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Awakenings Ch. 14

Jeanne calls to tell them about the trip to Brady's and Michael has a nightmare
The next morning was Wednesday. Thanksgiving was the following week.

Amy, Mel and I slept late. When we finally did get up we had just enough time for a quick breakfast before we had to leave for Danny's Lounge.

I'd been to Danny's lounge on Monday, but that day I was a customer. Now I was a close friend of Chantel and Simone. I was treated like a member of the family. I sat at the bar nursing a Diet Coke and got to know everyone. I quickly became friends with the bartender, Janet; the two waitresses, Marie and Connie; Marcus, the burly black bouncer and Ed, the manager. I didn't see Danny. Apparently he was an absentee owner.

In addition to Mel and Amy there were five other dancers working that afternoon. They were all younger then my daughters and all of them spent some time on the bar stools on either side of mine getting to know me. It was a pleasant afternoon.

Just before Amy and Mel ended their shift at five, two of the young dancers; Candy, the blond I'd met on Monday and Raylene, a busty brunette with a New Jersey accent, sat down on the bar stools on either side of me.

Candy said, "We see that you're now handling Chantel and Simone. You seem like a nice guy. We were wondering if you might be willing to take us on too. We're both just getting started and we could use some guidance."

I noticed Mel and Amy watching from the other side of the bar. I raised my eyebrows. Realizing that I was unsettled by this overture, they both hurried over to us.

As soon as they reached us, Amy said, "Girls, Michael is just a good friend. He's not in the business."

Candy stared at me. After a moment she asked, "You're not?" She was clearly disappointed."

I shook my head.

Mel said, "No honey, he's not. He's just a friend and a very nice guy."

Obviously embarrassed, Candy said, "I didn't understand. I'm sorry I bothered you."

Smiling, I said, "You didn't bother me. I suspect that I'm going to be in here quite a lot during the next month. I'll always enjoy talking to you."

Grinning, Candy said, "You are a nice man."

Amy said, "He is and he also knows a lot about managing money. I know that both of you are doing well here. I'm quite certain that Michael would be willing to help both of you organize your finances."

Looking at me with her large brown eyes, Raylene asked, "Would you really be willing to help us do that?"

Nodding, I said, "I'd be glad to do that"

By the end of the week I was the business manager and investment counselor for both Candy and Raylene. Several other dancers had asked for my help too. I didn't say no. I couldn't say no. I didn't want to say no. It was going to cut into my golf, but that was okay, you can only play so much golf.

That night Jeanne called. She'd talked to Ruth that morning. The next day, after work, David and Ruth were planning to join Jeanne at Brady's Saloon. Jeanne also told us that she'd talked to Trent Peters. He was coming over to the house Saturday afternoon. Jeanne was noticeably excited.

After we talked to Jeanne Mel, Amy and I showered together, went to bed and made love in a daisy chain. My face was buried in Mel's cunt. Mel's face was buried in Amy's cunt and Amy was sucking my cock.

When I came I assumed we were finished, but that wasn't their plan. I was quickly informed that I was expected to continue licking Mel. Mel of course continued pleasuring Amy while Amy kept sucking and fondling my flaccid penis.

I was surprised to discover that it wasn't long before I was hard again. Mel and Amy weren't just breaking down my inhibitions, they were also teaching me to be a better lover.

The next day I played golf while Mel and Amy took turns entertaining gentlemen in the cottage. I learned that on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays they almost always had a full schedule. Their dates were generally booked at least a week in advance.

Thursday evening Jeanne called. It was almost 8:30. We were sitting on the couch in front of the television. I'd connected my lap top computer. We were watching a porn movie staring Brianna Beach.

Realizing how much fun David and I were having watching porn movies featuring women who resembled our wives; Mel and Amy began combing Internet porn star sites looking for women who looked like them. They found Jada Fire and Brianna Beach and immediately purchased and downloaded several movies featuring those stars.

Amy answered the telephone. After a moment she said, "Hi Jeanne." And then she switched the phone to speaker.

Mel and I both said, "Hi Jeanne."

Jeanne said, "Hi everyone, I just got home from Brady's Saloon."

I asked, "Did Ruth and David meet you there?"

"They did, but I didn't actually talk to David. He spent the entire time at the bar pretending not to know either of us."

Mel said, "That was the plan."

"It was and he followed it perfectly."

Amy asked, "Did you hook up with a couple of guys?"

"Yes, Bill and Tony, they were together. They're new car salesmen at the Honda dealership on 4th Avenue. Bill hooked up with me and Tony hooked up with Ruth."

Mel asked, "Were they hot?"

"Very, they were in their early thirties. Both of them were tall and fit with broad shoulders, muscular chests and narrow waists."

Licking her lips while she stared at me, Amy said, "They sound positively yummy."

Reaching over, Mel unzipped my pants and took out my cock. I was already hard.

"They were yummy, both of them." Jeanne paused. After a moment she asked in a concerned tone of voice, "Michael is it okay for me to say things like that?"

Before I could answer Amy said, "Don't worry Jeanne. Mel has Michael's cock out. He's already hard."

"Amy if you don't mind I'd like to hear it from Michael. Since all of this started I've hurt him too many times. I don't want to inadvertently do it again."

Amy said, "That's all right. I understand." She and Mel both looked at me.

"It's okay Jeanne. If we're going to do this you have to be able to be honest and open with me."

"But I don't want to hurt you, I don't even want to make you feel bad."

"Jeanne remember what we talked about in San Francisco. I'm a voyeur. I get excited when I hear about your dates."

"Yes we did talk about that in San Francisco. It's just that it's difficult for me to believe you when you tell me that." Jeanne quickly added, "Please don't misunderstand what I'm saying. That's not a judgment."

"Sometimes I worry that admitting that to you will make you lose your respect for me."

"No Michael, never. I respect you because you're a man. I can trust you and rely on you. You've always taken care of the girls and me. Even when you went away you took care of the girls and me before you left. Michael Nolan, I will always respect you." Jeanne paused for a moment and then she quietly added, "Sometimes I worry that you're going to lose your respect for me. I'm traipsing around dressed and made up like a total slut, fucking anything with a cock.

"Don't worry Jeanne, I'm not going to lose my respect for you either. Yes, you've adopted a rather flamboyant persona, but in fact you're still the bright, caring woman that I fell in love with twenty-seven years ago. I love you today every bit as much as I've ever loved you. In fact I think I'm beginning to love you even more than I did before all of this started. I'm discovering that a flamboyant slut might actually be the perfect wife for an old voyeur like me."

"Michael, I hope so; I really do. We can have so much fun together."

"I think so too Jeanne, but now let's get back to your original question."

"My original question?"

"Yes, does it bother me when you tell me that you're playing with hot guys."

"Does it?"

"Sometimes maybe a little, but I need to get over that. Jeanne, if we're going to do this I want to really do it. I want you to enjoy your life as a slut. That means you should be playing with handsome men who are well endowed, skilled sex partners. Baby I love you, I want you to enjoy the best. Just make one promise to me."

"Of course, what is it?"

"Promise me that I'll always be your number one man."

"You will Michael. That's an easy promise."

"And I trust you Jeanne, so I'm going to try very hard to learn not to worry."

"Thank you Michael." Jeanne giggled.

I asked. "What is it?"

"That's the first time you ever called me baby. I like it. I hope you start calling me that all the time because I am your baby Michael. I always will be."

"Okay baby, now how about telling us more about your evening with Ruth and David at Brady's Saloon."

Mel said, "Yes, let's get back to the story."

Amy said, "I agree. We want to hear every seamy detail."

"Okay, I'll tell you every seamy detail. Jeanne paused to think. After a moment she said, "I always have fun at Brady's, but I have to admit that sitting at a table with Ruth flirting with two good looking men while David watched from the bar made it even more exciting. Michael when you get home I really would like to do that with you."

"I'd like to do that too Jeanne."

"Doing it with you would be so much fun."

Mel said, "We're getting side tracked again. Let's get back to the story. The anticipation is killing me. My pussy is so wet that I may have to run upstairs and change my panties."

Amy and I smiled.

Giggling, Jeanne continued. "Okay I was sitting with this guy named Bill and Ruth was with this guy named Tony. They were car salesmen and they were both handsome. As soon as they sat down at our table they bought a second round of drinks for us and then we started flirting. At first Ruth was a little nervous. I'm sure she was concerned about how David was reacting to what she was doing. She quickly finished her first margarita and when the waitress brought our second drinks she immediately started on that one. That helped. She began to relax. As she relaxed she started to enjoy talking to the guys. Once she got into it, it became obvious that she was pretty good at flirting."

I said, "Ruth told us that before she was married she liked to play around."

Jeanne said, "She was definitely experienced. Anyway, we flirted with the guys for a little while and then they asked us to dance. Of course we said yes. Bill and Tony led us over to the small dance floor. They took us in their arms and we started dancing."

Mel asked, "Was it a slow song?"

"Mel, Brady's is a meat market for the married but playing set. They only play slow romantic ballads."

Grinning, Mel said, "Amy we have got to go to this place."

Chuckling, I said, "It's a long drive."

Ignoring my comment, Jeanne said, "Michael knows the way and you're always welcome to stay with us."

I said, "Some day Jeanne, but not yet."

"I know." The disappointment in Jeanne's voice was evident."

"Okay, you and Ruth were dancing with the guys. What happened next?" Amy was trying to keep us focused.

"By the time the first song ended Bill had both of his arms wrapped around my waist and I had my arms wrapped around his shoulders. We were grinding against each other in time to the music. I could feel Bill's erection pressing into my stomach. I was so turned on that I was afraid I might have an orgasm on the dance floor."

Mel asked. "Were Tony and Ruth dancing close together too?"

"Oh yeah, Tony actually had his hands on Ruth's rear."

"Was David watching?" Amy was clearly getting excited.

"He was trying to be discreet, but he couldn't take his eyes off of Tony and Ruth."

Mel asked, "Did he seem upset?"

"Not at all, he was grinning like a little kid in a candy store."

Squeezing my erect penis, Mel said, "This is so hot."

Amy said, "So what happened next?"

"When the song ended Bill asked me if I wanted to sit in one of the back booths with him. Naturally, I said yes. As Bill took my hand to lead me to a booth I noticed that Tony was doing the same thing with Ruth."

"This just keeps getting better and better." Amy was smiling.

"The back booths at Brady's are horse shoe shaped. They have high backs and the tables are covered with table cloths so the booths actually provide a little bit of privacy."

Mel winked at me. "They're perfect for a little hanky panky."

"You can still see the booths from the bar so they don't allow too much hanky panky. If a couple starts going at it hot and heavy the waitress will come over and tell them to cool it. That doesn't mean you can't have a little fun, but you have to be discreet. The waitresses will ignore a little kissing and fondling and the table cloths provide good cover so anything below the waist is fine. It just can't get out of hand."

Amy said, "You can unzip a guys pants and take out his cock without anyone seeing it, but you can't actually go down on him."

"No, if I tried to do that the waitresses would definitely intervene."

Mel said, "But a guy can fondle you under the table."

"When I go to Brady's I always wear a skirt."

"Amy we have to go to this place." Mel turned to me. "Michael when we go to Brady's will you sit in a booth with me? You can play with my pussy while I Jack you off."

Bowing politely, I said, "Mel it would be an honor."

Giggling, Amy said, "We're both going to sit in the booth with you. You'll have one of us on each side of you. We'll both be jacking you off. You'll be the envy of every guy in the bar."

Laughing, I said, "I like this plan."

"You two are spoiling my husband." Jeanne was laughing too.

Amy said, "Do you mind?

"No not at all. In fact, other than having him at home, I can't think of anything that would make me happier."

Mel said, "Don't worry Jeanne. While Michael is with us we will definitely be spoiling him."

"Thank you."

Once again trying to get us back on track, Amy said, "Okay you and Ruth are both playing patty cake in a booth with a guy you just met. What happened next?"

"I heard Ruth's cell phone ringing."

I said, "David was calling her."

"That's right. He was following the plan. Tony and Ruth were in the next booth. We could hear everything they said. Ruth answered her phone, listened for a moment and then she said, 'I'm shopping at the mall. I'll come straight home. We can still have dinner together.' She ended the call and explained to Tony that it was her husband. She told him that she was sorry but she had to get home right away. Tony was a gentleman. He told her that if his wife had called he'd have to hurry home too; but then he did ask her if he could see her again."

Mel asked, "What did Ruth tell him?"

"She told him that she'd enjoy that, but she was never sure about when she could get out. Her husband often worked late, but it was rarely on a schedule."

Amy said, "That was smart."

"Tony gave Ruth his cell phone number and suggested that she call him the next time her husband has to work late. That way he could meet her at Brady's. Ruth put his number in her cell phone and then she kissed him and hurried out of the bar. David waited for a minute and then he followed her out."

I asked, "Have you talked to them since then?"

"No, tonight I'm pretty sure they want to be alone"

"Hell yes they want to be alone. I'm betting that right now they're fucking like a pair of rabbits." Mel was grinning.

"I hope so." And then Amy added, "I still want to hear what you and Bill did?"

Squeezing my cock, Mel said, "I do too and judging from how hard he is so does your sweet husband."

Jeanne asked, "Michael, are you still doing okay?"

"I'm doing great. A a gorgeous woman is playing with my cock while my hot wife is telling me about a party she just had with another man."

Jeanne said, "A party, I like that. I also love it that my husband enjoys hearing about my parties with other men."

"I do Jeanne. Tell us more." I really was excited.

"Okay, After Ruth and David left Tony went over and sat at the bar. Bill and I kissed and played with each other for a few more minutes and then he asked me if I'd like to go out to his car with him. I stuffed his cock back into his pants, zipped him up and said, 'Let's go.'"

"You had his cock out! I love this." Mel was giggling. "Did he have your panties down?"

"When I go to Brady's I always take my panties off in the car before I go inside."

"That makes perfect sense to me." Amy was nodding.

Mel agreed."Me too." And then she asked, "Was Bill rubbing your pussy while you played with his cock?"

"Of course."

Mel started laughing and then she suddenly cried, "Quick, somebody get me some tissues. I think I'm going to squirt."

Amy said, "Michael give Mel your handkerchief. She's not kidding, when she gets worked up she really does squirt."

"I squirted a little while you were licking me Tuesday night, but I was already so wet that I don't think you realized it."

Amy quickly added, "Don't worry Michael, it's just her cum. Mel squirts on me all the time."

I handed my handkerchief to Mel. She opened her jeans and stuffed it into the crotch of her panties. "There, now I won't make a mess on the couch." She looked at me. "Thank you, if you think you're going to cum warn me. I'll put your cock in my mouth and suck you while you ejaculate. We don't want you to make a mess on the couch either."

Shaking her head, Amy said, "Mel, be honest. Maybe you're a little worried about the couch, but mostly you just want Michael's cum."

Mel shrugged. "What can I say? It's a delicacy."

Jeanne laughed. "You three are totally out of control. I wish I was with you."

Amy giggled. "You're the one who was jacking a guy off in a bar tonight."

"I was and I loved it. Isn't sex fun."

Mel grinned. "You sure got that right."

"Okay, so what happened when you got out to Bill's car?" Amy was once again getting us back on track.

"Bill has a Honda Pilot. We got in the back seat. I unbuttoned my blouse and unfastened my brassiere so he could play with my tits and then I unzipped his pants and took out his cock."

Amy asked, "Was he big?"

"Yes he was. I'll bet he was at least seven inches and his cock had a really nice curve to it."

Mel said, "That's the perfect size. Big, but not too big and the curve makes it even better."

Amy leaned over and said, "Tonight your wife got to play with a very nice cock, but I'll bet your cock is still her favorite."

"She's right Michael. I do enjoy variety, but your cock will always be special for me."

I asked, "Did you enjoy Bill's cock?"

"I did, is that okay?"

"Of course it is. That's why we're doing this. I love you. I want you to have fun."

"Thank you Michael, thank you for understanding. And Mel and Amy, thank you for helping him understand."

Mel said, "Believe me Jeanne, we're all enjoying this."

Amy asked, "Did you suck Bill?"

"I did and it was wonderful. Do the two of you like doing that? You know, sucking cocks?"

Mel laughed. "Jeanne honey, we're both passionate about it. We chose to do it for a living."

Nodding, Amy said, "Cocks are enchanting. Holding them, playing with them, rubbing them against your lips and cheeks, kissing them, licking them or sucking them; it doesn't matter, for us all of it's thrilling."

"That's how I feel too. Michael I'm so sorry that I didn't discover that years ago. When you come home I promise to give you a blow job every day for the rest of our lives."

Grinning, Amy said, "That'll get him home."

Mel asked, "Do you cum while you're sucking a guy?"

"Sometimes, not always. For me sucking a cock isn't really about cumming. I'm not sure I can explain it."

Amy said, "You don't have to explain it. We understand. We both feel the same way. It's just exciting."

"It always arouses me. Tonight after I'm finished talking to you I'm going to have an intense session with my vibrator. Michael if you were here I'd love to suck you. You could lick me and then we could fuck. I'd like that even more."

"I'd like that too Jeanne."

Mel asked, "Did you let Bill cum in your mouth?"

"No, he came on my tits. I won't let anyone but Michael cum in my mouth."

I asked, "What about Trent Peters?"

Jeanne paused. After a moment she answered, "I don't know, maybe if we start dating regularly. Before I let him do it I'll talk to you about it first, okay?"

"That's fine."

Amy said, "What happened after Bill came?"

"He gave me his handkerchief so I could wipe his cum off of my breasts. After we straightened our clothes he walked me to the bar door and then he went back to his car and left."

I asked, "Did you go back into the bar again?"

"I always do. Before I go home I like to go the ladies room and fix my makeup and hair."

Mel said, "And then you went home and called us. That was a great evening."

Jeanne was silent. After a moment she said, "I didn't exactly go home right away. Michael, please don't be mad at me."

"Did you do something bad?"

It wasn't exactly bad, but I think it was maybe a little slutty."

Amy said, "I like the sound of this. What did you do?"

"Tony was still sitting at the bar. He was all by himself and he looked kind of sad. I felt guilty, because we'd sort of used him"

Mel asked, "Why didn't he just find another playmate?"

"At Brady's there's a rush between 5:30 and 7:00. People stop for a little quick fun on their way home from work. If a guy hasn't scored by 7:00 it probably isn't going to happen for him that night."

Amy said, "So once Tony committed to Ruth he wasn't going to get a second chance."

"That's generally the case."

I asked, "What did you do?"

"I went over to him and told him that I was sure that Ruth was disappointed that she had to leave."

Mel said, "And I'll bet you were right. I'll bet she would have loved to stay and have a party with Tony."

"I'm certain that's true. Anyway, Tony was really nice about it. He told me that he understood. If his wife had called him he would have had to leave too. We talked. The more I got to know Tony the more I liked him. I decided that it would be fun to do him. I also felt like we kind of owed it to him, so I asked him if he'd like to show me his car."

Amy grinned. "Oh that is slutty. I love it. What did he say?"

"He was a little surprised. He thought about it for a moment and then he said that it didn't seem right. Bill was his buddy."

Shaking her head, Mel said, "He is a good guy, but he maybe isn't too bright"

"He was a little naive, but I found that attractive."

"Oh, don't get me wrong, so do I." Mel was smiling.

"I pointed out to him that since Bill and I were both married we really didn't have any kind of a commitment to each other, so he could feel free to play with me too. That was all it took. Five minutes later we were sitting in the back seat of his Honda Odyssey making out like a couple of teenagers."

Mel asked, "Did he have a nice cock?"

"It was a little smaller than Bill's and it didn't curve, but it was still nice."

Laughing, Amy said, "Jeanne, you're a girl after my own heart. All cocks are nice."

Jeanne giggled. "They really are, aren't they."

"Did you suck him?" Now Mel was the one keeping us on track.

"Oh yes, and while I did it he played with my tits and my pussy."

"Girl you had quite an evening." Mel was smiling.

"I did. Michael are you upset with me?"

"No Jeanne, I'm not. You didn't do anything wrong and it sounds like you had good time. I enjoyed hearing about it. I'm beginning to love having a slut wife."

"Micheal, I'd so glad you feel that way. I really do love being a slut and as long as you're okay with it I don't think I'm hurting anyone."

"You're not hurting anyone Jeanne, especially me. Your voyeur husband is having a wonderful time listening to your exploits. I can't wait to hear more."

Jeanne laughed. "Are you encouraging me to party with more men?"

"Yeah, I guess I am." I was laughing too.

"Michael, you really are the perfect husband."

"And you're the perfect wife."

"Hearing you say that makes me so happy." Jeanne paused for a moment and then she said, "It's after eleven o'clock here. I have to work tomorrow and I still want to take a shower and have a little fun with my vibrator. I've loved talking to you, but I need to hang up. I hope you don't mind."

"I don't mind. I understand. It is late and you do have to work tomorrow."

"Can I call you again tomorrow night?"

"Of course you can. We'll all look forward to it."

Amy said, "Yes we will."

"Goodnight Michael, I love you."

"Goodnight Jeanne, I love you too."

"Goodnight Amy and Mel, thank you for being so good to my husband."

Amy said, "It's our pleasure. Good night Jeanne."

Mel said, "Good night Jeanne." And then giggling, she added, "Have fun with your vibrator."

"Oh I will, right now I'm so excited that I might even squirt."

"I hope you do, it's fun." Mel was still giggling.

"Good night everyone. Michael I love you."

"I love you too Jeanne."

Jeanne ended the call.

As soon as we finished talking to Jeanne Mel, Amy and I went upstairs. After taking a shower together we climbed into bed and played in what I called a pleasure triangle. That night we started with me licking Mel, Mel licking Amy and Amy sucking me. After a while we changed positions so that I was licking Amy, Amy was licking Mel and Mel was sucking me.

We finished with what Mel and Amy called tandem cowgirl. It's a variation on their friend Vince's favorite, the tandem blow job. Of course that really wasn't a tandem blow job. They'd tried jointly sucking Vince's cock. It was always unsatisfying, so they came up with an alternative. One of the girls would sit on Vince's face while the other one sucked his cock. Vince loved it. Who could blame him. In tandem cowgirl I lay flat on my back. Amy and Mel took turns riding my face and my cock while they kissed and fondled each other. Both tandem cowgirl and the tandem blow job are amazing experiences.

After the three of us had fucked and sucked ourselves into exhaustion, I pulled the covers over us. We cuddled up together. Amy and Mel immediately fell asleep.

I didn't. Instead I once again lay sleepless contemplating the dramatic changes that had recently occurred in my life. It was becoming a frequent night time preoccupation for me. Four short months earlier I'd been a conservative accountant living in a suburban ranch house with his equally conservative wife. My two daughters had graduated from college and I blissfully believed that they were both embarking on a traditional middle class existence that would lead to a lifetime of security for them and a passel of grand children for Jeanne and me. While recent events didn't necessarily preclude any of that from occurring, I now knew that both of my daughters were choosing to follow much more unorthodox life styles.

Jeanne and I were now pursuing an equally unorthodox life style. While I had to admit that I was learning to enjoy it, I fully understood that we were bucking the accepted conventions of our culture. Having a wife who'd become a libertine rebel was proving to be exciting, but in my heart I was still a conservative accountant. Life as a moral renegade was fun, but it was also unsettling.

Eventually sleep did take me. Once it had control of me I was subjected to the unwilling release of my subconscious fears. I had a nightmare. In my dream I was at home seated naked in a chair in our bedroom. In front of me Jeanne was entertaining two men on our king sized bed. The three of them were also naked. Jeanne was lying on her back. One of the men was kneeling next to her face. She was sucking his cock. At the same time the other man was on top of Jeanne. He was fucking her.

Excited, I watched as these two men enjoyed my wife. Once they were finished I stood up hoping for a turn. As I approached the bed, Jeanne held up her hand in a stop gesture. Shaking her head she said, "Sit down cuckboy. My pussy is reserved for real men. Little wimps like you only get to watch."

Jeanne and her two playmates started laughing.

Humiliated, I sat down. Still laughing, Jeanne scoffed at me. "Poor baby, you need a little relief, don't you. Why don't you jack off for us?"

One of the men sneered at me. "Yeah cuckboy, jack off for us."

I woke up in a cold sweat. My pulse was racing. I wanted to cry. Not daring to risk sleep and the possibility of continuing that nightmare I slipped out of bed, quietly pulled on my pants and tiptoed downstairs. In the kitchen I poured a large glass of water, sat down at the table and tried to relax. While I knew that it was just a nightmare, I was having difficulty getting the image of Jeanne laughing at me out of my head.

"Michael honey, what's wrong?"

I turned. Mel was standing in the dining room doorway. She was wearing a terry cloth bathrobe.

"I feel foolish admitting this, but I had a bad dream."

Mel walked over to the kitchen sink, poured herself a glass of water and joined me at the table. As she sat down she said, "Why don't you tell me about it."

I nodded.

Just as I was about to begin Amy walked into the kitchen. She was also wearing a terry cloth bathrobe. "What's going on?"

Mel said, "Michael had a bad dream. He was about to tell me about it."

Amy poured a glass of water for herself. As she sat down at the kitchen table she asked, "Can I hear about it too?"

I said, "Of course you can, but it's kind of weird."

Amy said, "That's the nature of dreams, especially bad dreams."

Amy and Mel both listened quietly while I told them about my nightmare.

When I was finished Mel asked, "Do you think you might actually want that to happen? I mean is it a fantasy you're trying to suppress, because if it is..."

"No it's not! It really isn't."

"Okay, I just had to ask because There's nothing wrong with having submissive masochistic desires."

"Believe me, I don't have those fantasies. I think I'd like to sit in a chair and watch Jeanne party with other men, but I don't want to be humiliated or belittled while it's happening, I really don't."

Taking my hand, Amy said, "Baby it's okay. We understand. This is a confusing time for you. You're trying to adapt to an unconventional lifestyle. In the process you're having to overcome a lot of fear and insecurity."

Nodding, I said, "I am starting to enjoy what Jeanne is doing, but I still have this nagging fear that everyone is going to think I'm a wimp because I'm letting my wife sleep with other men."

Mel asked, "Exactly who is everyone?"

I shrugged. "I don't know, everyone."

"Not Jeanne." Amy was staring at me. "Talking to her on the telephone this evening I got the impression that she could never think of you as a wimp."

Sighing, I said, "You're right about that. I don't believe that Jeanne would ever have that opinion about me."

Mel said, "From what you've told us I can't believe that your daughters would ever think that about you either and your friend Ruth and her husband are avidly pursing the life style; so exactly who are you worried about?"

Shaking my head, I said, "I don't know, I guess I'm just afraid about what will happen to my reputation when people find out about Jeanne's lifestyle. They're going to find out. She enjoys flaunting it."

Amy said, "You're worried about what people you barely know will think about you?"

"I guess that's right."

Mel smiled. "Screw 'em."

"That's easy for you to say, you're not the cuckold wimp."

Raising her eyebrows, Mel said, "Are you suggesting that Amy and I are unfamiliar with derision and contempt? Michael, people call us whores. Politicians launch campaigns to put women like Amy and me behind bars. Even women's rights groups hate us. We're very familiar with living with disdain and disparagement because of our life style. We've been subjected to it for years."

"I'm sorry, I.."

Amy placed her hand on top of mine. "Baby it's okay. Mel's not mad at you, neither am I. We just want you to understand that we do understand."

"How do you live with it?"

Mel leaned over and whispered into my ear. "We have each other. We believe in each other. Regardless of what other people might say about us, we love and respect each other. That's all that really matters."

Amy squeezed my hand. "That's right and Jeanne loves you. You know do know that, don't you?"

Mel nodded. "You heard the anger in her voice when I called you cuckboy."

"Yes I did." I paused for a moment and then I said, "For a while I thought that she'd stopped loving me, but last weekend in San Francisco she convinced me that she still does."

"Damn right she does." Mel was grinning at me.

Shaking my head, I said, "I still worry about the men. I'm not sure I'll be able to handle it if one of them gets cocky."

Laughing, Amy said, "Good word choice."

"I'm being serious."

Amy said, "I know you are. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, I get it. It was a funny description, but please understand that it is a serious concern."

Adopting a somber tone, Amy said, "Of course it is and we understand. Michael, you have to trust Jeanne. You're not living in one of those ridiculous cuckold stories where the wife is blindly enamored with an arrogant bull. Jeanne loves you. She'll weed out the assholes."

"What if she doesn't weed them out?"

Mel said, "That's simple. Talk to Jeanne. Tell her the guy is unacceptable. You're not a submissive wimp. You have as much say about this game as Jeanne does. She may get to play around, but you have a right to veto who she picks as a playmate."

"What if she doesn't agree with that?"

Shaking her head, Amy asked, "Do you really believe that's a possibility?"

"No, not really."

"Communication Michael, talk to Jeanne." Now Mel was being serious. "Tell her about your concerns. Hell, tell her about this dream. Jeanne doesn't want to hurt you, that's obvious. My guess is that she'll be even more selective about the men she brings home than you are."

Realizing that they were right, I smiled at Mel and Amy and said, "It really was a stroke of luck when I stopped at Danny's Lounge and met the two of you."

Amy said, "Serendipity Michael. It happens to people all the time. When we least expect it we stumble on good fortune. Mel and I happened to meet at an audition and it changed our lives forever."

Mel grinned. "Damn right it did. That day we both won the mega lottery."

"Serendipity, I like that."

Patting my hand, Amy said, "Do you think you're ready to go back to sleep big guy? If the nightmares return I promise that Mel and I will be there to protect you."

"Yeah, I think I'm okay."

Mel and Amy each took one of my hands and led me upstairs. We got back into bed. With Amy on one side of me and Mel on the other I quickly fell into a safe and restful sleep. Nothing fosters security and well being like love and friendship.

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