Daddy doesn't suck dick, and he doesn't take it up the ass."

"Daddy, I had a bad time taking it there myself. I like you a lot. Can you try it and be really gentle with me?"

"I'm going to show you that getting your ass fucked is fun baby. I like it myself if it's coming from a sexy ass bitch, but I don't take it from men. But I will give you some pleasure. Promise. I won't do anything you don't want. First, though, I want to jack that prick of yours and make it hard."

I sat him in my lap again and started jacking his prick. Damn, he was hard. I jerked him off for about five minutes while he kissed me some more. Some things I like and some I don't. I liked this.

At last I wanted to show him that taking it up the ass was not as bad as it must have been at some time for him. I picked him up and put him on the edge of the bed. I rubbed lots of K-Y all over my prick and his asshole. Then I told him to relax and let this happen. Slowly. I pressed my cock head into his tight ass and eased it in. Very softly and slowly. He was jerking off. That helped him. My prick was filling his ass before he even realized it.

I fucked him slowly until he begged for more. I gave it to him. I fucked that ass hard and deep and he enjoyed every thrust. Then I filled it with come.

He collapsed, and looked up into my eyes. He had shot his come as I shot mine. He smiled and then said something that made me happy.

"Daddy, I'm a real lady for you."

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