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His Everyday Object: The Beginning

Jon knows what he likes but didn't know who he wanted...
Jon was a typical teenage boy, always horny. He was less average in other ways. His sexuality wasn't something he was ready to be open about. Not with friends or family. He wasn't sure what to call himself. Straight with bi tendencies maybe? He liked anal play. No, he loved it but it didn't have to be with a guy. He didn't even need a toy. Just an every day household object. Sometimes even a long, thick cucumber would do.

He wasn't a leading man as far as looks go but he had boyish charm. A Japanese mother and Italian father gave him distinctive features. Jon had a slender body type surprisingly free of body hair. Long fingers which he never liked before but now he found came in quite handy. Ink black eyes fringed with long lashes. If his hair was any longer he'd be mistaken for a female, surely. He loved to style his hair in all kind of crazy ways. He wore his shoulder length hair pulled into a silver hairclip, and pinned to the right side and shaved the left side to the scalp. Jon was also naturally submissive and when he was complimented on his features, long hair, or just his style and appearance in general. He would shyly thank the person. He never really accepted it when someone pointed out his unique qualities. He was just Jon.

Ever since he read about guys achieving amazing and sometimes multiple orgasms with anal play, he was curious. Could this really happen? He used smaller objects first. A marker with a round smooth tip. It was about five inches and once he got used to the feeling of penetration. Jon would jerk off maybe 2-3 minutes before pushing the object deeper and shooting load after load of cum. He quickly became addicted to the sensation of that object buried in his ass, clenching down on it while he stroked off. He didn't need porn or anything else really. The feeling alone got him to climax in minutes flat.

One evening while at the local home decor store Jon didn't notice the man staring at him. The first thing Nathan noticed was the boy's red lips. Oh my, a boy that pretty should be a sin. He probably was too tempting to be real. He barely looked legal and the way he slowly caressed the utensils had Nathan's cock ready to burst his zipper. Next his gaze focused on his slender body. Nathan enjoyed his covetous moments because he knew the boy thought he was alone in his thoughts. He rubbed the handle of each items with a type of stroke that was very intimate. And Nathan should know because he used every day objects atypically as well.


Jon heard the man and looked up, his hand gripped the thick handle of the metal spoon. He was blushing. The man was goregous. Jon usually never noticed anyone, but this man demanded attention. Sharp features. Intense gaze.

"Hello there. My name is Nathan."

Jon's fingers tightened around the handle. His heartbeat quickened. Who was this guy? What did he want. God, why did his voice make Jon's belly flutter.

"Relax." Nathan smiled and placed his hand over Jon's. "I saw you making your selecting...and well...I'm curious."

"I-I'm Jon. What are you curious about, sir."

Lust spears Nathan when the word 'sir' falls so easily from Jon's lips. Nathan picks up a wooden spoon, explaining his choice.

"I'm curious to know if you've ever been spanked for being such a naughty boy."

Jon's eyes widen and he couldn't believe the immediate reaction from his body. His cock thickened and his ass twitched. Nathan saw Jon's eyes get big and moved to stand just inches from him. "Believe me, son, I can make my promises come true. Use you in ways you've probably never thought of."

Nathan's cock was getting hard and he wanted nothing more than to have Jon over his lap and owning his perfect bare ass. Spanking him then using that tight little hole. He uses the wooden spoon to caress Jon's erection.

"I'll give you my number and some time to think. But don't keep me waiting long." He gives Jon's cock a slight tap.


Jon yelps in surprise but the smack actually felt good. It wasn't as painful as it should have been. He takes his phone out of his pocket and enters in Nathan as a new contact.


Jon says before Nathan leaves. "I..I've never had sex with a guy. I'm not really sure I want that.."

Jon said, sounding so unsure. The sexual tension between the two of them was very sure and Nathan placed a hand against Jon's cheek.

"We can discuss all the details before we engage in anything, Jon. I want the pleasure to be mutual but I also want to push your limits and show you new experiences. Sex isn't just fucking. There's a connection that's waiting for you and I. Call me."

Nathan steps back, drops the wooden spoon in Jon's basket and turns to leave. In reality what Jon said and what he felt were two different things because Nathan was the first man he was ever sexually attracted to and it felt scary.


Jon bought the items and rushed to his car. He did not see which way Nathan went but the sound of his promises echoed in Jon's mind. "Fuck." Jon starts his car and drives home with his head spinning. Weaving the words Nathan said over and over as he opens his car door and heads to his front door.

"I'm curious to know if you've ever been spanked for being such a naughty boy."

"Fuck me." Jon mutters.

"I would love to."

Jon flinches and the bag he was carrying drops, his utensils scattering on the walkway. A man steps on the the shadows and Jon feels ice fill his belly.

"What do you want, Derek."

Derek, unlike Jon, had rugged good looks. He had blond hair with dark brown lowlights and ice blue eyes. A square jaw and solid, muscular build. He was a menace to Jon. Derek bends over and picks up the wooden spoon and looks at with confusion.

"What do you do with this?"

Jon looked at the spoon Derek held and got angry. That was the spoon Nathan picked out for him. He hadn't even used it yet and this asshole had his hands all over it.

"None of your damn business. What do you want? Todd's not here." Jon's stood up and looked at the spoon instead of looking right at Derek. Jon didn't like any of Todd's friends and he certainly didn't like that way Derek tossed sexual advances his way every chance he got. Derek stepped forward and Jon stepped back, right against the wall. Shit.

"I told you. I want you, Jon."

Derek's face was inches from Jon.

"Stop...please. Give me my spoon."

Derek raises the spoon and rubs it across Jon's lips. "This?" Jon nods and shivers as the idea of what Nathan will do rushes up in his memory. "Tell me what you're going to do with it and I'll let you have it."

Jon's eyes nearly crossed. He wasn't attracted to Derek at all but the way he said that and caressed the cool,hard wood against his lips. Fuck, he's going to think I want him. Jon thought as his cock began to harden.

"I fuck my ass with it."

He blurted out quickly. Geez, please leave. Now. Jon urged silently. He couldn't even look at Derek but suddenly he was aware, very aware, of Derek. Their bodies were pressing together. Their body heat exchanging and their cock rubbing when Derek shifted against him. "Ahh..." Jon moans softly. He peeks at Derek and sees him as a man and not as the guy that had tormented him for years.

"Can I see?" Derek's eyes fill with hot lust. "Can I see you fuck yourself with it?"


Nathan drove home with his hands gripping the steering wheel. He was tempted, oh so tempted to stroke his hard cock but he maintained his control. Barely. He thought about Jon and knew he was probably at home trying to talk himself out of calling Nathan. But in the end Jon would call, they always did. Nathan wasn't looking for just another conquest though. Sure he could go after Jon and claim him just like he did with any submissive but Jon was different. Nathan was taken with Jon's quiet kink. It's not every day that he came across a virgin that only wanted to feel an object in his ass. "God, he probably doesn't even know how to suck cock..." Nathan finally pulled into the circular driveway of his estate and sat there a moment. He turned the engine and headlights off, leaning his head back on the headrest. He slid his hand down between his legs and adjusted his cock. He was as randy as a teenager and just as eager to fuck. Did he really promise Jon they would talk about it just talk? "God..." He opens his door and gets out of the car, walking briskly towards the house, thinking about what he would do while waiting for Jon's call. He smiled when the idea of his working on his website came to mind.

Nathan was the webmaster of an erotica website specializing in insertion videos, basically separated by male and female sites, then kinky, fetish, and then bizarre and extreme. He first got the idea to host the site when he started fisting men at a BDSM club and got quite a lot of attention when he would get deeper and deeper. Then he asked one of his usual submissives if he could use Mister Master. A massive 14 inch dildo that was thicker around than his wrist. After he fisted the boy and made sure he slipped deeply into sub space, Nathan tried Mister Master and the scene was a success. He even coined his M/M site after the scene to draw his fans to it.

Nathan walks inside his house and heads to his office which consisted of several computers and monitors that were, at different times, manned by site hosts. They kept his website up and running. He was the brains as far as content but knew nothing about the technical aspect.

Meanwhile Jon leads Derek up to his room and turns on the desk lamp. "You mind if I um.." Derek had already gotten pretty turned on by teasing Jon. He never would have forced Jon into anything. The truth of the matter was he lusted afte Jon but he wasn't sure what Jon wanted. He never saw the guy with a chick or a dude. Jon frowns.

"If you what?"

Derek gestures to his cock and strokes his hand up and down.

"Ah dude, whatever. Just don't mess up my sheets."

Jon pulls off his shirt. He was never that shy but suddenly the way Derek's gaze slide over him he felt like he was on display. Jon busied himself with preparing the new objects.

"I have to wash these so give me a minute."

Derek nods and takes the time to get comfortable while Jon goes into the tiny bathroom to wash the objects with mild soap.

"So ah you really think this is hot huh? Watching me fuck my ass?"

Jon chuckles but really his own cock was starting to stir. Derek takes off his shirt and lays it across his lap and sits on Jon's bed.

"I watch stuff online and I have used toys on a few guys..." Derek doesn't get specific.


Jon starts getting horny. It's not Derek-he keeps telling himself-but the idea of someone besides him, using an object to fuck his ass.

"What do you say to them? I mean..." Jon comes back into the room and sees Derek on the bed and pauses. His eyes travel over Derek's nearly hairless chest down across his abs, to where he has opened his fly. " talk dirty to them right?" Jon can see a bit of hair around the base of Derek's cock and forces his gaze to the objects in his hands. If he lays in bed now. He will be cuddled right up against Derek. While he fucks his ass, and cums. Oh boy.

Jon undoes his pants and pulls them off along with his boxers. He walks around the bed and sits on the opposite side of Derek. He reaches into the drawer for the lube.

"First, I say something like, your my sexy guy aren't you? gonna let me fuck that ass real hard? make you moan and cum for me"

Jon felt Derek touch his lower back then his fingers caress his ass. "Uhh..ohh I see. That's nice." He leans back and bends his knees getting into positions. Derek pulls his hand back and realizes Jon wants him to look, not touch. Jon uses his fingers to apply a bit of lube to the end of the object. Then he inhales, and exhales, pushing the thick handle into himself. "ooooh!" He grabs his cock and strokes fast. The handle was thicker than anything else he had used before, and longer.


Derek pulls his pants down and starts stroking his thick hard cock as well. "Oh fuck, Jon." He can't help it. He touches Jon's chest. His nipples. His abs.


Jon works the handle in and out fast. He likes how it rubs inside his ass.

"Fuck...oh fuck yeah..."

Jon starts fucking the handle.

"Damn you're sexy like know just what you like, don't you."

Derek's smooth, deep voice triggers an almost instant reaction and Jon cums but keeping going. He keeps stroking.

"Fuck...not done..."

Derek strokes his cock faster, on the verge of climax.

"Oh shit. Make me cum, baby. Yeah!"

Derek's balls smack his thigh as he watches Jon's first cum load drip down his fist as he strokes fast and furious. Working the object deeper into his tight hole and then...


Jon arches off the bed and shoots another load. This one not as thick as the first but his body tenses and he shakes hard. "Fuck me! Fuck!"

Derek cums just from watching Jon's intense orgasm. He reaches over and grasps Jon's hair and tugs him close, kissing him. "You're so sexy..." They kiss for a minute or two then Derek lays back in the bed.

"I know you don't wanna go any further right now but I'm horny as fuck." Derek chuckles. "Imma find one of my boys."

Derek uses his shirt to clean them both up then pulls out his cell phone. Jon pulls the object from his ass and tosses it on the bed. He never ever knew fucking his ass could feel like that. Ever! He'll contemplate his deeper thoughts later right now he wants Nathan. How can he be laying in bed with one man and already thinking about being with someone else? Was he a slut?

"I-its ok. I understand."

Jon smiles and pulls the sheet up.

"Your so right. I can't go any further."

Jon looks at Derek's cock. Damn. He was huge! Derek tucks his cock back in his pants and gives Jon another peck.

"Hey...I hope I get to be your first, someday." Derek gets out of bed and zips up his pants. "I'll leave my shirt, its kinda messed up." Derek chuckles, grabs his jacket and heads out of the room. Jon did not know what would develop between him and Nathan but he knew it would be the start of an intense lesson of using objects, and more. He dials Nathan's number and waits for the handsome stranger to pick up the phone.

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