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A Photo Opportunity

I get a job as a photographer's model and end up fucking other men and cuckolding my husband.

My name is Maria, and at the time of this story I was twenty-five years old living in Los Angeles and had a four-month-old son. My husband, Ed, was twenty-nine years old, and he had a good job as a civil engineer with a road construction company. I met Ed at the construction company three years earlier, where I worked as an accountant. I continued working there until after our son was born, and since Ed’s career had been progressing so well.

We could afford for me to quit and take care of our child full time. The main reason we could do without my salary was because even though Ed is a professional, he is paid overtime and bonuses since the company had so many projects going. However, just four months after I quit my job, the economy in our area collapsed and many of his projects were suspended. The overtime and bonuses were eliminated. 

That change reduced our income by about five hundred dollar per week, so we were having a hard time making ends meet. And, I couldn't go back to the company because several of the administrative jobs were eliminated due to the lack of work, and the job market was bad everywhere. Ed went in to see his boss, Marcel, to let him know that we were having a hard time making ends meet without the extra pay that we had become used to.

Marcel expressed his sympathy for our situation, and said, “Sorry, but there is nothing I can do right now to get you more money. We are close to having to lay off some of the other engineers as it is, and I won’t be able to help you until the work picks up again. But I do have an idea that will help you in the short term if Maria is willing to take a job as a model. I think you have already met a very good friend of mine named Darrell, and he owns a photographic studio.

They also produce low-budget films. He told me that they are gearing up for the swim suit season, and he is hiring new models that he can photograph in the new swim suit lines for several major magazines. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I remember when Maria worked here that she is stunningly beautiful and has a great body. I feel almost certain that Darrell will hire her as a swim suit model.”

Ed came home that night and told me about his conversation with Marcel, and although I was upset at the loss of income, I was also flattered by Marcel’s description of me. I don’t mean to brag, but Marcel is right in what he said about my appearance. My mother is Mexican, and my father is Irish, and I am blessed with very smooth olive skin and fine, straight black hair, as well as dazzling light brown eyes and fine facial features that still reflect my Latin heritage.

Some of my friends have even said that I am exotic looking. I am five feet and seven inches tall and weigh one hundred and twenty-five pounds, and my breasts have grown from a D-cup to a DD since I began breast feeding our son. My ass is also very well shaped and prominent, and I have trim legs and a thick pubis and labia. I know that I turn heads wherever I go.

Ed has gotten used to the fact that men find me very attractive and often stare at me, but he still isn’t all that happy about it. To tell the truth, I really like all the attention men pay me, and it makes me feel sexy. To give you a little better idea regarding my appearance, I do look a little like Salma Hayek, and I am proud to be compared to her looks.

After Ed explained our situation to me he said, “Maria, I am so sorry that we have to make do on less income now, and I just can’t ask you to go be a swim suit model for Darrell. Men can’t keep their eyes off you as it is, and I can only imagine what it will be like with you in skimpy swim suits, especially since your breasts are so large and full now."

"I am also a little concerned about how you will be treated there. I have met Darrell before in Marcel’s office, and he is a large black man, like Marcel, and he always seems to be a little pushy and very self assured. I sure wouldn’t want him or Marcel to take advantage of you in any way. Well, that’s my perspective on it, but it's really more important how you feel about it. Would you even consider doing that?”

I thought long and hard before I answered, because I know that Ed is more than a little sensitive about the way men look at me, but I finally replied saying, “I don’t like the idea of parading around in skimpy bathing suits either but losing five hundred dollars per week is a big blow to our budget, and it might not hurt to at least look into it.”

I was hoping that Ed would at least let me check out the offer, and it got me a little wet thinking about being in those skimpy swim suits in front of other men. Ed and I had a great sex life when we were first married, but then the demands of his job occupied him so much that we were having sex less and less.

Now, we were only fucking about once a week, and that is not nearly enough to satisfy me. I was used to a lot of sex in college, and with some guys with big cocks. Ed has a smaller-than-average dick, and he almost always has to suck my pussy to orgasm after he cums in me. So, although I was not thinking of having any sex while I was modeling, at least I felt that having those men stare at me would be stimulating and would give me a little personal pleasure.

Ed and I continued talking and he reluctantly agreed for me to take the modeling job. He let Marcel know of our decision the next day at work and he gave us the address of the Darrell’s studio, which is adjacent to the beach near Malibu. I arrangemed with my mother to baby sit our son, and I also took a manual breast pump with me to relieve the pressure in my breasts during the day. I met with Darrell the next morning at his studio.

I wore shorts, a t-shirt and sandals since it was to be a photo shoot for swim suits, and I thought there would be no reason to dress up. Darrell carefully looked me over, and I felt his dark eyes staring right through my clothing.

He then said, “Maria, you are truly a beautiful woman, and I would be happy to offer you a job modeling our swim suits. I can only pay one hundred dollars per day to start, but we will be able to pay more once you have some experience and start modeling some of our more exotic lines.”

I was flattered by his comments, and I have to admit that feeling his stare made my pussy a little wet. He said that I could start right then, and I was happy that I would be making five hundred dollars per week just starting out. I was led into a changing room that had a variety of normal bikini swim suits that aren’t all that revealing. Darrell wanted me to wear the white and bright colored suits since they contrasted well with my olive complexion and long black hair.

The day passed very quickly, but I did have to sneak into the ladies rooms a few times to express milk from my swollen breasts. I was able to do it without arousing any suspicion since we had little breaks between changes anyway.

When I got home I started dinner, and then when Ed came home I told him about my day. I said, “Oh, honey, you will be proud of me. I got the job and will be making five hundred dollars per week, which replaces the income that we lost. I was just modeling normal bikinis, and Darrell and his staff are very professional, and there were only other female models involved. I was also able to express milk from my breasts without anyone knowing.”

My comments seemed to relieve some of Ed’s concerns, and he said, “I’m so happy that this new job is working out and that you're happy there. I’ll have to thank Marcel for recommending you.”

The rest of the week was much like the first day, except that Darrell and his assistant were becoming more hands-on every day. For example, they would adjust the side of my top, or tug on the bottom to straighten out the fabric, and it all seemed so natural and professional that I didn’t think that they were trying to purposely grope me. I wanted to be honest with Ed about everything, so I told him about those innocent touches, and I was a little surprised that he didn't get upset about it.

At the end of the second week Darrell pulled me aside as I was heading out the door and said, “Maria, you've done a terrific job here, and our clients are extremely pleased with the way you are modeling their swim suits. One of our clients also publishes an international fashion magazine, and they have asked if you would be available to model some of their European designs. They really like your exotic look and shapely body."

"I must warn you that those suits are very skimpy compared to the other ones you have been wearing, and some of them are not much more than a thong bottom and little patches of fabric to cover your nipples. You will also be working with some top caliber male models from various countries, to help accentuate your sultry looks, and there will be some touching involved. Your pay will be increased to two hundred dollars per day for those clients. Go home and talk to your husband and you two decide if you want to wear those skimpy suits.”

I was thrilled that the client wanted me for that more challenging assignment, and it excited me to think that I would be wearing those skimpy swim suits and working with gorgeous male models. But I was also worried that it might be going a little too far for Ed, and I was anxious to see how he felt about it. When I got home, Ed was already there and he seemed to be very worried about something. We got dinner ready and sat down to eat.

Before I could give Ed my good news, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “Maria, I am so sorry, but Marcel called me into his office today and let me know that we had lost a few more projects and he had to reduce my time to only thirty hours per week, which will mean the loss of another five hundred dollars per week in my pay. I guess I am lucky compared to some of the other engineers who have been laid off, but I still don’t know how we are going to make it.”

I reached over to hold Ed’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, honey, I just might have a solution to the reduced pay if you are willing to let me take a new modeling assignment.”

I then explained everything about the new work I could be doing and the increased pay, and I didn’t hold back on any of the details. I wanted him to know that I would be very exposed to not only Darrell and his assistant, but to some very handsome and well-built male models. I also told him that some touching would be involved.

It also occurred to me that it might be more than coincidental that for the second time, I was being given an opportunity to make the same amount of salary that he was losing, but I tried to put that out of my mind and I certainly didn't want to mention that to Ed.

Ed thought about my new assignment, and from the dour look on his face I thought that he might not approve of me doing it. But then, he looked me in the eyes, smiled and said, “I’m so proud of you for getting the new assignment, and although it will worry me knowing that you will be almost nude in front of those men and they will be touching you, we do need the money. And it seems that Darrell has been very professional in working with you up until now.”

We went to bed that night, and Ed seemed more aroused than he had been in a long time. I don’t know if it was my new assignment that was exciting him, but we fucked twice that night, and he sucked my milky breasts the whole time. It really makes my pussy tingle and arouses me to have my breasts sucked and milk swallowed, and I was happy about his increased interest in having sex with me. He sucked my pussy clean of his cum, and even had me sit up on his face, where I fucked him until I sprayed a load of my juices into his mouth.

I went to work on Monday morning and was happy to tell Darrell that I wanted to model for the European magazine. He was pleased, and we started right away, with me wearing a white thong and a small top that was just a couple of white patches covering my nipples, The material was also very thin and almost transparent, and you could plainly see my labia with a neatly trimmed layer of black hair and the bumps on my nipples. My big breasts looked even more enormous in the small top. I was working with a Brazilian male model named Alberto who has a brown complexion, and his huge, soft cock and big balls were plainly visible in his transparent, white micro swim suit.

We were placed in various poses, and since the shoot was for a European magazine, we even had positions where he would be holding my breasts, while I had my hand on his inner thigh, right next to his big cock. I was getting very aroused working with him, and it was becoming more and more difficult to get away to express my milk when working with another model.

At one point we had a scene where I had to lean in and kiss him, while placing my hand on his cock, while he had his hand between my thighs and right up against my barely covered pussy. The kiss was only supposed to be simulated, but he pushed his long tongue into my mouth and started moving his hand back and forth over my labia, which were then sticking out of the sides of the thong.

I also grasped his cock firmly and started slowly stroking him, as I also pushed my tongue back into his mouth for a soulful kiss. Darrell took advantage of the situation and moved in for some close-up shots of the action, and when we ended the pose, I looked down and saw that Alberto’s hand was wet with my pussy juices, and he had a wet spot on his swim suit from the precum he leaked.

We took a little break after that pose, and Darrell came up to me and said, “Damn, Maria, I could not have hoped for you to more receptive to those poses. Not all our models get into the spirit of the photo shoots like you just did. You can soon be making even more money if you continue this way. Ed is a lucky man to have such a hot wife as you.”

I was very pleased that Darrell was happy with my work, but I was curious about just how far he expected me to go. So, I asked, “Thank you so much for your compliments Darrell, but just how far do you expect me to go with this?”

Darrell smiled broadly, still happy with my reaction to the pose with Alberto, and said, “Well, we don’t have any requirements or rules; it's up to the models to set their own limits. But you must know that our clients will pay more for pictures that excite their readers, and some of the pictures that get too explicit might even have to be published in some of the classier porn magazines. I'm also very attracted to you myself, so I would be happy to help advance your career if you're equally open with me.”

I didn’t react to Darrell’s offer at that time and we continued with similar photo sessions during the week. It seemed that the male models were getting more and more aggressive with me, and by Friday I had stroked numerous big, thick cocks on many Latino, Mediterranean and African men, and a couple of them even lost control and ejaculated into my hand.

When we were setting up for the last photo shoot on Friday afternoon, Darrell talked to me for a while about the model that I would be with. He said that Gino had a reputation for taking things a little farther than some of the other male models, and that I didn’t need to pose with him if I didn’t want to.

I said, “I don’t mind if he's a little more aggressive than the others, so long as he doesn’t try to hurt me or anything.”

Darrell seemed pleased, and since we had talked for several minutes, I didn’t get a chance to go to the rest room to express my milk before the next shoot. I just hoped that I wouldn't be in too much pain or leak any milk until I had a chance to relieve the pressure. Gino is a dark-complexioned Italian from Sicily, and he has rugged good looks and a muscular body. He was also wearing a thong bathing suit, and the thin strip of material along the front just barely covered his big cock, with his balls partially sticking out of the material.

I changed into an even skimpier white bikini, and my swollen labia were pushing out around the material and plainly visible and parts of my nipples were showing. We started the scene with some innocent poses, and then we had a pose meant to simulate lovers on the beach where I was sitting on a lounge with an ocean scene as a backdrop.

Gino was standing in front of me while I was hugging him around the waist, as he dropped his hands down to rub the sides of my tits. That brought his cock right to my face level and it was pressing against the side of my face as I kissed his thigh. I felt feel his cock hardening against my cheek as it slipped out of the confines of the thin thong, and I saw Darrell moving in closer with his camera, probably anticipating what would happen next.

The feeling of Gino’s big cock against my face was really turning me on, and I hadn't felt a cock like that since my days in college, since Ed’s dick is so small. Without realizing it at first, I turned my head and began kissing his massive cock that had now grown to ten inches and as thick as my wrist. I heard the camera clicking away as I started licking and sucking the side of his big, brown cock shaft.

Gino pulled back a little allowing the head of his heavy meat to swing against my lips, and he pushed his big cock head into my mouth. I might have been a little naive but was then beginning to realize what was happening and was starting to pull my head back away from his cock. But then I tasted his copious precum, and placed my hands on Gino’s bare ass, and pulled more of his cock into my mouth. Darrell was still taking photographs of the action, but his assistant was then holding a movie camera and filming everything. Gino put his hands behind my head and held me in place as he continued thrusting his big cock into my mouth, and I felt his big balls slapping against my chin and throat on each stroke.

He continued fucking my face for just a few minutes, and then because he was so excited about the way our pose had evolved to a full cock sucking, I felt his massive meat throb as he sprayed his big load of tasty, thick cum into my mouth. I just loved the feeling of that big cock in my mouth and the taste of his cum. I swallowed it all and continued sucking him until his cock softened and he reluctantly pulled it from my mouth. Darrell then moved in and got some close-ups of the remnants of Gino’s cum on my lips and tongue.

As I pulled away from Gino, I felt the wetness on my breasts and belly and realized that I had leaked milk from both tits while I was pressed up against him and sucking his big cock. Darrell was standing right there and saw the wet stains on the white material and even some of the milk running down to my stomach, and he went nuts.

He said, “Holy shit, Maria, I didn’t realize that you were still breast feeding your little boy. It's so hot seeing women who are lactating, especially women with big, full tits like yours. There is a huge demand for both photos and movies of women who are leaking milk, and even having their breasts sucked by men. After just watching you suck Gino’s cock and swallowing his cum, and now seeing that you are leaking breast milk, I know that we can put you in a position to make a lot more money here at our studio."

"This is up to you, but when you go home tonight tell Ed that you have an opportunity to make at least eight hundred dollars per day, if you and he are willing to let other men suck your milky breasts and if you will suck their cocks. But before you leave, I’d like to have you come with me to my private office and let me feel your soft lips on my big cock.”

I was a little surprised by all that Darrell had said, and I was even more turned on by the thought of having strange men sucking milk from my breasts. Although, I was a little concerned about what would happen since having my tits sucked makes me want to fuck. I knew that I would enjoy sucking another cock and swallowing some more cum, so I followed Darrell into his office, and he quickly pulled down his slacks and underwear, and lay back on the couch.

He motioned for me to get between his legs, and I took the head of his huge, black, uncut cock into my mouth. His cock is at least as large as Gino’s and his balls are obscenely huge. I started sucking him and was soon able to take most of that big piece of fuck meat into my mouth and throat. I continued sucking him until he finally held my head in place with his hands and thrust his hips as he pumped a huge load of black cum into my mouth, and I swallowed it all.

I continued sucking him as his cock softened, and I pushed my tongue into his tangy foreskin and swirled it around his cock head to make sure that I got all his delicious seed into my mouth and belly. I then left for home, wondering how I would be able to tell Ed about all that had happened and the further opportunity that was made available to me.

I arrived at home before Ed and went about preparing our dinner. He finally came home at his usual time, and he had an even more worried look on his face than the previous week. As we ate our dinner, he looked at me tearfully again and told me how Marcel had called him into his office at the end of the day and let him know that the firm had lost even more work, and he was cutting Ed to twenty hours per week at an even lower rate of pay.

He was giving Ed twenty hours so he could keep the company health insurance, but his original income of about one hundred and fity thousand annually was then reduced to only about thirty thousand. It was then clearer than ever to me that Marcel and Darrell were working together to encourage Ed and me to accept my role providing sexual release to other men, but I didn’t want to tell Ed about my suspicions for fear of what he might do.

After listening to Ed, I decided that I’d better tell him everything about Darrell’s offer and my experiences that day at the studio. I explained, “Now don’t get angry, honey and hear me out, but Darrell told me that I would be able to make at least eight hundred dollars per day if I allowed men to suck my full and round milk-filled breasts and drink my milk and if I would play with and suck their cocks."

"We both knew that some touching would be involved in my new arrangement, but I’m afraid that I let things get out of hand today, and I got turned on and ended up sucking one of the model’s very large cocks. Then, when Darrell saw that my tits were leaking milk, he told me how we could make that extra money. I’m so sorry honey, but his big cock was pressed against my face, and I just turned and sucked it into my mouth before really even thinking about it. Say something. Can you ever forgive me for doing that?”

Ed just stared at me expressionless, and then hung his head slightly and said, “I’m not angry with you, Maria. I know what a hot and sexy woman you are, and I knew if we allowed touching that you would end up in some kind of sexual situation. I have never told you this before, but ever since we were married, and I saw how other men look at you, I have wanted to see you have sex with another man."

"I tried to hide my desires by acting upset by it. In the recent few months I have been reading stories at work on the internet about men who watch their wives fuck other men, and then even suck the cum from her pussy, and I wanted so much to have it happen with us. Please don’t be angry with me, honey, but I want to see you have sex with other men, and I want you to accept Darrell’s offer for more money.”

I was stunned at Ed’s revelations, but also pleased that I would be able to pursue my lust. I then said, “You must know that if I let those men suck my milk-filled tits, I won’t be able to stop with just sucking their cocks. I will get so turned on that I’m sure to fuck them too. Is that what you want, and do you really want to suck their cum from my pussy?”

Ed looked a little sheepish when he replied, “Oh, honey, I want so much for you to suck and fuck other men, and given the chance I know that I will suck their cum from your pussy.”

I went to the studio on Monday and told Darrell that I wanted to make the extra money and would like to that today. I didn’t tell him that Ed had agreed to any of it because I didn’t want word to get back to Marcel that Ed would allow that sort of thing. And he did not yet know that I would likely fuck the man in addition to sucking his cock. Darrell was ecstatic to hear the news, and we went into a separate studio where all the video equipment was set up.

Then he asked for a Spanish model named Bolivar to join us. We both started out in the same type of skimpy swim suits that we had worn on Friday. Bolivar is very muscular, and I saw from the bulge in the strip of cloth that barely covered his cock that it is big and thick, even when soft. Darrell undoubtedly wanted to film me sucking his huge cock since it would make the film more valuable.

We started off sitting on a bed with Bolivar sitting next to me fondling my breasts. Then he reached behind me and released my top, and my full and round DD tits swung into full view. He laid me back on the bed and leaned over to suck my tits, and the milk started flowing immediately.

Bolivar let some of the milk escape from his mouth for the camera to capture it running down my tits to my stomach, and I was starting to thrust my hips from him sucking me. I then pulled away from him for a moment and leaned down to suck his huge cock into my mouth, and it had to be at least ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. I sucked him for a few minutes and then rolled over on my back and pulled him on top of me.

Darrell could hardly contain his joy when he saw Bolivar resume sucking my tits as he lined his massive cock up to my pussy and pushed in the head and the first few inches of that thick brown meat. He slowly began thrusting into me, getting more of his cock into me on each stroke, and I finally felt his cock pressing against my cervix. No one but me knew that Bolivar would probably be fucking me, and Darrell and his crew were still surprised and watching that huge cock pounding me.

Bolivar didn’t last very long, and within just five minutes he pushed that monster all the way into my adulterous cunt and I felt his cock pulsing as he sprayed his cum right into my cervix. He held himself in me until his cock started to soften, and when he pulled out the camera zoomed in on his big load of cum draining from my cunt. I then leaned over and took Bolivar’s slimy cock into my mouth, and cleaned it of all our juices, and Darrell got some close-ups of that as well.

I didn’t even try to cover myself up, and just lay on the bed enjoying the feeling of just being fucked by that big cock. Darrell came up and sat on the bed and said, “Maria, I had no idea that you would be receptive to him fucking you. This opens a whole new realm of possibilities for you and us. Does Ed know that you were going to go this far?”

It didn’t seem to make sense to hide the truth anymore, so I told him that Ed had agreed to me being fucked and that he even wanted to suck the cum from my pussy. Darrell got a big smile on his face and said, “Well, I might as well be truthful with you too. Marcel is a financial partner with me in this studio, and he has for a long time now been talking about how beautiful and sexy you are and how he wanted to get you to become a model for us."

"Then a couple of months ago the computer support group at his company found that Ed was visiting porn sites at work, so Marcel just had them monitor the activity for a while. He soon learned that Ed was reading a lot of cuckold stories at work, so we came up with this plan to slowly reduce his salary, while at the same time offering you more money. We hoped that once you got a taste of modeling you would be a natural at taking it to the limit sexually, and we were hopeful that Ed would unknowingly go along with the plan."

"Now that I know how far you are willing to go, we can make even more money by producing cuckold videos in addition to the lactation movies, and we should even be able to combine them. You will soon be making over twelve hundred dollars per day if you two agree to it. And if Ed is receptive to it, he could even be in the movies as your real cuckold husband sucking your pussy clean after you are fucked, and maybe even sucking the cocks clean of your fuck juices. But for now, I just have to have some of your sweet milk and pussy.”

Darrell pushed me back on the bed and began sucking my tits, as he easily pushed his big cock into my now well-fucked pussy. He sucked me and fucked me like a man possessed, and I was happy that he lasted a lot longer than Bolivar. I had two orgasms while he was fucking me.

He finally unloaded his Negro cum into me and said, “You need to keep all of this cum from Bolivar and me in your pussy for Ed to eat when you get home. If we allow him to fulfill his fantasies about eating other men’s cum from your cunt, then he’ll be more likely to join us in the cuckold movies.”

I was running a little later than usual after having fucked Bolivar and Darrell, so I covered my cum-soaked pussy with a pad and headed home. Ed was already there, and I said, “Come to bed with me right now, honey, I have a surprise for you. Just lie back on the bed and close your eyes.”

When Ed was in position, I moved above him with my thighs on each side of his head, and then said, “Open your eyes and mouth. I was fucked by two huge cocks just before coming home, and I want you to see my pussy covered with and full of cum and enjoy sucking it from me.”

Ed looked up and smiled as I lowered my cunt to his mouth, and he covered my labia with his mouth and sucked all of their cum out of me. I pressed down hard on his face, and I know that he enjoyed the feeling of almost being smothered by my pussy and all the fuck juices, and I moved back and forth fucking his face until I had another very wet orgasm that gave him even more juice to swallow. After he thoroughly cleaned my pussy and the remnants of their cum on my thighs, we sat next to each other on the bed and discussed all that had happened.

I explained everything to him about how I fucked Bolivar after he sucked my milky breasts, and then how Darrell also had to have a piece of my pussy as well. I also let him know that Marcel and Darrell were partners and they had worked together to get me the modeling job and to encourage my participation in sexual activities with other men, all after finding out that Ed was reading cuckold stories at work. Ed was happy with the way things had turned out and even happier with my potential to make over twelve hundred dollars per day.

Ed went to work early on Monday to talk to Marcel about us making the cuckold movies. They agreed that Ed could keep his job at the company with the reduced hours that allowed us to keep our health insurance, but that for the immediate future and until work picked up, he would spend much of his time with me at the studio making porn videos. We started that same day making the videos, and although Darrell started out using male models, he soon found a way to make it even more profitable.

Darrell discretely advertised for men who had a desire to suck breast milk from a woman and fuck her, if they were willing to be filmed while doing it. They were charged anywhere from five hundred to one thousand dollars per session to be with me. The typical scenario was of a salesman or repairman coming to the door, and after seeing the wet milk stains on my t-shirt, we would end up in my bed with them sucking and drinking my milk, while fucking me.

Those were just every day, horny men and many of the cocks were just average in size, but we also produced many sessions with the well-hung models. We even had some sessions with Marcel and Darrell, and I always enjoyed feeling their big, black cocks stretching my pussy to the limit. Ed was always in the background stroking his little dick while I was sucked and fucked, and then Darrell would get some very nasty close-ups of Ed sucking their cum from my pussy and sucking the cocks clean of our combined juices. We also started making videos including two or more men at once, and Ed soon became a fluffer, sucking their cocks to get them hard to fuck me.

We continued making videos that way for about a year until the work picked up at his company, and then Ed resumed his job as an engineer. He still made some videos with me in the evenings and on weekends, but we found other men willing to pay to play the part of the cuckold in the movies, and I continued making the videos for many years. In addition, Ed was always willing to suck Marcel’s big, black cock at work, and he was by then totally addicted to tasting and swallowing cum.



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