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Comfortably Cuckolded Again!

Nate sleeps with my wife again, and I like it.

It had been a few months since my wife Julie had her encounter with my work colleague Nate, but I knew from the look in her pretty blue eyes that she enjoyed the events of the night and that while she didn't explicitly state it, she was keen to perhaps do it again.It had certainly put the spark back into our lagging sex life, and now we had sex at least once a week, sometimes twice, to more than satisfactory results for the both of us. I loved to lick her pussy, knowing that Nate had enjoyed this part of her. Despite it being a few months in the past, it was still a turn-on for me to know that Nate had enjoyed what I enjoyed. To know that his cock had been where I was now putting my cock. 

Rules and safe-words had been in place that night, for the safety and security of everyone involved. The last thing anyone wanted was for boundaries to be crossed, especially for Julie. It was a precaution, I found out, that most swingers parties and group sex situations employed. The safety and comfort of everyone involved was priority. No meant no and stop meant stop. If one participant couldn't handle a no from someone, then they were gone. It was game over for them. I found out also that this was a rarity, but in the event of that happening, safety precautions were in place. 

After the incident with my wife, Nate was very keen to impart his knowledge with me on his experiences with the swinging scene. This was something he didn't broadcast to the working world as there was still some stigma attached, but he very quietly made no bones about the joy and satisfaction he got from sleeping with the wives and girlfriends of other men, or seeing a woman handle two men at once. 

"So do you think your wife is keen to do it again?" Nate asked over lunch, as he finished telling me about the experiences he and his now ex-wife had with the scene. 

"I think she is," I told him. "She certainly enjoys sex more and talks about how much she liked the experience, but she's never said anything about wanting to do it again."

"Well, if you two want to do it again, you know where to find me," Nate said, standing up and cleaning away his lunch dishes. Hot damn, I thought. Nate had just given me the go ahead, now all I needed was Julie and we could do this again. I asked her that night in bed if she enjoyed her encounter with Nate, to which she replied that of course she did. 

"He told me today that if you were interested, then he would like to do it again." I said to Julie. A coy little smile came to her face but she wasn't jumping for joy or overly excited, she just nodded her head. 

"Okay," she said, smiling smugly. 

"So you would want to do it again?" I asked, seeking confirmation from my wife. 

"I would," Julie replied. She and I made love after that, the thought of her with Nate again playing in both our minds, I was sure. 

The next day at work I told Nate that my wife would like to try the experience again. We set up a date for the next weekend, when I knew that my children would definitely be away from the house, and that the three of us would have complete privacy. The last thing I wanted was my two teenagers finding out about this. I told Julie about the date that had been set and what Nate wanted her to wear, as he told me he wanted her to look a certain way for the encounter. 

Over the course of the week, Julie and I went shopping and purchased the things that Nate had asked her to wear. The first thing we went shopping for was the lacy black underwear set. Julie tried on several different types of bra, which was well beyond me as I thought a bra was a bra, I didn't realize they came in different style or had different purposes. I thought they all did the same thing- hold tits up and make them look nice to men and women. Julie finally decided on a black lace push up bra, which gave her the most incredible cleavage. I approved, as did my cock, and I was certain also that Nate would approve. It was slightly odd at first, buying sexy underwear for my wife and knowing that another man would enjoy her with my permission, but I couldn't deny that it also turned me on. It was an insane turn on for me, in fact. 

By the end of the week Julie's outfit was complete. We had purchased everything that was needed and now Julie was made up and dressed to Nate's requirements. When he arrived later on that night he couldn't take his eyes off Julie, after she of course had made her big entrance. She was wearing a tight, knee-length halter dress that clung to every curve of her body, the imprint of the lace bra and panties underneath visible against the tight dress. Her hair was curled and pinned on top of her head and her makeup, while minimal and natural, was done very well. 

Nate walked up to Julie and kissed her passionately while I looked on. I was happy for the affection. I was happy to see another man run his hands all over my wife and kiss her. I was happy to be cuckolded. Watching my wife with another man was a dream come true for me. It made my cock harden in my pants to see this unfolding in front of me. I sat there and watched as Nate cupped each of Julie's ass cheeks in his hands and then gently pushed her dress up and felt inside her panties, searching for her pussy. I heard Julie sigh and move in closer to him, riding the palm of his hand. 

My arousal levels sky-rocketed when I saw Julie's panties being pushed to the floor, Nate running his fingers up and down her slit and then inserting two fingers inside her. Hearing my wife moan from the touch of another man was almost enough to make me cum then and there, and I wasn't even touching myself. Nate whispered something in Julie's ear and she smiled cheekily at him and then sank down to her knees in front of him, unzipping his pants and pushing them down around his ankles. She slowly started rubbing his cock, taking the time to feel his whole length and play with his balls, before she sucked on the head. 

"She's a good little cock sucker isn't she?" Nate asked me, speaking over Julie's head. I had never used such language with Julie as she had always disliked it. Dirty talk wasn't really her thing. I called her a good little slut once, after she had done something particularly dirty to me. She hated it, so I had never called her that again or tried dirty talk with her, but she didn't seem bothered with Nate's language and the fact that he called her a good little cock sucker. I couldn't even give Nate a proper answer myself. All I could do was sit there and nod my head dumbly as I watched my wife take him deeper in her mouth. 

"Don't you dare think about touching yourself," Nate said to me when he spied me touching myself through my pants. "You can have her after me. She is mine first, then she is yours." Again, all I could do was nod dumbly at Nate in response, my hand falling away from the hardness in my pants. Nate groaned loudly and placed his hands on the back of Julie's head, slowly moving his hips back and forth, encouraging Julie's ministrations. 

Julie was enjoying the task, making loud 'mmm mmm mmm' sounds as she bobbed her head back and forth on Nate's cock, happily sucking it. After a short while he pulled his cock from out of her mouth and I saw it stand proudly to attention, glistening with the saliva of my wife. Nate stood Julie up and undressed her, taking care with each article of clothing, commenting that he liked the way she was dressed and that Julie was good at taking instructions. "You look better than I could have ever imagined," he said, giving her a friendly pat on the ass. He marched Julie towards the table, moved the wine glasses out of the way and bent her over so she was on display to him.

I saw the look of pure bliss on Julie's face as Nate played with her pussy, fingering and licking her. Julie closed her eyes and moaned loudly as Nate did his thing. I was dying to touch myself, but I wasn't allowed, which I loved as it gave Nate control of the situation. All I could do was sit there and take it while another man had my wife. I was a true cuckold. Nate got down on his knees, spread Julie's ass cheeks and licked her that way, having better access to her. 

"Oh shit," I heard Julie utter, which was strange as she hardly ever swore. Nate must have been doing a good job. "Mmm," I heard her sigh. Her face was contorted in pure bliss, and my cock ached and throbbed, begging to be touched. But I couldn't touch it. I would have to wait. "I'm gonna cum," I heard Julie say, her voice breathless and full of desire. The look on her face indicated to me first that she was cumming. Then the heavy breathing and moans that followed told Nate that she was having an orgasm from his touch. 

After Julie had come back down to earth, Nate stood up looking triumphant. He positioned himself behind Julie and slammed into her, using full, firm strokes. He grabbed her hips and drove himself into her pussy, telling her how good it felt and how much he was loving and enjoying it. Julie was moaning loudly also, building up to another orgasm, I could tell. I so badly wanted to get in on the action or at least touch myself, but I couldn't, and Nate reminded me of that fact. 

"Don't do it," he said to me as I watched him fuck my wife. "Don't touch yourself." I wanted to cum. I wanted the release that I so sought otherwise I feared cumming in my pants, and that would be no fun at all. All I could do was sit back and watch Nate enjoying my wife and hear her appreciative moans. "Cum for me," Nate said to Julie. "Do it. Cum for me." 

Julie let go and had another big orgasm, her body rolling and shaking with the motion, her face red and her eyes closed. She was so loud, louder than I had heard her in a while and I had the sudden thought that Nate might be better than me. But if he was then perhaps Julie and I could make this a part of our sex life sometimes. We would all be satisfied. I would get to see my wife fuck another man and Julie would get to experience what seemed to me to be amazing orgasms. I would also always have Julie at the end of the day. She would always be mine afterwards. Not Nate's or anybody elses. She would be mine. 

"I'm going to cum inside you," Nate panted. "I'm going to cum," he repeated. He pushed himself into her and then let go, groaning as he did so. I wasn't entirely sure how long his orgasm lasted as he stayed inside my wife for a while afterwards, leaning over and whispering in her ear, making her giggle and laugh like a little school-girl. "Your turn now," Nate said to me as he stood back. I stood up and walked over so that I was behind Julie. I could see the combined juices of both her and Nate. Was I really going to fuck my wife after another man just had? "Do it," Nate said to me. "You know you want to." 

I took my pants off and stepped out of them carefully, kicking them to the side. I held Julie's hips and slowly slid myself into her. She felt hot and wet inside. I was taking slow strokes at first, gently pushing in and out. I was very cautious. Never would I have thought that I would be fucking my wife straight after another man, but damn was I enjoying it, despite my slow, short thrusts. It was when Julie asked me to please fuck her that I was driven wild and increased the speed, slamming into her as Nate had done, really giving it my all. My cock had been aching for this as I watched her suck another man and then orgasm twice at his touch.

It felt so good, knowing that another man had enjoyed what I now was, before me. I was really going for it with Julie, all the pent up arousal from earlier now coming out. Julie was as animated with me as she had been with Nate. She was swearing and begging me to give it to her, which I gladly did. I leaned over her and kissed her on the cheek, my chest pressed up against her smooth back. I caught a whiff of her perfume and her shampoo, both of which were intoxicating smells. 

"Oh fuck Pete," Julie whispered. 

"Do you want me to cum?" I asked her, feeling that warm, wonderful feeling build within me. 

"Yes. Cum in my pussy," she said. So I did. I came and came inside her, feeling as if it was lasting forever. Afterwards, when Julie had gone off to clean herself up, I thanked Nate profusely, knowing that the spark that was missing from my marriage had now been restored. I also made plans for the very next weekend with Nate. This was not the last time this would be happening. 

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