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Our Short Break In London

Our Short Break In London

My wife exhibits herself in our hotel window.

My wife Jay and I planned a short break in London to take in a show not so long back. It ended up with Jay putting on a little bit of a show herself. She loves to show off and I love to watch her doing so. This is something we discovered whilst on holiday after being interrupted by a hotel maid who ended up joining us on our bed.

We booked into our hotel and when we got to our room on the fourth floor we noticed that it overlooked a quayside on the River Thames. We also noticed that they were putting up a new building opposite on the quayside that was just to the left of our window.

The window itself was large and could give any one of the workers on this new building a clear view into our room. My immediate instinct was to close the curtains, at least a little, but Jay stopped me and said, "Leave them. I wonder how long it would take them to notice if I stripped naked in front of the window?" As I said before, she loves to expose herself and I love to watch her so I immediately agreed and pulled the curtains fully open again. We were on the fourth floor so no one but the builders opposite would be able to witness Jay putting on her own private show.

I opened a bottle of wine that we'd brought with us and handed Jay a glass. Although it wasn't dark yet, I turned on the lights to ensure a clear view into the room. I took my own glass of wine and sat back in a position where I could see past Jay to the building opposite. I could then watch Jay and see how long it took for her to gain an audience. Jay was still wearing the jeans, button up white top and training shoes she'd traveled in. Even so she still managed to look hot and horny as she stood in the window sipping from her wine glass and slowly unbuttoning her top.

After undoing the last button and pulling her top free of her jeans, she placed one hand high on the window, allowing her top to fall open, exposing her white sheer bra. Watching her reflection in the glass I could see that her nipples were plainly visible through the material. She stood like this for a couple of minutes before one of the builders opposite noticed. He stared across at her for a while, probably not believing his eyes, before waving across one of his colleagues. As they both stood and watched Jay, she turned to face me and slowly reached behind, running both hands seductively over her buttocks as she let her top fall free from her shoulders. She then bent forward from the waist to pick up her top.

Placing her feet apart, she stayed in this position for a short time to give them the full effect of seeing her bent over in her tight jeans. Standing up again she threw her top on the bed and turned back towards her audience which had now grown to four. Her bra was next to be taken off as she reached behind and unclipped it. I could see her face reflected in the glass as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. It was obvious that this was already having an effect on her. She let her bra slip forward from her gorgeous soft breasts, exposing them to her appreciative spectators opposite, which had now grown to nine.

I could tell that Jay was feeling very horny now as she stepped towards the window and pressed her exposed tits against the cold glass letting her assembled viewers know that this was no accident. She wanted them to know that she wanted them to see her. From the reaction amongst the men gathered I could tell that this was very much appreciated as they watched her bra sliding down her arms, finally settling on the floor. She was totally naked from the waist up and her audience now numbered eleven.

Stepping back from the glass and turning towards me, Jay looked ecstatic as she took her tits in her hands and told me that this was making her feel so hot. I must admit she certainly looked like she was having fun. My cock was now straining at my jeans as I observed my wife taking her clothes off for this group of men watching from across the road.

Things were about to get hotter as she unbuttoned the top of her jeans and turned back towards her audience. There were still only eleven so I guess that must have been all of them as they watched Jay slid one hand into the top of her jeans whilst the other pulled and pinched at her nipples.

She was really lost in the moment as her hips swayed like she was dancing. Her jeans were sliding over her hips and down past her thighs to bunch up at her feet. She had already kicked her training shoes off so she easily stepped out of her jeans leaving her dressed only in a pair of sheer panties that matched her now discarded bra. The thin, transparent material did nothing to hide her hairless pussy. I only hoped the guys opposite could see her well enough to appreciate the view, especially the one that she was now giving as she turned her backside towards them and bent from the waist again with her feet wide apart.

Holding this position she ran her hands up the inside of her thighs teasing herself. She then moved them up and around her buttocks before reaching behind to tease her pussy with one finger, gently sliding it back and forward over the thin, translucent covering of her panties. I could see the guys opposite getting a little worked up over this blatant show of my wife's sex. It was now obvious they had a good view of her performance as she slipped her fingers under the material to insert a finger into her pussy.

Whilst finger fucking herself she used her other hand to pull her panties down over her gorgeous backside giving the builders opposite a clear view of her finger working in and out of her pussy. Her legs were still spread apart and her panties only got as far as her knees where she left them. This in itself was such a horny sight. My wife bent over at the waist with her knickers stretched at her parted knees, her hands reaching behind her, pulling her pussy lips apart and exposing herself so completely for the enjoyment of her now excited spectators opposite.

She had promised to strip naked though and she hadn't forgotten as she stepped her feet together and allowed her panties to fall to the floor before standing up and turning around to face her audience. They were loving it and so was she as she blew then all a kiss. So was I for that matter. My cock was now in my hand as I slowly stroked it back and forward as I wondered what Jay was going to do next now that she was naked. She was so turned on now and I didn't have to wait long to find out.

Placing a chair in the window, she sat down facing her audience with her legs spread wide apart. She was now going to masturbate openly for their entertainment and mine. Her hands moved towards her naked breasts as she began to squeeze and pull at them, fingers teasing and pinching at the nipples as she worked herself up to a state of ecstasy. One hand now worked its way down over her stomach to her open legs, the fingers searching out her clitoris, rubbing slowly at first and picking up pace as her hips bucked upwards in expectation. She moved her other hand down to join the first and both went between her legs pulling her pussy lips apart for all to see. She was leaning right back in the chair now with her hips thrust upwards, legs wide apart and her pussy lips held wide open. This caused an instant reaction of admiration from the guys opposite for my wife's unashamed show of blatant exhibitionism.

Jay thoroughly loved the attention and it was plain that she now needed more than just her fingers. It was a sight I've seen several times since we discovered how turned on she gets by showing herself off. I was enjoying the show too much to let it be over yet and by the reaction of what I was seeing from the lads opposite, so were they.

It was then that I spotted the wine bottle and knew it would do for now. Emptying the remains into our glasses I handed the bottle to Jay who looked a little surprised to start with but caught on very quickly. With her legs still wide open towards her spectators she first placed the bottle to her mouth and started to suck on it like it was a cock. One hand was still working between her legs as she noticed my cock standing proud of my zipper.

She told me not to sit down and stay with her. I made sure I didn't get between her and the window as I wouldn't want to restrict the view that she was giving her audience. The wine bottle had now gone down between her open legs and was positioned just at the opening of her lust-swollen labia. Again, I just hoped that the work crew opposite had a good view of the neck of the wine bottle slowly entering my wife's pussy as she started to fuck herself with it.

It was a good substitute for her fingers as she was really starting to get off with this. Her hips thrust against the bottle as she moaned loudly that she was coming. Both hands were on the bottle, pushing it in and pulling it out like an artificial cock, driving her to a very audible orgasm. She was up on her toes with her legs splayed wide apart as she lay back as far as she could on the chair. The makeshift dildo pushed hard into her sopping wet pussy, her hips thrust upwards in ecstasy as she reached what looked like an earth shattering climax.

She wasn't finished showing off yet. Once she came down from her orgasm, she placed the wine bottle at her feet and with her legs still splayed wide so that the builders opposite could still look at her open pussy, she reached over to me and wrapped her hand around my cock, pulling me towards her open mouth. This again got a spontaneous reaction of approval from the watching builders.

I watched her reflection in the glass as my cock slipped past her lips and deep into her warm wet mouth. Watching her reflection in the glass as her lips slid back and forth along my length and her legs spread wide, exposing her open pussy was more than I could stand. I was very soon at the point of no return and Jay sensed this. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and continued to do the job with her hand. It didn't take long before I shot my load all over her breasts and stomach.

I couldn't see the audience across the way as by now it had darkened outside. All I could see was our reflection in the window as Jay squeezed the last of my cum from me, letting it drop onto her nipple. Her other hand rubbing it all into her tits and stomach.

When we gathered ourselves together, Jay stood up in the window and gave a little bow. I closed the curtains and then Jay headed for the shower.

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