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Awakenings Ch. 03

A fateful Saturday
The next morning I slept until 7:00. Sleeping past 6:00 was rare for me. It had been a tough week. I needed the rest.

After a quick shower I dressed and left for my office. Even though I was planning to talk to Jeanne in the afternoon, I kept my motel room. I wasn't certain when I'd be ready to move back home.

I was hungry. Breakfast was my first priority. I drove by Lyle’s Cafe. It was Saturday morning. It was crowded. I didn't stop. Instead I pulled into a MacDonalds and picked up an Egg McMuffin, an orange juice and a large coffee. That was plenty of breakfast for me.

I arrived at my office just after 8:00. Ruth and Jason were sitting on Ruth's desk drinking coffee. Even though it was Saturday morning I wasn't surprised to see that they were already in the office. They were outstanding employees. Both of them fully understood the importance of the meeting with the Montgomerys. When I walked in they smiled at me.

Ruth said, "Morning Michael, can I get you a cup of coffee?"

"Ruth, you don't need to bring me coffee."

"Michael, you're not only my boss, you're also one of my closest friends. While in this office it may not be necessary to get coffee for the boss, it certainly seems appropriate to bring it to my friends."

Smiling, I said, "Ruth I would love a cup of coffee."

While Ruth was getting me a cup of coffee Jason asked, "How ya doin this morning boss?"

"I'm okay Jason."

Ruth handed me my coffee and asked, "Did you get any sleep last night?"

"Actually I did. I think I was too tired not to sleep."

They both nodded. Jason went into his office. A moment later he returned with a plate of cookies. "Barb made chocolate chip cookies yesterday. She sent a plate for us."

I grinned at him. "Jason you have a wonderful wife."

He grinned back. "I do boss, marrying Barb was the smartest move I ever made."

There was a moment of awkward silence. Our smiles disappeared as all three of us remembered that I also used to believe that about my marriage to Jeanne.

Ruth said, "Michael it's just a phase she's going through. You'll work this out."

I said, "Last night I came to that same conclusion." I'd decided not to mention Jennifer Rawlins. My discussion with her raised issues that I didn't feel comfortable addressing with Ruth.

Smiling, Ruth said, "I'm glad. Making the decision to try to work things out is the first step towards actually doing it."

I nodded. There was a moment of serious silence and then I said, "Hey in a little over an hour the two most important clients this firm has are going to walk through that door. Before they get here let's make sure all of our I's are dotted and T's are crossed."

The three of us moved into my office and started reviewing files. Ruth joined us as a secretary, but she was a bright woman who learned quickly. While she lacked the formal training Jason and I had, she had an exceptional practical understanding of accounting. Her input was invaluable.

We worked quietly. Occasionally one of us noticed a potential concern and we discussed it as a team.

At 9:15 the telephone rang. Ruth picked up the phone on my desk. "Nolan Accounting, how may I help you?"

She listened for a moment and then she said, "Michael is right here, let me check with him. I'm going to put you on hold." She pressed a button on the telephone and looked at Jason and me. "It's Charles Montgomery's secretary. Mathew, their youngest son and his wife were involved in an automobile accident this morning. No one was hurt, but his car was totaled. They'd like to postpone the meeting until 2:00 this afternoon."

I said, "Tell them 2:00 will be fine."

Ruth pushed another button on my telephone. "2:00 will be just fine. Mr. Nolan also said that he's relieved that no one was hurt and if there's any way he can be of assistance with the insurance claims, please let us know." That was one of the many reasons that Ruth was such a valuable asset to the firm.

Ruth set my telephone back on its cradle and said, "They're coming at 2:00."

I said, "Are we ready?"

Jason said. "The Montgomery account is as well maintained as any financial account in the western hemisphere. They could show up at 2:00 AM on a Sunday morning and we'd be ready."

"I agree. It's Saturday morning. All three of us have things we'd like to do. Let's adjourn and meet back here at 1:30."

Looking at me, Ruth asked, "Are you going to talk to Jeanne this morning?"

Sighing, I said, "It's a little scary, but it is what I need to do."

Ruth nodded. "Yes it is. I'll be back here at 1:00 in case you need to talk."

"Thanks Jeanne."

Jason said, "I'll be here too boss."

"Thank you Jason, you're good friend."

He smiled.

Ruth asked, "Are you going to call Jeanne and let her know you'll be early?"

I thought for a moment and then I said, "No, it's my house and Jeanne is still my wife. I shouldn't have to announce my arrival. I also think this might be better. I'm fairly certain that Jeanne was planning to throw a full court home maker press at me; fancy lunch, coffee, heaven knows what else. Her skills as a home maker aren't part of this question. I think an impromptu meeting might actually be more productive."

Ruth nodded. "Okay, I'll be back here at 1:00." She grabbed her purse and hurried out the door.

Jason said, "Boss I'll see you in four hours." He turned and followed Ruth out the door.

After spending five more minutes making certain that everything was in order for the meeting with the Montgomerys I left too. I was nervous, but it was time to talk to Jeanne.

During the drive to my house I thought about my previous night's conversation with Jennifer Rawlins. She'd suggested it was likely that this was much more complicated than a simple case of Jeanne falling in love with another man. While I still wasn't certain how I felt about everything Jennifer had told me, I now believed that I needed to listen to Jeanne. She'd kept asking me to try to understand. I was now willing to listen and make an effort to do that. That still didn't mean understanding was going to be easy or even possible.

I turned onto our street and pushed the button on my garage door opener. As the garage door went up my stomach did a flip flop. Jeanne's Honda was parked on her side of the garage, but there was another car parked on my side of the garage. It was a black BMW, a black BMW identical to the car Derick Fischer was driving when he picked Jeanne up on Wednesday evening. Last night Jeanne had assured me that she was going to end her affair with Fischer. Apparently she was lying.

Trying to control my building anger, I parked behind Jeanne's car. I was still thinking clearly enough to know that I didn't want to impede Fischer's ability to leave. I sat in my car and took several long slow breaths. While I was primed to storm into the house and make a scene, reason told me that there was a better course of action. This situation was a potential opportunity to learn at least a little bit of the truth.

Instead of storming into the house I got out of my car, carefully closed the door and walked through the garage. After quietly opening the door to the kitchen I stepped inside and listened. I thought I could hear noises in the back part of the house, the part of the house where our bedroom was located.

I tiptoed through the kitchen, across the dining room and into the living room. The noises grew louder. I could hear talking. It was coming from the bedroom hallway.

I entered the bedroom hallway. The master bedroom was at the end of the hall. The door was open. It was the source of the voices. They were in our bedroom.

As I quietly walked down the hall I could hear a man's voice. "Damn Jeanne, you really do love to suck my cock, don't you."

Jeanne laughed. "I do. I think that surprises me even more than it does you; but it's true. I do love to suck your cock. I was taught to believe that cocks are dirty and nasty. Now I realize that's a lie. Cocks aren't dirty, they're wonderful. Your cock is wonderful. I love your cock. I love to suck your cock." Jeanne giggled. "A month ago I wouldn't have even dared to say the word cock."

As I listened to the woman who was the love of my life say those words to another man, my heart broke. I was hurt, deeply hurt and that hurt quickly turned into anger. Thinking about revenge, I took out my cell phone and turned on the camera.

As I stepped into the bedroom doorway Jeanne said, "Lie back, I want you to enjoy this."

Fischer asked, "What are you going to do?"

"Don't ask questions, just lie back and enjoy it."

They were both so preoccupied with what they were doing that they didn't notice me standing in the doorway. I watched in horror as my naked wife slowly stroked Fischer's cock with her right hand while she cupped his testicles in her left hand and began kissing and licking them.

As Jeanne sucked one of his ball's into her mouth, Fischer exclaimed, "Oh my god, no one has ever done this to me." And then he laughed. "My wife doesn't even like to suck my cock. She'll only do it as a special treat on my birthday and our anniversary."

Now consumed by a desire for revenge, I raised my cell phone and took two pictures. Both of them showed Fischer's face and both of them accurately depicted exactly what Jeanne was doing to him.

After slipping my cell phone back into my pocket I stepped into our bedroom and said, "My wife has never shown much interest in sucking my cock and she's never licked my balls. I think I should try to meet your wife. Maybe she'll be as excited about sucking my cock as my wife is about sucking yours."

At the sound of my voice Jeanne sat up and snapped around. "Michael, what are you doing here? What happened to your meeting with the Montgomerys?"

"It got postponed."

"Why didn't you call and tell me you were going to be early?"

"Jeanne this is my house too. Are you telling me that I now have to call before I can come home?"

"No, of course not. It's just that..."

"Hey mother fucker, you leave my wife out of this discussion." Fischer was sitting up and he was glaring at me.

I glared back at him. "Right now you're in my bed with my wife. You're both naked and she was just licking your balls. You're first response in this situation is to challenge me because you're upset that I mentioned you wife. Are you really that stupid?"

Suddenly speechless, Fischer stared at me. He was beginning to appreciate the seriousness of the situation."

Jeanne said, "Michael this is all a big mistake."

"I'm relieved to hear that Jeanne. I was certain that I'd just walked into our bedroom and found you and another man naked in the bed where I sleep. Even worse, I thought you were licking his balls which is something you've never done for me." I shook my head. "I know I should believe you, but lately you've had tendency to stretch the truth. I think I should check the pictures I just took."

Fischer jumped up. "You took fucking pictures? Where are they?" He took a threatening step towards me. "Give it to me, give me that damn camera right now."

"And why should I do that?"

"Because I'll beat the fucking shit out of you if you don't."

"Really? In my bedroom. You do understand that the only way you'll be able to keep me from calling the police will be to kill me."

"Bull shit, I'll just tell them you caught me with your wife and attacked me in a fit of jealous rage."

I nodded. "Good plan, but how will that help you? Your wife will still find out. Oh, and I point out that there is a witness." I turned to my wife. "Jeanne will you lie to protect your boyfriend after he beats up your husband?"

Jeanne didn't respond. Her face was buried in her hands. She was too horrified to speak.

Fischer sighed. "Okay, you're right. I can't lay a hand on you."

"That's magnanimous of you."

Ignoring my sarcasm, Fischer continued. "But I beg you not to send those pictures to my wife. They'll devastate her."

"Mr. Fischer how do you think I feel right now. I just walked into my bedroom and found you and my wife naked in my bed and she was doing things for you that she's never done for me. I'm feeling pretty fucking devastated and you don't seem to give a shit about that."

Jeanne wailed.

Fischer shook his head. "Look, I'm sorry. I know that doesn't mean much, but I don't know what else to say. I was an asshole. I didn't think about what I was doing. Do what you need to do. I deserve it. I tried to fuck you over."

While I suspected that Fischer was simply trying a different tactic, it was a better tactic than the two he'd just employed. My anger abated. I shrugged, "I don't have any desire to hurt anyone. Not you." I turned to my wife. "And especially not you Jeanne."

Jeanne looked up at me with pleading eyes. I ignored her. "Right now I hurt and all I want to do is get somewhere where I won't hurt quite so much. Goodbye Jeanne, it's been a wonderful twenty-seven years, but it now appears that all of that is over. I'll remember our good years fondly." I turned and walked out of the bedroom.

As I was crossing the living room I heard the sound of running footsteps and then Jeanne cried, "Micheal please give me a chance. I want to do all of those things for you. This afternoon I was going to suck your cock and lick your balls. I was even going to try to get you to fuck my ass. I want to find out how that feels and I wanted you to do it."

I stopped and looked back at Jeanne. She was hurriedly putting on her robe. Shaking my head, I said, "I wish I could believe you, but I remind you that last night you promised me that you were going to stop seeing Fischer. I'm sorry, but your word doesn't mean much to me anymore."

I turned and hurried through the dining room and kitchen to the garage.

As I left the house Jeanne wailed, "Michael, I love you; please come back."

I got into my car. As I drove away I looked in the review mirror. Jeanne was standing on our front lawn crying. Part of me desperately wanted to go back and console her. I didn't. At that moment I was too hurt and angry to be able to do that.

It was just after 11:00 when I reached the sanctuary of my office. Ruth and Jason weren't due back until 1:00 so I had two hours of solitude. I needed it. I had to think and I had to plan.

Everything for the meeting with the Montgomerys was already prepared, so I was able to focus all of my attention on my personal problems.

The previous four days had been devastating. I felt like the three people who I trusted and loved most in this world had just betrayed me. Intellectually I knew

that wasn't true. Tricia, Jodie and Jeanne still loved me. I firmly believed that. Still with Tricia and Jodie's support Jeanne had unilaterally altered the basic tenets of our marriage and in the process of doing that she'd lied to me and humiliated me.

Jeanne was an adult. Tricia and Jodie were too. They were free to pursue the lives they wanted. It now appeared to me that regardless of what I might say or do Jeanne was determined to adopt a new way of life. That meant that I had two choices. I could accept her new life style and stay with her or I could sever my ties with her and live the life that I chose.

The idea of leaving Jeanne and the girls was heartbreaking, but so was the prospect of repeatedly having to watch the woman I love get dressed for a date with another man. I was hurt, angry and disillusioned. I needed time to think and heal.

I kept remembering Jennifer Rawlins' words. "Michael this is a complicated situation." Because I believed her I wasn't going to act rashly. I was angry, but I didn't want revenge and I certainly wasn't considering divorce. If Jeanne wanted a divorce she was going to have to initiate that action by herself.

What I needed was time. Everything had happened so fast. Jeanne was right. She should have spent more time talking to me about this, preparing me for it. Unfortunately she didn't and now we were in a crisis and I could only think of one way to alleviate this crisis. I needed to separate myself from Jeanne. It didn't have to be a permanent separation, in fact I ardently hoped that it wouldn't be, but I needed time away.

I was a wealthy man. I'd built a successful accounting firm and invested my money wisely. We owned our home and had over twenty million dollars worth of stocks, mutual funds and bonds. On Monday I would begin liquidating those assets. While doing it quickly would be costly and the tax liability would be severe, I was quite certain that I could manage to end up with at least ten million dollars in cash. That would allow me to create a two million dollar trust fund for both Jeanne and myself, a million and a half dollar fund for each of the girls and still have a nice reserve fund.

I would arrange to have the trust funds for Jeanne and myself pay out a monthly

sum of eight thousand dollars. If Jeanne continued to live in our house and kept her job with the law firm she'd be very comfortable. I knew that I could easily live on eight thousand dollars a month.

The girl's funds were a little trickier. I didn't want to make them independently wealthy. I wanted them to pursue their careers and create their own successes. Still, realizing that as they matured they would be facing major expenses like weddings, the birth of children and the purchase of homes, I wanted to be able to help them. That was why I was creating their two trust funds. I would ask Jason and Ruth to administer the funds. When the girls needed money all they would have to do was contact Jason or Ruth.

It was a good plan. It would allow me to leave feeling confident that my wife and daughters were financially secure.

I was making a list of things that had to be done Monday morning when Ruth walked into my office. Jason Ridner was right behind her. I looked up.

Ruth asked. "How was your talk with Jeanne?"

I told them everything that happened.

When I was finished Jason said, "Damn boss that must have been awful."

I shrugged.

Ruth asked, "Do you want me to cancel the meeting with the Montgomerys?"

Shaking my head, I said, "Absolutely not. They're our most important clients and they're good friends too. We're going to meet with them and give them a rock solid comprehensive report about their financial status."

Smiling, Jason said, "Damn right boss." But then he paused. After a moment he said, "Boss can I make a suggestion?"

"Of course you can."

"After you start the meeting why don't you let me give the report."

Smiling back at Jason, I said, "That's an excellent idea."

He looked at me with a surprised expression.

I said, "It is an excellent idea. It's time for you to start taking a more visible role in the operation of this firm."

Jason grinned at me.

I glanced at Ruth. She was watching me with a mistrustful expression. I had a feeling that she was beginning to suspect what I was planning to do. We still had a little time before the meeting, so I decided that I might as well tell them.

Before I could say anything Ruth said, "You're leaving, aren't you."

I nodded. "Yes."

Alarmed, Jason said, "Boss, no, you can't leave."

Ruth looked at him. "Jason what would you do if Barb started dating another man?"

"I'd go crazy."

"Would you hurt Barb?"

"No, of course not. I could never hurt Barb."

"Would you hurt the other man?"

"I'd think about it."

"But you wouldn't do it, would you." Ruth's voice was calm and deliberate.

"I would if I found out that he'd forced Barb or drugged her, but otherwise, no. They're adults, they get to make their own choices."

Ruth said, "That's right, but you'd have choices too, wouldn't you."

Jason shook his head. "Not many."

"But you would have choices."


"What would they be?"

Sighing, Jason said, "Stick around and put up with it or leave." He turned to me. "Okay boss, I understand. What can I do to help?"

I spent the next hour explaining my financial plans for my family and my plans for the business. Ruth and Jason both listened intently.

When I was finished Jason said, "So you want Ruth and me to run the business."

"That's what I'd like. I'll maintain regular email and telephone contact with you. When it's necessary I'll be able to assist you with difficult files. Since you're both taking on more responsibility you can expect a commensurate increase in your salaries."

Ruth said, "That would be nice, but can the firm afford it?"

"I won't be drawing a salary. That will free up money for your salary increases and a salary for another accountant."

"You want us to hire another accountant?" Ruth looked at Jason and then back at me.

"With me in only an advisory role you'll need one."

Jason nodded. "Yes we will."

I said, "Look for someone young, someone just out of college."

Grinning, Jason said, "You hired me right out of college."

"And look at how well that worked out."

Ruth asked, "How soon are you planning to leave?"


"Is that enough time?"

"I think so and I really do need to get away."

Nodding, Ruth said, "We'll make sure it's enough time."

We heard the door to the outer office open. The three of us looked at each other. The Montgomerys had arrived. We stood up.

Ruth said, "I'll get them seated in the conference room."

As she was leaving, Jason said, "I'll bring the files."

I followed him out of my office.

The meeting with the Montgomerys went well. I would have been shocked if it hadn't. Jason took charge and did an impressive job.

After the meeting I asked Charles if I could have a word with him in private. As we stepped into my office I noticed that Ruth and Edith stayed in the conference room. Ruth would be talking to Edith.

Once we were seated Charles said, "Michael what's on your mind?"

"Charles I'm going to take an extended leave from the firm."

"Are you ill?" The concern in my old friend's voice was evident.

Shaking my head, I said, "No my health is fine."

"Are you and Jeanne having problems?"

I nodded.

"Is she having an affair?"

Surprised by his quick assessment of the situation I asked, "How did you know?"

"How old is Jeanne?"


"And your daughters just finished college."


"It's pretty common. Edith had her first affair when she was forty-eight."

"Her first affair? She's had more than one?"

"She's had five affairs that lasted a month or more and I lost count of the weekend getaways. That's all in the past now. Her last weekend getaway was, let me think." He paused for a moment and then he said, "It's been at least eight years."

"And you were okay with it?"

"Not at first. At first I was devastated. That's why I understand what you're going through right now." He smiled. "I did exactly what you're planning to do. I moved to New York and ran our businesses from there. I had to get away."

"How long did you stay in New York?"

"Fourteen months, it took me that long to come to terms with the situation."

"But you did eventually accept the situation."

"I love Edith. The thought of living the rest of my life without her was unbearable."

"Tell me how you did it. I need to know that there might be hope."

"You're doing the right thing."


"Yes, you need some time to heal and Jeanne needs to be confronted with the reality of life without you. Right now your biggest concern is to make sure your hurt and anger don't make you do things you'll regret later. That's one of the reasons you have to get away for awhile.

"I'm taking steps to make sure that both Jeanne and the girls are financially secure while I'm gone and I've already decided that I'm not going to file for divorce."

"That's wise, that will show Jeanne that you still care about her. I know Jeanne. She's a lot like Edith. I suspect that right now she's terrified that you hate her."

"I could never hate Jeanne."

"I know. I could never hate Edith either."

"How did you cope with the jealousy?"

"When I came back from New York Edith worked hard to make sure I knew that I was loved and I tried to understand. Sometimes it was difficult, but it was better than living with out Edith. Over time it got easier. In fact I actually enjoyed her last two affairs."

"You did?"

"By then I understood. I knew she didn't really love the other men and at the beginning of an affair she was always so happy. A new romance is exciting. I'm thankful that I was finally secure enough to be able to enjoy her last two affairs with her."

"I find that hard to believe."

"I'm sure you do. You'll find this hard to believe too. At the end I actually encouraged her to take weekend getaways."

"You mean with other men."

"And women."

"Was Edith bisexual?"

"No, I'm certain she wasn't, but it would have been all right with me if she was. It's still just sex. No I'm talking about her group of friends. Including Edith there were four of them. Privately they called themselves the four harlots. They did the weekend getaways together."

"What about the men?"

"That was the easy part. All four of them were attractive affluent women. It's not difficult to find twenty-five year old men who are eager to spend a commitment free weekend at a luxury resort with four beautiful middle aged women.

"Edith was a cougar."

"She certainly was and she enjoyed every minute of it. At the end I did too. Michael during the days before those getaways she was actually giddy with excitement. It's fun to see the woman you love that happy."

"But you weren't the cause of that happiness."

"So what, we had plenty of happy times with each other. We were always laughing and giggling together. while the years we were raising our children will always be special, those last few years when Edith was playing around were wonderful."

"Didn't you feel neglected when Edith was on a weekend getaway?"

"Hell no, during the week before one of her getaways Edith would try to fuck me to death. I needed the break. Also you can call me an old perv, but when she was gone I had a pretty good time imagining what she was doing."


"Michael do you ever look at porn movies on the Internet? Be honest."

I laughed. "Yeah I admit it, I do."

"I do too. Actually these days Edith and I watch them together."


"Yeah but lets not get sidetracked. Imagine watching a porn movie that featured Jeanne with another guy."

"I ah...I don't know."

"Michael, be honest. I'll bet you've found a porn star who reminds you of Jeanne."

Sheepishly I answered, "Yes."

"Who is it?"

Quietly, I said, "Julia Ann."

Charles smiled. "I agree, there's a very strong resemblance. When you're watching a Julia Ann movie do you ever imagine that it's really Jeanne you're watching?"

I did do that, but I was ashamed of it. It was hard to admit it. I looked down at the floor.

Charles said, "It's okay Michael. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just fun."

I nodded. "But admitting it is difficult."

"It shouldn't be. You're not doing anything wrong. Someday I hope that you and Jeanne will reach a point where the two of you can watch a Julia Ann movie together."

"Do you have a porn star who reminds you of Edith?"

"Oh yes."

"May I ask who it is?"

"Certainly, it's Diamond Foxx. Of course we're talking about Edith when she was a much younger woman. Diamond Foxx is probably forty years younger than Edith, but when Edith was young, when she was slutted up before a date or a weekend getaway, she looked just like Diamond Foxx."

"Slutted up?"

"That's what the four harlots called it. When they we're going out they loved to get their hair done, lay on some heavy eye makeup and lip rouge and dress in tight short skirts, low cut blouses, nylon stockings and spike heeled pumps. I think they enjoyed that almost as much as the sex. Michael it was an adventure for them. When they were out with another man they got to be somebody completely different."

"And you actually learned to enjoy it?"

"Yes I did. My only regret is that I didn't relax and start enjoying it much earlier."

I shook my head. "You make it sound, I don't know, I guess exciting."

"Once you finally realize that it has nothing to do with love it is exciting and fun too."

"I'm not there yet."

"No you're not. That's why you have to go away."

"I'm worried about the business."

"Don't be. I'm impressed with Jason. He seems like a very capable young man."

"He is."

"And the Internet and a cell phone will allow you to stay in touch."

"That's true."

"Michael I'm certain my financial affairs will still be handled professionally."

"Thank you Charles. I appreciate your confidence, your understanding and your advice."

"Get away, take some time for yourself. It will get easier and when it does, come back to us."

We smiled at each other.

Charles patted my shoulder and said, "And now I'd better go find Edith and take her home." He winked at me. "This evening we're going to watch a Diamond Foxx movie. We're looking forward to it."

Charles and I walked into the reception area together. We were both grinning. Edith and Ruth were sitting next to Ruth's desk drinking coffee.

When she saw us Edith asked, "What are the two of you grinning about?"

Charles said, "I just told Michael about our movie plans for the evening."

"Were you specific about the star of the movie?"


"Did you tell him why we like that particular actress?"

"Yes I did."

Edith stood up, walked over to me and kissed my cheek. "I hope that someday you and Jeanne will have a movie star that you both enjoy for the same reason."

"It's going to take some time before I reach that point."

"Yes I'm sure it will, but try to understand. It really is a wonderfully exciting way to live."

Edith turned and took Charles' arm. "Let's go home dear. I want to get slutted up before we watch the movie."

Charles laughed. "I was hoping you were planning to do that."

"Of course I am. It makes watching the movie so much more fun."

As they walked out of the office I looked at Edith. I could see it. When she was younger and slutted up I imagined that she probably did look quite a bit like Diamond Foxx.

As soon as they were gone Ruth asked, "What was all that about a movie and what movie star were they talking about?"

I shook my head. "I think that was told to me in confidence."

"Michael don't be a putz. Besides Edith told me everything. I just don't understand the discussion about the movie."

"Edith told you everything?"

"Yes, everything. She told me about her five affairs, the weekend getaways, the four harlots; I even know what she meant when she said she wanted to get slutted up."

"She told you all of that?"

"Yes, why shouldn't she? Edith and I are good friends. I also think she was afraid that I might end my friendship with Jeanne over this."

"Please don't do that. Right now Jeanne needs her friends."

"Don't worry, I won't. Now tell me about the movie."

"All right, they're going to watch a porn movie."

"A porn movie? Really?" Ruth smiled. "I hope David and I are still watching porn movies when we're in our seventies. So who's the porn star?"

"Diamond Foxx."

"Never heard of her."

"Do you watch a lot of porn?"

"Not really, once in awhile David and I will watch one late at night on the Internet. I think he watches quite a bit of it."

"Most men do."

"Do you watch porn on the Internet?"


"So tell me about this Diamond Foxx."

"She's a fairly well known porn star. I think she's in her late thirties. She's very attractive in a slutty kind of way. Charles thinks that when Edith was younger and slutted up she looked a lot like Diamond Foxx."

"Does she?"

"Yes, I can see it."

"I'm going to have to look her up on the Internet." Ruth paused for a moment and then she asked, "Do you have a porn star who looks like Jeanne?"

"You're getting a little personal."

"Tell me."

"Okay, yes I do. Her name is Julia Ann."

Ruth smiled. "I'll look her up too. I wonder if David has a porn star who looks like me?"

"If he doesn't, tell him to check out Roxanne Hall."

"Really? I'll have to look her up too."

I laughed.

Grinning at me, Ruth made a shooing motion with her hands. "Go back to your office and do some work. I have to do some Internet research."

Still laughing, I went back into my office.

A half hour later I heard a knock. "Come in."

It was Ruth. "Charles is right. While Edith is much older now, I'll bet that at one time she did look just like Diamond Foxx. Especially when she was slutted up."

"That's what I thought too."

"And Jeanne is a dead ringer for Julia Ann."

"I agree."

"And thank you, I'm flattered. Roxanne Hall is hot."

"You're not thinking about following Edith and Jeanne's lead are you?"

"No I'm only thirty-eight. I'm not old enough to start that yet. Besides, I have a son in high school and a daughter in junior high." Ruth laughed. "Still, when Michelle graduates from college I may decide to reevaluate that position."

"If you do, spend a little time preparing David before you drop that bomb on him."

"Don't worry, I will. In fact I plan to do a little preparing tonight."

"What do you mean?"

"I found a web site that has several Roxanne Hall movies that can be downloaded. Both Ben and Michelle are going out this evening. I plan to get slutted up and invite David to watch one of the movies with me. I'm not going to mention that you suggested that I resemble her. I'm going to wait and see if David notices."

"How are you going to explain your interest in that particular porn star?"

"I'll tell David that my sister Becky recommended the movie."

"Does Becky watch a lot of porn?"

"Not really, but if I warn her she'll back me up." Ruth shrugged. "Actually Becky and I look a lot alike. If David and I enjoy the movie I'll tell Becky to watch it with her husband."

Laughing, I said, "I wonder if Charles and Edith realize what they've done."

Ruth smiled and went back to her desk.

I spent the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday organizing my financial plans. While it was time consuming, it was relatively easy. I was an accountant with all of the resources of my firm at my disposal.

Just after noon on Sunday my cell phone rang. The caller ID showed that it was Ruth. I answered it.

"Hi Ruth."

"Hi Michael, how are you doing today?"

"I'm a little sad, but other than that I'm okay."

"I have something that might cheer you up."

"Tell me."

"Telling you about this feels a little weird, but after everything that's happened during the past few days I think we can talk about things like this."


"Michael, David and I downloaded a Roxanne Hall movie last night. David hooked his laptop up to our bedroom television. We watched it in bed. David saw the resemblance immediately. He went wild. He loved it. Michael we did it three times last night. We haven't done it that many times in one night since we were newlyweds."

"It sounds like you had a fun night."

"We did. David wants to get another movie tonight. I'm afraid that I might have created a monster."

I laughed. "But you're enjoying this monster, aren't you."

"Oh yes, I can't wait until tonight."

"I'm happy to hear you had a good time. Thanks for telling me. It did cheer me up."

"Thank you for telling me about Roxanne Hall. I'm feeling pretty cheery right now too."

I laughed again.

"Michael I have to run. We're going to a barbecue at David's sisters house. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

"Okay Ruth, thanks for the call. Have a good time watching your movie tonight."

Ruth laughed. "I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a wonderful time." And then she hung up.

I set my cell phone down, sat back in my chair and shook my head. Suddenly it seemed like everyone I knew was preoccupied with sex.

When I walked into the office the next morning Ruth was seated at her desk.

I smiled and asked, "How was your evening?"

Ruth grinned at me. "I think I'm going to be walking funny for a week."

"It sounds like it was a fun night."

"Believe me, it was."

Chuckling, I walked into my office and sat down at my desk. I took a minute to focus my attention and then I began the process of liquidating my stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Shortly after I started Jason joined me. We worked together for the entire morning. By lunch time we'd sold everything and both of us felt confident that we'd done everything we could to minimize the tax liabilities. Still they were extensive.

Monday afternoon I stored my Lexus and bought a year old Ford Escape. I planned to tour the United States. The Escape seemed like a more suitable vehicle for this adventure.

My final tasks for Monday were to purchase a new cell phone with a new telephone number and a high quality lap top computer. I also set up a new Gmail account. Jason and Ruth were the only people who would know the address.

I spent Tuesday planning my trip. I purchased a sleeping bag, cooler and several good quality flashlights. If I needed to do it I could store my gear in the front seat of the Escape, put down the rear seat and sleep in the back. While I was planning on sleeping in motels, I had plenty of space and this was a nice fall back option.

Wednesday morning the money from the sale of the stocks, bonds and mutual funds became available. Jason, Ruth and I spent the day funding the four trusts. By the end of the workday Wednesday everything was complete. I was planning to leave early Thursday morning.

After saying goodbye to Jason and Ruth I sat down at my desk and composed a short letter to Jeanne.

Dear Jeanne

I am now convinced that you're determined to adopt this new life style. I'm trying to understand, but I'm finding it difficult. Right now I can't bear the thought of once again having to watch you get dressed up for a date with another man.

While I still love you and believe that you still love me, I need time to sort out my feelings about what you're doing. The only way I can do that is to temporarily separate myself from you. I'm going away. By the time you read this I'll be gone. I don't know when I'll return.

I have set up a trust fund for you and both of the girls. Jason and Ruth are administering the funds. The three of you should contact them at your earliest opportunity so they can explain the details of these funds. All three of you should be financially secure.

As I said earlier, I still love you and I ardently hope that at some time in the future we can resume living together as man and wife. If you wish to divorce me you'll have to initiate the action yourself, but I won't fight it. While I really do still love you, I want you to be happy. If that means terminating our marriage so you can pursue a relationship with someone else I'll be hurt, but I will survive."

If you need to contact me you can do it through Jason or Ruth. They both have my cell phone number and my email address. Please don't badger them. They have strict instructions not to give that information out to anyone.

I will miss both you and the girls. Please give them my love. Please also remember that I will always love you.

I don't know when I'll be back, but I will return. When that happens I look forward to seeing all three of you again.



I put the letter in Ruth's computer's desk top file and sent an accompanying note requesting that she email the letter to Jeanne the next morning.

After finishing that task I took the pictures of Jeanne and the girls that I kept on my desk, put them in my brief case and walked out of my office.

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