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Aubrey greets his boyfriend home from work in a new way. Slight BDSM ahead.
Aubrey swallowed the lump in his throat as his wrists grew sore from his restraints-being handcuffed to the headboard of the bed, naturally he grew stiff. Speaking of stiff... he peered down, under the frilly black miniskirt of his maid outfit was a visible bump, straining against the panties that constricted it, said lingerie was clinging to his soft pale skin. He bit a plump bottom lip and sighed, blowing a scarlet lock of hair away from his face.

If only his bastard of a boyfriend would get home from work already.

Yes, Aubrey Lockwood dressed in a skimpy-ass outfit and handcuffed himself to his shared bed out of pure will.

The uncertainty of it all just... aroused him. When would Todd be home? Would he find this all that sexy? Would he be surprised- speechless, even? Of course Aubrey knew the man would jump him the second he laid eyes on his bare skin- but what if he came home in a bad mood?

The boy shivered and breathed deeply at the thought of rough sex- being handled so carelessly, bruises all over his hips and arms, hickeys littering his body.

He closed his brown eyes, playing out the scene in his head and making his arousal even more unbearable. And then the click of the door opening was heard. He watched as Todd walked in and groaned, putting his hands on his back and stretching backwards as if he were an old man. Aubrey held back a chuckle as he realized his boyfriend hadn't yet seen him, as the light was switched off.

Todd untied his tie, throwing it over a nearby chair and unbuttoning his work shirt. As he turned to head towards the bathroom when he caught sight of something that instantly made his erection spring to life.

"Hi." Aubrey said in a small voice, feeling a blush creep over his face inevitably.

The taller dark haired man laughed airily and climbed over his companion, kissing Aubrey's neck and cheek while sliding his hand up his lover's soft thigh. He teased the hem of the pink lacy panties, making Aubrey buck up into his touch. "Please take them off..." Aubrey begged, furrowing his eyebrows and panting. He was so hard it hurt- he needed relief. He felt the soft material slide past his erection, making it sway slightly, and eventually down his legs and past his high heels.

Warm lips wrapped around his cock, making him let out a shaky moan as his boyfriend bobbed his head up and down on the small prick. "Oh yeah..." Aubrey groaned, meeting the other man's mouth with his thrusts. He became even more aroused and he felt fingers run through dark, coarse pubic hair and tug slightly. Aubrey curled his toes as best as he could in his shoes as he came, the orgasm making him shout out of lust.

Suddenly Aubrey felt himself being flipped over, he yelped as his arms were tangled around each other, sending a pain shooting through his arm. Yes, he'd definitely be sore tomorrow. He felt Todd's warm hands feather over his bottom, tracing over the curve of his bum. Finally sliding between Aubrey's cheeks, Todd teased the pucker and slipped a finger inside of Aubrey. Said boy spread his legs, wanting more. Unfortunately the digit was taken away, leaving him feeling empty. "What-" Aubrey was cut off as a hand landed on his upturned backside, surely leaving a hand print. "Ow!" He cried, feeling the sting tingle through him.

Aubrey felt fingers thread through his scarlet hair and yank, making him gasp while tears gathered in his eyes. "I think you've been a naughty little slut." Todd whispered darkly into Aubrey's ear, "Do you?" Aubrey nodded, not making a sound as another slap landed on his bum. And another. And another. And another.

Five minutes later the poor boy was practically in tears as ruthless hands continued to abuse his bottom. Once all seemed calm and the spankings stopped coming, Aubrey felt Todd's hand roam up his skirt and stomach, past his chest and nipples, somewhat caressing his slender body. The scarlet haired boy relaxed into his lover's touch, feeling sad when he felt the hand pull away from him. And then he gasped as warmth rubbed against his pucker, the feeling of Todd's tongue slightly penetrating his sensitive ass almost made him cum. Aubrey cursed under his breath as the warmth suddenly faded away, leaving him with a damp and cool feeling the was not pleasant in the least.

The sound of Todd unzipping his fly made the other forget all about his problem, the boy's erection was again swollen and begging for relief. He felt Todd's hot cock stroke over his pucker, teasing him. "Ohhhh..." Aubrey moaned as Todd's big cock was slipped into his ass, and within seconds the other man was thrusting into him. "Do- do me harder!" Aubrey commanded, positioning his bottom higher into the air. Todd complied by speeding up and making the bed rock, making it bump against the wall with each thrust. Todd reached around and took a hold of his lover's penis, pumping it in order to send the man into a series of screams- which of course, worked wonderfully.

"A-Ahhh... AH!" Aubrey shouted, not able to stall his orgasm any longer. Todd felt the warm substance coat his hand, dripping along his wrist and entire palm. Within a few more thrusts Todd came also, eventually reaching over to the nightstand in order to retrieve the key to the handcuffs. He helped release Aubrey, who massaged his raw wrists while lying down in afterglow. Todd slumped down near him and pulled Aubrey into his embrace, kissing the top of the boy's scarlet head.

"... We can do this again, right?" Todd asked. Aubrey only rolled his eyes. 

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