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Awakenings Ch. 19

Ruth and David's second trip to Brady's
After a light dinner Amy, Mel and I retired to the bedroom. As she promised while we were talking to Jeanne, Mel sat in a chair rubbing herself off while she watched Amy suck my cock. Of course Amy and I couldn't let Mel have all the fun. We both wanted an opportunity to indulge our voyeurism too. As soon as I orgasmed we switched places.

I sat in the chair slowly stroking my recuperating penis while I watched Amy and Mel take turns going down on each other. After Amy and Mel each had an orgasm we switched places again. This time Amy took a turn sitting in the chair rubbing herself off while she watched Mel suck my revitalized cock. It was fun and delightfully kinky. I was starting to understand why Jeanne loved acting like a slut so much.

The next day was Sunday. Amy, Mel and I spent the afternoon watching pro football. They're both avid fans. I am too. After dinner Jeanne called. The four of us chatted for over an hour. During our conversation Jeanne finally admitted that her new life style was beginning to create some tension at work. This wasn't a surprise. Jeanne was employed by an extremely conservative law firm. They took pride in being staid pillars of the community. Having a secretary who paraded around their office dressed like a slut didn't promote that image. Since I was certain that Jeanne wasn't going to change, I suspected that a reckoning was on the horizon.

Monday I went to Danny's Lounge with Amy and Mel. Four more girls had brought their financial data. They set up a table for me in the dancer's dressing room. It turned out to be voyeur accountant heaven. I spent the afternoon organizing financial records while a steady stream of beautiful young women dressed and undressed around me.

Monday evening Amy, Mel and I watched Monday Night Football while we waited for Jeanne to call and tell us about her return trip to Brady's with Ruth and David. When the telephone rang it was almost nine o'clock.

Mel answered and immediately switched the telephone to speaker. "Hi Jeanne."

"Hi Mel, is everyone there?"

Amy said, "Yes, we're all here."

I said, "Hi Jeanne."

"Hi Amy. Hi Michael."

Not wanting to waste time with further pleasantries, Mel asked, "How was the trip to Brady's tonight?"

Laughing at Mel's impatience, Jeanne said, "It went very well."

Amy said, "Tell us."

"Okay, we arrived just after six. David went in first. Ruth and I gave him a minute to get settled and then we went in together. Tony and Bill were already there. They had a table. As soon as they saw us they stood up and waved for us to come over and join them."

Mel chuckled. "They weren't going to give any other guys a chance to steal you away from them."

No, they weren't."

"So what happened?" Amy was just as eager to hear the details as Mel.

"The guys got us drinks and we chatted. Ruth was sitting next to Tony. I was sitting next to Bill. Bill and I were playing handsies under the table. I could tell Tony and Ruth were doing the same thing."

I asked. "Where was David?"

"He was sitting at the bar."

"Could he tell what was happening under the table?"

"Oh yes."

"How was he reacting?"

"He couldn't take his eyes off of Tony and Ruth."

Mel gave my cock a firm squeeze. "You wish you'd been at the bar with him, don't you cucky."

Slightly embarrassed, I grinned sheepishly at Mel.

She pressed me. "Come on, fess up. Say it."

"Yes, I admit it. I would have loved to have been there too."

Amy said, "Jeanne, your husband is blushing."

Jeanne said, "Michael, it's just fun. There isn't any reason that you shouldn't enjoy watching."

"I know that Jeanne, but it's still going to take time."

"I understand."

Trying to keep this from turning into an awkward moment, Mel asked, "What happened next?"

Jeanne quickly returned to the story. "Since all four of us understood why we were were there, I didn't see any reason to waste time with unnecessary preliminaries. I suggested that we move right to the back booths."

Smiling, Amy said, "I'll bet Tony and Bill didn't object to that plan."

"No, they thought it was a great idea. Tony immediately stood up and offered his hand to Ruth. As she she stood up I saw her give David a discreet wink."

Mel nodded. "She was letting her sweetie know that she was still thinking about him."

"She was. Ruth loves David."

"Just like you love Michael." Mel gave my cock another squeeze.

"That's right. Micheal I do love you. The other men are just fun. That's all they are. That's all they'll ever be."

"I'm trying to hard to believe that Jeanne. I really am."

Again trying to keep the conversation from getting too serious Mel said, "So all four of you were standing up. What happened next?"

"Tony took Ruth's hand and led her to a booth. Bill and I followed and slipped into the booth next to them. As soon as we were all seated I heard Ruth tell Tony that she'd been anxiously anticipating this all weekend."

Mel asked, "What did Tony say?"

"He didn't say anything. It was quiet."

"He was kissing Ruth." Amy was smiling.

Jeanne said, "I'm certain that's exactly what was happening."

Clapping her hands together, Mel said, "And her husband was watching. I love it. This is so kinky."

Amy asked, "How was David reacting to this."

"Honestly, I don't know. Bill kissed me and then we started making out. While we were making out he slipped his hand under my skirt and started massaging my cunt with his fingers. At that point I lost interest in Ruth, David and Tony."

Grinning, Mel said, "I'll bet you did."

Amy said, "You told us that you don't wear panties when you go to Brady's."

"I don't, they just get in the way."

Leaning over and licking my ear, Amy said, "Did you hear that cucky? Tonight your wife let another man finger her pussy while she was making out with him." She slipped her hand over to my lap and gave my cock a firm squeeze. I was hard, very hard. My erection was making a tent in my trousers. "I guess you did hear her and it's obvious that you loved it. Jeanne, right now your husband's cock is doing a great imitation of the Empire State Building."

"Michael, I wish was there. I would love to suck it for you."

Amy unzipped my pants and freed my cock. While she held it in her hand Mel leaned over, slipped the head into her mouth and started sucking me. "Jeanne, I just took it out. I'm holding it for Mel. In your absence she's doing the honors."

Giggling, Jeanne said, "Thank you for standing in for me Mel, but be careful. I don't think we should let him cum just yet."

Amy said, "Don't worry, she won't. Mel's a pro. She's very adept at keeping a guy on the edge without letting him cum."

Jeanne said, "That's a skill I'm trying to acquire."

"It takes experience. If you keep practising you'll learn how to do it."

Mel took my cock out of her mouth and sat up. "He needs a short break." She was right, I did.

Sensing that it was time to get back to Jeanne and Ruth's evening at Brady's, Amy said, "Did you take out Bill's cock while you were kissing in the booth?"

"I played with it, but I didn't take it out. I could tell he was pretty worked up. I didn't want him to cum until I was sucking him in his car."

Mel said, "You're learning."

"I am. When I first started going to Brady's I had a couple of guys cum while we were making out in the booth. It ends the evening."

Amy said, "Brady's is a one and done situation, isn't it."

"It is. At Brady's everyone is stopping on their way home from work. Nobody has the time to sit around and wait for a guy to get hard again. The sex is quick and uncomplicated. While that's the charm of the place, it also means that there's almost always an underlying sense of time pressure."

"Of course." Amy was nodding.

"There's another important reason to try to keep a guy from cumming until we're out in his car."

I asked, "What's that?"

"I don't want to send a guy home to his wife with a mess on the front of his pants."

We all laughed. I said, "That would be awkward, wouldn't it."

"The second time I went to Brady's I hooked up with a young guy who was wearing a pair of tan slacks. He came while we were making out in the booth. I didn't even have his cock out. I was rubbing it through his trousers. His pants were a mess. It looked like he shot about a quart of cum."

"What did you do?"

"We went out to his car. He took off his pants. I took them back into the bar and washed the front in the lady's room while he called his wife and told her that he was going to be late. After I brought his pants back to him he put them on, thanked me and left. I never saw him again. I assume he drove around until his pants were dry and then he went home."

Grinning, Mel said, "Sometimes partying can get a little crazy."

Jeanne giggled. "It certainly can."

Amy said, "Back to the story. Did Ruth and Tony make it out to the parking lot this time?"

"Yes they did. A few minutes after they started making out in the booth I heard Ruth suggest to Tony that they go out to his car. Of course Tony agreed immediately."

"Of course." Amy was chuckling.

Jeanne continued. "As they walked past us Ruth winked at me. Her hair was already mussed, her lipstick was smeared and she was grinning."

Still chuckling, Amy said, "She was about to get her first taste of strange cock in years. I'll bet she was grinning."

Mel said, "I wonder if David was grinning?"

"As soon as they were gone I suggested to Bill that we go out to the parking lot too. When we stood up to leave I had a chance to check on David. He was grinning from ear to ear. He looked like a little boy in a toy store. We made eye contact. I winked at him and he winked back. I don't think I've ever seen a guy as excited as he was at that moment."

Amy said, "He was enjoying himself. That's good. Did you have a chance to talk to either David or Ruth after you got back from the parking lot?"

"No they were already gone. Tony's young. When I did him last week he got excited pretty quickly. I think he has a hair trigger, at least the first time. I suspect that it didn't take Ruth very long to make him pop. Bill's a little older. He has more control. We were in his car for almost a half hour."

I asked, "Did you have fun?"

Jeanne giggled. "Michael, I love that you're now willing to ask me that question."

Shrugging, I said, "I am making progress."

"Yes you are and to answer your question, it was fine."

Mel said, "It was fine? That's not exactly an enthusiastic response."

"It wasn't meant to be. I had a good time because I was with Ruth and David, but this was Brady's. A big part of the fun at Brady's is meeting new guys."

Understanding immediately, I said, "And you'd already been with both Bill and Tony."

"That's right, Bill's a good guy, but there's nothing special about him."

"So if he asked you, you wouldn't go out with him?"

"He did ask me for a date, and I turned him down."

Mel asked, "What did you tell him?"

"I told him that I had a boyfriend. He knows I'm married, so that really blew him away. He actually asked me if I was planning to leave my husband for my boyfriend. I told him, no way. I love my husband, the boyfriend is just a little extra fun on the side."

Laughing, I said, "You enjoyed shocking him, didn't you."

"Damn right I did. Shocking people is part of the fun of being a slut, but I wasn't lying to him. Michael I'm a middle aged woman with a full time job. I have two daughters who I try to see at least once a week and I want to be able to talk on the telephone with the three of you as often as I can. I don't have time to go out every night of the week. An evening at Brady's, a Saturday afternoon with Trent and an occasional trip to the Goldenrod Supper Club is about as much as I can handle right now."

I said, "You're telling us that you now consider Trent your boyfriend."

There was a pause and then Jeanne said, "Yes, I guess I am. Is that all right? You and I have talked about it a lot lately. I thought you were okay with it."

"I am. While I obviously have mixed feelings about it, I'm certain that you're occasionally going to have a brief infatuation and you need to be free to enjoy it. Rationally I understand that it won't be a threat to our marriage, but it still scares me a little bit."

"Michael, you're my soul mate. I will never love another man as much as I love you." Jeanne laughed. "Actually I don't believe that I'll ever love another man at all. I certainly don't love Trent. I can't even imagine loving him. Michael right now I'm excited by coarse self centered men who enjoy making me act like a slut. They're fun, but I could never have a serious relationship with one of those men. You're sweet, gentle and very smart. You value me as a person. You care about me. Hell you care enough about me to try to adapt to this new lifestyle I'm jamming down your throat. No sir, you are the only man I will ever love."

"I believe that Jeanne, I really do; but it's still hard to get used to the idea that my wife has a boyfriend."

"Would it be easier if we called Trent a fuck buddy? That's all he really is."

"Absolutely not!"


"For the same reason that you like to be called a slut."

"I don't understand."

"Jeanne, you're enjoying the notoriety that comes with your new lifestyle almost as much as you're enjoying the sex. Being a married woman with a boyfriend adds to that notoriety. I love you. Why would I want to stop you from enjoying that extra little thrill. Besides, it's just semantics. Boyfriend or fuck buddy, it doesn't really matter. Your feelings for Trent will be the same regardless of what we decide to call him." I paused for a moment and then I said, "There's also another reason that I want to refer to Trent as your boyfriend."

"Tell me."

"I think I might enjoy the notoriety that comes with having a slut wife who has a boyfriend."

"Michael have you decided that you want to be a cuckold?"

"Amy, that question was decided last August. I am a cuckold. The only remaining question is how I choose to wear that title. I can be a sniveling wimp who grovels at the feet of his wife and her lover."

Jeanne cried, "No Michael! I don't want that. I've never wanted that."

Momentarily ignoring Jeanne, I continued. "Or I can be a husband who is so confident of his wife's love and devotion for him that he can comfortably allow her to date other men and even have an occasional boyfriend."

Understanding, Jeanne said, "That's the man I love."

Giggling, Mel said, "That's also the kind of husband who's best friends would be a pair of ageing hookers in Arizona."

"Could those ageing hookers be his slut wife's best friends too?"

Amy said, "Jeanne, they wouldn't want it any other way."

All four of us were quiet. There are times when silence speaks much louder than words. This was one of those times.

Jeanne finally broke the silence. "I hate to say this, but it's almost 11:30 here. While I wish I could talk all night, I can't. I have to work in the morning."

Mel said, "We understand Jeanne. It's only 10:30 here, but we're entertaining four men tomorrow. We need some rest too."

Laughing, Amy added, "Michael has to play golf so he also needs his rest."

Jeanne asked, "Michael, can I call again tomorrow night?"

Amy answered for me. "Of course you can. Jeanne you're our friend. You can call us every night."

"Thank you Amy." Jeanne paused for a moment and then she asked, "Amy, Mel before you go to sleep tonight will you make sure my baby knows he's loved."

Mel said, "Jeanne, he already knows that, but we'd be happy to reaffirm it for you. Would you like us to give him a tandem blow job?"

"I'd like that very much. After he cums would you whisper, Jeanne loves you in his ear."

Amy said, "Of course we will."

"Goodnight Michael, I love you. Please don't forget that."

"I love you too Jeanne. You shouldn't forget that either."

Giggling, Mel said, "I love this sentimental shit. I'm ready to pop right now."

Amy said, "That's because you're from Chicago. Girls from Chicago always pop when they hear something romantic."

Laughing, Jeanne said, "Goodnight Amy, goodnight Mel. Take care of my baby for me."

Mel said, "Don't worry Jeanne, we will."

"Goodnight Michael."

"Goodnight Jeanne."

Jeanne ended the call.

I did play golf the next day. I teed off at eleven and was back at Amy and Mel's just before four. Mel was reading on the back veranda. Amy hadn't yet returned from her three o'clock appointment.

I grabbed my lap top computer and joined Mel on the veranda. As I was sitting down, Mel asked,"How was your game today?"

"It was good. I played with an older couple from Edmonton, Alberta. They were nice. I hit the ball pretty well, but I missed a lot of putts." I turned on my computer.

"So you didn't score very well."

"No, I didn't, but I don't care. I played with nice people and hit some good shots. That's really all that matters. How were your dates?"

Chuckling, Mel said, "They were a lot like your golf game. They were both nice guys who wanted blow jobs. Even after all these years sucking a cock is still exciting, so I had fun. I'm certain they had fun too. Like you just said, that's really all that matters."

"If you let it happen, life can be pretty simple."

"I think it helps if you're doing something you enjoy."

"Like playing golf or sucking cocks."


"I prefer golf."

"I'm sure you do. Myself, I prefer cocks." Mel and I both laughed.

My computer finished its start up. Mel returned to her Kindle. I opened my email. There were four. Three were advertising, the fourth was from Ruth.

"We have an email from Ruth."

Looking up from her reading, Mel said, "I was hoping you'd have one."

"I'll open it when Amy gets here."

"You won't have to wait long."

Mel and I turned. Amy was standing in the open French doors that led to the living room. She was wearing a black lace brassiere, A matching black garter belt that held up black thigh high nylon stockings and a pair of black patent leather high heeled pumps. She wasn't wearing panties. The garter belt served as a perfect frame for her shaved pussy.

I gaped.

Laughing, Mel said, "Damn girl, you look good enough to eat."

Amy smiled. "Don Amundsen had the same opinion."

Mel and I both chuckled.

Looking at me, Amy said, "I gather you have an email from Ruth."

"I do."

"Mel will you make three Manhattans while I take a shower and change clothes? Michael can read Ruth's email to us while we sit out here and have cocktails."

Mel nodded. "That's an excellent plan." She set her Kindle down, stood up and turned to me, "Come on Michael, you can make the drinks while I put together a plate of cheese and crackers."

We were eager to read Ruth's email so in less than fifteen minutes all three of us were seated on the veranda sipping our Manhattans. My computer was on my lap. I started reading:

"Dear Michael and I now understand, Melody and Amy too."

Mel smiled. "She called me Melody. I like that. If I ever decide to become a real dom I want to be addressed as Mistress Melody."

Amy shook her head. "Michael, for the time being ignore Mistress Melody. We can grovel at her feet later. Right now I want to hear Ruth's email."

"Ooo! Groveling at my feet. I like the sound of that. This could turn into a very exciting evening."

"Michael when she gets like this it really is best to ignore her. Please continue reading."

Both Mel and Amy winked at me. I smiled at them and started reading again.

"Things continue to go well at the office. Jason is a good manager and Bernie Kyle is a capable assistant. Charles and Edith called this morning to inquire about how you're doing. I told them that you're staying with two exotic dancers in Tucson. That made both of them happy. Edith has talked to Jeanne several times since you left. They have a pretty good understanding of her new life style, so they were afraid that you might be sitting in some motel on the Interstate, alone and depressed. They told me to tell you that they send their love."

Mel said, "I hope that someday we can meet Charles and Edith. They sound like interesting people."

"They are and I'm certain they'd like to meet you and Amy too." I continued reading Ruth's email.

"Before I tell you about last night, I have to say something. Michael have you thought about how much our lives have changed in the last three months? Of course you have, that's why you're living in Tucson; but Michael, What The Fuck! Last night I gave a man I barely knew a blow job in his car while David waited for me inside a bar. I'm the mother of two teenagers. It feels like my entire world has turned upside down. Hell I just wrote the word fuck in an email to my boss. Most amazing of all is that I'm loving every bit of this and so is David. Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn't be checking into an insane asylum.

It would be easy to pin all of this on Jeanne, but that wouldn't be fair. While she may have started it, all of us have eagerly jumped on her merry band wagon. Honestly, David and I couldn't be happier. We're both a little scared, but we're excited too. You haven't exactly suffered either. You're in the midst of the middle aged adventure of a lifetime. Michael, you're living in Tucson with two exotic dancers."

I stopped reading and looked at Amy and Mel. "I hope you know that I'm not hanging around with you because you're strippers or escorts. I like you. That's why I'm here. I wouldn't care if you were lunch ladies at the local junior high school. Hell, I'm a damned accountant. People make jokes about accountants."

Mel reached over and patted my hand. "We know that Sweetie. That's why we like you so much."

Amy grinned. "But Michael, this is the first time people have thought we were cool because of our professions. We're enjoying this every bit as much as everyone else is."

Nodding, Mel said, "Ruth said it very well. Right now we're all riding Jeanne's merry band wagon. We might as well relax and have fun."

"That's right." Amy was smiling."

"Okay." I started reading again.

"Anyway, about last night. It was incredible. Not the sex with Tony, that was actually disappointing. Jeanne told me that when she talked to you last night she mentioned that he might have a hair trigger. Believe me, he does. It took me less than a minute to make him cum. I shouldn't complain. That was actually a blessing. It allowed me to get back to David. It also provided us with a laugh at Tony's expense. That gave David a little extra self confidence about all of this. Michael, regardless of what happens; I love David and Jeanne loves you. Please don't ever forget that. We don't ever want either of you to get hurt because of what we're doing.

When I returned to the bar, I gave David a quick nod and walked back out to the parking lot. A minute later he joined me. As soon as we got into the car he was a fount of questions. Did I have fun? Did Tony have a big cock? Did he make a lot of cum? Where did he cum? Did I want to see him again. Did I wish that he could have fucked me? Those were just a few of his questions. I enjoyed it. David is my baby and I love it when he's excited.

Believe me, he was excited. When we got home it took every bit of self control David had just to be able to calmly talk to the kids about their school day. As soon as we got into the privacy of our bedroom he was all over me. I loved it. He almost ripped my clothes off. When I sat down on the foot of the bed he dropped to his knees and started kissing my feet. My baby has a submissive streak. Please don't think ill of him. As a father, a husband and a provider David is a rock. He's the strongest man I've ever known. If he had to do it he would walk through hell to keep the kids and me safe, but in the bedroom he's my little pussy and that makes me love him even more."

Mel said, "It makes me love him too. Too many men are arrogant asshole wimps pretending to be macho tough guys."

Nodding, Amy said, "The moment things get tough they grab their barbells and race for the back door."

I continued reading.

"Gradually David worked his way up to my pussy. He kissed me there and then he said something that completely amazed me. He told me that he wished that I'd let Tony fuck me. I asked him if he was serious. He assured me that he was. He said that he wanted me to be free like Jeanne. He wanted me to enjoy other men. I don't understand why David wants this lifestyle, but I'm now convinced that he does want it and I have to admit that I want it too. Before I met David I was a slut. I used to hate that word, but Jeanne has convinced me that it's just a name for a woman who freely enjoys sex with variety of partners. When I think about it like that it doesn't bother me, so now I brazenly admit that I used to be a slut and I'd very much like to be one again."

"Your wife is turning into an evangelist for promiscuity." Mel was grinning.

Nodding, I said, "That's my Jeanne. When she embraces a cause she becomes passionate about it."

Amy giggled. "Promiscuity is a cause that invites passion."

"It does, doesn't it." Mel, Amy and I grinned at each other and then I started reading again.

"Anyway, I was excited and so was David. You know how people say that sometimes a man lets his penis do his thinking for him? At that moment I was thinking with my clit. I lay back on the bed, spread my legs apart as wide as I could and told David to show me what he'd do for me after another man finished fucking me. Michael, David buried his face between my legs and started kissing and licking me with total abandon. It was like he was possessed by lust. I loved it. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face into my cunt as hard as I could. At that moment all I wanted to do was fuck David's face.

Michael, please don't be shocked by my language. Both David and I are trying as hard as we can to shed our inhibitions. One of the ways we're doing it is talking dirty to each other. It really is fun.

David to gave me the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced. The kids were at home so I didn't dare scream, but I think I shook for at least a minute."

Mel laughed. "Damn Michael, your friends sure do know how to party."

Amy and I both smiled. I continued reading.

"While I was recovering from my orgasm David crawled up the bed and lay quietly next to me. Michael, I was so happy. When I opened my eyes I asked him if he was ready to fuck me. He told me that he'd rather watch another man fuck me. I told him that while I'd enjoy that too there weren't any immediately available candidates. That made both of us laugh.

David then surprised me by telling me that he'd really enjoy it if I masturbated him while I told him about my experiences with Nick Granger. We did it Michael, we actually did it. It was so kinky. David kneeled on the bed next to me and I slowly jacked him off while I told him how much I loved fucking and sucking Nick's big cock.

When David orgasmed I aimed his cock so that he ejaculated on my tits. After he finished cumming I licked his cock clean and then I ordered him to lick my breasts clean. I didn't suggest it. I didn't ask him to do it. I ordered him to do it and he did it. He did it eagerly. I don't know what got into us. We've never done anything like that before. I guess both of us were so excited that we'd lost all of our inhibitions. Afterward, we lay together on the bed cuddling and giggling like a pair of teenagers.

Later, after we'd showered and put on our pajamas David asked me if I wanted to try to get together with Tony at a motel. I told him that I didn't. Truthfully, Tony isn't a very good playmate. He's a little unsure of himself and he cums quickly.

David was disappointed, but he quickly cheered up when I told him that I had another idea. Last night, while Jeanne and I were walking into Brady's she told me that a friend of hers had told her about The Goldenrod Supper Club. Jeanne's been there several times, but her friend told her that during a trade show at the Civic Center The Goldenrod becomes the evening hangout for the men working at the show. Since most of the men are from out of town, they have hotel rooms and many of them are looking for a little extracurricular fun. A trade show opens at the Civic Center next Tuesday. Jeanne and her friend are planning to go to the Goldenrod Tuesday evening. She invited me join them.

When he heard this, David was adamant that I had to go, but he was also still a little disappointed. Next Tuesday evening is a full week away. My baby is anxious to get started with our new life style. He was hoping that there was something else we might be able to do this week. I pointed out that since Thursday was Thanksgiving this probably wasn't a big week for extramarital assignations. David understood immediately. We're now both eagerly anticipating next Tuesday night. David asked if he could sit in the bar and watch. I told him that I'd ask Jeanne, but I couldn't think of any reason that she would object.

Jason just handed me a stack of forms that have to be ready for the afternoon mail, so I'd better get going.

Michael, I hope you're enjoying life as much as David and I are. I'll email you again at the end of the week. Amy and Mel I really hope that someday we can meet.



Mel shook her head. "I said it before and I'm going to say it again. You're friends sure are learning how to party."

I smiled. "Yes they are."

Amy said, "The trade show is a great idea. Mel and I used to work the Las Vegas trade shows. They're loaded with guys away from home looking for a good time. I expect that Jeanne, Ruth and Jeanne's new friend are going to have a very good time next Tuesday."

Mel asked, "Michael, who is this new friend? Did Jeanne mention her in San Francisco?"

"No Mel, she didn't; but she's going to call us tonight. We can ask her."

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