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OffWorld A New Life: Sasha

Contributing Authors: Reddead2010 
I have to go to the office and get to spend time with Sasha.
Towhom this may concern, I am writing out my adventures while living on the planet Rigel VI. It's a planet near the edge of our galaxy. It varies to inner system planets in one large way, here on Rigel it's culturally acceptable to own pleasure-slaves. These slaves differ from those of Earths past in the fact that all of these men and woman volunteer for this occupation, choosing to give their bodies to those able to afford it. These slaves are not mistreated, protected by a court of law to ensure that they never suffer from abuse. Punishments can be put into place, usually only ranging from a rationing of food or pay. Slavery on this planet is more of a career, both parties have to be willing participants in the purchase, no one is forced to buy or forced to be sold. If an agreement is meant then the slave is at the whim of their Masters sexual needs.

I had just recently arrived on Rigel VI, my Uncle had passed away after struggling with an illness for a few years. I had inherited his large expanse of wealth and his business, which luckily for me as his health deteriorated he hired more people to run his business for him while he stayed at home trying to recover. I now stand at the top of Grayson Private Security that required very little management from me. It's not surprising with the large gap between the wealthy and poor that there was a high demand for security, exactly why my Uncle had set up his business here.

Once I had arrived to my new home, I had met Theodore Charles, my uncle's assistant who had helped me with a majority of the paperwork so I didn't have to deal with it by myself. I also met two incredibly beautiful women, Sasha and Triss, who turned out to be my Uncle's pleasure slaves who had waited for me to arrive just to see if they wanted to give themselves to me and if I wanted them. I had been more then willing to inherit them, especially while they had been rubbing my crotch through my pants and whispering what they were willing to do to me if I agreed to purchase them.

They had showed their appreciation while they showed me around my new home by pulling my into a secluded room and both of them pleasuring me with their mouths, getting me to cover their faces with my cum before they cleaned one another. Our session was cut short by Mr. Charles as he took the two woman to town to get their tattoos that proved that they were owned by me and to finish up the last of their paperwork.

After they had left, I had cooked myself a rather simple dinner. I wasn't the best cook in the world but I could manage. I also could afford to hire a personal chef now and that seemed like the more enjoyable opinion. I wrote down a small note to myself to find one and hire one.

It didn't take long for for me to finish my dinner and lay down for bed, the two girls had managed to relieve a lot of stress so it didn't take long for me to fall asleep.

I woke up when my alarm went off, soft music filled the room and the TV turned on displaying the weather. All in all it looked like it was going to be a pretty great day, sunny and seventy degrees.

I spent a few minutes lying there and just stared at the TV screen, as I woke myself up to take on the day. I had officially transferred all of my Uncles possessions to myself but now I had to start making calls to let people know that I had. I needed to start planning meetings and taking over more of the company that my Uncle had reassigned in his failing health. I couldn't help but sigh before I slide out of the bed and went to the bathroom. I relieved myself before I took a shower and did the rest of my morning hygiene routine.

I wrapped a towel around my waist when I walked into my bedroom. I found my phone and my small notebook that was functioning as my address book until I could memorize the more important numbers. I found the number to the office and quickly dialed the numbers into the cell. I pressed the phone against my ear, it rang a few times before there was a soft click when someone picked up the phone. “Grayson Private Security, my name is Ivy. What can I do for you today?” A professional female voice spoke to me.

“Yes, hello Ivy. My name is Samuel Grayson. As I'm sure you're aware, I've recently taken over as CEO and I wanted to come into the office, look over how everything is going. When I get there if you could have all the jobs that we are currently employed in that would be fantastic.” I spoke as I started to pick out my clothes for the day.

“Oh yes, Mr Grayson. I can start getting those files ready right away. When can are you planning to arrive, sir?” She answered politely, I was pretty sure that I could hear her as she shuffled things around. She probably didn't waste anytime to get what I asked for.

“I'm just getting dressed now, I probably leave after I get a snack for breakfast. So plan on maybe an hour or so before I arrive.” I started to pull on my clothes as she spoke again.

“That should be plenty of time for me to get what you asked for, Mr. Grayson.” She answered quickly.

“Thank you very much, Ivy. I look forward to meeting you.” I pulled the phone away from my ear and hung up before I tossed the device on my bed. I slide on the black dress pants and slide the belt through the loops before I grabbed a plain white dress shirt and put it on, quickly doing the buttons except the top two. I finished it with a black jacket, and did a single button. I grabbed the notebook again and found Theodore's number, it was the most recent addiction so it was easy to find.

I pressed the phone against my ear after I dialed the number, surprisingly he answered almost immediately. “Mr. Grayson, what can I do for you?” He spoke quickly.

“I'm going to be going to the office very soon, so I may not be at the house when you bring the girls.” I said as I exited my room and walked down the hall.

“Well, actually the girls decided that they both wanted to spend a day with you individually. I'm not sure how they decided it but Sasha will be spending time with you today.” He suddenly cut off and was replaced by two muffled voices, Mr. Charles was probably speaking to someone. “Actually, would you be opposed to Sasha meeting you at the office, she says she doesn't want to get gypped out of her day with you.” He spoke.

I couldn't help but laugh at it. “Well I own the building so I don't see a problem with it. Give me about an hour and a half then feel free to show up.” I hung up the phone and found the kitchen, I didn't have time for a big breakfast. The kitchen was very well stocked so I was able to make a bowl of cereal and ate it quickly. Afterwords, I walked towards the garage but along the way, the young man that had taken my luggage the other day appeared, dressed in decent outfit. “Hello, Mr Grayson. I'm Kyle. I'm was hired by your Uncle to help around the house as well as assist him in his medical issues. I'm was even the chauffeur.” He motioned towards the the garage. “I'd be more then willing to take you any where you'd like to go.”

“Nice to meet you, Kyle. I'm just going to the office.” I responded.

“Yes, Sir, I'll just go get the car and I'll meet you out front.” I just shrugged as the man left, I wasn't a huge fan of driving so I wouldn't hate having a chauffeur.

I just stood there for a few minutes before I walked towards the front door and exited the house, I spotted the car at the end of the path away. I walked over and entered the the luxury vehicle. The seats were surprisingly comfortable, I sat back and got relaxed as Kyle drove away from the house.

“Would you like some music, sir?” Kyle asked, I spotted him as looking at me through the rear mirror.

“Why not.” I said before I returned my gaze out the window. This planet was actually truly beautiful, far more rural then the last planet I lived on.

It was a little over a half hour drive until Kyle pulled up in front of a building and put the vehicle in park. “Thanks for the ride, Kyle.”

“No problem, sir. As soon as you go inside, I'll just go park the vehicle until you're done.” I nodded before I stepped out the vehicle and closed the door. I took a moment to straighten out my outfit before I continued into the building. The cool air that washed over me felt fantastic, I stood there to enjoy how it felt before I looked around the large lobby. I spotted a woman standing near the elevator with quite a few files. I could read the name tag on her chest from where I stood: Ivy.

I raised my hand, and waved at her to get her attention. It did, she turned to face me with a professional smile spread across her face. As I got closer, I couldn't help but look her over, she looked to be of Latin descent. She had thick black hair done up in a bun, while a white blouse and a black shirt that hugged her curves. I had to stop staring when she finally spoke up. “Hello, My Grayson, I presume?” She asked with an extended hand toward me.

“You would be correct, It's a pleasure to meet you.” I said when I grabbed her hand a shook it a few times before I released it.

“Well, if you follow me, I'll show you to your office and you can look over everything that you requested.” She reached over and pressed the button to call the elevator, it opened instantly and both of us stepped in. She pressed another button before the doors closed and I couldn't help but notice the modest ring on her ring finger, she was married.

“How long have you been married, if you don't mind me asking?” I was glad she was standing on my right or I would not have been able to see her.

“A little over two years now, Sir.” She said, though it sounded like she was bitter about it.

“Troubles on the home front then?” I asked, turning to face her more.

“I just wish that I someone would have told me how lazy he was, he got fired from his job a year ago and now all he does is stay at home, watching TV, and getting fat.” She was clearly upset. “I have to work overtime to ensure that our home doesn't get taken from us.”

I felt bad for my employee. “I'd be more then willing to give you a raise, Ivy. You have my deepest sympathies about your lazy husband.”

That managed to pull a soft laugh from her. “Thank you, Sir. You're too kind.” Her smile didn't go away.

“I try to be kind to beautiful woman.” I said, my hand seemed to move on its own before I even realized it was sitting on her large ass. She seemed to jump at the contact but she didn't push my hand away, there was still a smile on her lips.

“Is there any conditions for this raise, sir?” She didn't look at me.

“No, the raise is yours, no matter what happens.” I was a little appalled that she thought that I would blackmail her.

“That's a shame, sir. I would do anything for a raise.” She finally looked over at me, she wasn't looking at my face; however, her eyes were glued to my crotch. The doors to the elevator opened and Ivy turned away from me and walked out, my hand dropped back down to my side. I couldn't help but smile to myself before I followed her. It didn't take long until we reached a large desk, with a wooden door to the right of it. “This is your office, sir. If you need anything, I'll be right here.” She handed the files over to me before she went and sat down behind the desk.

“Thank you, Ivy.” I opened the door but stopped short. “Oh, I'm likely going to be having guests very soon. If you could let me know when they arrive then let them in that would be fantastic.” She nodded, her professional smile returning before I disappeared through the door and closed it behind myself.

The office was rather standard but the size was what caught my attention, it was an incredible corner office. The large windows displayed the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city, a dark blue carpet covered the floor while paintings covered the plain white walls. I walked over to the desk and set the files down on the wooden desk before I moved around it to sit in the rather comfortable chair. I couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief as I reclined. I sat forward and began to look through the files. Most of them were the exact same except for the name of the customer, a rich individual wanted a few body guards to protect them at home and work. There were a few that were hiring up to twenty but those were mostly compounds that wanted to ensure that no one interfered with their 'pure' slaves.

My head snapped up to look at the blinking light of my phone, I reached over and pressed a button before I was reward with the cheerful voice that belonged to Ivy. “Hello, Sir. Your two guests have arrived, would you like me to send them in?”

“Yes, thank you.” I pressed the button and heard the digital click that signaled that it had ended the call. A few seconds later there was a soft knock on the door before it opened to reveal a man I didn't know and Sasha. They walked in and closed the door behind them. “Hello, Mr. Grayson. I work at a nearby auction house, Mr. Charles asked me to preform the ceremony.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm ready to get started whenever you are.” I pushed the chair away from the desk and turned as the two of them rounded the desk. I remembered that a ceremony was necessary when purchasing a pleasure-slave but I didn't remember exactly what it entailed. I couldn't take my eyes off of Sasha and the sexy red cocktail dress she wore. She descended down to her knees, she removed my shoes and socks, then she began to kiss my feet. “Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master. “ She said in between every kiss. This went on for several minutes before she straightened her back, a large smile on her face before the man took her hand and placed it in mine.

“Sasha, this is your Master. You will obey him in all things.” The man spoke as he conducted the ritual. “You will strive to make him happy in all things, at all times, for all time, or until such time your master sells you to another.”

Sasha only nodded at each instruction that was given to her.

“This is your master. If you displease him, he will punish you, and he is right to do so. Your master is right in all things, at all times. Do you understand?”

“I understand.” Sasha bowed her head towards me, before she extended her other at me which I happily grabbed. She continued to smile happily at me.

“Would you like to inspect her now, sir?” The man asked.

“Yes I would, but not with you here so you can go.” I looked over at the man, it was surprising how imitating someone could be when they were missing an eye. The man nodded his head before leaving the two of us alone. I looked over at the door for a moment while the man left before returning my gaze to Sasha. “Now that we're alone, strip.”

“Yes, Master.” I knew that I would enjoy her calling me that for a very long time. She smiled at me before she slide her thumbs under the straps of her dress and slide them over her shoulders. She pushed the fabric off of her petite frame before it became a puddle of red fabric around her ankles. She stepped out of the fabric, her red heels not making a sound against the carbet. Black stockings hugged her long legs before connecting to her garter belt, a pair of matching panties and bra covered the things I wanted to see the most.

“Take the panties and bra off, leave everything else on.” She did exactly as ordered, she reached behind herself. She unhooked the bra letting the straps slide off her arms before she pulled the cups away from her small breasts. She played with her breasts for a few seconds before her hands slide down her sides to her hips as she slowly turned around until her back was facing me. Her thumbs hooked into her panties, she began to push it down her legs slowly, bending over to give me a perfect view of her perfect ass. The further she bent down, the more that she showed me. I turned my head slightly as her shaved pussy came into view. She stepped out of her panties, still completely bent at the waist, I noticed that she was starting at me from between her legs, that large smile still on her face. She began to slowly shake her hips, I couldn't stop my eyes as they locked onto the two lovely checks as they shook.

Sasha straightened her back before she finally turned around to face me. “Do I pass your inspection, Master?”

“With flying colors.” I spoke back to her. “Now tell me, what's your biggest kink? What gets you more excited then anything else?”

She waited a moment, likely debating whether or not she wanted to tell me the truth or what she thought I wanted to hear. “I enjoy light BDSM, Master. I liked to be spanked, name calling, being tied up with handcuffs or ropes. Not enough to do a series amount of pain but a little is nice.” I smiled at her honestly.

“I see.” I turned towards the desk and pushed the clutter until there was a large open space. “Come over here and bend over the desk.” I spoke before I turned to her again and gestured towards the desk. She instantly did as I asked, bending over the desk with her head turned towards me with a questioning look. “Put your arms behind you back and keep them there no matter what.” I spoke as I stood up from my chair. I grabbed her arms to reposition them in the exact way that I wanted. “So exactly how did you find out you liked that?” I asked, I set my hand on her ass, my fingers digging into her soft flesh.

“It was very lonely with no one around after your Uncle passed away, Master. As we said yesterday, we only had each other to satisfy our needs. I did some research and discovered more about BDSM, I had Triss try it on me and I found out that I liked it.” She spoke with her face firmly pressed against the desk, her eyes locked on me.

“So you did more then a little experimenting with Triss. Then I guess I need to make up for lost time.” I rose my hand about shoulder height before I delivered a power smack against her left cheek. A cry left her as the pain reached her brain. I smiled at the red outline of my hand quickly appeared on her cheek, the other looked lonely so a spanked it with the same force, I received another cry from her. “Is that hard enough, slut?”

“Yes, Master. It's perfect, just like you.” She said, she began to sound a little breathless.

“Flattery won't get you anywhere, slut.” I spanked her twice more in rapid secession, one on each cheek again. I decided to check on something, I slipped my hand between her thighs and I shoved two fingers into her all ready wet pussy. She moaned, her eyes closed to enjoy the slowly pumping of my fingers before I withdrew them. I began to rain down blows on her ass over and over again. I stopped to occasionally check her cunt to see how wet she was. Her cries of pain quickly became shrills of pleasure. I only stopped until the entirety of her ass was bright red and her wetness ran down her legs, It even made a small set spot on the floor.

“Please fuck me, Master. Use my body as your personal fuck toy, fuck me until your satisfied.” I smiled as she begged, I pushed my fingers into her cunt again and began to thrust them into her.

“I'm sorry, slut, I didn't hear you. What do you want?” I leaned forward so I could more easily see her face.

Her makeup was a mess, her mascara made black lines across her face. “Please fuck me with your big fat cock, Master! Use me for your own pleasure! Pleeeeaaase!” She almost screamed at me.

“I plan to.” I undid my belt and my pants, I pushed my underwear down until my cock popped free. I took a hold of myself and slapped it against her all ready red ass before I aimed it at her soaked pussy. I didn't need to be gentle nor was I planning to. I thrust forward until I had no more to give. Sasha screamed again, she was still tight and I could feel her muscle flexing as if they were trying to stop me from pulling out of her. I grabbed her hips and began to thrust into her as fast and as hard as I could manage.

Her howls of ecstasy were all I need to know that she was enjoying it. “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me! I'm your dirty slut, Master!” I saw the force of my thrusts as they rippled up through her flesh. It didn't take long until she screamed out again, I could feel her as she tightened around me more, as if her insides were trying to milk my cum out of me. I wasn't there yet but I wasn't far off.

I reached out with my left hand and grabbed a hand full of her hair, my fingers disappearing into the red curls. “I don't remember telling you could cum, slut. You need to ask for my permission to cum.” I had stopped my thrusts while I spoke to her.

“Yes, Master. I understand, please just keep fucking your dirty slut. I won't cum unless you say I can, I promise but please just keep fucking me!” She was starting to raise her voice, that was fine. I began to thrust again but much slower, just to teaser her. It didn't seem to matter to her anymore, she had all ready started to groan.

I stopped thrusting again. “I want you to fuck yourself on my cock until I fill that naughty cunt of yours.” I tapped her arms lightly. “You can move you arms now.” She didn't waste time as she followed instructions, her arms reached up and grabbed the edge of the desk by her head right before she threw her ass back against me, over and over again. She would occasionally stop and rotated her hips just to do something different. I noticed that one of her hands had disappeared under her before I felt her finger tips as they rubbed, she had likely began to play with herself. I could feel her finger tips occasionally touch my balls. Even as she played with herself, she was still vigorously fucking me.

“Master, can I cum? I need to cum.” She started begging as her fingers moved faster against herself.

I smiled before I smacked her ass again. “Not yet, slut.” I heard her groan, she struggled to speak around her moans.

I knew I was about to cum so I released my hold of her hair and used both hands to grab her hips and began to thrust into her just as she was pushing her ass back against me. I only got a few good thrusts before I exploded inside of her and filled her with my cum. “You can cum, slut.” She didn't say anything except the ear piercing screech that came from her lips. She quieted down after a few minutes and just lay against the desk. I reached out and grabbed her hair again as I pulled out of her, I moved to the chair and pulled her with me. She knelt down in front of me, immediately she knew what I wanted. My cock disappeared into her mouth as she cleaned both of our fluids off of my cock.

After a few minutes, she pulled her mouth off of me and began to gentle kiss every inch of my cock. “Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master.” She whispered between every kiss, Sasha repeated the ritual with a little twist. She looked very content where she was.

“How about I take you home. I'll spend rest of the day fucking your slutty little brain out.” I grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at me. She smiled at me, clearly she liked the idea. “Get dressed.” I released her, she put my softening cock back into my underwear before she did up my pants and belt. She stood up, a little unstable and reached for her underwear. “Actually, you won't need you bra or panties, just give them to me then you can put your dress on. You can go clean yourself up in the bathroom after that and then we'll go home.”

“Yes, Master.” She grabbed her underwear and handed it to me before pulling on her dress. She left the room and I quickly looked over the last of the files before I put them in one of the drawers. There was a knock on the door and Sasha reentered the room and smiled at me. “I'm ready to go, Master. I also called, Kyle, he's ready outside.”

I nodded at her before I pushed myself up from the the desk and walked over to her, I stopped next to her and put my hand on her ass. She hissed in pain as my fingers tug into the fabric and her sore flesh but she was still smiling when we left.


(Author's Notes: The universe that this story is written in is the intellectual property of a separate author on this site, Reddead2010. All characters in this story belong to me, however. You can find the series at Reddead's profile.)

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