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Road trip to Perpignan

Road trip to Perpignan

A road trip with my ex that quickly rekindled the flame
Back when I was relatively young, eighteen or so, but still thought I knew more or less everything , an old boyfriend of mine invited me to go to his parents' house near Perpignan in France. The house was on the coast there and sounded adorable. Despite my arrogance, I wasn't stupid and soon checked out that we weren't going to go on our own but with three more friends, two girls and a guy. I wasn't even the youngest, the youngest was a partial friend of mine who was only seventeen then. It wasn't a romantic escapade, no one was going out with anyone else.

We set off from Barna in my friend's father's old car, a great big old Citroen, a shark, I think it was called. They were called sharks because of the fins on the back of the car though as I remember it this one didn't have any. Anyway the car was large, blue and very dodgy, just like the one in the photo above. We had left early in the morning to avoid the rush and the heat as this was at the end of July.

Once we had passed Girona the lack of air con was really making the trip rough, we were all down to bikinis and shorts in the car with the windows open and sweating despite it all. We didn't use the A7, the motorway, to save money and the main road was a drag. Soon we came off it and started looking for somewhere to have lunch. We took a coast road and came across a typical Costa Brava beach enclosed by two headlands of rock with beautiful breakers smashing onto the beach. None of us wanted to miss the fun, so we parked up and threw ourselves into the surf.

I love beaches with good waves and this was a good one. My ex was also surprising me by being much more attentive and sexy than I remembered him to be. He still looked as he had done a year ago but now was more... manly. One particular roller dumped me just out of my depth and I got rolled and swallowed quite a bit of water. He fished me out and helped me to the beach and didn't laugh once, quite a change from before.

There was a little restaurant just above the beach on one of the heads so we ate, had coffee and went on our way. My ex, I'll call him Gerard, was driving with me next to him. Back on the main road, time dragged on and so we started chatting and caught up, we even went over why I had dumped him and he seemed quite willing to accept that he had been an asshole then. After a while we were laughing and mucking about like things had never changed.

The three in the back had dozed off, the two girls leaning in on Ramon in the middle, he with his arms round them. Gerard was talking animatedly and when he paused as he changed gear, it seemed natural for him to rest his hand on my leg. He started to tell me the things about me he had really liked then, and then went on to expand on them, including the things he liked about me now too. It was hot but his hand was hotter, it felt like it was burning my skin. I told him why I had liked him, how he had seemingly changed now and how I now liked what I saw more.

I started playing with the hairs on his arm. They were golden, sun-bleached red. He started caressing my skin with his fingers. I moved my hand onto his leg too and after glancing over at me and seeing my smile, he started running his hand lightly over my leg. He was still in his swimming shorts and I was wearing my bikini with a pareo around my hips. The pareo was knotted on the left, so my left leg was bare for him. As he caressed my leg I got really sensitive, his touch made me break out in goosebumps and was starting to turn me on. I was tickling him and pulled at the hairs on the inside of his thigh every time his hand went too high. All the time we were chatting and laughing.

He started to tell me how he had spent ages dreaming of me, fantasizing about me, he said. When we had gone out he had never got below waist level and I had only caressed him through his trousers. He told me that he touched himself thinking of my breasts and my nipples, but that it was hard to remember now, exactly.

You are all way ahead of me, aren't you? Should I have done it? Yes, I think so. We both knew where we were going, I just went a little faster.

He had his eyes on the road when I pulled up the top of my bikini and didn't immediately see what I had done. I picked up his hand and placed it on my left breast. I honestly think I shocked him a little. His eyes sprang to me and took in my firm breast under his hand and my already unashamedly erect nipples. The car swayed dangerously on the road.

As I was explaining, Gerard tore his eyes from me back to the road. I reached for the wheel and grabbed hold of it to steady the car. Despite this, he didn't take his hand off my breast. He continued, focused on the road, but now was molding and caressing first my left then my right breast. With his fingers cupped around the top of my breast he used his thumb to rub my nipple and to lightly flick it.

This really does do a lot for me and I was getting really horny. He varied between each breast and even moistened his fingers with saliva to run them over my nipples. I was breathing quite hard and had a firm grip on the inside of his right thigh. I pulled apart the knot on my pareo and then guided his hand down to the small multicoloured triangle of my bikini bottoms.

I spread my legs as much as I could without really altering my position on the seat and he was able to now run his fingers up and down the material of my bikini over the lips of my sex, which were now quite visible through the cloth. The bikini had dried during lunch but now I could see how the heat of my arousal was making the colours darken on the material over my hot, wet pussy.

Whilst he was slowly driving me crazy with lust, I couldn't help but notice the tent he was making in his beach shorts. With my left hand I made a frustrating attempt to undo the tie at the top of his shorts. I couldn't undo the knot! Finally he abandoned his stroking of my engorged sex to pull the knot apart himself. Granted access, I slipped my hand inside his shorts and wrapped my greedy little fingers around his rock-hard erection. I could feel the blood pulsing through it and it was so hot and firm in my grip that it sent a real sexual thrill through me.

Suddenly I wasn't happy with his provocative stroking of me. I reached down and pulled the gusset of my bikini aside, so now his inquisitive fingers could play with the hot wet lips of my pussy directly, and he wasn't slow either.

His fingers quickly became bathed in my juices and his caresses slid over my pulsating flesh in such a sexy way. I was wriggling, lifting my bottom off the seat, pushing against his fingers when they ran close to slipping inside of me and holding my breath when he caressed my hard clit. He really knew his way around a woman, the flush that spread all over my body was testament to that.

I fumbled for the head of his penis. When I found it his knob was already slippery with pre-cum, damn I find that exciting and sexy. To know a guy is that close when I haven't really done anything is a real turn on. I struggled but finally pulled his erect cock out of the top of his shorts and was able to twirl my fingers wetly around the red, exposed head of his cock. I was breathing real fast, panting you could say. He was sweating buckets and had his eyes fastened onto the road as if his life depended on it, and of course it did (ours too). Conversation had died out now and the only thing that he said as I started to pump the now wet shaft of his penis was, "whatever you do, please don't stop,"

Between gasps of air I managed to answer him, "The same to you, but if you take your eyes off the road it's all over."

He gasped his agreement and begged me to go on. He was snaking his fingers inside me now, as much as he was able. That and caressing my clit in a most productive manner, I could feel that I would come soon and curiously was worried that when I did I would mess up his climax, odd thing to think at that moment.

At this point, you might think that I gave him a blow job, my head in his lap, etc. Let me tell you that it just wasn't possible. My head would not have fit between his enormous hard-on and the steering wheel. To be able to have done so, he would have had to move his seat all the way back, waking up our friends, and also losing contact with the pedals. If you have driven a Citroen shark, you know what I mean.

Instead we both kept up the erotic rhythm of caresses we had got to. I felt my pussy tighten around his questing fingers and the pulse of his cock as his orgasm started. I brought my legs up off the floor trapping his hand against my sex, his fingers inside me, and pinching my nipples with my right hand. A fantastic orgasm shuddered through me, perhaps more wonderful because of course I had to rein in my desires to scream, moan, shout, etc. My left hand was pumping furiously as I felt him jerking in his seat as he came all over the steering wheel, me, his shorts and my hand. We even found some on the speedo glass.

Once calm had returned. we sacrificed my pareo to clean up as best we could and allowed the hot afternoon mediterranean air to waft away the strong smell of sex that remained in the car. When Claudia woke she was still for quite a while then leaned forward to whisper in my right ear, "Bitch, how did you do it? We haven't even stopped," though she said it with a smile.

It was a good holiday, as you can imagine.

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