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Fun at the beach

Playing at the beach

On the 30th of December 2014, James and I went to an unofficial nude beach. As those that have read our other stories would know, whenever we go on our "adventures" I usually wear as little as possible. This was no different. My outfit consisted of a tiny pink skirt that did not cover my ass fully, no panties (obviously), a brand new buttoned crop top and no bra (even more obvious). The new crop top was a great find. The top had five buttons and with each one I undid, I showed off more and more of my cleavage. It also did wonders at pushing my tits up so I was even more on show. I chose to undo three buttons leaving very little to the imagination. If you were tall you could see down my top very clearly and from the sides, you could see my constantly hard, dark nipples poking out.

I stepped out of the car and immediately noticed a car drive away. As I stepped out, my legs spread and I could feel the cool breeze against my bare pussy. The skirt was so short there was no hiding my pussy which was on show. As I said, this skirt did not actually cover my ass fully. The bottom of my cheeks were on display and it stopped about an inch below my pussy. With half my boobs out, my stomach uncovered and this tiny skirt, I looked like a total bimbo and I loved it.

The beach is about a ten minute hike and we passed a lot of hikers and runners. One man even stopped us and asked for directions for a lighthouse. A few passers by stole quick glances at my tits, some didn't bother hiding and just openly stared. It felt great to be on show and have these strangers stare so openly at my tits.

The hike also has a lot of stairs so as I walked, I felt my skirt move quite a lot. I have no clue who or what I flashed on the way down to the beach. Once we were off the main track James reached over and lifted up my skirt and tucked it up at the waist. Now my ass was completely on show. I walked on enjoying being so exposed but felt the skirt fall back in place. Not wanting to stop my exposure and without any prompting from James, I reached back and lifted it up again and tucked it back at the top. I continued walking enjoying the feeling of the wind on my bare ass and knowing James was probably getting hard looking at my butt move as I navigated the rocky path.

We eventually got to the beach and noticed two naked men down on the beach. We were on a cliff overlooking the beach. James and I never got to the beach but continued to the left along the cliff as we knew of a great shaded section of the cliff. It overlooks the water and the beach.

Since it was holiday time we noticed there were at least thirty or so sailboats. There must have been an event or something as we heard a few sirens every so often. Not only were there sailboats but a number of larger boats on the water.

We were on the cliff overlooking the water but we could quite clearly see these boats which meant they could quite clearly see us. We made our way to our favourite spot and lay down on our towels. I decided to start off slow and put on my bikini bottoms, took off my skirt but kept my crop top on.

Once we were lying down I immediately started kissing James. The excitement of passing all those people dressed like a bimbo had got me going. James hands immediately found my ass and wasted no time. His right hand was under my bikini bottom and was squeezing my ass, much to my delight. I moaned softly in his mouth as we continued kissing.

James's hands became rougher and he was really squeezing my ass. If you've read my other stories, you'd know I love my ass squeezed. I kissed him harder encouraging him to continue groping me.

I was getting wet and needed more attention but wanted to take my time. James's hand moved from my ass to my back and under my top. Since the top was so tight the buttons popped open and my tits were finally out. I was lying with my back to the beach and James and I noticed a man had moved from the right side of the beach to the left where he had a clear view of us. He had moved quite quickly after we had arrived, no doubt with the hope of seeing me naked.

The crop top wasn't doing much and I decided to discard it. It was only hampering James's access to my nipples which neither one of us wanted.

As soon as it was off I pressed my bare tits against his muscular chest and moaned as we kissed passionately. His strong hands dug into my back and ass my as he squeezed and groped.

I moved to his nipples and started licking and sucking them. He gently caressed my hair and soon was pushing my head into his chest as I sucked harder. I reached down and felt his rock hard cock through his baggy shorts.

"Mhmmmmm," I thought to myself, I was going to enjoy feasting on his cock!

"Turn around baby, it's my turn now."

I lay on my back as he kissed me, his strong hands kneading my tits and flicking my nipples. Every flick of my nipples sent shock waves of pleasure through my body. Oh how I needed his touch!

He kissed my neck, I moaned. He kissed my boobs, I moaned. He gently circled my right nipple with his tongue, I moaned louder. He gently sucked and bit my nipples, my right first, then left, then back to right. This went on for a few minutes, with each lick, I was getting hornier and hornier.

His right hand trailed down my stomach and I instinctively spread my legs. His fingers found my clit, circled it once or twice and then moved away.

"Nooooo," I moaned. I needed more!

Once again his fingers found my clit, then moved away. He teased me again and again until I was squirming, begging for him to make me cum!

"Oh please don't tease me, I need to cum...please make me cum."

"You'll have to wait for that baby," was his response.

"Let's go for a walk and show you off babe."

I smiled, he knew exactly how to keep me horny. I stood up, now only in my bikini bottoms. As I said there were quite a few sailboats and other larger boats around. The man from the beach was staring intently and now, there was a man on a paddle boat who had moved quite close to our location and was fishing. He had the boat turned to face us and was staring straight at me.

I took it all in. I was topless with these two men staring at me and all these boats in the distance. Who knows who had binoculars and who was looking at me. The thought of being watched was turning me on...a lot!

James and I explored the cliff and moved away from the beach. I could feel the warm sun against my body, the cool breeze against my tits. It felt so naughty to feel the breeze against my tits, I mean they're usually covered but I loved the fact they were out.

"My bottoms are going to get dirty," I informed James.

"Oh really now, we can't have that can we. What shall we do about that?"

I knew exactly what I needed to do, but I wanted to prolong it a bit more. We continued our walk until we could go no further and decided to head back.

"Shouldn't you take your bottoms off?" James asked.

My reply was to untie my bottoms and hand them to James. He had a huge grin and I did too. I was now naked with who knows who watching me.

After a few steps I could feel my juices dripping down my leg.

"Oh no, I'm dripping," I exclaimed.

"Oh wow, I've read stories where the woman says they get so horny that they're dripping but I never believed it. So it's true, it's actually possible."

James put his hands around me and we kissed. My ass was facing the boats but I didn't care. James's hands were groping me for all to see but I loved it! I wanted the guy on the beach and the guy fishing to see me being groped.

We made our way back to our towels and lay down. I put on my bikini bottoms just in case as it wasn't actually an official nude beach.

James lay on his back and I leaned against his leg and took out his cock. I could tell he was excited as he was already hard. I took him in my mouth and started sucking slowly. It felt amazing to be sucking him in public. I knew the guy on the beach was watching us but he could only see my back and head bobbing up and down on James's cock.

I was moaning as I took his cock in my mouth. Oh how I'd been looking forward to this! I wrapped my right hand tight around his cock and as I moved down his shaft with my mouth, I moved my hand and jerked him off at the same time.

"Ohhh yeah baby, Oh yes, that feels so good."

I started bobbing harder and faster. His moans fueled my lust for him and I wanted to feel his cock shoot in my mouth.

After a few minutes of sucking him he pushed me off his cock and had me lie down on my stomach. He straddled me and started working on my ass. For all you ladies out there, you need to have your man learn to give a good butt massage. He kneaded and worked my butt. I closed my eyes and every so often moaned softly as his strong hands worked deep into my butt muscles. It was so relaxing but also such a turn on, especially given how much I love having my ass squeezed.

James then turned me around again and went to work sucking my tits. I couldn't help but moan as my pussy got wetter. I was soaking and I knew I would have to wash these bikini bottoms.

James's fingers found my clit and once again we were playing the teasing game. This time however it lasted longer. Just as I thought this was it, he wasn't going to stop, he'd stop and leave me frustrated.

Eventually even he couldn't wait and he untied my bottoms. I was naked once more with my legs spread. I lay with my head facing the beach and James lay on his side with his face between my legs. We somehow made this work in an effort to not make it too obvious what we were doing. It may have looked like he was lying on my stomach from a distance.

As soon as James kissed my pussy lips I was about to cum. He took his time, kissing me, gently circling my clit and gently sucking it, building up my orgasm. For the next five minutes he expertly and slowly worked on my clit. The pressure of his sucking and licking gradually got harder until finally I explo in a mind-blowing orgasm. I was on the edge for so long and when I finally went over, I bit my lip to stop from screaming in pleasure. My body convulsed and he continued his onslaught on my clit. Wave after wave of pure pleasure rocked my body. I ground my clit into his face as he continued sucking as my orgasm slowly faded.

I could finally take no more and pushed him off me. He got up and wiped my juices off his chin and smiled. He kissed me passionately, his right hand roughly squeezing my right boob. Yes! I wanted to feel used, I wanted him to be rough with me.

Now when I cum, I'm in a state where I have very little control over what I do. All I want is cock. I took his cock out of his shorts and went to town. I started sucking but my body convulsed again as the after shocks of my orgasm hit me.

James spanked my ass sending another shock wave of pleasure through my pussy. I convulsed again as I struggled to suck him.

"Suck that cock baby," he instructed as his left hand groped my ass. I didn't need to be told twice and I started sucking and licking his cock. I made sure it was nice and wet and jerked him off as I kept my mouth over the head of his cock.

"Oh yeah baby, that's your cock isn't it, it's all for you, just enjoy sucking that cock."

I loved when he encouraged me and I lay down and started taking my time, enjoying having his rock hard cock in my mouth.

"Do you wish you had a cock in your pussy right now babe?"

"Mhmmm," I responded as I continued sucking his cock.

We'd never swapped and probably never would but the thought of being used turns me on so much. The thought of James and another man or two having their way with me, or as James's fingers me, to have two guys jerking themselves off watching me makes me so wet!

"I bet you'd let another guy fuck you as you suck me wouldn't you babe? If you found him attractive, you wouldn't mind would you my little exhibitionist slut."


Deep down, I knew I would. For the first time I admitted to him and myself that I really did want more than one cock at the same time.

"You really are a cock hungry slut aren't you."

"Mhmmm," I moaned as I took James's cock in my mouth.

Wow, I was a cock hungry slut. I had never thought I wanted another guy, maybe because all the couples we'd met were older and no one was in shape like James, but if we met young hot couple, I'd seriously entertain the thought of having both him and James at the same time. While James and I were waiting till we're married for sex, I thought to have James finger me and jerk off another guy, oh wow, the thought made me wet!

"That's what I was thinking of when you were licking me. I imagined two guys jerking off watching you lick me and then they came closer and I reached out and started jerking them off."

"Fuck that's so hot babe."

James's grabbed my head and pushed me down and I resumed sucking him. Once he was nice and wet I started jerking him off. He loves watching me jerk him off as my perky tits jiggle. He stared, transfixed on my tits as they jiggled as I jerked off his hard cock.

"Oh yeah baby, I'm going to cum soon."

I immediately took his cock in my mouth and within seconds felt the satisfaction of feeling his cock shoot his hot cum into my mouth. I took it all in and when he was drained, stood up and walked a short distance away and spat his cum out.

I drank some water and kissed him passionately.

"Thank you babe, that was amazing," I said.

Before we left we made sure to take some pictures via snapchat for one of James' friends. I started off with all my buttons done, then one by one took a button off. Finally I was left with all the buttons undone but I made sure to hold the top so I didnt expose my nipples, though most of my boobs were out. It's James' best friend and the pictures we've been sending him have been getting progressively more revealing. It's a huge turn on as he always comments on how badly he wants to screenshot the pictures and he always replays the snapchat.

We headed off soon after that. We reached the car without passing many people. We did pass two guys who asked us about the beach. I had on the same crop top but with four buttons undone. I think they were gay as they still wanted to go to the beach even when we told them it was a semi-nude beach. Plus they looked at James and didn't stare at my boobs at all...which was a huge let down. It would have been great to end the adventure off with them staring at my tits.

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