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You've Never Had This Much Fun At ComiCon!

You've Never Had This Much Fun At ComiCon!

I love going to nerd conventions. After this story, you'll understand why...
I love going to anime conventions. Or comic book conventions. Really, any excuse to don awesome costumes and go nerd out with other geeks is awesome to me. I am an otaku, as the Japanese call it. I love to cosplay. In a situation with other cosplayers, like a Con, it gives me a confidence boost you would not believe. So, what better place to cosplay at than, say, the largest anime convention in Florida, Metrocon? This is the story of one such adventure.

It was a blazingly hot July day in Tampa, Florida. Just the way I like it. The wind off of the bay kept the air fresh and balmy, despite the urban jungle looming all around. I was there with a group of friends, though due to a weird arrangement in sleeping quarters, I was rooming with one of my female friends, Kate. She was a cool girl. Not to mention smoking hot.

Kate was one of those girls who had curves in all the right places. Shapely hips made for grabbing, seemingly perfectly made for a man's hands. Long, smooth legs leading up to an ass that made mouths water. I never asked directly, but if I had to guess as to her cup size, I would guess that her tits were either big Cs or maybe small-ish Ds. Either way, they were yummy. Her costume choice that year was well chosen for her body.

I looked up from my side of the room as I was just putting on my boots and armbands, seeing her in her costume for the first time. She was dressed as Tinkerbell, her short green dress' jagged edge barely covering her sumptuous ass, the pieces fluttering around her upper thighs with every move she made. I had to mentally remind myself to close my mouth. The dress hugged her body like a glove, accentuating her round, perky breasts. Kate's hair, blonde for the occasion, was of course pulled up into Tinkerbell's classic bun and she had made perfect fairy wings which adorned her back.

I had to stop myself from making a "fairy dust on my pants is making my cock go up" joke as she strutted around the room, flaunting her stuff and getting used to the shoes.

Fortunately for me, I was able to remind myself that I, too, was looking good in my Bardock cosplay from Dragon Ball Z. The shoulder-strap armor accentuated my chiseled upper body, something I'd worked hard on for the past several months. My arms bulged as I flexed my shoulders. The hanging armor pieces "shielding" my thighs left a gap in the front, drawing the eye to my crotch; which I noticed Kate yank her gaze away from several times. I chuckled to myself.

Once we all reached the convention hall, there was the usual hubbub of people. Colorful costumes, laughter, people shouting things in Japanese, debating over whether Goku could beat Superman, you know... nerd stuff. I walked into the building and immediately felt like I was home.

The day was filled with fun; meeting voice actors, buying souvenirs, checking out hot women in skimpy outfits, the usual. That was always one of my favorite parts of conventions: the costumes girls would wear to them. They were low-cut and short most of the time, showing off ample cleavage and long legs, firm young cheeks peeking out from underneath mini-skirts.

It was a real boner-inspiring situation. If not only for the pure fandom of the whole event, the girls there had my balls tingling constantly. And speaking of tingling...

"Dude!" Kate shouted, grabbing my arm suddenly. I followed her gaze as she pointed across the room. I saw what she was pointing at. It looked like the start of a fight between a guy dressed as a ninja and another guy wearing a morphsuit. It was not going to be pretty.

"I wanna see this!" Kate exclaimed. I suddenly realized that she was no longer beside me, but almost halfway to the combatants.

"Wha-?" I stared. "What are you doing?!" I groaned as I ran after her, hoping to keep this from getting worse. Unfortunately, she had a head start and reached the two before I could catch her. That's when things got intense. Morphsuit Guy got shoved back and crashed into a bunch of spectators, including Kate. I was able to catch her before she hit the floor, but lost my balance, causing her to fall down on top of me.

Security broke things up as we tried to untangle our limbs. I made a strangled yelp as I felt Kate's hand suddenly come down on my crotch and squeeze. Awkwardly, I was semi-erect at the time, as I had been checking out a sexy girl cosplaying Nel from Bleach before the whole debacle.

Being the stud I am, with my pumped arms, taut chest and sculpted legs, I got about as much action as a leper. So naturally, when a gorgeous babe in a skimpy outfit unwittingly grabbed my cock, I got even harder. Fast. My face, in turn, turned beet red.

When Kate realized what she was holding, she froze. Then, to my shock, she squeezed again, ever-so-subtly rubbing the ever-expanding bulge in the front of my black tights. I groaned and attempted to speak, but what came out sounded more like a ragged growl.

"Kate. Just... stop. We ca-... aahh..." Mustering all my willpower, I grabbed her hand and pulled it off of my cock. Standing, I pulled Kate to her feet with me. "C'm'ere." I growled in her ear, leading her to the elevators. When we were safely inside an otherwise unoccupied one, I pulled her to me, gripping her ass tightly.

"You... are... evil." I whispered in her ear. "And now... you're gonna pay for it." She gasped as I pulled her tighter against me, my throbbing bulge pressing against her waist. I was shocked at myself really. Where did this sudden confidence come from?

Heh, I mused to myself, maybe it's my Saiyan blood, Referring mentally for no apparent reason to my costume.

When the elevator stopped and the door opened, I pushed Kate out and toward one of the big family restrooms. I walked close behind her, making sure to use her as a shield to hide my boner. Apparently this was very amusing to her, judging by the little quips she continued making at my expense.

"Hey J," she giggled. "Is that a blaster pistol in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Old, yes. But it was still mollifying. "Oh, no, wait. Why Bardock, are you growing another tail?"

I turned even redder before I finally got her into a bathroom. Locking the door behind me, I turned back to her, ready to dominate her against the tile wall, using my superior strength. Kate, however, had planned for this and had peeled the front of her tight green dress down to her waist, exposing her soft perky tits.

All my muscles might as well have been made of jelly. Well... except for one of them. That particular muscle felt stronger than ever.

"Well?" Kate asked, breaking my silent, jaw-on-the-floor worship of her tits. "Are you gonna stand there all day with a boner or are you gonna' come over here and use it already?"

Not to be outdone, I cleverly replied "Uh... yeah..." as I crossed the room.

Growing impatient (no doubt from my witty banter and masterful teasing), Kate grabbed me by the back of my head and yanked my face to her's for a deep kiss. Finally coming to my senses, I wrapped my arms around her and returned the kiss passionately. She moaned into my mouth and pressed her tits closer against my hard chest.

Sliding my hands down her back, I grabbed hold of Kate's round, smooth ass and lifted her up off her feet, her legs wrapping tightly around my waist. I winced as I felt her nails scrape my scalp.

"Woah!" she squeaked, holding on tighter.

"I'm not gonna drop you." I assured her. Well, I tried to assure her. With my face buried in her tits, it probably sounded more like "mm mob mumah brom moo". Which would explain the quickened breathing and tightening grip.

Oy gevalt.... I thought, setting her down on her feet. "Better?" I asked.

"Yeah...." she mumbled. "Sorry. Just... threw me off."

"So I noticed." I chuckled. Just then, there came a knocking on the door behind me. We both froze.

"Is somebody in there?" I heard a woman call. "My son really needs to use the restroom." Figuring she meant a little kid, I groaned, my naturally benevolent-toward-kids nature kicking in. I looked at Kate and she knew. She looked pissed, but she knew.

"Just fixing my friend's costume! We'll be out in a sec!" I called as Kate adjusted her dress to cover herself and I tried to shove my raging hard-on to point down along my leg in an attempt to hide the massive bulge. The woman and her son thanked us as we left the room, attempting to smile and nod innocently. As we made our way back toward the throng of people at the convention, we both tried to ignore how awkward we felt.

Just as the silence between us was getting almost unbearable, the lights in the dealer's hall suddenly went out. A power surge from the heat caused the circuit to flip over. The room was thrown into darkness and naturally, people started panicking. Kate backed up into me as the crowds started moving around loudly.

Perfect! I thought to myself. I reached down and whipped out my still-hard cock, pulling her closer. Kate didn't figure out what I was thinking until she felt me pull her thong to the side of her pussy. With a thrust, I buried myself in her to the hilt in that huge room full of people.

Kate moaned and groaned as I hammered her from behind, taking advantage of the ruckus from everyone else in the room. I knew we had to be fast, as the lights would be on again very soon. And as I figured that security wouldn't take kindly to finding Bardock fucking Tinkerbell in a room full of people, we went at it even more vigorously.

Neither of us could see a thing, but that only enhanced my other senses. My sense of touch, for example, was amplified to the furthest extents. Every slight movement Kate made, every time she clenched her vaginal muscles around my thick cock... it felt electrified. Amazing. She felt tighter, wetter and warmer than any pussy I'd ever felt. My cock was throbbing.

Kate was moaning and grinding back against me, causing my balls to slap against her clit as her ass bounced off my hips. I could smell the combination of her wet pussy and my own harsher man-musk. I could smell... pocky? Pretty sure somebody nearby was eating pocky. The chocolate kind, not the strawberry... Right, back to the sex part.

Now, not everybody gets turned on by auditory stimulation, but the sounds Kate was making (both from her moaning and begging for more and from the sweet sounds of her wet pussy sucking in my hard cock), but it was driving me crazy and my cock was swelling with hot cum, ready to be released.

Panting, she whispered, "I'm gonna cum.... Gonna cum... gonna..." With a groan, she cut off her words and came hard, her pussy clenching my cock like a soft, wet vice. Losing my control, I grunted low and rough, thrusting in deep and pumping my hot cum into her.

I pulled out fast and stuffed my deflating cock into my pants just as the lights came on. Kate stood up quickly, face flushed.

We looked at each other and grinned before we heard a voice say "Is everybody okay? Sorry about that, all." We just looked at each other and laughed. The way I see it, they can turn the lights off whenever they want.

And hey, I bet you've never had that much fun at ComiCon!
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