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An Arranged Marriage - Part IV

With Sanjay and Sunita's marriage all but over Bill gets to spend more quality time with her

I watched her drive away from my bedroom window, glancing up at me and smiling before she got into her car. To an onlooker she probably looked the picture of innocence, a sweet Asian lady of the highest moral standards but I knew otherwise. I had memories and pictures to prove it! It felt as though I had been hit by a whirlwind. Normally my weekends are pretty quiet unless Cherie manages to get away but this one...

What had started out with what I thought would be a quiet dinner with Sanjay and his wife and then home to my empty house and a cold bed had turned into something that was hard to believe. A short while later my phone suddenly pinged indicating a text message and interrupted my thoughts. The message simply said ‘Thank you Master for such wonderful fucking this weekend’. I smiled. The whirlwind was still blowing.

I was missing her already and I flipped to my photo album. There she was large as life; my naked Veshya lying on the bed behind me. I missed her. I was in love.


Monday’s were always busy. Delivery lorries would be queuing up waiting to be unloaded as we came into work and I would spend the day chasing around like ‘a blue arse fly’ as the say organising the re-stocking of the depot. I saw Sanjay a couple of times but we didn’t speak, there was little time to exchange pleasantries let alone chat.

Tuesday was different, it was back to normality and Sanjay and I had chance to chat. In fact he came to my office with and envelope in his hand. “It’s from Sunita,” he said.

I opened it and read through it quickly.

‘Are we still on for Wednesday? I have no supply teaching scheduled from lunch time until the afternoon of the following day. If you let Sanjay have a spare key I could come over early and prepare dinner. I’ll have a hot bath ready for you when you come home. I can massage you afterwards, relax you, ease your aching limbs and then I’ll fuck you. I’ll mount you and fuck you slowly until all your cum is inside my yoni. Afterwards I’ll feed you and later I will take you to your bed and fuck you until you are tired. Then we will sleep.

In the morning I’ll wake you with a blow job and make your breakfast while you shower. You will leave for work refreshed and fully satisfied. How does that sound?

I’ll let Sanjay have your key back to give to you next day.’

I looked up at Sanjay standing there impassively. “Sunita wants to spend Wednesday night with me,” I told him.

“I know,” he answered quietly.

“Will you be able to follow me home tonight and collect a spare key for her?”

He nodded before walking away.

Sanjay pulled up just after I arrived and I let him in. I needed to talk to him first. “How are you taking all this Sanjay?” I asked handing him a spare key.

A faint smile crossed his face. “I am happy for her.”

“But you’re not happy in yourself though are you?” I asked motioning towards a seat at the kitchen table.

“I’ve known for a while that sooner or later I was going to lose her to someone else,” he answered. “I am sad about it but in a strange way it turns me on knowing what has happened this weekend; knowing what you two have been doing.”

I was a bit taken aback by that.

“Sunita has told me everything.”

“And it turns you on?”

He nodded. “She showed me the note I gave you before she sealed it up and she’s told me about the photos as well.”

“I see,” I answered.

“She loves you, you know.”

I smiled. “She might just be in love with the lust, Sanjay.”

He shook his head. “No, she’s told me that she loves you.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Well its early days yet, a lot can happen in the meantime.”

“We talked about divorce last night,” he told me. “She thinks it best if we formally end our marriage as soon as possible. She has been unhappy for a long time now.”

“But she does love you Sanjay. She’s told me that herself.”

“She loves me like a brother; I agree but not like a husband. It’s my fault I know.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“Sunita’s asked me to ask you if you know a good solicitor. We prefer not to go through one of our own people.”

“Well the one who did mine was okay,” I told him. “She couldn’t stop my ex from taking the house but it was my fault so I didn’t contest it and anyway our children needed a roof over their heads.”

“Perhaps you can give Sunita the details tomorrow when you see her,” he replied. “I won’t be contesting the divorce. It will be on unreasonable grounds.”

“I’m very sorry Sanjay.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “It’s not your fault. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Sunita has tasted freedom now and whichever way that your relationship with her goes she needs to be free from the restraints of marriage to me”

There was silence between us for a few minutes.

“Do... do you think there’s a chance that you and Sunita might... you know?”

“I’m not looking for a wife at the moment Sanjay,” I told him. “I... I need regular sex and I am enjoying being with Sunita but as for a long term relationship... “

“She would make you a good wife.”

I just shook my head.

“I know its early days,” he responded. “But I would like to see her settle down with someone who will treat her well.”

I laughed. “Well I don’t exactly have a good marriage track record so far Sanjay.”

He smiled. “But you’re older now and probably ready to settle down; come home at night to your favourite food and have good company in bed afterwards as well.”

Sanjay left soon afterwards leaving me to my lonely surroundings. Yes he was right; I am older and wiser and perhaps I was ready to settle down now after all. Fleeting interludes of company and passion were becoming boring, if not depressing. I needed a companion, a life partner but was Sunita the one?


I awoke with an excited expectation next morning knowing that when I came home Sunita would be waiting for me. A hot relaxing bath, sex, dinner and more sex made life suddenly more exciting. Mid-afternoon things got even more exciting when my phone pinged. It was Sunita and there were two photographs for me. One was of her standing naked in front of my bathroom mirror. Her selfie had the camera held in front of her face, which together with the light flash hid her identity when she snapped her reflection.

The second one was a picture taken of my bed where black and red Basques lay side by side. Laid out between them was a pair of black stockings. A text message simply asked ‘Which one Master?’ I groaned silently as I contemplated the evening ahead.

‘Red. What about panties?’ I texted.

A few minutes later she called, “Is there any point in wearing any?” she said softly.

I chuckled. “No, no point at all.”

“If you message me just before you leave I will have your bath ready for you.”

“Okay,” I responded as someone came into the office with some paperwork.

“Is it difficult to talk?”

“Yes it is,” I responded.

“They can’t hear me can they?”

“That’s right.” I responded as they left.

“So they can’t hear me saying that I have just showered and shaved my yoni for you?”

“No, they’ve gone now.”

“Does it get you hard thinking about what I am going to do to you tonight?”

I cleared my throat, “Yes, it does.”

“Do you have a desk?”

“Of course, why?”

“Does it have one of those modesty boards in front?”

“Yes. Why?”

“I would like to be there now with you,” she said softly. “Hidden from view of anybody else and sucking your cock. I would stroke and suck nice and slowly until you came. I would swallow every drop.”

I couldn’t respond. It wasn’t just the people passing back and forth my large window it was also the thought of it all. Cherie had done it to me just a couple of months ago and funnily enough that had been on a Wednesday afternoon as well. It had been much quieter then. No one had noticed her enter and slip under my desk. No one had seen her unzip my trousers and delve inside my pants to extract my erection. No one had seen her sucking me and no one had heard her slurps either as she vigorously sucked me. No one had heard my groans as she held me firmly with her small fingers and masturbated me and no one had heard my cry of pleasure as I filled her mouth with cum. Finally no one had seen her slip from under my desk afterwards and calmly stand in front with an empty file she had brought in with her. “I’ll get these typed up for you, Bill,” she had said as she walked away.


“You have gone very quiet, Master,” Sunita said distracting my thoughts.

I cleared my throat once more.

“Would you like me to masturbate you?”

I cleared my throat again. It was getting almost too much for me. “You deserve a good spanking for that, you know,” I told her quietly.

“Have I made you hard then?” she giggled.


She breathed heavily. “I brought a cane from home for you.”

“A cane?”

“Yes, my Dad looks after our garden and he planted some runner beans this year. We have a few spare canes. I thought of you, Master. I know that I can be a very naughty girl and... well I don’t need to tell a man like you that a naughty girl needs a lot of discipline”

My cock jerked in my trousers. “I’ll deal with you later Veshya,” I said quietly.

“I look forward to it, Master.”

Her call ended just as Sanjay came into my office with a document attached to a clipboard for me to sign. “That was Sunita,” I told him.

“Is she at your home?”

I nodded.

“She will be preparing dinner for you both,” he responded quietly.

She was preparing more than just dinner but I didn’t say anything as I signed the paperwork. “Have a nice time,” he said as he left.

I already knew that I would be. Sunita had stirred a dormant passion within; a long forgotten desire. Maria had been her name. A divorcee in her early forties who enjoyed the finer exquisites of BDSM: not just the light bondage and spankings that the mainstream enjoys but also the sterner stuff. She liked to be strapped down and caned; caned to the point of having her bottom marked; caned to the point of the pain becoming almost unbearable.

When she was married she had known someone who shared her desires but alas he had to hold back in administering the sterner discipline that she required for fear of leaving marks that her husband would see. But after her divorce she was free from those restraints. She met me and I was an eager learner and only too willing to please. Her ex-husband had been a joiner and he had left behind a special portable saw bench that we converted by attaching leather restraints to the four bottom support struts.

I would take it up to her bedroom and strap her down on it. With wrist and ankles fastened to the restraints as she bent over the bench she was helpless and vulnerable. I soon learnt to give her the tortuous teasing that she so desired and needed. I liked to sit on the bed as she waited a few feet away from me. Strapped down wearing just a white blouse, short flared skirt and white knee length socks she would strain her neck looking up at me rubbing the canes with sandpaper.

I would take my time making her wait and contemplate the pain that was to come. Sometimes I would talk to her and tell her what a naughty girl she had been and how this was going to hurt. Other times I would just sit in silence and prepare the canes. When ready I would stand up and strip from the waist down. I wanted her see my excitement and also know what was else was going to happen to her when I finished punishing her. Finally I would take the white cotton panties that she had worn beforehand and gag her mouth with them. “We don’t want the neighbours hearing your screams do we?” I would say to her.

The strokes of the cane would also be taken slowly and with purpose. There was never any set number and rarely any sound from me as I hit her; the only sounds would be the lash of the cane against her soft flesh and the muffled screams from her lips. She also had to endure the waiting for the start of her punishment as I stood behind her. After raising her skirt up over her back I would look at her; enjoy the sight of white, unmarked flesh. Often I would touch her; stroking her fleshy bottom before slipping my hand between her thighs. Invariably the insides of her thighs would be wet and if they weren’t my penetrating fingers would ensure they soon would be. Sometimes I would fuck her. Not all the way, I also liked to tease myself but I would fuck her long and hard enough to bring her to the point of orgasm before punishment.

After her punishment I would fuck her. It would be hard and fast and to completion and then I would release her. Sobbing loudly and in pain she would curl up in my arms for a while afterwards and then we would make love, slowly and passionately. I never did understand why she needed that kind of sexual release and I never delved to find out the reason why. All that I knew was that she had a need and that I had a need to fulfil it.


I texted Sunita as I left. Leaving the car park I passed Sanjay on the way out. He smiled and waved at me. I waved back but the fact wasn’t lost on me that I was going home to spend the night with his wife and he was going home to an empty house and a cold bed. I felt sorry for him but what could I do about it? His marriage was over long before I came along. I remember once listening to a divorce lawyer on television talking about infidelity. “Adultery is not the cause the cause of the break-up of a marriage,” he had said. “It’s over a long time before the act of infidelity takes place.”

Their marriage was already sadly over and Sunita was moving on.


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