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Awakenings Ch. 15

Two emails from Ruth
Friday was spent at Danny's Lounge with Mel and Amy. I brought my laptop computer and devoted most of the afternoon to helping Candy and Raylene organize their finances. Both of them had well over $30,000 sitting in pass book savings accounts. Dancing at Danny's Lounge was clearly a lucrative occupation.

While I was helping them four more dancers approached me and asked if I'd be willing to help them too. I told them to bring their financial data on Monday.

When we got home Friday evening I checked my email and found two messages from Ruth. I immediately called Amy and Mel. Excited, they both hurried into the living room and joined me on the couch in front of the fireplace.

As they sat down Amy said, "I hope David had a good time."

Grinning, Mel said, "Me too."

I began reading the email aloud.

"Dear Michael.

I talked to Jeanne this morning so I know that you've already heard about our adventure at Brady's Saloon. I understand that it was your idea and I want to begin by thanking you. It turned out to be the perfect test to find out if David and I really would be comfortable pursuing the cuckold hot wife lifestyle."

Next to me, Mel said, "This is sounding positive."

Amy said, "It is. Keep reading."

I continued.

"When I talked to Jeanne she said that she'd already told you what happened in the bar, so I won't waste time rehashing that for you. I will only say that I now understand why Jeanne enjoys Brady's so much. It offers the opportunity for discreet sex without entanglements or commitment.

I'll start with what happened after David and I left the bar. When David reached the car I was inside anxiously waiting for him. I was scared that he was going to be angry or even worse, hurt. As soon as he was seated and the door was closed my concerns vanished. Grinning like a little kid who'd just left a toy store, David immediately launched a barrage of questions. Did I think Tony was handsome? Did he have a nice personality? Did I enjoy dancing with him? Was he a good kisser? Did I get a chance to feel his cock? Was he big? And the most important question of all, was I disappointed when David called me and ended our adventure?

I tried to answer his questions, but David was so excited that before I could answer one of them he was asking me another one. I finally had to squeeze his hand and tell him to calm down. After making him take several long slow breaths I asked him to start the car and promised that that I would answer all of his questions as we drove home."

Mel said, "This is sounding very good."

Amy said, "Yes it is. Michael, keep reading."

"By the time we were leaving Brady's parking lot I felt assured that David had actually enjoyed the experiment. That bolstered my confidence and encouraged me to be frank. I'd found the experience unbelievably exciting. I actually was disappointed when David called. Tony was not only handsome and a good dancer, he was also a wonderful kisser and while his cock wasn't huge it was much bigger than David's.

I sensed that David could not only handle listening to me tell him that I'd enjoyed being with Tony, he was eager to hear me say it; so I started answering his questions honestly, very honestly.

I told David that I did think Tony was handsome and then I admitted that I'd enjoyed dancing with him, especially when he was holding me tightly pressed against his body. As I said that I watched David. He took a quick breath and bit his lower lip. It was obvious that he was aroused.

Reaching over, I felt his cock. He was hard. I commented on it and then I told him that he must have enjoyed watching me dance with Tony. He nodded. I told him to say it. He was quiet. I started to get nervous that I was pushing him too hard, but then he gave me a quick smile and admitted that he loved watching me dance with Tony. I told him that made me happy. He responded by telling me that he'd enjoyed watching him kiss me in the booth even more.

I squeezed David's erection and told him that I enjoyed that too. Tony was an excellent kisser and then I added that while he kissed me he was touching me. David asked me where Tony touched me. I told him everywhere. That got him so excited that I thought he was going to cum in his pants.

By the time we arrived home we were both wildly aroused, David even more than me. After David stopped the car in the garage I unfastened my seat belt and leaned over. While I squeezed his erect penis I whispered to him that I wanted to suck Tony's cock. David's breath caught. I asked him if he wanted that too. He nodded. I told him to say it. I told him that I wanted to hear him ask me to do it. I nearly orgasmed when David whispered that he wanted me to suck Tony's cock.'"

Mel laughed. "Damn this is hot."

I nodded in agreement and then I continued reading.

"Michael I had to fight to maintain my composure. I wanted to scream out, Yes! Yes! I want that too! I didn't. I understood that this decision was going to forever alter the terms of our marriage. It was far too important to decide it while we were both out of our minds with lust.

Instead I took several long slow breaths and made David do the same thing. Then we straightened ourselves and went into the house. We'd told Ben and Michelle that we were going to be late, so they'd already had dinner. Still we needed to sit with them and talk about school. Fortunately they're both teenagers. They were every bit as eager to retire to their rooms as David and I were to get to ours.

The moment we reached the privacy of our bedroom all of my rigidly imposed self-control vanished. The lust that had been burning inside me since we arrived at Brady's once again boiled to the surface. I turned back into a sex hungry slut.

Michael, it's funny. Before all of this started I never would have uttered a word like slut, let alone used it to describe myself. Now it excites me. I suppose that's Jeanne's influence. She loves being a slut and I'm definitely beginning to understand why. It makes me feel so free. It's actually empowering. I no longer have to squash my sexual desires. Now I can enjoy them. I can revel in them and savor them."

Amy said, "I understand exactly what she's saying. As young girls we're taught to deny our biological urges. Hell we're so brainwashed that many of us refuse to even acknowledge that they exist."

Mel said, "That's right and if we do get excited we're supposed to feel ashamed about it."

Smiling at both of them, I said, "I thought the sexual revolution was fought and won in the 1970's."

Shaking her head, Amy said, "Women have been fighting this battle since the beginning of time. It became a little more public in the last part of the twentieth century, but women who freely and openly enjoy sex continue to be castigated by most of our society. It still takes courage to admit that you're a slut."

Mel said, "Enough philosophy. Let's hear more about what happened with David and Ruth."

"Okay." I started reading again.

"Once we were inside our bedroom I was ready. I wanted to play a little and then I wanted some serious sex. I raised the hem of my skirt, sat down on the bed and opened my legs. I wanted David to see me. I wanted him to look at me. He did. While he was looking at me I brazenly slipped a finger into my pussy and asked him to tell me again what he wanted me to do with Tony. But then the strangest thing happened. David suddenly looked away. It seemed like all of his excitement vanished.

I asked him what was wrong. Without turning back to make eye contact with me he timidly asked me if I was ashamed of him. He was actually afraid that I thought he was a wimp because he was encouraging me play with other men. He confessed that he was terrified that I was going to lose my respect for him as a man."

Mel said, "This sounds a lot like that nightmare you had last night."

I agreed. "It does, apparently David is also struggling with a life time of macho male conditioning."

Amy said, "Our culture definitely does screw us up."

laughing, Mel said, "That's for fuckin sure. What did Ruth say to David?"

I started reading again.

"I patted the spot on the bed next to me and asked David to sit there. Once he was settled I picked up his hand and held it in mine while I reassured him that he would always have both my love and my respect. I explained that he had always been a wonderful husband and father and that was all that really mattered to me.

David knows I love him, so he didn't require very much reassuring. Once his self confidence was restored we started to talk about the game we were contemplating playing. We'd already spent hours discussing it so we both fully understood each others concerns and desires. Still I felt the need to remind David that his feelings were much more important to me than any thrill I might get from the game. If he had any doubts or concerns I didn't want to risk going any farther.

After thanking me, David told me that our visit to Brady's had heightened his desire to continue the game. Looking me in the eyes he told me that this weekend he wanted me to call Tony and make plans to meet him at Brady's early next week. He wanted to once again sit at the bar and watch, only this next time he hoped that he'd get to see me go out to the parking lot with Tony.

I asked him if he was certain. Still staring at me, David said he was absolutely certain. I told him if that was really true he should get down on his knees. He complied immediately. I was so excited that my heart was racing. I spread my legs and told David to kiss my pussy. Again he complied immediately.

Michael, Jeanne and I spend a lot of time talking to each other. She tells me what's happening with the two of you and I tell her about David and me. I know that Jeanne's new life style is starting to excite you. I also know that your interest is mostly based on your voyeurism. David is a voyeur too. He loves porn just as much as you do, but with him there's more. Jeanne told me that you've been reading cuckold stories on the Internet, so you know that for some men masochism and a desire to be submissive are also part of the fantasy. A good example is Tricia's boyfriend, Paul. From what Jeanne has told me I gather that Paul now lives as Tricia's celibate slave while she regularly enjoys sex with several other men.

Those desires seem to be much more intense for Paul than they are for David, but submissive masochism is definitely part of David's fantasy. I recognize this and it not only doesn't bother me, I find it exciting. I mentioned earlier that for me, sex is a complex phenomena with a myriad of wonderful nuances. David and Paul's submissive masochism is one of those nuances. If they enjoy it, more power to them. Hell Jeanne and I are both discovering that we love being sluts. We're every bit as kinky as they are."

Mel interrupted. "Damn Michael, I really like the way Ruth thinks. I would love to meet her. I want to meet Jeanne too."

"When I get home you'll have to visit us. I also know that I'll come back to Tucson and when I do I'm hoping that Jeanne will come with me."

Amy said, "Michael, after you leave will you promise to keep in touch with us?"

"Amy, good friends are hard to find. I'll always try to maintain contact with the two of you."

Staring at me, Mel said, "Promise us Michael. This is important. Promise that you won't forget about us the moment you leave."

"Mel, do you really think I'd do that to you?"

Amy said, "Michael, men have been doing that to us for our entire lives. We're whores. Men are attracted to us because we're earthy and sexual. Unfortunately they always eventually get bored with us. When that happens it seems like they can't get away fast enough."

"I'm not attracted to you because of your profession. I like you because you're smart, kind and interesting. As far as I'm concerned we're at the beginning of a life long friendship."

Mel said, "Promise."

Grinning, I said, "I promise."

Mel said, "Okay." She was still serious, but then she winked at me and smiled.

I winked back. Amy giggled.

After a moment of awkward silence Amy said, "Finish reading Ruth's email."

I nodded and without further comment resumed reading.

"David was on his knees kissing and licking me. I could have let him continue doing that forever, but I had an even kinkier idea. Yes Michael, your prim secretary is turning into a kinky slut. I make no apology; I love sex in all of its forms. Before I was married, when I was running around with Nick Granger, I acted like total slut and I enjoyed every minute of it. I only tell you this because I believe that you're now traveling a similar road with Jeanne. I not only hope that you're starting to understand our desire, but that eventually we can become fellow travelers on this exciting road. I would love it if we could openly share our mutual adventures with each other."

Amy said, "Damn Michael, I think Ruth is hitting on you."

Mel said, "No Amy, I don't agree. Ruth isn't suggesting that she and Michael party with each other; I think she's hoping they can reach a point where they can share this part of their lives with each other."

"Aren't they already doing that?"

"Not really. Right now Ruth is telling Michael about the efforts she and David are

making to adopt this new lifestyle. While their endeavor hasn't been filled with as much trauma and conflict as the ordeal Michael and Jeanne are experiencing, it's still been an emotional challenge for both of them. So far Ruth is just sharing the fears, difficulties, joys and excitement they're encountering with two friends who can empathize with them because they're in the midst of a similar journey."

Nodding, Amy said, "I get it, they're old friends with a new common interest."

Mel smiled. "That's right."

I said, "So you're suggesting that after I get home Ruth is going to come into work in the morning and tell me about the hot date she had the night before."

"Would that bother you?" There was an impish glint in Mel's eye.

Laughing, I said, "Hell no, I'm a voyeur. I'll love it."

Amy said, "There might be more. Since you were already close friends who enjoyed each other's company you might find new ways to socialize."

"You mean Jeanne and I could go to Brady's with David and Ruth. David and I could sit at the bar together and watch. I think that would be fun."

"I'm certain that you will do that, but I was thinking of something else."

Looking at Amy, I said, "Tell me?"

"Ruth and David still have children living at home. That makes it difficult for Ruth to entertain a man at their house. Your girls are living on their own and they're also fully aware of your new lifestyle. When you get home you may find that you're watching sports with David in your den while Jeanne and Ruth are entertaining gentlemen in your living room or bedrooms."

I considered that. After a moment I said, "That might feel a little weird."

Mel asked, "Why?"

"It would be a lot like sitting in the den watching porn movies together."

"What would be wrong with that?" Mel was puzzled.

Embarrassed, I said, "David's a guy. It wouldn't seem right."

Mel rolled her eyes. "For heaven's sake Michael. It wouldn't mean you were going to start doing each other." She quickly added, "Not that there would be anything wrong with that if you both felt like it."

Vehemently shaking my head, I said, "I'm not interested in going there."

Amy said, "You don't have to go there. Watching sports with David while Jeanne and Ruth are entertaining men friends wouldn't be going there, but it might be a nice way to enjoy the experience. I'll also tell you this. If I was with you I'd want to be watching porn. Hell, why not? You're both ardent voyeurs. Watching two people fuck is a lot more exciting than watching baseball."

Nodding, Mel said, "Especially while your wives are both getting fucked in the next room."

"I don't know. I'll think about it. I do enjoy David's company."

Amy suggested, "You could start by going to a sports bar to watch a game while Jeanne and Ruth are entertaining at your house."

"I could easily do that."

Mel said, "This is going to be so much fun. I wish I could be there with you."

I laughed. "Mel, that would definitely make it more fun for both David and me."

Mel grinned at me.

Amy said, "Let's hear the rest of Jeanne's email."

I started reading again.

"Back to what happened last night. While David was on his knees licking my pussy I asked him if he enjoyed eating my cunt. Don't misunderstand me. I already knew the answer to that question. David loves licking my pussy. If I made him choose between going down on me, getting a blow job from me or fucking me I'm certain that he would pick going down on me every time. It appeals to his submissive nature. David is a man who firmly believes that it's better to give than to receive."

Giggling, Mel said, "I have to admit that I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment."

Amy chuckled. "That's good because in our profession we spend a lot more time giving than receiving."

Still giggling, Mel said, "Aint it great."

"It really is." Amy was giggling too."

Looking at my two friends, I asked, "Shall I proceed?"

Mel answered, "Definitely, I think we're just getting to the really good part."

"I think so too." Amy was still giggling.

I resumed reading.

"David looked up at me. His face was glistening with my moisture. Michael, I have to admit that seeing him like that excites me. I guess I do have a little dominant streak. Anyway, David told me that he loved licking my cunt. I asked him if he'd like to eat me while I was sucking Tony's cock. David's eyes got big. I felt like I was asking a little boy if he'd like to go to the circus. He told me that he'd like that very much.

Deciding to push the limits of our new fantasy, I explained to David that if Tony and I decided to include him in one of our parties he would only get to participate as my cuckold. Tony would be my lover. Tony would be the only one getting his cock sucked and he'd be the only one fucking me. If I did allow him to lick my pussy it would only be to get me ready for Tony's big cock.

David stared up at me without saying anything. I again started to worry that I'd pushed him too hard, but then he nodded and told me that he understood. He promised that when I was with another man he'd always remember his place. Michael, my entire body was tingling with excitement and I think David was even more excited than I was. I asked him if he was certain that he wanted to be my cuckold. He assured that he was. He told me that he wanted me to go on dates with other men. He wanted me to have lovers. I asked him again if he was positive about that. He answered that he was absolutely positive. Then he repeated that in the morning he wanted me to call Tony and make a date to meet him at Brady's next week. I once again asked David if he was certain that he wanted me to suck Tony's cock. He stared into my eyes and told me that next week he wanted me to meet Tony at Brady's, go out to his car with him and give him one of my very best blow jobs.

I pulled David up on the bed and smothered him with kisses. I felt like we were two teenagers about to have sex for the very first time. David went down on me. He made love to my pussy with his lips and his tongue. It was amazing. After he gave me two incredible orgasms I went down on him. I sucked and licked his cock and kissed his balls. I let him cum in my mouth. As soon as he finished ejaculating I kissed him. We shared his semen and then I went down on him a second time. David was so excited that he immediately got hard again and then he fucked me. David has a small cock. I rarely cum during intercourse with him. Last night was different. Last night we were both so excited that I had two more orgasms while he was fucking me.

After David came inside me we cuddled on the bed for a moment and then we took a shower together. After we showered we put on our pajamas and robes, said good night to the kids and got into bed. We were both exhausted, but as we lay in bed David again told me that in the morning he wanted me to call Tony. I assured him that I would and as soon as I'm finished writing this email I'm going to do it. Michael you cannot believe how excited I am right now.

I hope you're doing well. I want you to know that Jeanne and I both miss you and look forward to the day you come back to us. I'll you email again after I talk to Tony.

Love Ruth"

Mel said, "Damn that was hot. If either of you are in the mood I'm ready for a little tongue myself."

Amy said, "After that email I suspect all three of us could use a little tongue, but I think Michael told us that there were two emails from Ruth. Before we do anything else I want Michael to read the second email."

Both women looked at me.

I said, "There is a second email."

"What are you waiting for, open it." Mel could barely contain her excitement.

I opened the email and read it aloud.


Just a quick update on what's happening. After I sent you the first email, I called Tony. I'm meeting him at Brady's at six o'clock on Monday. He asked if I'd call Jeanne and ask her to come too. Bill wants to see her again. I called her. She's going to join us. I called Tony back and told him to call Bill and then I called David. He's even more excited than I am.

Jeanne and I will keep you posted.

Love Ruth

P.S. Jeanne is also excited about her date with Trent Peters tomorrow. I'm sure she'll try to call you this evening."

As I shut off my laptop computer Mel said, "Damn this just keeps getting better and better. It's definitely time to play for a little while."

Amy said, "I have a game I want to play."

Mel and I both looked at her. Mel asked, "What is it?"

"Let's call it cuckold and I want to be it first."

Mel said, "Okay, it's your game. You can go first. How do you play cuckold?"

Amy stood up and started undressing. "We all have to get naked."

Giggling as she stood up, Mel said, "I already like this game."

As soon as all three of us were naked Amy lay down on the carpet with her head by the bottom front of the couch. "I'm the cuckold. Michael, you're the bull and Mel you're my hot wife. Mel, I want you to sit on my face and suck Michael's cock while I lick your pussy and ass."

Mel grabbed my arm. "Michael, this is going to be fun. Sit down and make yourself comfortable. I'm going to give you a sloppy nasty blow job and I want you to cum in my mouth so I can give my cuckold sweetheart a snowball kiss."

Laughing, I sat down on the couch.

Mel sat down on Amy's face and proceeded to give me an amazing blow job while Amy kissed and licked her pussy and ass. I was excited, so I didn't last long; but Mel and Amy still both managed to have two orgasms before I came. When I did cum Mel kept me in her mouth. Once I finished ejaculating she slipped off of Amy's face.

Amy was lying on her back giggling while she masturbated. Her face was covered with Mel's moisture. Mel bent over, gave her girlfriend a passionate kiss and then she sat up and looked at me. "Isn't sex fun."

I nodded. "Yes Mel, it really is."

She turned to Amy. "The next time we play this game I want to be the cuckold."

Amy said, "Sweetheart, it will be our pleasure."

Giggling, Mel said, "Damn right, that's why being a cuck is so much fun."

Mel looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I understood. I was learning.

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