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Ray and the Halloween Party Part Two

Part two of my wild night at the Halloween party and with Ray...

   When Ray and I arrived at the front door at Sharon ’s house I noticed my lipstick on Ray’s lips from passing the tequila bottle and as I was wiping if off with my fingers the door sprung open. Sharon was dressed as a Playboy bunny and she looked surprised when she saw us. I thought it was because she recognized me but evidently not.

“Well, well, Ray, you dirty dog. I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, let alone this hot little nurse.”   “Hi I’m Sharon honey.” She said extending her hand to me.

   “Hi Sharon , I am Lisa.” I said glancing at Ray.

   Sharon practically pulled me inside and before I could say anything she shoved a jell-o shot into our hands. The music was loud and the place was packed with people in all kinds of Halloween outfits, and as I glanced around the room I felt like everyone was staring at me!  

   We downed our shots and Sharon introduced us to a few around. It was actually her brother Jacks party so it was mostly his collage friends and not the dorks from school so no one knew me so I was able to relax a little and I realized by the lusty looks I was getting from all the horny boys there that no one knew my (and Ray’s) secret! How liberating! It was my first time testing how well I pass as a girl and I would say so far that I was passing with flying colors!! Feeling so sexy and confident and of course my nice little buzz I was quite the little flirt. Ray was nearby and watching as I danced with a few guys and more than a few felt my ass or brushed against my titties over the next hour or so. As I danced a slow song with a cute black guy in a baseball uniform and I felt a distinct boner pressing against me and I liked it. I felt my little ‘clitty’ twitching as we danced and he whispered in my ear that he really thought I was hot, and I softly moaned. He kissed my neck and I wanted to suck his cock right then and there but thought I better not, lol.

  Ray and I continued to mingle around and by now I was feeling real confident and sassy. I had a few more drinks and I was pretty buzzed but tried to pace myself so as to maintain some sense about me. By 11:00 or so it was getting pretty crazy with guys and girls making out and a few couples headed to the bedrooms together.

  Ray got sidetracked with a group of his football buddies so I headed to the bathroom to pee and touch up my make-up. I did my business in the bathroom and winked at myself in the mirror and thought for a moment how much fun I was having! As I opened the door I was startled by Mark, my baseball player friend standing in the doorway. He gently pushed me back in and closed the door behind him.

   “How about wrapping those big red lips around my cock baby?” he said somewhat drunkenly.

A million things went through my head in an instant, then I said “OK, let’s do this!”

Mark got a great big smile and squeezed me tight and tried to kiss me but not wanting to mess up my lipstick I slid down to my knees as he leaned against the bathroom counter and I undid the belt on his baseball pants and unbuttoned his fly. Out popped a nice long and very hard black cock…yum! Since this was a quickie I didn’t waste any time I went right to work and sucked his pretty cock. Mark pulled my hair back for a better view.

   “Those sexy red lips look so hot on my dick baby, ahhh that’s it suck it…oh yessss, that’s it, don’t stop, oh fuccccck” he groaned as he spurted his cum in my mouth.

I kept sucking till the last drop hung on the tip of his cock and licked it off as I looked up at him.

   “Gawd damn honey that was awesome, thanks.” He hissed.

   “Thank YOU.” I replied.

We exchanged a little peck on the lips and Mark walked out of the bathroom and I closed the door behind him. I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself, my first black cock and I felt so sexy and feminine. My lipstick was pretty much intact and only needed another coat which I applied liberally…I just love wearing lipstick.

  I left the bathroom and spotted Ray, still talking to his buddies and headed towards him.

I glance over and saw Mark talking with some guys and pointing my way. I am sure he was telling them how the sexy nurse gave him an awesome blowjob in the bathroom and as I walked by him I winked. All the guys with him just groaned and one guy said he was next as I passed him and I looked back over my shoulder and blew him a kiss, inciting more groans from the group.

  “Where did you disappear to? Ray asked.

   “Oh… I was just in the bathroom.”

   “I know, I saw you go in the bathroom with that black guy….and I was jealous.”

   “I’m sorry Ray, I…wait, you said jealous?.”

   “Yeah, I thought it was hot and it really turned me on, and I wished it was me” He said.

   “Really Ray? your not ‘confused’ anymore?”

   “I am still a little confused but you have been turning me on all night. Shit, Lisa every guy here thinks your hot as hell and wants to fuck you.”


    “Yeah, really.”

    “ So do you want to go to the bathroom with me? I asked.

    “Lets go to my house, my folks are away at the lake all weekend. He said.

    “I would love that Ray!”

    Ray put his arm around my waist and we made our way outside and got into the car, and I scooted over next to him. He looked at me and I kissed him, and he kissed back, hard and with our tongues intertwined. We made out for a few minutes and I was rubbing his cock through the thin fabric of his scrubs and he felt my titts.

  “Lets go Ray.”

  Somehow we managed to get to Rays house but I don’t remember much about the drive.

We practically ran inside and stopped in the foyer to kiss some more and I loved feeling his hands all over me. I had my hand in his scrubs and stroking his cock but I was afraid he might cum and I wanted to do this right so I backed off. I asked Ray where his bedroom was and he grabbed my hand and led the way…..


To be continued….if you want me to....?





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