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Morning Run II

A continued run

"Good morning dear. How'd you sleep?"

"Okay I guess. Why?"

"Can't I just ask how you slept?"

"Well if you really must know, I didn't get much sleep. I haven't had a good nights sleep in a while. I must say I envy how much sleep you get. Must be all that running you do. Especially last night, you passed out quick. You didn't even bother to roll over and ask for sex like you always do."

"Um yeah, that must be it. All the running I'm doing. I especially ran hard yesterday."

"Maybe I should join you sometime. Hopefully I can get a good nights sleep."

"Well you know what else might help?"

"Oh Keith not this again. I'm just not in the mood and I'm tired."

"You haven't been in the mood for a while now. I'm beginning to feel like you don't want me anymore."

"Oh Keith, get real. Of course I want you. I'm just tired all the time."

"Well a good fuck session would help with that."

"Oh you know I don't like that kind of language! I'll let you know when I'll be in the mood ok! Now are you going for your run or are you going to sit here and pester me about sex like some raged up horny pre-teen boy. Sometimes I think you'll hump a log if you could."

"Why are you trying to get rid of me so fast? I just want to make love to my wife. Is that so bad?"

"No it's not. I'm just."

"Yeah yeah I know. Not in the mood. I'm off on my run. See you soon."

"Okay dear. Be safe."

Seems like I'm on my own again. I don't get it. I don't understand why she won't sleep with me anymore. Am I doing something wrong? It's the same old story every morning. She claims she's tired but she doesn't do much of anything that I know off. Her work schedule can't be that hectic. Plus she works from home most of the time. It seems like we have the same conversation every morning and it ends with me leaving unsatisfied.

Why don't I just go looking for it from someone else? That's just not who I am. Well, that is until yesterday of course. She's been on my mind all day yesterday, and this morning as well. I can't stop thinking about what happened yesterday. It was an incredible moment. Her body is to die for. Her massive tits covered in my cum and the fact that she actually walked home without wiping it off makes me hard just thinking about it.

Was yesterday a fluke? I doubt I'll ever see her again. Why would I? I know she said she'd might run into me again, but that was most likely her just being nice. I'm sure she thought I was just some old loser jerking off in the woods and felt bad that she caught me in the act. That's the only logical reason for her to do what she did. Then again she did look like she enjoyed herself. Oh who am I kidding. It was nice while it lasted. At least I can picture her massive tits when I get to my secret spot and jerk off to them. I can still vividly see her areola's mesmerizing me while I played with her tits. Oh yes, this is going to be a good jerking session today. I can't wait to get started.

I don't take the trail to get to my spot because it's out of my way. I would have to walk a little over a mile to get to the trail and then take it the mile back to get to my spot. So I just cut straight through the woods to get to it. Since I've been cutting through these woods for so long, I've been able to make sort of a make shift trail for myself. The anticipation is building as I get closer. I can't wait to pull my cock out and explode to the image of her tits.

I can see the bench just beyond the clearing. But somethings wrong. This can't be happening. There's someone sitting on the bench. What the hell? People aren't supposed to know about this place. I think to myself, I'll just wait them out. Maybe this person will leave soon. I move closer to get a better look so I'll be able to see them when they leave and then it hits me. It's not just some random person. It's Daisy and she looks incredible.

This doesn't make sense. Why is she back? Maybe there's something psychologically wrong with her. That's it. That has to be it. No woman would ever come back. Not after the way I got carried away with her. The way I forced her down on my cock and made her gag till she couldn't breath. I thought I was too rough and that in fact she would definitely go to the authorities after that. But nope. Here she is.

She looks amazing sitting there with her legs crossed. Hair red hair tied back into a ponytail. I wonder to myself if she's an actual redhead. Maybe I'll get to find out. Piercing green eyes and ruby red lips. Her skin is very pail, like porcelain with just the slightest trace of freckles around her cheeks and nose and dimples that were accentuated while she sucked on my cock. It looks like she's wearing a tennis skirt but unfortunately I can't tell what kind of shirt she's wearing because she has a windbreaker on. It's a bit chilly this morning I must say but by the looks of the skirt she's wearing, one wouldn't think so. I've got a good look of her thighs and man what I wouldn't give to have her clamp those things around my head while I lick her pussy. She's looking the other way, up the trail as though she's waiting for someone. Could it be me? Well there's only one way to find out. I adjust my cock in my waistband and I make my way out and step into the clearing.

"Hey there. I never thought I'd see you again. What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for you silly. I told you I might run into you again. I was wondering how long you planned on standing out there staring at me. You can get a better view up close you know."

She uncrossed her legs slowly and then crossed them again. I strained with all my might to get a good look between her legs but I was too far to see. Either way, I enjoyed looking at her thick thighs. I groaned to myself and I was thankful I adjusted my already hard cock before I stepped out of the woods. I didn't want her to see I was already hard.

"You knew I was out there?"

"Yes. I even saw you adjusting that cock of yours. I'm glad to know I can do that you. Make you hard without even touching you."

"I was just thinking about what we did yesterday and I had you in my mind and I was planning to come back here to jerk off to you."

"Really? Hmmm. Okay then. Would you prefer I leave so you can keep imagining me topless, or would you rather I stay, show you my tits and you can jerk off to them all you want?"

She slightly unzips her windbreaker. She doesn't show anything, just enough to tease me.

My eyes get really wide and I can't get a word out. She smiles and gives me a wink.

"Yeah, I figured you'd go for the second option, right?"

I can only nod my head yes.

"You know, I decided I'd wear an outfit that would give me easy access to my pussy. I love the feeling of my juices running down my legs and so when I kneel down in front of you and wrap my lips around that thick cock of yours, I plan to rub my wet pussy for you and get off in your presence."

She lifts her skirt slowly to reveal to me that she's not wearing any underwear and I get a nice view of her shaved pussy. Her pussy lips are swollen and glistening. Holy shit she's wet.

"See. No restrictions. Now come over here and have a seat. Don't be shy, I don't bite."

I began to walk over. I'm a few feet away from her when she turns around and bends over to grab her towel. Her skirt slides up revealing her ass and swollen pussy lips and I can see some wetness glistening on her thighs. I can't take it anymore. I drop to my knees right there, grab her ass and bury my tongue between her luscious pussy lips.

"Fuck that feels good! I wasn't expecting this at all. I was going to suck you off and play with myself, but this is just as good. Yes that's it. Eat me. Eat that pussy!"

She tasted really good and she smelled incredible. There was a slight hint of vanilla and it fueled me even more. I love the smell of vanilla. I grabbed her legs and forced them open slightly. In doing so it brought her ass down. I had the sudden urge to lick her ass. I've never done it before but the smell of vanilla was fueling me to do it. I put my hands on the small of her back and lowered her down more and began tonguing her ass.

"Oh Fuck!!! Oh yeah!!! Oh yeah!!! That feels good. Fuck!! Eat my ass Keith!! Fuck yeah eat that ass!!

I was going back and forth eating her pussy and her ass. I stuck my tongue in her pussy and she began to fuck my tongue. Back and forth she was grinding against my face and moaning and groaning panting heavily.

Her legs were starting to buckle and I wasn't sure how much longer she would be able to stand. I reached between her legs and grabbed her towel. I placed it on the bench and sat her down. I hooked my hands under her knees and pulled her forward to give me more access to that wet pussy of hers.

Looking up at her I just couldn't believe how lucky I was to be here in this moment with such a sexy woman. Here she is with her legs wide open giving me complete access to her pussy. I just met her yesterday. Considering how much we have seen of each other, we are complete strangers.

"You pleased me yesterday so today it's all about you. Sit back, relax and enjoy."

"Oooh, I like a take charge kind of guy. Didn't think you had it in you."

"You bring it out of me."

I go down and start licking up and down her thighs taking in as much of her juices as I can. This gets her going good. She reaches down and tries to rub her clit, but I stop her. I take her hand and move it out of the way. I keep going on her thighs and she tries to reach over again. I again stop her, move her hand to the side and pin it down on the bench. She doesn't struggle at first. She just moans and groans as I make my way to her other thigh. Now she tries to reach over with her other hand. I stop her, take her hand and pin it down on the bench. Now she starts to struggle against my grasp while bucking her hips up.

"Please my pussy needs some attention bad. I just need to rub it to alleviate my needs."

I'm still finishing up on her thighs and she continues to struggle to break free from my grasp as her bucking becomes more wild.

"Please oh please. My pussy is dying for some attention. I'm so wet and horny! Fuck I can't take your teasing me anymore! Please, my pussy needs it bad!"

"How bad?"

"Really really bad. She's been neglected for so long. Just look at her. She wants it bad."

I'm face to face with her pussy and the juices are just flowing. I go in to lap up her juices.

"Yes! Yes! Oh yes that feels good! Thank you, I so needed this!"

I let her hands go so I can grab hold of her legs. I throw them over my shoulder without skipping a beat. I make eye contact her with. She's got this very intent look in her eyes. She's definitely enjoying herself. She goes for her zipper and unzips her windbreaker. Fuck. She had nothing under at all. Her tits are exposed and she starts rubbing them. I pick up the pace and start sucking on her clit. Yeah this gets her going.

She's pinching one nipple while sucking the other all the while letting soft whimpers escape her mouth. I can see her chest heaving deeper and faster and her body is starting to squirm. She keeps bucking her hips and I'm doing everything I possibly can to not lose my rhythm. She's rubbing and squeezing her tits and her legs are beginning to shake. I can't help but stare at her tits. I have to feel them. I need to suck on them.

I pull back and swing her legs off of my shoulders. I get up and attack the first nipple I see.

"Wow! You lasted a long time. I was wondering how long you planned on waiting before you come up to suck on them. Easy now. Take your time. No rush."

I'm sucking on her nipple like I've never sucked on one before. She puts her hand behind my head and pins me to her chest. With her other hand she reaches down and slides my shorts down to my thighs and begins to stroke my cock. How I love her touch. The way she strokes me feels so good. She lets go to rub her pussy for a few seconds and then goes back to stroking me using her pussy juices as lube.

We're both panting now. The way she moans and groans sounds so sexy. The sensation of sucking on her tits while she strokes my cock with her pussy juices is more than I can handle. She slows down and the next thing I know, she's rubbing the head of my dick against her clit. Oh my her pussy feels so good. So wet and soft. She's panting quietly and whispering in my ear.

"On my tits. I want you to cum on my tits again. Okay. I want to save it for later. Walking home yesterday with your cum on my tits was exhilarating. I was so wet all the way home. I want that feeling again. Please give it to me again."

She goes back to stroking me again. She's picking up speed and I feel the rush coming and so does she because she stops.

"Not so fast mister. I want to taste my pussy. Come put that pussy soaked cock of yours in my mouth."

I don't hesitate. I pull my shorts all the way off and throw one leg on the bench. She hungrily swallows my cock all the way and let's out a soft moan. 

"I taste good, don't I?"

"Yes you do. Very much."

She continues to suck my cock while rubbing her pussy. I can hear the wet sounds her pussy is making over her gagging noises and it's driving crazy. I can't take it anymore. Looking down and watching her suck me off while I get a nice view of her tits and of her rubbing her pussy was more than I can handle.

"Here it comes. I'm going to cum for you."

I pull out in enough time as the first blast hits her tits. She's hungrily milking me while she has her other arm tucked under her tits to accentuate them as I continue to coat them.

"Yes that's it. I want them covered. The more you cum the more there is for me to lick off later. Give it to me all. I'm going to milk you dry."

She finishes milking every drop out of me and then licks the tip for good measure. My legs get woozy and I need to sit down. But instead I drop to my knees, throw her legs over my shoulder and go back to eating her while she rubs my cum all over her tits.

I position myself in an angle so I can rub her pussy while I suck and lick her clit. Her pussy is so wet that my fingers slide in easily. This gets her going good. Now she's really making noises. She's squealing and trying to catch her breath at the same time. I'm really fingering her good. The faster I go the more out of breath she gets. I can feel her pussy closing around my fingers so I know she's really close.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm almost there! I don't know how much longer I can hold on! You're eating my pussy so good I just can't take you fingering me anymore!"

She's going to cum any second now so I brace myself for it. It's becoming more and difficult for her to catch her breath. I feel it coming any moment now so I stop fingering her and I hold on as tight as I can.

"Fuck I can't hold it. Here I cum! Here I cum! Ohhhhhhh fuck I'm cumming!!!!!

She grabs the back of my head and forces my face into her pussy as wave after wave of pleasure consumes her. Her body is letting out small involuntary spasms and as it does, I intently watch as her tits bounce just a foot away from me.

I don't let up. I keep sucking on her clit and through deep breaths she keeps telling me to stop because the sensation is too strong.

"Oh Keith slow down please. Slow down, my pussy's sensitive right now."

I don't stop. I know in a few short seconds she's going to cum again like she's never cum in her life. She's grabbing my head and trying to push me away but I keep on sucking. I can't help it. She tastes so good and her aroma has me intoxicated. I want more. I crave it.

"Please Keith stop! It's sensitive! My pussy is too sensitive! I can't handle anymore! Please!

I keep going back and forth between her clit and pussy. Her lips are so swollen it's making it difficult more me to breath but I don't stop. I can't. She clamps her thighs down really hard on my head. It's the effect I was looking for. Her body, once squirming to break free has become paralyzed.

"Oh shit! Shit! Shit! Again? I'm going to cum again? Ohhhhhh!!!!

Her body slams back against the bench and becomes still for a brief moment while she lets out a scream. Then she begins to convulse. The sounds she's making are incoherent. I can't make sense of anything. All I know is she came so hard that her body could barely contain itself. This time I release her clit and slide away letting her bask in the moment. Minutes go by before she can contain herself and her words become coherent. She's laying back, chest heaving covered in sweat and cum while she's trying to contain her breathing. She looks at me and smiles.

"Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Never have I ever experienced such a sensation. I'm going to have to sit here for a while. I don't even think I'll be able to make it home."

I wanted to suggest that I'll help her home, but I don't think she wants me knowing where she lives.

"Take all the time you want. I'm not going anywhere."



Eventually she regains her composure and straightens herself up. Zips up her jacket after of course, she showed me all the cum she says she's saving for later. She's still slightly woozy but assures me she's fine.

"When is your next run?"

"I'm out here everyday actually."


"I have needs my wife can't satisfy."

"Well, what about me? Have I been satisfying those needs?"

"More than you know. I'm not looking forward to the day I have to go back to using my hand. Just won't be the same."

She blushes and looks away.

"You know, I'm not like this at all. I don't know what has come over me. I've always been so reserved. I've never even acted this way in my past relationships. There's just something about you where I can let lose all inhibitions. I wonder if I've always been this way but could never express those feelings towards someone I know. It's just easier with a complete stranger."

"Well your secret is safe with me."

She gives me a warm, trusting smile.

"Thanks. Goodbye for now. Till next time."

I watch her walk away and I can't help but admire her ass in that tiny skirt. It barely covers her ass and I can see just a small portion of her ass cheeks with each step. I decide to follow her from afar just to make sure she's ok. She makes it back to the trail and after about two miles, she makes it to a gate that leads into a neighborhood. I go through the gate and walk about another twenty yards making sure to stay hidden behind trees and I see she makes it to her door safely.

She pauses at her door and doesn't move. She just stands there staring at it. What is she doing? She shifts her body over slightly but continues to stare intently at her door. She finally puts her key in the lock and opens her door, but drops her keys. She bends down to retrieve them and once again, her ass and pussy are exposed. She lingers there for a few seconds before standing back up and going inside. As her door closes, I can see why she stared so hard at her door. Though faint, I can make out my reflection on her door. Crap, she knows I followed her. Then it hits me and I smile because I realize that her bending over to flash me was an open invitation.

Do I go forward or turn back? Decisions, decisions.

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