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His idea of a perfect companion was sitting at the reception desk!
The day had finally arrived that James Alderman had been waiting forever for it seemed. Two months ago he had put in his order for a robotic companion, and now the day had arrived to pick it up at last.

It was late May in the year 2430 when James had gone to J&M Robotics to place his order. He had seen the advertisement for their various robots on his home comm-uplink monitor. He thought having a device that would help him with some of the domestic chores as well as keep him company would be a good idea, since he was far too busy to get involved with the whole "relationship" thing. So one day he decided to stop by their office and check it out.

The receptionist at the front desk was very polite and very beautiful. She welcomed James and then ushered him into the main office where Jason Franklin would show him what they offered and help him in his selection.

Thank you, Allison," Mr. Franklin said to the receptionist.

"You are welcome Sir," she replied. Mr. Franklin turned to James. "So what do you think of my receptionist, James?"


"What do you think of her? She is quite pretty, don't you think?"

"Y.. yes, I suppose so..." he said, not quite sure where he was headed with this line of questioning.

"Well Allison here is one of our current models. Pretty amazing isn't she?" Mr. Franklin said. James was flabbergasted. He would never have guessed that the "girl" in front of him was actually a robot!

"Yes, she certainly is!" James said.

"And not only does she look amazing, she feels amazing as well. Allison my dear, offer James here your hand," Mr. Franklin said.

Alison extended her hand and James took it. He was astounded once again - this "robot" felt totally real! The skin on her hand felt like real skin. It was warm and pliable, her grip was lady-like and gentle, and the movements were fluid and not at all mechanical.

"Unbelievable..." James remarked.

"Yes we have come a long way in the science of artificial life forms. She has an extremely life-like feel, sound, and look. She even has a pulse! And we have come equally far in the artificial intelligence side as well. Allison here, is equipped with our latest processor and memory. She will actually learn what you like, how you want things done, and be able to hold conversations with you about whatever you like. You just have to teach her whatever it is you wish her to know, and she does the rest. Alison here knows three different languages, she does a lot of the office work, and if I wanted to, we could go out on a date and talk about anything from the weather to politics, to what to watch on TV tomorrow night."

"That's incredible!"

"Yes it is. But you have come here interested in a robotic companion not a secretary, am I correct?"

"Yes, I would like someone around the house to cook and clean and do the housework, as well as someone to keep me company and someone I can talk with," James said.

"Well this model is perfect for that. As I said, whatever you teach her, she will learn and be able to do," Mr. Franklin said.

"That sounds great," James said.

"Now, there is one other 'feature' which many of our customers eventually get around to. I'm not sure what you mean by a 'companion' but, Allison looks and feels as real all over."

"All over?"

"Indeed. Would you like to see?"

"I... uh sure..." James said, blushing a bit.

"Allison dear, would you?"

"Of course Sir," she said. Allison immediately removed her blouse and then her skirt and panties.

Standing there in front of him, James marveled at her looks. She was flawless and stunning. Her 36-24-34 figure was quite appealing with firm, full breasts topped with hard erect nipples, a taunt flat belly, and a very pretty shaved pussy. As she slowly spun for him, her ass was firm and tight as well. James was more than impressed.

"May I..." he started.

"Touch her? Why don't you ask her?" Mr. Franklin said, finishing his sentence.

"May I touch you, Alison?" James said.

"Please... please Sir," Allison replied, her voice changing to a soft whisper. Allison moved closer and spread her legs. James reached out to touch her belly and trace his fingers over her flared hip and down her soft thigh.

"Sir, please touch... my pussy," Allison moaned softly. James looked up into the girl's soft blue, pleading eyes. It was hard to believe this creature was actually a mechanical machine - electronic circuitry, gears, and hydraulic pistons!

James slipped a finger inside her pussy and found her... wet!

"What the hell?" he said, pulling his finger back out, surprised.

"You are surprised to find her pussy wet. As I said James, she is an exact replica of a living woman, in every detail," Mr. Franklin said, smiling.

"Please Sir," Allison repeated pressing her hips closer. James re-entered her and Allison moaned at his touch. She began grinding her hips on his fingers as he moved them around inside her. It had been awhile since he had last felt a woman like this, but he knew what it felt like and this "girl" felt warm, wet, and incredibly real!

Allison closed her eyes as he fingered her. Not only did Allison feel incredibly real, her reactions and emotions were absolutely spot-on as well. James almost forgot what he was there for. Allison's moans and the gyrations of her hips were just as if she was actually getting turned on by what James was doing to her. She whimpered when James pulled his fingers out of her, but she remained standing.

"So can Allison here actually have an orgasm?" James asked.

"Well not in the way a regular woman can, but she replicates it perfectly. You would not be able to tell the difference," Mr. Franklin replied smiling, "would you like to see?"

"I... I guess so. Would you like that, Allison?" James asked her.

"Oh yes! Please, please make me cum!" she begged.

James pushed two fingers into her wet, slippery pussy and began fingering her in earnest. Allison placed her hands beside her as she leaned back on the desk, legs spread and her head tossed back. James toyed with her pussy, churning his fingers inside her while he used his thumb on her clit. Allison moaned and gyrated her hips in time to his hands and pressed her hips forward, wanting more of him inside her. With his other hand he reached up and began playing with her nipple.

"Yes! Oh yes, James! Please pinch my nipple... oh yes like that!" Allison moaned. She put her hand on top of James's, pushing it harder into her pussy and rubbing her clit harder.

James curled his fingers upward slightly to see if Allison had a replica of a woman's g-spot and sure enough he found what he could only assume was. Allison moaned loudly as his fingers touched a sensitive spot and her legs trembled.

"Oh James! James I'm cumming! Ohhh..." Allison cried, reaching out and pulling him close to her. She hugged him as she went through her orgasm, her body wracked by the spasms and convulsions. Finally the waves passed and she held him close for a moment before letting him go. James noticed that this robotic creature even had "sweat" from her ordeal on her forehead!

"That is just unbelievable! Ok I'm sold, let's talk about getting me a robot companion like Allison here!" James said enthusiastically. So as Allison got dressed again, Mr. Franklin got out some catalogs and they began to go through them and choosing the specifications and details for his new robotic companion.

It took a couple hours of looking through the catalogs and making decisions from hair and eye color to skin tone to body shape. They discussed what he wanted in her intelligence and personality. After they had discussed his needs and desires at length, James signed the order and got up to leave. He walked out of the office with his copy of the purchase order, headed for home.

"Mr. Alderman?" Allison got up and came around her desk in the front office.


"I just... wanted to thank you... you know, for touching me," Allison said. "Could I... I mean, may I kiss you?"

James took the girl in his arms. He leaned in and put his mouth on hers, astonished that her lips felt and tasted just as real as his own. He felt her tongue between his lips and he opened his mouth more to allow her tongue in. Allison was an excellent kisser!

They kissed for a few moments and then James broke the kiss. "Thank you Mr. Alderman," Allison said as she looked into his eyes.

"Well since Mr. Franklin said he and I would need to get together a few more times to finish the details of my new girl, I will be seeing more of you. So you can call me James."

Allison smiled, "I'd like that very much, James."

Over the next few weeks James came to the office to work on more details and specifics on his robot girl. Each time he came in, he enjoyed talking with Allison... sometimes even staying after the meeting to chat with her at her desk a bit.

One day just as he was finishing up another meeting with Mr. Franklin, Allison came into the office. "Excuse me, Sir, but is it okay if I go on my lunch break? My sensors tell me that my battery needs recharging," she said.

"Yes, that's fine. We were just finishing up here and then I have to run to do some errands myself," Mr. Franklin said.

"Would you mind, Mr. Franklin, if I had lunch with Allison - that is if she wants to?" James said.

"No that would be fine with me, if she wants to," Mr. Franklin said.

"Allison what do you say, want to go to lunch with me?" James said.

"Oh sir, I would love to!" Allison said. "Where do you want to go?"

"Well, if you have to recharge your battery, I can go get some lunch and bring it back here and eat while you recharge," he said.

"That would be wonderful. I don't often have someone to talk to while I recharge. It will be nice to have some company," she said.

"Then it's settled. I'll go grab something to eat and bring it back here and keep you company while you recharge then. I'll be back in about twenty minutes."

"I'll be here!" Allison said, with a smile.

So James went to a restaurant down the street and got a meal that would be easy to transport and eat in the office and came back. He came into the office and found Allison sitting in a chair with her power charging cord coming out of a small port on her right side (he hadn't noticed the small access door before now) and running to the wall outlet. He was a bit startled at first when he saw it but tried to cover up his surprise quickly. Unfortunately, Allison caught it before he could recover.

"Oh Sir, I'm sorry! I thought I could finish recharging before you got back! Oh, I hope I didn't alarm you!" she said, trying to cover up the cord plugged into her.

"No, no, it's okay. I had just forgot that you were not... You seem so real and so much like a living woman I..." James struggled for the right words. He didn't want to insult or demean her.

"You forgot I'm a robot. It's okay, James, I'm perfectly okay with the word. I know I am not human, but your forgetting it is quite charming. Thank you," she said, smiling, "So what did you get for lunch?"

"Just a sandwich, chips and a drink. I was more interested in the conversation than I was about the meal," he said, looking at her.

Allison looked at her lap and blushed - another aspect of her that he found fascinating. A robot that not only blushed, but did it at the appropriate time, as if she somehow knew that James had paid her a compliment!

So James and Allison talked while he ate and she finished recharging. He learned more about her and how she was able to look, feel and act so real. He was astounded at the technologies involved, and how far they had come in cybernetics and computer systems. He had studied computers and computer technology in school, and knew that computers used to be the size of rooms, and they were so slow and clunky. But this girl next to him had more computing power in her blonde-haired head than any supercomputer did four hundred years ago. And along with her "brain-power", her mechanical systems were so far advanced that it stunned him.

"You are amazing, Allison," James finally said, "Everything about you is amazing."

"Well thank you James, but you have to give that credit to Mr. Franklin and the people who built me," she said.

"I suppose so, but you are charming, intelligent and quite lovely, Allison. I have had such a good time talking with you over these last few weeks."

"And I have enjoyed talking and seeing you as well, James. It has been so nice having some - oops, I'm all charged up! Would you mind?" Allison said.

"Sure no problem. I guess I should get used to it if I'm going to have a girl of my own!" he said. He stood up and faced her, reaching around her waist and gently unplugging the power cord and shutting the little access panel, the seam of which virtually disappeared so no trace of it remained.

"She will be a very lucky girl," Allison said. James face was mere inches from hers and he couldn't resist. As she looked at him with her soft blue eyes, he leaned further forward and kissed her. She returned his kiss, putting her arms around his neck and pulling him closer to her. The two kissed long and deep and passionately as Allison moaned softly into his mouth. Her fingers ran through his hair as they kissed, while James hands began roaming over Allison's body. Moving from her neck, his hands moved down her shoulders, then down her side to her ribs. He paused there unsure whether to make a more daring move or not. He didn't want to seem too forward, after all. But his fears were soon put at ease when she unbuttoned the front of her blouse, opening it and smiling at him.

James dropped down to his knees in front of the girl who opened her legs to allow him to get closer. She pulled his head to her breast and he took a hard, erect nipple into his mouth as she moaned her delight. Allison hooked a leg around him as he chewed and sucked and licked her nipple.

"Ohh, James, play with my pussy... like you did before... please James, make me cum..." Allison moaned. So James slid a hand up her thigh and under her skirt to the edge of her thigh top stockings. Feeling her warm thigh, he moved further up until he met with the edge of her panties. James began toying with her through her panties as Allison moaned louder. James could feel her panties getting more soaked as he played with her. Allison humped at his hand, she wanted more than just being toyed with through the flimsy material. She wanted him in her!

James pulled the skimpy garment aside and slid his hand under it to find her pussy dripping wet and hungry for his fingers. He plunged two finger deep into her pussy and Allison gasped loudly.

"Ohhh God, James!" she cried out, gripping his head as the rush hit her. Allison hiked up her skirt so she could spread her legs wider for him. She leaned back in her chair and rested her head on the wall behind her, closing her eyes and relishing in the feelings that James was giving her. Even though she was only a robot, James was completely enthralled with the way Allison was reacting to his fingering her. He couldn't have asked more from any real woman! The more she moaned and writhed in her chair, the more he wanted to do to bring her higher. He wanted to get her off and he wanted to do it in a spectacular way!

"Allison, has anyone ever ate your pussy?" he asked her between biting her nipples.

"No... never... Allison panted, "Oh, James, would you? Would you eat my pussy... please?"

"How long before Mr. Franklin comes back to the office?" James asked, "I don't want to get you into trouble!"

"Oh don't worry about him - he'll be gone for hours yet. He had a lot of things to do this afternoon so he probably won't be back until tomorrow morning," Allison said.

James didn't have to think long about Allison's request. He stood up, taking her hands and pulling her to her feet as well. Still wearing her open blouse, he took it by the collar and slid it slowly over her shoulders. Allison moaned softly as she felt the fabric move over her sensitive, yet fabricated, skin. Allison never wore a bra - she didn't need to. Her breasts, while responsive to touch and with nipples that would grow hard at appropriate times, would never age or sag like a real woman's eventually does. They would forever remain "young" tight and firm, so wearing a bra was unnecessary. In addition, having a sexy young secretary who went bra-less and who occasionally had hard stiff nipples, made for good customer relations! Allison's ample breasts had sold more than one robot for the company!

With her topless now, James turned his attention to Allison's skirt and panties. He hooked his thumbs under the elastic waistband of her short, black skirt and slid it over her well-formed hips. When he had it down far enough he let it go and the garment dropped to her ankles as Allison gasped. Then James took hold of Allison's panties and pulled them up so the crotch cut into her pussy lips and rubbed hard on her throbbing clit. Allison moaned and put her arms around him to steady herself. James smiled - it still amazed him how sexually responsive and authentic this artificial woman actually was!

James finally pulled her panties down and she opened her legs for him. He reached down and fingered her pussy for a moment as Allison swayed, standing in front of him.

"Ohhh, James... I love the way you touch me..." she cooed softly.

Seeing how unsteady she was standing, James helped her sit down on the large leather couch that sat along the wall in the reception area for customers.

"Please, James... eat me, please! Lick my hot wet pussy, baby!" she begged.

James dropped to his knees and pressed his face into her warm, sweet pussy, licking and lapping up her pussy juice. He had wondered what she tasted like - what synthetic pussy juice would taste like. To his surprise it tasted almost identical to the real thing only slightly sweeter. It had a very subtle peach-like taste to it, which James found very pleasing and after the tentative initial taste, he began devouring her eagerly.

Allison had never experienced anything like it either. She gripped the seat cushions of the couch like she was being electrocuted and tossed her head back, spreading her legs wider as James plunged his tongue deep into her. She moaned and twisted and shoved her hips forward wanting more of his tongue in her pussy.

"James! Oh fuck James! Ohh yes, yes! Ohhh goddd!" Allison moaned as she bucked and gyrated on her seat. James worked his tongue inside her like a snake charmer training his snake. His tongue reached all of the areas he was experienced in looking for with real woman and found her "hot spots" to be remarkably similar. Her reaction to his probing was equally as exuberant as she squirmed and wriggled on the couch, her ass dancing as she tried to keep control of the sensations.

James ran his tongue up her wet slit to find her aching clit. He flicked his tongue over the pulsing nub and then sucked it into his mouth to capture it gently between his teeth as his tongue flicked back and forth over it rapidly. That was the final straw for Allison.

"Ohhhmyyyygodddd!!" Allison screamed out as she came. James felt her pussy twitch and then clamp down as she released a flood of pussy juice from inside her, pouring it out and running down her legs to puddle on the floor under her. He licked up what he could, but there was no way he could keep up with the outpouring that was coming from between Allison's spread and quivering thighs.

Allison lay back on the couch panting, her forehead covered in sweat as she came down from her orgasm. "Thank you... James... that was... wonderful!" she breathed, smiling broadly. He stood up, kissing her on the forehead as he leaned over her. As he did, Allison noticed that James still sported a thick hard-on.

"Oh James, I've been so selfish! I've asked you to do everything and yet you haven't had your pleasure yet!" she said, concerned for him.

"That's okay, Allison, I had fun getting you off," he said, trying to calm her uneasiness.

"But it's not okay James! Part of my programming, part of my being robot, is to make your life easier and more pleasurable," she said, looking quite genuinely distressed.

"Allison, really it's o..." James started to say.

"Fuck me, James! I want to feel you inside me! I want you to take your pleasure out in me, please!" Allison interrupted him.

James looked down into her soft blue eyes and saw that they were wet. Allison was crying! James took her hand and pulled her to her feet wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her to him. She laid her head on his shoulders as he held her.

"Can you... I mean, are you able to...?" James stumbled on his words.

"Of course. I am fully functional and designed to replicate every aspect of a woman. Obviously I can't get pregnant, but other than that, I am just as real as any woman," she said.

James didn't need to hear anything more. He took her over to her desk and bent her over, laying her face first onto the cool hard top. Allison spread her legs and raised her ass up a bit to give him a better angle at her dripping pussy. James shed his pants and boxers and came up behind the girl. Taking his hard cock in hand, he rubbed the swollen purple head up and down the slick wet slit, getting it prelubed and ready for action. Allison moaned as she felt his cock splitting her pussy lips and teasing her hungry hole. She tried pushing back in order to get him to enter her more, but he held her in place with his free hand preventing her from her satisfaction just yet.

But James wasn't going to make her wait long. He, too, was anxious to get inside this beautiful creature's tight, wet hole. As soon as he had lubed his cock with her slippery pussy juice, he pressed the head past her inner lips until it rested on her vaginal entrance. He gripped her hips and pushed forward slowly, burrowing his cock deeper into her.

"Ohhh Jaaames!" she moaned as she felt him pushing his way deep into her belly. Allison gripped the edge of the desk as his cock continued pressing further into her. James felt her tight, steamy, pussy wrap around his cock like a warm wet blanket, hugging him as he continued drilling her.

James pressed on until he felt himself bottom out inside her, his seven inch sword sheathed in her silky softness. He stayed fully inside her for a couple moments to allow her to get used to his size before he began to pull out of her slowly, so she could feel him sliding in her tunnel and feel every ridge and bump on his cock. James could feel her pussy as well, gripping him, unwilling to let him go so easy.

James pulled out until just the mushroom head of his cock remained inside. He paused for a moment then slid back in faster this time. His speed gradually increased and with every stroke Allison moaned her pleasure and happiness.

Pounding her hard now, James wasn't holding anything back. Allison's pussy felt tighter and hotter than anything he had felt before, and he knew he couldn't hold out for long with her. His teasing and getting her off earlier had already turned him on immensely and now the feeling of being inside her was driving him quickly and inescapably towards the edge of his orgasm.

But James wasn't going to go down without a fight. He wanted to see if he could make her cum once more, hopefully at the same time as he burst. So he slammed into her with all of his might and Allison only moaned and wriggled her ass and pushed back at him wanting more.

"I'm cumming Allison," he finally admitted, "Cum with me... Cum with me, baby... NOW!!"

His cock erupted inside the girl, his white hot cum filling her as he emptied his balls of their heavy load. He shot jet after steaming jet into Allison - it had been some time since he had last had sex and he had a huge load waiting for her.

As soon as she felt the first spurts of his cum hit her pussy walls, Allison came herself, her pussy juices mixing with his cum inside her and both running out of her around his cock to spill onto the floor under them. While Allison clung tightly to the desk, James held onto her, hunched over the bent girl as they both shared this most intimate moment together.

Finally the waves of their orgasm passed over them and James relaxed, laying on top of Allison as Allison lay on the table, both of them panting and gasping for breath. He pulled out of her slowly and popped out of her as the last of his cum spilled out. Allison felt suddenly empty and vacant.

"James?" she asked, as if needing to know he was still there.

He took her hand and they both sat down on the couch, with her legs over his as they cuddled and relaxed together.

"That was fantastic!" James said. Allison looked at him and smiled.

"Yes, and you were wonderful James," Allison said, "I have never felt anything like that before."

"You have never had sex?" he asked.

"Not like that. I have been touched like you did the first day you came here... to show customers how real I feel. But no, I've never been fucked like that before. I guess that made me a virgin!" she said, smiling.

"Well you aren't a virgin anymore!" James said.

"No, I suppose not," she said, snuggling up against his chest. The two sat there on the couch for a few minutes enjoying being together. James loved the way Allison felt as he held her, and Allison was enjoying herself as well.

"So tell me, Allison, where do live?" James asked, casually making conversation.

"Live?" she asked, confused, "What do you mean?"

"You know, where do you go when you go home? Where do you go when you get off work?" he asked.

"Oh, I don't have a home. I stay here... I just power down once all my work is done and the office closes. I stay here overnight and the next morning I power up just before Mr. Franklin comes in for the next day's work," she said.

"So you stay here all the time? You never go out any place?" he asked.

"Oh, I occasionally go with Mr. Franklin to meet with clients when they can't come here, and I've been on a couple business seminars. And, of course, I sometimes run errands for him. So I get out of the office on occasion. It's not like I can't leave, I just have to make sure I can get to a power source to recharge if I get low on battery power," she explained.

"I see. Well Allison, if you don't mind my saying so, it doesn't sound very fulfilling. I mean staying in the office all the time isn't what I would want."

"Well, James, I am a robot after all. It doesn't make any difference to me," she said.

* * * *

The next morning Allison was sitting at her desk as usual just answering the phones and doing some ordering supplies for Mr. Franklin on her computer when James walked in the office.

"James! Hello! What brings you back here so soon?" she asked as he walked in the office.

"Hi Allison, Why aren't you glad to see me?" he said, playing with her.

"Of course I am - I'm always glad to see you," she smiled.

"Is Mr. Franklin in? I need to talk with him," James said.

"Yes he is. He's on the phone right now, but I will tell him you are here," she said. Allison got on the intercom. "Mr. Franklin, sir, Mr. Alderman is here to see you."

"That's fine, Allison, send him in," Mr. Franklin said through the intercom.

"You can go on in, James. Just be sure you stop by and say goodbye to me when you leave!" she said with a shy smile.

"Now you know I wouldn't leave without telling you goodbye, honey!" he said, winking at her. James went inside to talk to Mr. Franklin.

"James, what can I do for you today?" Mr. Franklin said, meeting him at the door with a handshake.

"Well Jason I came here today with a proposition for you," James said.

"A proposition?"

"Yeah. You see, I have given it some thought and I don't think I want to get a new robot after all," he said.

"Oh? Why not, if I can ask," Mr. Franklin said, surprised and concerned.

Well, because I have something different in mind. I have been coming here for the past couple months and we have put together an order for what I thought I wanted. However, in that time I found that it isn't what I wanted at all - what I want is right outside this door," James said, pointing to the door he just came in through.

"What? I don't understand."

"That's right Jason. All I would want or ask for in a robot companion is sitting out there at the reception desk. So I am here to make a deal with you. I will pay you the same price as I would have paid for a new robot, but I want Allison instead. You have shown me that you have several robots in your warehouse that are ready to go off the rack. I'm sure any one of them could be reprogrammed to do what Allison does here. Allison has exactly the right personality and everything that I don't think any other robot could have. I want her," James said.

"I see. Hmm... Well, I suppose that could be arranged. I could have one of our stock robots sent over, download the company files and information from Allison's memory bank to the new robot, then delete the files from Allison's memory bank. I have to protect my other client's personal info. Yes, we could do that. It would take a few hours but you could actually have her tonight if you like."

"That would be fine, Jason. So long as it's okay with Allison," James said.

"Well let's go ask her then, shall we?" Mr. Franklin said. The two men came out of the office into the reception room.

"Allison, Mr. Alderman has something to ask you," Mr. Franklin said.

"Yes, Sir?" she said, turning her chair to face him. James held out his hand and Allison stood up and came around her desk, thoroughly perplexed.

"Yes Sir, what is it you wanted to ask me?"

"Allison, I came to this office a couple months ago to find a robot companion because I wanted someone to talk to besides the walls of my home. I was looking for someone to interact with, someone to share my life with. I haven't got the time, nor the patience to learn how to cope with the emotions, sensitivities, and mood swings a normal woman brings to the table. So I thought that by coming here I could get someone I could share with and avoid all those other unpleasantries," he started.

"That makes sense Sir," she said, still confused.

"But since coming here, I have found our talks and interactions to be even more delightful and engaging than I thought possible. And I do not know that I could find that same degree of charming, gracious, and enchanting company with any other. So I have come here to the office today to make a deal with your boss, Mr. Franklin here.

"A deal? I'm not sure I understand, Sir."

"Allison you have spoiled me for any other woman, real or otherwise. So I have discussed it with Mr. Franklin here and if you would like to, I would like you to come home with me and be my companion. Instead of ordering a robot that may or may not fit with me, I want you... if you would like to, that is?" he said.

"I... I... really, Sir?" she looked back and forth between the two men.

"It's your decision, Allison. Mr. Alderman wants you to decide," Mr. Franklin said.

"Yes! Oh yes, sir! Oh I would love to come home with you, Sir!" Allison said, throwing her arms around his neck happily and kissing him over and over.

"Well then it's settled. Allison, I will have your replacement sent over from the warehouse. When it gets here, we will hook you up to it and transfer the company files from your memory banks to the new girl. After the transfer, you will delete the company information from your memory, understand. You will no longer be an employee here and we need to keep the company files and personal info of our clients private, understand?"

"Yes Sir," Allison said.

"Just be sure not to delete any of your personality or anything that makes you so special!" James added. Allison smiled a big happy smile at him.

"Oh no, Sir! I will leave all my personality intact," she said.

"One more thing... no more calling me 'Sir', okay?"

"Yes... James," she said, taking his arm and standing next to him and laying her head on his shoulder.

"Well Mr. Franklin I think we have a deal then. Allison, I will be by tonight after work to pick you up and then we can go home," James said.

"Yes, James. I am looking forward to seeing home," Allison said. "Thank you, so much."

James left the office then, sure that he picked just the companion that he wanted. He looked forward to having Allison around all the time now.

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