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Adventures of Kristof and Marci - Part 1

After a long internet relationship, Kristof and Marci finally get together to explore their fetishes


The Meeting

I sat on the chair in front of the computer, wearing a tiny black swing skirt, black nylons and red high heels.   Beneath the skirt I wore a little pale pink lycra thong and I was naked from the waist up, save for the chain that hung at my chest, the ends connected to each nipple by a little clip.   ‘I really need to pee’ I said.   ‘Mmmm. Go on then, you know you like it. I think I will, too.’ Marci responded.   ‘I can just imagine what you look like, but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to see for myself at last.’   Her voice echoed slightly at the other end of the line; we had done this several times before, each describing to the other what they were wearing, what they were doing and what they wanted the other to do.   I raised the hem of the little black skirt and ran my hand up the nylon stockings, parting my thighs slightly as my hand neared my crotch.   My fingertips traced across my thigh and stroked the one ball that had escaped the material of the tiny thong then onward, over my cock which was beginning to stiffen, stretching the soft fabric.   I heard Marci let out a soft moan at the other end of the line; I knew she was pissing her panties.   Looking down I saw a small dark patch begin to spread across the fabric of my thong then felt the warmth as the pee ran down my stiffening cock, between my thighs to pool on the plastic under my bum; the wet lycra clung to my cock, outlining its shape through the material.


We began to describe the feeling as our pee flowed onto our respective seats.   ‘I’m sticking my fingers under my knickers now and pushing them into my cunt.’   Marci told me.   I began to massage my cock through the flimsy lycra, my other hand tugging at the nipple chain as I described my actions to Marci.   We were soon both panting as she asked ‘Are you wanking now?’   I told her I was as I freed my erection from the wet material and began to rub the shaft up and down.   She let out a moan as she described her fingers working in and out of her pussy, while the other hand played her clit, suddenly she let out a louder moan and said ‘Uhhh, fuck! That was good!’   I then heard a slurping sound and asked if she was licking her fingers clean, to which she replied a muffled ‘Of course.’   That was enough to send me over the edge and I shot strings of white cum onto my stockinged thigh.   Then I dipped my fingertip into the pool of white liquid and, describing what I was doing to Marci, I licked the sticky, salty cum from my fingers.   ‘Ooohh, I can’t wait to see you do that.’ She said.   We chatted for a little longer then she said I had better get my outfit washed, as she wanted me to bring it with me.   We said our goodbyes and I went and cleaned up.


A horn sounding brought me back to reality.   That had been last night and now here I was, Friday morning, sat in a traffic queue, wishing it to end and thinking about last night and the week to come.   Marci and I had been chatting online for some months and now we had finally decided to meet up.   We met through a mutual interest website dedicated to watersports and all things peeing, but over the following few months had discovered that our kinks had not stopped there.   We were both of the mind that you should try anything once and, if you didn’t enjoy it - fine, leave it at that, but if you liked it then keep it going.   I had dabbled with cross dressing over the years and quite enjoyed being “en-femme” now and again in the privacy of my own home, but Marci had encouraged me, even sent me bits to wear.   She was quite turned on by the thought of men in sexy undies etc.   Over the months, our online chats and e-mails had become more revealing including exchanging kinky pictures, progressing to chats and phone calls like the one last night.   But last night we had finalised plans to get together and that was where I was heading right now, if only this damned traffic would let up!     At last, the traffic was moving again, I had left a fair bit of time for just such eventualities, so knew I could still get there in time.


We both had time off work and had decided to meet on neutral ground, just in case we felt that we were not compatible.   I pulled into the car park of the out of town shopping centre with ample time to spare and went off to locate the coffee house we had arranged to meet at.   Finding it with ease, I browsed the nearby shops as I waited for the appointed time.   I was looking in the window of a shop selling sexy underwear when I heard a familiar voice beside me say.   ‘You’d look gorgeous in that.’   I turned, slightly embarrassed to see Marci’s face smiling at me. ‘I might have guessed you’d find this place!’   She continued.   ‘Ahh, caught me red handed!’ I replied and we laughed.   She offered her hand and I shook it, then leant forward and kissed her on the cheek.   ‘It’s great to meet you in the flesh, at last.’   I said.   ‘Hopefully the flesh comes later!’ she replied with a cheeky smile and we laughed again.   ‘Come on, let’s get coffee and get to know each other a little better.’ She continued as she took my hand and led me to the coffee house.


At this time of day there was only a smattering of clients, so it was fairly empty; we ordered the coffees and took a comfortable seat in a quiet corner.   ‘So, is it to be Kristof, Kris or Krissi?’   Marci asked with an impish grin.   ‘Kris.’ I replied, ‘Unless I am wearing my girlie clothes when I think it should be Krissi.’   Marci looked at me and smiled again ‘Mmmm, then I hope it will be Krissi quite a lot!’   We laughed and settled down to just chat for a while.   I could hardly take my eyes off her, she was a few inches shorter than me, quite slender, but very curvaceous, with beautiful large round breasts, an ample portion of which were on display in the plunging front of the wrap over dress she was wearing.   On a couple of occasions as we chatted she allowed the skirt of the dress to slip off her thigh, revealing a generous flash of her sheer black nylons and creamy white thigh; I commented favourably on her choice of attire.   ‘Wait till you see the rest of it!’ She laughed.   We got along well, laughing easily at each other’s jokes and finding we had a lot in common.   We had a couple of coffees and chatted easily before taking a look round the shops, concentrating on those selling sexy outfits and underwear, before heading back to her place.


We got in our cars and I followed her to a quiet suburb, where we pulled into the drive of her home at the end a quiet cul-de-sac.   The neighbouring houses were set at an angle and she said that it made her garden really private ‘No one overlooks me, so I can get up to all sorts of naughty business out back and no one knows – except you, of course!’   She had described some of her outdoor activities to me on many occasions during our online chats.


I took my bags into the house.   ‘Have you got enough stuff there?’ She asked.   I told her that I had wanted to make sure I had enough outfits to last the week given that I might be required to change a few times.   She told me to leave the bags there for now and led through to the kitchen.   I took a bottle of champagne from a chiller bag and presented it to her.   ‘Mmm, lovely.’ She said and told me where to find the glasses.   While I poured the champagne, she got the lunch together on a tray and we headed outside to the patio.   We sat at the table and I raised my glass to her. ‘Here’s to a beautiful lady and a beautifully kinky week.’   I said.   ‘Oooh, yes, I’ll drink to that.’   She replied.


We chatted more about ourselves as we ate.   Once we had finished, she stood, scooped up the plates and headed for the kitchen.   I watched her intently, drinking in the view, my eyes lingering on the seams of her stockings. The coffee and champagne were beginning to have an effect and I was starting to get the urge to pee.   Marci returned and said ‘Anything for desert?   I hesitated a moment then said   ‘Mmm. I quite fancy peaches and cream and strawberry wine.’ She looked quizzically at me then suddenly gave a cheeky grin as I started to sing the chorus from the old Ringo Starr hit ‘You come on like a dream, peaches and cream, tastes like strawberry wine…’ She put her finger to my lips, ‘Well, that is very forward of you, sir!’ she exclaimed. ‘But there is nothing more I’d like than to provide for you.’ She bent towards me and placed her lips on mine, her tongue snaking out to part my lips, we kissed deeply.   I ran my hands down her flanks and felt that she was wearing a corset, my hand continued over her hips, lingering on her suspenders.   Pulling my mouth away slightly I whispered ‘God, I want you.’ She responded ‘I rather hoped you would, I am yours for the taking.’


I stood and she said ‘Lets do it here, now.’ I untied the waistband of her dress, letting it fall open to reveal her breasts, the nipples just peeping over the cups of her corset.   My head went forward and I kissed them in turn, then my hand pushed up under the cup of her corset, easing her breast out a little more and I sucked the hard nipple into my mouth, flicking my tongue over it as I sucked and my hand slipped between her thighs, massaging her pussy through the satin of her thong.   I slipped my fingers under the gusset of the thong and pushed the tip of my finger into her moist pussy.   She let out a soft moan and I pushed deeper, my thumb pressing against her clit.   She moaned again ‘Oh fuck, yeah.’ Then I lifted my finger and licked her juices from it. ‘Mmm. Tastes good.’ I said. ‘Good.’ She replied taking me by the hand ‘I want to feel you tongue on my clit.’ She sat in a chair and dangled one leg over the arm as I knelt in front of her and pulled the gusset of her thong aside to reveal her neatly waxed mound, just a slender “runway” of short cropped hair remained above her clit.   I slid my arm under her other leg and she dangled it over my shoulder as I dipped my head forward.


Opening my mouth wide I encircled her mound and sucked in as much flesh as I could.   I sucked hard for a couple of minutes and she began to moan softly.   When I removed my mouth her vulva was swollen and pink.   Now I separated her labia and ran my tongue up the moist slit, flicking it over her clitoris.   ‘Oh yes! Lick my cunt, that’s lovely.’   She panted.   I ran my tongue up and down a couple more times, while my fingers played over her clit.   Then I took the hard pink bud into my mouth, biting down gently as I sucked.   I slid two fingers into her, quickly finding the right spot on her swollen perineum.   As I sucked, I stroked her g-spot hard; her juices began to flow and I felt the swollen flesh begin to ripple under my touch.   She was shaking now and panted ‘Oooh yeah, come on then, suck me and make me cum, fuck me with your fingers!’   I increased the tempo of my hand and sucked harder on her clit, rapidly flicking my tongue over it, then nibbling at it as I sucked.   ‘Aahhh fuck yeah! Don’t stop, I’m cumming!’   She almost screamed.   Suddenly she let out a gasp and I felt her juices flowing over my hand.   ‘Fuck yeah!’   She cried out and suddenly let fly a gushing jet of cum and piss over me.   I pulled his head back and took the liquid full in the face.


‘Oh my God, I am sorry, I lost control!’   She said.   I adopted a slightly sarcastic tone and said ‘Oh, really?   It’s just as well that I like it then!’   Then dipped my head back and began to lick her thighs and cunt, sucking on her swollen labia and licking as much of the juice as I could.   She moaned softly as I switched my attention back to her clit.   ‘Stop.’   She said; I looked up at her.   ‘Don’t worry, that was fucking great, it’s just that I don’t want to waste all this lovely pee.   Right now I want to piss my pants for you and then have you piss on me.’


She stood and took my hand. ‘Kneel here. It’s the best seat in the house.’ she said, I knelt in front of her as she parted her feet.   Although her thong was already quite damp, as I watched, a dark patch began to spread, then a few drips began to fall.   Soon the material could hold the wet no more as she unleashed steady stream of piss.   My senses were all on alert, listening to the faint hissing sound of pee escaping her cunt, then the louder splashing sound of it hitting the paving stones.   I was trying to take in the view, rivulets running down her inner thighs, soaking her stockings and the waterfall of pee falling to the ground.   I held out my hand into the stream and scooped up a handful, bringing it to my lips and slurping it into my mouth.   ‘Mmm, nectar!’   I said and quickly moved forward as she pulled aside her gusset, parted her labia with her fingertips and trained the jet into my open mouth.   When the flow subsided, I pushed my head forward and licked at her cunt.   She was moaning again now and I slipped two fingers inside her and finger fucked her until she came with a grunt and a ‘Fuck, Yesss!’ Drawing back, my shirt was soaked with her piss and clung to my chest.


She knelt in front of me and pressed her lips to mine and we kissed, then she licked my face and kissed me once more, ‘Your turn.’   She said.   As I stood I told her to wrap the dress back over her.   ‘I want to see it getting wet and clinging to you.’   She did as I asked, pulling the still dry satin body of the garment around her.   I unzipped my trousers and dropped them to the floor.   ‘Ooohh, lovely little girlie panties.’ She said, commenting on the flimsy beige lycra thong.   ‘I bet they look lovely wet, clinging to your cock!’   She said and I laughed.   ‘Let’s find out then.’   She reached out and put her finger over the little dark patch where my pre-cum had left its mark, pressing against the tip of my cock.   I began to pee and the position of her finger had the advantage of stopping it all flow out through the light weight lycra, instead making it spray outwards, quickly soaking the whole front of the thong.


‘Make sure you keep plenty for me.’   She said and I stopped peeing.   She ran her hand over my stiff cock, squeezing as she did, the soaking wet lycra making a squelching sound under her touch.   Pulling her hand away, she looked at my erection clearly visibly through the wet, clinging material and licked her lips.   ‘Mmm. Lovely, I can’t wait to suck it.’   I slipped my cock out of the thong and stood close to one side of her, almost pressing the tip of my cock against her shoulder and began to piss down the dress; the pale material darkening as it became wet.   I stopped and admired my handiwork, then moved towards her front.   Aiming at her chest I began to piss more freely, the satin quickly becoming soaked and clinging to her curves.   She raised her hands and began to massage her breasts through the wet satin as I peed over them.   Then I shifted his point of aim and shot a jet straight at her cleavage.   ‘Oooohhh, yes,’ she said ‘that feels lovely, I can feel it trickling down my belly.’   As my flow began to subside, she scooped up a handful and sipped at it. ‘Keep a little for me.’   I said.   She cupped her hands in front of me and I peed the last drops into them, then knelt in front of her and slurped it out of her hands as I ran my hands over her wet body, massaging her large, firm tits through the wet dress.


I parted the front of the dress and lowered my head to lick and suck at her tits, nibbling firmly at her nipples, tugging them between my teeth.   She moaned again.   ‘Mmm, that’s good, but I want to taste your lovely wet cock.’   She said.   I stood in front of her and she ran her fingers over my erection, then down to cup my balls; taking my cock in her other hand, she moved her head forward and ran her tongue over the tip, then flicked down the length of the shaft.   Returning to the top, she enveloped the crown in her lips and flicked her tongue over the tip, before slowly sucking in as much of my length as she could.   She began to move her head up and down, flicking her tongue over the crown as she went, slowly at first, then more quickly, rolling and caressing my balls in one hand, while the other worked my shaft.   Taking my cock out of her mouth, she flicked her tongue down the underside of the shaft, then sucked one of my balls into her mouth, as her hand wanked me faster.   I soon began to moan softly, ‘Yeah, that’s sooo good, don’t stop!’   She alternated between sucking my balls and cock for a few minutes more, all the time increasing the tempo, until I was fit to burst.   ‘Ohhhh, Fuck, yeah! I’m going to cum any second now!’   I grunted.   ‘I want to watch you wank yourself off.’   She said, so I took my cock in hand and began rubbing its length.   ‘Cum on my tits.’   She said and I obliged, shooting several jets of my sticky seed onto her tits as she pushed them together.   She opened her mouth and sucked the last vestiges of cum from the tip of my cock.   I dropped to my knees as she pushed her tongue out towards me; I encircled it with my lips and sucked it, then we kissed.   ‘You’ve forgotten some more.’   She said, pulling her mouth away.   She lifted her breasts and I lowered my head and began licking my cum from them.   ‘Mmm. That was so fuckin’ horny.’   She said.   We kissed again longer and deeper this time.


‘We’d better get cleaned up.’   She said and led me upstairs.   We showered, washing each other, carefully, sensually then dried off and she led me back to the bedroom.   She slipped on a negligee and said ‘Let’s see what you’ve got in your bags.’   I pointed at one and said ‘That’s just bloke clothes.’   She laughed and said ‘Well, you won’t have much use for that! It’s what’s in the other one that interests me.’   I opened the bag and took out the contents several pairs of knickers, stockings and suspender belts, a red cupless basque, a little baby-doll set and a couple of skirts and tops. At the bottom were a few skirts and under that 2 pairs of high heels; one black and one red.   The red pair had a selection of detachable ankle straps in a bag. Finally there was a flowing chestnut wig and a make-up bag.   She laid it all out and said ‘A little virginal to start with I think.   Demure, but sexy ‘student’ and you have to work your way up to slut by the way you act.’   I smiled at the thought.   She handed me the clothes she had chosen: the red basque, white full fashion stockings with red welts and seams, red satin thong, a little red tartan swing skirt, a sheer white blouse and the red shoes with plain ankle straps.


She laced me into the basque, pulling it tight to accentuate my waist.   I slipped on the stockings and fastened the six broad suspender straps.   While I was doing this she checked out my other stuff.   ‘Hello, I think this is a must.’   She said and fastened the little clamps on my nipple chain to each of my nipples.   Next came the skirt and blouse, followed by the shoes and wig.   Finally, she fixed red nails to my fingers then helped me apply some makeup.   ‘Hmmm. Transformation complete, Krissy.’   She said.   ‘Now it’s your turn to dress me.   How should a trainee slut’s mistress dress do you think?’   She got out a pair of sheer black stockings and a black satin corset, black stilettos with chrome heels and a black PVC dress with a zip running the full length of the front.   I laced her into the corset, arranging her tits so that they bulged, giving an impressive cleavage.   Next I helped her on with the stockings, adjusting the seams to ensure they were straight, this was followed by a black thong then the shoes and finally the dress.   I fastened the zip at the bottom and pulled it up until Marci told me to stop, just below the bust, her large breasts causing the dress to gape and giving a full view of her cleavage.


‘Now, it’s time for your first lesson.’   Marci said as she reached into a drawer and pulled out a slender riding crop; it was about18 inches long, glossy black and the tip, about one and a half inches square, was made of PVC.   She stood in front of me, feet slightly apart and slapped it in the palm of her hand with the crop.   ‘Before you can be a slut, you need to learn how to act properly, take instruction and do as you are told. Any misconduct has to be punished.’


Marci stood there, tapping the crop in her hand and looked me up and down. ‘Hmm, something doesn’t look right here.   Ah, I know what it is, it’s your hair, not nearly demure enough.’   She went to the wardrobe, returning a few moments later with a mid-blond wig. ‘Take that off and put this one on.’   She said.   I did as I was ordered.   The blond wig was straighter, with a centre parting and just rested on my shoulders.   Marci took a brush and some hair ties and after a few moments brushing and fiddling stepped back.   ‘Yes, much better. Go and look.’   She instructed, pointing to the large full length mirror at the end of the bed.   I looked at myself, every inch the schoolgirl, complete with blond pigtails at the sides of her head.


‘What do you think?’   Marci asked.   ‘I think it looks fucking horny.’   I replied.   Marci waited a couple of seconds then said in a commanding voice ‘Let’s get something straight, you are my pupil and I am your mistress, you will address me as miss or mistress when you speak, or you will suffer the consequences.   Now turn to the side, bend over and grasp your ankles, you are about to get your first punishment.’   Marci stepped over to me.   ‘Watch in the mirror.’   She instructed.   I looked over and watched as Marci slipped the hem of the little skirt up my back, then brought the crop down firmly on my bottom, delivering 3 firm strokes, careful not to put too much energy into it, just enough that the crop connected with a soft but satisfying crack.   She ran her hand over the faint red marks on my arse.   ‘Now, stand up and tell me what you think of yourself, properly and don’t forget that whenever you are punished, you must thank me.’


I stood and looked into the mirror.   ‘Thank you for correcting me, mistress. I think what you have done is lovely, I look so sexy. Thank you.’   With that, I picked up the hem of the skirt and bobbed a curtsey at Marci. ‘That’s better, now you know how to behave, you should think back to what I said about becoming a slut through your actions.   What do you think a little trollop would do if she saw herself in the mirror like that?’   I thought a few moments and then said ‘I think she would want to touch herself, miss.’   Marci replied ‘Very good, Miss Stocking.   Now, let’s see you do it!’   I ran my hands over my hips and up to my chest, running my fingertips over the little nipple clamps, tweaking them.   Then, moving down, I slid my hands over my thighs, pulling the hem of the skirt up as I caressed my stocking-tops.   I held the hem of the skirt up with one hand while the other glided over the front of my panties, gently massaging the erection nestled within.


‘That’s good, quite enough for one lesson though, or you may become too aroused.   Go and wait outside my study.’ Marci commanded.   I went downstairs and stood in the hallway outside the study door, my heart racing with anticipation of what might be to come.


To be continued…

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