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Ever tried dogging?

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The trilogy concludes with a hot threesome in a Steam Room and a late-night bukkake
Nick steered his sleek silver turbo-charged coupe across the deserted Cambridgeshire by-roads towards Ely. The town was justly known as 'the ship of the Fens', as the tower of its majestic 16th century cathedral was like a navigational lode star. Ely's train station was only a few hundred yards from the cathedral and Cathy stood waiting in the shade of the station building's canopy. She wore the shortest of floral print dresses, with pink fishnet stockings and open-toed high heels, revealing her red-varnished toenails. She carried a white clutch bag and wore huge sunglasses.

"Wow! Did you just win the Lotto, sexy man?" She leaned in and kissed him affectionately, before slinging her suitcase on the back seat.

"Not quite. A smooth-talking car salesman in a dealership near my office offered to lend it to me for the weekend to try it out."

"Thinking of buying it?"

"No way! I just wanted to get my hands on a 'passion wagon' that had fully-reclining front seats. Jump in."

Cathy curled herself up seductively on the white leather upholstery, lifting her short skirt to reveal that she was knickerless. Nick's spare hand stroked her pert bottom. "Oh babe, it's been so long," he said as her white satin gloved hand reached across to stroke his crotch.

Nick's choice of country house hotel once again proved to be perfect. This one had an 18-hole golf course. a health spa and an award-winning restaurant. They checked in, unpacked and showered together. The lovers were pent up by the frustrations of weeks apart, their intimate internet messaging being the sole expression of their sexual desires.

"Wank over me, darling?" asked Cathy as she sat open-legged on the bathroom floor, wearing only stockings and white satin gloves. "Shoot your lovely warm spunk over my titties."

Nick soon obliged, then while his warm semen was still trickling down her body, he kneeled beside her to massage it across her breasts and kissed her.

After resting for a few hours, the couple dressed in casual attire and went down to the hotel's chic restaurant. They ordered champagne to remind them of their wild sexual exploits in Paris.

Towards the end of the meal, Cathy asked: "So what's this latest sexy treat you've got planned for us? One involving an exotic sports coupe with fully-reclining seats?"

"Ever tried dogging?"

"Dogging, as in open-air sex between strangers?"

He nodded and re-filled their champagne glasses.

"Seen porn video clips, of course. But no, never done it. Have you?"

"Nope. But according to an internet search I did the other night, there's a very popular site about twenty miles up the road from here. And I thought as its summer, perhaps we'd take a look? Group sex al fresco, so to speak?"

"What a lovely idea."

"Might be a bit boisterous. Could you cope?"

"I'll be fine. But what about you, sweetie?" She hooked her bare foot under his calf suggestively.

"In what way?"

"Well, from what I've seen, there's a lot of cock-sucking action. How'd you feel about watching your Cathy service half-a-dozen strangers?"

"If it makes you happy, I'm happy."

The waiter brought the bill and they prepared to leave.

"Can you tell us what time the hotel's spa closes tonight?" Nick enquired.

"As it's Friday it will be 10.00pm, sir, with last towels issued at 9.30pm. So you've still got plenty of time."

Nick said to Cathy: "Fancy a sexy romp in a steam room?"

"Hey, I've got an even better idea. Let's make it a threesome!"

"Who's the third person?"

"Well, you haven't seen her because she's sitting directly behind you, but there's the most beautiful Indian woman two tables away. And she's on her own. Why don't we proposition her on the way out?"

"What a total stranger? We haven't even spoken to?"

"Live dangerously, sexy man!"

The waiter moved forward to slide away Cathy's chair and she sauntered down the restaurant, pausing as she reached the table of the Indian lady, who was sipping her coffee.

"I just wanted to say that I think your sari is absolutely gorgeous." Nick hung back.

"Why thank you. I like your outfit too."

"How long are you staying?"

"Only until tomorrow. I have to drive to Norwich to visit a music school which has offered my daughter a place next autumn - if she passes the tests."

"What does she play?"

"The cello."


Nick moved alongside, smiled and put his hand in Cathy's. "What have you got planned for the rest of the evening?" he asked.

The Indian woman put down her coffee cup dejectedly. "Oh, just the TV in my room and an early night, I suppose."

"We're off to the hotel's spa," said Cathy perkily. "Would you like to join us?"

The woman twisted the cup slowly on its saucer, contemplating the offer. "Spa? What do I wear?"

"Have you got a swimming costume with you?" asked Nick.


"Then put that on, put the white towelling robe on top, then take the lift to the second floor. The spa's at the far end of the long corridor."

She seemed to brighten up. "Yes, I think I might do that. That would be very nice. My name's Deepika, by the way."

"We're Cathy and Nick. So see you in the spa's steam room in about half-an-hour?"

"Yes, thank you Nick."

The spa's attendant confirmed what their waiter had told them as he handed them their towels. "You are the only two in tonight. There's international rugby on TV and most of the guests are watching it in the bar.

Nick scooped up their towels. "There'll be one more along in a minute - an Indian lady. Could you direct her to the steam room?"

"Certainly, sir."

The surface of the spa's pool was still and the jacuzzi had stopped frothing. But the spacious steam room was ultra-hot, with all its glass windows misted over. They left their robes on a hook outside and went in. After a few minutes, Deepika's statuesque outline could be seen through the door. She slipped off her robe and cautiously entered. She was wearing a very revealing red bikini.

"Hi, Deepika! Come and sit with us on this bench. Not too hot for you?"

"Not at all. I am used to high temperatures."

"I don't think we'll be disturbed this evening," said Nick. "Everyone's watching rugby in the bar. And as it's gone 9.30, they won't be issuing any more towels. So there's just the three of us."

Deepika adjusted her bikini top and in the process exposed even more of her ample bosom.

"I love your costume," said Cathy. "I wish I had such a beautiful figure."

"Why thank you, you're very kind. And also it was very good of you to ask me to join you. It can be very lonely for a woman on her own in a hotel."

"Are you married?" Cathy asked.

Deepika looked down at her scarlet-painted toenails. "I have a husband, but I don't have a marriage." And that was all she would say.

"I hope you won't think this is forward of me," Cathy began hesitantly, "but since no-one else is going to come in...and being in these steam rooms is so much more...relaxing in the nude, how would you feel if we took our costumes off?" There was a long silence and she thought she'd over-stepped the mark.

Then thoughtful Deepika brightened up. "I must say my bikini top is nipping me rather. I'm quite happy to remove it, if you would undo the bow at the back please?" She turned her back to Cathy who eagerly pulled the bow loose, to reveal the Indian woman's beautiful firm breasts and hardened nipples. Cathy slipped off her top too and the women smiled coyly at each other. Deepika stretched out languidly on the bench as Nick and Cathy gazed with fascination at her breasts and flawless flat stomach. With her eyes closed, she ran one hand down and slipped it inside her bikini bottom. Now it was Nick's move in this sensuous game of striptease.


She turned her head sideways, opening her eyes to see Nick standing, slowly stroking his crotch.

"You have such a beautiful body that...well it has excited me - as you can probably see. May I have your permission to take my trunks off?"

She gave a sultry smile, them moved her head back and closed her eyes again. "Of course. And would you also like me to remove my bikini bottom?" Cathy leaned across and pulled loose the side bow for her, to reveal the Indian woman's exquisite shaved pussy. Nick stepped out of his shorts and Cathy discreetly disrobed. Deepika smiled ruefully as she saw Cathy's cock for the first time and sighed as if a pressure valve had been released.

After some minutes silence, she swung her long legs around and sat up. "Why don't you two get down to it? I'd love to watch." She moved to the end of the bench as Cathy prepared to get on all fours, while Nick stroked himself to erection. Then he stood behind his lover and slowly entered her from behind. He clasped her hips and began thrusting rhythmically.

The Indian woman moved closer, until her cunt was only inches from Cathy's face. She murmured with appreciation as a coiled tongue slipped inside her moistened entrance. She stroked Cathy's head tenderly. The sight of the two women's intimacy triggered Nick's orgasm, which he managed to direct down the length of Cathy's spine, coinciding with the Indian woman's gentle spasms. Deepika almost sang with delight as she came over Cathy's face.

At breakfast next morning, Nick outlined his plan to visit the dogging site. Cathy glanced across at the buffet self-service. "Hey, sexy man, they've got a bottle of Cava on ice over there. Fancy a glass?"

She scurried across to collect two glasses of sparkling wine, passing Deepika who was engrossed in a morning newspaper. She looked positively radiant.

"I so enjoyed our little threesome last night. Thank you so much for including me, Cathy."

"We enjoyed it too. And what did you do afterwards?"

"Something very naughty."

"Do tell."

"I watched one of the hotel's porn channels. It was very arousing - but I had my little helper for company."

"Your 'little helper'?"

"My vibrator. Though it wasn't as good as your tongue!"

Cathy smiled and returned to their table with the drinks to recount Deepika's confession. "Good for her," said Nick. Don't suppose she'd like to come dogging with us tonight, do you?"

"Don't be silly. She's driving to Norwich to visit a music school for her daughter. It's just us two tonight, sexy man."

"And half of rural Norfolk!"

The car's sat nav guided them to within a mile of the secluded country car park which Nick had read about. The metalled roadway turned to gravel. It was now dusk. They saw the headlights of a SUV approaching and Nick lowered his window to ask directions. "Are we on the right road for the..." 

"Dogging site?" smirked the other driver. Sure. Straight on for about half a mile. It's pretty hot down there tonight, I can tell you!"


The driver nodded across to his wife in the passenger seat, who was hugging a white fluffy cardigan across her breasts. "Carol here managed six blow jobs - and caught most of it on her tits!" The woman smiled at Cathy and opened her cardigan to reveal her large bosom, liberally coated with semen.

At that moment, two Harleys came roaring up from behind Nick's car, passing on each side in a cloud of dust and noise. Both bikers' molls were topless, wearing ripped denim short shorts. One had pink-dyed hair and the other's was emerald green. Nick drove on cautiously towards the car park.

The gravel track fanned out into a broad tree-lined clearing. There were a dozen or so cars parked up, some with their interior lights on, into which small groups - mostly young men - eagerly watched the occupants having sex. Several of the onlookers were masturbating. There was also a cluster of motorbikes (including the two Harleys), whose owners were seated at picnic tables drinking beers. Both the topless biker girls were busily fellating their partners, while other bikers looked on hungrily, awaiting their turns. Nick parked their car at the end of a row.

"What's the plan, sexy man?"

"Well, how about if we both strip off, with you just in your corset and stockings? Then we flip the top back and put these seats into full-recline..."

"Then give 'em a show?"

"Why not? I think you're going to be spoilt for choice tonight," said Nick surveying the meat on offer.

"Oh I don't know." said Cathy casually. "If I go at a steady pace I reckon I could suck the lot of them!"

"Good girl!"

The soft-top roof's retraction acted like a beacon and by the time Cathy was stretched out on her bed-like seat in her Parisian corset and Nick began sucking her off, a crowd of more than 20 had gathered round to watch. Several hands reached inside the car to stroke Cathy's tiny boobs and as she looked across gratefully, the first erect cock was offered for her to suck on. It was a 'quickie', with its owner emptying the contents of his balls onto her corset. She scooped up some of the stranger's cum, using it to lube the next cock which was thrust forward. She'd soon serviced six studs, all the while being sucked by Nick.

Suddenly the driver's door was pulled open to reveal the green-haired biker girl, holding hands with a huge bearded biker. He gruffly addressed Nick: "Move over, big boy - Joelene here wants tittie-fucking and I'm gonna watch!"

Nick dutifully slipped across to let the topless Joelene lie in the driver's flattened seat. Tatooed across her stomach was a reverse-swastika in flames, with the legend 'Norfolk Chapter' underneath. Nick began stroking her ample breasts and pinching her nipples. She groaned: "Fuck yes. Stick that stiff cock of yours into my cleaveage and fuck my tits good and hard!" The male biker stood close by, massaging his crotch. Soon Nick had obliged Joelene, who smeared his spunk across her nipples and climbed out. The couple returned to their beers at the picnic table.

By now it was pitch-black, save for the starlight and the glimmer of some of the interior lights of the few remaining parked cars. Along the gravel track came a bunch of bobbing flashlights - not carried by curious walkers, but worn as head lights on the baseball caps of about half-a-dozen youths on mountain bikes. They halted alongside the bikers' beer table and exchanged high fives. Several more bottles were opened. Nick got out to stretch his legs, while Cathy dozed off. One of the bikers called across to Nick: "Care for a Bud?"

He walked over to the picnic table and took the beer bottle. "Thanks. Any more action tonight?"

"Up to you, buddy. We're game. How about the chic?"

"Oh she loves it. She's a cumslut."

The bearded biker leered at his mates. "Then how'd she feel about a cum shower? It's a local speciality in these parts."

"A cum shower? That's a new one on me. How does it work?"

"Your chic lies spread-eagled on this table here (he banged his empty beer bottle down for effect), while the guys here all stand on these seats and jerk off all over her. By flashlight it's awesome."

"I'll go and see if she's game."

Cathy was quickly wide awake and more than willing to try her first cum shower. Soon she lay face up on the table, with her erect cock projecting from the bottom of her corset. Her laddered stockings were damp with spunk. Seeing Cathy's head dangling over the edge, Nick moved close to her face and took out his cock.

"That's it, buddy. Get her slurping on your meat so's the guys get big and horny." The ritual was performed in silence, with only the rhythmic slap of foreskins and occasional gutteral grunts being heard.

Cathy smiled up at Nick. "You come first, darling. Shoot your lovely spunk into my mouth." Nick duly let fly his load, which trickled out of the corner of her smeared red lips. This then triggered off a series of gushers from the gang of youths, who proceeded to empty their loads all over Cathy's corset. As their cum glistened in the pools of the flashlights, she scooped it up and greedily sucked her fingers clean, smiling at her audience all the while.
They drove back quietly to their hotel down deserted country lanes at dawn. As they pulled into the car park, Cathy looked down at her sodden corset.

"Jeez, sexy man, my dry cleaner's going to think I'm a right slut! He charged me a fortune for cleaning this corset after our Paris weekend. Now it's covered in spunk again!"

"Yeah, but it was good fun, wasn't it?" said Nick.
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