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Awakenings Ch. 13

Michael tells Jeanne about Amy and Mel
Sitting on the porch slowly rocking in my chair, I started thinking about Jeanne. I wondered if she'd set up a second date with Trent Peters. As I considered that I realized that I was actually hoping she had. I closed my eyes and imagined Trent on top of Jeanne. He was pushing his big cock in and out of her slippery cunt while she cried with delight. I felt my cock stirring. I couldn't deny that the image aroused me.

I didn't know how to cope that reaction. Years of social conditioning were telling me it was wrong. A real man should never be excited by the mental image of another man fucking his wife.

Jeanne, Mel and Amy were all urging me to ignore the traditional expectations of our culture and enjoy Jeanne's new life style. In my heart I knew they were right, but those years of conditioning were proving to be difficult to shed.

Jeanne had been able to overcome her lifelong conditioning. During the previous weekend in San Francisco she'd managed to convince me that for her the other men were nothing more than recreational sex. She loved only me. I was and would continue to be the most important man in her life.

Still I wondered what would happen when Jeanne started regularly dating another man. It would begin as a relationship based solely on sex, but can two people maintain a physical bond without developing an emotional attachment? While I didn't think it was likely, I was beginning to understand that it might not necessarily be a threat to our marriage.

All married couples have friends, often they're close friends. Because of concerns about sexual impropriety the friends are generally the same gender, but what if sexual impropriety wasn't an issue? What if it was an accepted part of the friendship?

During the course of our marriage Jeanne has often entertained a girlfriend in the kitchen while I watched a football game in the den. Why shouldn't she entertain a boyfriend in the guest bedroom while I watched football in the den. Instead of drinking coffee and gossiping they'd be fucking, but Jeanne, Amy and Mel have all been arguing that while sex can be a beautiful expression of love, it doesn't have to be. It can just be an act of physical pleasure.

It would require trust, but all marriages require trust and my trust in Jeanne was rapidly being restored. Last weekend it became clear to me that despite the fact that Jeanne was now enjoying sex with other men she still loved me and I could still trust that love implicitly.

I needed to call Jeanne. I wanted to call Jeanne. I wondered if she'd been to Brady's Pub since she returned home and most of all I wanted to know if she'd set up a second date with Trent Peters.

I also had to tell Jeanne where I was. That would mean I'd have to tell her about Amy and Mel. I suspected she was going to be jealous. While I found the irony of that a little amusing I realized this was going to be an important step for Jeanne. If she really did believe that sex could be nothing more than a physical act of pleasure between two adults, then she would have to accept my relationship with Amy and Mel. Still I was reasonably certain there were going to be some growing pains before Jeanne finally reached that understanding.

I glanced at the time on Mel's cellphone. It was 3:12. There was an hour time difference so at home it was 4:12. Jeanne would be finishing up her workday. I decided to wait until 6:00 to call her. That would make it 7:00 at home. Jeanne would be finished with her supper and settling down to watch television. It would be a good time to have a conversation with her.

I had a sudden concern. What if Jeanne decided to stop at Brady's on her way home from work. When I called she might be in the bar flirting with a new gentleman friend. She might even be in his car sucking his cock. I took a moment to consider that possibility and realized it wasn't a serious concern. If it happened I'd just tell Jeanne to have a good time and call me when she gets home.

As I thought more about that possible situation I actually began to hope it would happen. Talking to Jeanne while she was with another man would be exciting.

I closed my eyes and imagined Jeanne and a man in the back seat of his car. Jeanne's blouse was unbuttoned. Her unfastened brassiere was hanging loose. The man's belt and pants were open. His erect cock was sticking straight up. Jeanne was bent over sucking him. He was fondling her breasts. When her cell phone rang Jeanne sat up, excused herself and answered it. While she talked to me Jeanne continued stroking her playmate's cock and he continued toying with her nipples."

"You certainly seem to be deep in thought."

I turned. Mel was standing next to me. Freshly showered, she was dressed in a baby blue cotton tee shirt, tight western Jeans and open toed sandals.

"I was just thinking about my situation with Jeanne."

"Good thoughts?"

"Actually they were."

"Excellent, you're making progress. Are you ready to go to the store?"

"Yeah, I am."

Mel drove the Jeep. We went to the supermarket we'd passed the previous day. On the way I told Mel about Ruth and David. She was fascinated and eager to discuss their situation while we had cocktails on the veranda that evening.

Jim Michael's Volvo passed us while we were carrying the groceries in from the car. I glanced at my watch. His session with Amy had lasted for just over an hour.

As we were unpacking the groceries in the kitchen I heard the Mercedes pull into the garage. A moment later Amy walked into the house. She was still dressed in her work outfit.

Mel casually asked, "How did it go with Jim Michaels?"

"It was a great session. He cried like a baby while I whipped his back and butt and then I made him beg to kiss my boots and lick my pussy and my ass."

"He loves that. Did you make him jack off on your tits?"

"I did and then like a good little boy he licked up his mess. We both had a wonderful time. When he left he asked if next time he could see both of us together."

"That would be fun."

"I think so too. I told him an hour with both of us would cost him $400.00."

"Was he okay with that?"

"He wants to see us next week. He's going to call and set up a time."

"I'm already looking forward to it." Turning to me, Mel asked,"Michael will you spot for us that day? If you'd rather not we can ask Isabel to do it."

"No, I'd be happy to do it."

Amy winked at me. "Working with a couple of hookers is exciting, isn't it."

Laughing, I said, "Yeah, I have to admit it really is."

Amy went upstairs to take her shower. While she was gone I helped Mel cut up vegetables for the stir fry. Amy returned as we were finishing.

Mel said, "Everything's prepared. The stir frying is all I have left to do. That will only take a few minutes. It's time for cocktails."

Amy opened one of the kitchen cabinets and revealed an impressive supply of liquors. She took out a bottle of brandy and a bottle of sweet vermouth and said, "Mel and I like brandy Manhattans, but as you can see we have the ingredients for just about any cocktail you can imagine. We also have beer and wine."

"A brandy Manhattan would be nice."

Grinning, Mel said, "I told you he was a man of discriminating tastes."

Amy quickly made three Manhattans. As soon as she was finished we each took one of them and walked out to the veranda. The setting sun was already turning the mountains a beautiful shade of pink.

After arranging three chaise lounges so they were facing the mountains Mel motioned for me to sit in the middle. Once we were settled the three of us took a moment to appreciate the view. The reflection of the red sunset on the mountain slopes and clouds contrasted with the blue sky to create a surreal picture that was made even more alluring by the corral of horses and rugged desert landscape below us.

On my left, Mel said, "It really is beautiful, isn't it."

"It's amazing. The colors are spectacular, but there's more. There's also an overwhelming feeling of peace and serenity. It's easy to understand why you live here."

Amy said, "You're right, we both love the tranquility, but there is a down side."

"What is it?"

"At times it can be lonely."

Mel said, "Our profession demands absolute discretion. That severely limits our social interaction with our neighbors. We have to isolate ourselves"

Amy quickly added, "But even if we didn't, we still wouldn't have many friends. People have trouble separating us from our profession. Women view us as a threat and most men see us only as sex objects. It's difficult for women in our profession to make friends. We both miss that. It's nice to be able to have a conversation with someone who actually listens to us and cares about what we have to say."

Sitting up, Mel said, "Someone who's interesting. Someone who isn't bothered by our profession. Maybe it's because of the issues you're currently having with your wife, but yesterday when we started talking in the VIP room I was immediately struck by how open minded you are. You not only didn't judge me, you actually seemed to be interested in getting to know me as a person. Michael, that's really unusual."

Shrugging, I said, "My dad always told me that it's important to judge people by how they act, not how you expect them to act."

Amy said, "You're dad was a wise man."

Mel nodded. "I agree, but this conversation has gotten much too deep. If we're going to be serious let's at least talk about something fun. I think it's time to delve into the dilemma facing your friends Ruth and David."

Amy laughed. "That's my Mel, always eager to talk about anything that involves sex."

In a voice dripping with mock indignation Mel said, "Listen to Miss Penelope Prim. Would you rather talk about the geological history of the Catalina Mountains?"

"You know damn well that I want to talk about Ruth and David too." Amy and Mel were grinning at each other.

Turning to me, Mel said, "Now that we all have our priorities straight I think a quick recap of the events might be in order. Michael if I understand the situation correctly your friends have been fantasizing about the cuckold lifestyle for several months."

Amy said, "They've been watching movies with a porn star who looks like Ruth and pretending that it's her. Now they're thinking about taking it to the next level."

Mel continued. "Before she met David Ruth dated a man who was the classic bad boy. He was the kind of man many women fantasize about. He was great in bed and knew how to party, but Ruth wisely realized that he'd make a lousy husband and father. When she met David she immediately recognized that he was this other man's antithesis. He was shy and reserved and barely adequate in bed; but he was honest, hard working, intelligent and wonderfully reliable. He was the kind of man who would be an outstanding husband and father. A smart woman, Ruth immediately dumped her party boy and married David."

They both looked at me. Amy asked, "Have we got it right so far?"

"I think that's an accurate summary of the situation."

Mel said, "When they began playing around with cuckold fantasy games David started asking Ruth about her old boyfriend. What was his name?"

"Nick Granger."

"That's right."

Amy said, "During the heat of their cuckold fantasy games Ruth told David how skilled Nick had been in bed and how much she'd enjoyed his big cock."

Nodding, Mel said, "When you're excited it's easy to get carried away."

Amy quickly added, "But as it turned out David was aroused by the knowledge that Nick was an exciting lover and this surprised Ruth."

I said, "Yes he was and you're right, it did surprise Ruth."

Mel said, "So now David is encouraging Ruth to get together with her old boyfriend. Ruth would like to do that, but she's worried that the reality might be much harder for David to accept and she doesn't want to do anything that might hurt him."

Amy said, "That's a valid concern. Sometimes fantasies are better left as fantasies. Once Ruth actually parties with Nick it's done. It can't be changed."

Mel looked at me. I was nodding in agreement. She said, "That's exactly what you're worried about, isn't it."

"Ruth and David are my friends."

Reaching over, Amy took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "You're worried that they're going to end up separated like you and Jeanne."

"Yes I am. I don't want that to happen to them."

Mel said, "There are differences in your situations. Ruth and David developed this fantasy together. Jeanne dropped it on you out of the blue."

"That's true."

Amy said, "Sometimes you have to take a risk and act. In Wisconsin we used to say that eventually you have to fish or cut your bait."

"While I agree with that too, we're talking about a radical change. Another man, a man who's better endowed and a more skillful lover than David, will be fucking Ruth. Ruth also has an emotional history with this man."

Mel pointed out, "But she did leave Nick for David. That says a lot."

"It does, but I think it might still be difficult for David."

Amy said, "It's clear that both of them want to try it. Sometimes you have to take a chance. That's really what Jeanne did with you and while it's taking time, it now looks like it's eventually going to work out."

"I agree with everything you just said, even the comparison to what Jeanne did with me." I paused to think.

Amy and Mel both watched me.

After a moment I said, "Jeanne and I both agree that it would have been better if she'd initially taken things a little slower with me. That said, I do agree that eventually a couple interested in trying the cuckold lifestyle have to as you put it, fish or cut bait."

Mel said, "So you agree, Ruth should call Nick Granger."

"Eventually, but not right away. I think there's an interim step they can take. It would serve as a test for both of them."

Amy said, "Are you talking about the plan to go to that pickup bar Jeanne likes?"

"Brady's Saloon."

"Yes, that's the place."

"I'm thinking of a intermediate plan. Something that might not be quite so daring."

"Tell us." Mel's interest was clearly piqued.

"In several of the cuckold stories I've read the husband and wife go to a pick up bar, but they don't come in together and they don't sit together. The husband generally sits at the bar and the wife sits by herself at a table."

Amy said, "Isn't that the plan for Brady's?"

"Be patient. My plan has a big difference."


The men who are in the bar looking for a little fun immediately start hitting on the wife. She picks out a man who appeals to her and they start dancing and flirting while the husband watches from the bar."

"I'll bet you'd enjoy doing that with Jeanne, wouldn't you." Amy was grinning at me.

"Yeah, I have to admit that I would."

Trying to keep us on track, Mel prodded me. "Go on, tell us the rest of your plan?"

"The wife generally tells her suitor that her husband is at a late meeting. While he's out she has an opportunity to have a little fun and she wants to take advantage of it. The man is of course overjoyed to hear that and aggressively starts trying to seduce the wife. They flirt and dance. Eventually they move to a dark corner of the bar and do a little kissing and touching."

Amy said, "So far it still sounds like Jeanne and Ruth's plan."

"You're right, so far it is, but here's where it differs. The husband is watching all of this from the bar. When things start to heat up he takes out his cell phone, calls his wife and tells her his meeting ended early and he's on his way home. After quickly explaining the situation to her suitor the wife hurries out of the bar in a pretend effort to get home before her husband."

Mel smiled. "And the excited husband waits for a moment and then he follows his wife out of the bar. They meet at the car and go home for some hot sex. I love this plan. Michael, you're absolutely right. A little flirting, some cheek to cheek dancing ending with a hot make out session in a back booth would be the perfect way to introduce the reality of the cuckold hot wife lifestyle to David."

Nodding, Amy said, "But we're both hoping that David wants to make a second visit to the bar and when that happens a trip to the parking lot will definitely be in order for Ruth."

Mel looked at me. "Michael, when you finally get home you should do that with Jeanne. It would be a gentle way to ease in to actually watching her with other men."

"I think you're right."

Amy said, "I wish there was a bar like that in Tucson. The three of us could go there. You could watch Mel and me hook up with a couple guys. Wouldn't that appeal to your voyeurism?."

"It would, but you know what would be just as much fun for me and it can really happen?"

Amy asked, "What?"

"Going to the club with you and sitting at the bar watching while you dance on the stage and give other men lap dances."

Grinning, Mel said, "That would be fun."

Amy nodded. "I agree and and you're right, that really can happen."

Mel said, "It can and when you go to the club with us you'll be part of the family. You'll be treated very well. Would you like to go tomorrow?"

"I would love to go tomorrow."

Mel said, "Then that's the plan. Now, back to Ruth and David. You're idea is a good one. Are you going to email Ruth?"

"I think I should discuss it with Jeanne first. I need to call her anyway. I haven't talked to her since I dropped her off at the San Francisco Airport."

Amy asked, "Are you going to tell her about us?"

"I can't think of any reason I shouldn't."

Mel smiled. "This should be an interesting conversation. When are you going to call her?"

"Right after we have dinner. She'll be finished with her own dinner and sitting down to watch television. It will be a good time to call."

Amy stood up. "Mel, it's time to start dinner. Let's bring our drinks into the kitchen."

Mel stood up. "Amy, that's an excellent idea."

I picked up my cocktail. As I followed my two new friends into the kitchen I once again wondered how Jeanne would react when I told her where I was staying and who I was staying with.

Mel was an excellent cook. Her chicken stir fry was outstanding. After dinner Amy and I cleaned the kitchen while Mel supervised from her seat at the table.

Once the kitchen was clean Amy turned to me and said, "Are you ready to call Jeanne?"

"I am."

Concerned that this might be a difficult conversation, Mel said, "If you'd like some privacy you can go upstairs to the bedroom."

"What are the two of you going to do?"

Amy said, "After dinner we generally watch television."

"In the living room?"


"If it's alright with you I'll sit on the couch in front of the fireplace. If I feel like I need some privacy I'll move into the kitchen."

Mel said, "Would you like to use our land line?"

"Thank you, I appreciate the offer. My cell phone will be fine."

Turning to Mel, Amy said, "Let's go see what's on television."

As they left the kitchen Mel said, "Let's watch something funny."

Amy answered, "That's fine with me. I'll watch anything as long as it's not a stupid reality show."

I went upstairs to the guest room and found my cell phone. When I returned to the living room Amy and Mel were sitting on the couch in front of the television watching a rerun of "The Big Bang Theory".

I sat down on the couch in front of the fireplace and called Jeanne's cell phone.

Jeanne answered after the third ring. "Hello."

"Hi Jeanne."

"Michael, I'm so glad you called. I already miss you. Are you in Tucson?"

"Yes, I got here yesterday afternoon. How's work? Were the lawyers upset because you took Friday off?"

"They weren't happy, but they'll get over it. How was the drive to Tucson?"

"It was all right. The shortest route takes you through Pasadena."

"That's Los Angeles, the traffic must have been awful."

"I think it could have been worse."

"Where are you staying in Tucson? Michael I hope you got a decent motel room. You have money. Why don't you check into one of the golf resorts there. They're supposed to be very nice."

"Jeanne, I'm not staying at a motel."

"Where are you staying?"

"I'm staying with two friends."

"Friends? Do we know people in Tucson?"

"I just met them yesterday."

"You just met them yesterday and now you're staying with them? Michael who are these friends? Are they guys you met on a golf course?"

"They're not guys. I'm staying with two women."

There was a moment of silence and then Jeanne said, "Two women?"


"Who are these women? Where did you meet them? Why are you staying with them?"

"Their names are Melody Adams and Amy Cooper. I met them in a strip club. I'm staying with them because they invited me to stay with them. I'm enjoying their company."

"A strip club? What were you doing in a strip club?"

"Jeanne after everything that's happened during the past three months do you really think you have the right to ask me why I was in a strip club?"

There was a moment of silence and then Jeanne answered in a quiet voice, "No, of course not. I'm sorry."

I waited. Several seconds passed. Finally Jeanne asked, "Michael what were they doing in a strip club?"

"They work there. They're dancers."

"You're telling me they're strippers?"

"They prefer to be called dancers; but yes, they take off their clothes while they're dancing."

"You're telling me that you're staying with two strippers."

"Again, they prefer to be called dancers, but yes I'm staying with two women who dance naked in a bar."

"Why? I mean how?"

"Yesterday I stopped into the club where they work. We started talking and hit it off. When their shift ended they invited me to join them for dinner. They took me to a wonderful barbeque restaurant. You'd enjoy it."

"Don't try to change the subject."


"You're telling me that yesterday you met two strippers in a bar. They invited you to dinner and now you're staying with them."

"That's right."

"Michael are these women prostitutes?"

"Actually they are, but they prefer to call themselves working girls."

"Working girls, schmirking girls, Michael, you're staying with two whores. How much are you paying them? I don't believe this. I never imagined that you'd sink to this level."

There was a pause. I didn't say anything.

After a moment Jeanne said, "Michael you're making this up, aren't you. Why would you do that? I thought we had a wonderful weekend in San Francisco. Apparently I was wrong. You're still angry that I'm dating other men. Michael, I have to tell you that this little charade is pathetic. I thought you were a bigger man than that."

"Jeanne, I'm not making this up. Everything I've told you is the truth and I'm not paying Amy and Mel. I'm staying with them because the three of us like each other."

"Michael, if you're not paying them why would two hookers possibly be interested in you?"

"Jeanne, be careful; you're now saying things you might later regret."

Jeanne was silent. I waited. Finally she said, "Okay, I'll play your little game. Let me talk to your new friends."


I stood up and walked across the living room to the couch where Amy and Mel were sitting. They were both watching me. Their expressions made it clear that they'd been listening to my end of the conversation.

I pressed the speaker button on my cell phone and handed it to Amy. "Jeanne would like to talk to you."

Amy nodded and said into the phone. "Hello Jeanne, I'm Amy Cooper. It's nice to talk to you."

Mel said, "I'm Melody Adams. Jeanne, I want to tell you that I think you might be the luckiest woman in the entire world. Your husband is a wonderful man."

"Michael, are you still there?"

"Yes Jeanne, I'm here."

"Okay, you hired two whores to make me jealous. It's a pathetic stunt. I didn't think you were capable of doing something like this."

"Jeanne, Mel and Amy are my friends. You can call them working girls, prostitutes, you can even call them hookers, but please understand me, do not ever again call them whores."

"Michael why are you persisting with this charade? Why are you trying to hurt me?"

"Jeanne, how am I hurting you? I've made two friends. Yes, we are having sex; but no, I'm not paying them for the sex. We simply enjoy each others company. How is that any different than what you're doing with Trent Peters?"

"Damn it Michael! Why are you throwing that in my face. Last weekend you told me you were comfortable with my having a boyfriend. Now you're pulling this nonsense. Why?"

"Jeanne, I'm not pulling any nonsense. I'm just doing exactly what you're doing."

"Okay Michael, if that's the way you want to play it, then that's what we'll do. Have fun with your floozies, but don't expect me to be standing there waiting to hug you after they're finished with you." Laughing derisively, Jeanne added, "I guarantee you that will happen the moment they think they've soaked you for every dime they can get from you."

"Jeanne, I'm sorry you feel that way. I hope that someday you're able to see the hypocrisy of the position you're taking right now."

Jeanne screamed, "Michael, go to hell." And then she ended the call.

I set my cell phone down and sat in one of the chairs next to the couch in front of the television.

Both Amy and Mel were watching me. No one said anything. They'd muted the sound on the television, but the picture was still playing.

Finally Mel said, "That didn't go well."

I shrugged.

Amy said, "Michael please understand that all of this has to be tearing Jeanne up inside."

"What do you mean? She initiated this. She's getting what she wanted. She's dating other men."

Nodding, Mel said, "That's true, but at a heavy cost. Michael, you really are a wonderful man. You're the perfect husband and it's obvious that Jeanne knows that. She wanted to add some sexual adventure to her life and she made a decision to try to do that. Now she's afraid that the cost of that decision might be the end of her relationship with you."

Looking at me, Amy said, "You left her Michael. We're not saying that you didn't have just cause to do that. Jeanne did a lousy job of introducing this new life style to you."

"She knows that. We spent a lot of time talking about it in San Francisco."

Amy continued. "Michael, Jeanne's terrified that while you're separated you'll meet a woman who's prettier, smarter and has more education than she does. She'll probably be younger too. As soon as she gets to know you she'll realize just how good a man you really are and she'll also recognize that your wife is neglecting you. She'll see that you're vulnerable. She'll pursue you and because you're vulnerable you'll succumb to her advances and then you'll be lost to Jeanne forever."

"That won't happen."

"How can you be sure?"

"Because I love Jeanne. The thought of life without her is untenable. Besides, I'm the one who's afraid."


"I'm terrified that Jeanne's going to fall in love with Trent Peters or someone like him."

Mel said, "Michael, Jeanne flew to San Francisco last weekend for one reason and only one reason. She was desperate to make sure you knew just how much she loves you."

"Yeah well Trent Peters is the one who's fucking her."

Amy stared at me. "Are you telling us that you and Jeanne didn't have sex last weekend?"

Shaking my head, I said, "No, you know very well that we had sex the entire weekend."

"Didn't you tell us that one night after dinner she gave you a blow job in the parking lot of that golf course you played?" Mel was staring at me too.

Slowly nodding, I said, "Yes."

Mel pressed. "Why do you think she did that Michael?"

"She wanted to make sure that she wasn't doing anything for another man that she hadn't already done for me."

"And why would she care about that?" Mel was like a prosecuting attorney breaking down a witness at a murder trial.

Smiling, I said, "Because she loves me."

Nodding triumphantly, Mel said, "Damn right she does."

Grinning, Amy said, "One of the many things I love about Mel is that she doesn't tolerate foolishness."

After taking a moment to consider everything Mel and Amy had just told me, I said, "Okay, Jeanne loves me and she's terrified that she's going to lose me. How am I supposed to respond to that? Should I immediately move into a motel and end all contact with the two of you? In the future do I try to avoid women and lead a celibate life while Jeanne continues to date as many men as she pleases?"

Amy said, "Of course not."

Mel said, "Since you left a lot has happened. In San Francisco Jeanne told you that she's now willing to give up her new life and go back to the old life."

Amy asked, "Wouldn’t that be a reasonable solution for you?"

"It would work for me, but I don't think it would work for Jeanne. If you'd seen her in San Francisco you'd understand. Jeanne loves being a slut. By the way, that's her term not mine. She's enjoying the notoriety that comes with that title and she's doing everything she can to cultivate that image. She's dressing provocatively, wearing lots of makeup and from what she tells me I think she's become an unabashed flirt."

"Being naughty is fun." Mel was grinning.

"It certainly is." Amy was grinning too.

I chuckled. "Jeanne is definitely enjoying it and that's the problem. If I asked her to do it I'm certain she would try to go back to our old life. She might even be able to do it, but she wouldn't be happy. I believe that eventually she'd end up resenting me because I made her give up a lifestyle she clearly enjoys. I fear that would be the beginning of the end of our marriage. Her resentment would turn into hostility. I think it's likely that she'd start cheating on me. Even if she didn't I'd be constantly afraid that she was. That would destroy our trust in each other. I don't believe a marriage can survive without trust."

Nodding, Mel said, "Trust, that's what all of this comes down to, isn't it. You have to trust that Jeanne loves you and won't fall in love with one of her boyfriends and Jeanne has to trust that you love her and won't leave her for another woman."

"I guess that is the real answer. Jeanne and I have to decide to trust each other without reservation." Sighing, I said, "I wish I could call her and talk about this, but I'm afraid that right now she's probably still too angry to discuss anything with me."

And then my cell phone rang.

Amy said, "Maybe she's not."

I picked my phone and answered it. "Hello."

"Michael." It was Jeanne. Her voice was a barely audible whisper.

"Hi Jeanne, I'm glad you called."

"Michael, I'm sorry I got angry and swore at you."

"It's okay, Amy and Mel have been talking to me. They're helping me understand how worried you are that I'll meet another woman."

"I am worried Michael. I'm terrified that you'll find someone else and never come home."

"Jeanne that won't happen. I love you. I promise I'll come home. I'm afraid too Jeanne. I'm afraid that you'll fall in love with one of the men you're dating or even worse you'll decide that you like being single and you'll shut me out of your life."

"I won't Michael, I promise. I love you. I love only you. I'll never love anyone else as much as I love you. I need you too. You're the most important person in my life. I could never shut you out of it."

"You know what that means, don't you?"


"We have to trust each other. I have to believe that you love me and need me and you have to believe that I love you and won't leave you for another woman. Sometimes that's going to be difficult. When it becomes difficult we have to talk to each other. When we talk to each other we have to trust each other. We have to believe each other."

Jeanne was silent. After a moment she said, "I think you just told me your two new friends were trying to help you understand how I felt. Did I understand that correctly?"

"Yes, in fact they're trying to help me adjust to your new life style."

"So what you told me is true. They are new friends. You're not paying them."

"No I'm not."

"And they really are...what was the term you used?"

"Working girls, yes they really are."

"Are they with you now?"

"Yes, we're sitting together in their living room."

"They live together?"

"They're a couple. In fact they're thinking about getting married."

"They're lesbians?"

"Yes, they're lesbians."

"But they're having sex with you."

"Actually they're bisexual."

"Micheal would you switch us to speaker phone."

"Of course." I switched my cell phone to the speaker. "Jeanne they can hear you now."

Jeanne said, "I understand you've become friends with my husband."

Amy said, "That's right, we enjoy his company."

"We got off to a bad start before. I was wondering if we could try again. I'm Jeanne Nolan."

"I'm Amy Cooper."

"I'm Melody Adams."

"Melody, Amy, it's nice to meet you."

Mel said, "It's nice to meet you too Jeanne. Michael has told us so much about you. It's obvious that he loves you very much."

Jeanne said, "I hope he does because for the past several months I've been putting his love to a severe test."

Amy said, "We know, he's told us a lot about what's happened."

Mel said, "Jeanne, right now were talking on Michael's cell phone. Would it be all right if we hung up and called you back on our land line?"

Jeanne said, "That would make it easier to talk, wouldn't it."

Mel answered, "Yes it would."

Turning to me, Amy asked, "Michael do you have a recent picture of Jeanne?"

"I have several. They're upstairs in my bag."

"After we hang up would you use your phone to take pictures of Mel and me and text them to Jeanne?"

"Of course."

"And then would you get the pictures of Jeanne so Mel and I can see what she looks like?"

Mel said, "You do understand that if any of us had bothered to learn how to Skype we wouldn't have to do this."

Amy answered, "I know, but before you get too critical I'd like to point out that if it was up to you we'd still be keeping our books with an abacus."

Mel stuck out her tongue.

Laughing, Jeanne said, "Michael are they always like this?"

"Pretty much."

"I can already see why you enjoy them so much." And then Jeanne added, "Amy, Mel please promise me that you won't steal my husband from me."

Amy said, "Jeanne if we thought we could do that both of us would try. Your husband is a prince, but he's a prince who's totally devoted to you. There isn't any way we could steal him from you."

"Thank you Amy, I can't begin to tell you how much hearing you say that means to me. Amy when you call me back call me on our land line. Michael always calls me on my cell phone. He has the number for our land line."

"We'll do that Jeanne."

We ended the call.

I took portrait shots of both Mel and Amy. While I texted the pictures to Jeanne Amy got the hand set for their land line. I gave them our home telephone number and then I ran upstairs and got the three large pictures of Jeanne that I carried in my bag. By the time I returned to the living room Mel, Amy and Jeanne were already conversing.

Jeanne was saying, "I just received your pictures. You're both beautiful. It's easy to understand why men are willing to pay to be with you."

I showed Jeanne's pictures to Amy and Mel. Amy said, "Jeanne you're a very attractive woman. You have beautiful eyes."

Mel said, "We can see why Michael is so madly in love with you."

"Thank you and I also thank you for letting me know that my husband still loves me."

For the next two hours I listened to a three way gab session. Mel and Amy told Jeanne about working as call girls in Las Vegas and Tucson. Jeanne told them about our two daughters and our life together prior the big change.

I paid close attention while they discussed my sexual strengths and grimaced when they talked about my weaknesses. Jeanne was particularly pleased when Amy and Mel told her they were teaching me how to orally pleasure a woman.

Amy and Mel asked Jeanne about Trent Peters. After she told them about him they advised her to "go for it" and added that they would make sure I was okay with that.

They talked about Ruth and David and laid out my plan. Jeanne thought it was an outstanding idea and promised to call Ruth in the morning.

Mel and Amy tried to persuade Jeanne to come to Tucson. They even told her she could have some dates in the cottage at two hundred dollars an hour. While Jeanne was tempted, she had to decline their offer. She'd already pushed her bosses too hard. She'd just taken time for San Francisco and was taking time for Christmas in San Antonio too. She didn't dare ask for any more time off.

When the three women were finally talked out Jeanne asked to speak to me privately. Mel switched off the speaker, handed the telephone to me and then she and Amy thoughtfully left the living room.

Jeanne said, "I can see why you like them Michael. They're nice women, I like them too."

"I'm glad Jeanne. They really are trying to help me adapt to your new lifestyle."

"I know that. You were lucky to meet them."

"Yes I was."

"Michael I really am sorry about how I reacted when you first told me about them."

"I think I could have been a little more sensitive when I told you about them." I paused for a moment and then I added, "Even though you've told me a number of times that you didn't mean it, I think I still feel hurt by what you said to me the night you announced to me that you had a date with Derek Fischer."

"You mean when I told you that no woman would want you because you're losing your hair and have a pot belly."


"I can't begin to tell you how much I regret saying those words to you. You do know I didn't mean them."

"Yes, but they're still hard to forget."

"Michael I'm so sorry I said them." Jeanne was silent. After a moment she whispered, "I almost said something similar tonight, didn't I."


Sighing, Jeanne said, "Michael do you understand why I say stupid things like that?"

"I think so. You're afraid I'll meet another woman and leave you."

"At times I get so scared that I start to cry. Michael I love being a slut, but I'm terrified it's going to cost me the only man I'll ever love."

"Jeanne if you promise to keep loving me I'll promise to keep loving you."

"Michael I do promise. I'll always love you. I'll never leave you for another man."

"I'll always love you too Jeanne and I'll never leave you for another woman."

"Thank you Michael."

"Jeanne I want to tell you a secret."

"What is it Michael?"

"I'm discovering that I like being married to a slut. It's difficult to admit it, but I get excited when I think about you with other men."

"Baby I so badly want that to be true."

"It is true Jeanne, it really is. When I get home I'd like to go to Brady's saloon with you and watch while you get together with a man."

"Are you sure? You'll see me flirt with him and then you'll see us dance together and while were dancing you'll see him touching me. You'll see him touching me in ways that only you should touch me."

"But you won't stop him, will you?"

"No I won't. I'll want him to touch me."

"Because you're a slut."

"Yes because I'm a slut."

"And I won't stop you because I'll be excited. I enjoy seeing you with other men."

"After I come back from the parking lot, after I've sucked his cock and let him cum on my tits will you take me home and make love to me?"

"That would be wonderful."

"Oh my god! I only heard your half of that conversation, but it was incredible." It was Mel. I turned. She and Amy were standing in the doorway from the dining room. They were grinning at me.

Amy said, "I'm sorry Michael, we didn't mean to eavesdrop."

"Nonsense, we both meant to eavesdrop and I'm glad we did. That was hot. My pussy is dripping." Mel stormed into the living room. "Michael turn on that damn speaker."

Giggling at the exuberance of her friend, Amy followed Mel into the living room.

I switched on the speaker.

Jeanne said, "Hi Mel."

Mel said, "Jeanne honey, you gotta promise to have phone sex with us every night."

"Not every night." Amy was shaking her head.

Staring at Amy in dismay, Mel asked, "Why not?"

"She has to spend some nights with Trent Peters."

"Oh yeah, that's good because then she can tell us about how much she's enjoying his big cock." Mel turned to me. "You'd like that, wouldn't you cuckboy?"

"Mel!" Jeanne’s voice screamed out of the telephone speaker.

Amy said, "Jeanne, it's okay. Michael has to get used to this. It's what he wants."

Jeanne said, "Michael is that right? Do you want to be my cuckold?"

Suddenly flustered, I stammered; "I ah...I don't...I mean..."

Amy came to my rescue. "Jeanne we're trying to desensitize him. Michael is definitely not one of those submissive cuckolds in the stories on the Internet web sites."

Mel laughed. "That's for sure. Your baby will never be wearing panties."

Shaking my head, I muttered, "Thank you."

Ignoring me, Amy said, "But he does enjoy fantasies about you and other men. Those fantasies make him feel guilty, so we're trying to push his limits."

"Are you okay with that Michael?"

"Yes I am. They're telling me that in our own way we're all perverts. I need to hear that."

Mel said, "Every one of us is a pervert and the biggest perverts of all are the sanctimonious prudes who make love once a month in the missionary position with the lights off. Sex is fun. Why would any sane person want to put limits on how they enjoy it? It's healthy to experiment"

Jeanne said, "I used to be one of those prudes, but I've seen the light. Mel, I have to tell you that I like the way you think."

Mel said, "Damn right baby."

Amy rolled her eyes. "Don't get her started."

Jeanne laughed. Mel winked at me. I was still shaking my head.

After a moment Jeanne said, "It's almost eleven o'clock here. I'm having a wonderful time, but I have to go to bed."

Amy said, "We understand. We have to work tomorrow too, but we don't have to be at the club until noon. It's also an hour earlier here."

Mel said, "Don't forget your assignments for tomorrow. We'll be expecting a full report tomorrow night."

Giggling, Jeanne said, "My assignments?"

"Damn right baby, you have assignments."

Amy and I smiled at each other. Mel was on a roll.

Ignoring us, Mel continued. "First thing in the morning you have to call Ruth and outline our plan."

Jeanne said, "I will definitely do that."

"After you call Ruth you have to call Trent Peters and set up a date."

"Michael is it okay for me to do that?" The concern in Jeanne's voice was evident.

I answered, "Will you promise to call us after the date and tell us about everything that happened?"

"Is that what you want?"

Before I could answer Mel said, "Damn right it's what he wants and while your telling us about the date Amy and I will be sitting on either side of him on the couch and we'll both be playing with his pecker."

Jeanne laughed. "That will definitely enhance the story."

Grinning. Mel said, "That's the idea honey."

"I'll call you tomorrow night." Jeanne paused for a moment and then she said, "Mel, Amy I'm sorry I doubted you at first. Now that I've gotten to know you I'm very happy that you've become friends with my husband."

Amy said, "We understand Jeanne. We're glad we became friends with him too and now we're also going to be friends with you. That makes us even happier."

"Me too. Can I ask a favor?"

Mel said, "Of course you can."

"Before he goes to sleep tonight would you suck Michael's cock for me and while you're doing it will you please tell him that I love him."

Smiling, Amy said, "We'd love to do that."

"Thank you, goodnight Amy and Mel. Goodnight Michael. Michael I love you, please never forget that."

"I love you too Jeanne, goodnight."

It was just after ten o'clock. Amy and Mel had entertained four men that day. They were tired. They also had to work at the club the next day. The three of us went upstairs and took a shower together.

After the shower we got into bed. I told them that it would be fine if we just went to sleep, but Amy and Mel were both insistent. They'd promised Jeanne. They wanted to keep their promise so they took turns sucking my cock and whispering in my ear.

They told me how much Jeanne loved me, but they also whispered questions about Jeanne and Trent Peters. Would Jeanne suck his cock like they were sucking mine? Would she lick his balls and his ass. Would she let him cum in her mouth. They told me to close my eyes and picture Jeanne sucking Trent's cock. They asked me to think about how much Trent would enjoy Jeanne's blow job and then they told me to picture him pushing her to the mattress and mounting her. While Mel sucked my cock Amy told me to imagine Trent slowly pushing his huge erection into my wife's cunt. That pushed me over the top. The damn burst. I came.

Mel continued sucking me while I ejaculated. Jeanne had done the same thing in San Francisco. It really is an amazing way to orgasm. When I was finished ejaculating Mel, Amy and I shared my cum. Jeanne had also done that in San Francisco. My sexual inhibitions were slowly being razed.

With traces of my semen still glistening on our lips, the three of us cuddled up together. I pulled the covers over us and we quickly drifted into a sound sleep.

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