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Jeremiah Has His Way

Husband finds out his wife needs a little more TLC than he's capable of.

"Listen here, you piece of shit --" begins another day at the office. Not even eight a.m. and I've already been verbally assaulted twenty-some odd times. I suppose it comes with the territory of being a debt collector.

I'm Eric Hughes, I'm 35 and this will be my third year on the job. I never really ended up finishing college, but luckily my beautiful wife Melissa pays most of the bills with the money she makes as an attorney. Don't ask how I landed her, I'm not really sure. We'd never been able to conceive but it hadn't ever really been an issue between us. We'd both accepted that neither of us really wanted kids. We lived a pretty decent life, and I didn't really mind working a dead-end job to support us.

Anyway, the day had gone by pretty quickly and it was already noon when I checked my phone again. I stopped for a quick lunch and returned to my cubicle. After a dozen or so dropped calls a woman answered.


"Hi, is this Ms. Zelma Brynn?"

I hear a brief pause and a click. Thinking she'd hung up I queued up another number on the line, but suddenly she responded again. It almost sounded like she'd put me on speaker.

"Yes, this is she," she said, giggling slightly.

"I'm calling on behalf of West Street E.R., and in accordance with their recor..."

"You sound like you've got a tiny dick, dude."

My face suddenly turned red, and I stammered, "What?"

The voice on the other end laughed hysterically and hung up. I sat and contemplated, wondering how she might have guessed that I had a small dick. I was humiliated, yet my cock started to grow in my pants.

Suddenly my manager appeared to my left and rested his hand on my shoulder. I attempted to cover my growing hard-on, but realized that it couldn't have been visible even if I'd tried. I stood up and greeted him. He was at least half a foot taller than me so I still had to look up to make eye contact.

"Sit down. Please, I insist," he said, patting my shoulder.

"What can I do for ya' Jeremiah?" I asked, a little worried since we don't normally talk unless I fuck up.

"Oh nothing, really. Just wondering when you'd be having me over for dinner?"

Suddenly I remembered. I'd invited Jeremiah to dinner at our last office Christmas party, but that was practically a year ago. My wife and his girlfriend at the time had hit it off pretty well. I had been kinda drunk but I distinctly remembered the invitation.

"Oh... Y-yeah I remember. For sure, is your girlfriend going to join you?"

"No. Mandy and I broke up a few months back," he said matter-of-factly.

"Oh man, sorry to hear that."

"It's no problem, Eric," he said, laughing and patting my back. "So how does eight p.m. sound? Your place."

"Oh, uh... today? I mean I guess I can do that, I'll have to ask my wi..."

"Cool, cool. See ya there man!"

He suddenly walked away, talking to a secretary. I was a little bewildered by the whole thing, and began to suspect and ulterior motive. I was a little envious of Jeremiah. We'd actually started out working together, but he got pushed through the ranks much faster than I did. He had a pretty high success rate, so he got rewarded. It probably helped that he was pretty ruggedly handsome as well. Standing at 6'2'', Jeremiah had dark brown skin, visible muscles, and broad shoulders. He was pretty much everything I wasn't.

I finished up at work and drove home. Melissa usually got home a couple hours after me so I called her up to tell her he'd be coming over.

"Oh yeah, he messaged me on Facebook already."

"You're friends on Facebook?" I asked, with a hint of jealousy rising up inside me.

"Oh yeah, but who isn't, right?" she explained casually.

She said she'd bring home dinner and for me to get the house ready for a guest. I did the dishes, swept the floor, etc. The place looked pretty good, and around 7:30 I heard laughter coming up the stairs of the entrance to our house.

"Hey honey, look who I found." Melissa said excitedly as Jeremiah walked in closely behind her. I gave her a kiss and greeted him with a handshake. His grip was so firm, and the contrast of his huge black hand contrasting with mine gave me some imagery of how our other body parts would match up. I was embarrassed it had even crossed my mind. I reminded myself that it was just a stereotype.

Melissa had brought home some sushi, and we sat around the table and drank some wine that she'd picked up as well. After a while I was feeling kind of tipsy, and I noticed Melissa and Jeremiah seemed to be feeling it as well. I would occasionally catch Jeremiah glancing at Melissa, and at some point he just stopped giving a shit whether or not I'd seen him doing it. I was a more than a little embarrassed so I got up and stepped into the bathroom. I know it was kind of cowardly, but something inside of me wanted to know what would happen.

I stood at the door listening. After a minute I heard some muffled talking, so I opened the door a little bit.

"Do you think he knows?" I distinctly heard Jeremiah say.

"I told him we were Facebook friends earlier today."

My heart sank. Does this mean they're having an affair? Suddenly a million images of Jeremiah pounding my wife flooded my mind. Suddenly, I heard a soft moan. I peeked out from the bathroom and saw Melissa with her head leaned back in the chair. I opened the door a little farther and saw Jeremiah reaching under the table. I stared as my tiny dick grew in my pants.

Jeremiah suddenly looked up and locked eyes with me, and I hurried back into the bathroom. Did he see me? I pretended to flush the toilet and wash my hands. Wouldn't want them to think I saw him fingering my wife at our dinner table. I walked out and sat back down nonchalantly. They kept talking, pretending nothing had happened. Melissa was biting her lip unconsciously, and her cheeks were flushed. Every so often Jeremiah would look over at me with a kind of smirk on his face.

I was getting pretty uncomfortable at this point, and the alcohol wasn't helping.

"How about we call it a night, huh?" I said standing up.

"Eric, just sit down, bud," Jeremiah said bluntly, motioning for my chair.

And, for some reason I obliged him.

"Here's what's going to happen, man," Jeremiah began. "You're going to watch me fuck your wife on this table."

I scoffed. "Oh really?" I said with heat rising in my face.

"Calm down buddy, it's just the way it's gonna go," he said in a calming tone.

I looked over at Melissa trying to laugh it off, but she wouldn't meet my gaze.

"Melissa, this is bullshit, right? I heard you guys in the bathroom, but I didn't actually think you'd fuck Jeremiah behind my back, right?" I said angrily, yet the boner in my pants raged on.

"It just feels so good Eric. I'm sorry, I don't know what to say," she said, looking away.

My heart dropped, and I looked back at Jeremiah in disbelief.

"Look man, your wife just isn't satisfied in bed. She's told me about your problems, and honestly I'm just here to help you guys out. Make sure everyone has a good time, make sense?"

I looked back to Melissa. "Is that true? I didn't know about this, Melissa. Why didn't you come to me?"

"I have Eric," she said, finally making eye contact with me. "It's just that you don't take the hint, and I didn't want to hurt your feelings."

"Is his cock really that big?" I said still in complete denial.

"Would you like to see?" Jeremiah suddenly said, standing up.

"Sure, why the fuck not?" I said, getting drunker by the minute.

A cocky smile crossed Jeremiah's face as he stood up, unbuckling his belt. I could already see the bulge growing in his pants. He lowered the waistline just enough so I could see the base of his cock. It was clearly fucking huge.

"Why don't you come help me out, Melissa?" he said, pausing with only his cock holding up his pants.

Before I could object she was by his side. I was in a trance. She pulled down his pants and his whole cock bounced out.

"Let me illustrate the problem for you, Eric." Jeremiah said. "Why don't you take off your pants?"

Melissa's eyes were transfixed on his cock and he waited expectantly. I didn't really have a choice. I lowered my pants and my tiny hard cock bounced out in front of me.

"Now put my cock in your mouth Melissa," he said pointing his half hard, chubby black cock in her direction.

Without hesitation Melissa got down on her knees and nearly swallowed his cock. His balls contracted and he moaned as she gagged on his cock. I could feel precum leaking from the tip of my cock. Why was I so turned on by this?

"Now she's going to do the same to you. Watch the difference," he said motioning her to put my cock in her mouth.

She grabbed my cock with her thumb and forefinger and took all of it in immediately. It wasn't even a struggle for her to fit my whole cock and my balls in her mouth at once.

"You see the problem, man?" he said, pointing to his cock. "Wait till you see what it does to her pussy."

I just nodded and sat back down. I was letting my manager fuck my wife, and I was just watching it happen. Next thing I know, she's walking back toward Jeremiah, her firm butt swaying back and forth. She was pretty fucking hot, even though she was a couple years older than me. Her ass was the best thing about her though; bulbous cheeks with peach fuzz, and a perfect little pink hole. I could see why Jeremiah had liked her when he saw her at the Christmas party. Jeremiah wrapped his arm around her and brought her in for a long kiss. His massive hand cupped her ass and slapped it, sending a quiver down Melissa's spine.

I had begun jacking off without even thinking about it. I was edging at this point, already on the brink of blowing my load. Jeremiah squeezed one of Melissa's breasts and took it into his mouth. She moaned softly, and I could see that his dick was now rock hard. It had to have been at least eight inches, but that wasn't nearly as impressive as the girth. I began to wonder how she was going to fit that thing inside her small pussy.

Jeremiah picked her up and she locked her legs around his back. I could see his massive cock rubbing up against her pussy as he carried her.

"Clear the table," he said, motioning to the table.

I stood up and started to grab the dishes, magazines, etc. They continued to make out, and she let out little embarrassed moans as he teased her pussy with his fingers and cock. Once I finished clearing he set her down on the table, and moved down to her pussy. He lightly flicked his tongue over her clit, and then put his whole mouth around her lips, moving his tongue in and out of her canal as he sucked up her juices. I'd never seen her so wet. Her natural juices were glistening on Jeremiah's face, and he was loving it.

"Come take a look at her pussy," he said motioning me over. "See how red it is? She's really excited, Eric. I'm going to give her what she wants, okay?"

I nodded my head. It was too late to turn back, and Melissa was practically begging me with her eyes. I knew she'd be too ashamed to say she wanted it, but it showed. Jeremiah patted my back.

"You want to put my cock in her pussy?" he said, rubbing the head of his massive uncut cock on her pussy. I walked over to them and took a hold of his girthy cock. I could feel the heat radiating off of it, and the smell of his manhood mixed with her pussy juices was making my cock spasm out of control. I felt like I just might come right then and there.

Suddenly I heard Melissa gasp, and I looked down to see that the head of his cock had slipped into her tight little pussy. She kneaded her breasts and writhed in pleasure as he began to sink into her an inch at a time. Then finally he sank balls-deep into my wife's pussy. Melissa's eyes rolled back in her head, her fingers flicking her nipples as she trembled.

"This is how she should look when you fuck her. I'm completely in control of her pleasure, and I can take her over the edge whenever I want to," Jeremiah said as he began to move his whole cock in and out of her.

"Oh please, fuck my little pussy, Jeremiah!" Melissa suddenly screamed.

I looked down as Jeremiah began to increase his speed. Melissa's pussy was stretched to the limit, and clamping down on his cock to keep it inside her. That's when the first orgasm hit.

"Oh my god! I'm coming so hard, Eric!" Melissa screamed like I'd never heard her.

Jeremiah slammed his cock balls deep against her pussy with an audible slap. I watched as her pussy pulsed around his cock, her juices dripping onto the table. Jeremiah silenced her by covering her mouth, and flipped her over on her stomach. With the full force of his weight on top of her, he forced himself back into her now-tender pussy. It easily slid in as he'd loosened it up a bit. They were both covered in sweat and making animal noises; my cock was still on the verge of exploding, and I hadn't touched myself in the five minutes they'd been fucking.

"Tell Eric how much you like my big cock pounding your tight little pussy, Melissa," he said, taking his hand off her mouth.

"It's so fucking good, Eric, I've never come so hard in my life!" she almost screamed.

Jeremiah put his hand around her throat and brought her head to his, making out as he continued to ram her pussy. Then another orgasm hit. Her entire body shook as Jeremiah's cock slid against her g-spot over and over.

"Come over here, Eric, I want you to watch me come in your wife's pussy."

My mind raced. I hadn't even considered where he'd be dumping his load. Considering neither of us knew why Melissa couldn't get pregnant, I just hoped that Jeremiah wouldn't impregnate her with his doubtlessly superior sperm. I put the thought out of my mind as I walked over to them and got down on my knees to watch his massive black cock dump a huge load inside my wife's honeypot.

"You ready for my load, Melissa?" Jeremiah said, looking into her eyes lovingly.

"Yes baby, please. I want to feel your hot seed deep inside me," Melissa practically whimpered.

Jeremiah's balls tightened up against the base of his cock and he began to pound Melissa's pussy as hard as he could. Then he stopped and grabbed my hand, placing it around his cock. I felt it pulsing as he began to dump his load deep inside my wife. I looked up into his eyes with my hand still wrapped around his cock.

"Clean up this mess," he said.

He pulled his cock out of Melissa's pussy and cum began to flood out of her now-gaping red hole. I pressed my face against her pussy and began to suck Jeremiah's heady spunk out of her. Jeremiah watched as he got dressed, his massive cock bouncing in front of him.

"You missed a spot," he said, pointing to his cock.

I moved over to him and took his cock into my mouth. He put his hand on top of my head and guided his cock down my throat. When I felt his balls against my chin he looked down at me.

"Thanks buddy. Means a lot." And then he left.

I was still totally bewildered, so I just laid down next to my wife.

After a while she looked over at me. "I love you, honey."

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