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A Baby For Becky - Part I

Watching a movie of a woman being made pregnant by her black lover makes Becky broody
We sat quietly in our car at the hotel car park for a few minutes. Though neither of us spoke we knew exactly what the other was thinking; we may have only been married three years but we had lived together for five years before that. We knew each other very well. Becky and I could be at different ends of a room and from just a glance we knew what the other one was thinking; we were that close. We may not have been at opposite ends of the room now but there was a lot of distance between us as we thought quietly to ourselves. What Becky and I were contemplating venturing upon now was something not to be taken lightly or casually; it was something that would be life changing.


How we had arrived at this point was because of something that had happened just over a month earlier. We both led hectic professional lives and from Monday to Friday our time was consumed by our work commitments but weekends were our time. Saturday nights we would do things like go out for dinner; maybe go to the cinema or even just have a romantic night in. Get in a takeaway meal, open a bottle or two of wine and bring down the duvet off the bed and make love in front of the log fire.

Sometimes on these nights we would download an adult movie and watch it together. Becky was not like a lot of women who refused to watch porn; she had no problem with me getting sexually aroused with another woman on screen and vice versa, as far as other men were concerned. We considered watching something erotic together as normal and acceptable. The main problem with these movies though was that we rarely got through to the end. We would lie their naked touching each other and before we knew it we were moaning and groaning in unison with the people in the movies!

Becky’s favourite movies were the black on white ones; interracial sex was something that floated her boat, as the saying goes. I liked all types of sex movies and had no preference either way but I did find it interesting the way that Becky got turned on by them. Sometimes I would turn away from the movie and watch her. The expression on her face was almost priceless; eyes glazed over with lust; jaw dropped and a drooled expression covering her face. I would reach across and touch her; slide my fingers along the furrow between her pussy lips and ask her very quietly if she would like the black cock, heavily in action, deep inside her. My touch alone sent her into orbit; just mentioning a black cock would make her lose it altogether.

On that particular night we were lying on top of the duvet as usual and we put on a an interracial film with a difference; it was called ‘Mary Get’s Bred’ As the title suggests it was about a married woman getting bred by a black guy. The guys rarely wore condoms in the films we saw anyway but in this particular one the woman was not using any contraception either. Usually in the films the guy would pull out shortly after cumming and there would be a close up of his creampie but on this occasion the guy stayed inside her. A close up shot from behind showed some of his cum seeping out from around his cock, as it remained embedded, but the majority of it remained inside her. The guy held himself inside her for quite a while before he started to fuck her again.

This was one of the rare occasions that we had actually lasted to the end of the film and as the film ended Becky reached out for the remote and commented how hot that film was.

“Maybe it was all an act,” I told her.

Becky looked at me with those glazed eyes of hers, “No. No,” she said as she shook her head, “That was for real. You could see it in her eyes that she was intent on getting pregnant”

I reached for her as usual and touched her. She moaned as I made contact.

“That one really excited you, didn’t it?”

“Mmmmm,” she sighed, “it was so sexy.”

She reached up and pulled my head down towards hers and kissed me, “I would love that to have been me.” She said.

I too was caught up in the moment; thinking about her with a big black male like that, “I would have loved it too,” I told her as I slipped between her legs and entered her.

Although we fucked with the usual passion and abandonment Becky was more vocal this time. I knew that she was not thinking about me fucking her. The man fucking her was not me but that black male from the movie. The man that she was screaming at to fill her cunt was not me but that black male in the movie.

As we often did afterwards, we enjoyed another glass of wine and then tidied up before heading off to bed but that night when I returned from the bathroom I found Becky watching the movie again. I sat behind her up close and pressing against her as she sat up cross-legged and watched the film again. I was not in a full state of arousal but Becky was. I reached between her thighs with both hands and began to touch her. Within minutes I had two fingers deep inside her while I toyed with her clitty with my other fingers. Becky climaxed just as the black male deposited his seed deep inside Mary.

A little while later as we lay in bed huddled closely together after making love again Becky said, “I wonder what it would be like to cum making a baby like that.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I suppose it would be like any other orgasm,” I told her.

Becky shook her head, “No, “she replied, “It would be different...special. She’s a married white woman having a baby to a black male. She’s not married to him and she is going against all the conventional rules of society. What she’s doing is taboo. You could see how excited she was breaking all the rules.”

We lay there in silence for a few minutes.

“So if you weren’t married to me then you would marry a black man?” I said to her.

Becky turned and reached down to touch my cock, “No,” she said shaking her head, “I wouldn’t marry outside convention but I would find it very exciting having a baby by a black male whilst married.”

I was shocked and taken aback by Becky’s admission and yet there was something that excited me about it as well. I began to stiffen again.

“It excites you as well doesn’t it?”

I shook my head, “No, no,” I lied.

She began stroking my cock with purpose, “I think you would enjoy watching another man making me pregnant wouldn’t you?”

I found myself fully erect even though I shook my head. She kissed me as she slid on top of my body, “I think you would enjoy a black male impregnating me wouldn’t you?” she said as she guided my cock inside her.

My seed could not impregnate her that night as it shot forth inside her but it did give birth to something new in our lives.

There were no repeat performances for the next couple of weeks; no mention of black males making Becky pregnant but it did not mean that things were not going on behind the scene. On the Saturday that followed we went out to dinner and then went back home for a duvet time in front of the fire. Becky loaded up the DVD player and we sat and watched ‘Mary Get’s Bred’ once again. Huddled together on duvet, our naked bodies close together, Becky reached across and held my erection most of the way through it and then at the end she said, “What if I have found someone who would be willing to get me pregnant?”

It took me by complete surprise.


Becky turned and looked at me, “I think I have found someone suitable and he lives fairly close to us.”

“I...I didn’t even know that you had been looking.”

Becky got up and fetched her laptop and showed me a website where white couples advertised for black males. Becky went into her account and showed me the advert she had placed. It read:

‘Young married white female looking for black male willing to make her pregnant. Husband approves.’

Becky then opened up her email box. There were literally hundreds of responses to the advert. She took me through some of the replies before showing me two that she had selected to correspond with. One lived in New York but was willing to travel and the other lived about an hour’s drive away. I sat there quite stunned as she then took me to her emails with the man who lived nearby.

Malcolm, originally from the USA, was ten years older than us. He was single and he had fathered two children (that he knew of) for two couples like us. Becky took me to his picture folder. There was a couple of him dressed and three more of him nude. I had to admit that he was very big down there. He was also very muscular and quite handsome.

Becky also showed me a couple of pictures that she had sent him of her. Both of them were ones that I had taken the previous year in Lanzarotte. In one she wore a summer dress and the other one was taken at the hotel swimming pool. Becky was dressed in a two piece black bikini. Her blond hair was much shorter then but she still looked stunning. I then read though the correspondence between them. It was pretty explicit.

It was strange reading correspondence written by your wife to another man telling him things like ‘that she loved the size of his cock and couldn’t wait to feel it inside her’. I had to admit though that I got very sexually aroused reading it. At one point Becky had asked him how long it had taken him to get the two women pregnant and he had replied ‘unfortunately, just a few weeks.’

She asked him why ‘unfortunately?’ and he had replied that he had enjoyed his time with them and it ended all too quickly. Becky had told him, ‘Maybe if you are a good boy I might keep you a little longer just to be certain that I’m pregnant!’

Scrolling down to the last correspondence between them I read that Becky had told him that it was all down to me now. ‘I will be discussing this with my husband, Ian, on Saturday and if he is okay with it I will be coming off the pill next week when my cycle ends. I’ll then give it, say a month, and then I’ll be ready for you.’

I was absolutely stunned and yet I was also so aroused. Becky’s hand was still holding my cock and it was not only erect but streaming with pre-cum. Becky’s fingers were glistening.

We sat there in silence for a few minutes. I didn’t know what to say in response. I looked down at Becky. She had one leg raised at the knee and I could see her naked pussy. It was very moist.

“You really want to do this don’t you?” I said as I reached and touched her.

Becky nodded.

I kissed her and gently pushed her back on to the duvet. As I settled between her thighs her hand reached down and guided me into her.

“Will you let Malcolm get me pregnant?” she asked me.

“The word ‘Yes’ escaped from my lips before I could stop it. Becky groaned and climaxed before I had even got into my stride and in the heat of it all I came as well.

We did lie there afterwards for a while and talk about it more seriously but we were both so high on the adrenaline of the sexual strides that we were about take that all caution was abandoned. Becky sent an email to Malcolm next morning telling him that I still wanted to go ahead and he got back in touch and suggested that we meet up.

He wanted to meet up almost immediately and was even prepared to come over that Sunday evening to see us but we both agreed that the following Saturday evening would be better. And, it would also be better to meet at a neutral location like a hotel. It would give us more time to think about things and besides Becky had to get the effects of the pill out of her system. Malcolm reluctantly agreed telling her that he hoped that I would not change my mind in the meantime.

I didn’t change my mind of course but I did have many reservations. I did discuss them with Becky but she seemed to have an answer for every concern I had. Becky had also taken her first steps on the course that we were about to embark upon; she had taken her last contraceptive pill and she had also taken the decision that there would be no further sex between us. I was, from now on, to be restricted to hand jobs and only Malcolm would be allowed to make love to her once the next cycle was over with. All that was left now was to meet the man that would be making my wife pregnant.


The silence was ended by Becky reaching over and giving my hand a gentle squeeze, “Are you ready?”

I nodded.

“It’s only a meeting anyway,” she said reassuringly, “it’s going to be a few weeks before anything happens.”

I understood that of course. We had to see if the chemistry was right between Becky and Malcolm and see how I felt about him as well. There were also some legal issues to discuss. But, all the same, we were embarking on a life changing course and although we may have plotted that course on our own minds you can never be really sure where that road is going to lead to.

Getting out of the car we smiled at each other briefly then held hands as we walked to the hotel to meet Malcolm.

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