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M's first tie

First time bound and made to orgasm.

The food court in the building I work in isn’t very busy. It’s a beautiful summer day, and most people are outside enjoying the sunshine. I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki special, when my order is ready, I reached for my wallet. I had left my wallet in my suit jacket.

“Shit,” I mutter under my breath.

M was behind me, next in line to pay at the cash registered. She could see I had forgotten my wallet by my reaction. She gently bumps my back with her shoulder. I turn around and look her. She is five foot five or six, with long chestnut brown hair. Her eyes are dark brown and big. I lose my train of thought looking into her big brown eyes. She is shapely, slim and delicate looking. Her breasts are a 36B, I guess. Her face is softly chiseled, gently curved, and beautiful.

“I got it,” she says, and winks at me.

I don’t reply right away. I am embarrassed about forgetting my wallet, and smitten by this beautiful, confident young lady that has offered to pay for my lunch.

I gather my thoughts and reply, “That is very kind of you. Thank you. Let me run up to my office, and I will come back down with my wallet. It’ll only take a few minutes.”

She shifts her weight to one foot, and tilts her head to one side.

“I am taking this to go. Sorry, I am always swamped at work on Thursdays.” She pouts. “Get me next time you see me,” She cheerfully replies.

She pays with a twenty dollar bill, takes her change, looks up at me with big smile and says, “See ya.” She turns and walks away.

I watch her walk away from me, admiring her slender form. Her hair gently bouncing around her shoulders, to rhythm of her quick steps. Her hips gently sway, as she moves her long slim legs. Her steps cause her tight ass to jiggle underneath her short and snug maroon dress. While I am admiring her sweet legs and ass in motion, she turns her head to look back at me and flashes a smile.

“Busted,” I think to myself. “When did I become a dirty old man?”

She caught me looking at her ass. I shrug my shoulders and smile back at her. I’ll remember her, and pay her back next time I see her.


It’s the Friday before the first long weekend of the summer. I arrive at work early and am having a coffee, while replying to emails from my phone. I hadn’t noticed that M walking towards me.

“May I join you?” M asks.

She is holding a coffee and a muffin, looking down at me with a big smile on her face.
She’s wearing black dress slacks, a white shirt, and a dark blue sweater. Her shirt is unbuttoned just enough to show the delicate straps of her blue bra. Her hair is up and pulled away from her face. She looks more stunning than she looked yesterday.

I stand up and wait for her to sit. A quizzical look replaces her smile.

“Are you leaving?” she asks.

I laugh out loud and motion her to sit.

“It is considered proper etiquette for a gentleman to stand, if he is sitting, and a lady addresses him. Please, join me. I have a few minutes before my first meeting. Besides, I owe you some money, and would like to pay you back for lunch yesterday,” I reply.

M looks at me for a few seconds, her smile returns, and says, “You don’t owe me money. You owe me lunch. I bought you lunch. I didn’t lend you money. And I would appreciate if you watched your potty mouth around this lady. You do realize the first word I heard out of your mouth was, shit.”

She sits down in the chair across from me. Her smile broadens as she waits for my reaction to her words. I laugh out loud.

“You are a very charming and funny girl. I’m Gil by the way, the guy with the potty mouth,” I reply.

I extend my hand to her, as I introduce myself. I shake her hand gently. Her hand is slender, soft and warm. I shiver at her touch. There is something in her touch, something electric. I put M in her mid-twenties, but wasn’t about to ask her if I was right.

“My friends call me M,” she smiles, “As in the thirteenth letter of the alphabet.”

“Pleased to meet you M, again,” I smile back.

My phone chimes and vibrates, as I’m taking a sip of my coffee. A reminder I have a meeting in fifteen minutes.

“May I see your phone?” M asks, as she extends her hand.

I hand my phone to her, and ask. “Why may I ask, do you want my phone?”

Her fingers swipe and press against the screen of my phone, while she answers, “I am adding myself as a contact.” Then asks me, “How else are you going to be able to text me, to ask if you can buy me the lunch you owe me?”

“Your logic is flawless, M. Do you work for a debt collection agency?” I jokingly ask.

M’s phone vibrates, she picks it up and her fingers swipe and press against the screen.

“Nothing so glamorous,” she chuckles. “I do admin work for an Insurance agency, for now. There, I sent myself a text and added you as a contact,” she hands me back my phone. “Stay in touch Gil, and text me for lunch when you can,” she says smiling. Then she asks me, “What do you do?”

“I’m in IT, infrastructure, deployment and development,” I reply.

M twists her lips and narrows her eyes.

“You don’t look like a typical IT guy. I would never have guessed that,” She says.

“What would you have guessed?” I ask. And add, “I am curious. I get that a lot, by the way.”

I’m six feet tall, over two hundred pounds, and fit. I started working out again shortly after my divorce, four years ago. I look like more like an athlete than an IT professional. I started sporting a goatee last year. I like the way it looks on me. I especially like the mix of my black and gray whiskers.

M sits back in her seat, waits a few seconds and replies, “Honestly, the first thing that popped into my mind, was that you look like an enforcer for the mob.” She blushes a bit, and laughs.

“Ha, I get that a lot too,” I chuckle. “So, you offered to pay for my lunch out of fear?” I jokingly ask her.

“Maybe, but I’m not admitting to anything. I barely know you,” She chuckles.

“Apologies M, I have to be in a meeting in a few minutes. I would love to stay and chat with you. I am glad you stopped by and said hello. Have a great day,” I tell her, as I get up and leave for my meeting.

“I look forward to it Gil. Text me, whenever,” she replies.

The day dragged on, I thought I’d never get out of the office. Our servers were having performance issues. And I had every department on my ass, all day long. When quitting time came, I ran out of my office. I decided to walk to the subway above ground. It’s a beautiful, hot summer evening and I need to clear my head.

I was thinking of stopping and grabbing a beer before I headed home, and maybe dinner. My kids are with their mother for the week, and I am in no rush to get home. As I walk passed crowed patios and restaurants, I hear someone call my name. I look to see where the voice is coming from, they call my name again. It is coming from behind me. I turn to see M, leaning over the waist high white railing of a patio, waving at me to come over.

I walk over and say “Hi.”

“Hi! You have to join us for a drink,” M blurts out.

I look at her for a moment. Her hair is shimmering in the sunlight. A few strands of her hair have come free and dangle around cheek, swaying lazily in the warm breeze. Her skin glimmering in the sun, she had removed her sweater and rolled up the sleeves of her shirt. She looks sexy standing there in the sunlight. Her smile is contagious. I can’t help but smile back at her.

I look over to all three of her friends, nodding to each of them as I make eye contact. They are all around M’s age, female, mid-twenties, maybe a bit older. I think about her offer, and decide a drink and a bite with M and her friends would be pleasant.

“I would love to join you lovely ladies for a drink,” I answer, and make my way into the bar and onto the patio.

I take a chair and place it at the end of their table. The table is set for four. They are seated two on each side, facing each other. M introduces her friends as Julie, Monica and Sandy. We exchange hellos and short pleasantries.

I am seated with Julie on my left and Monica on my right. Julie turns to her left, and says to M. “He does look like an enforcer for the mob. You weren’t joking M.”

We all laugh at Julies comment. M nudges Julie’s leg under the table with her knee. She is slightly embarrassed, knowing that I now know she mentioned me to her friends.

“I get that a lot, never gets old for me,” I tell them.

The waitress comes over and asks me what I would like to order. “Another bottle of wine for ladies, and a Jack Daniels for me please,” I politely reply.

We chat, and ask, and answer the usual questions people ask when they meet for the first time.
I keep looking over at M when I’m not talking, wishing it was her sitting beside me. I loosen my tie and undo the first button of my shirt. The sun was setting and had moved between two trees on the street. It was beating down directly on me. M has her elbows on the table, her head lowered and looking up at me. She’s holding the straw in her drink, loosely between two fingers. The end of the straw between her teeth, with her lips slightly parted and curled in a smile.

I stare at her lips and wonder how soft they would feel, pressed hard against mine. I wonder if I am reading M’s glances and stares correctly. Am I imagining that lustful look in her eyes, or, is it there for me to pick up on? Is she flirting with me and giving me the green light to approach her?

 Taking my cell phone number and giving me hers, was a bold thing to do. But, it could just as easily have been a friendly gesture. She is a very friendly and outgoing person.

The conversation continues and we talk about work, our personal lives, past jobs and what we would be rather doing. When I mention I am divorced with a son and daughter, they all are sympathetic. I assure them it was for the best for all involved, and quickly change the subject.

Sandy asks me, “Do you have any hobbies, Gil?”

“I have a few, but don’t indulge in them as much as I would like to. Never seems to be enough hours in a day, to do more than the necessities,” I reply to Sandy.

They all nod their heads in agreement and say they feel the same.

M looks at me with mischief in her big brown eyes, and asks me, “Gil, do any of your hobbies involve digging holes in the desert late at night, and covering the trunk of your car with plastic?”

I burst out laughing, and her friends all chuckle.

“Okay, I seriously want to know what your favorite hobby is, Gil,” M says in a serious tone.

“My favorite would be easier to demonstrate than explain,” I reply, and smile at her. “But, after your last comment, I’m a bit hesitant. It might reinforce your, trunk covered in plastic, remark.”

“M laughs and replies, “You have to tell us now. You’re not leaving till you do.”

All her three friends agree with her and insist that I tell them.

“I enjoy creating designs with rope, intricate designs, using Japanese binding techniques and knots.” I explain to them. “If you have ever seen a samurai sword, you will have seen the handle is decorated with an intricate binding of rope.” Then add, “It makes me very popular at Christmas, when someone wants a special gift uniquely wrapped in ribbon.”

They all wait for me to continue. Not sure if they understand what I am saying to them.

“Let me show you an example. It’s a lot more interesting to see it, than having it described to you,” I say to them.

I remove my tie and undo the knot in it. I grab the empty bottle of wine on the table and proceed to bind it with my tie. I tie it into a double diamond shaped design, down the length of the bottle. My tie is a dark silky blue, the bottle is black, a great contrast to show off the design. I place the bottle in the middle of the table, and watch their faces as they study it.

Julie is first to comment, “Wow, that is very pretty. Add me to your list of people you wrap presents for,” She says.

Sandy and Monica agree with Julie and want to be added to the list.

I look at M and say to her, “Before you ask, the answer is no. I have never rolled up a body in a carpet and tied it up.”

M shrugs her shoulders, and lifts her hands palms facing up, and gives me a, “Who, Me?” look.

I look at my phone to check the time. I calculate that five hours have passed, and it felt like five minutes. I decide I better leave. I am being consumed by thoughts of M and me, naked in my bed. I excuse myself from the table and head to the restroom. I decide I will announce I am leaving, when I get back from the restroom.

I return, drop five, twenty dollar bills on the table, and say, “Thank you ladies, I had a great evening. It was a pleasure meeting you all. I hope we see each other again. M, I thank you again for inviting me tonight.”

My announcement is greeted with the usual, “It’s only eleven o’clock…don’t leave…have one more drink with us,” from everyone, except M.

She stands up, walks over to me, wraps both her arms around my left arm and tells her friends, “I’ll be right back girls. I want to make sure this IT geek gets into a taxi safely.”

Then she looks up at me and playfully whispers, “Just making sure you’re safe till I get the lunch you owe me, and then you’re on your own.”

We walk to the corner of the street, and look for any taxis that might be approaching from either direction. M is still holding on to my arm. She is squeezing it a bit tighter now. I can feel the softness of her breasts as they press into my arm. I wonder if she can feel my heart pounding through the side of my chest, where her arms are pressed against.

“I had a nice time M, thank you,” I tell her again.

Just to break the silence between us.

“I really wish you would stay longer,” She says in a soft voice.

She looks up at me with half a smile on her face, and a hint of sadness in her big brown eyes. I am six inches taller than her. I lower my mouth six inches and place a gentle kiss on her lips. I keep my lips on her lips for a few seconds, and then break the kiss. They are as soft as I imagined.

A taxi pulls up and the driver honks his horn. I ask the driver to give me a minute, with the universal raised index finger sign. He acknowledges, with the universal nod of the head sign.

“Forgive me M, I have been dying to kiss you,” I confess to her.

“Apology accepted Gil,” She says, through a smile.

She immediately gets up on her toes, tilts her head back and kisses me.

“Forgive me Gil, I have been dying to kiss you too,” She says to me, with a sparkle in her eye.

She turns and starts to walk back to the patio. I watch her sweet legs and ass in motion, as she’s walking away. She turns her head and flashes me a smile, again.

“Busted, again,” I think to myself.

I was in my bedroom and putting on my shorts and t-shirt, in under thirty minutes from when I go into the taxi. My phone chimes and vibrates. I pick it up and see a text message from M.

“u left ur tie here,” it reads, followed by a smiley emoticon.

“no worries, can u take it with u pls?” I text back to her.

“np, c u tues,” she texts back, followed by a smiley emoticon.

“ty,” I text her back.

I turn out the lights and get into bed. Sleep will not come easy tonight. I can still taste M’s lips on mine.


I am awakened by my alarm clock’s buzzing. The time flashes seven am. I get out of bed, and head to the kitchen to make coffee. I place my phone into the charging cradle on my kitchen counter. The screen turns on and I see a missed text message, notification on the screen. It’s from M, I smile to myself.

It reads, “I googled, Japanese rope binding, when I got home. U r a very naughty man, Gil.” Followed by a winking emoticon.

I laugh to myself, picturing her calling me a very naughty man. With her serious facial expression and the big smile that follows.

“Good morning M. How are you?" I text back.

Hoping she is awake and replies to me soon. I am infatuated with her. I want her.

I pour myself a cup of coffee, and take it with me to my backyard patio. I light a cigarette, and sip my coffee. I place my phone on the patio table, hoping to see the screen light up with a text from M.

I decide I will have another cup of coffee, before I shower and head out to shop for groceries and pick up beer. It’s a long weekend and I’m stuck in the city. Maybe I’ll invite friends over and have a BBQ, maybe invite M too. I chuckle at my last thought. She’s young and beautiful, and it’s a long weekend. What are the chances she has no plans. Zero percent chance of that, I conclude.

I get back from grocery shopping just before noon. Put the groceries and beer away, and make scrambled eggs and a salad for lunch. My phone rings and vibrates, probably my kids calling me, I think to myself.

I answer it, “Hello.”

“Hey,” a voice answers back. It’s M.

“Hey M, how are you?” I ask her, in an excited voice.

“I’m good. I just called to let you know that I was up when you replied to my text this morning. And I think I’ve kept you waiting long enough for a reply. So, I called you to tell you I’ll reply soon,” She answers, in a matter of fact voice.

I laugh and reply, “Don’t wait too much longer. I can’t wait to hear from you.”

“I know,” she giggles.

I decide to ask her if she has plans for the weekend. I have to know.

“You have plans for the rest of the weekend?” I ask her, my voice serious and calm.

“Nope, I am going to take it easy. Maybe spend a few afternoons at a park,” she answers. Then asks, “What about you, you have any plans?

“None, I was going to relax around the house. Maybe invite some of my friends to come over for a BBQ Sunday or Monday. I just got back from shopping for the food and beer,” I answer.
Then add, “You and your friends are more than welcome to come.”

“I will let you know,” M replies. Her voice has a slight quiver in it.

I can hear each breath she takes. When she inhales, I can hear the air rushing into her nostrils, and when she exhales, I can hear her breath rush out from her mouth. She is sexually aroused. I start to get hard imagining M naked, and anticipating me sliding inside her.

“You are holding my tie as we talk, aren’t you?” I ask her.

Silence for a moment, and then she replies, “Yes.” The quiver in her voice is more audible this time.

“You are naked and laying on your bed?” I ask her.

My tone is now commanding, no longer passive. I wait for M's reply. There is a long pause.

“Yes,” she admits to me.

“How are you holding my tie?” I ask her.

I hear M softly moan. Then I hear her inhale hard, and answer, “Wrapped around my wrists.”

“Are you masturbating?” I ask.

“I am trying really hard not to. But talking to you, and thinking about you tying me up, is making it hard for me not to touch myself,” she confesses, through gasping breaths.

Images of M naked and sprawled on a bed, with my tie wrapped around her wrists, gently stroking her belly, as she struggles with the urge to slide her hands in between her legs, flood my thoughts.

“Would you like to come over?” I ask her.

“Yes,” She replies. Her voice is a soft, lustful whisper.

"I will text you my address, M. I am waiting for you," I say to her, and hang up.

It’ll be about forty-five minutes till M arrives. I pour myself a cup of coffee, walk to my patio and light a cigarette. I am calm and focused. I know the tie I will use to bind M. I will use two, thirty foot long ropes. I will use one of the ropes to bind her legs, individually. Her legs bent at the knee and her calves tight to the back of her legs. The other rope will be used for a crotch tie. I’ll start the tie at her waist, and bind her wrists and arms and breasts.

A knock on my door announces M's arrival. I walk to the door and open it. M's eyes meet mine immediately. Her hair is wet and tied in a ponytail. She is freshly showered and scented. She is wearing a short yellow dress, with buttons down the front. No bra, I can see her nipples straining against the soft fabric of her dress. I can see the mix of emotions she is going through, on her face. A mix of need, want, anticipation and lust. I can also tell she is a bit scared. I smile at her, letting her know she is safe with me.

I extend my hand, she places her hand in mine, and I lead her inside. I close and lock the door behind us. The metallic click of the lock causes M to tense up and jump. Her hand grips mine tighter.

I pull her slowly to me and hold her close to my body. My hands placed lightly on her shoulders, pulling her close to me. M slides her hands high up on her chest, just below her chin, and leans into me. I can feel her hot breath on my chest, each time she exhales.

"I will stop whenever you ask me to, M. You are free to leave at any time. I will not force anything upon you," I whisper in her ear.

She replies by nodding her head up and down, as she nestles it tighter into my chest.

I lead her upstairs to my bedroom. She follows close behind me, with both her hands gripped around my right hand. As she enters my bedroom, her eyes dart to the two ropes on my bed. The ropes are hemp and dyed a deep blue. They have been folded in half, four times, and twisted into a tight figure eight. One end wrapped around the middle, and a slip knot keeping the rope from unravelling.

I leave M standing in the middle of the bedroom and walk to my bed. I pick up one the ropes and turn to face her. Her eyes focus on my hands, as I begin to unfold the rope. I stop when the rope has only one fold left in it. I keep it folded in half, and lift it over my head and drape it over my shoulders. The end with the half loop is hanging over my right shoulder.

I walk to M. I reach for the top button of her dress and unbutton it. She places her hands on mine and gently holds on to them, as I continue to unbutton all eight of the dress's buttons. I slide the dress over her shoulders and down her arms. I lean towards her and lower my lips to hers. As I softly kiss her, I let go of her dress and it falls to the floor. The sight of her naked and exposed, sends an electric jolt through me. My heart pounds hard and fast in my chest. My head slightly titling upwards with each breath I inhale, and then tilting downwards, with each quick exhale.

I watch her breasts as they lift and drop with each breath. They change shape, ever so slightly, with each breath M takes. Her waist is slender and tight. She is not wearing panties. Her pussy is shaved, her slit glistens along the fold. She is very wet. I want to crush her in my arms, and bury myself deep inside her.

I slowly drop to one knee in front of M. My right hand grips the half loop of the rope dangling from my right shoulder. I slide my right hand across and around her left hip, to her back. I slide my left hand across her right hip and grab the fold in the rope. I slide the folded end of the rope around her hips, and to the middle of her pelvis. I feel her body quiver as the rope slides across her hips and the small of her back. I pull the entire length of the rope in between the half hoop. Pull the slack out of the rope as it secures itself around M’s waist. She is staring wide eyed at the rope wrapped around her waist.

Holding the rope in my right hand, I place my left on her hip and turn M, till her back is facing me. My left hand reaches between her legs and grasps the rope, pulling it between her slightly spread legs. I stand up. I pull the rope upward with my left hand, while my right hand guides the rope tight to the inside of M's thighs, and to the outside of each of her pussy lips. I brush my hand over her pussy. It is wet and hot, and the rope is now keeping her pussy lips pressed tightly together.

I tie a knot in the rope just above her hips. Next, I drape one end of the rope over her left shoulder, and the other end over her right shoulder. I turn her around again, till we are face to face. Grabbing both ends of the rope, I tie a knot just above her nipples. M keeps her eyes locked on mine. Her lips are parted and her cheeks puff out a bit, with every exhale.

I separate the rope, holding one end in each hand and slip them under each of M’s armpits and to the middle of her back. I pull both ends of the rope around her back and across her breasts. Keeping little slack in the rope, I transfer the rope ends form one hand to the other. And pull the rope tight across her breasts just above her nipples. M moans and her eyes close. Her breasts swell around the rope. I wrap the rope around her breasts one more time. The last wrap of the rope is around her arms, keeping her arms tightly pinned to her sides.

I turn her around again, her back is to me. I slide both ends of the rope between her back and the section of the rope that runs up her back, and tie a tight knot. Her breasts are bound tightly and the rope will not slip. I take her wrists and cross them over the small of her back. I tie her wrists together. The rope forms a thick X, around her wrists. I slide the rope between her hips and the rope around her waist. I finish and close the tie. She cannot move her arms now.

I lift her effortlessly in my arms and lay her on my bed. I stand motionless and stare at her for a long moment. She is rope drunk, in a state of heightened arousal. Her eyes are open, but are not focused on anything. She is taking deep breaths in a quick, constant rhythm. Soft moans begin to escape from her lips. Her juice is slowly dripping out from inside her and pools on the bed sheets.

I take the other rope and unwrap it to its full length. I tie a loop at one end and pull the rope through the full loop, making a simple noose. I slide the noose over M’s right foot and tighten it around her ankle. I slide her foot on the mattress towards her hips, till her calf is pressing against the back of her leg. I begin to wrap the rope around her bent leg. I start at the top of her thigh and wrap the rope around her thigh and ankle. I leave a small gap between her calf and the back of her thigh, so that I can slide the rope through the gap and anchor the rope around itself. This will keep it from unwinding from around M’s leg. I stop when the rope is wound tightly around half the length of her thigh and shin. I close the tie. She can no longer extend her right leg. I slide the rope underneath her hips and bind her left leg in the same position as her right leg. Her moans are becoming become louder and longer.

I stare wide eyed at M, lying on my bed. Her body immobilized and aching to be touched and ravaged. I remove my clothes and sit on my bed, with the top of my shoulders against the headboard. I take M in my arms and pull her on top of me. Her head is resting on my left shoulder and her back is pressed against my chest. She is sitting between my legs, her bound hands on my throbbing cock. Her moans are more urgent, she is ready to explode in orgasm.

I slide my right hand to her breasts and gently rub and squeeze them. Stopping, to gently pinch and roll her nipples, as I move from one breast to the other. My left hand slides over her hip and in between her legs. I brush my fingers gently over pussy, sliding my middle finger between her pussy lips. I slide my middle finger along the length of her moist slit. I rub the tip of my finger over her swollen clit. M throws her head backwards, and arches her back. Her body shakes violently, as she begins to orgasm.

“OOOHHH!” She cries out.

I keep rubbing her clit, moving all four fingers over her open pussy. Rubbing in slow tight circles, and increasing the pressure slightly. Her body shakes for minute, and then is still. Her back is still arched. I want her to cum again for me. My right hand cups her breast and presses it tight to her chest. She is moaning louder and breathing in an erratic rhythm now.

I place my lips to her ear and whisper to her, “Cum for me, M.”

M stops breathing, her body tenses and her face flushes to bright red. I keep rubbing her pussy in slow tight circles. Her hand squeezes my cock tight. I rock my hips back and forth, fucking her hand. I am close to cumming. M’s body vibrates against me for a long moment. Then she begins to shake again, a scream builds deep in her throat, and fills my bedroom. She squirts on my hand as she cums for the second time.

My cock explodes, my cum spurts between M’s back and my torso. I stop rubbing M’s pussy. I wrap my arms around her and hold her close to me. I can feel the quivers of the aftershocks of her orgasm, inside her. She slowly comes back to reality. She lifts her head and turns it towards my face, searching for my lips. I give her my mouth and she kisses me hard. We kiss for minutes on end.

“I have to untie you now, M,” I say to her.

I don’t want her to get hurt, or be too uncomfortable. She nods while she keeps kissing me.

I untie her, and she stretches out on the bed, both her legs are shaking slightly from being tied. M is fascinated by the marks the ropes have left on her flesh. She studies the deep indentations on her forearms and wrists, and then she runs her fingers over the rope marks across her breasts. Her hands slide over her hips and trace the rope marks around her waist. Spreading her legs, she runs her fingers over her pussy, and moans. She rubs the top of her thighs, where the marks are deepest from the ropes.

 She looks over to me a flashes me her biggest smile to date. Her big brown eyes are sparkling with happiness and satisfaction. She is glowing.

“I know this will not sound very lady like, but that was intense and amazing and erotic and thrilling and scary and sexy and so hot! I have never cum so hard,” M says to me. “I’m still shaking inside.”

I take her hand and bring it to my lips, “At your service milady. Stay the weekend with me, M,” I say to her, and kiss her delicate fingertips.

M smiles, and answers, “Mmmmmmm, I would love to.”

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