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It Takes Two

Contributing Authors: naughtyannie 

When you collaborate with naughtyannie on a story, you should expect a sexual detonation...

“That should do it,” I thought, pausing to read through the particularly vile message I was about to send to my fuck buddy, telling her exactly what I planned to do to her the next time we RV’d. I knew she’d be shocked, possibly even angry for a day or two. The thought of Claire being angry made me smile; she was a great fuck when she was passionate.

I sent my ‘suggestion’. The suggestion would make Claire angry but that anger would give way to curiosity… and then there’d be a tremor of excitement.

She’d ring back.

They always did.

But I’d let her stew in her own juices for a week or two. By the time we hooked-up, the woman would be desperate. Women were all the same in the end. From the Vicar’s wife to the street walker, women were all desperate to plumb the depths of sexual depravity. Thanks to EL James, supposedly rock-solid principles melted away once that first line was crossed.

I smiled, thinking about the first time I had crossed Claire’s panty line; her pussy had been dripping like a fucked fridge by the time I’d dug my fingers into her slit.

When you had a face as handsome as mine, it was only a matter of time and persistence before you got a woman to do whatever you wanted her to do.

I felt my mobile vibrate and checked the message: You are sick. Do not contact me again. EVER. IT IS OVER!!

I grinned. “Yeah, right!”

Claire glared at her mobile on the table in front of her. She was starting to get fed up of Vincent’s mind games. Sure, he was pretty good in bed, and better than a vibrator when she needed something long and thick inside her, but he seemed to think that (just because she let him fuck her), that gave him the right to send filthy messages all the time.

“That Vince again?” asked her friend Libby, sipping her skinny latte sympathetically.

Claire snorted. “Yeah, he’s such a dickhead sometimes.”

“I don’t know why you put up with him,” said Libby, self-righteously. “You need to move in with me full-time. I could keep you happy.”

Claire giggled. She leant over and squeezed Libby’s hand.

“I know, babe, no-one licks my clit quite like you, but I still love cock, and Vince may act like an arrogant twat sometimes, but he’s quite sweet when you get to know him. And he is good-looking, in a hot-and-I-know-it sort of way.”

It was Libby’s turn to snort this time. “So what’s he saying now?”

“He wants to watch me sucking another man’s cock,” admitted Claire.

Libby looked puzzled. “Is that all? You’re always sucking other men’s cocks.”

“Yes, but not in front of Vince. He still thinks I’m the innocent twenty-year old I was when we first met.”

“Will you do it?”

“I suppose so, but I don’t want to suck one of his friends’ scabby old dicks. God knows what I might catch. I’ll see if I can’t work something out before he asks me again.”


“You really want to see me sucking another man’s cock?” Claire asked. I listened to her breathing as I held the mobile to my ear.

“A stranger’s cock,” I said, reminding her of one of the details of the text I’d sent. Claire tried to stifle her moan, but I heard it. It might have been loud enough for one of her horrible housemates to hear. I’d stayed in her hovel once.

Never again.


“You know how much I love seeing you with my cock in your mouth?”

“Yes,” Claire answered, and I imagined her busy fingers pausing as she remembered some of the stuff we’d done, before going again.

“You know how gorgeous you look with a cock in your mouth?” Claire’s breath huffed against the mouthpiece as her excitement built. “Well, this way I get to fuck your tight little pussy while simultaneously watching you suck a cock.” Claire whimpered. “It’d be so fucking hot…” I thought carefully before committing myself to a name. “Claire. So hot to feel your tight wet pussy wrapped around my cock while you suck some lucky bastard.”

“Oh God…”

“What do you think?” I asked, wanting to catch an answer before the sexual release of an orgasm brought Claire’s world back into focus. “Will you do it?”

“Mmmm.” Claire murmured.

“Will you suck another man’s cock while you sit on mine?” Claire whimpered. “As I hold your hips while you ride me.” I wasn’t keen on letting the woman go on top; I preferred pounding her into submission, ideally face down and bottom up so that there were no distractions to put me off my rhythm. “Will you do it for me?” I added a little bit of pathetic pleading into my tone.

Still nothing.

“You’re going to make me come,” I said, flicking ahead to the end of the black-bangs-blonde porno I’d been using to keep my cock amused. “But I’ll only come if you say you’ll suck another man’s cock for me.”

“Oh fuck, yes!” she screeched. “I’ll do it. I’ll do it for you.” The urgent words immediately gave way to Claire’s orgasmic clamouring.

Shifting my focus away from the now-frantic phone, I concentrated on the anal pounding on my laptop’s screen and accelerated my own stroke-work just as the guy withdrew, flipped the girl around and sprayed his substantial load onto her face.

That worked for me. “Oh fuck! Claire!” I groaned, making sure to angle my cock to catch the light as the spunk leapt energetically across my six-pack. “Mmmm, you dirty girl. That was so good.”

The silence at the end of the line lasted so long that I thought we’d been cut-off. “Really?” she asked, sounding unsure. “Did you actually come too?”

“I’ll send you a picture,” I said, doing ten mini sit-ups to give a little more definition.

“You don’t have to do that,” Claire said, sounding more than a little unsure about having her inbox defiled by my spunk.

“I want to,” I said truthfully. My belly was looking fine and there was a decent amount of spunk. I took the picture and shared it.

“Just imagine… you’ll soon be seeing another cock spunking its load.”

“Vincent, I’m not…”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be hot. I’ll make sure of it.”


“Want to see his jizz?” giggled Claire. She waved her phone at Libby.

Libby pulled a face, but looked despite herself. “Well, there is a lot of it,” she admitted. “And it has gone pretty far.”

“Listen to you, quite the expert all of a sudden.”

“Well, I did let plenty of guys jerk their load on my tits before I decided girls were more fun. Some of them came in buckets.”

“It’d take buckets to cover your humungous norks, sweetie.”

“Bitch. You know you love them.”

“I do. Give them here.” Claire grabbed hold of Libby’s large breasts, and there was a pause while they collapsed onto the bed together, kissing and cuddling.

Eventually, Claire pulled away and flopped onto her back, breathing heavily with arousal. She smiled to think how turned on Vincent would have been if he could have seen a naked Libby lying between her legs, licking Claire’s clit and fingering her pussy while she was talking to him on the phone. He may have thought she was masturbating, but all the moans and squeals had actually been thanks to Libby’s expert attentions, even if she had exaggerated some of them for Vincent’s benefit.

Libby stroked Claire’s bare breast, idly circling the hard nipple with her fingers. Claire could feel herself starting to get wet again, and she knew she owed Libby an orgasm now, but she needed to think of a plan to sort out Vincent.

“Does he still want to see you suck another man’s cock?” asked Libby.

“Yeah, that’s the plan. I don’t mind, but I just know if I do, he’ll come up with some other pervy idea next. Like … oh, I don’t know, me having sex with you, for example.”

Libby squeezed Claire’s nipple so hard she squealed.

“You better be kidding, little miss innocent,” warned Libby. “I’m not letting that tosser see me naked.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve been thinking, and I’ve got an idea. You know Johnson from Café Nero, the little guy who usually works weekends?”

“Hmm, yeah, the one they all call ‘Big Johnson’ for some reason.”

“That’s the guy. I thought it was a joke, ’cos he’s only about 5 foot 6, but he’s hung like a horse, apparently. I’ve not seen it, but Julie and Maggie both have.”

Libby looked puzzled. “I always thought he was gay?”

Claire shrugged. “I think he’s what they call fluid these days,” she said. “It means he’ll fuck anything on legs. Including… well, never mind. Anyway, he really is a total slut, and game for anything. So I’m going to have a word with him, and see if he’s up for a little bit of fun.”

Libby smiled. “Talking of fun…”

“Oh don’t you worry, I’ve not finished with you yet,” said Claire. She leant over, put her hand between Libby’s legs and slipped two fingers into her slit.

“You are wet, you dirty girl,” she purred, starting to slide her fingers in and out. The slurp, slurp, slurp of juices was getting her turned on all over again, and as Libby pulled her down and stuck her tongue in her mouth, she put all thoughts of Vincent well and truly at the back of her mind.


“Hello? Remember me?” Claire asked, her voice spiced with sarcasm. I did but I’d been distracted by the tight jeans and dark eyes of the girl who had just passed the table… and then looked over her shoulder straight at me. I’d caught her looking and we’d had a moment; she was interested and I definitely wanted to fuck her. My brain worked out an intercept course as she headed to the toilets.

“Vincent!” The sharpness snapped me back out of the little fantasy.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about what we talked about the other night.” Claire’s eyes went wide.

“You mean with the other…” Claire leant forward, “cock?” Her voice was attractive and melodious. To my surprise, the next time I’d spoken to Claire on the phone she’d got me off without me needing to open my laptop. The woman had a surprisingly dirty mind and wasn’t afraid to share it: some of her fantasies were filthier than mine.

“You’re really turned on right now, aren’t you?” I whispered.

“Yes. I’m really, really frustrated. I’m finding it hard not to pounce on you right here.” I downed the last of my beer, knowing that I was onto a good thing.

“I’ll get the bill.”

“I’ll go and… powder my… nose,” Claire said, scraping her chair back. She gave a little laugh which was low and wicked. My breathing quickened as I watched her bum and legs as she made her way to the toilets. The brunette with the tight jeans and brown eyes exited the toilets just as Claire arrived.

My breathing quickened as the nerve-endings in my cock sparkled into life. The two of them together could work… and it had been a while since I’d had a threesome.

But just as I was about to get up and make my introductions, she went over to a big guy and kissed him on the lips. So that was that plan screwed.


Pulling the cubicle door shut, Claire whipped her phone out and her knickers off.

She speed-dialled Libby’s number. “You there?” she whispered urgently.

There was a giggle from the other end.

“We both are,” said her friend. “There’s nobody else here at the moment, but you’ll have to be quick. Johnson says this is the best-known cottaging spot in the area, so I don’t know what you’ll do if someone else gets here first.”

“You’ll just have to pretend to be a plain-clothes police officer or something. Say you’re investigating… purse snatches. Use your imagination.”

“Just get a move on,” said Libby. “Johnson’s really keen. He’s already let me see what he’s got, and I’m telling you, I’m tempted.”

Claire sighed. “Any more of that, and I’ll tell the girls at the Anti-Brexit Lesbian Vegan Collective that you’ve been seen at the cock again,” she warned. “Just keep your hands off, and I’ll get Vincent there. He’s been eying up all the other skirt, so I need to get him out of here. At least I know he’s gagging for it.”

“And that’s not all he’ll be gagging for in a while,” she thought, as she shoved her knickers into her handbag.


“So where are we going?” Claire asked, clutching my arm as we walked down Church Street. She’d had a sneaky feel and knew I was hard.

“Back to mine?”

“I can’t wait that long,” Claire said with strong determination in her voice. That determination highlighted my own desire for release. “I’ve been doing some research and there’s somewhere we could go.” Claire’s voice was shaking with excitement. “If you’re up for it?”

“Oh, you know Vincent is up for it, darling.”

Claire headed towards the park. Was she thinking about something alfresco? I could go for a knee trembler in the dark. Except she was heading towards the one light. “You want to do it in the bogs?”

Claire didn’t answer with words. She just took a hold of my hand and pushed it up under her skirt. A loud moan escaped her lips as a warm rush of fluid coated my fingers. “No knickers,” I noted, feeling Claire’s fierce physical response as I touched her bare pussy. She was wetter than a fucked faucet and squealed as I pushed a finger between those pouting outer lips.

“Not out here,” she hissed, escaping my grip. I followed like a dog on heat, sniffing at my sticky fingers as she made a beeline into the Gents and holed-up in a cubicle.


“Shush, I think I can see them,” whispered Libby. From their vantage point behind the Ladies’ toilets, she and Johnson watched as Claire dragged Vincent into the Gents’.

“Okay, let’s go,” she ordered, and the two of them scuttled over to the other block. They peeped in. There were only two cubicles, and from inside one of them could be heard various scufflings and sounds of clothes being adjusted or removed. Then a rhythmic pounding began, that could only have been made by two people having sex.

“Are you coming too?” asked Johnson.

“You think I’m going to miss this? Let’s go.”


My cock was aching, knowing that Claire was ready, and I tried to mount her from behind. “Not like that, remember? I’m going on top.” I didn’t care how we did it, although it felt a little odd to drop my bags and sit on the toilet with a woman watching. That awkwardness soon fell away as Claire hoisted her skirt to reveal that pretty little pussy of hers.

Spreading her legs, Claire dropped her dripping pussy onto the tip of my cock and eased down. She was seriously excited and her vaginal muscles clenched in a way which told me she wasn’t far from orgasming.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” Claire groaned, gripping my neck like the reins of a horse as she rode my cock.

I couldn’t help but groan loudly and that one noise seemed to set all sorts of unexpected things in motion: the door of the next trap slammed shut and Claire stopped as we both listened to clothes being adjusted. “Please, don’t stop on my account,” a deep voice said from the next cubicle. The way the voice extended the vowel of ‘accoount’ made me think ‘Jamaican’.

My mouth was dry; my heart thudding. This felt suddenly dangerous.

As I sat there, wondering what to do, there was the familiar sound of slapping skin. The guy next door was masturbating. Claire and I looked at each other. What I was feeling was shock; what she was feeling was not – she was grinning widely. Circling her fingers, she made a ‘wanker’ gesture. She made me relax, relax enough that it was difficult to stifle our giggles.

The guy wasn’t stopping, so eventually Claire started sliding up and down my pole. We were trying to be quiet but Claire’s juicy pussy couldn’t be quiet; it was making little slurpy sounds and in the silence of the bog, those slurpy sounds were a dead give-away.


Once in the cubicle, Johnson had lost no time in pulling out his cock. It didn’t take long to get it properly hard, and soon the familiar fap, fap, fap sound of male masturbation filled the air, no doubt clearly audible as such to the couple in the next cubicle.

Johnson smiled at Libby as he tugged at his throbbing erection. Despite her recent lack of interest in the male member, she had to admit that it was an impressive specimen. It was easily nine inches in length, and the circumcised knob was huge and bulbous.

Frankly, it was just too good to resist. She tried not to think about what the Anti-Brexit Lesbian Vegan Collective would say if they could see her now.

“Can I?” she mouthed, reaching out for it. Johnson looked surprised, but willingly relinquished control of his enormous stiffy to Libby’s much smaller hand. She couldn’t even get her fingers right round it, but she remembered how best to keep it aroused, adjusting the speed and pressure of her pumping, and sliding her hand around the sensitive skin at the base of the knob. A little helping of pre-cum juice bubbled out, adding further lubrication. Libby just couldn’t resist, and bent down, placing just the knob in her mouth, sucking off the salty liquid.

Johnson let out a stifled groan. He reached out and put his hand on Libby’s ample bosom. She smiled, letting him know it was alright, and he responded by gently massaging her firm boob. Her nipple hardened immediately, and she could sense herself starting to get a bit wet in the downstairs department.

Next door, they could hear the sound of resumed fucking, the distinctive slurping of a hard cock in a very wet pussy. Confident that the sound of fucking would cover up the sound, Libby whispered in Johnson’s ear, “Opening time?”

Johnson nodded.


This side-by-side sex went on for a few minutes. Then the guy called out, “Hey bud, can you pass me some roll: this stall’s all out?” Claire smiled as she did the deed but as soon as she pulled on the dispenser, it came away from the wall to reveal a glory hole, complete with duct taping to protect any sharp edges.

I realised immediately that we’d stumbled into some kind of cruising establishment. “Tell you what bud, why don’t you just finish me off with your mouth?” And for the first time in my life, I saw another man’s erect penis in the flesh.

The tip poked through the exposed hole.

The first thing to tell you is that it was black. It was in profile from where I was sitting and I was amazed at how far into the cubicle it protruded.

Claire’s eyes were on stalks. I thought about all the pornos I’d watched; all those pretty blonde girls and big, black cocks.

“Go on then… suck him,” I hissed at Claire.

“No way am I touching that!” she hissed back.

A fist slammed into the cubicle wall, threatening to tip the whole world over onto its side. “Well, someone had better suck it, or they’ll be trouble.”

“For fuck’s sake, Claire, just suck it!” I made a grab for Claire’s head, intending to force her down onto the cock but she swayed back and she used the weight of her body through the hand on my neck to pull my face down towards the big black cock.

“Fuck that! You fucking suck it.” As if in a trance and with fear in my heart, Claire’s slender white fingers, wrapped around the root of that big, chocolate pole, grew closer and closer. It was her fingers I was watching as I let her pull my mouth over the salty tip. I thought of all the videos I’d watched of big black cocks being sucked and their heavy flesh being stroked. It was my go-to porn; the sex act which always gave me the best orgasms

I’d always assumed that I liked seeing the white girl defiled by the big black cock; I’d never thought that I might like to be the little white girl.

“There you go,” Claire said, using her grip on my hair to pull me forward as she tenderly wanked that stranger’s cock into my unprotesting mouth. I could feel that she was trembling with excitement.

“Now be a good little cock sucker,” she murmured, stroking my hair like I was some kind of domesticated animal. “That’s it. Nice and slowly for the man.”

My heart skipped a beat at the thought of there being a man attached to the cock in my mouth. Just as in the pornos I enjoyed, I mentally had this as some disembodied appendage.

I tried to say something but my mouth was too full and I couldn’t get the words out.

“Don’t worry about talking,” Claire said, her pussy rising and falling on my own cock with increasing urgency. “I just want to concentrate on you doing this.” My heart was hammering against my rib cage as she angled her hips to maximise her stimulation. What I was doing came into focus and simultaneously repulsed and excited me; my tongue was teasing and tickling the sensitive flesh around the stranger’s piss hole.


It was obvious to Libby that Johnson was really enjoying having his cock sucked. From the whispered sounds through the cubicle wall, she guessed that Claire had forced Vincent to take the black man’s dick in his mouth, as she had planned. And judging by Johnson’s reactions, Vincent was doing a pretty good job of it.

Johnson’s trousers were round his ankles, and his large ball-sack was swinging backward and forwards as he pushed his erection as far as he could through the glory-hole and into Vincent’s throat. Libby put her hand down and cradled his hot hairy bollocks.

Somehow, it was even hotter listening to the sounds of slurping and fucking coming from the adjacent cubicle than it would be watching it. Unable to resist, she unzipped her jeans, pulled them and her panties down to her knees, and began to rub expertly at her clitoris with one hand, while slipping two fingers into her pussy with the other.

Johnson’s eyes opened wide, and he smiled a big broad grin. Her fully shaved and plump pussy was clearly much to his liking, and soon there was another slurp, slurp, slurp to add to all the other sexual noises coming from the cubicles.

Libby could tell that Johnson was having as much fun watching her masturbate as he was from getting his cock sucked through the glory hole. She pulled her sticky fingers out of her pussy, dripping with her viscous juices, and put them in his mouth. While he sucked the juices off her, she tugged up her t-shirt and then her bra, exposing her bouncing boobs to his eager eyes. Her dark nipples were as hard as pebbles, and her large areolae were dimpled with arousal.

Still using one hand to support himself on the cubicle wall, Johnson reached out with his other and slipped two fingers up into Libby’s soaking vagina. He began to pump them in and out, and she had to stuff her t-shirt into her mouth to stop herself from crying out with pleasure. He had long fingers, and they went deep, curling up inside to find her soft spongy special spot. Libby began to rub at the firm little bud of her clitoris, already engorged and sticking up from its protective nest of flesh. She could sense she was going to come soon, and sped up her fingerwork.


“I can see you licking him,” Claire said with a groan as she fucked me harder. Her knowing that excited and humiliated me; the black cock in my mouth perhaps the ultimate debasement – the one I had planned on inflicting on Claire. Pleasure contorted Claire’s pretty features and I felt her pussy flex. “And I thought you wanted to see me sucking on a cock. This…” she paused to gasp. “This is so… much… better!” Each word was punctuated with a slippery thrust and I watched Claire’s face go taut, the tendons standing out in her neck as her orgasm exploded.

She made the kinds of noises I’d only ever heard a woman make in skin flicks. Her sex noises gave me a weird out-of-body experience where we were making our own porno. In that porno, I took that monster-cock into my mouth and watched my cheeks bulge, as I took inch, after inch, after inch. I was amazed at how close I got my face to the wall before sliding to a halt.

Evidently, so was the owner of the cock: “Fuck man! That’s one dirty mouth you’ve got there. Ain’t nobody gone that deep on me before!” With that encouragement, I set to work, although it felt like someone else’s mouth as I sucked and slurped as I glided back and forth along that ebony shaft, occasionally going even deeper than that first tonsil-tickler.

I’d never been so full of lust.

My own cock was aching with an echo of the delight I was surely imparting in that black cock. I started thrusting as much as I was allowed into Claire’s slippery girl-cave. She was unbelievably aroused and her sticky juices were soon coating my balls and upper thighs as she grabbed the cock from my mouth and eagerly sucked it into her own. We became a team, pleasuring that cock, passing it back and forth.

It had never been like this with any woman I’d ever been with; it had never been like this with any woman I had seen in a porno. We were in some little bubble where the volume of the sexual universe had been spun round to 11.

“Make him come,” Claire hissed, grabbing my head while staring into my eyes. “Make him come in your mouth and I’ll do anything. You understand me? I will do anything you want.” I nodded understanding, thinking about all the things that I wanted to try… what it would feel like to have a sexual partner to try those things.

Claire grabbed the cock and I watched her work it with new enthusiasm; it made a mesmerising sight to see her feasting so hungrily on that ebony penis… just like in the videos, except the ending was going to be different.

I wasn’t sure how that was going to feel; there was a moment when I had chance to think and if that moment had been a little longer, everything might have come to a shuddering halt. As it was, there was an eruption of noise and movement from the cubicle next-door and there followed a great shout of ecstasy. Claire jammed the cock back in my mouth and I felt my eyes bulge as it erupted.


Next door, Johnson and Libby came at more or less the same moment. He let out an almighty roar as his semen erupted out of his cock, shooting rope after gooey rope straight into Vincent’s throat. At the same time, Libby allowed herself a deep and intense whimper as her strumming fingers brought her to her own orgasm, juices bubbling out over Johnson’s hand and down her thighs. She slumped back against the wall as Johnson’s fingers slipped out of her, the soft wet folds of her labia pink and puffy with arousal. She was still tingling as she pressed her palm against her clitoris, a final micro-climax fizzing through her body.

Slowly, Johnson withdrew his cock from the glory hole. It was still hard, slick with saliva and semen, and as Libby watched, a last gobbet of spunk bubbled out of the tip and dripped onto the floor.


Soft heat pulsed into my mouth and throat, accompanied by the astringent taste and smell of spunk as another man’s glue gushed into my mouth and went down my throat.

The suffocation of it as Claire held my head in place was enough to tip me over the edge. My orgasm was enormous, one of the most powerful of my life. It was an amazing relief to finally discharge my pent-up load and within seconds, Claire started coming. I could feel the powerful contractions of her pussy around my cock but it barely registered as I was utterly focused on the twitching black knob in my mouth.

I watched the shock and awe in her eyes as I swallowed again and again. The dirty cow was milking her pleasure, just as surely as she was milking every last creamy drop of spunk into my mouth.

“Cheers bud; that was fucking fantastic!” our friend called out.

“Have you got a phone number?” Claire called out.

“Sure thing. You and your man want to hook up again sometime?”

“We’d love to,” Claire said, pushing the piece of paper into her purse. “There’s a whole raft of things we want to try, isn’t there Vince?”


Libby and Johnson listened as the footsteps retreated out of the door. Johnson breathed out a long sigh.

“Fuck, that guy knows how to suck a cock,” he said. “I’ve not come that hard in months. Are you sure Claire said he’s not done it before?”

“Well, that’s what she said. But maybe he’s been keeping something from her.”

Johnson reached for some toilet roll to wipe his cock clean before tucking it back into his trousers.

“Oh come on, give it here,” said Libby. She bent down and put it in her mouth, licking the remaining smears of Johnson’s creamy semen off it. She felt it twitch slightly, as if starting to get hard again, and she smiled as she let it slip out of her mouth and tucked it back into his trousers.

“Maybe another time,” she smiled.

“Well, I hope she phones again,” Johnson said. “He may be a tosser, but he can blow my dick any time. And you should join us. I’d fuck you too.”

Libby shrugged. She was flattered by Johnson’s comments, but wasn’t sure if she was ready to go fully bi yet, at least not with the loathsome Vincent. Even so, she’d enjoyed playing with Johnson’s enormous todger more than she wanted to admit.

“Well, maybe not this time,” she said, “but if you fancied another wank sometime, we could make a date.”

Johnson laughed. “Any time you like, babe,” he said. “Come on, let’s go.”

“I just need to get the camera,” said Libby. She climbed up on the toilet seat and retrieved the little device from its position overlooking both cubicles. With any luck, it should have captured most of the action on both sides of the dividing wall, which would be useful material if Vincent tried to make Claire do anything else she didn’t fancy. Somehow, she thought he’d prefer his mates not to see him with a black man’s massive cock rammed down his throat.


My profoud thanks go to naughtyannie for writing Johnson and Libby and giving Claire such a wonderfully rounded background / motivation against my Vincent's self-centred egotism. Claire ended-up being so much more than I had visualised and it was fun sharing what's in someone else's head. Plus, of course, all the filthy fun naughtyannie added in the second cubicle. 

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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