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OffWorld Slave Girl - Chapter 11 - Seeing Leka

I return to the Dirty Wives Club to visit the 'walking pair of tits' that is Leka...

Again, a warm and hearty welcome to my Earth readers. I continue my tale of my adventures with my pleasure-slave Melora, and various other slaves too. As previous readers are aware, I had retired to the planet Rigel VI, on the outer rim of our galaxy.

The rich elite of this planet, of which I had become one of its newest members, bought and sold pleasure-slaves. Pleasure slaves were women (and men) who had submitted themselves to the auction houses in the big cities here.

They were escaping the terrible poverty out in the vast, vast farmlands of this world. As a pleasure-slave they would have a much better life, living in rich surroundings, and doing little work other than the obvious.

They also had much better legal protection than farm workers; they could not be abused in any way. They also had to agree to be sold to the winning bidder at their auction, they could refuse if they so wished.

Pleasure-slaves were also paid a monthly allowance which they could do with as they pleased. They could also save up their allowances and eventually buy their freedom if they so wished, but this was rare, as a pleasure-slave was generally a good life.

I had purchased my first pleasure-slave. Her name was Melora; she was an eighteen year old ‘pure’, or virgin.

A couple of weeks previously I had discovered ‘The Dirty Wives Club’, a pleasure palace filled with married women who had submitted themselves to be pleasure slaves. On a recent visit, I had a parade of lovely married pleasure slaves in a ‘hands-on’ brief meeting, before eventually choosing to spend my afternoon with Leka…

That afternoon had been an incredible one. Leka really was as described, a ‘walking pair of tits’. And I had groped, sucked and fucked those huge tits six ways from Sunday.

Her tits were enormous. I had initially thought they were 36JJ, but Leka had told me she was 36KK. The rest of her body was a fairly small frame, with a nice ass. That’s what made her tits looked so completely disproportionately large.

I had spent all afternoon fucking her in every position I could think of, always groping and staring at her gigantic boobs. When she was on all fours as I screwed her from behind, her tits swayed beneath her, nipples brushing against the bedsheets below.

By early evening I was exhausted. Leka had completely drained my balls, I had emptied them over her tits three times by then.

Leka showered to clean herself up, then returned to bed with me. I fell asleep, my head nestled in between her enormous breasts.

After an hour or so I awoke, and got dressed. Leka and I said our farewells as she walked me out. She had put on purple panties with a matching slinky see-through baby-doll. I fondled her tits and ass as we walked out to the exit where a taxi was waiting for me.

At the taxi, Leka put her arms around me and hugged me tightly, her huge bosom pressed up against my chest. She kissed me full on the lips and looked me in the eyes.

“I do hope I will see you again soon, sir,” she whispered, “I really mean it.”

She kissed me again, and I noticed a tiny tear in her eye. I felt she genuinely didn’t want me to go.

I kissed her back, then got into the taxi and saw Leka waving as she slowly got smaller in the view through the rear window.

I had enjoyed my time with Leka hugely. It wasn’t just the fact she had the biggest tits I’d ever seen. She was very technically gifted at sex; her blowjob was mind-blowing. I loved her ex-Soviet Bloc accent too.

She had a lovely, loving and caring manner about her. I was definitely going to see her again.

I returned home around eleven o’clock in the evening. My pleasure slave Melora met me at the door and asked if I wanted her in bed that night. But I was completely spent, so slept alone to regain some energy.

Over the next few months, I returned to The Dirty Wives Club numerous times, usually twice a week for some afternoon fun. I often bedded Leka during those visits, those huge tits of hers proving just too tempting.

But more than her amazing boobs, she was a lovely woman. We would chat a lot in bed in between bouts of sex. She was very warm and caring, and it became obvious that she was becoming more and more attached to me with each visit.

I liked her a lot too, but I didn’t want her to go falling in love or anything like that. She was a married woman after all, even if she was temporarily a pleasure slave. She would be returned to her husband a free woman again once her two-year service contract at The Dirty Wives Club ended.

To ensure her feelings didn’t become too deep, on my second visit to The Dirty Wives Club each week I would intentionally see a different pleasure slave. Initially, I worked my way through the other women I had seen in the intimate line up that Theresa, the Club’s part-owner, had arranged for me when I first met Leka.

Firstly, I had fucked Mindy, the young wife who had dressed up like a naughty schoolgirl during the parade of beauties I had seen previously. She again dressed the same for me, and we acted out a teacher/student role play.

I got to spank her lovely young firm ass, then screw her in the same place. Eventually, I blew my load all over her face, while she begged me not to tell her daddy what she had done. It was very good fun.

The next week I saw Lucia, the very dirty wife who had become regularly visited by a business associate of mine named Harlan. Lucia was a very sexy Latina woman, who could suck and fuck until the cows came home. She repeatedly asked me to bring a friend along next time so she could get ‘two rich cocks at the same time, one in each end’ as she put it. Perhaps on another visit.

On other visits, I had seen Patty, the beautiful woman of Indian descent, and Julietta, a tall busty redhead. Both had been great experiences, it was really huge fun to fuck another man’s wife.

I had also had Linsey and Shyla. They were both wives of two of my employees. In fact, Linsey was the reason I discovered The Dirty Wives Club. Her husband had begged me to visit it, as he had suddenly regretted his decision to allow her to submit herself to work there.

I had met Linsey at the establishment, but due to the training she had just completed, it wasn’t long before she was coming on to me. She made it impossible for me to resist her charms, and I became her first customer.

She had told me she had learned about The Dirty Wives Club from her friend Shyla, who was also a wife of an employee of mine and had recently submitted herself there. Linsey had suggested a threesome with herself and Shyla, and of course, on another visit, I had taken her up on that offer.

Shyla was a gorgeous black woman with big tits and a full round ass; Linsey a petite blond with a nice rack and stunning ass. Together they fucked and sucked me all afternoon with big smiles on their faces, making jokes about their ‘stupid’ husbands. They even gave me a very naughty show, by fucking each other doggy style ass-to-ass with a double ended dildo, whilst I got sucked off by each of them in turn.

I had seen a few other wives over the past few months as well, just women that had caught my eye in the ‘fish-bowl’ area where the rich clients of The Dirty Wives Club could choose their next sexy encounter.

But every week, usually every Tuesday afternoon, in fact, I would end up back in bed with Leka in one of the bungalows at the Dirty Wives Club, pounding away at her lovely tight pussy whilst I groped her huge tits and lovely firm ass. I always looked forward to these visits, as did she.

She had told me when I first met her she was quite a popular lady, and picked by rich gentlemen once or twice a week. But I had discovered by speaking with other ladies and Theresa the part owner of the business, that, in fact, she was very rarely chosen by other clients.

I assumed she had initially told me this small lie to entice me into bed with her, to discover the delights all these other supposed clients were craving. I was okay with that. In fact, weeks later, she finally admitted to me as much, and that she had only seen four other men since being submitted there. She felt it was because she was an older, more mature lady, now thirty-nine years old, and the vast majority of the city of Trenton’s rich clientele preferred younger women.

It had been a real problem for her before she met me. She, of course, earned her salary every month, whether she was selected by men or not. This salary was still substantial, but so were her and her husband’s debts. In fact, I learned her husband’s debts were, for a middle-class man at least, very large indeed.

Their plan to repay these debts by having Leka submit herself to The Dirty Wives Club over a two-year contract was not going to work by simply receiving her salary every month. Wives that were selected by rich men were paid a bonus on top of their salary, a very substantial bonus. That was the only way Leka could ever hope to repay her husband’s gigantic debts.

Now that she had a regular customer in me, she was initially much happier, as it seemed to her perhaps she could pay off her husband’s debts within her two-year contractual period. I also always gave her a generous tip after every session too. Whether that tip was going to her husband, or she was keeping it for herself I did not know. Even if my tip money was going to her husband, it seemed only fair as I had just spent all afternoon screwing his wife.

Leka was a very generous lover, and was always trying to ensure I had a good time. I guess that was partly because she feared I would get bored and move on to another lady, and her income would suddenly decrease dramatically. I think also partly because she genuinely enjoyed my company. We seemed to get on really well.

From my point of view, there was no danger of me getting bored of visiting her. She was always trying new things to make me happy. She would always greet me with a new sexy outfit, which I would enjoy getting her out of. She would always have brand new lingerie set for me to enjoy her in.

She would always have a spare outfit or costume waiting in the bathroom in the bungalow. After having sex with her, Leka would shower, then dress up in the spare outfit, and reappear as a vision of loveliness back in the bedroom. This would get me going again, and soon I would be rock hard and clawing at her outfit as she dropped to her knees to begin sucking me again.

She had a really dirty imagination too. She would often come up with naughty role plays for us to act out, usually related to some new costume she was wearing for me. She had been a sexy secretary, a horny landlady, the busty nymphomaniac nurse, the innocent gullible hotel maid, the sexy police officer, and many others. I had enjoyed them all immensely.

Leka always kept it interesting. But my favourite times were when she was being herself, and I got to fuck another man’s sexy super-busty wife.

One afternoon, after visiting her every week for a couple of months, Leka had just finished giving me one of her legendary tit-fucks. I was reaching for a condom as I was desperate to fuck her as usual. She pushed me back on the bed, and climbed on top of me.

“Darling, we don’t need that anymore do we?” she purred at me in that gorgeous sexy Soviet-Bloc accent.

She then inserted my cock into her lovely tight pussy, and began to slowly ride me bareback. It felt absolutely wonderful, fucking another man’s wife with no condom, feeling her tight wet twat slide up and down my hard cock. Surely only her husband had ever experienced this since Leka had submitted herself to the owners here? But now I had fucked her bareback too.

She grinned as she continued to ride my cock. She put one finger up to her lips.

“Shhhhh,” Leka whispered, “Don’t tell anyone about this, okay sir?”

She giggled as I nodded my head. Of course, I wouldn’t tell anyone. The women that worked as pleasure slaves all had to use condoms as part of their work. Any woman found not using them could be prosecuted and even jailed.

You could only fuck pleasure slaves without a condom if they belonged to you. I had Melora and Helena, my own pleasure slaves, at home. I always fucked them bareback because they belonged to me. But it was a real treat to fuck a pleasure slave bareback that did not belong to me, especially one that also had a husband who I’m sure wouldn’t be happy if he knew what I was doing to his wife right now.

“I won’t, as long as you don’t tell your husband,” I told her.

Again, Leka giggled as she rode my cock, “Oh no, that would definitely be a bad idea, sir.”

“And as long as you let me fuck you bareback every time from now on,” I said to her.

Leka leaned down and kissed me full on the lips, “Absolutely sir,” she whispered in my ear, “Every time we fuck from now on. I love the feel of your bare thick hard dick.”

My hands groped and massaged her huge tits as she continued to bounce up and down, her moaning and panting becoming louder. Leka was a very loud woman when she got excited. It wasn’t long before she gave out a very long loud moan, her usual sign she was about to come. Seconds later she orgasmed, and collapsed on top of me, her huge tits pressed against my chest.

“Oh, thank you, darling,” Leka sighed, kissing me again, “Now, what would sir like next?”

She giggled as I turned her over on her back. Leka assumed the position she knew I wanted her in. She used her forearms to push her massive tits together, and I shoved my rock-hard cock in between them. My cock completely disappeared, enveloped by so much lovely firm tit flesh.

I thrust in and out of her gorgeous tit-pussy, loving every second.

“Yes sir, fuck my tits,” Leka panted, matching my gaze as I looked into her deep blue eyes, “My husband would be so crazy with jealousy if he knew you were fucking his wife’s big tits right now”

“Is that right?” I asked, grinning.

“Yes sir,” Leka smiled the biggest smile I’d ever seen, “These tits were my husband’s most favourite plaything. He would get so jealous if another man even looked at my chest. Imagine if he knew how many times you have fucked and spunked all over them?”

Leka had told me she lied to her husband every week, telling him she had had no customers. That the rich clientele only wanted the younger wives that worked here. But of course, she had in fact been getting a good hard fucking once a week from yours truly for the past few months.

“Oh sir, I love it,” Leka moaned, “I love going to bed with you.”

“Me too Leka, I love fucking you, honey. You’re such a gorgeous sexy lady,” I told her, as I continued to fuck her boobs, “Ah Leka, you’ve got such great fucking big tits.”

“Yes darling, I want these tits to be all yours,” Leka panted, “I want you to buy me, sir. Please, sir, I want you to be my master. Then you can fuck me and my tits every day darling.”

That was all too much for me, and I shot my load. My spunk spurted out of the top of her cleavage, splashing up onto her neck and chin.

I hadn’t expected Leka to suggest anything like that. She gave me a kiss on the cheek as I collapsed back on the bed.

“Think about it, darling,” Leka said to me as she got up and went to shower.

And think about it I did as I watched Leka take her shower, me standing at the entrance to the bathroom. Leka was soaping up her boobs, washing my come off them.

I explained to Leka that I didn’t think it was possible for me to buy her. She was only temporarily owned by The Dirty Wives Club. Once her two-year contract was up here she would be a free woman again and return to life with her husband.

But Leka ignored my explanation, continuing on with her train of thought. She said she had grown tired of her life at The Dirty Wives Club, but she was glad of one thing from it. She realised now she wanted to be a pleasure slave, but privately owned. She enjoyed the company of rich men, and myself in particular.

Leka finished her shower, dried herself off in front of me, and popped into the walk-in closet for a few moments.

Leka said she dreamed of living ‘the easy life’ as she called it. She explained she meant by that to be owned by a rich man, having to do no work, not having to sit in the goldfish bowl area hoping to be selected by customers. The only ‘work’ she wanted to do was to be making her master completely satisfied in bed.

“I just want to be a lady of leisure, darling,” she explained, as she stepped out of the closet, “I just want my day to be waking up late, make myself beautiful, buy some sexy clothes. Lounging by your pool, topping up my tan.”

“I see,” I said, admiring her new look, black stockings and suspenders with slightly see-through black panties, high heels, and nothing else.

Leka grinned at me, coming close and pushing her tits up against my bare chest.

“And then after my nice relaxing day, I’m going to drop to my knees in front of you,” Leka whispered as she did exactly that, gripping my stiffening cock, “And I’m going to suck, and suck, and suck darling.”

Again, Leka did exactly what she said, sucking and gagging on my dick. Eventually, she came up for air. She reached into a drawer to her left, pulling out a pair of handcuffs with a very long chain in between each cuff. She grinned again at me as she snapped one of the cuffs onto her left wrist.

“And then I have you chain me to your bed so you can fuck me however you want, sir,” Leka smirked at me, standing up, and leading me by the cock back to the bed.

She got on all fours on the bed, wrapping the middle of the chain through two of the vertical metal rods in the headboard. Leka then snapped on the other cuff onto her right wrist. She was now chained to the bed and mine to do with whatever I wished.

“Come on darling,” Leka whispered, looking over her shoulder at me in such a sultry, sexy way, “Come fuck your favourite busty married slut.”

I got on the bed on my knees behind Leka, ripped off her panties, and pushed my rock-hard cock deep inside her pussy.

“And while you fuck me,” Leka purred, as I stared at her amazing tits hanging beneath her, “Let me tell you all the filthy things I can do for you as your own personal pleasure slave.”

“Oh god!” I moaned. This was going to be one amazing fuck.






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