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A Dinner Invitation

I had wanted her for years but hadn’t found a way to get past the hurdle of her being married.

We had been friends for several years. Not close, intimate friends, but the social contact was regular enough, and, from what I could ascertain, the enjoyment of the contact was mutual.

I have to admit that I had always had the hots for Natalie. Her pretty face was framed by a mass of curly, brown hair that cascaded down past her shoulders. Her lips were full and she always wore a bright red lipstick, which looked sexy as hell. Her breasts were fairly small, and the snug fitting clothes she wore, which showed off her slim body nicely, made them appear very appealing, and I could never help but fantasize about what they looked like unclad.

Once, when I had dropped by her place, I found her outside painting the trim around the front door. She was wearing an old tight-fitting tee shirt and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. As we talked I couldn’t help but notice her nipples harden, and they showed beautifully through the thin material of her shirt. This, of course, only stoked my fantasies.

She had a vivacious personality and loved to laugh, and I regularly pondered about what she would be like in bed. I knew I wasn’t wrong in thinking that she would be passionate and enjoy the act of fucking immensely, and I had made it my goal to find out if it was true.

And as far as her private life was concerned? Well, there was an obstacle in the way of my desire to get her into my bed. She was married. In spite of that there did seem to be a glimmer of potential to get around the hurdle. There had been numerous times when I was speaking with her that she alluded to arguments between her husband and her and, although outwardly it appeared they were having a good relationship, it was becoming increasingly clear to me that they weren’t.

Although she was always very open with me on any subject we talked about, I could never bring myself to ask about the soundness of their relationship for fear of crossing a line and offending her and possibly ruining our friendship. Just the same I couldn’t help but wonder if she was getting the sex that I thought she must have been in need of, and that I would be more than willing to provide.

Now, her husband, Cyril, on the other hand, was quite unlike his wife. Whereas she was outgoing and gregarious, he was pretty much of an introvert, often appearing to go out of his way to avoid engaging with other people. Don’t get me wrong. He was a pretty nice guy but was just very slow in opening up. When you got to know him better he had his own quiet sense of humour, when he occasionally, and with difficulty, allowed it to show.

Something I always found odd about him, and it was even a little unsettling at times, was that he would never look me in the eye when we spoke. It was almost as if he could read my mind and the thoughts that coursed through it concerning his wife. In all likelihood it was just that my body language was a little too overt when I was around her and he picked up on it.

I never could quite figure out what she saw in him. Perhaps, and this was pure speculation, his appeal to her was simply that he had a big cock and was good in bed. However, somehow I didn’t think that was likely. Regardless, we got along alright, but I felt that he always exuded an undercurrent of mistrust towards me, and quite rightly so, for I dearly wanted to fuck his wife.

One Saturday morning, I had dropped over to borrow something I needed for a home maintenance project. The visit wasn’t unannounced as I had called thirty minutes before to see if they were home and if I could borrow the item, which I knew he had.

He answered the door in a very friendly manner and said, “Come on in. Natalie’s in the shower but made coffee for you right after you called. She told me to make sure you had some.”

I came in and sat down on a stool at the kitchen island, and a few minutes later she came into the kitchen. She was wearing a bathrobe and sat down facing me on the stool next to me. The bathrobe was fairly loosely tied at the waist and if she had had large breasts there would have been a good showing of cleavage. As it was, there was plenty of flesh showing, and the sexual effect of the display of the curves of her small breasts caused my cock to swell.

“I hope you don’t mind me dressed like this but it is Saturday, after all. It’s the day that there’s time available for a girl to do all the little things she needs to do for herself in the shower.”

She followed that up with a mischievous looking wink at me.

We launched into our usual sort of conversation, with her laughing and obviously enjoying herself. I was also enjoying myself immensely just by being in her presence, and particularly because she was dressed the way she was. There was no question that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and I couldn’t help but wonder what else, if anything, she was wearing beneath the casually tied bathrobe. And, did what she had said about doing the things she needed to do in the shower imply that she had just shaved her pussy? The thought of it caused my cock to swell even more.

While Cyril was busying himself with something on the other side of the island, she crossed her legs and the robe parted exposing most of her thigh, including the inner side of it. If the robe had parted much more I would have known if she was wearing anything else, and probably even if her pussy was shaved. She made no attempt to rearrange it and continued sitting that way.

A minute earlier I had laid my arm across my lap in order to hide my by-now-obvious hard-on, but I now decided that it was time to counter her display by letting her see the bulge in my pants. Shortly after I had moved my arm away I saw her lower her gaze and was delighted that it lingered there for longer than just a glance.

Cyril had moved close to the island a couple of times and had obviously seen her exposed thigh. Each time he cleared his throat, and inclined his head and cast his eyes towards it, indicating to her that she should cover up. She paid no attention to him, which quite obviously irritated him as he started knocking a couple of utensils around noisily behind the counter top in an aggravated manner.

When he wasn’t looking, my gaze regularly shifted down to her bare thigh and I knew that she was aware of it. At one point, just after Cyril had left the room for a minute, as if to emphasize whatever it was we were talking about, I reached over and put my hand on her knee. I let it linger there longer than the simple gesture would normally have taken. After several seconds she placed her hand on mine, and at first I thought she was going to remove my hand from her knee. Instead she just left it there. Emboldened, I moved my hand, with hers still covering it, up onto her thigh and squeezed it, looking at her to gauge her reaction. I received a small, inviting kind of smile in return.

When I heard Cyril coming back, and before he could notice what I was doing, I removed my hand from her thigh. Shortly afterwards she got up off her stool and moved past me, ostensibly to get something. In the process, she brushed hard against me and I felt her breasts push into my back as she moved. It had unmistakeably been deliberate. When she returned to her stool she crossed her legs again and, once more, let the bathrobe fall open.

Half an hour had passed since I had arrived, when Cyril said to me, “I hope you liked the coffee. She sometimes makes it too strong. That tool you wanted is just by the garage door.” There was a lack of warmth in his voice.

I took that as an obvious hint that he wanted me to leave, so I got up, cheerfully thanked them for the coffee and the chat, and started for the door.

“How would you like to come for dinner tonight,” Natalie said from behind me as I walked towards the door.

She was still sitting at the island, and, when I turned around, I saw I still had a full view of her. She had uncrossed her legs and was sitting there with them slightly spread. The bathrobe was still open, and I’m sure I would have had a view of her pussy had it not been for the dimness of the lighting in the room.

“That would be really nice,” I said with enthusiasm. “Could I bring some wine or something?”

“Sure, and if you’re not still using it you could bring along your tool.” She gave me another wink.

As I closed the front door behind me I noticed that my shoe lace was undone and I knelt down to tie it. As soon as I did I heard voices inside. Loud, upset voices.

“Why didn’t you talk to me first about inviting him to dinner? I don’t feel like having company tonight.”

“You never feel like having company. When was the last time we had anyone here for dinner? You’re such a stick-in-the-mud. He’s fun to have around. It’ll be a good change for us.”

“I don’t want him here. I saw how much you were paying attention to him. And what was that about, allowing him to see your leg like that?”

“I’m at home for god’s sake! Can’t I be comfortable? And is there something wrong with my leg?”

“I could almost see your cunt for Christ’s sake! And if I could, it was obvious that he could too. As he was leaving it was plain to me that you had given him a hard-on with your antics, as if you didn’t notice! What the hell do you think you were you doing? You were acting like a slut!”

“So I’m a slut am I? Well, we’ll see about that then. And while we’re at it, I’ll have you know that it was a refreshing change to have a hard-on present in this house. I can’t remember the last time you had one, let alone used it!”

“Fuck off!”

“You fuck off! He’s coming for dinner and that’s it!”

They were really shouting at each other by this time. I had heard enough and thought it best I quietly got out of there.

I turned up for dinner at six o’clock not knowing what to expect. Cyril answered the door and I could feel the chill in his reception.

I made a sincere effort to be cheery. “Hi Cyril. This is really nice of you two to ask me to have dinner with you. It’s pretty lonely at home at times.”

As I came into the entrance-way I was surrounded by the marvellous smells of cooking emanating from the kitchen.

“Something sure smells good. I’m really looking forward to this.”

As I was taking off my coat I said, “Oh, by the way. I didn’t quite finish my job. You don’t mind if I hang on to the tool until tomorrow sometime, do you?”

“You can keep the damned thing if you want,” he said coolly.

I was determined to keep up a cheery tone in spite of being somewhat uncomfortable. When I sat down in the living room he brought me a beer and one for himself. We started talking, and although he was civil towards me his tone remained cool. I tried my very best to be upbeat but I could feel the strain between us building. Natalie was nowhere to be seen and I hoped she would turn up soon to inject some balance into the situation.

“I’ll be down in a minute,” I heard her call from the bedroom.

I was sitting with my back to the stairs when I heard her coming down. When I looked at Cyril his eyes were open wide, as if in shock and disbelief.

“Sorry I took so long, but I couldn’t decide what to wear.”

I felt her hand on my shoulder as she walked past me into view, and my eyes must have suddenly developed a look similar to his.

She was wearing a very short, frilly light green skirt with dark, sheer nylons which showed off her legs beautifully, and to add to the effect she was wearing high heels. The skirt was so short that a hint of the lacy band of the tops of her nylons showed a little when she moved. She had on a blouse of matching colour which rode low on her shoulders and was cut very low in the front, exposing so much of her breasts that her nipples were almost showing. It was immediately evident she wasn’t wearing a bra. To top everything off, around her neck was a green velvet neckband which, contrasted with her pale skin, gave an air of charged sexuality to her that I hadn’t felt in her presence before.

“You look lovely Natalie,” I managed to say.

Cyril was silent, the look of incredulity still all over his face.

“Why thank you Kelly . I haven’t worn this outfit before. I’d been saving it for a rainy day and I thought today would be a good time to show it off. What do you think dear?”

She gave Cyril a sharp look and continued. “I think it suits a woman like me. Don’t you?”

Icicles were dripping from her words and there was no doubt she was alluding to him having called her a slut earlier on.

Cyril swallowed audibly and didn’t speak. His face had reddened noticeably though. I couldn’t gauge whether it was from anger at her words or still from his surprise at her appearance.

The coldness was gone from her voice when she next spoke to me.

“I see that Cyril was good enough to have brought you a drink. I’ve got a few snacks for you that I prepared as well.”

We both watched her walk to the kitchen and return with a tray of snacks. She proffered it to me first, leaning well over as she did, giving me a fine view of her breasts as the blouse sagged slightly away from them. I took what I wanted and she moved over to Cyril, putting the tray down on the coffee table in front of him.

As she leaned over, her skirt rode up behind her. Her stockings were lacy holdups and, in addition to seeing the pale bare skin of her legs above the stocking tops, to my absolute delight I was also treated to a glimpse of the bare cheeks of her ass, which, along with the backs of her thighs, neatly framed her naked pussy.

When she sat down her face was radiant, her wide smile made perfect by her full red lips, and her makeup applied in such a way as to give her eyes a slightly cat-like appearance. She had crossed her legs and was leaning over slightly against the arm of the easy chair, exposing to me her entire leg right up to a hint of the lower curve of the cheek of her ass.

Everything about her said ‘fuck me’, and I felt my cock quickly hardening.

I complimented her again on the way she was dressed. “You really do look ravishing this evening Natalie. It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken with a woman who was dressed in such an alluring way. I’m certainly impressed.”

I could almost feel Cyril fuming at my comment.

She smiled broadly.

“Thank you again Kelly . I thought that if anyone would appreciate it, it would be you. And I like that word. Ravishing. It has a certain ring to it.”

She turned her head and again looked sharply at her husband, and I saw his face redden once more.

We sat there for about fifteen minutes, Natalie and I talking and having an animated and fun conversation, while Cyril sat there staring at her and not saying a word.

She eventually got up and said, “Who’s for dinner?”

She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye then deliberately lowered her gaze to my crotch, where my cock was making a pronounced lump in my pants, and said, “I’m ready to eat anything.”

Dinner was delicious and the wine flowed freely, with Cyril drinking more than his share. We were soon into a second bottle, and a third was eventually opened.

Cyril remained morosely quiet, while Natalie and I were talking and laughing as if he wasn’t there, peppering our conversation freely with sexually loaded double entendres. She was constantly getting up to either serve me some more food or pour some more wine and invariably showed me her tits each time she did. By the time we finished dinner my cock was so hard it ached.

Eventually Natalie suggested, “Why don’t we take our wine and go sit in the living room where we can be more comfortable?”

When we stood up from the table Cyril stumbled as a result of the amount of wine he had consumed. He almost fell and as he caught himself I heard him mumble quietly to himself in a slurred voice, “Aw for fuck sake. As if things weren’t already bad enough.”

I sat on the couch and Cyril sat in his usual chair a couple of metres away, facing me. When Natalie came in she sat down next to me. Very close to me in fact. Her skirt was hiked above the tops of her lacy holdups, once again exposing her pale, bare upper thighs.

“Oh damned,” she said. “I left my wine in the dining room. Could I have some of yours?”

And with that she leaned into me, her face very close to mine, and reached across me, pushing her breasts firmly against my arm and chest in the process, and picked up my glass from the end table beside me.

As she pulled back she asked, “Would you like a sip first?” and started raising the glass up to my lips. At that moment she managed to slop a little wine out of the glass onto my lap.

“Oh hell! Look what I’ve done Cyril. I spilled Kelly’s wine on him. I’m so sorry Kelly .”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said, but she had already leaned away in the opposite direction, exposing her ass to me, and grabbed a tissue from the far end table.

When she leaned back she twisted around, facing me, and started to dab at the wine spot which, of course, happened to be directly on the large lump in my pants.

As her dabbing turned to rubbing she suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my! What do we have here? It looks like there’s something else here that also needs some attention.”

With that she dropped the tissue and placed her hand on my throbbing hard-on and started rubbing its length gently with her fingertips through my pants.

The wine spot was almost immediately joined by another wet area as pre-cum started soaking through my shorts and pants from my aching, swollen cock.

She didn’t bother looking at her husband as she pulled down my zipper and slipped her fingers inside my pants and deftly into the fly of my boxers, onto the soft skin of my very hard cock.

“This is a lovely surprise,” she said, still not looking at Cyril. “A rarity around here, in fact.”

She removed her fingers and used both hands to undo my belt and pants.

“Lift yourself up a little would you?”

As I did she slipped my pants and shorts partway down, allowing my cock to spring free.

“Oh! This is more of a surprise than I thought!” she said as my cock stood proudly erect in front of her.

I glanced over at Cyril expecting to see him leap out of his chair and come flying at us. Instead, he was just sitting there, his face beet red and with that same look of shock and disbelief all over it.

I looked back at Natalie and watched as she placed her fingers on my cock.

“You paid me a compliment earlier, Kelly, by telling me that I looked lovely and alluring. Well, I have to return the compliment by telling you that I haven’t seen something this lovely and alluring in years.”

Her voice had become husky and as she spoke she ran her fingertips along the large swollen vein that snakes along the top side of my cock. Her fingernails scraped it lightly as she traced along its length, and my cock jumped in response to the sensation.

She then placed her thumb and two fingers halfway along my shaft, held it firmly, and pulled its soft, pliant skin back tightly, causing it to strain against the swollen, reddened head and making it appear even larger.

“What a beautiful cock,” she said quietly.

It was then that Cyril broke his silence.

“I’ve had just about enough of this bullshit,” he croaked. “Stop it right now Natalie. I mean it.”

His voice was dry and thin sounding, and if there was a threat intended in what he had said it was very unconvincing. Natalie paid him no heed, and neither did I. I was now far too engrossed in what his wife was doing with my cock.

I hadn’t spoken a word since sitting down, and in particular had been avoiding saying anything to Cyril. The last thing I wanted to do was to antagonize him even more than the situation was obviously already doing. But now, with him seemingly paralysed with inaction, and with his wife’s fingers toying with my cock in plain view of him, I felt it was time to have some input into what was going on.

“Why don’t you take your top off Natalie? I’ve wanted to see your breasts for years and I think this would be a good time, don’t you?”

She stopped what she was doing to my cock and sat back on the couch.

“I’d love to show you my breasts, Kelly. In fact I don’t know why I’ve waited this long.”

She undid the three or four buttons on her blouse and, looking directly at Cyril, she pulled it open and slipped it off, throwing it across the room in his direction.

“Natalie !” he croaked again. “Put that back on. You can’t do this.”

“Oh really? Just watch me.”

She turned towards me with her hands cupping her breasts.

“Well? I hope they meet your expectations Kelly.”

“They’re gorgeous Natalie,” I replied as I leaned over and sucked one of her nipples between my lips.

I felt one of her hands on the back of my head holding me to her tit, and as I suckled it her other hand found my cock and started stroking it.

When I eventually stopped sucking and kissing her tits I sat up and glanced over at Cyril. His face was almost contorted with what I thought was rage, but, to my amazement, he had is hand on his crotch rubbing it. In spite of his anger he was very obviously aroused by watching his wife, half undressed, stroking another man’s cock while he played with her tits.

It appeared that Cyril was obviously incapable, or, by this time, unwilling to interfere, and Natalie’s words electrified me when she said, “I think it’s time I sucked your cock, don’t you?”

Without a further word she leaned over, cupped my balls with her hand, and after running her tongue around the head of my cock and lapping up the pre-cum which was oozing from it, she lowered her head further and took it deep into her mouth.

“Natalie,” I heard Cyril saying in a rasping voice. “For Christ’s sake you slut, stop that immediate... ly..., ” and his voice trailed away to nothing.

I watched through half closed eyes, savouring the exquisite sensations, as her mouth slowly moved up and down on my cock, knowing that her husband was also watching what she was doing from only a couple of metres away. But I was beyond caring. A movement across the room, however, caught my eye and I looked over at him in time to see him pull his half-hard cock out of his pants and start jacking it off, his eyes glazed and his face a bright red.

After Natalie had sucked my cock for a minute I put my hand on her forehead and gently pulled her off me. She didn’t let my cock out of her mouth willingly though and protested with garbled little mewling sounds before she released it.

“Come on. Stand up. I want you to take your skirt off for me. I want to see what you look like naked.”

She stood up in front of me, her back to her husband, unzipped herself from behind and wiggled the skirt down and off her hips and onto the floor. She was now wearing only her stockings, high heels and the green velvet neckband. The hair on her mound was shaved into a stylised v-shape which pointed invitingly down to the pouting lips of her pussy, which were shaved bare.

She turned completely around for me, proudly showing herself off.

“You like what you see?”

“God, yes!” I replied.

“Did you hear him call me a slut? Well that’s what I feel like right now. A wanton slut. And you know what else? I like the feeling.”

She stepped back a little, shifted her feet well apart, spreading her legs in the process, and, bending over at the waist, placed her hands on the couch on either side of my hips and lowered her mouth onto my cock. Her ass and exposed pussy were facing her husband and I knew he had a view between her legs of her sucking my cock.

Before I came I pushed her off of my cock once again, got up and stood in front of her, and in a few moments I was also naked. She moved to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately, her tongue probing between my lips and toying with my tongue. I placed my hands on the cheeks of her ass and, gripping them, pulled her tightly into me. She responded by grinding her hips against me.

She broke our embrace and lay down on the couch on her back, spreading her legs wide for me.

“Now it’s your turn. I’ve sucked your cock. Now eat my cunt. Eat the cunt of this willing slut.”

I crouched beside her and she flipped one leg over my back. Positioning my face between her legs I proceeded to lick and eat her cunt. She came quickly, and intensely, squeezing her thighs tightly around my head.

She was still breathing hard from her orgasm when I got up and moved over her in order to satisfy my ultimate goal of finally fucking her. As I moved I saw that Cyril was now standing, still pulling on his now fully-hard cock, and had positioned himself so he could watch as my cock penetrated his wife’s cunt. He appeared to be in another world as he watched his wife about to be fucked by another man.

Holding my cock, I slid its head up and down her slit several times, watching it become liberally coated with her abundant juices. And then I pushed my hips forward. My cock entered her easily, and as she wrapped her nylon-clad legs around me she groaned, “Oh this is good. God how I need this. It’s been too long.”

As she spoke I heard a grunt and glanced back towards Cyril, a little nervous about him standing more or less out of my sight. It’s tough for a guy to defend himself when his cock is buried to the hilt in pussy. However, I needn’t have concerned myself, for as I cast my glance around at him I saw his cum spurt from his cock onto the carpet.

My attention returned immediately to the joyful and intense act of fucking his wife. She was every bit as passionate as I had imagined; writhing and bucking beneath me, all the while mouthing deliciously salacious phrases, urging me on in my efforts to satisfy both herself and me.

An hour later, after Natalie and I had totally satiated ourselves, I got dressed and was about to leave. Natalie was lying on the couch with her legs spread and I could see my cum running from her cunt. I leaned over her and she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me to her, and once again kissed me passionately.

I was surprised that Cyril actually accompanied me to the door as I was leaving. I had no idea what he was about to say, if anything, as I couldn’t gauge his mood by his face, and certainly not by his lack of words. I thought that maybe he would just slam the door behind me, but he spoke and what he said amazed me.

He was quite hesitant when he said in a quiet voice, “You know, Kelly, if... uh, if you could bring back the tool tomorrow, uh, well... I think I might... I might be able to convince Natalie into letting you stay for dinner.”

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