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Awakenings Ch. 17

Jeanne calls to tell Michael, Mel and Amy about her date with Trent
The shower Amy and I shared was almost platonic, but not quite. We were two healthy adults and we were naked. The temptation to wash each other was irresistible. Aware that the evening's real fun lay ahead of us, we forced ourselves to maintain a moderate amount of decorum. Neither of us wanted to do anything that might dampen our ardor.

Amy washed my cock and balls. While she spent quite a bit of time with her soapy fingers wrapped around my erection, she was careful to make sure I didn't lose control and cum. When it was my turn to wash her, Amy leaned against the shower wall with her eyes closed. She purred softly while my soapy fingertips gently cleansed her most intimate places, but I was judicious about excessive stimulation. I realized that Amy had already entertained two men that day. I didn't want to wear her out.

After our shower Amy found baggy sweatshirts for both Mel and herself while I went to the guest room where my clothes were stored and grabbed a sweatshirt for myself.

It was 4:20 when Amy and I left the bedroom to rejoin Mel. According to the previous night's plan Jeanne would be calling in ten minutes. I was excited.

When we walked into the living room Amy and I looked around and immediately noticed that while we'd been showering upstairs, Mel had been busy downstairs. The gas fireplace was going making the space around the couch toasty warm. All three of us were naked from the waist down so that was important. Mel had also hooked my laptop computer up to the big screen television at the opposite end of the room. A movie featuring Julia Ann and a handsome well endowed man was playing with the volume turned off.

Three brandy Manhattans on coasters, a bowl of carrots, cup of ranch dressing and a stack of napkins had been set on the coffee table in front of the couch. Since we wouldn't be eating dinner until after we finished talking to Jeanne the carrots and dip were a welcome pick-me-up.

As we sat down in front of the fireplace, Amy and I noticed that Mel had covered the couch with three large bath towels. We both looked at her.

Shrugging, Mel said, "We're not wearing pants. When I get excited I squirt. Michael you leak. Amy, she's from Wisconsin. Everyone knows that Wisconsin girls get messy when they're hot to trot."

Amy and I smiled.

Mel continued. "This way we can relax and not worry about what's happening to the couch. Besides the soft terry cloth feels good on my bare butt."

Chuckling, Amy said, "Mel honey, as usual you're right. The towels are an excellent idea."

We sat down, Mel on my right and Amy on my left. As soon as we were settled, Mel picked up her Manhattan. Amy and I followed her lead.

Holding up her glass, Mel said, "A toast."

Amy and I held up our glasses.

Continuing, Mel said, "To Jeanne's lust and our mutual enjoyment of it."

Amy said, "Hear hear."

I smiled.

We clinked our glasses. As we each took a sip of our Manhattans the telephone rang.

All three of us set our cocktails back on the coffee table. The telephone handset was lying on the end table next to Mel. She picked it up and switched on the speaker. As she laid it on the coffee table in front of us she said, "Hi Jeanne. This is Mel. Amy and Michael are here too. The speaker is on. All of us can hear you."

Amy and I both said, "Hi Jeanne."

Jeanne said, "Hi everyone."

Mel said, "Jeanne, I'm going to get right to the point. How was your date with Trent?"

There was a brief pause and then Jeanne cautiously said, "It was fine."

Amy said, "It was fine? Jeanne, I don't think you're being honest with us. You've been looking forward to this date all week. It was either a wonderful afternoon or it was disappointing. Fine is a little too circumspect. I'm guessing that you're trying to spare Michael's feelings."

Jeanne quietly answered, "I'm a little anxious about this. Michael, I've already hurt you so many times since all of this started. I love you. I don't want to risk hurting you again."

Mel wrapped her fingers around my erect cock. "Jeanne don't worry, we're taking care of Michael for you. Right now all three of us are sitting on the couch in front of the fire place wearing sweatshirts, nothing but sweatshirts."


"That's right, we're naked from the waist down. On top of that, as we speak I'm holding on to Michael's cock and believe me honey, he's sporting some serious wood right now."

"Michael, is that true? Do you have an erection?"

"Yes Jeanne, I do."

"Is it because your with Mel and Amy and you're all partially naked?"

"Well that certainly adds to the excitement, but mostly it's because I'm eager to hear about your date with Trent."


"Yes, I've been excited about it all day."

Laughing, Amy said, "His dick's been making a tent in the front of his pants since he got up this morning."

Jeanne giggled. "I love hearing that."

Mel said, "Your hubby's had a chubby for the entire day."

I grinned. Amy shook her head. I could hear Jeanne giggling even louder.

Continuing, Mel said, "Your sweetie is ready and rarin' to hear every naughty little detail about your date."

Jeanne asked, "Michael, is that true?"

"Yes Jeanne, it is."

Mel added, "Jeanne, Michael couldn't be in a better situation to hear about this. He's sandwiched between two half naked women who are taking turns fondling his cock. In addition to that, a Julia Ann porn movie is playing on the big screen television behind us."

Laughing, Jeanne said, "I'll bet Michael loves that."

Amy said, "Every once in a while we catch him looking over his shoulder at the movie. I'm pretty sure he's imagining that you're Julia Ann."

"He thinks I look like her. I'm sure I'm not as pretty as she is and I'm not a blond."

I said, "Jeanne you're every bit as pretty as she is. You both have beautiful eyes. Baby I love your eyes. In San Francisco you said that you were considering bleaching your hair. I think you should do it."

"Really? You'd be okay with that?"

"I would. Do you think Trent would like it?"

Jeanne paused. After a moment she asked, "Do you care?"

"Actually Jeanne, I do. I now view your relationship with Trent as nothing more than a high school flirtation. It's superficial, but it's fun and exciting for you. I love you. You’ve offered to stop this new lifestyle, but I've come to understand that it's something you need to do. If you're going to do it you might as well get as much fun out of it as you possibly can."

Next to me, Amy said, "Michael I think that's a really good way to look at this."

Jeanne said, "I do too, but you are right Michael. If you want me to stop playing around I will. All you have to do is ask me."

"No Jeanne, as I just said, I now understand that this is something you want and need to do. Honestly I have to admit that now that I'm getting used to it I'm starting to enjoy it too."

"Michael I love hearing you say that. I'm crazy about being a slut. I'm beginning to feel like this was my destiny."

Mel laughed. "Jeanne, you're talking to two women who understand that feeling very well."

Jeanne said, "Mel and Amy, I'd really like to talk to you about all of this."

"So would we Jeanne, but not tonight. Tonight we want to hear about your date."

"Okay, Michael please remember that I love you."

Mel said, "Don't worry Jeanne, we're here to support Michael. This is the perfect moment for total honesty."

"All right, here goes. Jeanne paused for a moment and then she started giggling like a school girl. "Oh my god it was so hot!"

Mel squeezed my cock. "Tell us!"

"This morning I realized why I want to have a boyfriend. Both Trent and I knew exactly why he was coming over. We weren't going to have to waste time with social niceties. When I got dressed I didn't have to worry about propriety at all. I dressed for sex. All I wore was a white, lace trimmed silk chemise with nothing underneath it. I'm sorry Michael, but I really am a slut."

"It's okay Jeanne. You don't have to apologize. I'm beginning to realize that I love being married to a slut."

Jeanne said, "Baby hearing you say that makes me so happy."

"It makes me pretty happy too."

Amy asked, "Is the chemise you wore sheer?"

"It is. You can see a hint of everything, even my pussy."

Mel said, "That sounds hot. Did Trent like it?"

"He loved it. When he saw me the first thing he said was, Now that's what I'm talkin about." Jeanne mimicked a man's deep voice.

We all smiled.

Amy asked, "What did you say to him?"

"I told him that I was pleased he liked it because I bought it to wear just for him." Jeanne paused. After a moment she quickly said, "I'm sorry Michael, that came out wrong. I promise I'll wear that chemise for you in San Antonio."

"Jeanne, it's okay. When you decide you like a guy there's nothing wrong with buying something to wear just for him."

"It doesn't bother you?"

"It will only bother me if you stop buying sexy clothes to wear for me."

Jeanne giggled. "I'll never stop doing that. When we're in San Antonio I plan to dress so sexy for you. You're going to spend the entire week walking around town with a slut on your arm. What do you think about that big guy?"

"I can't wait."

"Neither can I."

Mel said, "Would you two love birds mind if we get back to today's topic? I for one want to hear more about the date."

Jeanne said, "I'm sorry Mel, it's just that I miss Michael so much. When I do get a chance to talk to him it's hard not to try to savor it."

"Jeanne we're talking every evening now. Unless one of us has plans on a particular night I can't think of any reason that we shouldn't keep doing that."

"You mean if I have a date?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean."

"Couldn't I still call you after I get home from my date? Most of my playmates are married so my evenings generally end fairly early. That's also one of the advantages of dressing like a slut."

"I don't understand."

"When I meet a guy my appearance suggests that he might not have to work too hard to get into my panties. It saves a little time."

Laughing, I said, "I'll bet it does."

Also laughing, Amy said, "I hate to tell you this Jeanne, but women in my profession have been aware of that trick for a very long time."

"Amy I know you're right, but middle class suburban housewives seem to have to figure everything out on their own."

"And of course the middle class housewives who have that inclination still have to have husbands who are willing to accept seeing them dressed like sluts when they go out for the evening." Mel was laughing too.

Amy said, "Jeanne, don't worry. As long as Michael is staying with us, we'll call you every night and if it's more convenient for you, you can call us. It's earlier here and Mel and I are ladies of the evening. We're used to staying up late."

I chuckled. "Ladies of the evening? Most of your current clientele go to bed immediately after the end of the six o'clock news."

"When we were working in Vegas our first date was usually at ten o'clock." Mel stuck her tongue out at me. "Think about that Mr. Smarty pants."

Jeanne laughed. "Mr. Smarty pants, I like that."

Shaking my head, I said, "Let's get back to your date."

"Michael, are you sure? I'm having a really good time right now."

"I am too, but I think hearing about your date will be even more fun."

Mel asked, "Jeanne, after Trent saw you in your chemise did he kiss you? Remember, Michael is enjoying this. Right now I'm holding his cock. Believe me, you really can be totally honest."

"Michael are you certain you want to hear this?"

"Yes Jeanne, I'm certain, I'm very certain."

There was a moment of silence and then Jeanne said, "Yes, Trent kissed me and it was wonderful. When he walked into the house and saw how I was dressed he smiled. We greeted each other and then he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. He didn't ask for my permission, he just did it. He kissed me hard on the lips and forced his tongue into my mouth. While he kissed me he held me with one arm and pawed me with his free hand. He groped my tits, my ass and even my pussy. Michael he shoved his hand under my chemise and rubbed my cunt with his fingers. I was so turned on I was gushing."

"You enjoyed it."

"Yes Michael, I did. I love making tender love with you, but sometimes it's fun to be treated like a nasty slut."

Mel was slowly pumping my cock.

Amy said, "I know exactly what you mean. I wouldn't want it all the time, but once in awhile it is fun to be taken by an aggressive man."

Jeanne said, "It is." And then she continued. "Suddenly his hands were on my shoulders. I felt him pushing me to the floor. I didn't resist. I didn't want to resist. I knew what he wanted. I wanted to do it for him. I was eager to do it for him. Once I was on my knees the tent in his trousers was directly in front of my face. I touched it, I felt it. Trent unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Every nerve in my body was tingling with excitement as he pulled his enormous erect cock out of his open trousers.

Still slowly pumping my cock Mel leaned over and said, "Close your eyes Michael, close your eyes and picture your wife kneeling in front of another man. His pants are open, his huge cock is free and jutting out in front of him inches from your wife's lips."

Amy and Jeanne were both listening to Mel.

I closed my eyes.

Mel asked, "Are you picturing them?"

I breathlessly answered, "Yes."

"What do you want Jeanne to do?"

"I want her to suck Trent's cock."

"Tell her. It's important for her to know that."


"Yes Michael." Jeanne's voice was raspy with excitement.

"I want you to suck Tent's cock."

Mel said, "Tell her why Michael. Tell her why you want her to do that."

I said, "Because I love you and I now know how much you enjoy doing it."

"Is that the only reason?" Mel was still slowly stroking my cock.


"Tell her the rest."

"Hearing about you doing it excitements me."

Jeanne said, "Thank you Michael, I do enjoy doing it and knowing that it excites you makes it even more fun for me."

Next to me I heard Amy gasp and then she shuddered. I immediately realized that she'd just had a small orgasm.

Mel realized it too. Giggling, she said, "My girl friend just popped."

Jeanne asked, "You mean Amy just came?"

"Damn right, it happens all the time. She's from Wisconsin. Girl's from Wisconsin cum really easy."

Laughing, Jeanne said, "I'm from Minnesota. I've heard that same thing about girls from Wisconsin." But then she quickly added. "Amy I don't blame you. You're not the only one who's excited."

Mel said, "Jeanne we prepared for this. We're not wearing pants and we're sitting on bath towels."

Jeanne giggled. "This is the first time I've ever had phone sex. I like it."

Now recovered from her orgasm, Amy asked, "Jeanne, what are you wearing?"

"Slacks and a sweatshirt."

"A sweatshirt, that's perfect. Take off your slacks and you'll be dressed just like us."

"Can I call you back in minute?"

Amy answered, "Of course you can."

"I'll be right back." Jeanne ended the call.

As soon as Jeanne hung up, Amy turned to me and asked, "Are you enjoying this Michael?"

Slowly shaking my head, I answered, "I have to admit that I really am."

"Good, you should be. It's just fun and nothing else."

"I'm finally beginning to believe that."

The telephone rang.

Mel picked it up, switched on the speaker and set it back on the coffee table.

Jeanne said, "I'm back. Can everyone hear me?"

I said, "Hi Jeanne, yes all three of us can hear you."

Mel and Amy both said, "Hi Jeanne, we're still here."

Amy asked, "Are you dressed more appropriately now?"

"Yes, I took off my slacks and panties and laid a towel on the couch. I also turned up the heat and I have my vibrator with me."

Mel giggled, "Oh honey, you are ready. A vibrator is every girl's good friend."

Amy said, "Jeanne, tell us about the rest of your afternoon with Trent."

"Okay." Jeanne paused to take a breath and then she said, "I was on my knees in front of Trent. He took his cock out of his open pants. He was hard, really hard. Michael, a stiff cock is so exciting; especially when it's right in front of my face."

Next to me, Mel said, "That is so true."

Amy and I laughed.

"As soon as it was free I wrapped my fingers around it and kissed it." Jeanne giggled. "I guess kissing it isn't quite accurate. I actually made out with it. I do that at Brady's too. When I'm giving a guy a blow job in his car I love to close my eyes and make out with his cock. I kiss it and lick it and rub it against my lips and cheeks. I'm sorry Michael, but I really have developed a passion for cocks."

Amy said, "We understand Jeanne. Mel and I share that same passion."

Still holding my erection, Mel said, "We do. Both Amy and I are madly in love with cocks."

Jeanne said, "But I thought you were lesbians."

Amy said, "No Jeanne, we're bisexual."

Mel giggled. "That's right, we'll fuck anybody."

We all laughed.

Jeanne said, "I'm glad Michael met you. You're both so open and honest about sex. I think talking to you is good for both of us."

Amy said, "We're enjoying both of you too."

There was a moment of silence and then Mel said, "Okay, you were on your knees making out with Trent's cock. What happened next?"

"I was pretty excited and feeling really slutty. I slipped Trent's cock into my mouth and sucked him. He was excited too, so he came almost immediately. That was what I wanted. I've learned that with most guys you have to get that first orgasm over quickly. That way, after you get him up again you can settle down and enjoy some serious sex."

Mel nodded. "Most guys cum quickly the first time."

"Jeanne, did you let Trent cum in your mouth?"

"No Michael, I didn't. I told you in San Francisco that you're the only man who gets to do that."

"I know and I appreciate that, but since Trent is special I thought you might want to make an exception for him."

"Michael, you're the only man who's special." Jeanne paused. After a moment she said, "Baby letting a man cum in my mouth or my pussy is a very personal act for me. I would have to be deeply attached to a man before I'd let him do that."

"I understand."

"It's also a health issue."

"You mentioned that in San Francisco."

"Trent and I discussed this during our first date. He understands and accepts the rule that he has to wear a condom when we have intercourse and he can't cum in my mouth when I suck him."

Amy said, "That's a good rule Jeanne."

"Thanks Amy. Michael?"

"Yes Jeanne."

"Now that we're talking about doing things for Trent there is something I'd like to discuss with you."

"You mean licking his ass."

"No we talked about that in San Francisco. You already gave me permission to do that with him."

"Yes I did. Did you do it?"

"I did and he loved it."

Mel clapped her hands. "Way to go girl. You're becoming a first class slut."

Jeanne giggled. "Thank you Mel. Michael, I promise that I'll tell you about that later. Right now there's something else I want to discuss with you."


"I've been watching some of your DVDs. Amy, Mel, Michael has a large collection of porn DVDs at home. He keeps them in his office."

Amy said, "That's not a big surprise."

Mel nodded, "It certainly isn't."

I smiled sheepishly.

Jeanne said, "I'm trying to get really good at giving blow jobs so I've been watching them."

Amy said, "We did that too. There are some porn stars who give pretty creative head."

"There are and I've learned a lot. I think I've gotten much better at using my tongue."

Mel giggled. "Licking a cock is fun."

I said, "While I'm not exactly an experienced connoisseur of fellatio, I thought you were outstanding in San Francisco."

"Thank you Michael. I tried hard when I was with you."

"I know you did and your efforts were appreciated."

Amy said, "I don't understand. What does this have to do with Trent? I'm sure you're trying to give him good blow jobs too, but that's something Michael expects."

Nodding, I said, "That's right, I just assume he's getting your best effort."

"He is, but there's something else."

"What is it?"

"I've watched the women in the movies deep throat cocks, and I'd like to try doing it. I'd like to do it for Trent. I think he'd enjoy it."

Mel said, "Jeanne honey, are you sure about this? Amy and I both used to do it in Vegas. It's not fun. Basically you're choking yourself with the guy's cock. We learned to do it because lots of guys requested it. It was an extra service and believe me it required a very large tip in advance."

"I know that. I can tell from the movies that it's uncomfortable, but I'd still like to try it. It seems really slutty and I'm sure Trent would love it."

Amy said, "Why didn't you try it today?"

"Because I've vowed that I will never again do something with another man that I haven't already done with Michael."

Mel said, "I see. You're going to be with Michael at Christmas. You can do it with him then."

I said, "Jeanne, you'd like to do it for Trent the next time you get together with him, wouldn't you?"

"Yes Michael, I really would."

"Go ahead, you have my permission."

"Are you sure Michael?"

"Yes Jeanne, I'm positive. Do you remember the discussion we had in San Francisco about givers and takers."

"Yes, of course I do. We decided that we're both givers. That's one of the reasons I enjoy dating other men so much. It's fun to play with a taker."

Amy said, "And Trent is a taker."

Jeanne said, "Oh yes."

"When you licked my ass in San Francisco you told me that you would always reserve that pleasure for me and me alone. Do you remember what I told you?"

"Yes, you told me that you loved doing it for me, but you were indifferent to having it done to you. You told me that if I needed to reserve a pleasure for just you it should be licking my ass."

Mel said, "That's our boy."

Amy said, "In our house everybody licks everybody's ass. I hope that's all right with you."

Laughing, Jeanne said, "Of course it's all right. It makes me want to visit you even more."

Mel said, "Get an airplane ticket. We'll pick you up at the airport tomorrow."

Sighing, Jeanne said, "I wish I could, but I can't."

Amy said, "We understand."

Getting us back on track, I said, "Do you remember that I said the same thing about anal intercourse."

"You mean that you didn't find doing it particularly exciting so I shouldn't be concerned about reserving that solely for you either?"

"That's right."

Amy asked, "Michael, don't you enjoy butt fucking?"

"Not particularly, when I tried it in San Francisco it seemed like it was much ado about nothing. Like ass licking, I think it's mostly a power and domination pleasure. I'll grant you that fucking is fucking and it is pleasurable, but I think pussy fucking is more fun. Do you enjoy getting fucked in the ass?"

Mel said, "I think we both feel like you do. It's okay, but we prefer pussy fucking too. If a guy wants it he can do it, but again it requires a generous tip. Still there are women who love it. In fact in Vegas we knew a couple of girls who actually advertised themselves as ass whores."

Jeanne said, "Ass whores? I have to admit that I find that title exciting."

Amy asked, "Jeanne, do you like getting fucked in the ass?"

There was a long pause. Finally Jeanne said, "Michael please don't be upset, but I let Trent have my butt this afternoon and I have to admit that I really did enjoy it."

"Jeanne, I'm not upset. In San Francisco I told you that you could let Trent do that."

"Michael you're not hearing me. I enjoyed it, I really enjoyed it. It made me feel so incredibly slutty."

"Did Trent like it?"

"He loved it."

"Good, now the two of you have something you can enjoy together."

"Michael are you being sarcastic?"

"No Jeanne, I'm not. Anal sex isn't important to me. Since you like it I'll certainly do it with you any time you ask, but I suspect you'd enjoy it more with Trent. The two of you have a different sexual relationship than you and I have. That's why you're dating him. Actually it might be fun if we made it into a game. You should eagerly lick Trent's ass, deep throat his cock and let him fuck your ass; but you should refuse to do any of those things with me."

Amy and Mel both stared at me.

Jeanne cried, "Michael!"

I laughed. "Hey were playing a game. In this game I'm your cuckold, let's have a little fun with it."

Slowly nodding, Amy said, "I think I get it. Denial is often a big part of a cuckold-hot wife marriage. Michael is offering to play a subdued form of that game by telling you to deny him some pleasures that he actually doesn't care about. Michael, can she tell Trent?"

"If I correctly understand that question, yes of course she can. That would be a big part of the fun."

Jeanne said, "I don't understand."

Amy said, "Jeanne, Michael is offering you a way to have a little more fun with Trent. The next time he fucks your ass, you lick his ass or you deep throat him you can tell him that you won't do those things for anyone else, not even your husband."

"Michael, won't that upset you?"

Smiling Mel said, "If you only deny him things that he doesn't care about anyway it doesn't matter. It will be nothing more than a little fantasy game you play with Trent."

I said, "She's right Jeanne. If you stop wearing sexy clothes for me, refuse to let me have intercourse with you or quit giving me blow jobs I'll be upset. Denying me things that I don't care about will just be a kinky little game and I'm beginning to discover that I enjoy playing kinky little games."

I paused to think. After a moment, I continued. "But Jeanne remember what we talked about last night when we were discussing my nightmare. I'm not actually a masochist. I don't have any desire to be humiliated or hurt. A time will come when I'm going to meet some of your men friends. When that happens I expect them to be polite to me. If they try to be overbearing or demeaning I expect you to intervene. If they don't heed your admonishment I expect you to ask them to leave. I will not be abused or even belittled, especially in my own house."

"Of course Michael, I would never allow one of my men friends to be rude to you. If one of them decides to be rude, I'll demand that he apologize to you. If he refuses I'll demand that he leave Immediately."

"Thank you Jeanne. There is one more thing."

"What's that?"

"I will never wear a chastity device."

Jeanne giggled. "Michael I could never imagine you doing that. Besides, when I'm playing with a man in my boudoir the possibility that you might be jacking off in the next room will make it even more exciting for me."

I smiled.

Mel said, "Jeanne, when I come to visit can I sit in the next room with Michael and masturbate too. I'm discovering that I'm just as much of voyeur as he is."

We all started laughing.

Jeanne said, "I think the four of us are going to have a lot of fun together."

Laughing, Mel said, "We are."

Agreeing, Amy said, "Yes we are and I guess I'm turning into a voyeur too. I want to hear more about your date with Trent. You were on your knees giving him a blow job in your living room. You told us that he didn't cum in your mouth, so where did he cum?"

"He warned me when he was close. I pulled the straps of my chemise off of my shoulders..."

Clapping her hands, Mel exclaimed, "I love it. You dropped your chemise and let him cum all over your tits."

"I did. It was so hot." Jeanne paused. After a moment she worriedly asked, "Michael, was that okay?"

"Are you asking me that because you enjoyed it?"

"I guess so."

"You're even more insecure about all of this then I am."

"Michael, it's all so confusing. I really do want to do this, but I'm terrified that I'm going to hurt you. When I started all of this I screwed up so badly. Now I'm afraid that I'm going to say something stupid and make it even worse."

"Jeanne, remember what we discussed the other day. The key to making this work is good communication. If you say something that makes me feel bad I promise that I'll tell you so we can talk about it."

"Okay." Jeanne's voice was quiet. It was clear that she was still feeling insecure.

I continued, "As to what you just told me, I have to admit that while I can't begin to explain why, hearing about it excites me almost as much as doing it excited you."


"Yes Jeanne, the image of you sucking Trent's cock and then dropping your chemise so that he could cum on your tits is driving me wild. Were you jacking him off when he came?"

Giggling, Jeanne said, "I was. Micheal, can I tell you something?"

"Of course."

"Watching a guy cum is really fun, especially when I'm making it happen."

"Jeanne, imagining you making guys cum is fun for me."

Mel said, "I love making guys cum too, but after hanging around with Michael for a few days I'm starting to think that maybe I like hearing about it just as much. Jeanne as soon as we're done talking to you I want to watch Amy give Michael a blow job while I rub myself off."

"I wish I could be there, but I'd want to suck Michael while you and Amy watch. Michael you're a voyeur and I'm beginning to realize that I'm an exhibitionist."

Mel laughed. "This just keeps getting better. The two of you really do compliment each other perfectly."

Amy said, "Jeanne, if you come to Tucson you could dance at Danny's Lounge."

"Amy, I'm forty-nine years old. Men aren't going to want to watch me strip."

Shaking her head, Mel said, "Jeanne, we've seen your pictures. Believe me, there are lots of guys at Danny's who would go wild when you got up on the stage."


Laughing, Amy said, "Definitely, Jeanne you are the quintessential MILF."

Giggling, Jeanne said, "I like that title. It's almost as good as hot wife and slut."

I laughed. "I think we should change it to MWLF."

Amy looked at me. "MWLF?"

"A mother who likes to fuck."

"I like that title even better, especially since my husband just bestowed it on me."

Mel said, "Okay Ms. Hot wife, exhibitionist, MWLF..."

Amy said, "Don't forget slut."

"Definitely don't forget slut." Now Jeanne was laughing. Amy, Mel and I were too.

Mel said, "Okay, Ms. wife of many titles; Let's hear more about your date with Trent."

Shaking her head, Amy said, "Mel you really are turning into a voyeur."

"Damn right I am. I'm from Chicago. Everybody knows that girls from Chicago are voyeurs at heart."

Jeanne said, "Actually I didn't know that."

"Yeah but you used to be a prude."

I said, "But Mel you do have to admit that she's learning quickly."

"Hell yes she is! Jeanne you're well on your way to becoming the Albert Einstein of sucking and fucking."

Jeanne asked, "Does that mean you're going to start calling me Professor Nolan?"

Grinning, Mel said, "Yeah and you can put the initials MWLF after your name."

Amy rolled her eyes. "Okay, enough nonsense. I want to hear more about your date."

Jeanne said, "All right, as soon as Trent was finished ejaculating I stood up, took his hand and led him to Tricia's old bedroom."

"Did he zip up or was his big dick still hanging out of the front of his pants." Mel winked at me. "I think that's an important detail, don't you agree?"

Chuckling, I said, "How could I not?"

"He didn't zip up. He knew it wasn't necessary." Jeanne was giggling again.

Mel pressed. "So his dick was hanging out of his pants?"

Still giggling, Jeanne said, "Yes Mel, it was."

"Okay, you're in Tricia's old bedroom and Trent's dick is hanging out of his pants. What happened next?" Amy clearly wanted to hear the rest of the story.

"Trent started undressing. While he was doing that I wiped his cum off of my breasts with one of the hand towels I now keep in Tricia's room. Then I took off my chemise and pulled down the covers on the bed."

Amy said, "You were turning the bed into a playground."

"I was and that's how we used it."

Mel said, "Tell us."

"It was so much fun. I'm sorry Michael, but it really was."

"That's okay Jeanne. If it wasn't fun we shouldn't be doing this. Now share the fun. Tell us what happened."

"Okay, As soon as Trent was naked he lay down on the bed with his head resting on two pillows. I crawled between his legs and started playing with his cock."

Amy asked, "Was he hard again?"

"Not yet, but as I played with it his cock started to grow."

Mel grinned. "That's one of the reasons cocks are so much fun. They start out as soft, cuddly toys; but if you free one of them and play with it, especially if you give it a kiss, it will grow into an angry snake eager to spew it's potent venom."

Laughing, Amy said, "Mel that's a great metaphor."

"Of course it was. I was born in Chicago."

Rolling her eyes, Amy said, "And everyone born in Chicago is a natural poet."

"Damn right."

"So what's your favorite poem?" Amy was now shaking her head.

Mel quickly answered, "That's easy, There once was a man from Nantucket..."

Amy and I immediately joined in. "Who's cock was so long he could suck it. He said with a grin as he wiped off his chin, if my ear was a cunt I could fuck it."

Amy, Mel and I all laughed.

After a moment Jeanne said, "All of you knew that?"

Amy said, "Of course we did, didn't you?"

Jeanne said, "No, I've never heard it before."

"Really?" Mel was clearly surprised by Jeanne's admission.

"I guess I was sheltered. When did you learn it?"

Mel shrugged. "I don't know; elementary school, maybe the sixth grade."

"The sixth grade? Mel when I was in the sixth grade I'd never even heard the words cunt and cock. If somebody had talked about sucking I wouldn't have had a clue what they meant."

I quietly said, "It's okay Jeanne, we're all products of our environment."

Amy said, "That's right honey, and now you're doing everything you can to overcome your sheltered origin."

Jeanne said, "It was pretty funny. Are there any more poems like that?"

Mel said, "That's the only one I know."

Amy nodded in agreement.

I said, "I know one more."

Mel said, "Tell us."

"Okay, I think it'sfrom World War I. There once was a maiden from France who boarded a troop train by chance. Everyone fucked her except the conductor and he shot off in his pants."

Mel clapped her hands. "I love it."

Giggling, Jeanne said, "I'm ashamed to admit it, but being that maiden is a very hot fantasy."

Amy stared at me. She was smiling. After a moment I asked, "What?"

"You'd like to be the conductor, wouldn't you? You'd like to watch all those guys taking turns fucking Jeanne."

Suddenly embarrassed, I stammered, "I ah... I don't..."

Realizing what Amy was implying, Mel said, "It's okay Michael, watching is fun."

Jeanne quietly said, "Michael."

Embarrassed, I said, "Jeanne, I'm sorry. You must think I'm a complete..."

"No Michael, I don't. It might be better to leave it as a fantasy, but if I ever do pull a train." Jeanne paused and asked, "That's the right term, isn't it?"

Amy said, "Yes that's right."

"Michael, if I ever do pull a train, I'd love it if you'd be willing to be my conductor."

Grinning, I said, "Jeanne, I think you're right. It might be better to leave that as a fantasy, but I have to admit that it is one very hot fantasy."

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