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His Wife, My Toy: Part 2

His wife becomes a little more accommodating
Monday May 26 20:00

There she is, on my screen, looking nervous. Just above the bottom of the screen are her naked breasts.

“Good evening, Pet.”

“Good evening.”

“How are you this evening?”


“Again?” I smile. “What do you have to be nervous about?”

The woman looks into the camera, eyes not quite focused. “I’m nervous because I don’t know what you… want.”

I smile again. “What do you think I want?”

“I don’t know.”

I let my tongue slide across my lips, savouring the moment. “Cup your breasts.”

The woman does as she is told, her hands supporting the weight of her mammaries.

“Now push them together.”

Again she complies, looking more nervous than ever.

Again I savour the moment. “Is your husband there?” I ask.

She nods.

“Well, we all know why we’re here, don’t we?”

The woman doesn’t answer this, just sits, holding her breasts in position, pushed up against each other.

“Cuck!” I say, hailing her husband. “Help your wife out. Why are we doing this?”

“Because… Because…” His voice is unsteady.

I decide to help him out. “We’re doing this because you want to see another man fuck your wife, aren’t we?”

The woman cringes at the directness of this as her husband’s disembodied voice, coated in masochism says, “Yes.”

“Hear that, Pet?” I say to the woman. “We’re here because your husband wants to see another man fuck you.” I pause. “And it’s what you want too, isn’t it? To be fucked by another man.”

The woman casts her eyes down but doesn’t speak.

“Never mind,” I say, “we’ll get there.”

The woman still sits there, hands on breasts.

“What else, Cuck?” I say. “I bet you’re keen to see your wife suck another man’s cock too, aren’t you?”

Again that strange, masochistic, disembodied voice, “Yes.”

Pet looks very nervous now. “What do you think about that, Pet?”

Her lip trembles. “I don’t know.”

“No? Well, time will tell.”

I wait, in case she decides to say something, but she doesn’t.

“I’m sorry, Pet,” I say. “I’m being very rude. I haven’t told you how stunning you look.”

This seems to perk her up a little. “Thank you.”

“Stand up!”

She rises, her head and breasts disappear out of the frame, but instead I’m treated to the sight of stocking-tops and naked pubes.

“Very good!” I say. “I’m pleased with you, Pet. Very pleased with you for following instructions.”

“Thank you,” she says.

“Give me a little twirl.”

She turns, not quite twirling or spinning, but it doesn’t matter.

“I love the look of your arse,” I say.

“Thank you!”

“I can’t wait to give it a good squeeze.”

“Thank you!”

I smile to myself. “Sit down again, Pet.” The woman’s face and breasts return, her hands no longer supporting the latter, but it doesn’t matter. “I’m very aroused seeing you like this, Pet. Very aroused. How do you feel about that?”

The woman ponders the question as if it was a mathematical riddle. “Flattered, I suppose.”

“You suppose,” I say. I’m determined not to beat about the bush this evening, not entirely sure if that will break through her defences or not, but thinking it’s worth a try. “Here I am with a rock hard cock from looking at you, and you suppose you’re flattered.”

“I’m sorry,” the woman says, looking mortified. “I-I’m not used to this. I-I…”

“It’s all right, Pet,” I say, going for conciliatory again. “It’s just that you’re so luscious, and I can’t wait to get my hands on you.”

The woman doesn’t look as if this is an entirely desirable thing, but there is a slight gleam at the back of her eyes.

“Play with your nipples for me, Pet. Go on, play with them.”

The woman’s hands come into view, fingers slide across nipples. There’s a slight hardening, but she still doesn’t look entirely comfortable.

“Go on, squeeze them,” I urge. “Squeeze your nipples.”

I watch enthralled as she does as I say, hesitantly, but nevertheless.

“Lovely,” I say. “I’ve got a big, greedy tongue longing to taste those.”

She blushes now. I sense that this is the moment.

“What’s that, Pet?”

She reddens a little more. “I’d like that,” she says. Her fingers are moving a little more efficiently now.

“Good!” I say, watching her teats harden a little more. “Is there anything else you’d like?”

She’s rolling her nipples between fingers and thumbs, the colour deepening. Her eyes are pregnant with words, but her lips remain closed.

“I’d love to tease those nipples with my tongue,” I say.

Pet smiles, fingers sliding over her breasts.

I decide to up the ante. “Let me tell you straight, Pet. I think you’re one hell of a fuckable woman.”

She’s crimson now. Her hands clutch at her breasts. She can’t look at me, at the camera, but she whispers, “Thank you.”

“Where are you sitting, Pet?”

She blinks, not quite getting it, then understanding. “At my desk.”

“Good! Would you do something for me, Pet?”

She looks unsure. “What?”

“Would you put your feet up on the desk?”

She lets go of her breasts. “I’d have to make space.”

“Cuck can make space.”

There’s a lull as parts of the man heave into view, his arm crossing the lens, noise as things are cleared, the woman staring at me all the while. Then her body shifts. The angle isn’t quite right, though.

“Cuck!” I say. “Adjust the camera so I can see your wife’s pussy.”

There’s a shudder, a sound. Then suddenly I’m staring straight between Pet’s legs.

“Excellent!” I say, regarding the intricate pattern her petals are set in “Pet, what do you think I’m thinking?”

I can’t see her face, but I can hear her embarrassment in the silence. “I-I- think… I think you want to… want to… h-h-h-h-have me.”

I smile. “We’re going to have to do something about your language, Pet.” Then. “But you look gorgeous, really you do. Tell me, suppose I was thinking I wanted to… have you. How do you like it best?”

There’s a new, long silence, during which I stare at the woman’s naked cunt and what’s visible of her thighs and stocking-tops, feeling my arousal increase. “From behind,” comes the reply in a whimper.

“Is that true, Cuck? Does your wife like being taken from behind?”

“Sometimes, yes,” the man’s voice says, the words getting stuck in his throat.

“And do you want to see another man, me, fuck your wife from behind?”

“Yes,” he says, in that one syllable sounding as excited as he does heartbroken at the prospect.

“What about you, Pet? Is that what you want? For another man, me, to fuck you doggy-style like you’re a bitch on heat?”

This occasions an even longer pause. “I suppose,” Pet’s voice quavers eventually.

I smile. “Are you feeling embarrassed?”

“A little.”

“That’s perfectly all right, but you can say what you like, I can’t see your face.”

“I know, but… but…”

I wait a little. “Would you like to know what I’m really thinking, Pet?”

“Yes,” the woman says softly, not sounding entirely convinced.

“I’m thinking how delicious you look, Pet. I’m thinking how I’d love to stroke and kiss your thighs. I’d like to feel your soft skin beneath my fingertips, drag my tongue along the insides of your thighs.”

I pause, but there is silence.

“Then, because you look so delicious, because you look good enough to eat, I’d love to ease my tongue in among those delightful petals of yours. I’m thinking how great you must taste, Pet. I’m thinking about what’s behind those neatly folded petals, of how I’d love to tease your opening, slide my tongue all over your sensitive nub. How would you feel about that, Pet?”

“I’d like that,” she replies, the immediacy belying the uncertainty of her voice.

“You can touch yourself if you like,” I say, pleased when her hand emerges and slides towards the spot between her thighs. “That’s it, Pet. Touch yourself while I sit here and imagine how heavenly it would be to stroke your thighs while I’m tasting you. I want to slide my tongue all over, tease your luscious pussy, slide my tongue inside you, slide it over your little nub.”

Her hand is moving, tracing a circular pattern on top of her labia.

“Oh, Pet! I’m so aroused by the thought of tasting you. Why don’t you open up for me, show me what it is I’ll be tasting?”

I wish I could see her face to gauge her state as she brings her other hand into play and pulls her petals apart, but this will do nicely.

“Oh, Pet!” I exclaim. “How I’d love to taste you! You really do look good enough to eat!” She’s shiny, and there’s a hint of moisture. “Stroke your pussy, Pet! Stroke it while I imagine sliding my tongue over your nub, kissing you right there, between your legs.”

Her hand moves, not fast, not very self-assured, but it moves.

“I want to suck on your nub, Pet. And when it’s big and swollen I want to close my lips round it and make you moan. And while I do that, maybe I’ll slide a finger inside you, Pet. Feeling the damp, the moisture. Do you think you’d be ready then, Pet?”

“For what?” her voice sounds strained.

“You know what, but I want to hear you say it.”

I can hear her swallow, her fingers are lingering next to her entrance. “For you to take me?”

“Mmhm. Except we mind our language, Pet. Are you ready for me to fuck you?”


“Say it, Pet.”

Her fingers are still moving, teasing, right next to the point of penetration. She swallows again, breathes in. “Yes,” she whispers, “I’m ready for you to… f… to fuck me!”

“Good!” I pause, watching her fingers move. “You can slide a finger in there if you want, Pet.”

Again I wish I could see her face, but seeing her finger inch its way inside is a pleasure all in itself.

“Mmmm,” I say. “Because I can’t wait to fuck you, Pet. I can’t wait to get my cock inside your tight, wet pussy.”

“You’re embarrassing me,” she complains, but her finger is moving, sliding inside her snatch.

“I can’t help that,” I say. “Because I need to hear you say it. Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes!” she breathes. “I want you t-t-t-t… you know… f-f-f-uck me.”

“Better,” I say, watching her finger, seeing a slight increase in pace.

“Hey, Cuck! You want to see me fuck her, don’t you?”

There’s a delay, but in the meantime there’s a significant development on the screen as Pet brings her other hand into play, touching her soft clit. “Yes!” Cuck exclaims at last, sounding anguished yet too excited for words. “I want to see you fuck her!”

“See my cock enter her, see me fuck her deep,” I persist. “Is that what you want, Cuck?”

“Yes! Yes!” the man cries.

“Is that what you want, Pet? For me to fuck you deep?”

“Yes!” the woman still doesn’t sound entirely convinced, but something else has taken over. “What do you want, Pet?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“How do you want me to fuck you?”

There’s a pause, a soft squeak emerging as her fingers continue to play. “Deep?” she says questioningly.

“Imagine I’m there, Pet. Tell me what you want me to do.”

Her body shifts, a soft moan erupts. “I want you to… please… I want you to… I want…” She pauses, and then almost screams. “Fuck me! I want you to fuck me!”

“Thank you!” I say. “That’s what I wanted to hear. Well, I think we’re done for this evening.”

“No!” Pet moans.

“Remember, Cuck,” I say. “No kissing, no touching, no fucking. And for you, Pet, no touching yourself. Do you promise?”

There’s silence, her hands moving away. “Yes,” she says, sounding a little anguished herself. “I promise.”

Wednesday May 28 16:30
I wait patiently, watching the shoppers and workers milling around. She’ll be here soon. I’ve left the couple alone all Tuesday, but today I’ve called Pet and offered her a lift home. Well, offered is perhaps a euphemism, since she has to agree, but anyway. I know she won’t have a car, because it’s obvious they’re the kind of couple where the husband takes the car and she takes the bus. Perhaps she sounded glad when I phoned because a nice car ride home is preferable to her usual mode of travel.

I spy her looking anxiously about and get out of the car to give a little wave. Finally she sees me. “Evening, Pet,” I say. She nods a greeting, but seems unable to speak.

“Have a good day at work?” I ask.

“No better and no worse than usual,” she replies. She seems taciturn, but more out of nerves than anything. Sitting next to me in the car, she seems on the edge of her seat. That might be because I keep my hand on the nylon on her thigh as much as I can, when I’m not changing gear or navigating a sharp turn. She gives directions, but other than that says nothing, and I don’t want to push it.

We pull up in a suburban street. “Well, here you are,” I say.

She says nothing, sitting, staring out of the window. I let my fingers linger on her leg. She turns, looking as if she’s come to a decision. “When…” she says. Then she falls silent. She swallows. I can see her collect herself. Her mouth opens. “When… When are you going to fuck me?”

I get the feeling she’s been practicing this, in her mind, if not out loud.

“What are you doing Friday?” I ask casually.

“No,” she breathes. “It’s Cuck’s birthday on Friday. We’ve got people coming round.”

“I see,” I say, thinking that I might decide to invite myself. I’ll have to see how I feel.

Still the woman sits, one hand on the door handle, clasping her bag, my hand on her thigh. “He has kissed me, you know.”

I do know, or rather I knew it would happen. I didn’t ask because I wanted to see if she’d tell me, and now she has.

“It sounds like Cuck needs to be taught a lesson,” I say, but matter-of-factly, not sternly.

“It was partly my doing,” the woman says, as if to defend her husband.

I shrug. “Same difference.” I’m looking out at their front garden. The car’s in the drive, so Cuck is almost certainly at home. “Is there a spot in there that can’t be overlooked?”

The woman’s eyes widen, but she doesn’t ask, just thinks. “The passage behind the car, along the side of the house, by the back door.”

“Lead the way.”

“What shall I say if someone sees us go in?”

I shrug. “Just say I’m an acquaintance or a colleague or something.”

I don’t know if Cuck sees us, and I don’t much care. This can be played in more ways than one. It appears he doesn’t though, because soon we’re standing in the shade next to their back door. It’s quite true, I realise looking around, that no-one can see anything of us here. Pet’s looking at me, giving me that uncertain look, not wanting to ask.

I pull down the zip in my trousers, finding my cock in no time, big as it is from wanting this. Pet’s eyes widen. “Are you…? What, here? Is this when you fuck me? What about Cuck? What about him watching?”

“Pet,” I say. “I’m not going to fuck you just yet. But I do want you to do something for me.”

She looks nervous.

“Or rather, think of this as a penance.” I reach out and slide a finger across her lips. “For using your mouth for kissing your husband instead of saving it for me.”

She pulls back, coming up against the wall. “But, but…” she stutters.

I could remind her of our deal, but I don’t. “Pet,” I say softly. “If you go down on your haunches and part your pretty little lips, I’ll invite you and Cuck round on Saturday and make it very special for you.”

She blinks, her eyes flitting from side to side, but not looking at me. Then slowly her body drops. Slowly she arrives on her haunches. Slowly her lips part and she looks up at me with watery eyes.

“Don’t worry,” I say, "this won’t take long."

I step forward, the back of her head is almost touching the wall. I grip my cock, moving it towards her mouth. She looks very nervous, but also as if she doesn’t have a will of her own, as if she’s capitulated before the idea that my will is her will.

My cock touches her lips. “What I want you to do, Pet,” I say gently, “is to keep your lips just below the head. Can you do that for me?”

She nods.

“You don’t have to do anything else,” I say, sliding my organ the short distance into her mouth.

It’s the first contact she’s had with my cock, and it appeals to my sense of the perverse. Here she is in her office uniform, backed up against the wall, her lips round my stiff organ, her eyes on me now, just looking, waiting, questioning, accepting.

I have my hand on my cock, and I stimulate myself, Pet’s lips clinging to me just below the bulb. She’s moist and soft, and I know I’ll be able to keep my promise; this won’t take long. “Oh, Pet!” I breathe. “That’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.” Her eyes light up just a little. I work my hand, fast. There’s no time to lose. She sits, impassive, letting me wank my cock in her mouth, her lips just holding steady. “Oh Pet!” I whisper.

She senses when I’m close, making a slight movement with her head, a slight shake.

“Don’t worry, Pet, I’m not about to cum in your mouth.” I pull back, still wanking. “But what I want you to do is hold your head very steady, and keep your mouth closed.”

“What…?” she begins, but seems to not want to follow through on the question, instead pushing her lips together.

I put my hand on the back of her head, holding her steady. “Keep very still,” I say as I move my cock into position. I’m very close now. I can feel the spunk rise. There’s lots of it too; I’ve been saving up. “Keep very, very still.”

It’s a tricky business controlling my own movements, but I do. Thick white, sticky goo adheres to her top lip. Thinner liquid trickles over her lips. Her expression his impossible to read, but her whole face is an utter delight. “No wiping yourself off,” I tell her as the last few drops emerge. “You’ve done very well, Pet. Very well indeed.”

I let her rise, keeping my eye on her soiled mouth as I bang on the door. She doesn’t speak, just stands there, as if nothing had happened. “Give your husband a nice, big homecoming kiss,” I say. She nods, just as the door rattles and opens.

“Hello Cuck,” I say. The man stares at me, at my softening dick as Pet steps forward. To my delight she does exactly as I say, leaning in.

In the nick of time Cuck spies the sperm on his wife’s mouth and recoils. “What the…?” he exclaims.

“What’s the matter, Cuck?” I say. “I thought you liked kissing your wife?”

“But… but…” he stutters.

I ignore him, looking at the woman. “Thanks, Pet,” I say, replacing my cock in my trousers. “You did really well.”

“Thank you,” the woman says.

I’ll be in touch,” I say, turning and walking back to the car.

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