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Getting Even

Bella is looking to get even with Grant for his years of infidelity.
Bella stood before her mirror as she dressed. “I don’t know why you’re complaining. It’s your fault after all.”

Grant sat on their bed with his head in his hands. “Can’t we do something else, Bella?”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because this is stupid!” he exclaimed.

“Really? So you’d rather I call my lawyer and tell him to proceed with the divorce?”

“No!” he exclaimed.

“Then we proceed.”

Bella slipped on a maroon dress that hugged her curves and accented her full, round breasts. “Must you wear that?” asked Grant.

“Yes, I must. It makes me look sexy.”

“I know, too sexy.”

Bella smiled wickedly. “Maybe I should have worn it more often then. But wait, I’ve only had the dress for a month and you’ve been fucking your secretary for over a year.”

Grant sighed, “I know.”

“It was bad enough you were cheating on me for most of our marriage, but when you dared to bring that little tart here, and fuck her in our bed, that was going too far. Seeing that little slut in our bed was just too much.”

“So this is your idea of revenge?”

“If I wanted revenge you’d be having your balls handed to you by my lawyer. This is more like… justice.”

“It’s cheating.”

“No,” she said, turning toward her husband. “It’s getting even.”


Grant entered the bar and sat in the booth they had selected a few days prior. It was the one where he’d have the best view of Bella’s show. The waitress came by wearing a short skirt and low cut top. Grant ordered a scotch neat, with a beer chaser. He wanted to get drunk, but he knew that wasn’t part of their deal. He also wanted bend the waitress over the table and pound her like he had his secretary so many times before Bella caught him.

Grant’s mind wandered back to how this all came about. He and Bella had been married for over ten years, and had two beautiful children, yet Grant wanted more. He wanted what he thought Bella wouldn’t give him. His first affair was with a coworker. It was a passionate, but short lived affair. Grant ended it when he learned Bella was pregnant with their son.

His next affair was with his best friend’s wife that lasted until Bella got pregnant with their daughter. He tried to resist temptation, but faltered often. When he went to New York on business and met a client’s wife, he knew he had to have her, and have her he did. But when she called with a pregnancy scare, he decided it was time for a vasectomy. He chose to not tell Bella, though she hinted often she wanted another child.

He swore after the vasectomy he’d behave himself, until Penny, his secretary arrived. She was beautiful woman of twenty, firm, and sexy with long red hair, big green eyes, and huge breasts. He learned after their first encounter her breasts were implants, but he didn’t care. She could suck his cock dry in a matter of minutes and would often give him a blowjob under his desk while he was on the phone with important clients making him feel presidential. She also knew he would never leave his wife and after some prodding, she talked him into taking her to his place instead of a no-tell motel.

That was his critical mistake. He was pounding her tight ass and pulling her red hair as she screamed obscenities when Bella walked in on them and hit the roof. After weeks of begging, she agreed to talk. What Grant didn’t expect, was what her terms for reconciliation would be. Now he was sitting here in this bar waiting for the cute little brunette waitress, the one he would love to sneak off to the bathroom with and fuck her brains out, to bring him his drinks, and his wife to arrive.

As the waitress set the glasses down, Bella walked in. The maroon dress flowed as she walked. Grant thought it might have been his imagination, but it seemed that every man turned when she entered, and all eyes were on her. Her blonde hair was curled to perfection, her makeup was flawless, and her body was smoking hot in that dress. Around her neck was the diamond and garnet pendant he had given her for her birthday last year. It hung perfectly at the apex of the valley of her cleavage. He knew the push-up bra was enhancing her already luscious and natural breasts.

Bella sat down at the barstool they had selected previously so Grant would have the best view of her show. She ordered a drink and glanced around the bar. Grant knew she was picky and wondered how long before she made her selection. As it turned out, he didn’t have to wait long.

The man sitting at the far end of the bar with the dark hair, tanned skin, and wearing the expensive suit watched Bella enter and sit down. He also watched her ignore most of the men there, especially the one with the salt and pepper hair at the booth who was staring at her with a raw hunger. He waited for her to finish her first drink, then flagged the bartender and told him her next drink was on him. He waited in silence for her to order the second drink, and the smile that grew when she learned he had already paid for it.

The man walked over and sat next to her on the empty barstool. “Thank you for the drink,” she said politely.

“You’re welcome. I’m Zane,” he said extending his large, muscular hand. His deep voice washed over Bella and added to her attraction to him.

“Bella,” she replied, taking his hand into hers. His hand dwarfed hers easily and she smiled up at him.

“What is a beautiful woman like you doing in a dive like this?” he asked, releasing her hand.

“Having a drink and talking with you at the moment.”

Zane laughed. His brown eyes sparkled as he looked at her. “I like your sense of humor.”

“Thanks. Some days it’s all I have.”

“Would you like to dance?”

“I’d love to.”

Zane led her to the dance floor and held her petite and curvy frame close. Her breasts pressed against his chest, her head lay on his shoulder, and he enjoyed the view of her breasts. Her hand seemed pale in his as they slowly swayed on the floor. He could smell her sweet perfume and wanted to know if his fantasy matched her reality.

Bella breathed in his cologne and sighed. His firm chest and dark skin made her pale skin seem to glow. Yes, if he were willing, this would be the man she would take home tonight. She saw Grant watching them dance with the mixture both anger and jealousy in his eyes. Part of her was leaping for joy that he was jealous, and part of her was wanting him to stop this, but she knew he wouldn’t. Not only was that not his style, this was her game and thus, they were playing by her rules.

After a few dances, they walked back to the bar for another round of drinks. Bella was flirting with this stranger and was debating how she was going to explain to this stranger what she wanted when he asked, “Is there a reason that man in the booth behind us keeps staring at you?”

Bella glanced over at Grant, then said, “That’s my husband.”


“Yeah,” said Bella sipping her drink. “A few months ago I caught him fucking his secretary in our bed. I kicked his sorry ass out and contacted a lawyer. Then he came crawling back begging me for a second chance. See, he thinks I only know about his secretary, but I’ve known for years just how unfaithful he’s been to me. So, after some thought, I decided the best way for him to prove just how sorry he was for his past transgressions, was for him to watch another man fuck me.”

“And he agreed to this?”

“We’re here tonight aren’t we?”

Zane looked over at Grant, then back at Bella. “May I ask, why the fuck would you want to give him a second chance?”

“I’d say it’s because I love him. But also I want to be able to tell my children we did all we could and mean it. Plus, he needs to know how I feel and I want justice.”

“Ah,” said Zane finishing his drink, “you want a revenge fuck.”

“Do you mind?” Bella asked sheepishly.

Zane smiled wickedly, “Not in the least. What is your husband’s name?”


“Well Bella, Grant is an idiot for cheating on such amazing lady as yourself. But maybe making Grant a cuckold for one night will do him some good.”

“A what?”

“A cuckold… when a female has sex with a male that isn’t her mate. By your making him watch you as you fuck another man, namely me, you’re making him a cuckold.”

“I didn’t know there was such a term.”

“Oh my yes. And I hope we can do this more than just tonight. By the way, you mentioned children earlier. Where are they?”

“With my mother for the weekend. They don’t need to know about this.”

Zane smiled. “Good call. So where are we going to engage in this revenge fuck?”

“Justice fuck,” corrected Bella, “and at our home. If he can fuck his secretary there, then I can have my justice fuck there as well. That is, if you don’t mind.”

“And miss the chance to enjoy such a lovely lady as yourself? Oh hell no. Even if it’s just for one night, it will be well worth it in the end. But before we begin, may I kiss you?”

Bella looked up at him surprised. She couldn’t remember a man ever asking to kiss her before, they always just did it. “Um… sure.”

“I’m guessing no man has ever asked to kiss you before?” he asked, brushing a stray blonde hair behind her ear.

“You guessed right.”

Zane smiled, took her face into his hands, leaned down, and softly kissed her lips. Electricity shot through Bella’s body, hardening her nipples and dampening her panties. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to slip in. The sensation was almost overwhelming for Bella as she breathed in deeply through her nose.

When Zane broke off their kiss, Bella gasped, “Wow.”

“Is that a good wow?” asked Zane.

“Fuck yeah!”

Zane laughed and glanced over at Grant who was clearly pissed. “Well, then I thank you for such a compliment.”

“I should be thanking you,” said Bella, still a bit breathless. “I can’t remember the last time a man kissed me like that.”

“Now that’s a shame. You should be kissed like that often. Now I wonder what else you haven’t experienced in a long time.”

“Wanna find out?”

“Indeed I do my dear. Shall we take our leave?”


Zane took Bella’s arm and escorted her out of the bar. Grant quickly followed and watched his wife climb into Zane’s expensive sports car. He growled under his breath and followed them to his home. He watched Bella and Zane enter the house as he parked, then quickly followed them in. He could hear them upstairs talking and giggling. He ran up the stairs, two at a time and found them sitting on the bed in the master bedroom, both still fully dressed. Zane had his arm around Bella’s shoulders.

“Oh, hello Grant,” said Bella in an almost sticky sweet voice. “So glad you could join us.”

Grant was panting from his dash upstairs. Seeing Zane next to his wife angered him. “Get your hands off her,” growled Grant.

“Why?” asked Zane. “I’m not hurting her.”

“I said, get your hands off her.”

“No,” snapped Bella. “Zane is doing nothing wrong, and we had a deal. Now, either sit down and shut up or get out. Either way, Zane is staying.”

“This is stupid Bella,” snapped Grant.

“Was it so stupid when you were fucking your secretary? How about your best friend’s wife? Or your coworker? I know, let’s talk about all the other women you’ve fucked during our ten year marriage.”

Grant’s face went rather pale. “Um… I ugh… um…”

“Yes Grant, I know about them all.”

Grant ran his fingers though his hair. “Is this why you want me to watch?” the anger and force was lost from his voice.

“Partly yes. And partly because it’s a fantasy of mine to be watched while I’m fucked.”

“What?” asked Grant.

“You heard me Grant,” said Bella, her tone rather flat. “Now, you have a choice, either sit down and enjoy the show, or get the fuck out. Just know that if you leave, our deal is off.”

Zane sat quietly. He wanted to say something, but knew it was best to keep quiet. He’d been in this situation before and it always ended the same way, with him having a night of wild, hot, passionate sex with an angry woman. The question was if Grant was going to watch or not.

“Fine,” hissed Grant as he sat in the chair near the bed that Bella set for him before they left for the bar.

Zane reached over and stroked Bella’s hair. “I can go if you’d like,” he whispered in her ear.

Bella turned to him and kissed his lips. “Does that look like I want you to leave?”

Zane smiled wickedly. “Not in the least.”

Zane kissed Bella again. Their tongues intertwined as their arms wrapped around each other. Bella pushed Zane’s jacket off and began to untie his tie. Zane began to unzip her dress. They quickly undressed each other until they were both standing at the foot of the bed, staring at each other in just their undergarments. Bella’s breasts heaved in her bra with every breath and her hard nipples poked though the fabric. Her thong panties showed the dark stain from her arousal. Zane’s boxers tented from his hard cock.

“Fuck you’re beautiful,” whispered Zane.

“Thank you,” said Bella.

Zane took Bella into his arms, kissing her passionately, caressing her exposed skin. He reached around and released her bra, tossing it toward Grant. Grant caught the bra and dropped it to the floor. He glared at Zane, knowing he threw it at him on purpose. Zane cupped her breasts in his hands, and smiled as they more than filled his palms.

“A woman’s breasts should always be at least a handful and yours my dear, are a handful plus, not to mention simply exquisite.”

“Thanks,” whispered Bella.

Zane leaned down and took her left nipple into his mouth. He suckled her small, taut nipple, teasing it with his tongue, listening to her breath and soft moans. He switched to her right nipple and smiled as she moaned. He could also hear Grant shifting his weight in his seat, but otherwise not moving.

Zane had Bella lay on the center of the bed, then asked, “What’s your favorite position?”

“Um… position?”

“When you have sex, what works best for you?”

“Oh,” said Bella, then giggles. “You’ll think it’s silly.”

“Please Bella, tell me.”

“I like being on my back.”

“Ah, missionary… always a favorite.”

“And from behind.”

Zane smiled wickedly. “Mmmm, doggie style. You like the idea of your man fucking you like a bitch in heat.”

Bella giggled again. “Yeah.”

“What about anal?”

“I’ve always wanted to try it.”

“You what?” snapped Grant.

Bella looked over at Grant. “I said I’ve always wanted to try it. The problem was you never asked. You treated sex with me like it was your job. Hell, you rarely got me off. The first time I had an orgasm I thought something was wrong with me. And that happened when I was alone and masturbating. You’d mount me, fuck me, and cum. You rarely went down on me. You almost never did any more than necessary to get me wet and when you were cheating, you would ignore me for months.”

“Bella,” said Zane softly, stroking her hair, “would you be willing to try anal with me?”

“No!” snapped Grant.

“Hush Grant,” said Bella, “he asked me not you. And, to be honest Zane, I’m not sure.”

“That’s an honest answer,” said Zane. “Now, you mentioned oral.”

“Don’t count on it buddy,” said Grant.

“I rather enjoy it,” said Bella.

“Giving or receiving?” asked Zane.


“Bullshit!” snapped Grant. “She hasn’t sucked my cock in years.”

“And why should I?” barked Bella. “When was the last time you ate my pussy? When was the last time you did anything to make me cum? You picked your whores over me time and time again. I got tired of trying.”

Zane kissed Bella’s cheek and whispered softly, “If you suck my cock I’ll eat your pussy until you cum twice.”

Bella’s cheeks flushed as she said, “Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

“That would be nice, but I might want to cum on your face, or those amazing tits. I’m not sure yet.”

“I hope you’re willing to cum more than once.”

“I like that idea darling,” said Zane.

“Me too.”

Bella began kissing down Zane’s body until she reached his boxers. She grabbed the waist band with her teeth and slid them down his body. His firm cock sprang out and bobbed as she removed his boxers and dropped them on the floor. She gave Grant a quick glance and saw the look of frustration on his face. A quick smile grew across her face as she turned her focus to Zane’s cock.

She wrapped her hand around the thick shaft, the head was hidden from view due to the foreskin that surrounded it, and it was quite different from Grant’s cock. Zane had not been circumcised where Grant had. Bella couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen an uncut man outside of a porn video, and even then it was a rare sighting. She slid the foreskin back to see the swollen, purple mushroom head. Zane moaned softly, watching Bella examine his member.

“I take it you’ve not had an uncut man before,” said Zane.

“Only once,” she said softly. “But that was years before I met Grant.”

Grant mumbled something under his breath, but neither understood nor bothered to ask. A bit of precum was leaking out of the head and Bella licked it up, savoring the salty-sweet taste.

“Mmmm, tasty,” she purred.

“Thank you,” whispered Zane.

Bella wrapped her red lips around Zane’s cock and slid it into her mouth. Zane moaned as he felt his cock enter the warmth of her sweet mouth. He wanted to grab the back of her head and fuck her mouth hard, but he decided since Grant was watching he’d let Bella run the show.

Bella began to bob her head up and down his shaft, licking and moaning as she worked. Her hands caressed his balls and stroked his shaft. She worked her mouth and tongue lower and lower until her chin hit his balls. Grant made a strange sound witnessing this, and Zane fought to keep from shooting his load too soon. He grabbed Bella’s hair and pulled her off his cock.

“Holy fuck Bella, you can suck cock like no woman I’ve ever met before.”

“Thank you.”

“But I need to return the favor. Don’t worry though… if I have it my way, I will have you suck my cock again.”

“I’m sure you will.”

Zane pulled Bella up and rolled her on her back. “For now though, I must taste that sweet pussy of yours.”

Zane made short work of her panties and tossed them at Grant, hitting him in the face.

“Bastard,” hissed Grant, tossing the panties to the floor.

Zane chuckled as he turned his focus on Bella. The curly blonde hair, neatly trimmed pointed to apex of Bella’s womanhood and Zane’s destination.

“When the fuck did you start trimming that?” asked Grant.

“Who fucking cares,” growled Zane, pushing her legs apart. “It’s beautiful.”

“Thank you,” whispered Bella.

Zane leaned in and breathed in her musky aroma that mixed perfectly with her perfume. He licked her labia and Bella gasped. If he thought her aroma was intoxicating, her taste was like sweet wine and he just wanted to drink more. He slid his tongue inside her, lapping up her juices, then licking up to her clit. Bella squirmed as Zane slid two fingers into her pussy, feeling her inner walls clamp down on his fingers. Bella moaned, her body shook, and Zane’s fingers were quickly soaked as her orgasm raged through her body. Zane lapped up her sweet juices that fueled his own desire to fuck this woman in ways no man had done before.

Then Zane remembered his promise; she was to receive two orgasms from oral in exchange for her sucking his cock, so he continued his tongue lashing. Bella squirmed and moaned as Zane licked and fingered her pussy. Bella tugged at her small nipples, teasing and twisting them. Zane sucked her clit into his mouth and soon, the second orgasm ravished Bella’s body. Her body shook more violently than before as her legs clamped down on Zane’s head.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she screamed, while Zane drank her sweet nectar. When Bella came down from her orgasm, she gasped, “Fuck me Zane. Fuck me hard.”

“With pleasure.”

Grant growled but said nothing as he watched Zane mount Bella and begin to fuck her. Grant’s cock was now rock hard and wanted to be freed from his pants. Zane began to thrust within Bella’s pussy as Grant unzipped his pants. Zane smiled wickedly, knowing Bella was getting her fantasy fulfilled and Grant was on some level enjoying the show.

Zane pumped Bella’s pussy, filling her with is cock. Her tight pussy hugged his cock as he thrust within her. Sweat formed on his back as he worked. Bella moaned, wrapped her arms and legs around him, and held him close as her third orgasm stormed through her body.

Zane pulled out as she finished and said, “On your knees woman. I want to fuck you like a bitch in heat.”

“Woof woof,” said Bella with a giggle as she rolled over. “Fuck my pussy hard.”

Both Bella and Zane noticed Grant was stroking his cock. Zane smacked her ass hard before sliding his cock back into Bella’s pussy. He resumed pounding her pussy again, occasionally smacking her ass. Then he gripped her hips firmly knowing his own climax was just moments away.

“Is this what you wanted Bella?” asked Zane. “For me to fuck your pussy hard?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

“Say it.”

“I wanted you to fuck my pussy.”

“How did you want me to fuck your pussy?”

“I wanted you to fuck it hard!”

“Will you let me have your ass later?”

“Yes! I want you to fuck my ass later!”

Zane grabbed a handful of Bella’s hair and pulled her back toward him. “Before I go home?”

“Yes! Before you go home!”

“I’m ready to cum Bella! Do you want me to fill your pussy with my cum?”

“Yes!” she screamed. “Fill my pussy with your cum!”

Bella’s pussy clamped down, milking Zane’s cock, pushing him over the edge. He growled as he felt his cock pulse, filling her wanting pussy with all he had to give her.

Grant made a strange sound as he too, ejaculated on his clothes. He never thought watching another man fuck Bella would be such a turn-on, but the evidence was clear. The smell of raw sex, perfume, and cologne filled the bedroom from all three.

Zane leaned over and kissed Bella’s shoulders and back. “You were fucking amazing.”

“As were you,” Bella purred.

Zane held Bella close until his cock slipped out and Bella collapsed onto the bed. Zane sat back on his haunches, admiring the view of Bella’s naked body. He could see the sweat glisten off her back with every breath she took.

“Doesn’t look like you’re fucking her ass any time soon,” hissed Grant.

Bella raised her head and turned toward Grant. “He can have it in the morning.”

“Oh?” said Grant. “And just where is lover-boy sleeping?”

“Here, with me,” said Bella.

“The hell he is!” snapped Grant. “Now you’ve had your slutty fantasy Bella, but enough is fucking enough.”

Bella put her arm under her head, propping it up and looked at Grant. “Yes, he is. That is, if he wants. Do you want to spend the night with me Zane? Sleep with me in this bed and fuck my ass in the morning.”

“Fuck yeah I do,” said Zane, smiling.

“And just where the fuck am I sleeping?” asked Grant.

“Guest bedroom,” said Bella in a matter-of-fact tone.

“This is my fucking house!” roared Grant.

“No, it’s not,” said Bella. “You put it in my name to avoid paying taxes on it when you bought it. And community property or not, Zane is my guest, this is my fucking house.” Bella paused for a moment, then added with a more stern tone, “Tonight, we are playing by my fucking rules.”

Grant huffed for a few moments then stormed out of the room, slamming the door. Zane waited a few moments before he said, “I didn’t want to cause problems.”

“You didn’t. Now do me a favor and lock the door so Grant can’t sneak in later.”


“Please Zane. I want to rest before you take my virgin ass, but I think after the way Grant behaved he’ll have to settle for listening.”

Zane rose and locked the bedroom door. “Does Grant have a key?”

“Not anymore,” said Bella, smiling and pulling the bedding down, “I changed the lock on this door when I kicked him out and I have the only key.”

“Clever girl,” said Zane, climbing into bed with her and pulling the covers over them.

“Thank you,” said Bella yawning and turning off the lights. “And thank you for staying.”

“For a chance to fuck your ass, I’d stay all week.”

Bella giggled. “You’ll have it sooner than that.”

Bella snuggled into Zane’s firm chest and quickly drifted off to sleep. Zane held her close and stroked her hair, listening to her breathing, and thinking how if she was his woman, she’d never want the touch of another man, except to fulfill her darkest fantasies. Bella had not been the first married woman he’d enjoyed, nor would she be his last. Though, she was, in his humble opinion, the best cock sucker he’d ever enjoyed, not to mention one of the most beautiful women he’d shared a bed with.

He heard the bedroom door jiggle, then, “What the fuck? You fucking locked the door?”

Bella never stirred; she just slept peacefully. Zane wanted to rise, but feared doing so might wake her, so he just remained still.

The doorknob jiggled again and he heard, “Why doesn’t my key work?”

Zane now understood why Bella wanted the door locked. She knew Grant would try to enter once the room was quiet. He held her close to his body, in a protective manner, and waited. Soon he heard Grant storm off, allowing him the ability to relax and go to sleep.


Bella felt a strong arm around her waist. It took her a moment to remember the night’s wild sexual activities. She opened her eyes to see a sleeping Zane next to her. She admired his chiseled jaw and sculpted features. Zane rolled onto his back, his arm sliding off her body. Bella thought of waking him with a morning blowjob, but decided to use the restroom instead.

As she returned to the room, Zane smiled. “Good morning.”

“Good morning yourself. The bathroom is open.”

“Mmm, good. I need to pi- ugh, that is… um…”

“You have personal needs you need to attend to before you attend to mine.”

“Yes,” said Zane slightly embarrassed. He’d never before worried about what he said to his lovers, yet with Bella, it was different. She was different.

Zane rose and walked to the bathroom. Bella watched his slightly hard cock swing with every step, then returned to the bed to allow him some privacy. She pulled out some KY jelly and a condom from her bedside table. She nervously fiddled with them when she heard, “You know we don’t have to do this.”

“I know,” she said smiling. “But I do want to.”

Zane walked up and took her trembling hands. “I promise to be gentle and go slow.”

“Have you fucked many women’s asses?”

Zane smiled as he sat next to her, looking deep into her eyes. “I don’t like to kiss and tell, but yes, I’ve had enjoyed a few lovely ladies’ anal pleasures. I know exactly how not to hurt someone like yourself, who’s never enjoyed the pleasure of anal sex. Now, that’s not saying there won’t be some level of pain on your part, but when anal is done right, the pain is minimal and the pleasure is maximized.”

Bella smiled. “And you don’t mind taking my anal virginity?”

“Not in the least. I take it as a high honor that you even asked me.”

Zane leaned in and kissed Bella softly. She kissed him back and pulled him toward her when they heard a loud knock on the bedroom door.

“Open this fucking door Bella and let me in!”

Bella and Zane separated. “He tried to come back in last night after you fell asleep,” said Zane. “He didn’t sound very pleased his key didn’t work.”

“I didn’t figure he would be,” said Bella.

Another loud series of knocks were heard. “I said, let me in Bella!”

“Not by the hair of my chinny chin, chin!” she shouted back.

“Really fucking funny Bella. Now let me in!”

“No!” she shouted. “You acted like an ass to our guest last night so you can listen as Zane takes my final virginity.”

“Listen?” cried Grant. “Watching was bad enough, but listening?”

“Take it or leave it,” said Bella, coldly. “Zane is having my ass whether you like it or not. Then I shall fix us all breakfast and we’ll see where we go from there.”

They could hear Grant mumbling, then he said, “I never knew you were such a slut Bella. You’re not the woman I married.”

“Ironic,” snapped Bella, “since you stopped being the man I married years ago.”

“You really don’t have to do this,” whispered Zane.

“I know,” she whispered back. “Do you think I’m a slut, Zane?”

Zane shook his head. “Not in the least, Bella. I think you’re like a lot of women I’ve met over the years, neglected and wanting to be desired. I won’t lie Bella, you’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. But I think you knew that when we met last night.”

“I did indeed. I knew when you bought me my second drink exactly who you were.”

Zane smiled. Though he and Bella had never met before that night, their meeting had been prearranged from a prior lover of his, and friend of Bella’s. “What did she tell you?”

“She told me you’d fulfill my sexual fantasies and desires and would be well worth my time.”

“And have I?”

“Beyond my wildest expectations. Even if after this morning we never fuck again, it was well worth it. But Zane, I would like to see you again.”

Zane ran his fingers through Bella’s blonde hair. Though it was still a mess from the wild sex and deep sleep, it was very soft. “I would very much like that Bella.”

“Are you two going to fuck or what?” cried Grant through the door.

“So I take it you’ve chosen to listen then?”

“We had a deal and I am a man of my word.”

“Bullshit,” hissed Bella under her breath.

“It’s a pity you won’t see me take your wife’s fine ass for the first time. But maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see a repeat performance.”

They heard Grant mumble some profanities, then a chair being dragged to the door. “Well get on with it,” said Grant. “We haven’t got all fucking morning and I’m fucking hungry.”

“You heard the man,” said Bella giggling.

Zane wrapped his arms around Bella and kissed her deeply. He caressed her body with his hands, feeling her nervousness and desire. He could still pick up the faint aroma of her perfume mixing with her arousal and desire. Yes, though she was scared, she did want this.

He rolled Bella onto her stomach and had her get on her knees. Then he took the pillows from the bed and set them under her stomach. “This will help and make you a bit more comfortable.”

“Okay,” she gasped.

Zane took the tube of lubrication and began putting some on her pucker. He carefully pushed it into her anus, watching her rosebud accept his finger with some resistance. Yes, she was truly an anal virgin. “I’m guessing you’ve only had a man’s finger here before.”

“Once a year when the doctor performs my annual exams.”

“Just relax dear, I’m just getting you ready.”

Bella took a deep breath and it seemed her whole body began to relax. Zane continued to add lube until he felt sure she was ready. Then he rolled the condom onto his steel hard cock, and smeared more lube on it.

“I’m going to enter you now Bella and it’s probably going to hurt. Just know the pain won’t last.”

“Okay,” said Bella. The tone of her voice echoed her arousal and nervousness.

“Take a deep breath baby, and trust me.”

Bella took a deep breath and as she exhaled, Zane slid his cockhead into her anus. Bella yelped and Zane froze. He knew she would need a moment. They both heard, “Bella! Are you all right?”

Bella took a few deep breaths, then said, “Did your cock grow or is that just how it supposed to feel?”

“Your ass is much tighter than your pussy so it just feels bigger,” explained Zane. “Do you want to stop or continue?”

“Continue, please.”

“As you wish,” said Zane with a wicked smile.

Slowly, Zane began to thrust. Slipping his cock deeper into her ass by centimeters at a time. Bella purred and moaned. Zane fucked her ass slowly as he wanted to savor the moment. Bella’s moans grew louder as he pumped and gripped her hips firmly. When he was fully in, and his balls touched her pussy, he smiled and sped up a bit.

“Oh yes!” cried Bella. “Fuck me baby! Fuck my ass!”

“Your ass is so fucking tight Bella,” said Zane. “I knew you’d be amazing.”

Outside the bedroom door, Grant could hear the changes in Bella’s moans and the dirty talk between the two lovers. His cock hardened as he pictured his wife’s ass being fucked by the man she met in the bar. He began stroking his own cock, wishing it was his cock filling Bella’s tight ass. How did he not know she was such a sexual freak? He knew he never asked and just assumed she was like all the other women his friends had married.

In the bedroom, Bella was screaming profanities as Zane pounded her ass. She had cum twice on his balls and he knew his own climax was nearing. “You like me fucking your ass Bella?”

“Yes Zane!”

“Say it!”

“I like you fucking my ass!”

“You like being my fuck-toy?”

“Yes! I like being your fuck toy!”

“Oh fuck Bella! I’m cumming!”

Zane filled the condom and her ass as Bella screamed and coated his balls a third time. Grant ejaculated on his stomach and lap. As he heard the couple come down from their sexual encounter, he returned the chair to its location and cleaned up in the guest bathroom. Zane and Bella took an erotic shower that included Zane pinning Bella to the bathroom wall and fucking her though two more orgasms.

Grant was reading the Sunday paper when Zane and Bella came downstairs. Bella was wearing a sheer nightgown and matching robe, Zane was in his clothes from the night before, his jacket and tie hanging off his arm. Bella quickly make coffee and started breakfast. Neither Zane nor Grant spoke to each other. Grant slid a portion of the newspaper toward Zane, but otherwise ignored him. Zane took a section of paper, but watched Bella cook.

Soon the kitchen smelled of fresh coffee and the sound of bacon sizzling on the pan filled the room. “How do you like your eggs, Zane?”

“Over easy.”

Bella giggled. “Same as Grant.”

Grant sipped his coffee and grunted. Bella fixed them breakfast and they enjoyed bacon, eggs, and toast. They sipped coffee and ate in silence. When they finished, Bella began to gather up the dishes when Zane stopped her and said, “Where I come from, the cook doesn’t clean.”

“But you’re a guest,” said Bella.

“Not an excuse,” said Zane. “You cooked, I’ll clean.”

Bella smiled as Zane cleared the table and washed the breakfast dishes, then put them away with her help. She escorted him out to his car as he handed her his business card. “Call me in a few days and let me know how you are doing.”

“I will, I promise.”

“I really enjoyed last night and this morning. I hope I can enjoy you again soon.”

“As do I, Zane.”

Zane saw Grant watching them from the window and smiled. “Goodbye Bella.”

Zane leaned down and kissed Bella softly on the lips. Then he reached around and squeezed her ass. “That’s the finest ass I’ve ever fucked. I hope you let me fuck it again soon.”

“I shall,” she said. “Goodbye Zane.”

“Goodbye Bella.”

Zane climbed into his car and drove off. Once he was gone, Bella went into the house and found Grant sitting at the kitchen table where they had shared breakfast.

“That was nice of Zane to wash the dishes like that,” said Grant not looking up from the paper.

“Yes it was,” said Bella.

Grant threw his paper down and looked up at Bella. “You know, I think being fucked by another man makes you even more beautiful.”


“Really. In fact, it makes me want you in a way I haven’t had in years.”


Grant stood up and took Bella into his arms, kissing her forcefully. He pushed her down onto the kitchen table and pulled her nightgown up. Bella kissed Grant back and moved so he could get her gown over her ass. It was the first time Grant had shown any interest in her sexually in months. He discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties and quickly pulled his cock out and slid it into her pussy.

There was a gentle squishing sound as he entered, followed by a soft moan from Bella. Grant fucked his wife on the table harder than he had in years. He pinched her nipples and kissed her roughly. They climaxed together, and kissed. The sex was short lived, but passionate.

“I’m sorry Bella,” Grant whispered as they came down from their orgasmic high. “I love you. Let’s work things out. Please.”


Zane was sitting in the small café, sipping coffee and waiting. It had been over two months since he’d shared a bed with Bella and other than a few phone calls shortly after their encounter, they had minimal contact. This made him wonder why she insisted on meeting with him today, when he was sure she had moved on. Bella entered the café, looking as beautiful as ever, and sat down across from Zane.

“Hello Zane.”

“Hello Bella. I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, and thought of you often. I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet. So much has happened since I last saw you.”

“Well, it didn’t help I was out of the country for the last month. Would you like something to drink?”

“Iced tea if you don’t mind. And some French fries, please.”

“Of course.”

Zane flagged the waitress and placed Bella’s order. He could tell something was different about her, but he wasn’t sure what.

“I was surprised when I got your call the other day. I was sure I’d never hear from you again.”

“I’m sure you were, and I’m sorry you felt that way.”

“Why don’t you tell me what happened.”

“Well,” began Bella, “after you left, Grant fucked me on our kitchen table in a way he hadn’t in years. He begged me to give him a second chance. He promised he’d be faithful. Hell, he even fired his secretary. Well, actually, he reassigned her as firing her might cause a sexual harassment lawsuit. He now has a male secretary so he won’t be tempted.”

“That’s wonderful. But why are you here?”

The waitress set the fries and iced tea down before Bella. “Anything else?”

“May I have some mayonnaise?”

“Sure,” said the waitress and walked away.

She returned a moment later with a small bowl with mayonnaise inside it. Bella poured some catsup onto the mayonnaise and mixed the two together. Zane watched this quietly and wondered what Bella wasn’t telling him. Bella dipped a fry into the mixture and moaned. “Mmmm, so good. Want some?”

“No thanks,” said Zane, politely. “Now, back to my question, why are you here?”

“I’m pregnant.”

Zane’s eyes grew wide. “How far along?”

“Two months.”

“Oh shit! That means…”

“There’s a chance it’s yours. A good chance in fact.”

“Does Grant know this?”

“Now, that’s an interesting question,” said Bella between fries. “He knows I’m pregnant and he’s acting like it’s his.”

Zane crinkled his brow. “I’m not sure I understand.”

Bella ate a few more fries, and drank her tea before she spoke. “You know how I told you I knew about all his affairs.”


“Well, I also know that he nearly knocked up one of his mistresses after I had our daughter and the son-of-a-bitch got a fucking vasectomy behind my back. It was nearly a year after when I found out. Except he thinks I don’t know. Now he’s acting like this baby is his.”

“And you’ve got your doubts.”

“You could say that. I stopped taking the pill shortly after I found out, and until now, I haven’t had any luck getting pregnant. So, I’d be willing to bet money that this baby is yours.”

Zane took a deep breath. He knew fucking a woman without a condom might result in such a situation, but that was the deal he agreed to when their meeting was set up. “What do you want from me?”

“Honestly, nothing. I know this wasn’t something you planned for. Grant wants to pretend this is his child. But if I’m right, and this baby is yours, you do have rights. I’m telling you this because if this baby is yours, I want you to know I won’t keep it from you.”

Zane finished his coffee in two large gulps. His mind was racing. “How soon do I need to decide?”

“There’s no time limit. I won’t be suing you for child support. I just felt you had a right to know.”

“You know I have fucked another woman since I had you. It was while I was away on business.”

“I figured as much,” said Bella as she ate. “I kept tabs on you as best as I could. Hell, I haven’t fucked Grant in over a month. Not since shortly after that night and morning with you. It seems he found watching you fuck me was a bigger turn on than he realized and he’s asked if you’d be willing to do it again. And for the record, I was a good and faithful wife until that night. You and Grant are the only two men I’ve fucked in over ten years.”



“And Grant asked if I’d be willing to fuck you again?”

“Yeah. Actually he asked if I’d fuck another man but I insisted on you. To be honest, I’m thrilled at the idea. You made me feel so amazingly sexy that night, but not slutty. Even though Grant said that was how I was acting. I want to offer you a deal. You come and fuck me a few nights a week. When you’re done, you’re free to go or welcome to spend the night. If the child turns out to be yours as I suspect it is, and you want to walk away, I’ll never say a word. But, if you want a relationship with the child, you can be Uncle Zane. After all, I must keep up appearances, you understand.”

“And you won’t sue me for child support?”

“Not a dime.”

“And it’s up to me about having a relationship with the child?”

“Yup. I wanted a third baby. This will be my last. I’m not as young as I was with my son, and I knew deep down I wanted three. I’ve already signed the paperwork to get my tubes tied after I deliver. If Grant wants to keep his façade of the baby being his, so be it.”

“I want a DNA test.”

“Fair enough. Are you willing to wait until after I deliver? Less risk for the baby.”

“Of course.”

“You don’t need to decide anything now. I’ve thrown a lot at you. I just wanted you to know.”

The waitress refilled Zane’s coffee cup and Bella’s iced tea. They sat in silence as Bella finished her fries. “Anything else?” the waitress asked.

“No thank you,” said Bella.

“The check please,” said Zane.

The waitress set the check on the table and said, “Thank you both again.”

Zane took the check, then said, “How are you going to explain me to your kids?”

Bella smiled. “Family friend who drinks too much to drive home. We’ve got other such folks who come and do the same often. Some were even Grant’s mistresses, though he didn’t dare fuck them in our home when I was there. Our kids know we don’t tolerate drinking and driving. I’d rather have all my guest rooms full of drunks sleeping it off than a friend die on the road.”

Zane smiled wickedly. “I like single malt scotch.”

“I’ll keep your favorite brand in stock.”

“May I see you tonight?”

“If that is what you wish.”

“I do believe you owe me a blowjob with a happy ending.”

“I do indeed.”

“Will Grant be watching?”


“Good. I like it better when he watches.”

“Me too.”

“So it’s official, he’s now a cuckold.”

“He is indeed.”

They left the café after Zane paid the bill and left a generous tip for the waitress. They walked out to their cars as Bella asked, “What would you like for dinner?”

“Would steak be asking too much?”

“Not in the least. How do you like it cooked?”


“Like me!” squealed Bella. “Grant likes his burnt beyond belief. I have to cook his first then cook mine. Oh yeah, and you’ll be meeting our children as well so please be on your best behavior.”

“I promise Bella, I will. And they’ll love their Uncle Zane.”

“Thank you Zane. See you at six then?”

“I’ll bring wine for the adults, and apple cider for the kids and you dear.”

Bella smiled. “Thank you Zane.”

“Oh believe me Bella, the pleasure is all mine.”

Zane watched her climb into her car and drive off. He smiled quietly to himself at how differently this affair turned out. Then he looked on his smartphone for local toy stores so he could buy a nice gift for Bella’s two children. After all, what kind of ‘uncle’ would he be if he failed to bring them nice presents?

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